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In the Monster World there is an order to things. Vampires are the most powerful creatures, then werewolves, and so on. At the very bottom of this world there were the nekos, fairies, and all smaller creatures. Like in most societies the most powerful, the vampires, ruled everything. They were not only the richest and most attractive, but they were also the strongest of the monsters. They did have one weakness though, not shared by the other monsters, the need for blood. Vampires didn't want just any blood, they had to have neko blood. Neko blood was the most pure and best tasting of all the monsters and vampires craved it more then anything.

However, this was not one sided. Neko's loved "the bite". It was the most pleasurable feeling in the world. It was addictive and their bodies begged for it. In fact, every month when the moon was half full. The neko's would lose control over their bodies and search for a vampire to bite them. Their bodies burned for just the simple touch of a vampire and that is enough to cause pleasure to sore through their bodies. Despite all this, nekos had a choice in life. They could either choose to be a blood slave to a vampire OR they can choose to grow old and marry another neko .

Black Thorn High was a normal high school in the Monster world that required their students to where school uniforms labeling their rank as monsters. The Vampires were dressed in the expensive suits and a white button down shirt and tie while werewolves wore less classy suit uniforms and so forth. Neko's were made too look cute dressing in low cut black shorts with thigh high black socks, a plain white tee shirt with a short unzipped black jacket with the collar popped. The nekos were also required to where collars to protect their necks .


Knight was one of the several vampires that attended Black Thorn. Standing at a tall 5'8 with long silver hair that fell past mid back. Knight was what everyone expected a powerful vampire to be. Cold, heartless, and unable to feel any kind of true genuine emotion other then anger and blood lust. The other vampires always tried to act like knight, because for whatever reason, nekos where drawn to knight. Something about the cold hearted vampire was appealing to nekos. This could have something to do with the fact that, despite night's height, suit, cold attitude, handsome face, and flat chest...knight was actually female. But a lot of untold dark stories from Knight's past caused the vampire to dress and act this way, which interested most nekos. At first no one knew. It would have stayed that way if it wasn't or knight's father. He was the reason that anyone found out. Despite this news Knight still remained "prince" of the school causing many people to forget about the truth as time went on. Knight's fan club only grew but knight simply got annoyed with all of them understanding that all they were really looking for was "The Bite" .

There was one big rule at Black Thorn that could NOT be broken. Vampires were not permitted to have bitten anything or one before entering the high school. This was a big rule because vampires who have bitten but do NOT have a blood slave, go blood crazy. They attack without second thought and don't stop before draining too much blood and killing someone.

There was one neko that did interest the cold emotionless vampire and that was _______. He was fairly new to Black Thorn, and unlike the other nekos, he was not a crazy fan boy over Knight. In fact, he wasn't a very big fan of vampires in general. He wanted to grow old and marry a neko. He didn't want to be some slave to a vampire. At least he didn't think he did but there was a bit of a problem. His neko family was the purest of the pure. So that meant....ALL of the vampires were interested in him. And worst of all. Since his family had resisted the cravings for "the bite" for sooo many years. Every time there was a half moon...the effect it had on him was twice as strong as other nekos. If he didn't lock himself away, he would pounce on the next vampire and throw himself at them until they 'took him'.

Obviously _____ didn't like this. He hated vampires. The last thing he wanted to do was throw himself at them. But...sometimes you can't control fate....


***The Story Begins***

It was the day of the half moon and ALL neko's were required to stay in a separate section of the building then the vampires. The vampires, of course, loved this day. They hung out near the doors of the nekos section calling out to the nekos flirting with them to watch their reactions. The vampires wanted nothing more then to take a bite out of these vulnerable creatures. The nekos mewed longingly at the doors blocked by teachers, in response. Knight took no part in it. This was all stupid, and more then annoying. Knight hid in the shadows of the hallway as no one seemed to be in class. The tall thin vampire sighed in annoyance and gazed emotionlessly into space. "Hmph" was the only response the silver haired vampire could manage to all the ruckus.

Though every once and a while the vampire gazed over at the door separating the neko wondering about _____. It was hard to imagine him mewing cutely and begging for a bite like the others, the way he shouted and told off the other vampires tha hit on him so much.

_______ tried with all his might to get out of going to school that day. He told his parents that his urges were worse then others. They just told him to be strong and to learn how to control it.

_______ Kept himself far FAR away from the door. He didn't want to see, smell, or even hear a vampire. His face, like all the other nekos, was illuminated with a bright pink blush. His breathing was staggered and he couldn't help but pant and moan. The lust for "the bite" was consuming him. He covered his cat ears and closed his eyes curled up in the corner as he heard shouting coming from the direction of the vampires near the doors. [i We can't hold them back anymore!! They are gonna break loose! I knew it was a bad idea to make them come to school to day but they can't miss so much school! That means nothing now! The doors gonna....!!!!!]

The vampires busted through the door with little effort and the nekos leaped into their arms. The vampires fought over who would get the cutest neko and tugged on their arms. The nekos were in zombie like states, unable to control their own actions. _______ quickly got up and ran. He may have had worse urges but there was NO WAY he was gonna let them bite him but then...he was cornered.

[i Look who it is, the cutest one of them all. The neko boy who doesn't want a bite.] The vampires circled in. [i Look at that cute pink face. Looks like you want "the bite" now] they grinned. Vampires were MUCH stronger then nekos. He would be lucky to hold off one...there was no way he could hold them ALL off. They closed in on him forcing his back against a wall. He threatened them despite feeling flustered and weak.

Moments later a tall figure appeared out of the shadows leaping over the other vampires and in front of the neko. It was the emotionless vampire, Knight. "Back the fuck off" Knight demanded with clenched fists. [i Knight! W-what do ...y-you care? you do't care about nekos anyway] All the vampires knew about Knight, and knight's family and crazy strength.

The vampire's teeth grit. "Grrr...idiots" the vampire muttered. "What part of 'choice' do you not understand? Vampires have a code that we live by. You ingrates are disgraceful." Knights emotionless eyes scanned their faces. "Pathetic". A moment later the vampire picked up the smaller neko and jolted passed them. The silver haired creature ran quickly and easily. While the vampires were suddenly distracted by teachers screaming about detention.

Knight head up the stairs of the building and unlocked a door that looked like it hadn't been opened for years. The emotionless vampire brought the neko up more stairs until they got to what use to be the old teachers secret lounge. It had been long forgotten about. The vampire coldly dropped the neko on the couch. "Damn idiots" Knight grumbled seemingly ignoring anything the neko was about to say. The cold vampire lent up against the door to hear if anyone had followed. They had not. The tall silver haired vampire gazed coldly over at the neko. Knight had a deep scar on the left cheek that was often hiding by hair. "Hey, What the hell were you doing back there?!" The vampire growled at ______. "You want to be the play thing of about five scumbag vampires?" The vampire sighed and coldly leant up against the door with arms folded.

Realizing they never met before Knight's eyes closed angrily and then opened once again trying to relax a little. "The names Knight. Who are you neko?" The vampire said emotionlessly and rather rudely.


[b Rules:]

Must write at least 1000 + characters.
NO sex. Time skip.
Cursing is okay. But don't make it every other word.

Be Your Character!
-Wondering How to respond to this?
-Well, you know that your character has crazy urges and can't help himself right now. You figure out what to do with that.
-Don't worry Im not going to make it an instant romance thing, so no matter how you respond my character will end up pushing him away.
-Your character is 15. He has to make a choice whether he wants to be a slave before he turns 16.
-Because he is 15. He has to act like that. Meaning he is 'innocent' in the way 'mature' activities to a certain extent.
-He has inner urges to be a slave, ALL nekos do. How does he mentally deal with this? Since he hates vampires and all.
- HE HATES VAMPIRES. Meaning that he is not going to be all sweet and innocent...until he actually decides he likes one.

[b You are responsible for:]

-Making your character interesting. Give him a cool back story. Idk he could have been kidnapped as a kitten. He could have a creepy uncle. He could have a brother that died. He could have had a boyfriend or girlfriend that knight reminds him of that makes him hate the vampire. Idk make something up.
-Interesting sub plots. I will make up some villains and other characters too as we go along. But I want you to have a hand at it to. Don't just sit there. Make a bad guy! or girl...or ex...or i don't care. You get it.
-Make yourself have friends in high school. Make your friends interesting.
- And you're short and cute. Even if you're character wishes he wasn't AND he's a year younger then Knight. So yes there is a little bit of role reverse, because I' m bored. so why not?

Okay, well. That's everything. If you read all that. Then good for you. I like you. You're awesome.

Have any questions, PM me.



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