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[center [Dancing+Script [#fbcbde [size20 Underneath it all we're just savages.]]]]


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It's finally done! I've been working on it for months and it's finally done! I made my skirt for prom! God I'm so excited. It's so poofs and I look like a princess. I just need to wash and put flowers on it or make a flower crown to go with it. We shall see my guy.
  ooc(male) / Oujidere / 8h 53m 52s
I love how I let friends who aren't supposed to have me in their car drive me home. V safe.
  ooc(male) / Oujidere / 15h 35m 58s
I was trying to have a nice conversation with her. I get that she's your girlfriend but you can't just literally pick her up and walk away from a conversation that's rude.
  ooc(male) / Oujidere / 22h 35m 19s
I've found myself addicted to this tea haven't I? I need more. Come on someone spill some tea. Just a little drop. I will soak it up like the tea hoe I am.
  ooc(male) / Oujidere / 1d 7h 52m 0s
I hope this warmth stays. It's so nice out. I wanna stay outside forever.
  ooc(male) / Oujidere / 3d 11h 25m 5s
  ooc(male) / Oujidere / 5d 6h 36m 39s
[Dancing+Script [#fbcbde You're the one habit i just cant kick.

What am I doing? I shouldn't be doing this. ]]
  ooc(male) / Oujidere / 8d 8h 43m 18s
[Dancing+Script [#fbcbde I think its great that I can still watch all the shows you introduced me to. Its weird that they dont make me sad or anything. I think I'm healing a lot better than before you. I've grow up since then and I'm really grateful that I could. ]]
  ooc(male) / Oujidere / 10d 14h 50m 45s
[Dancing+Script [#fbcbde I love drawing so much gahhhh.]]
  ooc(male) / Oujidere / 11d 16h 41m 52s
[Dancing+Script [#fbcbde Am i really doing this all over again? I'm an idiot.]]
  ooc(male) / Oujidere / 12d 5h 46m 56s
[Dancing+Script [#fbcbde Kinda sick of here. At least its a half day and I can go nap when I get home. ]]
  ooc(male) / Lancelotltheaxolotl / 14d 22h 45m 47s
[Dancing+Script [#fbcbde Heres my Coup d'├ętat. I will not let myself be prisoner to you anymore! I am moveing on with my life and you, my torturer, my oppressor, you are not welcome in my future! I will be happy if i have to take these meds my whole life. I will not forget anymore. I almost failed my classes. Jeez. I am not letting you in anymore. I will rise above you and i will get everything ive dreamed of for these past years. My life will be complete without you. I know it will be better. I am going to stop you i swear it!]]
  ooc(male) / Lancelotltheaxolotl / 16d 13h 35m 5s
[Dancing+Script [#fbcbde I don't know why but it just came to my mind that I'll never be able to do that thing from the movies where the girl like changes her wardrobe from bleh to hot because the dress code. Like I can't wear the stuff that makes me look good because it's all crop tops. It's dumb.]]
  ooc(male) / Lancelotltheaxolotl / 16d 13h 18m 19s
[Dancing+Script [#fbcbde I feel like Steve Jobs. WTF is this. If I had like a school girl skirt I think that would go well maybe. I'll have to invest in one.

I need to go to that store anyway. My dad aesthetic sweater is somewhere in there and I need to find it.

My whole wardrobe needs to be fixed. I'm sick of all the girly clothes. I need more jeans and nice shirts. It's killing me.]]
  ooc(male) / Lancelotltheaxolotl / 16d 13h 18m 36s
[Dancing+Script [#fbcbde You know I fake it oh so well that god himself can't tell what I mean]]
  ooc(male) / Lancelotltheaxolotl / 16d 13h 18m 54s

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