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[h3 Neala]

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[center [size18 [Dancing+Script Neala smirked again and held out her hand a glow appearing in a similar fashion to before but with gleams of gold glittered throughout. She twiddles her fingers a moment and a deck of cards appeared with various images on the back. [+darkgoldenrod “I suppose it depends on if you know the rules.”] she paused and looked to Braun [+darkgoldenrod “Bring me… [I the] table”] she said emphasizing the word… “the”. He laughed heartily a slight growl of cynicism echoing in his chest and went to the back room on the other side of the bar. She smiled innocently and grabbed two chairs.

Braun returned after a second carrying a small table meant for close and intimate games. [+darkgoldenrod “Have you ever played war Icarus?”] she asked taking her seat and shuffling the deck. Braun made his rounds around the bar putting out the lights manually. Finally, he came back around and placed a candle on the table for some light in the game. Braun leaned back against the bar and watched the Neala and Icarus for the time being.]
  Neala / _LadyInWhite_ / 120d 8h 41m 46s
The wager made the game more important, he suddenly felt a strong need to win. He had not thought she would offer something up so easily. “A date, I will hold you to that, if I lose then I’ll be left to your will for evening as well.”

He sat back and watched her pull her hair up. He could see his face better, she took in the curve of her cheeks, the round of her nose, the fullness of her lips.

He was asked the games he enjoyed. “Plenty, hide and seek, chess, we can do cards or perhaps a treasure hunt.” He suggested as he watched her rise. His gaze brushed across her quickly as he rose to his feet and finished his drink. The girl would change in front of him it was simply magicalial.

She was cute no matter what she wore. He rose to his feet and glanced over his simple outfit. Dark blue jeans and a simple black top. It was comfortable enough for him.

It wasn’t easy for Icarus to keep his gaze on her face now and would have to resist walking behind her. He was trying to be a gentlemen.

“What game shall we play darling?”
  Foreveryoung / 122d 8h 30m 6s
[h3 Neala]

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[center [size18 [Dancing+Script Her eyes suddenly had a gleam to them. Games were always great fun. Especially if one was brave enough to take her challenges. [+blue “Even more important, my dear, what is it that we wager,”] he asked leaning in. [+darkgoldenrod “I’ll wager an evening.”] she responded with a cheeky grin and a wink. [+darkgoldenrod “A date that is.”]
She pulled her hair back and removed a hair-tie from her wrist to set it up. Her curls seemed a bit wild all bunched and thick in the pony-tail, but the bangs she left out curled softly down to her chin on the left side of her face as the rest remained tucked behind her ear on the right. [+darkgoldenrod “What games do you play Icarus?”] she asked prodding for information, wondering of his firsthand experiences. She stood up and straightened the skirt of her soft faded black dress. Once standing you could tell that though she wore a shorter dress, it’s style was more vintage. It stopped at the knees where her knee-high stockings could be seen peeking. The short black heels she wore we’re only to be described as cute, but elegant. She looked like a sophisticated woman. Her personality though, would soon prove she could get wild. When she wanted to. She looked down at her dress and nodded. [+darkgoldenrod “I should change… I don’t think you would want to see my bloomers while we play. It could be distracting.”] she noted with a chuckle and then proceeded to emit a slightly purple to blue light. She changed with ease into a pair of dukes and a t-shirt. Her heels stayed, and her black knee highs stockings disappeared.

[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/236x/3a/a8/d9/3aa8d9f423be455fc95eb5e06a65fc87--hair-ponytail-hot-anime.jpg]]
[right [I Outfit representation : ]]

She smiled looking at Icarus with her changed appearance with a grin as she turned to face the bar and cleared her throat. Braun turned his broad shoulders slowly and as he managed to make eye contact with Neala he looked away taken a-back and scoffed. [+crimson “Madam! A little warning next time.”] he choked out the words before shaking his head and looking at her again. [+crimson “Did you need something?”] she smirked and sent Braun a smile. [+darkgoldenrod “I need my shot glasses and something strong to fill them with dear.”] she said turning back to Icarus, [+darkgoldenrod “If you’re still game?”] she asked waiting for an answer.
  Neala / _LadyInWhite_ / 128d 22h 6m 25s
Icacrus took in a small enjoyment as he watched her conjure the glass. She was a cute witch, he thought her to be a witch. He wondered what she thought he was, he would take a sip of his drink to hide the dark smirk that would cross his lips.

Neala asked if he liked games. The way she lit up and the grin that crossed her lips made him feel compelled to answer.

“I love games, what do you have in mind,” he would ask leaning in closer to her. “Even more important, my dear, what is it that we wager,” he asked as he met her golden gaze. He set his jaw into the palm of his hand, resting his elbow on the arm rest.

He could imagine she was full of games and he was a man who liked a challenge and even more he liked to win. He would not back away from anything she suggested and he would put his all into being a challenge for her as well.
  Icarus / Foreveryoung / 140d 9h 47m 43s
[h3 Neala]

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[center [size18 [Dancing+Script Neala smiled waving her hand over the table with a blue and purple glow emitting from it center as a second glass and some ice appeared. [+blue “Well,”] he spoke calm as anything as he looked at her. [+blue “To be honest, I’ll be stuck here for a bit waiting for a payday to pan out, you’ll see me here often…”] there was a brief pause [+blue “Call me a soon to be regular,”] he finished with a light-hearted laugh. Neala couldn’t help but grin at his quirky joke. [+darkgoldenrod “A regular indeed. Braun shall have to get used to your face then.”] she said looking over to the large gentleman’s back as he dusted behind the bar.
Neala had a dark curl fall into her face and she let her golden eyes train on it for a second before modestly curling it back behind her ear. The light caught her face briefly as she did this, and a few freckles could be spotted faintly across her nose. She smiled softly and then spoke, [+darkgoldenrod “As far as friends I suppose you’ve made at least one already.”] she finished taking a long gulp finishing her glass in it’s entirety. [+darkgoldenrod “Do you like games?”] she asked with a wide and mischievous grin. She had started her scheming and he’d have to be on his toes if he agreed. We would see. ]]]
  Neala / _LadyInWhite_ / 146d 20h 3m 2s
Icarus watched as she conjured herself another drink. Braun seemed to be a man who would prefer to do the serving but she seemed too self-sufficient to allow this to happen or perhaps she was just showing off. His own beer was almost gone but he had two feet and could walk himself up. He didn't think it would be a good idea to serve himself.

She asked where his friend was before offering him a drink. He finished off his beer and nodded his head and waited to see if she would call forth a cup or simply give him the bottle. He did not expect her to hand over the bottle.

“well they're too busy for little old me, I was left on my own,” he explained pouting lightly, it was all playful. “But I am capable of making my own friends,” he added on. He smiled as accepted whatever she offered him, taking a big swig and enjoying the burn.

“well,” he began as he looked at her. “To be honest I’ll be stuck her for a bit waiting for a payday to pan out, you’ll see me here often,” he explained. “Call me a soon to be regular,” he laughed out lightly.
  Icarus / Foreveryoung / 154d 12h 29m 30s
[h3 Neala]

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[center [size18 [Dancing+Script The way he said “view...” while their conversation progressed gave her the distinct idea that he hadn’t meant the window, or the bar. She listened quietly and smiled before reaching for her now full glass, she took a long sip emptying it, and consequently she noticed her bottle was empty too. Neala looked over to Braun the bar-keep, whose back was turned as he organized the liquors meticulously by color from, dark, golden, light and then to clear followed by a rainbow of the flavored drinks. She focused on her cupboard full of scotches and spirits along with a select few wines. She imagined a bottle pulling to the door and knocking gently to get his attention, and just that happened. From inside the cupboard came a soft wrapping of the bottle against the wood. Braun turned to see Neala’s golden eyes creased softly into a smile and her left corner of her mouth lifted to a smirk. Braun let out a huff of air audibly and opened the cabinets door.
The bourbon lifted and floated over to her table taking a spot. [+blue “Icarus, though my last name is not as elegant nor is it the title to a bar or any building to speak of.”] he said. She caught his name after the bourbon landed and noted that he did at least know who she was now. She liked his name for certain. She’d have to make a sun joke at his expense, and hopefully he had a wonderful sense of humor. She listened on as he made mention of wanting to know where this encounter could go. She smirked, and this time poured a glass by hand. [+blue “I'm new here, a friend pointed me this way, he said it was a nice place to stop for a drink. It seems he was right.”] Icarus said lastly as Neala smiled. [+darkgoldenrod “Oh... were they now?”] she chuckled holding up her glass and her bourbon, [+darkgoldenrod “Would you like a drink Icarus?”] she asked his name lifting from her tongue in a playful manner. [+darkgoldenrod “As for titles, we shall see.”] she finished taking a small sip and sighed in happiness at its taste. ]
  Neala / _LadyInWhite_ / 156d 20h 22m 47s
Icarus watched the way her nose wrinkled with disdain as he sipped his beer. Not a lot of people had a taste for hops, the flavor that often overpowered most beers, he liked the earthy tone to it. He could always sip whisky or something else that would burn the throat but he was perfectly fine with his beer.

He did not flinch or show shock as the bottle poured itself just like he did not do a double take when the rag had swirled along the bar top on it's own. He seemed use to such things, he was no mere mortal who had wandered in by chance.

At last the book closed, he looked pleased to be holding her attention so fully now. He would be careful not to lose it because she now him just as interested.

At last she offered her name, he was quick to note that the bar really was hers and that is why she fit it so well. It seemed this really was her corner, her name was on the deed after all.

“well, I didn't know it was your corner, like I said before the view was just too tempting to give up,” however this time he wasn't talking about the view of the window. He did not specify this outloud. “Icarus, though my last name is not as elegant nor is it the title to a bar or any building to speak of.”

He set down his bottle and offered her his hand, “it is nice to formally meet you, I guess we are no longer strangers, let's see what title we can decide on before the evening is over,” his voice purred with enjoyment, perhaps she would keep his evening interesting, simply speaking to her was enough to make him want to stay put.

“I'm new here, a friend pointed me this way, he said it was nice place to stop for a drink. It seems he was right.”
  Icarus / Foreveryoung / 158d 17h 40m 10s
[h3 Neala]

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[center [size18 [Dancing+Script Neala chuckled again at his all to amusing confidence. He really had her there. She did in fact say “hello” first. He moved to her though and that warranted conversation, or at least her curiosity. He probably had no clue who he was talking to. ‘How quaint’ she thought.
He lifted the beer bottle to his lips and drank from it. A beer… Neala held back a grimace. She was never fond of that drink. She preferred the bite of a Scotch or the warmth of a rum. Depending on the day of course. She left her glass floating in the air and it swayed in a circle with the ice gently clanging against it. She took a last sip and set it down. As the glass met the table her bottle lifted and poured her more before returning to it’s station on the table.
So, she would humor him for the moment. Neala’s book made a clapping when its pages met, and it closed; she set it gently on the table and leaned into the conversation. [+darkgoldenrod “How rude of me indeed,”] she said with a quirky grin, [+darkgoldenrod “My name is Neala Golden-rose, and yes, you’re right I spoke to you first, but mind you, this is my corner and you entered it.”] She said not taking her eyes from him, waiting for answers once more. She studied his features, his dark hair, his blue eyes, and he had a fine face. One may even call him cute. She wondered if he were from somewhere out of town. She’d never seen him, maybe he knew the bars name rather than just it’s location. After all, “Golden-rose Tavern” was her own.]
  Neala / _LadyInWhite_ / 158d 19h 47m 16s
A laugh spilled from her lips, it was delightful for hear, it announced that she at least liked his sense of humor. He could feel her looking at him again, he had honestly looked away because her green gaze was so enticing he felt like he might just get lost in those Emerald ponds, but he knew not to forget that he did not know what lay beneath the surface.

He chuckled with her enjoying their small moment before she at last popped the big question, she even sipped her drink and offered him a chance to answer. He wasn't going to hand over that answer readily, the game had just begun.

"I've heard it's rude to ask ones name before offering your own," he stated as he reached for his drink and met her gaze, his eyes trickled with amusement. "M, curious, about you? I simply sat down where there was a nice view, you're the one who spoke first," and with that he lifted the beer bottle to his lips and sipped.
  Icarus / Foreveryoung / 159d 15h 55m 12s
[h3 Neala]

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[center [size18 [Dancing+Script Neala sat quietly through all his questions watching his gaze move from the window to the bar. He was right about the view. It was nice no matter which direction your gaze was trained. The sunset was her favorite part of the sights, but she had to admit that the people indeed found their way into her books. Sometimes just their voices became the character, other times it was often their entire appearance. It depended she supposed. As for her Westly, she had none to speak of, and none of the patron’s nor the passersby ever seemed to perfectly fit that role. Then again, she was no Buttercup. That didn’t stop her from inserting herself into the story on some days. She smiled looking at the man whose blue eyes had warranted her attention somehow.
[+blue "Could we say the man at the bar is Fezzik?"] The man in front of her stopped looking at Neala and averted his gaze to the bar.
[+darkgoldenrod “Braun… be Fezzik?”] she released a chuckle at the thought. Yes, he was the right build, but she never even had the idea cross her mind, and how odd it was that she would exclude such a magnificent candidate.
[+darkgoldenrod “Yes he would be perfect. Haha.”] She smiled looking at the man whose blue eyes had warranted her attention somehow.

[+darkgoldenrod “Why are you so curious about little ole’ me though… Mister...?”] she posed this as a question and waited for a response holding her golden gaze on him while lifting the scotch to her lips for another sip.
  Neala / _LadyInWhite_ / 159d 21h 21m 9s
Icarus felt a smile tugging at the corner of his lips as he watched the bartender silently threaten him. If he wasn't heading over this meant that he was given silent permission to be in her territory, so far. He still did not speak until she did, his gaze still lingering on the last rays dipping away.

"Hello," he responded, "You have quite a nice view here," he commented lightly. He noted that he had not heard the book pressed close, she was still caught in the moment of any line she had just read. He hoped to pull her interest to the moment she was in.

"Now I can't tell if you sit here to watch the sun set or do you sit here so you can peer at the people as they pass by," he questioned his gaze falling on the outline of passing pedestrians, their shapes misshapen and dull from the thick glass.

"Perhaps it's the patrons? It's a great view of the bar," his gaze now swept across it, it was mostly empty at the moment. "Do you place them into your books," he asked at last tilting his head so his blue gaze met hers. "I'm just so curious, who is your Westley?"

He questioning paused for a moment as he kept his gaze on her for only a moment more before peering back at the bar. "Could we say the man at the bar is Fezzik?"
  Icarus / Foreveryoung / 164d 14h 51m 12s
[h3 Neala]

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[center [size18 [Dancing+Script Neala was lost reading her book. The pages smooth and turning easily. The books spine worn down from the number of times she’d read it. Twenty-five? No, twenty-six she was sure. Hers was an original print and anyone looking at it could probably tell. Most people didn’t read at a bar, but she owned it, or at least half of it. So, it was like a homey place for her to be. She heard Samuels voice at the bar but was to caught up in the book and the images she was illustrating in her mind from it's words. Her eyes lit up as she read through the words "As You Wish". She loved it and the way she saw it gave her chill bumps. Every time.
She was ripped from her imagination and the words of her story by a soft sound on her table and the movement of a chair on the floor. She looked up as a long neck beer bottle was placed next to her own bottle of Scotch. She looked at the gentleman a bit confused. No one ever approached her corner without knowing her, but here he was… this man. She moved her gaze to the bartender and he placed his fist in his hand. She waved him of with a smile and he went back to his duties. The rag on the bar kept scrubbing by itself after he let it go and went into the back, and she looked back to the man whom had sat next to her. [+darkgoldenrod “Hello there?”] She smiled posing her hello as a question in her soft and sweet Irish lilt accent. He black curl fell from behind her ear again and she blew it back from the side of her mouth and awaited his response. She hoped it was interesting… ]
  Neala / _LadyInWhite_ / 159d 20h 57m 18s
If Icrasus tilted her head and peered out the thick window darkened so you could only make out the shape of things. He could tell the sun was setting by the odd shades it threw across the top of the bakery across the way. It was small store that was open late so it could sell baked good to the drunks as the bar began to close.

He thought for himself how he should come here more often, it was a nice change of pace. He held the bottle by the neck, his thumb pressed across the top as he lifted it up. His thoughts where pulled away from drinking the beer as the door swung open.

A breath of fresh air swept through the restaurant. The old man who kept the bar stopped ignoring him and his poor taste in alcohol and turned his attention to the door.

Icarus found himself looking.

A woman entered like she was coming home. There was no shyness, no meek glance about as she stride to a seat set aside just for her. He watched her settle in place blissfully unaware of him. He found himself staring for a long moment trying to read the title of her book.

The bartender cleared his throat, "she has finer taste then you," the man informed. Icacrus would roll his eyes as he rose from the bar, he would finish off the beer in one last swig and put it on the bar in act of retaliation. "One more beer please," he said sweetly as he stepped away.

With his hands free he was able to seize up one of the seats on the floor . He would take it and set it beside her. The old man would frown as he brought him a beer. "Thanks," he would say kindly even tipping him a few bucks to show he meant well but he had to get the man back for his comment. He still had no said a word to him as he set his bar nect to her glass. He leaned back in his seat and folded his hands in his lap as he innocently watched the sun set the rest of the way.
  Icrasus / Foreveryoung / 175d 8h 6m 54s
[h3 Neala]

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[center [size18 [Dancing+Script The woman walked into the old stale bar. She stood a moment smelling the air breathing in the scene, a sweet familiar scent she knew all too well. Warm lights hung over the bar and the ten tables set about randomly, as well as three booths. She smiled to the keep and he placed a bottle on the table. Grabbing her always ready bottle of scotch her golden eyes creased in the corners and her soft pink lips formed a smile as she sent a nod of thanks to the bartender. She walked to her favorite lounge chair in her self proclaimed "reading corner". The soft but worn blue chair sat next to a dark colored wooden side table. The chair had a Victorian style back with carvings of vines in the wood. A wave of her hand over the table caused a light purple and blue glow which disappeared as she closed her fist gently to reveal a glass with four cubes of ice in it, and a book sitting next to that. The worn cover had only eight legible letters "T__ P__n__ss Br__e" She smirked and sat down with the bottle in hand.

She tapped the center of her brow with a thin, delicate finger and glasses appeared in a similar fashion on her fair skinned face with a few freckles gently dotting across her nose and cheekbones. She tucked a dark curl in behind her ear, opened and poured a glass a crack coming from the ice being covered by the dark golden brown liquid cascaded over and filling the glass. With a happy sigh she relaxed to take a long sip and opened her book. [+periwinkle "Ahh"] she exclaimed setting the glass back on the table. She dug in all to contently, getting lost in it's slightly yellowed pages. ]]]
  Neala / _LadyInWhite_ / 193d 10h 13m 23s

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