The Salmon Carnival

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He nodded and he grabbed his tools. “Honestly, I might make a house out here, but I’d need to grab my things first.” He said, and he remembered he had a salmonoid egg that was from days ago, and he handed it to a salmonoid. “I was going to save this from Grizz, but I think you guys should take care of it now...” he said.
  James Fischer / DoomGuy123 / 1y 9d 18h 9m 56s
The inkling girl heard James's request, before thinking for a few seconds and then nodding slowly. "Yeah, lemme take you to my house near the back. There's plenty of food there, and it looks a lot better on the inside than the outside...since the salmonoids kind of covered it with their green liquid." She chuckled.
  Arienne Gale / AskTheStaff / 1y 9d 18h 16m 50s
He smiled back, and he asked if there was anything he could have to eat, since he hadn’t had lunch yet. “I’m absolutely famished, since I forgot to pack my lunch for today...” he said, and his stomach growled angrily.
  James Fischer / DoomGuy123 / 1y 9d 18h 19m 53s
"Hey, you're back! Yeah, things are working perfectly! Just look at the salmonoids enjoy themselves with all the water's so amazing! Thanks, I really appreciate your help." Arienne said with a big smile, as she looked towards the male inkling.
  Arienne Gale / AskTheStaff / 1y 9d 18h 22m 14s
He finally got back and was hugging and puffing, out of breath when he came to where she was. “Jeez...that was...a hell of...a trip...” he said between breaths. He then sat his toolbox down and he looked around and felt content about fixing the water plant. “Is everything working alright?” He asked after catching his breath.
  James Fischer / DoomGuy123 / 1y 9d 18h 24m 9s
The female noticed the sound of the rushing water, before she glanced towards the water attractions and saw how they were in working order once again. "Huh...the kid actually did it." She smiled, watching the salmonoids practically flock over to the water attractions, making squeaky noises of enjoyment.
  Arienne Gale / AskTheStaff / 1y 9d 18h 26m 28s
Soon the pipes under the boardwalk began to shudder, and soon water was pouring out of the piping and into the park, making the water slide, the water shooting galleries, and other water attractions begin to work once more, and James wiped his brow as he packed up his tools and then headed back to the boardwalk to see if everything was up and running again.
  James Fischer / DoomGuy123 / 1y 9d 18h 30m 6s
Before Arienne could even say a proper goodbye to the male, he had run off to who knows where. She walked back towards the main area of the boardwalk, starting to converse with her salmonoid friends for a while, telling them to spread word to not hurt James and how he was going to fix the water system. Soon enough, the female inkling was sitting under some shade of an umbrella along the boardwalk, as she waited.
  Arienne Gale / AskTheStaff / 1y 9d 18h 32m 29s
He nodded and told her he had to get his tools to go to work on the water treatment plant. “I’d clear out the pipes first, because I bet they’re clogged with debris and other things...” he said, and he hurried home and started to gather his tools and quickly rushed out to his old workplace and began to work on the water treatment plant, along with cleaning it up, as it looked like a mess. After three hours, he started up the machinery, and soon the water started to flow through the old fossil of a treatment plant.
  James Fischer / DoomGuy123 / 1y 10d 16h 34m 2s
The female inkling nodded for once, after hearing James speak. "Alright...sounds good, I'm holding you to it that you keep that promise." She stated, before glancing around the boardwalk as she saw the salmonoids starting to all come back out again, besides the ones that had already been on the boardwalk again.
  Arienne Gale / AskTheStaff / 1y 10d 16h 44m 57s
He smiled and he told her that it would take a while before he would be able to get the waterworks up and running again. “If I find any eggs while I’m there, I’ll bring them back...I promise...” he said, holding out his pinkie finger to make a pinkie promise. “I also asked because I know my way around that place really well.” He told her.
  James Fischer / DoomGuy123 / 1y 10d 16h 51m 13s
"That would be an amazing idea! The salmonoids would be so happy and ecstatic to be able to get on the water would be great!" The female inkling exclaimed, smiling towards James, which was surprising, since she had barely smiled until now.
  Arienne Gale / AskTheStaff / 1y 10d 16h 55m 46s
He nodded and told her that maybe he could get the treatment plant up and running again so that the water rides would function. If the water isn’t clean, it’ll clog the pipes and cause some of them to burst under pressure...” he said.
  James Fischer / DoomGuy123 / 1y 10d 16h 59m 4s
Arienne shook her head slowly once the male had spoken to her about his idea. "I understand your reasoning, but I do not believe the salmonoids would leave this boardwalk so easily. With the rides still working, they've had so much fun on each different one. They've even used parts of old rides to make new attractions of their own...they love it here." She said, smiling as she looked at some Small Fries in the distance who were playing together.
  Arienne Gale / AskTheStaff / 1y 10d 17h 52s
He chuckled nervously. “You know, I think that the last time we ever did a salmon run, the water treatment plant was cleared out...maybe if we can get them there, then we could fortify it so that nobody could get inside unless they’re friends with the salmonoids...” he said
  James Fischer / DoomGuy123 / 1y 10d 17h 3m 52s

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