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Character A and Michele had been the best of friends since they were small children and met Character C in senior year of high school and took him under their wing. Each of the three are witches or have a history of witchcraft somewhere in their families. As freshmen in college one night the three get drunk at a party and they end up going back to Character A's home. Once at Character A's and being so fucked up from the party and since they think the magic in their blood passed down is a bunch of shit the group of three pulls out an old spell book and plan to summon the witch once known as Isbelle. But instead of the group finding Isbelle, Isbelle is lured by her own charm and hunts them down...

Back in her own time, Isbelle had been trying to stop a powerful demon that ends up bound to sleep for a thousand years and lays dormant until just by fate ends up woken by the young college students in the future because magic was used to summon Isbelle. Character C, Michele and Character A in the present don't know anything about the demon or the legends of old, but the one from the past does and tries to get to the present on the same night she is summoned to warn them and to stop them from using any form of magic, but finds it is too late and the evil wakes possessing Character A, who it turns out is actually the that one Isbelle was meant to be with. So now instead of having to save just both worlds and times, they have to save each other and their soulmates as well.


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[b "You know I don't have to say anything, darlin'. Even siblings can hate the other and make the other feel like shit. Sooo I say what I do because I love you and it's the honest to God truth."] The boy said with a smile as she did seem to lighten up a little. And he meant it too. She WAS too good for her whore of an ex. She just had to realize it and to have the confidence to find the right woman who would treat her like the queen she was.

As sson as she began to speak about his nightmare, Mich felt his throat go dry. And to boot, his heart began to pound in his chest as his hands became slightly clammy. IF he was honest, Michele was almost afraid that she would say that. They both KNEW that reoccurring dreams were neber good signs, especially in their families. But he said nothing and let dark eyes go to the page she showed him and listened to her words. [b "So...you too?"] Those were the only words he could get out before she snapped the sketchbook closed and hissed her words. A quick nod was given and the male like the young woman had plastered on a fake smile.

[b "Hey, someone has to say to the bitch queen what no one else will. Not my fault just happens to be me."] Mich said with a shrug and listened to the others. He could see that Maddie didn't want to speak about Juliet and what a whore she was. But with their two friends and classmates there was NO way around it. As kind as the pair could be, they were nosey as hell too.

His arm was looped with the girl's and he smirked. [b "Think we can manage that. ALL the professors are as burned out as we are. If we're lucky short explanation of our finals and then we're out. Also means we can play dress up."] Yup, the man was trying to lighten the mood a bit. Though he had some REALLY strong feeling something was coming. Only problem was he had NO idea what.
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When Juliet was gone she felt like a load was lifted off of her shoulders, she listened to the males words and she rolled her eyes lightly. [b "You have to say that, because you and I are like siblings"] she said with a giggle. He did make her feel better though. She could do a hell of a lot better, and honestly she wanted better. She wanted nothing more than to be spoiled for once. She sighed lightly when he started talking about the nightmare, and her heart dropped to her feet. All she could do was nod at the moment, her mouth dry.

She wished she had a water bottle, but she licked her lips the best she could and looked down. [b "I don't know how to really explain it.. I think your nightmare is real.. Because while I was at home I felt like I was being watched, and when I looked out the window I saw someone. She looked like my grandmother, and she said something that's been running around in my head all morning"] she admitted. She looked around, before she bent down and pulled out her sketch pad and a pencil. Her hands were slightly shaking.

She opened to the drawing she had been working on, and flipped the page over. On the blank side she wrote a little note. [i [b She said something's bound to happen. Pretty soon I'm not going to be able to control my powers, and something horrible's about to rear it's ugly head. She said I have the powers to control a lot of things, and it's scaring the living shit out of me. I know I've been feeling really off lately, and maybe.. I don't know.. Maybe it's true..]] She showed him the message and bit her lip.

She could feel people coming up behind her, and she slammed her sketch pad closed. She looked over her shoulder and spotted a couple of people from their class walking over to them. She plastered on a smile and looked at the male. [b "We'll talk after class"] she hissed, before turning around and breaking out into a smile. [b "Morning Anna, morning Jake"] she cooed. The two grinned and stopped before them. [i "Were you showing Michele something dirty? The way you slammed your pad closed"] Jake teased. Madeline shook her head lightly and rolled her eyes.

[b "You wish it was something dirty. But no, I was showing him a sneak peak for the homework that's not due till the end of the week"] she lied. She hadn't even started on that yet, but it was the only thing she could think of. Anna cocked her head lightly and smirked. [u "I saw the bitch queen storming off. What did you do now?"] she asked hooking her arm with Madeline's. She sighed and shook her head. [b "Michele stood up for me like always, called her a whore which is true"] she said her voice cracking a little bit.

She didn't want to talk about this, her mind was one what had happened that morning, and Michele's nightmare. Maybe it wasn't a nightmare, maybe something really was going to happen? She bit the inside of her cheek to stop herself from speaking it out loud. She looked towards the male and hooked her other arm though his. [b "Let's get this short day out of the way, so that way I can go home and get ready for the party tonight"] she said. Anna smirked and nudged her slightly. The three headed towards the building, wondering what Michele was thinking about.
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Beautiful, funny and caring was what Maddie was. And to add to the perks, the two of them had known the other forever and had had been bestfriend nearly since the day they met. Both of them were different and when life got them down they always had the other's back. Just perfect for being a couple, right? And so MANY thought that Mich and Madeline were, which sometimes for the hell of it the two did act like it just to mess with people. Truth be told though, the both "swung for the same team" and IF things were different then they most likely would have ended up together. Which wouldn't have been bad at all.

All of that was what Michele let run through his head. Or he did until the young woman at his side spoke and called attention to his being off and acting like he was hiding something. Of course he should have known with her and how well she read him. To Madeline, Michele had become like a fucking open book. There was NOTHING he could hide. [b "Think we both know that we're trying to hide something from the other, Maddie dear."] The young man teased his best friend. He knew it really wasn't the time or place to be making those jokes. But he had also known that she had been put off by more than JUST Juliet.

But thinking and speaking of the devil had been the WRONG move because she had sauntered her way over and was now talking to Maddie. Mich's eyes darkened as the male looked up at her. [b "She deserves better than the likes of you. God knows that you've been a whore and with at least ten girls since the two of you broke up. So drop the innocent act."] He hissed as his hand was taken by Madeline and she had pulled him up. As was usual, Juliet was NOT paying him any mine which was no skin off his back. He hated her anyway. And she had just gone at Madeline again before storming off.

Dark eyes locked with those of his best friend. [b "We can try for someone new at the party. You're drop dead gorgeous Mads and ANY woman would be stupid to not wanna date you."] He said and sighed. Seemed with the distraction gone he was not out of the woods yet. He was still having to tell her.

[b "Rememeber that old nightmare? The one about us being magical and dragged into some sort of a war? Well it's back and more nagging and real than ever. This time I could taste the smoke...see those eyes."] Mich said quietly. [b "Now your turn, missy. Aside from the bitch queen what's eating at you?"]
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Being friends with the male, was the best thing that had happened to her. He had brought her out of her depression, and he had taken her under his wing. Everything about him was perfect, and she new if they both swung a different way, they would have ended up being together. When he mentioned eyeing the [i candy] before class she smirked lightly. [b "I like that idea. It'll be something you and I both need"] she said as she finished off her breakfast. She could tell the male was hiding something from her, but she wasn't one to push.

She licked her fingers free of the lingering crumbs, and put the trash into her bag. She then leaned back and crossed her legs before looking towards the male. [b "What's the matter Mich? I know you like a fucking book, and I know when you are hiding something from me. Talk to me, and then we can check out everyone before class"] she cooed lightly. She wanted to eye every woman walking by, but her attention was on the male beside her. She didn't really have much of a choice anyway. He needed her right now.

She cocked her head slightly to the side and waited for him to speak. Her eyes wandered away from him, and spotted Juliet again. She narrowed her eyes, as the woman walked over and grinned. [i "I thought that was you Maddie! I was hoping to run into you before class, and maybe talk you into coming to my dorm real quick"] she said as she stood there, her arms crossed over her chest. Madeline's heart was racing, and she wanted to jump at the chance because she knew what the woman wanted, and she wanted it too. She sat there and shook her head.

[b "You fucked up Juliet, you ruined something that was good, and ruined someone that wanted you. You wanted nothing more than a fuck buddy, and that's all I was to you. Yes the sex is amazing, but you.. You aren't the person I thought you were"]

[i "Are you kidding me right now Madeline? You are going to put me on blast like that? How many times to I have to tell you, I'm sorry. I know what I did was wrong, and I'm trying my hardest to make it up to you. Please for the love of God, give me another chance"] she nearly pleaded.

Madeline shook her head, grabbed her bag and took Michele's hand into her own. She pulled him up to his feet and locked eyes on Juliet's. [b "I wish I could. You decided to sleep with someone else, and you had the guts to show it off in front of me. You honestly don't know what it's like to get hurt do you? You hurt me Juliet. I don't want anything to do with you, and I have better option's than you anyway"] she hissed back to her. Juliet's eyes narrowed.

[i "You will regret this Madeline Wakefield. You hear me? You will regret this"] Juliet said, and stormed off. Madeline dropped the male's hand and sighed lightly. [b "You need to help me find someone Mich, and fast. I can't have Juliet ruining my life right now."] she nearly snapped. She wanted to prove to Juliet, that she didn't need her. She watched the woman storm off, and then looked back at the male giving him her full attention again.
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When the young woman came up and told him why she was late, Michele couldn't help his laugh and nudging her. [b "I shoild have figured that would be the reason for you to be late. If you had the choice you would live in one of your drawings."] The young man said as he took the breakfast bar she handed him, his eyes on the wrapping. He had yet to answer if he was okay, because he had yet to figure it out. Should he tell her that he had the same nightmare again and that it seemed to be getting worse?

Michele debated on whether to explain it, but before he could her ex was coming their way. The boy's arm had gone around her shoulders. He had been VERY aware of their relationship because Mads would tell him about it. And they had seemed to have a pretty good relationship and adored the other and the sex. Buuut it just somehow didn't have quite the spark she has been looking for. [b "Yeah, I'll be going to the party with you. You know with midterms coming we'll need something to help return the fun into our lives...ans as far as Juliet goes, maybe think you should look for someone else? God knows she has been."] Michele said with a roll of his eyes. Even if his friend DID adore the woman, the boy for one reason had not really been able to stomach her. Just that air about her when she walked by had been enough to have him want to for lack of a better expression "get a cross and some holy water to ward off the evil spirit". Thank you very much Supernatural and just about all vampire movies he had seen. But he had to quickly push that thought out of his head.

Brown eyes landed on the girl as he took a slow and deliberate bite from his breakfast bar ans chewed it. [b "Was thinking we could roam and look at all the 'candy' before class. Or we could talk about the weekend since haven't seen you almost all weekend."] The man said and gave her shoulder a gentle bump. He still had been trying to steer his brain away from his nightmare and give them SOMETHING they could do that MIGHT be at least a little bit fun before having to listen to professors droning on and on about things that they may never use again after the semester ended.
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Blue eyes scanned the page she was working on, and a small sigh passed though her lips. She was thinking about ditching out on classes, and going to the beach and drawing. She knew that Michele would kill her if she did. The two had been good friends since they were in diapers, and he was the first person she told about her secret. She was bi-sexual, and she had the hardest time telling her parents. Michele was there for her the whole step of the way, and he was there when she told her parents finally.

For that, she knew he would always be there for her. He was like a brother to her, and she honestly didn't know what she would do without him. She sighed lightly as she closed her sketch pad and stood. She stretched her arms over her head, and then put her hands onto the middle of her back and popped it. The feeling was wonderful, and she then ran a hand though her blonde locks. She looked at the clock, and knew the male would be messaging her soon. She pouted as she moved into the bathroom, and turned on the shower.

The steam slowly filled the room, and she stripped out of her night clothes, threw them into the hamper and then climbed into the shower. She stood under the water for a moment, and closed her eyes. As she stood there, she thought she heard someone whisper her name. [i "Madeline.. Madeline.. Madeline.."] the voice whispered. Her eyes snapped open, and a shudder ran down her spine. She was hearing things, and she knew it. She bit her lip lightly and shook her head. [b "Stop it.."] she muttered to herself. She then hurried and finished her shower and climbed out.

She wrapped herself into a towel, and when she looked up at the mirror she saw a woman standing there. The woman looked just like her, and she felt tears sting her eyes. [b "Grandmum.."] she whispered. The woman smiled sweetly at her and nodded. [i "Yes darling, it's me. I've been wondering when you'd finally hear me. Listen to me closely though, your whole life is about to change. You need to keep yourself safe, and make sure nothing dangerous harms you, or your friends"] she said. Madeline was slightly confused, and she took a breath to speak.

Before she could, the woman was gone. The blonde shook her head lightly and knew she was just seeing things. She made sure to tell Michele about it later though. She hurried and got dressed in a pair of leggings, and her favorite sweater dress. She blow dried her hair, and styled it the way she liked. She then slid her flats onto her feet, walked back into the bathroom and hung up her towel. She then brushed her teeth, and applied a little bit of makeup. Finally, she was ready to go. She cocked her head and smirked a bit.

She then turned and walked back into her room, grabbed her small bag, along with her wallet and phone. She noticed the message from the male and knew she was late. She whipped it out and sent a message back. [i [b I'm on my way right now. Running a little bit late. Be there in five minutes.]] She hit send and then nearly ran out the door. Good thing she chose the flats today. The campus wasn't too far from where she lived, and she was thankful for that. Sure enough, it took her five minutes and she spotted the male.

She walked over and sat down next to him, dropping her bag onto the ground. [b "Sorry I'm late.. You know me, when I'm drawing I forget the world. Are you okay?"] she asked as she reached into her bag for a breakfast bar. She handed the male one, and opened her's slowly. [b "Were you still okay going to the party this weekend? I know Star would love it if you came with me"] she said as she took a bite. She chewed slowly and then swallowed. As she was looking around, her heart dropped. Her ex girlfriend was coming.

She ducked her head, and leaned against the male. [b "Juliet is coming.. Help me"] she whispered, as she leaned her head against his shoulder. She made sure she couldn't see the woman, and she heard the click of her shoes pass them by. She took a small peek and sighed lightly. That was a close one. She adored the woman, and the sex, but they hadn't worked out the way she wanted. [b "So what are we doing before class?"] she asked, taking another bite of her bar.
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A cold sweat again was what the young man had found himself waking up in. It wasn't the first time he had had that nightmare, but it was becoming more and more pressing. It felt like something in him was trying to warn him. But he didn't have a clue of what it could be. And it was just as he was running his fingers through drenched hair did the alarm go off with it's shrill beeping that in Michele's opinion could wake the dead. Slowly did tired brown eyes make their way to the bright red numbers and let out a low groan. It was seven in the morning and the time change had JUST happened meaning that his mind and body still registered six even when his eyes registered the seven. [b [i 'Well..there's no point in trying to prolong this...the sooner you get ready, the sooner you can hang with Maddie before hell...I mean school.']] He found himself thinking just as a yawn slipped from him and he began to stretch, dreading the moment when he would have to leave the warmth of his comforter.

He managed to waste a good five or so minutes before he decided that he couldn't put off the inevitable. So grudgingly, Michele pushed his comforter off and instantly regret it with the chill that hit his shirtless torso and he groaned. Why had he thought it a good idea to sleep shirtless and in flannel pijama pants? Only a moment did he stay on his bed, cursing the cold before he was up, grabbed his towel from the back of his computer chair, and padded across the wooden floored hall and into the bathroom. A nice hot shower was what he needed and hopefully it would wake his ass up. Either that or a nice hot coffee. Hell why not both? And it was with that train of thought did the male strip from his nightware, turn on the shower as hot as he could stand it and get in. As soon as the warmth hit his skin, an almost purr of pleasure escaped his lips as it ran down his body and began to chase the morning air away.

Michele stood beneath the warmth of the water for a few moments more before he washed both his hair and body. When he was done, the young man turned off the water and wrapped the towel about his waist and got the second smaller towel that he had by some miracle found within the bathroom to dry his hair with. Once he was drying his hair and had his towel around his waist, he walked back to his room and went into the closet. Back and forth did he push the outfits on hangers as brown eyes locked them over. NOTHING just seemed right or to fit his mood for the day. But it was a beeping from his bed that made him remember he still had class and REALLY needed to hurry his ass up. And his reminder, Michele settled for a black leather jacket, white shirt, black jeans and his converse. When he had FINALLY settled on his clothing, the man got dressed, grabbed his bookbag, phone, keys and wallet and headed to the campus and his favourite bench.

When he found "his" bench, Mich took out his phone and looked at the time. Still about twenty or so minutes until class. [b [i 'Hey Mads, you here yet? I just got to the bench and was thinking we could hang a few before class..you game?']] And after he read hus text, he sent it and waited to see if his friend would be joining him. He couldn't wait to tell her about his odd ass nightmare and hear whatever she wanted to tell him. It had been a couple of days since they had hung out as it was. And he missed her like crazy.
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