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[center [i oh, my blue heaven]]


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after all this time, to know that I mean the slightest thing to you is still an unparalleled feeling
  achaeus / RedComet / 13d 14h 53m 32s
I think I'd be fine living life wanting to die with you
  Hide Akihira / RedComet / 1y 59d 10h 37m 14s
Oh, the things that can build if you open your heart to them.

Not sure if I should believe in either fate or coincidence, but I am glad for whatever led me to you.
  ~Haise / RedComet / 1y 198d 12h 59m 24s
Did you somehow die or are you just ignoring me: my life story
  achaeus / RedComet / 1y 271d 11h 3m 45s
Mm, my heart hurts and yearns for you. It's a long day. I wish you cared
  achaeus / RedComet / 1y 273d 2h 45m 27s
but no one could ever compare to you and your lovely mind. I'm lost in you
  achaeus / RedComet / 1y 273d 19h 43m 41s
Met someone new, but something tells me I'm not what they're looking for, haha. I never am.
  achaeus / RedComet / 1y 273d 21h 16m 14s
my depression is back in full force just in time for this pointless holiday

a week at home isn't going to do much but make me feel worse

let's see if I survive
  Bone / RedComet / 1y 275d 20h 59m 21s
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjnUqQNpeIc]

[center [i I was off on my own again.]]
  achaeus / RedComet / 1y 276d 1h 26m 1s
I need to stop looking for any possible reason to talk to you. I dont want to wear down your nerves...
  achaeus / RedComet / 1y 276d 20h 35m 43s
You don't give a shit anyway. Save me some time and stop pretending.
  achaeus / RedComet / 1y 277d 7h 53m 47s
I'm a monster in my core, whether you believe me or not
  achaeus / RedComet / 1y 279d 7h 39m 48s
I can 't even afford to be alive lmao. I would be less of a burden on everyone if I just wasn't
  achaeus / RedComet / 1y 280d 10h 38m 12s
I know the truth is you won't love me 'til I'm gone
  achaeus / RedComet / 1y 280d 22h 26m 19s
I'm a fucking idiot for falling for my own idea that someone thinks more of me than I am. I could never amount to more than this... it was a nice dream. Time to wake the fuck up.
  Bone / RedComet / 1y 281d 1h 21m 1s

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