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I am sorry for all of my behavior. I have been down for longer than I can remember.
  ~Haise / RedComet / 2d 16h 50m 24s
Tonight is a low night. I am dreading what I have to do tomorrow... So I may not sleep from now until then.
  ~Haise / RedComet / 4d 14h 10m 15s
My life is far too much for someone like me to bear sometimes
  *Comet* / RedComet / 7d 14h 41m 13s
  *Comet* / RedComet / 8d 12h 37m 21s
I just want one of my parents to be okay when I'm not around to take care of them. My dad is the strongest person I know but now he needs help... and I had to help my mom get to bed tonight after she drank too much for the fourth time this week. When I go back to school next week I am going to have no way of helping either one of them... This weight is getting to be too much. I guess I have nothing to do but keep internalizing.
  *Comet* / RedComet / 9d 14h 51s
I spend all of my time worrying about the few people I let myself care about, but it seems that when I stress over them nothing bad happens. I can accept that. If it's possible to take all of the burden of their worrying and pain, I will do it if it means they are okay. I don't have anyone to talk to, so keeping everything locked up in my head is the only option I have, even if it hurts.

So of course when I forget about my stress for a few weeks and drop that weight, bad things begin to happen and continue to stack up until it's cataclysmic. I'm sorry, Dad. Maybe if I hadn't dropped that weight for a bit, if I had just stayed vigilant and stopped thinking about myself, you would still be able to live your life like you used to and not be afflicted moving forward. I hope you find some way to find enjoyment in the things you used to again...

Me? I guess I will just add this to my weight...
  *Comet* / RedComet / 10d 14h 22m 10s

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