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A reploid girl and a human boy being together isn’t a very common sight, especially in the resistance, since Neo Arcadia is filled with danger after Copy X was destroyed for good


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She sighed and told him she was being hunted by the pantheons, which the male knew were Neo Arcadian soldiers. “If they find me, I’m going to get scrapped and destroyed...” she said, and activated her biometal, which formed a suit of armor on her body, and equipped her with an impressive rifle. “Not to mention if they catch me here, you would be killed for aiding a resistance member.”
  Quincy (Biometal) / DoomGuy123 / 272d 17h 23m 34s
" No I mean there are the windows but they only lead to a drop.." Grayson said and then heard the knocking at the door. He didnt know what to really think but by the look on this girls face she needed help. "I have a closet in my room you can hide out in.." He suggested
  Grayson Alaric / Angel_love94 / 272d 17h 53m 36s
She looked surprised when she saw the human. “Sorry...I thought this section of Neo Arcadia was abandoned...” she said, and they both heard pounding on the door, which startled Quincy, and she started to look around for an exit. “Is there another way out of this building?!” She asked with a scared tone. Her eyes darting around to find an exit, and she pulled out a strange item, which looked like a miniature helmet, which was a biometal
  Quincy Selana / DoomGuy123 / 272d 17h 59m 15s
Grayson heard the door to his apartment and rushed over. He saw a girl standing in his place. "May I help you..." He asked her confused.
  Grayson Alaric / Angel_love94 / 272d 18h 2m 59s
Quincy had been sent to do an undercover mission to stop the retirement facility, but she was caught before she could enter. “Shit shit shit shit shit...” she said over and over, blasting pantheons left and right with her proton pistol, and she looked at the mass of pantheons coming towards her and she immediately ran towards the residential district of Neo Arcadia, and ran right into a boy’s apartment, startling both him and the reploid girl.
  Quincy Selana / DoomGuy123 / 273d 17h 40m 17s

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