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The rito smirked. “It allows the person using it to be propelled into the air and allows them to move at high speed. It is called Gale.” The rito replied
  Hiro / DoomGuy123 / 60d 10h 26m 1s
Zelda nodded and looked at the Rito seriously. "Your...ability?"
  zelda / eeveelover / 60d 13h 17m 4s
The Rito smiled and told them that if they used his ability to aid them, he could get them up to Vah Medoh.
  Hiro / DoomGuy123 / 60d 13h 17m 46s
Zelda frowned seriously and looked up. "Neither do I..."
  zelda / eeveelover / 60d 13h 23m 52s
Hiro looked up, seeing a red blanket of energy surrounding Vah Medoh, and said energy made him extremely nervous. “I do not feel comfortable whilst that corrupted Divine Beast is in the sky...” he said to the others
  Hiro / DoomGuy123 / 67d 4h 3m 23s
The bird grunted in a bit of annoyance. “Good luck...Vah Medoh attack’s anyone who comes near...” he said, pointing to the divine beast in the sky.
  Arar / DoomGuy123 / 72d 5h 49m 32s
"We are looking for the Divine Beast." She snapped. "And you may not harm Arar."
  zelda / eeveelover / 72d 5h 52m 42s
The bird rolled its eyes. “What do you want?” He asked, and Hiro remembered him, the last person he wanted to meet
  Arar / DoomGuy123 / 81d 14h 47m 49s
Zelda frowned and stood in front of Arar. "No." she said.
  zelda / eeveelover / 81d 14h 56m 21s
They were soon met by a bird person, who was eyeing Arar, since they are fish.
  Arar / DoomGuy123 / 81d 15h 6m 43s
She blushed as they continued on their journey. "Well..."
  zelda / eeveelover / 81d 15h 8m 45s
“It’s actually really fun to do that too!” He said, and Hiro Gabe him a thumbs up
  Arar / DoomGuy123 / 81d 15h 9m 46s
She giggled and said that she saw that. "I kinda figured that you'd help us beat it."
  zelda / eeveelover / 81d 15h 11m 18s
He smiled and chuckled. “They May be strong, but they’re not very bright.”
  Arar / DoomGuy123 / 81d 15h 12m 41s
Zelda smiled brightly at the young Zora boy. "Wow..."
  zelda / eeveelover / 81d 15h 14m 40s

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