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[Center [pic https://i.imgur.com/wYypH4y.jpg]]

Four years have passed sense the noble houses stood together against the might of the Corrupted King. Though Tauron was saved from his corruption it came at a cost. The Tenuous pact between the nobles had all but evaporated. The dull life of every day society to elves has returned, the nobles never allowing for another king to be placed upon the throne fearful of what a person could do. A council of the top ten noble houses was formed and rule the elves, but the power held within is dismal and always changing. Like their Drow brethren the elves have decided power can only be held by those who can keep it.

The world however doesn't know that the Corrupted king has broken free. Imprisoned for ten thousand years by his own kind and Banished from Tauron he gather's his strength and an army of those who would still follow him to fight and reclaim his crown, and enforce the elves back under his rule, but the very Forests of Tauron whisper his name, like a great plague has once again returned to the world.

The Noble's Cycle is one of hatred; Alliances forged and broken. They have paid the price for sharing the world with each other and have forgotten what makes them strong, but they will need to stand as one to fight a common enemy once again, or fall one by one divided.

[h3 Foot notes]
[u [center 1. Ok, so as this sits its a war based Rp, obviously, but no one knows the king has come back, at least not yet, so at the start of this rp all the houses are basically trying to gain ultimate power or if they have it try and keep it.]]
[u [center 2. This Rp specifically will focus on the Tauron's top 100 elven houses, anything below that is known as a lesser noble house unless they can reach to be rank above 100.]]
[u [center 3. Houses are not ranked based off Land mass, or their property, but they are ranked based off three things. The first is Military power, how big their army/Navy are. The second is Magical power. This is how many mages are known to live within the house and how far back does the line of magic go. The third is by Economical Commerce; how much money does the house make in comparison to the other houses. Its these three things that decide a House's Over all rank.]]
[u [center 4. Every House has what is called an Eternal tree, this tree is the marking of the house's nobility, usually found within the Capital or within a very well defended fortress as its the most important thing to a noble house besides its people. Its what give's the house's mages their connection to magic. These Tree are linked to what is called the Oak of Ages.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/2PNcYeP.jpg]]
[center [b [size25 The Oak of Ages]]]
The oak of Ages is a Giant Six thousand foot tree found within the center of all the elven lands. Guarded by a group of elves known as Templar. The oak flourishes all the forests the elves call home, and is the link to the realm of magic. The Oak of Ages is the reason elves are given an unnatural long life. The only peaceful place in the elven lands during Wartime The oak of ages houses the academy for the elven people known as Ashenwood Academy. It also holds the Temple, The Temple of the Stars. where all the gods and goddesses are praised and worshiped. The Oak is also were elves come to seek luck or good fortune.

[center [https://i.imgur.com/gtH4uwD.jpg Map link]]
[Center The link above, is a link to where all the houses are at based off their over all rank. Once we get this going and a few more houses has been added I will throw a key onto the map and what houses are what number.]

[h3 Rules and Regulations]
[no]1. No God modding, This one is Obvious, no instant hits, no insta killing, blah blah blah.
[yes]2. Pics are to be artish, no acceptations. If I ask you to change it don't feel insulted.
[yes]3. Cussing, Killing, blood, and adult rated things such as drugs will be involved. If you can't handle this then don't join please.
[yes]4. I don't have a post length preference, however I must ask for something that'll keep the rp going.
[no] One Liners are a No go, please this kills rps faster then anything else.
[yes] 5. Fill out a small character skeleton and send it in a PM to me, With the title of the Pm being your Favorite song and who its by

[b [u Any rule breaking and you shall be dismissed and your characters taken over/killed to the way we see fit.]]

[h3 Rule Notes]
1. If you need help finding a proper picture ask and I can give you some options if you'd like.
2. This will likely be a somewhat slow process rp, patience is key, but I also don't want it to die.
3. If you wish to have a character killed off figure a way to do so, if you want someone else to help pm that person and ask.
4. Don't be afraid to throw around some ideas for the other people to take in and put to the story.

[h3 Skeleton]
|Photo and link Not fully done for the link | Name: First and Last | Race: What type of elf are ya?| House: What house are you from? | House rankings: Military?, Magical? Economical? | Rank held: what rank do you hold in the house? | Prefered weapon(s): Max 3|

[h3 Accepted Characters]
[pic https://i.imgur.com/BRS1Mzqm.jpg]
Name: Anjui(Angel) Felwood| Race: Half Silver elf Half Dark elf| House: Silverleaf| | House rankings: Military 25th, Magical 20th, Economical 5th, Overall 15th | Rank Held: Slave to the prince | Preferred weapon: Bow and arrow, and a Dark elf set of Knives.

[pic https://i.imgur.com/NcitdhEm.jpg]
Name: Serena Trinity | Race: Wood Elf | House: Trinity | | House rankings: Military 27th, Magical 24th, Economical 9th, Overall 20th | Rank Held: Protector of the Queen | Preferred weapon: Dual wield scimitars held on her back, carries a hidden dagger on her thigh, and has skill with bow but doesn't carry one.

[pic https://i.imgur.com/nW9gCWUm.jpg]
Name: Alanna Auglothas | Race: High elf | House: Eltauriel | House rankings: Military 30th, Magical 15th, Economical 22nd, Overall 23rd | Rank held: Mage in the army | Prefered weapon(s): staff, twin set of daggers.

[Pic https://i.imgur.com/Z3Nrrppm.jpg]
| Name: Chisolté Tulirin| Race: Noble Earth Elf| House: Tulirin | House rankings: Military 1st, Magical 2nd, Economical 2nd, Overall Rank 1 | Rank held: Queen, but is perceived as a rogue at first sight| Prefered weapon(s): Sword, bow and arrow, and twin katanas.

[pic https://i.imgur.com/4VymG95m.jpg]
|Name: Candle Wisperwind | Race: Dragonkin elf | House: Formerly Lothlorien | House rankings: Military 2nd, Magical 7th, Economical 3rdth, Over all rank 2nd. | Rank Held: Former High Druid, currently Mercenary band Captain |Preferred Weapon(s): a thin Rapier blade and a Fiddle Bow.

[pic https://i.imgur.com/PC37diwm.jpg]
| Name: Irrius Greyslayer| Race: Aquatic Elf| House: Thalassa | House rankings: Military 29th, Magical 26th, Economical 20th, Overall 25th | Rank held: The Queen’s personal mage| Preferred weapon(s): a staff,throwing daggers, and a gladius sword.

[h3 NPCS]
[pic https://i.imgur.com/6xRTvmZm.jpg]
Name: Aliri Calian | Race: High Moon elf | Rank held: Corrupted King | Preferred weapon: Demonic magic, Several Dark elf made blades, and a High Elf bow and arrow.

[pic https://i.imgur.com/Xe4Sqdqm.png]
| Name: Vonyr Nimerl | Race: Arctic Elf | House: Winter | House rankings: Military 7th, Magical 1st, Economical 1st, Overall 3rd | Rank held: Heir | Preferred weapon(s): Courtblade, Conceptual/Esoteric Ice Magic |


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[div [h3 Eirwen ]
Lady Trinity smiled with compassion to the poor boy chained the way he was. As she sat down next to Vonyr. The other elves were announced and Anjui spoke. He spoke with dignity and was reasonable with his requests though, Eirwen didn’t intend for much of an audience if any. Eirwen smiled and nodded to the other nobles. [+blue “It seems we all have questions for the boy. I am also sure we all think we deserve to go first. I will happily wait, since my only concern is to tend to him.”] She winked to Anjui though she didn’t think he would understand at all. Serena and Dart looked at her and silently agreed. She continued without pause [+blue “I am sure he would like a bit of privacy for that. So please take your time.”] she said standing back up and stepping aside for the other house elves. Vonyr of house Winter was quiet as ever and nodded to the slave and the other nobles before leaving the area completely. What she was planning would have to be something no one knew.
She watched, and though she was curious as to the other houses questions; she still got lost in thought. Her king crept into her mind and she was trying to compare his face to Anjui’s. The differences kept her from concentrating. Yes, it was obvious he was a half breed, but she could tell no more. Her mind though unknowingly to her, was clouded by some enchantment. She was ready to move seeing as their questions could take time.

[h3 Serena]

Serena watched the other nobles. She saw the black tree and knew that that could’ve changed everything for the houses present and afar. If the Corrupt King was back as the tree’s colors suggested… then waiting for war season may not matter at all to the others. As the Corrupt King crossed Serena’s mind she couldn’t help but feel some semblance of pity for the love Eirwen held for the king. She knew that if she lost Dart in any way like that it would devastate her. Though Eirwen hadn’t ever acted on her emotions; she never denied how she felt. The king may have never known of her affections but Eirwen spent months mourning him until Serena had enough and forced her out of her room. The memory pushed through all the happenings about her.
[div [+navy “M’lady”] [+brown Knock, Knock.] A wrapping fell upon the Trinity Queen’s door as Serena spoke softly through. [+navy “Please you must come out, I have drawn you a bath and you are needed in council.] Serena waited long as she could; ten minutes at most, but there was no answer from Eirwen. Not even the sound of her breath. [+navy “My queen I am coming in.”] she said as the door swung quietly open and the smell of metals filled her nose. She knew the smell and her eyes grew wide at the thought [+crimson ‘Blood’.] She rushed around the corner to find Lady Eirwen laying in her bed dressed in an all-black sleeping gown with navy blue mourning veil. A vine of thorns was coiled around her arms and legs purposefully too tight. She let the thorns scratch into her skin as she looked up to Serena. [+blue “I cannot”] the queen softly wept. She said the words in a whisper three times before Serena slapped her on the cheek and began removing the vines. Serena held her head low and refused to look at the queen but Eirwen’s eyes bore into the top of her head. The memory faded as she remembered the [I kiss…]]
Serena snapped back into focus and nodded in understanding of the Lady’s intentions as Dart leaned into whisper at The Queens ear, his posture tenser then her own, which begged the question of [b why].
[h3 Dart]

Dart held his focus on who else may or may not join the party. He stood like stone aside from his eyes moving from Lady Trinity, to Serena, to the group of nobles, then to the boy Anjui. Dart was very susceptible to all things magical in nature. One of his principal areas of study should be something he picked up on easily. He felt in his mind there was something here he hadn’t seen, and it was familiar, but not known to him. His eyes scanned the room and only saw a glimmer in the slave’s eyes. Only a second’s worth of reflection. He was a flash of pink and no more.
Dart leaned himself stiffly over to whisper in the queen’s ear. [+violet “My Queen should we retire for a while?”] he asked concernedly. [+violet “These others may take some time. It would be tiresome for you to wait.”] he looked down to show he meant her no insult and then stood. [+blue “Dart we need not leave the area entirely. I would simply like to move to the hall. To perhaps rest until they’re through.”] she said smiling and grabbing him by the chin attempting to assuage him. [+blue “You needn’t worry, I don’t need to know what they want.”] she said with a smile. Her eyes vivified from the blue he was familiar with to a bright glow. Though it wasn’t intimidating it was entrancing. [+violet “Understood.”] he said as he began in front this time to lead them towards the end of the now crowded hall. Eirwen stopped in front of the Elf whom earlier had been seen carrying the banner of house Eltauriel.

[h3 Eirwen]
The lady Trinity smiled after her brief talk with Dart. She followed him only a few steps before stopping to look at a female elf. This young woman had come in moments after her. She studied her and smiled brightly. [+blue “You’re a mage sweet girl? Could you offer me some assistance? Oh, and beg your pardon, might I have your name?”] she asked before looking back to the slave nodding a farewell and sending the slave a telepathic message. [+blue [b “I have an interesting offer. If you’re willing to hear it. I will be back dear.”]]. The three of them waited for the Woman of house Eltauriel to answer and allowed the other nobles from houses Thalassa, Tulirin, and previously House Winter to have their time. ]
  Serena Trinity / _LadyInWhite_ / 4d 21h 42m 13s
Shackled again, It was the best thing that could have come was at least the release from prince's service and the release of the whip charge the feel of the lash still burning against his left wrist where the shackled now squeezed tightly. House Silverleaf did not play around when it came to their slaves, and even brought to punishent what other houses would consider a small matter. The vale of Sentinels, the House Silverleaf's cells that would be far from the Capital. The largest within the elven world the vale of Sentinels is believed to be where the Dark elves had originated, however it was far from it.

Original Gul Faldor; the now giant dungeon was once a dwarven fortress used during the war between elves and Dwarves. The two races had caused many a distrucion to each other, along with massive genocides to the other races. Upon the end of the war the two races signed a peace treaty, it bound dwarves to the underdark world's tunnels. Having several elven influenced rebuilds onto the structures prisoners were allowed to live natural lives within the halls, on a single condition that they would not go near the gates where the more dangerious prisoners were held. Anjui found himself placed in one of these cells closest to the door.

Anjui had his neck chained to the ceiling, his toes barely touching the floor. His arms streched out in a T shape from himself both chained from the wall they pointed at. His anckled shackled to the floor and to each other. It was like he had more chains then flesh upon his body. The gold dragon upon his body glimmying in the starlight that shown through the wholes placed in the ceiling outside in the hall.
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/pd3jJOpm.jpg]]

[#431256 "En Daro Taldim Anjui."] came a soft male voice from within his cell. Upon looking up the white haired half breed noticed it was the boy he wanted to get away from was waiting for him in his own cell, but how was it that the silverleaf prince got here before him? He was dragged away far before the prince even left the party. To make matters worse Anjui had but single piece of cloth to cover himself up with instead of the slave clothing. The prince stepped towards Anjui a knife in hand blood covered the steal and the boy Silverleaf's hands seemed to be stained red. [#f6a60e "My Master Silverleaf, who's blood is on your hands and what have you done?"]

The boy still yet silenct took several steps forward towards his servant. the prince's face seemed twisted, almost like he was going to take his pleasure in the idea of murdering someone. The slave looked upon his master and spoke. [#f6a60e "My Lord what have you done?"] The prince stopped and looked down upon his body the blood seemed to react differently when he saw it this time around. [#431256 "My Mother, My poor mother could not handle the idea of loosing her family, her house, Her lands to nothing more then a common slave, and to make matters worse knowing the King could return damaged her. She couldn't stand to allow you to live. She had sent guards ahead to kill you, but I just couldn't let them. I couldn't let them hurt my precious Anjui."]

that wa when Anjui finally relized just how close the prince actually was to him, his hand laid once again upon Anjui's golden dragon, however this time he held nothing back his hand was placed right upon the mark that went across Anjui's ass like it was his own. The boy's hand was cold, Iron steal cold like it was forged out of his own heart. The reflecting light of the boy's eyes once again had the look of desire once again in them for Anjui's flesh the pale snow skin embeded in nothing more then the gold dragon.

It was then the prince noticed the silent presence of the guard's had disappeared. The boy had silently slipped away back into the shadows of the cell that held anjui, his pale skin reflecting like milk in the light. His head turned up when he heard the approching of shoes brushing the marble floors. [b "Good Evaning."] the female voice was astonishingly familiar. looking up at the women his eyes began to weld with tears. She looked all to familiar and it was astonishing. How could she be alive? how could she be here? Why was she here? It was her voice that pulled Anjui from his thoughts.

[b "“You probably know who I am given my house, but just know that only some of the stories that you have heard about me are true.”] Stories of this women in blue armor had only just reached his ears recently. She was Vonyr Winter; the Artic elf and next in line for its crown. [b “I will try not to bother you too much, but I have a couple of questions for you,”] she said as she passed some food and drink through to Anjui at least not knowing that he was chained up unable to reach it. [b “First off, do you know the meaning of what happened at the Eternity Tree? If so, what do you plan to do about it?”]

Anjui thought a few moments, would it be best to answer it honestly and potentially have his young master who was still yet standing behind him cut his throat while he was unable to do anything about it or should he lie about it and perhaps live. Taking in a deep breath Anjui's voice carried out. [#f6a60e "My Lady. The Eternity tree of house Silverleaf has been claimed by a higher house. It means House Silverleaf has fallen and another rises in its place, even though the silverleaf line is still intact the tree no longer serves them. It is like me caged by them. The colors on the tree the black bark and blue leaves with the small wild black rose is the mark of the Corrupted king. The last king to the elven people before being over thrown by his nobility due to his conception of peace and war. They removed him from power and all of the nobility now rule what little land their house claims as their own."]

Taking in yet another deep breath Anjui went on. [#f6a60e "I have no plans for the Eternity tree of house Silverleaf. While their house is the best stratgiclly placed house on this continent due to its high positioning and limited invasion accesss it also limits their acess to the sea and trade with the other houses they would claim as allies, so while they have an advantage, it can easily be used and turned against the house. The Lord Silverleaf knows this which is why he does not claim war upon his neighbors and the only house above his own Lothlorien the golden woods, house rank two."] thinking even more Anjui calmly put. [#f6a60e "Has anyone checked the Oak of ages, see if it has yet to show the signs of the King's return to the land? No, everyone is to worried about their own Eternity tree that they did not think to check what they are connected to."]

After finishing his answer Anjui heard the announcment of yet another house to come and visit him. Most of all it was the Ruler of the house that had choosen to visit him this time, and in close precession was yet another house as well. House Trinity, The Elves of the house made the male uncofertable, their silver eyes laid upon him as their queen sat next to Vonyr without hesitation like they were but formal partners to his interigation.

Lady Eirwen was a lady of High reputation, and on of Rumor to still believe the king had done what was needed to break the elves out of the shadow of humans. Quick rapid and repeat however was yet another house to arrive. The Mage of house Eltauriel had came close behind Lady Eirwen like she was one of the queen's guards, however she stepped away from her as soon as she could. Perhaps the nobility held a pressence about them other houses could not stand. a power of sorts that distained anyone not of the house that was constantly around them, or those of the other noble families. The guards called yet another house's name Thalassa, a house Anjui had never learned about past its rank and the elves found within being that of Aquatic elves.

Water elves were not his favorite, but they weren't the worst to the young boy either, however te mage stepped up in front of him and her name was given when announced by House Winter's guards. Irrius Greyslaver, a well known mage for her impractical use of blades instead of a magic wand or staff in combat unless it was far ranged. She was also the personal mage to Alanis Thalassa the queen to the house. Looking at this women Anjui's golden eyes drew in her features, Aquatic elves looked much like moon elves, only their hair had a blue tint to it in the starlight where moon elves had a silver.

Pulled however was his attention to the sound of the guards from house Silverleaf when they announced the name of Chisolte Tulirin. He was in the presence of the First house and the only house to hold the rank sense the fall of the king. They held power at command and easily could destroy the house system if they wished, or if yet another civil war to the elves would happen. Many paid house Tulirin to stay on their good side. They were the center to trade with the eastern world and the connection between human and elven trade, but they held only rank two within economical statues, as all their money went into their military strength as they built their fortresses to stand tall, the shining white towers of their capital gleamed across all the lands and could be seen even at the Oak of ages and beyond. Forges burned day and night and their armor was rumored to be the best within the elven lands, but expensive to procure, even for their crown.

With Chisolte however was not a normal set of guards, no instead she had but a single who held in hand a fiddle with him and a bow in the other. His red eyes and scalely skin drew attention from both the silverleaf prince and Anjui. Dragonkin elf, the second ranked house held the honor of it, which meant This male now standing as guard to Lady Tulirin had come from house Lothlorien. The top three houses had come to speak to Anjui, and yet not a one knew how devastating it was.
Feeling an embrace from behind him Anjui felt the young boy's hand once again upon his milky flesh a knife's cold metal placed against his lower spine from behind the only way to see was to be in yet another cage.

[#f6a60e "Lords and Ladies of the elven houses. I am a lowly slave who has drawn to much attention to himself. For this I apologize. I do not wish for anyone to waist their effort in procuring me for nothing more then a loss of profit. I will answer any questions you have, but I must ask we go in order of Arrival. As Lady winter has already asked her questions, the next would be Lady Trinity."] Did he really expect those outside of his cell to just all allow another to question him in the order he allowed them to? no of course not elves were patient, but to obay the orders of a slave was uncommon.

[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/7ILOKcVm.jpg]]
looking across the now gathered of elves; it was then that something moving had caught his attention just off the left side of the group stood a lone elf. a Vibrant pink flair to her white hair, pale gray skin, and her eyes had the same glow of pink her hair did. She stood in all black. It was the lady of the tree. The house of Silverleaf's tree had come to life. Perhaps his life wasn't over yet as the tree yet stood guard over him. Her eyes reassured him that he was being watched even if it was by more then those who would have his life, or those who would use him to some sort of ambitious end or to hold him over the head of their enemies. Perhaps it was his mother's way of looking out for him even. Her reflection sat in front of him in the center of them all, but it wasn't her and never could be. The tree would be his Guardian and his light.
  Elf Noble / Colorful_insanity / 17d 2h 32m 11s
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[div [h3 Dart ]]

[div Dart stared at Serena lovingly as she dressed. Somewhat clumsily, though she would never admit it. Her forehead met his and his heart hummed softly, a strange effect she had on him like no other. Their own way of saying I love you, though Serena never spoke the words aloud. She didn’t like the idea of that much vulnerability. The way she felt and how her guard dropped when they were alone made her feel vulnerable already. Still, Dart knew how she felt.
[left [pic https://i.pinimg.com/236x/b9/b5/f5/b9b5f56e4ac5497c92a1ecf5b1e4f227--dragon-inquisition-dragon-slayer.jpg]]
Dart dressed himself soon after watching Serena leave their room. [+violet “Always on a mission” ] he chuckled to himself as he strapped his Dagger to his left hip. He tightened his straps to make sure the armor fit comfortably, and then proceeded to stand. He knocked on his Lady’s door and a soft answer came [+blue “Yes, come in?”] she called; her voice genial. He cracked the door and the scent of milk, lavender and wisteria pervaded his nose. He smiled and entered the room fully. He rounded the corner and followed Queen Eirwen’s voice as she quietly spoke [+blue “I am here”] giving him direction. Her hair was almost white with the milk from her bath. The various flower petals floating in the water.
[center [pic https://pa1.narvii.com/6750/6f1a442e0a59fe7347bdac0d25c29c4c362c3e3d_hq.gif]]
[+violet “My queen.”] he started [+violet “Serena has left on the task you gave her”].

A smile curled onto her lips and she looked up to Dart and whispered. [+blue “Very Good”.]

[h3 Serena]

As Serena made her way through the halls she knew only from a few memories, she thought on how to approach the boy. Surely, she wouldn’t be the first to visit. She didn’t exactly hurry herself along. [+navy “Damn”] she began cursing herself. [+navy “Any one of these greedy nobles probably just waltzed straight in..”] she whispered to herself. A poor habit, but one she needn’t worry about much since she spoke to herself in forgotten tongues mixed together for her own secret language. The Queen, and Dart were the only two who knew it, and even Dart had trouble keeping up... She found a staircase leading down that was guarded and she nodded to one of the guards. She thought for a moment and then smiled. [+navy “You’re not of Silverleaf house, are you?”] she asked in their common sylvan tongue known to all Elves. [+navy “Based on your attire I’d say not.”] she said and one of them stepped forward.
[+maroon “Of course we’re not of this house”] she said obviously insulted and with a slight growl. If the fifteenth house was an insult, then Serena was certain this was at least a house in the top five rankings. She’d have to be careful, since she was certain this staircase led to the dungeon.

[+navy “I see, so you must be from… hmm let me guess…”] she studied their forms, the woman seeming the higher ranking of the two and of course the focus of Serena’s attention. She was dressed in a long black coat with dark colored under clothes and a belt with two blades attached. The House Winter. In her mind [+skyblue “Don’t mock them... Come on…] she shook her head [+navy Dammit”] She couldn’t resist, though her thoughts tried to dissuade her. [+navy “You must be the fifth house then?”] she said jokingly, though obviously pride was strong with house Winter. Serena knew the house was well above her own, and against her better judgment she mocked it.
[+Maroon “You dar—“]
[+blue “Serena, darling don’t start.”] The guard was cut off by a soft and lovely voice and Serena could hear the scorn in it. The Trinity Queen herself was here. Why, Serena didn’t know, and behind her only one step, there was Dart…

[h3 Eirwen]
Dart nodded and left Eirwen’s sight to stand guard near the door. Though she did detest politics, she knew that Serena and Dart’s extra activities had cost them the “first look”. Though this didn’t bother her much, it did pose a problem and not one she was exactly fond of. After some ten more minutes of soaking in the water she stood. The water parting around her limbs caused Dart’s attention to turn. He left from the post near the door and grabbed her lady’s towel. She smiled and took it from his hands wrapping it around herself. [+blue “I think that soon, we should go and find Serena. She gets in too much trouble for my taste. On her own at least.”] the queen said twisting her hair over a bowl to ring out the water, then gently pat the hair dry. [+violet “I hate to admit it Milady, but I couldn’t agree more.”] he said with a pause [+violet “But I have to ask?”] he said as she reached for her silver handled brush. She didn’t answer, simply started brushing waiting for him to ask the question. Dart cleared his throat, [+violet “I would like to know what you’re planning?”] he asked in as passive a tone as he could muster.
Lady Eirwen was truly known well for her lack of interest in politics these days. She would much prefer to quietly watch and let her advisors handle matters that had anything to do with moving ranks. She partook in trades, showing a pure kindness to the other Noble houses, mostly as a masque. There was however, a time when Eirwen couldn’t have been more interested. She stayed closed to the council table during the time of King Aliri, though she never mentioned it to him, or anyone really, she had quiet the infatuation for the [b “Corrupt King”]. Such a disgusting title she felt unfit for him. The Elves had been proven just as selfish and weak as the likes of the men they thought themselves better than. He made them truly better. Blind fools the lot of them… but she held back such bitter thoughts. The tree today, the boy slave. She had only one sliver of hope for now, and she didn’t plan to lose it.
[+blue “I will tell the two of you later. After we have spoken to the boy.”] She said with a smile meant to ease his mind, and it did. She readied herself braiding her hair, now a golden blonde rather than platinum, to the right side so that it’s ends rested at her belly button. She dressed in her evening gown and made their way to the dungeons where they hoped to find Serena.

[right [pic https://pm1.narvii.com/6698/7bd3ba72c97f68a200c935422e945f0f63742da3_00.jpg]]
Just in time too.

[h3 Serena ]
Serena stared blankly at the queen and then acknowledged her with a deep bow. [+navy “Yes, my queen.”] she said returning to an upright position. The Trinity queen stepped forward nodding politely to the guards of house winter who nodded in the respect any House leader was given. Despite rank. The female guard Announced the Lady after they were within a reasonable distance of the cell where a figure slowly came into focus with the low lighting.

[+maroon “The Lady Eirwen Trinity”] the guardswoman said stepping aside hesitantly as the group made their way into view.
  Serena Trinity / _LadyInWhite_ / 20d 1h 4m 41s
As she came to a stop, Alanna gave a quick glance over the two elves. The two were close, that much was obvious; so was it obvious that she herself came under the scrutiny from those two elves.

The two elves looked at each, evidently having some sort of debate between the two. Alanna wouldn't have been surprised if these two distrusted her, most of the elves of differing houses distrusted each other to some sort of degree.

The two elves in front of her came to a quick consensus between each other as the male elf turned around to face her. [b [+pink “The air is thin, it is hard to catch in your lungs. Something isn’t right. We just don’t know what”.]] His words were deliberately near a whisper, so as not to be heard by anyone else and cause an unnecessary mass panic. But now that the male elf had mention it, Alanna felt what he had meant.

After acknowledging with a slight head nod, Alanna followed the rest of the nobles and their respective followers to gaze upon the Eternal Tree of House Silverleaf.

After the king of House Silverleaf announced that the festival would be held in sight of the Eternal Tree and clapped, everyone began to settle down. Looking while walking around, Alanna quickly spotted her own king surrounded by his personal bodyguards.

As soon as she started walking directly towards him, all the bodyguards looked in her direction with their usual hard, cold stare; recognizing her, three of them turned away while one still watched her.

The king took note of his bodyguard's behavior, and also turned around to look at her. She gave off a light smile, but something evidently bothered the king as one of his eyebrows arched above the other.

Walking up close to him, [b "What seems to be bothering you?"] Leaning in so she could whisper, [+purple "Overheard two elves talking about something that isn't right."] Her king only looked downwards as he pondered the meaning of this, before acknowledging it wish a slight nod. [b "Whatever this is they are feeling, I am surrounded by four of my best guards, as well as one of the best mages in my kingdom. The five of you will see that no harm comes to me, I know of that."] [+purple "Aye my king."]

Alanna relaxed for a bit, even taking a few samples of food and wine. All of it was delicious, and it felt as if nothing could spoil this festival.

But, a curious incident now begun to unfold. As the moon revealed its presence from behind the clouds, music began to play; not from the musicians, but from the Eternal Tree itself. This seemed to enrage some of the elves, no doubt the ones who lived in the Silverleaf kingdom, it sounded as if there were a swarm of angry bees afloat.

Then the next piece of the mysterious puzzle came into play. The Eternal Tree glowed a color which it shouldn't have turned; a bright pink. Normally Eternal Trees glowed a bright silver, the color of its leaves and type of flower varied from house to house. Alanna knew from her studies of magic that this only could mean one thing; the house of Silverleaf held no power over this realm.

This made the king of House Silverleaf stand up in fury. He yelled at his own people, trying to get mages to do magic and change what was going on with the tree.

But it was all for naught. No matter what spell the mages cast, the tree continued to glow a bright pink.

And yet another chain to this event unfolded. From somewhere, a dirty looking elf, a slave no doubt, ran past all the guards and up to the tree. The closer this slave approached the tree, the less pink color the tree showed.

The slave was just about to touch it, but the sound of a whip came crackling through the air like lightning, catching a tight hold of slave's hand as the king of Silverleaf admonished himself.

But all these previous chains paled in comparison to what happened next. Alanna watched in shock as the tree's bark turned an obsidian black color, the leaves blue, and a single black rose bloomed in the middle of the branches. That meant one thing and one thing only, that was the mark of the Corrupted King himself.

How was it possible for the Corrupted King, who had been locked away, to claim an Eternal Tree? There was only one way for that to happen, and Alanna did not want to believe where she was going with that thought.

Looking at all the others, there was either rage, shock, confusion, or worry. Glancing behind her, all four of the king's bodyguards had stood up and had hands at their weapons, ready to defend. Her king stared, but found it hard to read what his emotions were.

Turning to hear the cry of, [+blue "Kill him"], the slave who had run up to the tree was about to die. But before the blade could be dropped against the neck, a voice rang out. "Lord silverleaf. I will buy this slave from you I will pay you two dozen fine elven bread mares, and extra supplies for the next three years. I will even pay you his weight in Amber."

What followed was silence, before another female voice rang out, "No I will give you the Amber mines from House Tulirin." What followed were various bids right out here, even though a serious event had just happened on this very same spot just now.

Her king stayed silence, he looked with curiosity at this slave, at the one called Anjui Felwood.

The king of House Silverleaf stood while the bids died down, before offering his final words. [+blue "Very Well. Lords and Ladies of the land, we shall be selling this single Slave tomorrow to the highest bidder. For now, the festival are at an end."]

And everyone dispersed to their rooms.

Alanna fell into file with the bodyguards as the five of them escorted their king to whichever room had been given to him and his five accompanies.

Upon arriving there, the king ordered her to hand off the banner to one of the guards and then dismissing the guards. As the guards dismissed themselves, her king turned to face her. [b "Alanna, I need you to get me in touch with one of the mage scribes in my castle."]

Taking her staff off her back, Alanna walked up to the grandiose mirror in the room and muttered a few words under her breath. Now whatever the mirror saw, would be projected to one of the mage scribes within the House of Eltauriel.

A face appeared in the mirror which said, [+green "Milord"]. It sounded a bit shocked, as if the mage scribe had not been expecting the king himself. [b "Find somebody to run down and make sure the Eternal Tree is alright. NOW!"]

A patter of fast running feet could be heard as someone ran away in the background. A few minutes went by in complete and tense silent. Finally, a pitter patter of footsteps could be heard growing louder and louder. Someone panting arrived, and first told the mage scribe. THe mage scribe passed on the message, [+green "Nothing wrong with the tree."] [b "You are sure?"] [+green "The tree hasn't changed into an unexpected colors."][b "Good."] With a cutting motion with his hand, Alanna stopped the spell and the mirror connection disappeared.

The king then proceeded to pace back and forth, something on his mind. [+purple "Is, everything alright? Something seems to be troubling you my majesty."] The king stopped pacing, and turned to face her. [b "Tell me, what do you think of that slave Anjui?"] [+purple "What, what I think?"][b "Yes, I want to know what you are thinking."] [+purple "I think that he does not understand what just happened. He evidently understood at least something if you look at the way he ran out to the tree, but what it is I do not know."]

Her king furrowed his eyebrows, deep in his own thoughts. [b "Something troubles me, and the only answer to this whole thing can be provided by that Anjui."] He looked up at her. [b "I need you to go down to the dungeons, and have a tête-à-tête with this Anjui. Ask him anything to try and found out as much as everything as you can."]

As he turned away, [+purple "And the guards?"] [b "The guards? The guards to the dungeon? Oh yes!"] He walked away, and a minute later he was walking back in with a scroll of parchment. [b "On here is written who you are, from whom you came from. If the guards do stop you, just show them that. Now, go."]

She politely bowed, before walking out the room and headed towards to the dungeons.

The dungeon guards parted right away as soon as she had shown them the scroll.

But soon another problem arose. Another pair of guards presented themselves further down, and they weren't the guard of House Silverleaf. [b “My apologies, but on the orders of Vonyr Nimerl of House Winter I am not to let anyone pass.”] Alanna could not do a thing, the house of Winter clearly outranked her own house. Well, actually she could do something but that would require taking responsibility of something she definitely did not want to.

Alanna politely and curtly nodded her head, showing her understanding of those orders.
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Templar to the Oak of Ages had been his calling, but he was forbidden. No member of House Lothlorien, Including that of their highest Merchant family had been allowed to leave to go take care of a tree. They had to sneak away from the land in order to get there, and hopefully make it to the Oak's island before their family, before their house found out what had happened. While the young ones were sent to the beautiful lands no one else would go from Lothlorien accept to pay respects to the Great Giant tree in hopes of Fortune.

Candle had been lucky enough to return to the Oak of Ages twice within his lifetime within his former house of Lothlorien. His first time was to receive blessing from the Oak to learn the ways of the Lothlorien's druid magic. The Golden woods of the realm were growing and would eventually cover all of the lands that the house claimed as their own, but that would take several lifetimes, and elves to do the magical weavings to the spells around their forest.

The second was to take up the Mantel of Archdruid from the land's previous one. While the House Lothlorien had their eternity tree, only the Oak of Ages could bless such a high title and it was his third trip to the Oak, it was however cut short when he was called to return home as humans had came form the north and raided into their lands. Humans were a constant pest to the Lothlorien nobility, and even more so to the Whisperwind trading company which he hoped to take over one day.

[b "Captain...Captain...Captain Candle, Human's have been spotted off the shoreline just north of here. There is another ship as well. Something about it is odd though it comes from the direction House Tulirin lies."] came a male voice. Nodding and packing Candle just looked over his company. [#930617 "Men, I want you to stay here. I am going to see whats up."] It's been known before that the houses to employee the other races to march in their armies during war times, or to raid during the none war seasons under the conditions that anything they took or plundered was theirs to keep. It was a Cut throat business in the merc world you either kept yourself paid or you starved.

Taking five elves with him Candle rowed out to the boat silently and slipped aboard. Waving his men to go back he slipped around at first taking count of how many there were. Hearing however yelling from below he guessed the Captain of the humans was below probably with someone else. Slipping below he saw at first a few moments before returning onto the deck and stirring up trouble.

A slashed throat here, a missing limb there to cause some screaming, another missing an eye. Another quick death with a jab to the torso. It was then that his sight fell upon the Captain, an Ugly man, old even in human standards really, perhaps early sixties to mid sixties. The Captain ordered his men to attack and Candle quickly disposed of them with ease. Facing the man Candle dropped the Bow of his fiddle to the deck and drew out his single rapier. [#930617 "A real weapon perhaps."]

Furious the captain dove at the elf, only to have his attacks swatted away. The two had gone at it for but a few minutes before Candle started to taunt the man, making the human make mistakes he easily could have exploited, but instead still taunted. Eventually the old man stepped back and took a leap at the elf only to be greeted in the face with the butt end of the sword. A quick stab through the ribcage pierced him from above his left hip to his right armpit a small sliver of the tip of his blade could be seen coming from the man's body. Pulling the blade from the now dead body the elf wiped the blood away using the dead body's shirt. Picking up his fiddle bow and cleaning it using the Salt water from the sea he put it and his blade away.

Seeing the bodies over the side and the ship put back into order the merc noted that there weren't many elves on the ship, but a bunch of humans who seemed to be traders mostly probably trading Human goods in Tulirin before returning home."] Finding the lady from before he waved to her knowing fully well she held power of some sort. He had made the comment about how she didn't speak even when facing a stupid brute who easily could have killed her for not speaking. Along with mentioning how no guards seemed to be left, so he had offered the service of his merc band.

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/Yd2znFsm.jpg]]
[#930617 "We are known as the Dawn's light."] he had said when he had heard a huff and a gasp from one of the crew members. Their reputation must have proceeded them indeed. They were elves that served under a human commander, a ruthless man who was bent on making a mark within the human lands and carve out his own kingdom at any cost. The elves within the group called their home in their Captains house lands, Lothlorien had granted them the old king's city of Mithlond. Persistency had won the day in Candle's eyes when the lady had indeed hired him, but the condition was that it was just him that would go with her.

Candle had returned to land and informed his band he would be gone for a while and that they were to keep patrolling the waters for any potential pirates that would attack again, or ways to make money so they wouldn't starve. While their city was protected, it wasn't self sustaining and their stores were running low on food. Returning to the ladies side Candle figured out she was indeed from house ranked one, House Tulirin, its Origins a mystery to those who weren't there Tulirin and Lothliren were the greatest of allies to one another, it is why the two were and have been the top ranked houses sense the downfall of the king.

It had taken them a few days to reach from The merc city to the capital of Lothlorien, However they were guests for a few days before returning to the road and reaching house Silverleaf in a few weeks after that, the road long, and the mountain pass between the two houses narrow and painstakingly slow for their lowland mares which weren't use to the hard ground under their hooves.

Eventually reaching the house Candle had seen his proxy lady to her seat after being dressed by servants in appropriate attire for her station. They had arrived just in time to see the events of the Silverleaf eternity tree take place. The bright florescent pink had taken a moment to register to Candle who while young for his look recognized what it meant. A higher house had claimed the tree, but what house would do such a thing?

Then to see a Slave step up and touch the tree the light had faded? how is that possible? no linage is usually left to the Royalty of a House unless they agree to surrender their powers and their lands in which case the tree would not recognize them as a noble anymore, but a common elf. [b "Kill him"] came across Candle's ears and instantly he jumped in front of the great lady a meat shield he would be if necessary, but nothing would get to his employer.

His focus however was pulled from scanning the room when the ear retching scream came, his eyes followed everyone else's and focused on the tree to see it had turned black. His tan skin would have turned pale if they didn't keep their shade so naturally. The leaves turning blue was a dead give away that the previous and last king's linage still yet lived and this boy didn't even know who he was.

Being shown to the chambers the pair would be using Candle looked to the lady dressed in moonlight [#930617 "Lady We must speak to this slave Anjui. If house Lothlorien gets ahold of him they will use him as a political pawn against the other houses. I hate to ask this of you, but please do not allow any of the other houses besides House Tulirin to obtain this slave. If it means the loss of my wages for this expedition then so be it."]
  Elf Templar / Colorful_insanity / 25d 19h 4m 45s
Imprisoned, that is how they punished him, all he had done was unite them against a Common enemy. If they had known the price for their enemies defeat they wouldn't have called him a Traitor, they wouldn't be calling him a Heretic. They wouldn't call him Betrayer. He was a Noble Moon elf. The only one to have been risen to the ranks of King of the elves. Giving his people a banner to follow against their enemies.
Humans feared the elves under his rule, they never entered the Forests they laid claim to as their own. The other races knew the elves were to be left alone to their own, even their most trusted friends would only bother the elven court if it was important. They stayed to themselves and everyone avoided them. It was under him that the elves had expanded their dominion from the Sleeping Forests to control most of the Tauron surface leaving the Northern Continent to the humans, and the southern one to the more nomadic tribes such as the trolls and such.

It was he who had brought their people to the pinnacle of their golden age, and yet he was still brought low by those who followed him. His brother Xavius had even lead the forces that would appose his small guard. He had tried to flee from the Capital Mithlond hoping that his people would first attack the capital, but to no avail upon discovery of his brother's turning to the side of the nobles it had costed him dearly. He had been ambushed and captured.

Banished from The only place he had called home the land of Tauron. He had been sent through a portal with guards, no with Wardens his own trained personal elite soldiers hand picked to guard the Royal family, and guard him they would, they would guard him during his ten thousand years of imprisonment.

Over those then thousand years whispers came from inside his own head. They were whispering of how his people would fall, how those who betrayed him would be purged through fire, and how the forests would Burn without his leadership. The elves would be picked clean from the planet and forced into slavery if not hunted down for their ears as sport like they use to be. Had his people known that in order to stop the Humans from hunting his people he had learned darker magic from a demon lord to help end the war.

No one but him could remember the pain that the elves felt when Humans, dwarves, and the races elves relied upon turned coat and started a war upon the people just for a forest of wood they were living in. Humans were selfish and said they needed the forest to build up their empire, the dwarves agreed and said they needed the wood from the trees to keep their forges burning. The gnomes agreed with the dwarves and so it was a massacre at first, that was until the elves united to his call. King Aliri, the fourth Phoenix king, blessed by the Star jewel which had been taken from him and scattered to dust.

deep in his thoughts Aliri didn't hear the clammier going on outside of his cell of hunting parties of Orcs attacking the prison the warden's had taken Aliri to, Perhaps taking the cage to Picon was a mistake. It would be the first step in reclaiming his land that he would make. He would be free. As his thoughs began to fade Aliri heard the fighting going on in the hallway, the next few moments drew in nothing but the slow breaths he would taken in a release with some heaving breathing coming from the shadow just outside the light from his cage.

With a war cry an orc charged the cage and pressed his face against the Bars reaching in with his spear trying to get at Aliri who sat in the middle his pale eyes upon the creature after a series of Grunts and growls the creature seemed to gargle out words that Aliri could understand. [b "Gork, You...Prisoner."] were the worlds that all Aliri could make out through what it was trying to say. Throwing his head back and laughing Aliri started to stand as he did so the chains on his neck streched with him. [b "Gork. I am a prisoner already. You will be my freedom."]

the Orc looked at Aliri confused, scared, and more so concerned. Aliri was no normal elf, he stood above the others at ten and a half feet tall from toe to the top of his head. His horns gave off an even more fearful impression and his pale eyes and skin made him look almost demonic like which he was indeed. The orc tried to force itself through the cage pressing its body even harder on the cage bars. Aliri however lifted his hands above his head and brought them down in a quick snapping movement the bands on his arms were gone. Impressed the orc stumbled back as a sharp piece of the braces cut into its face digging deep.

Aliri grabbed the creature by its foot however and dragged it closer and closer and closer eventually hitting the cage, but the king didn't stop, no instead he kept tugging at the orc trying to bring it through the cage only to have it cry out in pain trying to get assistance to get away from the king. The first sound heard over it all however was the snap and crack of the creature's right leg dislocating and the king fully dragged it into the cage with him. Standing at his full height again the creature looked up at him even more fearful.

[b "What you gunna do to poor Gork?"] The king took in the moonlight as it was like a new thing to him. Hearing the creature however Aliri bent down once again this time their faces only inches apart. [b "Gork is no longer Gork..." pausing a moment the king moved his hands across the orcs body to draw out several blades taken from the now dead elven Wardens. [b "Gork is now General Gork."] the orc smiled at the idea, but with the smile came a sting at his neck. Touching his hands to the sting Gork saw green ooze coming from the wound. Trying to talk the orc only chocked and more of the green ooze came out of his body, that was when he relized that it wasn't ooze, but his blood.
[b "Shhh, Gork shhhh it will be ok. You will be Fuel to my flame."] The king stood once again allowing the green blood to flow freely from the blade he collected and gather around his feet. He stood there a few moments before using the blood as fuel to bust open the cell doors with a bang.
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[size10 [i [center Chisolté... Chisolté... Wake, my love]]]

Her [i kilmessë] has been chosen after taking the throne of Tulirin. The name she had given herself had fit perfectly to her, since she ascended the throne without a [I Herven]. Her beautiful people were more traders and historians than fighters, for their walls were impervious to human, dwarvish, and even orc weaponry. Her [i ataressë] or Father- Name is [b Rísocuil] which means simply [I "The Queen of Life"]. Her [I amilessë] or Mother- Name is [b Tegirís], which means [i "Leading Queen"]

Her people spoke mostly Quenya, but her, she knew both Quenya and Sindarin, fully fluent in all forms of language between her House neighbors, but she preferred to speak those two. She loved those dialects so much, she mixed them into her self- name... [I Chisolté] … meaning in her own wording [I Beautiful Reign].

But, Tulirin was not in peace. There was a great unrest. The Queen was readying herself for a departure. She had to meet with another House, The Silverleaf House. Many of her loyal servants begged her not to leave the throne out of fear of tyranny. But, Chisolté would not be swayed... Her reasoning... [I There has been a call of my presence. I cannot deny the call, for I protect you all and our loving Earth.]

She bid her people farewell, leaving her most trusted friend in charge of the House until her return.

It hadn't taken her long. Her and her steed, A Wolf as pure and white as the winter snow and as big as a horse, had gracefully transcended into the outer world... Their aim... Silverleaf House.

Tulirin is a home in the mountain, but, it was still in the middle of the land he House landed on. Her home was surrounded by few of many ancient houses that still stood, many of which came from the first and second age of Middle Earth. Tirion, Halls of Thranduil, GreenLeaf... Many are still active, full of docile elves only with the desire for peaceful existence as they kept their watchful eye on the lands that bordered them, and reported accordingly to the Houses nearby.

It took her almost a fortnight to ride by ship leading to land across the Waters. The ship had human shipmates, and after a storm two weeks into the voyage, they were hopelessly lost. Chisolté had never been so calm in such a situation. Her bronze skin radiated calm as she attempted to help navigate... Before she could even try, a scream sounded. Pirates had surfaced on the ship!

Humans that were left without homes, were on the ship, and had taken Queen Chisolté hostage. [b "Follow my orders, elf, and you may survive this voyage yet] said their leader,
a man they called their captain. Chisolté was unable to speak. She thought to play along until she had gotten to her bow... But her bow was with her belongings below deck. She hadn't a choice but to adhere to her captures.

The Captain had been entranced by her beauty. Her bronze skin glissened in the faint moonlight above, and her gown immulated morning Dew on a spider's web. Chisolté knew in his eyes, he was lusting, and she would not allow this. For hours into the night he watched her, trying to get her to speak to no avail. And it began to annoy the captain, un til he grabbed her by her throat and went down the deck with her.

She was trapped...

She was being forced against her will.

But she wouldn't be swayed.

Chisolté knew that he was only leading her to her weapons, and when he thinks she was defenseless, was when she would prove her authority... Her knelt to her as she started shooting back. He pinned her against the wall, exactly next to her Katanas. [b "I am captain of this ship now, elf... And if you want to live, I would suggest you be nice to me"] Chisolté growled and spat at him, him grunting a moment before smirking. Her slapped her, her tumbling to the ground before he stood above her and grabbed her snow white tresses and yanked, lifting her head. [b "You will give me what I want, wench. "] he growled.

Suddenly, a splash of water stopped him. He hurried to the opening to see a body floating along the bow. He turned to her, grabbing her by her arm Nd hurrying her up the stairs to see that there was a battle happening on the deck. He pushed her A-side, him drawing his sword and running into battle.

Chisolté slowly sat up to see the battle. Her face was pinkish from the slap he had given her, and she refused to rub on it as she watched... It was just one man... A Mercenary... She could tell by the ragged cloths on his shoulders. She watched as one by one, a pirate was either thrown overboard or ran through with a sword, until the battle was between him... And the captain. The captain launched, and the fight began. It seemed to easy for Chisolté. The captain was a big man, so his ribcage was his weakness. He wouldn't protect his nose, and his entire demeanor was shrinking with eash attack. As if the mercenary heard her thoughts, he used the butt of his sword to clip the captain in the ribs, then subdue him, tying him up. The battle was won, and the ship was restored.

Chisolté was the last to be tended to. She was below deck, submerged with her thoughts as she focused on cleaning her room of the scrolls and her amulet, whom the captain had ripped from her throat and smashed along the floor. The mercenary had been looking for her, and had spoken briefly to her about the status of the ship.

After delivering the status, he begged her audience for a good venture. He asked to guard her, for he knew she was Queen. Only a Queen would render herself mute among enemies, and with a simple yes, he could guide them to land and to The House she seeked. Chisolté didn't want a guard... But, she couldn't deny his expertise. She nodded after careful consideration, and he was pleased. By Dawn, he was leading them north, to Lothlorien, and they took refuge there for a few nights.

It took another fortnight to ride to The House of Silverleaf, and she had been worn out. Although she had been riding for days, she had not the time to freshen up and look according to the expectations of a Queen. She, in fact, looked as if a guard among them, and due to the circumstances, whether it was appropriate or not was not the question valid enough to pay attention to.

Her arrival had not been called. Although they have sent the invitation to her to attend the festival, they hadn't seen her, nor heard her name. All they knew was that there was a unmarried Queen sitting upon the throne of Tulirin. Just as she would like it. She hadn't wanted the entire party to be diverted on her account.

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/736x/cf/4c/b8/cf4cb8e79784fc3794d78ea4e620f20d.jpg]]

Her disguise was thwarted, for no guard bore hair as pure and white as snow. She was quickly escorted into a room with her guard, and as they begged forgiveness, the silent Queen could only chuckle. The guard was surprised by this. He hadn't heard a peep out of her since he had saved her and the ship.

But, all A-side, the Queen was taken from sight, and had been dressed in the finest silk. Her dress illuminated the moon once more, and only caused her to look as breathtaking as one would see her. The guard flustered at the sight of her. Yes... She had to get back into the role. She was Queen, after all... And the party awaits.

[center [pic https://bw-1651cf0d2f737d7adeab84d339dbabd3-gallery.s3.amazonaws.com/images/image_2777768/c19cda53edcc57622726ef7809e53bd0_original.jpg]]

[center [b "My Guests, Welcome and May the Goddess's Blessings be upon you. I hope your journeys were safe across the waters and lands. We have come to the festival of mid winter, This year my house has been given the honor of hosting such an honored party."]]

Chisolté and her guard had slipped into the party unnoticed. She only watched as they announced The Tree of Silverleaf, and could see the odd coloring of it... But, arguments erupted because of one, a slave was about to touch the tree... She could see why... But they were trying to stop him. She could get through, but she waited. She needed to know the situation...

[b "... Anjui Felwood, Slave to Crowned Prince Silverleaf…"]

She heard [b "Kill him"] before she could think. There was an eruption of voices before one called to pay his weight in Amber... She saw the child, and saw something that she couldn't explain... This was the first time she ever spoke.

[I "I will pay you half of Amber from The House of Tulirin"]

This bought him time. He was taken to the dungeon as everyone began noticing her presence. The Queen of Tulirin has finally shown her face? The party stared upon her, and she stare at everyone. What was she to do? This was exactly why she didn't want to be noticed...
  Queen Chisolté Tulirin / Bloody_Eve / 25d 20h 41m 56s
[b "My Guests, Welcome and May the Goddess's Blessings be upon you. I hope your journeys were safe across the waters and lands. We have come to the festival of mid winter, This year my house has been given the honor of hosting such an honored party."]

Vonyr was thankful her face was hidden as it meant she had no need to hide her feelings about the needless platitudes from the ruler of House Silverleaf. While she had grown quite used to the charade serving as the primary ambassador of her house there was a reason that she had made her formal wear include a full face mask. She had long since grown tired of the needless act as one that was upheld by virtue of precedent and tradition rather than any kind of logic.

Of course it was just like a house on the rise to do their best to make the kinds of platitudes sound palatable. They had to be concerned about upsetting members of the council all while making sure that they were not yet dangerous enough to become a target of the lesser houses. The ruler of House Silverleaf had at least proven he was skilled at playing the game given how high they had climbed under his rule. It was not to last though as she could see from how the heir behaved that the next ruler of the house would lack the fire of his father.

Even as the party got underway it was just a matter of the motions for Vonyr as she dealt with a number of other nobles given her status on the council. Combined with the economic strength of House Winter she was asked to oversee a number of trade deals thanks to their own trade network being necessary to make so many of them work. The backing of the Bank of Winter was one that was highly sought after due to the security it provided from the stability of House Winter.

[b "Lords and Ladies. As the day turns into night, please follow out into the night. The stars shine brightly tonight, and the Eternal Tree of house Silverleaf is predicted to bloom tonight."]

Vonyr was thankful for the move since it provided a brief respite from the act required of a noble such as herself. The fresh air was a refreshing bonus even as they all gathered around to watch the blossoming of a tree that served as a show of strength for its house. All it did was remind her of the saying about watching grass grow as she found the two activities equally entertaining under normal circumstances.

[b "Lords and Ladies of the Nobility. I give you the Silverleaf Eternity Tree. We shall hold the festival here."]

Of course this turned out to be abnormal circumstances a fact that Vonyr realized almost as quickly as the process began. Once again she was thankful that for her mask, only this time she was thankful that it hid her glee at an exciting change of pace. Her only distinct thought being that it could not have happened to a nicer family.

Her joy was quickly tempered though as the half breed slave of the spoiled brat of an heir to House Silverleaf began to approach the tree. The complement she had brought with her took the movement as a sign to move into formation with the most skilled in magic among them readying a barrier around them all. Something was bound to happen and whatever it was they wanted to be outside of the blast radius when it did.

When the tree turned black Vonyr was able to get a better grasp on the situation, but given the slave's reaction she had to wonder. Of course another noble asked the question before she could, but given her guards positions she was not able to see who voiced the question. Still the slave responded quickly, and she was thrilled to hear his response.

[b "I am Anjui Felwood, Slave to Crowned Prince Silverleaf, who stand but there."]

How interesting to see a slave demonstrating a potential that could completely reshape the world of elven politics. Undeniably a terrifying prospect to the elves as they had grown too confident that the only threat to them was themselves, but an all too interesting one to Vonyr given her own leanings. If he were to properly access his potential alongside the resources of House Winter they could do away with the backwards court politics that had plagued them for so long. Of course it was also possible that he could be the death of them all, but at the very least the potential for positive change was there as far as she could see.

[b “Kill him.”]

Potential that was cut down almost as quickly as it was revealed by the angry head of House Silverleaf. Just more evidence that the current system was an inelegant solution to the power vacuum left behind when the Corrupted King was deposed. There had been houses that had attempted to replace him over the years at least in terms of voice, but all of them fell into the same old weaknesses caused by the infighting of the court politics. Sure some had come close, but any house cutthroat enough to get to number one seemed quick to crack under the pressure. Still, she understood why the man responded the way that he did given the threat posed to his own house.

[b "Lord silverleaf. I will buy this slave from you I will pay you two dozen fine elven bread mares, and extra supplies for the next three years. I will even pay you his weight in Amber."]

The same voice as the one that questioned the boy in the first place only this time Vonyr was confident that she knew who it was making the offer. What followed was a number of other bids that made Vonyr wonder if she should partake herself, but she ultimately decided to wait to see how things progressed. A decision proven clever by virtue of how the leader of House Silverleaf responded to the opportunity that was presented to him.

[b "Very Well. Lords and Ladies of the land, we shall be selling this single Slave tomorrow to the highest bidder. For now, the festival are at an end."]

Then with just a nod he had them all guided out by his guards. Vonyr took the opportunity to whisper a few instructions to her own guards as they were being escorted to their rooms. She had a plan already in mind and was quick to put it into motion as soon as they made it to their rooms.

[b “Solae give me what you grabbed I'll be taking Tahlvia with me to visit Anjui. While we're doing that I want the three of you to check the room and then get a hold of mother,”] Vonyr whispered as they entered the room. [b “Let her know about the situation and see what she has to say about it all. I want to have her insight into things before I make up my mind, but I want to be the first to speak to him.”]

With her instructions delivered Tahlvia took up a position behind her Lady and the two made their way to the dungeon. The most important thing was to see how the boy had taken to the events at the tree, and whether or not he had any idea of what was going on. Her actions at the auction would depend on how he responded to her line of questioning.

Thanks to her quick thinking they were the first group to arrive at the dungeon. [b “Tahlvia on the orders of House Winter do try to provide us some privacy,”] Vonyr instructed. She had spent enough time with Tahlvia that she could be sure the woman knew what she meant by that. Given their rank there were only two houses she would have to worry about and Tahlvia would do her best to at least politely stall them. Along with announcing their arrival to keep Vonyr's plotting a secret from the rest of the houses.

[b “Good evening,”] Vonyr said with an unseen smile as she approached Anjui's cell. [b “You probably know who I am given my house, but just know that only some of the stories that you have heard about me are true.”]

Vonyr knew her polyamorous predilections were well known, but she was also well aware that a number of people took that to mean that she was particularly promiscuous. It was also widely known that she was not as dangerous as her mother whether it be in magic or in negotiating. She simply lacked the same willingness to step on throats that had allowed her mother to get their house where it was today. Well that was the perception of her at least.

[b “I will try not to bother you too much, but I have a couple of questions for you,”] she said as she passed some food and drink through to Anjui. [b “First off, do you know the meaning of what happened at the Eternity Tree? If so, what do you plan to do about it?”]
  Vonyr / Tesla / 26d 4h 52m 21s
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[div Serena looked around the room keenly. Her eye caught a female elf approaching. [+navy “Dart, your left.”] she said with a nod in the general direction of the banner wielder. House Eltauriel… she had long sun-kissed blonde hair and beautiful green eyes that reflected a forest in color. The she-elf spoke up as she got close enough for a whispering to be heard. [+purple "What's bothering you?"] she asked her voice soft and her words showing their tension hadn’t gone unnoticed. Serena slit her eyes at Dart and nodded quietly.

Dart turned to hear Serena’s voice saying his name. He listened to her hushed words and then turned to his left to see the banner-maiden of house Eltauriel. The woman grew close enough to feel the warmth of her breath and Dart turned away to look at Serena. He watched her as the woman asked her question. With Serena’s nod he turned back to face her and answer. [+violet “The air is thin, it is hard to catch in your lungs. Something isn’t right. We just don’t know what”] he spoke in answer to her question. He was sure to be as quiet as possible with his words, and to not draw anymore unwanted suspicion to them. As they had their quiet exchange the people around began to follow through the great halls to the center of this, King Silverleaf’s home.

They were all lead to the Silverleaf Eternity Tree’s birthing ground. Escorted with their lady Trinity they all found a place as pointed at by the guards. The realms king spoke and turned Dart and Serena’s attentions. [b "Lords and Ladies of the Nobility. I give you the Silverleaf Eternity Tree. We shall hold the festival here."] The festival began with servants bringing out the food and drinks. Serena hardly partook. Enough for a small energy boost and nothing more. She watched unfalteringly at the surroundings. He truest concern being only her beloved Queen. As she looked to the queen to ensure she was at least enjoying herself the two caught each other’s eye. [+blue “Why are you so tense?”] she mouthed over gracefully to Serena. [+navy “The atmosphere... do you feel the change my queen?”] Serena mouthed back. The Queen nodded and then smiled. Her idea of reassuring Serena. Serena simply returned the gesture and went back to her usual watching of others nearby. Trying to shake the uneasy feeling that grew in her chest.

The music created by instruments stopped and faded into the sound all knew well as an Eternity tree’s blooming song. The melody was lovely and soon the silver gl--! The tree shocked Serena and Dart. Surely every tree was different, but silver is always how it was supposed to start. This tree, it instead grew a bright pink glow. The meaning known only to a those who studied them or had seen it before. The house of Silverleaf did not hold dominion over these lands anymore. Not according to this tree. Lord Silverleaf stood brooding, his face hot with anger as his mages scurried to count flowers and cast spells. All the nobles were in whispers and shock. The Queen looked to Dart and her eyes were clear with a small sense of panic. Dart placed his hand respectfully on her shoulder to comfort her, but all Serena could do was stare.

The glowing brightened and then, the small slave of the prince could be seen. A screech, and she watched as he grew closer and the events unfolded. She watched the trees pink fade and as the black took over she knew what it meant. The shouting from the king and the whip he caught the small half-breeds hand with. Serena saw it all. She stood and moved to her Lady protectively as did Dart. The hollering came of bids and protest to execution. The Lord Silverleaf spoke again this time without straining the veins in his head with anger. [B "Very Well. Lords and Ladies of the land, we shall be selling this single Slave tomorrow to the highest bidder. For now, the festival is at an end."] he finished before leaving the area. Guards escorted all the nobles including the Lady Eirwen back to their chambers for the night. Serena caught a glimpse of the boy, the half-breed being taken off, most likely to be placed in a cell.

Dart spoke up after the three of them, Lady Eirwen, Serena and himself were alone. [+violet “This isn’t going to go well.”] he stared.
[+blue “Dart this is not going to happen to just house Silverleaf. That tree is all the proof we could need. Our lands aren’t even safe.”] Queen Eirwen added.
There was a long pause as the two waited for Serena to weigh in. [+navy “Milady Eirwen, you shall have a discussion with your advisors on this matter. For now, we must ensure your safety alone.”] Dart nodded in agreement with Serena’s words, but the queen wasn’t so stone-hearted.
[+blue “Serena, you know I can’t do that.”] she placed her hand on her chest. [+blue “The slave. I want you to go see him. Find out what he knows of his lineage. He may be just as confused and frightened as all of us.”] she said looking desperately into Serena’s eyes.
[+navy “B-… Very well. I will go later though. I must change from this gown.”] she said nodding to Dart and bowing deeply to her Lady before leaving their site.

[pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/37/04/41/370441a95a43e92047b58f608360e996.jpg]

Dart bowed to the Queen and left her presence to follow his love and do the same. He rounded the corner of their small divider and opened the door to the room adjacent Lady Eirwen's. Serena had been undressing already and his eyes fell on her in a longing stare. As she looked up she noticed him standing there with a sweet smile on his lips. One she could never erase when they were alone. She grabbed for her shirt, thin and only meant for comfort under her armor. He undressed and for a moment the rest of the world stopped mattering as she dropped the shirt and the light from the lamps went out.

Serena smiled and got dressed in her armor finally somewhere near an hour later. She finished placing her armored boot on her left foot and stood [+navy "Dart, I will be back soon."] she said smiling and touching her forehead to his for a moment before leaving their room to go down toward the dungeons. Where she assumed she would find the half-breed. ]

[pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/ae/8c/7e/ae8c7e7e78141cc6d21935d1fb5e4b6d.jpg]
  Serena Trinity / _LadyInWhite_ / 29d 13m 51s
As the Lord Silverleaf lead the festival guests around his home he yet remained silent. His house was vast considering his position within the elven world. He had built it strictly to mirror his own country. The walls around the city were circular, and had four entrances around them all facing specific locations within the territory itself. And at the very center of his country was his crown jewel, His home. At the very center of his home, within a court yard stood a single lone tree. The King turned around and nodded to his guards, whom all showed guests to spots.

[#2815c1 "Lords and Ladies of the Nobility. I give you the Silverleaf Eternity Tree. We shall hold the festival here."] the king clapped his hands and servants and slaves a many appeared to come out of the woodworks all around with tables, chairs, goblets, food, and the like for most festivities. the lord smiled as his chair was once again placed upon a higher rise then the others, but who of course would speak out about this as this was him home and they were but guests.

As the party went on the young cruel prince pulled and tugged at Anjui's arm for more drink occasionally and the refill of his plate of food or to remove the one in front of him due to not enjoying it. Anjui's eyes however stayed closely to watching the guests as they moved around. Tables gone and music was playing now the guests seemed to enjoy an elegant dance.

Just as one round of music was finishing the moon began to show and the music seemed to come instead now from the eternity tree. It was an odd thing, that no one questioned why the tree would play music to sign that it was blooming, but it did, however it was Rage that seemed to fill the Silverleaf nobility as the something was wrong with the tree.

An Eternity tree would normally glow a Silver, and its leaves would come out any assortment of coloration and the flowers on it came in various types. The Silverleaf eternity tree would bloom a Bright Gold leaf and it's flowers were be small wild roses. The flowers would represent how many members within the house had magic or had called upon it at least once within the past year. This year however their tree seemed to glow a faint pink, the leaves were the same, and no flowers could be seen anywhere.

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/0b4N8ZEm.jpg]]
[#431256 "Anjui what is going on with the tree?"] the young half breed bent down to his young prince and spoke into his ear. [#f6a60e "According to the Eternity tree your house no longer holds power within the realm that it claims, or at least within the realm the Tree falls in. The faint glowing pink is a Symbol that a member of a Higher house has claimed the tree."] the boy looked confused for a moment at Anjui then fascinated at the tree itself. [#431256 "But how, no one from the nobility from even the other houses has come close to the tree, and none have ever taken lands within our borders unless it was given to them freely?"]

Before Anjui could speak again Lord Silverleaf stood up. He seemed to be far angrier then what he appeared to have let on initially, as he seemed to storm out of his own party. Yelling at the Mages who had gathered around to count the roses on the tree to fix the thing. Each mage tried a various spell assortment on the tree, but the glowing only grew brighter. without relizing what was going on Anjui's focus was not on his young master to attend, but the tree itself. Its glow was intense and it called to him.

A faint voice called to him from afar, but he ignored it. [#431256 "Anjui COME BACK HERE. Someone stop that slave, don't let him touch the tree."] Anjui's ears perked up a little bit when the idea of touching the tree came past them. Of course before he could reach the tree guards were in the way their blades crossed to block his way, however that didn't stop the half breed. His form phased right through the blades as some very ancient elf words fell off his lips loud enough for only the wisps on the wind to hear a faint voice.

As he grew closer to the tree the pink seemed to fade away from both the leaves and the tree. Stepping right next to the tree and putting his hand up to have it caught by a whip from the Lord silverleaf. [#2815c1 "I want that slave thrown in the dungeon."] turning to his child the lord growled. [#2815c1 "I should have had him killed instead of allowing you to treat yourself."] Guards drew upon either side of Anjui, but his eyes were yet still fixed upon the tree.

That was when a Scream could be heard from across the Courtyard. Lady Arian Silverleaf, the wife to the Lord and Queen to Silverleaf saw what was going on. The tree's bark had gone from its natural silver to Black, obsidian Black. Its leaves a faint, but very noticeable blue and a single Black rose hung among it's branches. The noble's reaction however was not kind either. They all had their guards on alert and in front of them protectively from this tree.

It was the Mark of the Corrupted king's court. It was his eternity tree that now stood in front of them. One noble even spoke up. [b "Who are you Slave?"] Anjui's golden eyes blinked a few times. he had heard the question, but never knew any answer to it. [#f6a60e "I am Anjui Felwood, Slave to Crowned Prince Silverleaf, who stand but there."] pointing at the ring of ten guards now standing around a boy who was trying to see through them to watch what was going on.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/NtK0V2Nm.jpg]]
Whispers went up, but the Guards on either side Drew the boy to his knees and held his arms out with his head down. [#2815c1 "Kill him."] Before the blade could drop however Anjui drew his eyes closed expecting the bite of the thing into the back of his neck, however a voice spoke up. a soft female voice, the voice from earlier that had asked who he was. [b "Lord silverleaf. I will buy this slave from you I will pay you two dozen fine elven bread mares, and extra supplies for the next three years. I will even pay you his weight in Amber."]

Amber to elves was the most precious of currency as it was a good conductor for magical crafts. It allowed the crown to use it to grow their flower forest quickly, and even grow their eternity tree. It in essence was the life blood of a Noble house. To give away such a precious thing must have meant that Anjui was highly sought after even with his being half breed. [b "No I will give you the Amber mines from House Tulirin."] called another voice from the crowed.

The Lord looked flustered, angry, and even more surprised. How could a slave fetch him a lady's ransom? Why would people be willing to even pay for a person who could essentially claim the Crown of the Corrupted King? The King looked up to see whatever was going on with the moon had faded, and a Full moon could be seen its light looked down on the tree which stood tall behind the slave half breed anjui. Feeling he could take advantage of this he nodded. [#2815c1 "Very Well. Lords and Ladies of the land, we shall be selling this single Slave tomorrow to the highest bidder. For now, the festival are at an end."] if he would get rid of a single slave, he would make a fortune from him. Nodding the guards stepped up and lead the nobility back to their chambers.

Anjui however was lead to a cell deep underground and left under lock and key which was hung around the Lord Silverleaf's neck.
  Elf Noble / Colorful_insanity / 31d 2h 57m 53s
She carried the banner of house Eltauriel with pride. Maybe her house didn’t have the biggest army or the biggest economy, but it did have its mages. All of them were highly trained and qualified in the various types of arcane arts. Heck, she should know since she was a mage herself.

The journey, it had been a pleasant one.

The first half had been on a boat. It was enjoyable to plow through the waves as the boat had gently bobbed up and down. The flow of sea air along the decks made for a refreshing atmosphere. And the best pwr was that there had been no bad weather, only the sun and white clouds on a pure blue sky.

The second half the of the journey, there wasn’t really anything noteworthy. The weather had continued to be good, the overland route had went by fast, no mini-adventures along the way. All in all a less than average journey along the land.

They were about to enter: the king of Eltauriel, his bodyguards, and her. Alanna leaned the banner against her shoulder. The king looked over in her direction, no doubt curious as to why she had done what she had done. All Alanna needed to do was to readjust the shoulder strap which kept her staff near her back; the strap had dug in a bit too much for comfort. A quick adjustment, and she was holding the banner in proper form.

They finally entered. The king was in the center of the “V” formation, with two guards abreast to each side. Alanna followed behind, only the banner visible for anyone viewing this from the front. The entrance did not produce any stir at all, merely many glances in their direction from the various houses who had already arrived.

Walking off to the side, the back booming voice of the king of House Silverleaf came to life, [b "My Guests, Welcome and May the Goddess's Blessings be upon you. I hope your journeys were safe across the waters and lands."] Alanna repressed a chuckle that had begun to grow. Even though the king was wishing they all had safe journeys, words were merely wind in this case. In elven politics, each house was constantly looking to increase their ranking, and what better way than if some mishap had happened to another house’s ruler while traveling? One didn’t have to declare war, and thus waste lives or money.

But this was supposed to be a merry festival with no such dark thoughts, best keep it that way.

This festival had several purposes.

One of them was that this was the day when all the young elves would stand before the Oak of Ages and be trained and taught everything they needed to know. Alanna still had a few fond of memories of when she had done it, but never speak about them.

Another purpose to this festival was that there would be talk behind closed doors. All the closed door talks would be about negotiations, a continuation of the cycle where houses attempted to gain at least a rank, or not lose a rank if they couldn’t gain a rank. From the rumours she had heard, Alanna inferred that these talks could get quite wild and chaotic.

Alanna looked around, taking in the sights of the grand hall and all within it. Many banners hung still, presenting the emblem of the house. So many colours, shapes, designs, it was like a bouquet of many different flowers. What a sight.

But that sight would not equal the sight that would be happening tonight. Tonight, a tree would bloom. And it wasn’t just any old tree, but the Eternal tree of House Silverleaf. Each house had its own Eternal Tree, a sort of symbol of its own for each house. Not only was it a symbol, but it also allowed elves in the respective house to use magic.

Turning her head as everyone began to head outside, Alanna noticed two elves from House Trinity. One female in light colored robes and a male in dark colored robes. Alanna could see that something was troubling the two of them, and she didn't like the fact that something was troubling them.

Shouldering the banner, Alanna walked over to the two elves. As she approached the two of them, [+purple "What's bothering you?"]
  Alanna Auglothas / NorthernWolves / 31d 5h 47m 45s
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[center [size18 [Dancing+Script The sea was calm as ever for the journey to the Silverleaf lands. Aside from some minor sea sickness, and the unforgiving cold on the winds, the Trinity Queen, Lady Eirwen, needed little of Serena’s attention. Which gave Serena and Dart time for their own affairs. The couple enjoyed the luxuries of one another more often than most guards in other houses. The Trinity Queen was very generous.

[pic https://img00.deviantart.net/bec3/i/2016/307/3/4/she_s_short_by_nipuni-dan5fir.png]

Two days on sea was good for her though, even in the brisk air. She hardly left the comfort of their home. Their journey over land was a mostly quiet affair as well. Serena only had to step up in defense of the Queen once. A drunkard who dismissed her as someone of no worth. Serena didn’t have to rough the fool up too badly, but she did anyway. She knocked him to the ground and rubbed his face mercilessly in a nearby patch of horse manure. The queen was soft at heart and wasn’t fond of the act and would’ve preferred to leave the drunk be, but she couldn’t stand for that sort of disrespect, not for any disrespect. Many of Trinity house believed the only reason we were ranked as low as twenty, was because the Queen was not as interested in climbing the ranks as the male leaders of other houses were. Still her three advisors made sure we inched ever upward in the ranks. Just a decade ago they were lower ranking than 20.

Serena readied herself for the task at hand as she, the Lady Eirwen, her fellow guardsman Dart, and other Nobles filled the roads around them. There were flurries in the air and her lady wore a lovely blue, and white cloak that was lined with rabbit’s fur.

The doors opened to the great hall of house Silverleaf and Serena walked in ahead of Lady Eirwen and the one other guard entered at her flank. Serena scanned the room quickly, the king at the head shouting a welcome to all entering his hall, his young prince, a small built child in Serena’s eyes, and his servant… Serena shook her head at the poor servant boy. His appearance was obviously impure. He had fresh cuts on his cheek and nose, and probably more; she thought given how poorly servants were usually treated, especially his kind. She noted a few guests that she saw more often than the others. The banner of Eltauriel, among many. She leaned back to whisper, [+navy “Must we participate M’lady.” ] Serena asked quietly. Serena was in an uncomfortable outfit to say the least… The queen always overdressed her guards for the formal events. While Serena adjusted slightly in the clothing Lady Eirwen held out her arms and Dart removed her cloak to reveal the lovely gown beneath.

[right [pic https://img00.deviantart.net/744a/i/2015/272/4/4/beauty_of_the_light_by_katorius-d9bcob0.png]]

A smile curled onto her lips, [+blue “Once I’ve sat you may fade off but stay nearby.”] Lady Eirwen answered. She had Serena and Dart, the male guard, dress well beyond their status, but she did so as a show of comfort, or rather to flaunt her lack of fear. The genes for House Trinity were strong, platinum hair and pale to deep blue eyes were the outstanding traits nearly all of them possessed. The Queen and Serena were often mistaken for one another by looks alone. Many thought them to be sisters. Though truly they were fourth cousins. The queen found her seat at the table and Dart sent Serena a smile as the queen conversed with her usual fellows. The couple of guards drifted back together and watched attentively for the evening.
[pic https://static.zerochan.net/Dragon.Age%3A.Inquisition.full.2138049.png]
Time went by and the king spoke above all the voices in the room. The talking stopped, and the words rang easily understood. [b “…Elder tree… bloom..”]. Serena paid little attention to his words and more looked for the queen to begin movement. As she did Serena nodded to Dart and they moved to follow her. Him following at flank and Serena again at her front. The evening seemed to be going well enough, but something felt off. They followed a group of nobles, and the King of Silverleaf house outside and to the Elder tree to wait for it's blooming. Serena watched the crowd and especially the Trinity queen. Only taking a moment to nod to Dart and hope her understood something felt off.

Dart nodded back to Serena and looked around the room. The expression on Serena's face made him uneasy. He kept his eyes wandering to the nearest guests to Lady Eirwen. He mustn't let his guard down. Serena had keen senses after all and he knew better than to ignore them. His eyes trained on the Queen as the evening continued on. ]]]
  Serena Trinity / _LadyInWhite_ / 35d 10m 37s
[youtube https://youtu.be/LwGyIIZQ_PM]
Betrayed, that is the best he could have figured, perhaps it was a betrayal sense his birthday from his father, or perhaps his own mother; either way it didnt matter much now. Sold into slavery into another house, his own family had allowed it, even it seemed the ones behind it all. They wanted the power and couldn't allow a half breed to have it. That was his curse he was a half breed and even in the new elven world it was one of the biggest taboo's to come to surface. Half breeds were nothing more then slaves to the pure bred elven people, they were treated even worse then the slaves of other houses and no one would bat a lash.

He was given privilege however, he was a slave to a person somewhat in power in their house, even if it was one of a sort of lesser house. he himself held power at one time. He was the second most powerful being in the entire race, that was until he was toppled from his perch on their hierarchy and tumbled he did. He landed worse off then any number, any possible situation he thought imaginable. Abused on a daily and forced to work from dawn to well after dusk. he had but one thing in his mind he was wishing and that was to be released from the taste of the lash, for liberation one day, but in order to do that he would have to gain reputation and even more so be able to stand up to the demons of his own.

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/XTiKvS1m.png]]

[#431256 "Anjui, Where is that useless Slave."] called out a shrill young voice. Quickly a white haired elf ran around the corner only to be greeted with a whip lash across the bridge of his noise [#431256 "Why didn't you answer?"] [#f6a60e "I am sorry master, you told me not to speak while in the presence of anyone but yourself."] the whip seemed to strike again twice in quick succession to mark the male's pale flesh with an x on his left check. [#431256 "Silence, we have work to do. My father is preparing a party and members from all over are being invited. He said I must look my best. We have an hour and your wasting time."]

Bowing to his master Anjui followed closely behind the far younger male in silence. The boy stood half Anjui's height, his bright golden eyes and the only feature to give away his half breed statues closely watched each guard as they walked past them. eventually reaching the young male's rooms both stepped inside. The prince first as he quickly stripped himself standing in front of a mirror. [#431256 "Tell me Anjui, why is it I look no different even with all my training?"] Anjui, to his people it meant Angel, but to his master's people the Sun elves it meant destroyer.

[#f6a60e "The young master has been in training but only a few months now, body change will come in time."] of course anjui knew what the boy was speaking of. The youngest prince to house Silverleaf had just started training in the ways of combat from his home's blade-master, or in better terms the Commander of their army. he had started the past winter which was but two months ago. he expected to have a more defined body tone to him like his older siblings, to loose that childhood chubbiness that came with sitting in a chair day in and day out. It usually went away after six or seven months of hard labor that was required of soldier's training, but the prince even as young as he is had a far more superior training and more physically demanding of him.

Anjui knew of this because he also was required to go through the training, what little he was allowed, to protect the prince. Like the little bastard would need protecting if the house was attacked. It wasn't like any house around them could really get to the Citadel they called their capital. The lands they sat upon were surrounded by mountains accept for four passes in which fortress's had been built and maintained by the family silverleaf for nearly six centuries. they did not hold rank fifteen for nothing, it was a slow and agonizing process moving up in the ladder, but those in the top were always fighting among each other.

[#431256 "ANJUI.."] another snap of the whip, this time the top of his cloth covered chest which didn't leave much damage, but it did scruff up the white cloth he had as a shirt. [#431256 "Hurry up. You know my father will punish both of us if we are late for guests."] the golden eyes fell upon the pale flesh of the prince, oh how easy it would be to just take a knife from the dresser close by or the sword from the armor set close by and drive it into this little runt's back, but how far would he get before being killed himself? out the door? to the courtyard? no he wouldn't even make it that far, the little runt would cry out before he died and guards would swarm the room quicker then he could even jump out the window.

Dressing the young prince in his family's finery dress the prince looked over his own self in the mirror and nodded in approval. [#431256 "Anjui go fix yourself up, we have guests and I can't have my slave looking like a bag of shit that just crawled out of the sewer."] [#f6a60e "Yes my lord."] with that anjui bowed and went across the room to a chest. Of course he shared a room with his master, it was expected of him sense he was nothing more then an extension of the boy's arm, which one didn't matter, but he was a dog beckoned by a whip. Undressing himself anjui felt the cold touch of his master's hand running along his back tracking the only mark that reminded him of his heritage.

[#431256 "Tell me again why you have this mark."] The mark was that of a dragon cut into his flesh, it was done when he was born and grew across his skin as he aged. [#f6a60e "My father's people always appeased the goddess by offering up flesh of the new born. Those to weak to live beyond the wound died and were given to the earth mother. those that lived bare the mark of my father and that of his house."] seeing his master's gaze fall upon his form anjui felt very odd it was almost like his master had an appetite that he would one day act on; desire or to just ravage the almost flawless skin that he held was unknown, but anjui knew his master's desire always tended to lead to pain.

Drawing out of the chest the clear white uniform of a servant Anjui dressed himself hiding the Gold dragon mark upon his skin that went from his left ankle and around his calf and inner thigh up his spine to end with its head right at the base of his right shoulder. Continuing on as he dressed himself. [#f6a60e "My father believed the Dragon was a sign of Power, they are old creatures that could destroy Thousands before being felled themselves. He marked all his people with dragons of variation of colors, but he reserved the gold dragon for his linage and it would only be passed down to those who would follow him upon his throne."]

fully dressed and hiding his mark Anjui turned and faced his master, a fire burning in his eyes. Anjui faced it without blinking or making a single face at it. [#f6a60e "My father spent a portion of the family's gold to mark all his children, more specifically all the males within his family. As he knew not all his male children would live through the ages of his life. He even marked his queen with the same mark, however any women who bore him a child was taken into the palace and marked with a dragon."]

the prince seemed fascinated by the tale every time it was told to him, however before Anjui could continue with the story a knock came to the door. [b "My lord prince, Guests are beginning to arrive, your father is in the throne room awaiting your presence."] the prince jumped at the sound at the door and ran out without even checking to see if Anjui was behind him. Of course the servant was not far behind dressed in as close to finery as a slave was allowed. A blade hung at his side, mostly decorative it was about as harmless as a wooden spoon.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/qVVLfODl.jpg]]

As guests from across all the lands trickled in Anjui heard the king's booming voice before he saw the man. [#2815c1 "My Guests, Welcome and May the Goddess's Blessings be upon you. I hope your journeys were safe across the waters and lands."] of course anyone who knew common elvish court knew it was nothing more then blunt lies. he had wished a few of course perished on the way there, especially any house above his own. [#2815c1 "We have come to the festival of mid winter, This year my house has been given the honor of hosting such an honored party."]

Mid winter Festival was the mark of the send of the youngsters to the shrine of oak of ages. It was what gave elves their magic and stood in the middle of all their lands on its own island. It was where all elves went after their one hundredth birthday and would learn their people's knowledge. Trained in the ways of mage craft, priest hood, manners, and their people's history. It was the one thing they had all agreed upon that the Shrine would never be attacked and so anyone who claimed to be a Templar to the Goddess lived upon the grounds taking care of the Oak of Ages which flourished and maintained the elven lands.

The festival was also a struggle as negotiations would take place in back rooms, and darker places as usually these negotiations were meant to be closely related to the War season, but more so the public agreements were about trade agreements, and land disputes, even a few have been drawn to duels which were in the end peace treaties between two houses that had been struggling to fight one another. Anjui had seen it all play out before as it was laid down even before his young master would be born. he had been a slave to the house silverleaf for nearly twice as long as it held its rank.

He had seen it climb through blood and gore and lose it seemed quickly, it was like his masters had no regret loosing all the lives they had to get here, but perhaps that is what hardened a ruler was the decision to sacrifice people in service of the greater need to maintain rank, or to gain it.

Anjui turned his had to face the door as guests began seating themselves among the tables. His eyes drew first to a Wood elf that had a light ice blue eyes and a white blonde tone of hair to her slender figure. The symbol upon the banner that followed her was that of House Trinity, over all rank twenty an ally to House silverleaf from across the sea and their biggest trading partner.

It was known house Trinity was a wood elf house and they controlled the majority of the sleeping woods, sharing it with house sixty-eight, forty-two, and sixty-six, all of which dare not try and destroy the house due to their superior fighting skills within the forest. Trinity of course was known to be pushing its borders out against all three houses as they wishes to peacefully occupy all of the Sleeping Forest, and to occupy their biggest competition for trade from the forest's natural abundance of supplies in fruit, lumber, and animals. Of course they traded these few items to Silverleaf and in return they were given grain, bird feather's for their arrows, and various Vegetables.

Next his eyes fell upon yet another female, her eyes a memorizing emerald green her hair a golden blonde and long like most elven people. Her banner was that of Eltauriel. The twenty-third ranked house. A house of High elves, who's grasp of sea fairing gave them the advantage over their enemies as their only accessible place was that of the sea border they had and the single pass under the mountains, which was always under watch as fowl creatures lurked in the caverns below such as Orcs, Dwarves, goblins and the like, none had surfaced however in nearly a millennial due to not wishing to be slaughtered or greeted with a spike to their face from a gate. Eltauriel had sealed off the pass long ago, almost as long as Silverleaf held the four passes into their lands by fortresses.

Ally or enemy was dependent on many things between the two houses, but as it stood this previous decade stood the longest none aggressive movement between the two houses sense their creation. a single small pass lay between the two of them which allowed for two people to stand side by side easily. It was the trade route between the two. Eltauriel traded fish, pearls, and many a sea baring items, even salt and the use of their trade ships for grains, Vegetables, precious stones, and even some of the fruits and lumber which come from Trinity. The house's biggest threat was to the West of them in Navel command which was house fifty-one whom they shared a peace treaty with it seemed to control the straight of Nahekara, the little bit of water between the two of them, or the fastest route of trade between all the houses by sea.

[#431256 "Anjui, quit staring at the guests. you are here only because your allowed. Now fill my cup."] Anjui grabbed the jug of wine that had come from another house and poured it into his master's cup, taking some and putting a very little amount in a different cup and drinking it quickly. It was what he got for being a slave to royalty he was made a taste tester and could easily be killed if someone tried to poison the whelp he served. [#431256 "Well, can I drink it or not?"] The male bent down and whispered into his master's ear [#f6a60e "Yes my lord it is safe."] the boy nodded and downed the thing very quickly for a little bugger taking his first drink of real wine. Holding his cup up and demanding more the prince seemed to be tipsy already and displaying bad character in front of guests.

[#2815c1 "Lords and Ladies. As the day turns into night, please follow out into the night. The stars shine brightly tonight, and the Eternal Tree of house Silverleaf is predicted to bloom tonight."] Of course what the older lord did not know was that Anjui predicted that yes the tree would bloom tonight, it would be a bad omen under a starless night and the moon will shine the brightest as it will be the only light in the sky. Standing the prince staggered a little bit, which of course Anjui caught him only to have his hands smacked away and himself scowled at for trying to keep his master's form in good standing.
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