The Kingdom of Evermore

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[h3 The Story]

[Jim+Nightshade [size30 I don't imagine there will be much time left, everything is growing dark so quickly. Every ritual, every spell so far has failed; the three of them can only hold off our impending doom for so long.]]

[Jim+Nightshade [size30 The fight has certainly taken its toll on our most powerful, even the mage isn't as strong as he used to be. It won't be long now...until I see all those that have passed before me.]]

[Jim+Nightshade [size30 Godspeed to all of you, may the Goddess take mercy on your souls.]]

After looking through a box of her deceased father's things, ____ came across an old, nearly falling apart journal. The date of its creation was unknown, but obviously a few centuries old at the very least, leaving ___ curious as to what it contents pertain. Cracking the old book open and looking over is yellowed pages, she discovered the existence and possible destruction of an ancient, magical kingdom with vague directions to it written in the back of the old book. Wanting to see it for herself, ___ sets out to discover Evermore and learn of the dark secrets within its walls. Of course, unbeknownst to her, some of the spirits from that time and battle are still around, waiting for someone to come and help them and ultimately lift the curse that binds them to this world.

[h3 The Characters]

(X) The Girl with the Journal - I would prefer to be adventurous, obviously, with a bit of personality. Please keep in mind when designing your character that she is a modern day person. I would prefer this to be a girl but if you're hell-bent on making it a dude and can convince me of such, then it could happen.

(x) The Handler / The Guardsman - Was the person in charge of caring for the princess and making sure no harm came to her. Also is aware of every room in the castle as well as secret passages. Can perform basic/light magic.

() The Adviser - The most intellectual person of the kingdom. Can perform intermediate magic.

(x) The Mage - Has more magical skills than the rest but less hand to hand combat skills. Can perform advanced magic.

[h3 The Skelly]

[b Puppet Master:]
[b Name:]
[b Age:]
[b Character:]
[b Preferred Weapon:]
[b Personality:]
[b Short Bio:]

[b Name:] Evelynn Cross
[b Age:] 19
[b Character:] The Girl With The Journal
[b Preferred Weapon:] Flute/Sword
[b Personality:] Quirky and Adventurous, She is well mannered and has a tiny complex, he hugest flaw, when she starts talking, she doesn't pick up on the social cue for "Shut Up".
[b Short Bio:] Being born to the Cross family was a blessing she was loved by aunts and uncles, grandparents and family friends. She grew like any other girl, fast. To fast her mom would say. She had learned the flute, violin, and piano by the age of 9. She was doing concerts at 10 and 11 before middle school. Then her life turned upside down at 14... Her mother, her teacher was pregnant and this pregnancy was very troublesome. She fought hard. The doctor told her 1 week before the due date that the baby had no heart beat... crushed and heartbroken Amelia had to deliver anyway. The labor was 27 hours long and the heartbreak was to much for her... Amelia... Evelynn's mother had died moments later with her baby in her arms. This tragedy left only Evelynn and her father. The first few months were quiet as John. Her father worked up the strength mentally to clean the nursery out. It slowly became a spare room. 8th grade came up faster than expected and she was in band and of coarse first chair for the flute. She was humble about it though. Always nice and a bit nerdy thanks to her dad's love for all things Sci-fi and Fantasy. She went to her first dance and was happy a boy had asked her though she wasnt sure if it was meant as a romantic gesture. She dated him and then she was forced by self hate to leave him. Life was hard and she found out the hard way. No one knew not even her father, who's health declined slowly through depression and working to hard... She was raped by a "friend" and so her 2 year relationship with the boy she went to that dance with was ruined. She was the stupid damsels for a time and then throughout high school she spent more time at home with friends occasionally she tried to stay in band but flunked out for lack of trying. She handed her day the flute and never touched the piano or her mom's violin again. Her senior uear came around and her father had gotten so I'll that she had to switch to home school for the last semester to help care for him. She promised him all A's and that's what he got. Roughly one year later he declined so very rapidly and his final wishes were that everything was hers, and that she play him the lullaby... The same lullaby her mother had taught her that they hummed to her as a baby, and the baby in her mother's belly. Her eyes full of tears she asked home one question, "Which instrument Papa" he pointed to the flute near the window at the far side of his room. She smiled through tears and only nodded to him. She began to play...

A few days later she was looking through his things...

[b Puppet Master:] SolemnYuki
[b Name:] Seth Xian
[b Age:] 11
[b Character:] The Mage
[b Preferred Weapon:] Carries a staff, infused with magic from the Goddess.
[b Personality:] Seth is a very shy individual at first, but warms up greatly once one gets to know him. He is always putting others needs ahead of his own and very intuitive about others feelings. He is not afraid to speak his mind, however can be quiet about it, and is always willing to help. Still, he is a fun-loving child and tends to be insecure around older officials about his young age. Seth carries around a worn, stuffed dog with him wherever he goes, a security measure from his early days in the kingdom that he never got rid of.
[b Short Bio:] Granted an unusual talent to peek briefly into the past and the future, Seth found himself entering the kingdom of Evermore at the early age of 6. He began to study magic and gain a better handle on his gifts and quickly became the youngest person to hold such a position in the history of the kingdom. Seth tried hard to keep the castle and village peaceful, going out of his way to keep the kingdom harmonious and fair. It went well until the Evil Force began to destroy the kingdom and everyone in it. He and the two other powerful staff of the castle did everything in their power to stave off the darkness but, ultimately, failed. He still hopes that the help that they so desperately needed will come again, this time to lift the darkness from Evermore and restore its light.

[b Puppet Master:] Wendigoing
[b Name:] Raven Rowe
[b Age:] 22
[b Character:] The Handler
[b Preferred Weapon:] Rapier
[b Personality:] Raven is a man with a very mixed, and somewhat temperamental personality. He's driven but doesn't really have much of a thirst for adventure. He craves to be in control, and when he feels like his control of a situation is getting out of his control, he gets moody and sober. He seems to have a strong sense of nurturing and loyalty, but struggles to show affection, and he's almost entirely the opposite of a romantic. In fact, he's pretty firmly a realist and a pessimist. That being said, despite his stern personality, he's sympathetic to the problems of others, even if he doesn't always know how to show it. He's reliable and will defend what he thinks is right with his life, and if you can deal with his temperament, he's a great ally to have.
[b Short Bio:] Raven had to fight tooth and nail for everything that he's ever done, and came from a rather poor, large family. He was born in the slums or Evermore, and as a child he learned from his father how to work the land as a hunter.

When he was around seven, a pair of paladins travelling through the slums on patrol crossed his path, and with large, enraptured eyes, he watched them draw their swords to fight with an anti-authoritarian drunk who stumbled towards them. He loved to watch them fight, and the way that they used their swords gracefully to subdue the man without actually bringing any harm to him. It was from that day forward that he vowed to learn how to do that kind of swordsmanship, even if it meant teaching himself.

It took him years of saving for it, but eventually he was able to afford a rudimentary rapier, and with some practicing, he caught the attention of the guard force yet again, and he was recommended to be brought into the Evermore royal guard for proper training. He was able to learn a little bit of magic, but found that he was much more capable of preforming with a sword. All seemed to be going well, after he graduated from the academy at 19, he was almost immediately asked to be a personal guard to the princess.

It wasn't, however, until the dark magic that overcame their kingdom forcefully bound him to that world that he truly began to explore every nook and cranny of the castle out of restlessness, and thus came his intimate knowledge of every little secret that the castle held. He just never seemed to stop wandering after the fall of Evermore.

[b Puppet Master:] Miss-Shion
[b Name:] Seronius Blacke
[b Age:] 24
[b Character:] Adviser
[b Preferred Weapon:] Well if sarcasm doesn't count, then the next on this martial artist's list would be The Grimoire, or the enchanted spellbook. Grim in particular is quite ancient, and has his own voice and reputation. Seron acts as a bearer and partner to Grim after having proved himself worthy of the task. Grim specializes in utility and energy magics, as Seron fights by sharing energy with Grim and thus, greatly improves his physical prowess, a lesser used brand of magic, indeed. Grim is otherwise best used for a variety of defensive spells, small but detailed illusions, and some transformation and elemental projectile spells. When fighting hand to hand, Seron prefers to use the baselard dagger; One for either hand.

[b Personality:] Seronius is, in essence, just a housecat by nature. Food, sleep, and condescension are life's only pleasures, and there is no desire to chase mice. He is typically a self-serving man, not selfish or egotistical so much as he has, up until this point, operated as a duo between himself and Grimoire and has avoided other wanderers entirely. He has not had need of other companions for a task in several years, though would certainly accompany someone in the pursuit of new knowledge. Seron enjoys intellectual conversation, has a refreshingly broad sense of humor, and is, surprisingly, marvelous company if you've any desire to laugh and can take a joke.

[b Short Bio:] In order to understand Seron, one must travel back through time, to an age where a starved, dirty little apprentice boy served a crotchety old sorcerer who smelled of alcohol and moldy socks. Said man's quest at the time was to locate the rumored Grimoire, an exceptional spellbook that would, SOMETIMES, agree to take up a bearer. He'd spent the better part of twenty years looking for said spellbook, even taking up the 'care' of his own nephew just to try and brainwash yet another young sorcerer into marvelling at the book's importance. It was a race, as always, to see who could both find and impress The Grimoire, and his uncle had been certain it would be him. His nephew had other plans, though.

Seron was a brilliant and resourceful child, but was so sick of his uncle's drunken madness and pathetic magic that he began to research The Grimoire's history on his own. He had struck out on his own in the night, and came to find it just weeks later at not more than twelve years old, snarking and sassing the book after locating it in a secret catacomb just under the castle outskirts. Grim became the boy's familiar that day, intrigued with the child and quite through listening to pompous sorcerers spin lies to impress him.

Ever since then, Seron and Grim had moved from wandering about aimlessly to serving the crown, often taking little excursions to explore and to hunt ancient wisdom. The two were quite content to chase rare literature and to hunt down the outcrop of dark magic that had begun to creep over Evermore, though they ultimately began to stay within the immediate lands for fear of harm coming to the royal family. Their accumulative travels were what brought upon Seron the title of 'Adviser' to the crown, as he is an exceptionally intelligent man for one so young and shares a close bond to one of the oldest known enchanted relics.

[h3 The Rules]

+ The Roleplay will start with _____ discovering the actual castle. I imagine this to be the best starting point so everyone can be involved.
+ I am looking for literacy! I will start the character count at 1000, I believe this to be very reasonable for our kind of RP. Grammar skills are a must, nothing angers me more when I find the whole post "typd lik ths." This being said, I would also ask that you give me a small sample of your writing , preferably something rather recent in order for me to get a handle on your writing style.
+ I would prefer a post from each person at least once a week. I understand that everyone has lives and I am, in no way, any exception. If you're having problems coming up with something, please let me know. I don't want to have thought that you ditched or fell off the planet or something.
+ Do not join, post one entry or post for a week, then disappear. This drives me insane and, if you do it, you'll be booted out and your character up for grabs.
+Anime pictures, please!
+ Please PM me with your skelly!
+Have fun!

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (1000 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

[h3 +]
Seth observed this new girl, the one who called herself Evelynn, while remaining somewhat close to Raven still. She seemed rather shy and gentle which made him wonder what purpose she could possibly have here. It would take someone with a strong soul and will of steel to defeat the darkness that trapped them, he couldn't help but wonder if this girl could really muster that. It seemed that time would tell, they had plenty of it.

It wasn't until she asked for a place to warm up food did Seth straighten up again, tucking his hands into the sleeves of the bulky and elaborate garb. It used to be quite an adventure getting the little mage dressed in the morning, the outfit requiring at least two maids to assemble. He used to hate getting dressed for the day, finding the process rather tedious, but now he found himself missing it. Actually, he missed the normalcy of it. He missed having human contact. He missed being alive.

Even if he wasn't among the living anymore, he could still be helpful, right?

[+purple "A lot of the kitchen is still intact,"] Seth explained softly, biting his lip faintly before giving her a small but bashful smile. [+purple "I'm pretty sure the hearth is still together and a few pots may still be around."] He began to lead her through the garden and through the remains of the castle, making to take a slow enough pace that she could begin to memorize her surroundings as well as catch up. He was sure she was tired, having traveled from a long ways, and didn't wish to put her through her running paces just yet. Time to rejuvenate was a necessity.

Once they reached the old kitchen, he carefully led her over the rubble and mess to what used to be the cooking area. Just as the small boy had said, the hearth was still intact and usable. Ashes and partially burned logs sat on its surface, worn with age, while cast iron pots of all sizes were scattered around them. Seth remembered how neat and organized they used to be, a shelf built against the wall to store the cooking implements. Now they lay broken on the stone around them. Despite the mess, it appeared that a couple were still in good state and could be used by their hungry guest.

In order to help her out a little, Seth let his gaze fall on the ancient logs and stared at them for a few moments before they burst into a tall and warm flame. He smiled faintly at his accomplishment, looking at Evelynn afterwards. [+purple "The flame will last for as long as you require it,"] he told her softly. [+purple "If you don't mind....after you eat...I'd like to ask you a question about the book you have."]
  Seth Xian / SolemnYuki / 2y 105d 4h 58m 4s
[h3 Evelynn]
[center [size18 [Dancing+Script Evelynn followed the man named Seronius towards another part of this castle. She looked all around her as the pangs of her stomach started to grow. She needed to make a fire and eat something soon. Oh, how she hoped these others had food. She was low, and the beans sounded wonderful about now.
Eve couldn’t help but be taken aback by the amount of excitement she had felt in the moment. First a gentleman with a talking book, then a young boy all dressed in robes that were a bit oversized, and now another tall strong fellow with a stony stare. [+purple "I'm pleased to see you two haven't scared her off,"] the young boy mocked to the man named Seronius, the boys violet eyes seeming to dance between them. [+purple "Let's get her inside and into one of the better rooms; the spell I cast on the sanctuary is still in effect so it’s still pretty pristine. I'm Seth, it's nice to meet you."] Seth finished. What a sweet boy. Evelynn thought to herself and then looked to the other gentleman. She had hoped he would introduce himself as well. After a moment he did. His eyes remaining focused and his demeaner a protective one. [+darkgoldenrod “I’m Raven”] he said no more no less, just stayed near the child and particularly staunched.
She watched and waited but felt the need to give some thanks. She bowed a bit awkwardly and her necklace fell from her shirt. A small white and blue teardrop shaped crystal with a gleam of light flickering within. [+grey “Thank you so much, umm, I was beginning to think I was lost…”] she stumbled over her own thoughts, [+grey “I am, I mean... I’m Evelynn.] she was interrupted by the gurgle of her stomach which caused a slight blush and she chuckled straightening her back to stand again. [+grey “Is there a place for me to warm some food?”] she asked shyly. ]]]
  Evelynn Cross / _LadyInWhite_ / 2y 105d 9h 32m 46s
[center [pic]]

[tab]Raven stuck by Seth’s side as the young woman came into view, though it sent his head spinning with adrenaline and made his thoughts rush as he caught sight of that book. He could remember it being written, but his mind suddenly buzzed with a thousand questions for the young woman and if such a young woman was really capable of saving them.

[tab]He would have liked to have believed the best in her, but his mind immediately was pressing him with age old questions that he should be asking her-- about what her intentions were and how she’d gotten her hands on that book and how she’d found her way to the kingdom, and why she was, frankly, so unprepared for travel.

[tab]Her manner of dress was so vastly different from their own he was questioning how far she’d travelled, and how long it had been since he’d last kept up with the passage of time.

[tab]He quelled his thoughts, though he watched her and Seronius with careful eyes, keeping his thoughts to himself.

[tab]”I’m Raven.” was all that he added, sticking close to the young mage to keep an eye on him while he spoke about taking them into the protected sanctuary.
  вlaιѕe / Wendigoing / 2y 131d 8h 54m 49s
[h3 +]
Seth hurried to Raven's side, his pace slowing a bit as he caught up and chose to temporarily abandon his staff at the window. The ghostly guard knew all of the best places in the castle and the best way to get to them. The once-stunning piece of architecture housed many secret passages, their purposes mainly for the royal family to travel from one room to another in order to bypass any danger. As the princess' personal guard, it was Raven's responsibility to memorize the location of each passage and where they led to. Even after all this time he had no doubt the dark-haired male still knew more about the structure than any of them ever could. As for the antique staff, Seth could bring it into his possession easily enough. It was safe where it was.

The small mage remained close to Raven as they journeyed through the castle walls to the courtyard, only getting about halfway there before he noticed two people walking towards them. Seronius was easy to spot since Seth had many years to stare at that face, but he was followed by a stranger....a girl. She carried a book like the adviser did, but hers seemed rather normal. Once it came into view, amethyst eyes widened a bit and he unconsciously shifted closer to Raven. He recognized that book! It was the very same book he had written the directions to Evermore in, the same book he had given to Kano by Her Majesty's orders. It seemed that he had accomplished his mission, even though it was rather late, and the book had returned to its home. Was this girl the one he had chosen to save them?

He slowly began to proceed forward, watching the two of them as they came closer until he was only a few feet away from them. The female was pretty, though very different from them. Even her clothes were strange! He wondered how far exactly she traveled as she didn't seem to pack many of the essentials. The book and the instrument were really what stuck out to him. Who would travel great distances with a flute?

[+purple "I'm pleased to see you two haven't scared her off,"] Seth teased quietly, his eyes flickering between the two of them. He was sure the male's Book would have something to say about it, but he didn't mind. [+purple "Let's get her inside and into one of the better rooms; the spell I cast on the sanctuary is still in effect so its still pretty pristine. I'm Seth, it's nice to meet you."]
  Seth Xian / SolemnYuki / 2y 134d 2h 54m 7s
[h3 Evelynn]

[center [size18 [Dancing+Script She walked along the pathway, a bit worse for ware now. Her knee’s scrape burning in the cool wind, and her wrist held tightly in the opposite hand. She noticed a figure in the distance. Trying not to get her hopes up, but curious she made her way towards it. She was certain, that if it wasn’t a person then it was most likely just a statue or something with a shape that was just the right?

She got closer and though it was hard for her to make out… she was almost certain now… it was a person? Her feet picked up the pace on their own as her eyes struggled to focus and the figure became more recognizable as a man. Taller than Evelynn was and now he was moving towards her too. Evelynn tried her best to stay calm. Maybe wait and see what he said if anything. As he came into a clear view she noticed something a tad off as he emitted this feeling of emptiness, and appeared out of place in her surroundings... but she ignored that and instead looked at his eye, it was a brilliant golden color, but the other was covered. Though she was curious she tried not to stare. He was wearing black clothing that, in its style, seemed strange to her and his hair matched his clothing almost indiscernibly. She had to admit he was a sight, but not aloud.

[b "Pardon me, my dear, but might you have a book with you?"] he asked quickly which took Eve off guard. Not even a moment after the question was asked did she notice he had a book of his own that seemed to be wriggling in his hand. She fought back a look of confusion, though she was certain the man noticed as he spoke again. [b "My name is Seronius, and this here would be The Grimoire."] The booked seemed to fall open and then inexplicably spoke with a voice of its own [I "Ohhhh, we've been waiting for you for so long! I'm so happy you've come!"] the man cut in [b "You're jumping to conclusions, Grim."] And the book retorted [I "You can hardly blame me, can you?! I-"] Evelynn tried and failed to stifle a laugh and let out a small chuckle at their expense, which made her blush feeling a bit guilty but so very happy to see someone, anyone. The moment was almost overwhelming her as Seronius spoke again, [b "You'd like to sit I'm sure. Care to come to the castle, love? There are two others who're likely dying to meet you."]

Evelynn nodded and smiled reaching into her bag over her shoulder to grab the book and knocking her flute into view for a moment. She held out the book, old and definitely having seen better days, [+grey “Is this the book you were asking about?”] she asked a little timidly waiting for him to answer and lead the way so they might walk and converse to save time. The air still gave Eve an eerie feeling. [+blue “There are more people here!”] she thought excitedly, her mind feeling even more at ease. Even while the thought lingered in the depths to be cautious still, and she was. Her feet were resisting the urge to run, but if she needed to she was ready still. She looked down to the book and back to Seronius and giving a glance to the Grimoire.]
  Evelynn Cross / _LadyInWhite_ / 2y 134d 9h 9m 28s
[center [pic]][i "You're not going to just wait here, are you?"]

His brows raised. [b "What if I don't [i want] to walk for miles to greet the stranger?"]
If Grim could roll his eyes, he likely would have. Instead, one of his pages flicked in irritation with Seron and his laziness. [i "Its discourteous, Seronius, if you must know. They've come all this way for some poorly mannered sod to lean on a wall waiting like some common hoodlum? Quite a journey, indeed."]
Seron exhaled, aggravated and defeated both as he peeled himself from the castle wall and strode toward the approaching figure, who began to look increasingly more feminine as time went on. Seron, not one much for bowing, the kiss of fingertips, or the sweet nothings of more chivalrous men cocked his head as he stopped in front of her, a slow grin creeping up on him. [i A human]. [b "Pardon me, my dear, but might you have a book with you?"] the one-eyed mage inquired, feeling Grimoire wriggling beneath his arm. Yes, the anxiety was wreaking havoc on the old book, and Seronius thought better of glaring at the old book or, say, throwing him over the wrought iron fencing around the front gates. He did study her for a moment, though, noting the clothing and the manner of posture. From a very different era, indeed.

[b "My name is Seronius, and this here would be The Grimoire."]
Grim fell open, overjoyed. [i "Ohhhh, we've been waiting for you for so long! I'm so happy you've come!"]
[b "You're jumping to conclusions, Grim."]
[i "You can hardly blame me, can you?! I-"]
Seron shut Grim with a catty and wildly amused grin, muddling any further speech on part of the book. [b "You'd like to sit I'm sure. Care to come to the castle, love? There are two others who're likely dying to meet you."]
  X / Miss-Shion / 2y 136d 20h 28m 13s
[tab]Raven watched the young mage carefully as he balanced on the windowsill, still feeling the instinct to allow him to lean on him so that he wouldn’t fall though in all likelihood even if he had fallen, it probably wouldn’t have harmed him, considering they were just spirits. It was surprisingly easy for Raven to forget that the mage was so small physically because of the immense power that he’d demonstrated previously. His eyes followed Seth as he got down and spoke.

[tab]”I agree. Even if there’s not a threat, I’m sure Seronius would appreciate the back-up with that Book jabbering at him while he’s trying to focus.” Raven shifted away from the windowsill and checking his Rapier in it's handle as he moved to assure that it was still there. "Come with me, there's a passage over this way that will get us down to the courtyard faster than the main staircase. I seem to recall that being Seronius' usual haunt."

[tab]Raven turned, walking toward his shortcut, walking slowly enough that Seth would be able to keep up if he wanted to follow along, turning down into one of the offshoot rooms which had a spiral staircase in one of the towers.
  Raven Rowe / Wendigoing / 2y 147d 21h 13m 48s
[h3 Evelynn]

[center [size18 [Dancing+Script The air around was thick and heavy feeling. Evelynn looked around; her steely blue eyes wide and beginning to water from fear and sadness. Her golden blonde hair fell into her face and she shakily brushed it back behind the left ear. For the first time she noticed the blood stains. They were old, brown, and all around her. Her eyes were adjusting slowly to her surrounding scenery. Ruins, it was like she was in a castles courtyard, though mostly intact the building looked distortedly old. She finally was able to unlock her legs and shakily moved forward. [+blue “Some epic battle of sorts?”] she thought, [+blue “…the kind from stories and movies.”]

Nearby she saw the remnants of life; with skeletons and weapons laying nearby. Some of them were even on top of one another. Upon the realization her shoulders slumped. She shivered as a breeze crept by moving what was left of tapestries, Blue, Silver and Green, with splatters of blood spoiling them. [+grey “Eerie”] She muttered the word to herself.

She wasn't cold, despite the strange breeze; she was terrified. Where was she? She took a deep breath and trained her eyes to a focus and stilled her expression. She had to look around, find some place to hide or at least something to grab for self-defense..., but the weapons around looked to heavy... She was an idiot... Her flute and the book; that was nearly all she had aside from a pack with some canned beans, two apples, a bottle of water, and a block of cheese.

Eve's father… why did he have this book? Her flute glinted in the light that was barely noticeable. It caught her eye and she drifted into thought.

[div Her 18th birthday… [b “Now, open my gift, the long box in the corner.”] He said with a faint smile reminding her he was still there, somewhere. She saw the purple and blue package leaned against the wall. [+grey “Okay”] She smiled back and went to grab it, the box was surprisingly heavy. She went to sit next him and began the opening of the box. The case was similar to a violin’s case in style, but thin. Her eyes lit up a bit, but she quickly hid the excitement. [+grey “What is it?”]. She opened the box as he simply nodded. A lovely flute, with a couple of strange markings she dismissed as an artists signature. It was a bit longer than most and was all one piece. [+grey “How strange?”]. Eve never put it in that case after that. She took it everywhere since that day. ]

Her mind was losing focus again thinking of her father ... She shook her head lightly to regain her composure and looked around. In a sliver of hopeless thoughts, she added far to optimistically, [+blue 'Surely someone has to be nearby'], as she had the thought she moved her first step from the place she had obliviously stopped in, again. She clumsily lifted one foot and kicked the back of her left ankle tripping over herself and falling to the unforgiving stone surface. [+grey “Shit, nnn”] she said clasping her arm around the wrist to stanch the flow of blood to a scrape on her hand where she failed miserably at trying to catch herself... Then she was looking to her knee. The ground cut straight through her jeans and a bit of skin was left on the road. Two injuries and this dumb girl didn’t bring a single bandage. [+grey “Yeah smart, don’t grab crap. Nothing useful.”] she said aloud, her voice breaking the silence so drastically that she looked around herself again worriedly. [+grey “Just me and a dusty old ruin”] she huffed a bit more quietly. [+grey “I guess I should just head back”] a frown fell on her face as the words escaped her lips. She thought she had been on a fool’s errand and all the work getting here was for nothing. So much for optimism. ]
  Evelynn Cross / _LadyInWhite_ / 2y 148d 1h 4m 6s
[h3 +]
It wasn't uncommon for Seth to become lost in thought, often times staring at an inanimate object or a living being without fully realizing it. It resulted in many uncomfortable exchanges but, for the most part, others had been nice about it. It seemed this time was no different, the amethyst eyes unfocused as they lay on the spirit of the guard while his thoughts wandered. If it bothered the male after all of these years, the boy didn't know as the other barely spoke. He could hardly remember the last time they exchanged a few words, let alone had a full conversation. It seemed that Raven liked being alone and Seth respected that, only bothering the guard when he saw fit.

He was about to turn and leave before he heard the male's low voice echo through the decaying hall. It scared the boy a little, causing his frame to jump and his hand almost released the staff he carried. What on earth could have happened to cause Raven to speak?! Once he regained his composure, he stopped beside the guard and gently leaned the now-antique staff against the wall and glanced up at him. His eyes were fixed on something outside of the castle, it caused Seth's curiosity to rise a little. Looking out the window was a bit of a challenge due to the boy's small stature; the mage only made it to Raven's hip. Unfortunately that's also where the window ledge was. He carefully climbed up onto the sill, using Raven's shoulder as minor support, and tried to focus on what the male saw.

Everything looked the same depressing shade as it always had, no new destruction or the like. He started to think Raven had begun to lose his sanity, being alone and quiet all those years. Seth was about to jump back down before movement caught his eye. The harder he looked, the more clear the thing became: it was a....human?! A real one?! Immediately he felt a wave of excitement and nausea wash over him. It was too coincidental for a person to just wander in here, especially with how out of the way it was. He knew, he made the journey a long time ago. It meant only one thing: their plea for help had been answered. It was a little late, but better late than never!

Jumping down from the ledge, he looked back up at the dark-haired guard. [+purple "Whoever it is will run into Seronius first,"] he told him quietly. [+purple "I doubt it's of threatening nature, that ship has already sailed. We had best see what's going on."]
  Seth Xian / SolemnYuki / 2y 148d 3h 26m 6s
[center [pic]]
[i "I don't suppose you'd care to play me a song or two? On that old lute, just over there?"]
A snort. [b "You'd suppose right."]
Grim sighed. [i "You could be a bit nicer, at least! I miss that little page boy, the one with the flute. He played whenever I asked!"]
He thought about this for moment, indeed considering the book's feelings but ultimately opting to lean back against a section of the castle's garden wall. [b "I'll play you as many ballads as you like when a human shows up, how's that?"] he chuckled, shutting his eyes and lazing about in what few remaining, greying stalks of grass were left. It truly was sad, the decay of the land, the ruin into which it had fallen. Seron hadn't ever been one much for melancholy and reminiscing, not like Grim, but even he could admit to missing the vibrance of Evermore.

The pair could remember well the days where palace attendants would all but [i fill] this magnificent garden, with barely enough room for Seronius to crawl, let alone walk. Not like today, where the very essence had been sucked from it, leaving it violated and dark. Evermore was but a husk of its former self, where even the air and the water had been touched by the loss and the despair. Worse yet, the once glorious castle had been reduced to a thing of aging disappointment, the scent of blood lingering and wafting out into the surrounding area, leaving those few who were left to wonder if they themselves were next. As it were, Seronius knew full well that they had been stuck in this land of perpetual decay for quite some time, and knew in his heart of hearts that it may very well be that eternity was a real length of time. The curse was meant to feel this way, meant to last indefinitely. Even he had lost track of the days, the weeks, the months. Save for Grim and himself, he knew of only two others in the immediate area; The child sorcerer, and the princess's swordian. Nobody had been counting.

They had all seen enough of one another in the great expanse of time they'd been left to repeat, watching, waiting... Seron, not himself these days, had not left the castle in all this time, not once. Grim understood. Seronius felt partly responsible for the deterioration of Evermore and would not embark on any journeys until a possible solution was found. He stayed in the gardens instead, lounging, reading The Grimoire, and watching the bleak sky with an ever amused expression. Seron was always grinning. Irony was such a funny creature.

The book saw fit to speak, rousing the one-eyed mage from his cozy rock in an instant. [i "Movement at the gate, Seron. Care to look?"]
He sighed. Well, he didn't prefer it over a nap, but it had to be more interesting than arguing with the book? His eye surveyed the glowing pages, seeing within the glow the image of the streets outside the castle, where a figure ambled closer and closer still. Always scrying and watching out of boredom, this book. He closed the relic and picked him up, skirting the castle to the front. Seronius hated being in the castle and avoided it as best he could, and was more or less always outside.

Once there, one golden eye rose toward the sky, met by the vision of the handler looking down upon the same figure approaching in the distance.

Grim snickered from his elbow. [i "If it's a human, what tune should I choose for you to play me first?"]
[b "Quiet, you."] stated the growl that followed, Seronius leaning himself against the cracking castle walls. Wary, he thought better if approaching, hopeful, but knowingly keeping his naivete in check. Surely he'd have had an easier time seeing them if his other eye hadn't been... Forcibly, removed, but nevertheless, he strained to see.
  Miss-Shion / 2y 148d 16h 52m 9s
[tab]Raven didn't even really acknowledge the other who was examining him, though he recognized the presence by the sound of the metallic sound of his staff. It wasn't their first instance of running across one another in their interminable wanderings, and certainly wouldn't be the last. He was instead, looking out the embrasure over the dark landscape of Evermore.

[tab]It never failed to depress him, looking into the dilapidated, vacant streets, yet here he was again with his stony expression, just hoping for some change at all.

[tab]He couldn't recall the last time that he'd actually spoken to the other residents of the castle, at this point he would almost worry that he had forgotten their names. It seemed to be rarer and rarer the longer that they lived here, though it was hard to say anymore how long that had been. It felt like several lifetimes over, but perhaps that was just because there was no longer anything to do but to hide away from the dark and try to just shut down. Just stop thinking for a while, and to stop chasing their own tails about could-have-beens or what-ifs.

[tab]Raven had been standing there for so long that he was edging into that zone, just allowing himself to enter that hollow space of thoughtlessness and momentary rest, but he noticed something out of the ordinary in the peripheral of his vision.

[tab]He blinked, trying to refocus his vision on the street below, trying desperately to figure out what it was that had caught his attention. There it was again, movement, on the farthest end of the main street. He had to strain his eyes to see, wondering if it was an animal, though even that would have been extremely bizarre for Evermore. He almost didn't trust his eyes, or his mind for that matter. He didn't move his gaze as he lifted his hand and signaled for the young other.

[tab]"Can you see that out there?" Raven spoke for the first time in recent memory, and the hoarseness of his voice spoke to just how long it had been.

[tab] The longer that he looked at the movement, the more it looked to him like a human. He didn't want to get his hopes up. That was a mistake that they had all made in the beginning, and all it did was end up in let downs and disappointments. It wound up just making life harder for all of them, so he tried to swallow back the way that his heart leapt into his throat.
  Raven Rowe / Wendigoing / 2y 151d 20h 21m 44s
[h3 Evelynn]

[center [size18 [Dancing+Script Evelynn looked through her father's belongings finally... The funeral was only a few days ago, but she didn't even know where to start with her dad's things. The house or the attic, maybe the storage outside..? [+grey "Here goes nothing,"] she said while making her decision, [+grey "I will clean the attic first so that when I'm done I can put things I'm keeping there."] She said the words aloud though she wasn’t sure why. She didn't know how to make since of it, but hearing her own voice comforted her. Her cell phone kept lighting up over and over again. She had put it on silent and decided to ignore it. Everyone she loved offered to help, but she felt like doing it alone. She felt like mourning alone.

She walked to the bathroom and turned the knob to her sink and the cold water poured. She cupped her hand catching the cool comfortable liquid and splashed her face. She turned the water off and began to pat her face dry with the soft purple towel. Then she walked to the end of the house and pulled the cord to the attic and let the ladder come down in its respective sections. She made her way up the ladder her heart beat increasing a tiny bit. She was always a little afraid of heights. Not being on the ground was bad enough to her, but she went up anyway. About halfway up she felt for the soft plastic of the red light switch and flicked it on. The lights flashed and she looked around the dusty room. She saw the desk and boxes and noted what contents she remembered. [+grey “Hmm, if I remember right that is ornaments for the Christmas tree… and there’s the tree behind it,”] she said pointing to the tree, [+grey "Hmmm, winter clothes, and I will need them soon.”] she continued talking quietly to herself and rummaging through, until she found one box she knew was photo’s her father had hidden up here out of grief.

With a deep breath she pulled the box open and looked down. The first she was the last picture they had taken of her mother and baby Clair. An intimate and private photo her mother insisted on having. Evelynn folded it up and placed it in her pocket. Along with the next picture of her mother, father and herself. After a few minutes of crying and laughing at the pictures she noticed the extremely worn bindings of a book she did not recognize. [+grey “An old album”] she said questioningly? She grabbed at the book and it cracked a bit in her hands, old indeed. She lifted it up only to discover that it was an actual book with pages that were dark and yellowed. She opened it. Being ever so careful she found herself reading and flipping through the pages as she made her way back down the ladder and sat in her reading chair in the living room. It wasn’t written like a story, but more like a description of an actual place. Like a history book for a place out of a dream. A place she felt a strange need to see. She will never forget the first time she read that word. [+blue ‘Evermore’]. It sounded lovely, but according to this it was in danger of being destroyed completely. She decided instantly, upon seeing the directions. This Magical and Ancient Kingdom, despite how vague the notes were; she would go there. She would see it.

[div One month and nine days later]

She walked through the land that was dark and honestly very scary. Somehow she had made it this far and didn't plan on turning back now. Eve looked down and watched her feet take each step. [+grey "One, two, left, right..."] She said to herself before stopping and standing still. She noticed the ground had changed and she was on what looked to be a road, or path.

[+grey "Yes! I must be near a town or something!"] She exclaimed before looking up from her stand still position, and following the path with her eyes. She saw a castle, maybe, in the distance. A silhouette of something at least. She took a deep breath and let loose all cares about what might be before her. She ran, hard, and fast. She was out of breath and thinking to herself, [+blue 'Not far now, just... breath...'] she ran, and ran. She felt like an hour had passed, but honestly it was maybe a good twenty minutes. She stopped to catch her breath as the path turned to a stone road that led to the figure in the distance that she had raced too.

She wiped sweat from her face and fanned her shirt to let the air in to cool her bosom. She looked at the castle that was a lot different than she had hoped. No people. It was scary quiet. She walked slowly, cautiously down the stone path, the smell in the air was old, but definitely blood. She was even more afraid now. Eve simply froze. ]
  Evelynn Cross / _LadyInWhite_ / 2y 148d 3h 31m 38s
How long had it been? One year? Fifty years? The days and weeks strung together like an endless rope of blackened bulbs, especially since the light had gone out of Evermore. There was no more day, only night. The cursed darkness touched everything the eye could see from around the castle, silencing the once-bustling village and all the areas around them. The castle, the pinnacle of Evermore itself, was once a robust and sacred place. Now it was a mere shadow of its former self, a silent and decaying tomb for those that had once resided in it. The scars of the final battle Evermore had faced were everywhere in the village and the castle, blackened and destroyed properties littered the foreground while darkened blood stains and spatters still decorated the halls and rooms of the stone fortress.

The guilt still weighed heavy on the small mage as he still believed they could have done something else to eradicate this curse when they had the chance. What, exactly, that something was still had yet to be known as it seemed all options had been exhausted. Every ritual and every spell that had been tried had been unsuccessful, each failure pushing all of them closer to the ugly death they had had in front of them. The entire kingdom bled, suffered, and died at the hands of this monstrosity while they were forced to look on, unable to fix it.

Maybe this was their Hell.

Seth sat on the edge of the ancient stone balcony that was attached to his room, looking out at the decay and darkness as he had done so many times before. The events continued to run through his mind, thinking of the last time he had seen their princess and how she urged the small boy to send a book out into the world. She believed it would help them, that someone would find it and come to their rescue, so he had done as she ordered.

He closed his eyes as he sighed quietly, forcing himself to think of something else. It was hard, especially when he had so much time on his hands to reflect on his actions, but he knew it wouldn't do any good now. Carefully he hugged a worn bundle of cloth and string to his chest, the artifact in the shape of a torn and stained dog, and allowed the violet eyes to ease open again and turn on the village. The toy was his security blanket of sorts, a gift from the princess herself when he had arrived in Evermore and he treasured it greatly. Seth hardly went anywhere without it and it always seemed to be in his line of vision if it wasn't in his grasp, the latter a very rare thing to be seen. After a few long moments, small hands tucked the old creature into his robe before pushing himself up to stand on solid ground and reaching out to the wall nearby in order to grab the ornate staff that leaned against it carefully. Despite Seth's fragile appearance and petite height, he was quite a powerful being when it came to magic and didn't even need the staff he carried with him when maneuvering the decaying halls. He liked it though, especially the soft jingling sound it made as loose metal rings hooked onto it clinked together with each movement. Even though they had long passed, they each deserved their comforts.

Leaving the room, the small mage began to wander the familiar halls. So many times he had passed through these same ways, each time trying to notice something new. Unfortunately, not even the decay was of was the same dreary hall it always had been. Amethyst eyes flickered up as he caught sight of the handler, the one who had been the closest to the princess, and observed him quietly from a short distance.
  Seth Xian / SolemnYuki / 2y 151d 23h 14m 3s

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