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He looked at the queen and told her that he had no clue as to why it was lying on the ground. “It could have been dropped by a citizen...” he stated, having his opinions, and he looked around with his own eyes, but didn’t see a thing out of the ordinary. “Or maybe it was washed downstream...” he continued
  Ace Adolphus / DoomGuy123 / 1y 10d 8h 36m 23s
The female quickly walked down to Ace once she had heard his shouting, and she picked up the strange tome. "Thank you for finding this." She said to him, before opening up the tome and flipping through its pages to make sure of what magic it was for. " for white magic. That's rare for Gaiaphesia...why would it be laying in the middle of the River of Moons?" The Dark Queen inquired, glancing over to the male guard.
  Cierra Bloodstone / AskTheStaff / 1y 10d 9h 14m 14s
He scanned the vicinity around the group, but when he could not see it, he told the queen he would search near the river, then he walked down to the embankment, and searched more. As he looked, he stumbled across a tome of white magic. “My queen, I may have found the disturbance!” He shouted.
  Ace Adolphus / DoomGuy123 / 1y 10d 9h 53m 22s
The Dark Queen had walked with her guards that she had taken with her, and she heard the male's statement. "Yes, I can feel it too. I think it is located along the River of Moons, which separates the halves of this city." She explained, before leading the group onto a bridge that went right over said river. The female looked over the edge of the slightly arched walkway, glancing into the river below them to see if she could notice anything. "We may have to go down to a walkway right along the river, if no one can spot anything. I know the magical disturbance is right around here, but just not its specific location." She admitted, continuing to observe the flowing river below herself and all of the guards.
  Cierra Bloodstone / AskTheStaff / 1y 10d 13h 27m 12s
He smiled when she told him she would possibly play chess with him later, then he followed her out of the castle towards the exact location where they were told she felt the magical disturbance in the city. “I can feel the magical disturbance, but I do not know where it is coming from...” Ace told the queen.
  Ace Adolphus / DoomGuy123 / 1y 10d 13h 32m 43s
"It seems to be a magical disturbance, and I would like to find it before it escalates into anything worse, if there is the chance that it can. I am very unsure of what it really is, so I believe it would be better to investigate than leave it be." The female stated after hearing Ace's question towards her. Upon seeing the other guards in the room prepare themselves, the Dark Queen walked to the nearest door out of the old, rustic barracks. "If you are ready, I think we should get going as soon as possible. When we return, I will make up for your lost break time, if I can. Perhaps even I will play a game of Chess with you...if the mood strikes me." She chuckled, opening the door.
  Cierra Bloodstone / AskTheStaff / 1y 10d 13h 42m 51s
He looked surprised that there was much trouble, but he nonetheless got his things prepared and put on his jacket, and then strapped his sword to his side. “What kind of disturbance, your majesty?” The man in red asked, hoping she might know what was happening
  Ace Adolphus / DoomGuy123 / 1y 10d 13h 48m 29s
After she noticed all of the guards' heads turn towards her, and Ace bowing for her, the Dark Queen began to speak up. "I do apologize for interrupting your time here, but I have some important news to announce. It seems that there has been a rather peculiar disturbance in the outer skirts of the city. I would like to take a few of you with me to go investigate, if you do not mind." She explained gently, and kindly, as she looked towards all of the men and women before her.
  Cierra Bloodstone / AskTheStaff / 1y 10d 13h 49m 44s
He stood at attention when the queen entered. “Your majesty.” He said with the utmost respect, and even bowed to her, and he stood back up. He was surprised she came to them so early, as he was on break from guard duty for another half hour.
  Ace Adolphus / DoomGuy123 / 1y 10d 13h 54m 36s
A young female walked into the guard's barracks, glancing around. From the appearance of her strange and dark armor, along with it's intricate markings and her palish skin, it was quite easy to tell that she was the Dark Queen herself. The ruler of the entire land known as Gaiaphesia, and feared for her intelligence and power. However, the female was not actually all that bad, and was quite a nice soul to anyone who was willing to respect her.
  Cierra Bloodstone / AskTheStaff / 1y 10d 14h 29s
Ace had been a member of the Queen’s royal guard for years, and was one of her top guards. His strategy was unmatched by the others, and he was only second to her majesty. At the current time, he was playing a game of chess with another guard, who was one of his friends, but he was no match for Ace’s skill at the game. In about seven moves, he smirked. “Checkmate...” Ace declares, and his friend congratulated him again.
  Ace Adolphus / DoomGuy123 / 1y 10d 14h 7m 5s

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