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Friends Katashi and Cathy are starting their first semester of university at Open University after both have been home-schooled most of their lives. Once on campus the two fall into a relatively easy pattern not realizing they've caught the eyes of childhood friends Jaechar and Saaya. What will happen next?
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[center [size20 [u Jaechar Vulcan]]]
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[center [size20 [u Saaya]]]
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[center [size20 [u Katashi Kitazawa]]]
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As the two sat in silence Cathy began to relax just letting the voices of their other classmates wash over her and she let her wolf ears take over for a second and she listened to each pair speak about their designs kinda just to get some ideas, but unfortunately most of the pairs were talking about doing summer wear or lingerie for teens and young adults and she growled under her breath before she jumped when Saaya spoke and she looked over at the girl who was asking to see her notebook and Cathy blushed again but reluctantly handed it over. Inside the book about a third of the pages were filled with clothing designs ranging from mere sketches to colored and completed designs with every detail written around them including fabric, which store sold the fabrics at which prices and measurements, but all the designs were for what would usually be considered boys clothes and the measurements didn't go any higher than that of an average 5 year old boy. Anyone who knew her would know it was because she couldn't get over losing Devon, but Cathy wondered what the girl would think and just prayed she wouldn't think Cathy was weird or worse think that she drew the clothes because she was transgender.
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Kat had tried to run as fast as he could, but being to emotional to shift into the form of a cheetah he eventually got caught, though he didn't just give in and he tried to wiggle out of the boy's arms which tore his already torn shirt off his body revealing years and years of scars, some of which that were self inflicted, and also the cursed Black Rose that laid on his hip perfectly visible for all to see as it seemed to pulse with a red aura. Kat knew he couldn't scream because his face was to visible so after a while of struggling and listening to the boy's lying voice he just gave up and went limp praying the boy wouldn't take him to far away, though he figured praying was fruitless since after all he was a devil's child he Chose this life and would have to suffer until the Devil blessed him with his seed. Kat flinched lightly at that thought but didn't move much more as he waited for the boy to take him away his eyes already drying up and morphing from their usual red to a light pink as he steeled himself for whatever was to come next.
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[size12 There's no response. And it's not because Cathy's sketches were atrocious or anything. Those are actually decent. Charming even. No, it's her disrespectful attitude that's a major turnoff. And the worst part about the whole thing? Cathy's opinion about Jaechar is completely reasonable. [i Because it is his fault.] He came off strong, he's the one choosing to chase after Cathy's friend. Defending his [i honor] doesn't change these facts.]

[size12 There's also no denying her own mangled feelings. Especially when [b [i he's]] a piece of the overall equation. This is why she's pretends. Because such truth is fruitless for someone lingering over the edge of loneliness.]

[size12 Reality snaps back, and Saaya permits herself into a lengthy sideways glance towards Cathy. Her mouth felt incredibly dry now.]

[size12 [#a050a5 "U-Um,'] her stutter bought about a wicked cringe. She then coughs in an attempt to clear her throat, and tries speaking again afterwards. [#a050a5 "We can certainly create something beautiful off your designs. May I...?"] The request is followed by her holding out both hands. It's obvious she wanted to hold Cathy's sketchbook.]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/pfGag2z.jpg]]
[center [b > Meanwhile with Jaechar <]]

[size12 Whatever God of Fortune that might've been monitoring over him is now gone. For the redheaded child, his precious quarry, after being rescued from an imbecile of a vampire—is fucking running away. This time, he's ain't down for another round of cat 'n' mouse. Specially not after his energy reserves had been largely depleted. So in a heartbeat, a decision is made. His entire existence nudges him forward.]

[size12 The part of classroom scorched by his flames is soon abandoned. Along with his hoodie and the thoughts of snogging the fool. Something odd does occur however. It only persisted for a second or two, yet he could've swore there's an invisible force attempting to hold him back.]

[size12 [i He breaks through it.]]

[size12 Luckily, adult legs are faster than the legs of a small child. He quickly catches up. Another second flashes by—he's now on the glossy floor of the empty hallway. The Shifter is finally within his strong embrace. Not necessarily too tight because he's actually afraid of hurting such a small body. But there's enough pressure being applied so he couldn't simply escape again.]

[size12 [#7ca550 "Calm down,"] his baritone of a voice is hushed. [#7ca550 "I don't plan on hurting you. I mean, fuck! I just saved you. I don't plan on hurting you."] He eventually just kept repeating the last sentence over and over.]
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Cathy snorted when Saaya tried to defend her friend, but otherwise kept quiet until the girl mentioned that her friend had a fondness for Kat at witch Cathy growled softly looking over at the girl. [#CD7CFC “Well tell your little pervert he's not interested Katashi has far to much to deal with already than to be stalked by another asshole. And Kat's ace so [I your friend] won't be getting into his pants any time soon.”] she hissed with venom in her voice. Cathy fumed for a moment longer until it turned into a flinch as the girl moved the tiniest bit closer with her sketchbook, and asked what their starting design should be, which Cathy couldn't help but blink at before she tucked her hair behind her ear and relaxed back into her chair, though still a bit on edge, [#CD7CFC “That depends what age group are we creating for?”] she asked placing her hand back on her own sketch book and flipping through some of her earlier designs, which were all for male clothes for a child around 3 to 4 years of age.

[pic http://78.media.tumblr.com/1820a5968c529585e24892c5526809a3/tumblr_p5gv24rxFY1ugma4co1_540.jpg]
Kat flinched when the male walked into the room and threw his hoodie on him and Kat knew he had to get out while he had the chance, but he could hear the fighting and feel the heat the man was giving off and it scared him though he didn't dare peek out knowing it probably looked worse than it sounded and he heard the Vampire scream before everything went silent and when it did Kat whimpered his body trembling something fierce as he sat waiting... waiting for this new man to hurt him to scared to even recognize him as the boy from yesterday. When nothing happened Kat risked a peek out of the hoodie at the boy who seemed to be standing in a circle of black scorch marks staring down at an outline where the vampire used to be. Moving slowly Kat got to his feet leaving the hoodie on the ground before he bolted to the door still in his small form since he knew from experience that not many people chased after young black rose children that was not their own unless they had a bad motive, and if he could just get to the hall he would be safe as there were people using the other classrooms.
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[size12 When the Spitfire blushed and crossed her arms, almost in a flawless pout—Saaya smiled. Which evolves into an invisible frown. There she goes, again. Triple the indictments of her best friend's behavior because of yesterday's misunderstandings. Such an imprudent, young women her partner's turning out to be.]

[size12 As she nabbed the seat next to Cathy, Saaya finally spoke her [i unholy opinion]. [#a050a5 "He's better than what you think."] Her voice is low. Strained and listless. [#a050a5 "And he's highly interested with your redhead of a friend."]]

[size12 She then exhales. There's already a sense of peace descending over her. And while her words might not change anything, it's enough. She defended him. As he'd have done for her.]

[size12 [#a050a5 "Regardless of your poor judgement on Jaechar."] One of her many sketchbooks is placed between them. A blank page just screaming for some attention. [#a050a5 "What should our opening style be?"]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/pfGag2z.jpg]]
[center [b > Meanwhile with Jaechar <]]

[size12 He had completely lost sight of the mysterious redhead. Dumb school's layout, too many similar and twisting hallways. [#7ca550 "Damn.."] he mumbled, defeated. With another wary gander of his surroundings. The hotheaded prick continues onward, more slowly. Since there's always a chance one of these classrooms might contain [i his precious prey].]

[size12 Which evidently translates into being the correct choice. As an abrupt noise caught his full attention. There's a pause of excitement when he clenches the doorknob—until the door sticks. He furrows his brows and grumbles, then began fidgeting around with the knob. All in a poor attempt of loosing it. He quickly becomes more aggressive as there's obviously some sort of commotion happening just behind this door.]

[size12 After another subsequent of forced shaking, the classroom's door flies open into a world of wonderment. Upon noticing his target, Jaechar smirks and leans against the glossy wood of the doorway. Yet it doesn't take a rocket scientist to fathom something is wrong.]

[size12 The Shapeshifter is sporting the disguise of a child. [i A frighten child.] Furthermore, a vampire is wilting. His burned hands desperately covering his face. The rays of sunshine cascading through the windows were burning him.]

[size12 It dawns him then.]

[size12 What he stumbled upon. His expression hardens as he stomps into the room, one hand working on unzipping his black hoodie, the other forming a tight fist. Before anything else, he spares a glance towards the redhead. [#7ca550 "Don't look,"] his voice is uncharacteristically gentler. This simple request is soon finished when he tosses his hoodie over the Shifter. Another poor attempt of concealing of what's about to transpire.]

[size12 He inhales, sharply. Then, [#7ca550 "So you're afraid of sunlight, eh?"] Each of his words were snarled. The vampire stumbles back, surprised. And whom wouldn't be? There's heavy amounts of smoke rising from Jaechar's frame. From his mouth, plumes of smog were being released.]

[size12 Now he's towering above a petrified vampire.]

[size12 He learned years ago, it's never enough to threaten such vile creatures. They required real proof of danger. A hallmark to stay the fuck away. Brilliant, smoldering flames had overtaken his exposed arms. [#7ca550 "That expression you're wearing..."] his tone is bare, slain. [#7ca550 "You're really afraid, huh?"]]

[size12 Finally, he lunges at the vampire.]

[size12 A couple seconds of battling later—a wounded vampire with facial burns is escaping the classroom, tail between legs. Jaechar is leaning against a wall, breathless. The area around him scorched.]
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Cathy sighed she didn't like working in groups, but she understood the need for it, she had really only joined this elective for the chance to make baby and children's clothes and well also the fact that nobody would question a girl wanting to do fashion. Cathy prepared to go into bitch mode when Mr. Robinson started naming off pairs and when he said her name she glanced up from sketching onesies in her notebook to see who this Saaya was and her breath hitched as she watched The Girl get up and walk over to her offering her hand and Cathy's face immediately reddened and she crossed her arms looking down at her desk. [#CD7CFC “Whatever I hope you're not as much of an ass as your stupid friend.”] she mumbled not taking the girl's hand as she glanced at her phone and bit her lip wondering if she should have just let Kat stay afterall. Cathy was breathing in very shallow breaths as she watched Saaya sit down next to her and she forced her thoughts onto anything but the girl not wanting a repeat of last night in front of a crowd of people with Kat nowhere in sight.

[pic http://78.media.tumblr.com/3f28a408b4615917a7ee47edf06f5473/tumblr_ofm0zq6pSj1ugma4co3_540.jpg]
Meanwhile Kat was in an art room, not doing art but laying on the ground with a man on top of him tying up his arms together and his face completely exposed and his mouth taped shut. [b “Mmmhehehe such a pretty boy you are, but don't worry I'll make you even prettier. I've heard about your kind you know the cursed ones and I've always wanted to know what you taste like.”] the strange man said as he licked his lips and sharpened his fangs and Kat laid there paralyzed in fear, not quite understanding how this had happened when he had been so careful. Tearing Kat's shirt the vampire leaned down to Kat's neck and almost seemed to be purring. [b “Now let's see if the rumors are true that you won't die even if every drop of blood is drained from your body.”] he said then was about to bite when there was a rattle at the door and the vampire frowned and looked up really just to make sure he had locked it, but the movement of the door was just enough to snap Kat out of his shock and he instantly shifted into his getaway form, a tiny black kitten, thankful when the tape and ropes fell right off his fur and the vampire screeched immediately going after him, but Kat managed to avoid him and get to a window and he quickly shifted back into human form and opened the blinds causing the Vampire to hiss and run off opening the door in the process.
Kat panted heavily and slid to the ground he was in his [https://78.media.tumblr.com/1820a5968c529585e24892c5526809a3/tumblr_p5gv24rxFY1ugma4co1_540.jpg child form] so it wasn't that far and he couldn't help but start cursing aloud as tears fell down his cheeks, but what he didn't realize is the door jiggler hadn't left infact he seemed to be leaning against the door smirking in all his pure assholeness.
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[size12 Saaya pinched the bridge of her nose. It's only morning, and she's already beyond exhausted. Especially after dealing with her sister's disparaging comments. Always about her choices. The family's always displeased with their [i wayward, black sheep] daughter. She doesn't despair however. There's also—always someone brimming with such cleverness nearby.]

[size12 [#7ca550 "I hope she gets gang rape."]]

[size12 After his [i sophisticated] remark about Serene, Jaechar bails on her. For two reasons. He loathed fashion, and (uh) his current conquest had just strolled passed them. Without a single reckoning. Pretty soon, Saaya's entering what's to become her upmost favorite place of this year.]

[size12 Always the teacher's pet and brightest student, she obviously took a front seat. It wasn't long until her desk is covered by multiple sketchbooks, oil pastels, and more number pencils than she required. There's a hush silence as their professor claps his hands together. [b [i "Welcome to the only class that will teach you how to survive."]] His voice is clear, crisp. A playful smile graces his wrinkled features. [b [i "Welcome to the Art of Fashion."]]]

[size12 When the grand gesture is over, Mr. Robinson begins explaining his expectations for everyone's growth. Apparently not everyone here is experienced with this medium. That's why he thought of something quite interesting. A weekly project of sorts. Students would be paired together and develop designs that they could later create within the five day given period. [b [i "Does everyone understand?"]] Nods all around. [b [i "Wonderful! Okay, now,"]] his gaze shifts about the classroom until...]

[size12 [b [i "Cathy! You shall be paired with Saaya."]]]

[size12 Saaya gathers her stuff and saunters over to assigned partner, and almost immediately recognized her for being the [i Spitfire]. [#a050a5 "Hello, Cathy,"] her voice is steady, wet. A hand is held out, ready to be shaken. [#a050a5 "My name is Saaya."]]
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When Cathy got pushed she growled, but it was quickly turned into a blush as she saw who it was, or rather whom the person was dragging and Cathy slinked closer to Kat who put his arm around her and huffed towards Saaya not even noticing Jaechar as he pulled his friend another way and mentally answering the question he had last night deciding that if that girl was the cause of Cathy's pain he had to keep them as far apart as possible, not realizing how hard that was truly going to be. Kat walked Cathy to her first class and to her seat, ignoring the fashion dummies strewn around the room they always gave him the creeps, then kneelt down beside her. [#7CADFC “Do you want me to stay my class doesn't start for another hour?”] he asked and Cathy shook her head smiling lightly.
[#CD7CFC “No Kat I'll be okay but thanks anyway.”] she said placing a hand on Kat's cheek, but with how pale Cathy was Kat sighed not believing she'd be fine, but he respected her decision and leaned into her hand for a moment before standing up and kissing her forehead. [#7CADFC “Text me if you need anything and I'll come straight here even if I'm in class.”] he said then waited for her to nod before he left the room heading towards the free student art rooms to check out the products they use here.
Cathy watched Kat walk out before sighing and placing her head down on her arms going to try and catch a few more Z's but then some voices outside made her jump and she peeked up from her arms and towards the voices and saw the girl, and her asshole 'friends' arguing for some reason about how lowkey the school was and then she watched the girl storm off and Cathy's face heated as she turned her head back to her arms and thought of her baby to try and keep herself from remembering her dream. Cathy managed to dose off for a few moments before the bell rang, at which point she lifted her head and blinked a few times to let her eyes adjust before she reached down and grabbed a notebook and pencil out of her bag then she took a curious glance around the room to see what kind of people signed up for a fashion class and she instantly froze when she saw the girl and she cursed slightly under her breath and prayed the girl hadn't noticed they were in the same class and even if she did that she would leave her alone.
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[size12 Abyssal-colored locks elegantly pirouetted against the alabaster features of a peeved princess. Her traditionally covered body is revealing. Exposed arms, thighs, a [i disgusting] mouth straight outta some child's nightmare. The strapless dress of ebony felt dreadful upon her. Yet nobody seemed to regard her discomfort. Or they simply didn't care, as per usual.]

[size12 A family of professionals and aristocrats, seated around their expensively garnished dining table of raw meats. Cheeses and wine from another lifetime. Embellish stories of their chosen careers. She felt trapped. Lost between expectations and truth. There's a fork digging into the back of her hand now.]

[size12 Just beneath their [i obtuse glances].]

[size12 It was sometime after midnight. Her cellphone is blowing up with messages from her best friend. The hotheaded pervert and his claims of future victories. Particularly about a special redhead. [b [i Fantastic.]] And she thought being dubbed a stalker would be a one-time deal.]

[size12 Steadily, for each and every single one of his flippant dreams, her canopy bed became impenetrable. There goes her safety net. No matter. [i She didn't feel like sleeping tonight anyway.]]

[hr ]
[size12 Glorious streams of sunlight reflected off the windows and walkway of the university. It's scenic. Beautiful. Until there's a massive storm from the self-absorbed whore variety.]

[size12 She gracefully bumps into a certain purple-haired female. No pardons. Nothing, just the gentle mutters of a morose Saaya. Whom appears tangled. Her wrist currently locked within the women's grasp. Trailing several feet behind them is Jaechar. His face twisted into something grim. Surprisingly, he doesn't spare a glance towards [i his] precious shapeshifter. Not a snarky comment is thrown at the Spitfire. All of his attention is fully focused upon his best friend, and [b her older sister].]

[size12 Suddenly, the repulsive women curbs her movements, and soon releases Saaya. She quickly twirls around then. To face everyone with both of her gloved hands resting upon her hips. [b [#a050a5 "Is this it?"]] Her voice is painfully similar to Saaya's, yet there's a noticeable heavy smugness laced into every word spoken.]

[size12 [#a050a5 "Do you have a problem with my choice, Serene?"] Saaya's moist, softer voice finally breaks through her sister's thick atmosphere. There's a snort, then, [b [#a050a5 "Of course! Our entire family is disappointed with you! How could you do this!? This lowborn school, seriously!? A-And with him, no less!"]] Now she struck a nerve. [#7ca550 "Well, I don't like you much either, Slut."] Jaechar remarks, arms crossed and somehow still standing a couple of feet away from them.]

[size12 Serene, seemingly having enough of this whole situation, snarls loudly—Before leaving with the most snobbish upturn of her pointed nose.]
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The rest of the day went by pretty uneventfully for both Cathy and Kat, which they were both thankful for and once they got out Kat texted his mom as promised, even though she probably wouldn't get it until her break, and the two headed back home and once there Cathy headed straight to her room for a nap after having dealt with those weird people and Kat went off to his studio to work on a new painting.
~{Cathy's Dream}~
[i Cathy stood in the middle of a field of purple flowers laughing and spinning and then she heard a voice and turned to see Devon, her son, running towards her and she gasped before running towards him and the two hugged before Cathy stood back to look at her baby, [https://static.zerochan.net/Youko.Ashley.full.778389.jpg who looked much older and his beautiful purple eyes had turned red] but she was happy to just see him again and she felt a tear roll down her face as she kissed his forehead and Devon giggled and hand in hand the two walked through the field just talking and catching up, but then they suddenly came to a tower that had dark ominous clouds around it and Cathy froze staring up at it while Devon tugged at her arm trying to get her to go inside, but before he had pulled her to the door he stopped and growled at something behind Cathy and that was enough to snap Cathy out of staring at the tower, and she turned and gasped seeing the girl from earlier standing there with a slight glow about her and Cathy blushed as Devon continued to growl. The girl then reached out her hand and without thinking Cathy reached back which snapped Devon out and he began jerking at Cathy's arm again. [#B80000 "̴̡̮̣̱̙̪͓͙͛͛̋Ń̶͙̳͊̆ơ̶͚̺̰̼̈͋̋͆͛͆̉ ̴̠̹͖̠̘́̓̊̀̄̕̚ͅM̷̢̜̰̜̳̦̠͙͚̠̣̐̂̅̅̓̽̔̈́̐̈̈́͘̕͘͝o̴̡̠̖̯̹͎̜̳̬͕̻͒̓̋͊͘͝͠m̴̨͕̰̠̦̥̥̑̽̍̋̔̿̃͛͊͋̌̔͠m̶̡̳͇͖̠̏͑̋̏̚ͅy̵̨̝̼̞̩̮͇̫̙̗̥͑̀ ̷̢̧̧̩̹̫͉̯̼̭̳̖̌̈̆͋̀̑Ṉ̵͔̲̄́̿̌ͅÒ̵̝̣̭̽̿̈́͋́̓̀̏̉̏͐͊̂̌͜!̶̬̟͍͈̦̏̎̿̈́̈́̂̆̎̓͆̉͘͝͠ ̸̛̰̲͚̬̪̀Ṕ̶̡̞̼͕̼̍̎̋͗́̈̉̃͒l̸͍̭͔͎̖̮͕̤̜̜̜̓͛̑̇̌̇̐ȇ̸͚̤̩̹̟̌̓͑a̵͎̭͔̫̪̬̳͔̬͂̀͑̉͌̔̋̓̓̈́͠s̶̢̼̮̰̬̖̞̜̈́̇̾͐̀̚͠ḛ̴̛̟̭͖̫̮̰̪͎̻̻ͅ ̸̹͉̫̥̥̥̫̅̍̂̎͐̈́̋̍̅͐̓͘͝M̴̢̲̩̆̅̒́̀̉̒̓̒̅̓̍̓̚͝ó̵̖̙͖̻̹͕̙̝͔͙̩̔m̶̨̘̹̞͔̗̎̂̿͛̕̚͠͠m̷͓̬̣̻̞̥͉͓̩̖̳̙̈́̂̄̈̇́͛͋̇͌̉̍̕̚͝ͅͅỳ̸̻̊͊͑̈́̆͑͝ ̴̨̢͍̫̯̫̳̟̜͇͊̒͐̃̊͌̐͛c̶͔̠͆̌̀̿͘o̷͉͗̒̃̇͗m̴̧̧̨̪͉̠̫̮̥̳̮̟̬̓̔͒̓͜ͅê̵̡̨͚̱̺̺̤̤̹͇͖̬͖̇̑͒̇͜ͅ ̴̢̜͙̱̮̮̫̔̓̽͒̍̃̈̇̄̾̋̈́̅͝w̵̢͖̳̓̇͛̈́̈̈̀̈͝ͅi̶̛̱͉͐͐̌̓̋̇̕ṫ̶̙̠͓̯͎̥̯̀͛͆̔͆͒̌͝͝ͅḩ̸̢̡̨͉̥̞̝̞͎̣̈́̉̅̔̽̿̂͠ ̵̧̠͖̱̺͓̗̞̣̪͓̳̓̋̀͑̅̏̔̒̆͆̄m̵̧̨̤̣̥̞̈́̽́̂̌́͛̂͘͘e̴̘̘͚̠̭̯̲͇̜̜̠͆ͅͅͅ.̶̢̠̮̗̓̔̄̽͂͐͛͂̈̈́͊͋͠͠ͅͅ ̶̛͙̓̎̈́͛͐̈́̔̆̅́̐̚͝͠I̴̩̻̜͉̗̲̰̫̤͛͒t̷̮̥̮̫͓͒͒͗̌̽ͅͅͅ'̵̢̭̲̯͍̯̣̘̤̪̖͍̈́̏̍̆̕s̵̨̨̢̡̛̛͚̟͉̯̪̳͖̣̎̽́̊̄̎͋̏͂̐͝͝͠ ̸̡̞̖͓͚͎̖̮͑͛̽͛̊͋͑̃͠n̵̹̞̓̚o̵̢̧̞͙͚̗̝̾̈̊̎̆͒͒̐̔̏̓͐̕͝t̶̨̧̛̫̹͓̥̝͑̓͊̈̎̈́̆̚͠͝͝ ̴̛̫͎̼̭̟͛̅͐̍͝͝͠ͅş̷̧̩̬̟͎̞̣̻̮̺͛͌a̴͔̺͂͆f̵͓̻̂̅̈̑̓̀͠è̴̢̡̨̧̝̱̬͉͔̔̽̿̀̔͒͒̿̏͠ ̸̰̹̰̪̲̓̂d̴̢̢͍̹͖͍̥̞̺̻͔̰̜͎̓̂̌̈́͗̊̽̽̕͘ͅọ̶͈̾́̂͛̽̀̂̓̉̕n̴̡̻͎͚̱͕̏'̵̡̢̡̗͚̠̝̦̰̩̠̦̯̣̗͛̈̈́͗t̶̜̖͙̻̹̭̫͑̓̏ͅ ̵͚̗͍͇̺͖͍̝̺̓͊̇̃͑͊͌͆͑̂̿͘͜͝͠l̵̢̡̨̝͎̮̝͔̻̝͉̙̙͚̫͗̈͛͐̔͛̇̈̕͝ę̶̪̭̘̬̒͑̒̅̆͗͛͗͗ͅa̵̢̧͙̘͔̦̤̱͐́͗̊̈͆͝v̶̳̰̖̬̼̓̐͗͑͌͐́̆̌̐̍̀̕͝͝è̶͈̺̙͔̙̮̯͈̹̗̟̉͜ ̷̫̜̼͖̞͈̩̺̺͐́̈̔̌̄̎̉̑͛̕̚͝ͅm̷̠͎͊̈́̅͋͗̐͑͂͆̀̕e̷͖̱̘͙̦̣͒̽̍͑̀͒͛́̌̅͐̕͝͝ͅ ̴̨̼̞̥̤͚͍̅̐́̇̊͘m̸̢͓̯͇̩͚̪̺̳̒͐̈͒͂̿̈́ȍ̷̬̂͑͐̔m̶̨͈͓̺̖͉͇̪̬̖̲̙̂̎̀̎̊̋̀̓͊̓̾̍̚͝ͅm̴̛̰̼͙̻̣͚͉̙̖̟͌̈̓̂̀̋̾y̸͙̎́̑̉̅̃͆̀̾̌̉̋!̵̱̫̗̙̠̙͖̥̫̩͔̬̃̇̂̿́͗͝"̶̪̍͐̑] Devon cried but something was wrong with his voice and when Cathy turned back to him she shrieked as her precious baby seemed to be glitching between her baby, herself when she was little, and some weird demonic creature and at the sight of this Cathy let go of the creature and stumbled back into the girl's arms and suddenly they were transported to somewhere different.
Now Cathy and the Girl were now sitting on a loveseat in front of a TV that was showing a scary movie and Cathy looked around confused, they were alone. Suddenly Cathy felt something on her knee and she looked down seeing the Girl's hand sliding up her leg and Cathy's breath hitched and she immediately snatched the girl's wrist stopping her. [#CD7CFC “W-wh-what are you doing?”] she stuttered and the girl's eyes turned up in what Cathy assumed was a smile, seeing as the girl's mouth was still covered by the cloth, and it made Cathy shudder, but not in a bad way and the girl leaned into her ear. [#A95FAD “It's alright I don't mind your still the prettiest girl I've ever seen.”] The Girl purred, her voice sweeter then it had been when Cathy had heard her speak the few times at lunch, and Cathy shuttered again, but didn't stop the girl when she pushed her into a laying position and her hand continued moving up. Suddenly Cathy felt a darkness surround them and she pushed at the girl's chest when suddenly Cathy felt a stabbing pain and the dream went black.]
~{End Dream}~
Cathy woke up screaming and sat up in alarm her face covered in tears and she looked down seeing the cause of her pain and she got up and ran to the bathroom slamming the door behind her before she went and turned on the shower to full cold blast before stepping in and collapsing onto the ground of the tub, not wanting to see herself naked right now as she placed her hands over her face and cried while the cold water worked it's magic on her unwelcome pain, well more like unwelcome pain-in-the-ass.
[pic http://78.media.tumblr.com/3f28a408b4615917a7ee47edf06f5473/tumblr_ofm0zq6pSj1ugma4co3_540.jpg]
Kat had been working peacefully in silence when suddenly he heard a blood curdling scream that caused him to jump up in shock and he ran to the door just in time to hear Cathy slam the bathroom door and a moment later he heard the shower turn on followed by Cathy's sobs and he instantly knew what had happened and cringed lightly, before he went to Cathy's room and grabbed her phone and called up her father, since he needed some information before he went to comfort his friend. It was only a few minutes later that Kat was knocking on the bathroom door. [#7CADFC “Hey Cathy it's me can I come in? I have your antiandrogen.”] he said then waited a moment until he heard her say yes then he entered, handed Cathy her pill and sat down on the toilet lid until she was ready to talk.
[#CD7CFC “Thank you Kat... H-how did you know I needed my pill?”] she asked as she shakily turned off the water and stood up opening the curtain to where Kat was waiting with a towel and she just stared at him waiting for his answer and Kat smiled lightly before wrapping the towel slowly around Cathy and started to dry her off, and warm her up carefully as though she was made of glass. [#7CADFC “I heard you scream then saw you run into the bathroom and it wasn't hard to recognize the signs after that, but... seeing as I'm not... well I then called your dad and asked what pills you usually take and he said that this shouldn't have happened if you took your pill everyday and so I then looked through your bag until I found the bottle and then came to find you.”] Kat said as he wrapped the towel around Cathy then slowly scooped her up into a princess carry before walking back to her room and helped her change out of her cold clothes.
Cathy just watched Kat as he did this not really having the energy to fight back since this wasn't the first time Kat has seen her naked, so she just let him dress her then carry her into his room where he laid her on his bed, grabbed his personal hairbrush, and laid down next to her and pulled her onto his lap so she could get warm before lightly starting to brush her hair. Cathy sighed and relaxed into Kat her eyes drooping again, [#CD7CFC “I'm sorry to make you deal with me Kat dad was right this wouldn't have happened if I would just remember to take my pill, but when I got pregnant with Devon I couldn't take it while he was growing or while I was breast-feeding and then after his dad took him the depression just set in and well I had no reason to fantasize... but now... god I feel so stupid and it's all that girl's fault.”] Cathy sobbed and Kat stopped brushing and pulled Cathy closer hugging her until she cried herself to sleep and Kat sighed before placing his brush on his end table, shifting into his panther form, and wrapped himself around Cathy growling low to mimic a purr and closed his eyes wondering if Cathy was talking about the girl from campus that she claimed had been following them, but either way he knew he would have to keep a closer eye on Cathy because as she protected his secret he felt it only fair to protect hers.

The next morning was sluggish for the two as they had slept through dinner so both had a big breakfast before heading off to school and both were so wrapped up in their own thoughts and sleepiness that they failed to pay much attention to the area around them.
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[size12 As if [i Once More] had been activated from a certain video game series, the [b Bratty] Spitfire continued tossing around her misguided accusations. And frankly he couldn't stand it any longer. She's beyond just pissing him off now. In fact, she's already beneath his thick skin. Through veins and molten blood—[u that bitch] has clenched his soul.]

[size12 Because of her, his grin falters. Those translucent tendrils of steam return. His glasses reflect contempt.]

[size12 [b He wants her dead.]]

[size12 Although teeny, insignificant victories would have to do instead. For [b That Bitch] had been knocked away from her perch. Onto her problematic ass by the red-haired, ever-changing Adonis. It's not enough of course, but fuck it. Jaechar's features twisted into a priggish sneer nevertheless.]

[size12 His rising passion is thoroughly quelled.]

[size12 What's left is laughter, stifled laughter. Perhaps if [i Adonis] hadn't granted him, them, such a look of disdain—the whole situation could've ended differently.]

[size12 [i He wouldn't be standing by his lonesome.] Saaya had left, leaving a trail of choice words and a promise to see him again. Later. When all their classes had been dealt with, nothing less, nothing more. He hums, soon placing his cherish headphones back where they belonged; his ears. The melodic sound of Giovanni Viotti cradles him.]

[size12 After observing her best friend's 'tail-chasing' and professors falling dangerously below her standards, Saaya's disappointed. This Academy would be the death of her mental state. Because dealing between inept lessons and a moronic walking torch... Her budding future felt unreachable. Which left the foulest of tastes in her mouth.]

[size12 And speaking of hotheaded morons—Where was hers? Did he forget about their agreement to meetup behind the school? Or did somehow stumble upon those two again? Whatever the case might be, if he's not here by the next ten minutes, he'll be high tailing it home alone.]
  Saaya / Pucelle / 277d 18h 14m 46s
Cathy had sensed something before she saw it, and it caused her to jump up immediately looking at the ground and she watched the girl from before approach and Cathy's whole body tensed as she stared at the girl, who was now hissing at her and Cathy bared her fangs again, but didn't move as she just glared at the other female. This went on for a moment before the boy arrived and with his presence Cathy managed to snap out of the trance she was in with the girl and hopped to a lower branch hissing, praying Kat wouldn't awaken. [#CD7CFC “Did you freaks seriously follow us here? What don't you understand about GET LOST! Go pick on someone else.”] she growled before some movement caught her eye and she looked over at Kat who was staring at her lazily with his tail moving ever so slightly, and she frowned as he got up and balanced on the branch before hopping down and sitting just under her, completely ignoring their new 'friends' as he stretched up on hind legs and used his paw to bat at Cathy's head. [#CD7CFC “Kat! Ow don't hit me with your paw.”] she said but he did it again causing her to fall out of the tree and onto her butt which made her face go bright red. [#CD7CFC “Kat! What the Hell?!”] she cried and Kat merely grabbed their bags then went over to Cathy, who was now standing up, and put his head between her legs and sliding her until he was on her back and Cathy couldn't help but yelp as her face turned even more red and she tried hard to keep her skirt from flipping up and not fall off her friend.
Kat looked over at their new stalkers and gave them the stank eye before snapping at the boy's outstretched hand and bounding off to Cathy's next class where he shifted into the form of a [http://moziru.com/images/drawn-wallpaper-cute-anime-cat-3.jpg tiny black kitten] and slept in her pocket until it was time for his own class.
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[size12 Freak? Whelp. It's official. This chick would be on his shit-list to infinity and beyond. [i Forever.] Such a bratty attitude always made him feel all hot and bothered. In fact, his blood's boiling. It's barely visible because of the lunchroom's air conditioner, but there's wisps of steam rising from his exposed arms. If only his bubblegum bitch hadn't been so keen beforehand—he'll be attacking this [i wittle spitfire]. Just for a quick taste of her ward.]

[size12 So it's very, very unfortunate when the entire mood is marred by an obnoxious bell. Jaechar huffs, furiously. Which transforms into a gentle sigh. The mysterious redhead seemed rather embarrassed.]

[size12 When another minor display of abilities is bestowed by a simple shifting of forms, Saaya pinches the bridge of her nose. [#7ca550 "What's the matter, Honey?"] His tone is mocking. He already knew her answer and why she's displeased. Nevertheless, and completely expected from someone with her Type-Bitch Attitude, she responds. [#a050a5 "Such presumptuous behavior. It is disgusting."] [#7ca550 "Like your mouth?"] All motion around them fades. His mindless retort dissolved every ounce of her perfect facade. The horrible resonating noise of bones breaking caught his attention before she fled.]

[size12 For a single solidarity moment, he's drowning in his own fears. Of her, and the terrible things she could create through muscle, skin, bone. All of her existence. She's dangerous. A danger to everyone here because of [i his stupidity].]

[size12 [b He pushed her berserk button.]]

[size12 There must be some God or higher being watching over him, or his overall shitty luck had selected university to be his safety zone—his next Orientation meetup isn't active until later. Just enough time then. His body goes into overtime and he began searching for Saaya.]

[size12 Strangely, he found her outside, standing beneath a cluster of trees. Her back's to him. Good. An opening. [b Just]—he steadily prowls forward—[b Gotta]—closer and closer—[b Be]—almost there, just a couple more inches—[b Silent!] And the situation would become chaotically peaceful again. That's until he's hyper aware of a certain someone nearby. A shit-eating grin stretches across his face, and he abruptly glomps Saaya from behind and randomly points at a tree. [#7ca550 "LOOK! It's the Spitfire!"]]

[size12 Too bad he's ignoring the growls of his companion.]
  Jaechar / Pucelle / 280d 10h 46m 1s
Cathy hissed at the boy's condescending tone and watched him make another move towards Kat and she went to hit him when the girl intervened again telling her to back down due to being in public, and with a quick glance around she noticed they were drawing an audience and she cursed under her breath and retracted her teeth, [#CD7CFC “Why don't you take your freak here and get the fuck away from us?”] Cathy hissed at the girl still refusing to move from her spot. Thankfully though at that moment the bell for end of first lunch rang and Kat looked up from his sketchbook and glanced around confused then turned seeing Cathy standing behind him. [#7CADFC “Hey what's going on?”] he asked and Cathy flipped the two off before heading back to her spot to grab her bag and tray. [#CD7CFC “Nothing come on let's get out of here this place suddenly filled up with assholes.”] she said and Kat glanced around at the people gathering and his face heated as he nodded quickly putting his sketchbook away and then he got up and followed Cathy shifting himself into the form of a [https://78.media.tumblr.com/1820a5968c529585e24892c5526809a3/tumblr_p5gv24rxFY1ugma4co1_540.jpg small child] to squeeze between legs without risking his face being seen.
Once they were outside they headed towards a more privet area of campus and Cathy flopped down on some grass under a tree while Kat returned to his normal size and sat down next to her moving his legs close to his chest. [#7CADFC “Can I ask what that was all about?”] he asked and Cathy groaned lightly. [#CD7CFC “It was nothing Kat just some assholes thinking it'd be fun to pick on the freshman... ugh some people need to grow up we're in university for fucks sake.”] she said and Kat sighed before he pulled out his phone to check the time the next part of his orientation started in an hour, so he set an alarm, set his backpack up against the tree, then shifted into the form of a [https://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com/eeba5768d5ecd97db08905fb0649603d/http://i177.photobucket.com/albums/w233/Jen_Chan2008/anime%20animals/a-black-panther-10629.jpg panther] and hopped into the tree and flopped over one of the bigger branches deciding to take a small nap. Cathy watched her friend and smiled before, grabbing their bags and climbing up after him, unfortunately she only had half an hour until her next orientation so after securing the bags to a nearby branch she settled herself on a branch just above Kat and pulled out her phone and headphones and played a few rhythm games until it was time for her class to start, being sure to keep a lookout for any particular assholes.
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[size12 It appears they have encountered a wild spitfire. All in her livid prestige. There's just one slight problem with this chick acting all tough and shit. She's short, smaller than them both. Hench she's striking as much fear as a ruffled Pomeranian. He could pinch her [i adorable] cheeks. But fuck that. There's a better treat she's blocking.]

[size12 [#7ca550 "Hey, you're cute and all for a pint-size shrimp,"] the level of condescension in his voice could have rivaled Saaya's bitchiness. [#7ca550 "But I have greener, eh, redder pastures over yonder."] Upon allowing the last syllable to escape his mouth, Jaechar finally makes another move. Just as he's about to step around the spitfire—as per usual, someone stops him.]

[size12 He granted Saaya a glance full of malice, and curiosity. Why did she stop again? There's no reason, right?]

[size12 [#a050a5 "Are you daft?"] Saaya's muffled voice is thick, moist, but most of all; annoyed. [#a050a5 "Lower your fangs. We're in public."] Fangs? Both his eyebrows raise from confusion. Did she seriously mean this girl...?]
  Jaechar / Pucelle / 280d 13h 33m 46s
After finishing their talk about orientation Katashi took out his sketchbook and placed it in front of him, then taking the pencil out from behind his ear he started sketching almost instantly going into his artist mode and Cathy sighed and leaned her head on her hand watching him, she had always loved watching him draw ever since they were little because he always seemed to glow when it happened. Cathy quietly watched him sipping at her Blood Substitute pouch and let her mind wander a bit, well at least until she sensed someone approach the table, and looking over she immediately bristled watching a random boy reach for Kat's hair, but before she could get up the female the guy was with grabbed his wrist and told him to stop. Taking the boy's moment of resistance Cathy stood up and stood in between Kat and the boy growling softly with her arms crossed and glaring daggers at both of them.
[#CD7CFC “Can I help you with something?”] she hissed sharpening her vampire fangs to make herself look as threatening as possible. Of course Kat was completely oblivious to what was happening being to focused on his drawing.
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