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__**"I know you don't believe me. I don't care. Just listen"**__

All around the world, strange claims were once common. At first, scientists and doctors assumed it was mass hysteria. Reports were flying in about spontaneous fainting, and the sufferers were adamant that they'd been to heaven. Irregardless of religious beliefs, the description was always heavenly, always Ethereal. Wispy golden clouds, puffy floors and soft, cooling rains. A castle in the sky.

Of course, no one would ever believe the lunatics who said this. It was absolutely insane. Eventually, there were only 4 people who refused to believe the doctor's diagnoses. Left to suffer in silence, they began to await the release of sleep, of fainting, and going to Ethereal. It was their heaven.

And, slowly, they began to see each other there. No longer alone in their heaven, the group would meet up and talk about life. About their so-called 'conditions' and how their families and acquaintances had abandoned them, or accepted them. This small gathering was something the members relied on to make it through every day.

But, day by day, each person would begin to lose consciousness more and more often. And Ethereal turned into a hell. Of course, it was still that same old candyfloss castle, but something was odd. Paranoia crept up on anyone visiting, and strange, melancholic tones could be heard in the background. The rain was no longer soft, but pouring, wild, and heavy. The clouds of their heaven were grey, and lighting flickered constantly.

The group were left in a stormy world, and longed for the once-heaven to be returned to them. This roleplay is about them delving into the mysteries of Ethereal, and their desperate attempts to move back to the past.



Name: Kei Amura

Nickname : Patch

Age: 19

Sex: Female

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Species : Dhampir

Current Residence: Naha, Okiahara

Occupation: Writer for a international online click bait news site

Backstory: {To be revealed through roleplay and updated periodically so everything remains a surprise}

Name: Valeria "Val" May

Nickname: Mayfair

Age: 20

Sex: Female

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Species: Human

Current Residence: Nevada, USA

Occupation: Courier

Backstory: Born to a high-class household, Valeria felt like she was suffocating in all the fine dining, outrageous parties and etiquette sessions. At age 16, she began an affair with a guy at her school, and got pregnant, eventually deciding on an abortion. Her parents, ashamed of her choice, disowned her, resulting in her jumping from town to town, selling the only thing she had: herself. It’s only when she met the twins, Anne and Jacob Opal, and began to live with them that she was able to start putting her life back together. They accept her "condition", and their kindness makes her hesitant to tell them about the paranoia and worries she has over the Ethereal.

Name: Lillie

Nickname : Lillie

Age: Due to her absorbing the souls of her deceased troll parents, she has a mind of a 13 year old but she is 7

Sex: Female

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual, Demisexual

Species : Human, Troll

Current Residence: The Doodlesphere

Occupation: Universe Traveler

Backstory: Lillie was the aftermath of a long war between the humans and trolls , yet she doesn't know this. She fell into the Underground at age 2 . She was injured and thrown to Snowdin Forest to freeze and bleed to death by Flowey. She was soon found by Gamzee Makara and Tavros Nitram, and was kept hidden until four humans - John Egbert, Rose Lalonde, Jade Harley, and Dave Strider - came into the Underground and killed the rest except Sollux Captor and Aradia Megido. Her universe was destroyed thanks to those humans, but Lillie was rescued by Ink!Sans and became a universe traveler with him.

Any other details: She eats sopor pills constantly so she won't realize what happened around her.
Her strife specibus is Clubkind/Lancekind and her fetch modus is a mixture of Miracle and Stack Modi.

Name: Hijiri Ishida

Nickname: Dr. Ishida

Age: 32

Sex: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Species : Human

Current Residence: Nanjo, Okinawa

Occupation: Doctor

Backstory: Hijiri was one of the first doctors in the Okinawa Prefecture to identify and begin treating the epidemic known as the Ethereal. Spending all his days and nights in the hospital where he treated people who were both happy and reluctant to be tended to, he and many other doctors managed to "cure" all patients that sought medical attention. Although managing to control the general mass who were diagnosed with the "illness" that caused these ethereal sightings, there were still four individuals who refused treatment for the mental illness that he sought to help.

Name: Nathaniel Delacour

Nickname: [Revealed during RP]

Age: 23

Sex: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Species : Elven

Current Residence: New York City

Occupation: [Unknown]

Backstory: As a child, Nathaniel was sheltered and protected. He was often seen as herald of his family, and as he grew, kept his attitude. He's somewhat of a Napoleonic figure, who lets power consume him easily. He's hotheaded and brash about certain matters, and believes he is above most others, due to his social class. He tends to speak his mind rather rudely, but once he becomes acquainted with somebody, he is known to be somewhat kind, and often quite attentive. He does, however, have a greedy side to him, and will cut ties with others for his own self-benefit.

Other notes: 5'10", 156 lbs. Nathaniel's voice is a deeper pitch, with a somewhat intriguing tone. He has a slight trace of an accent in his voice, somewhere between Russian and French.


+ I haven't roleplayed in a while , so I feel like around 500 characters is fair

+ **Please** tell me if you aren't going to be able to post, as I'd like posts around every week or every other week.

+ I would prefer animated/cartoon-ish pictures, however photographs are OK too. Just try and choose lesser used ones

+ In case you weren't sure there will be **no God modding**. If you want to do something to another character, and say it directly then **ask the owner of that character**

+ If you'd rather, you can create a character other than one from the group of four, but please tell me your concept for them in a PM before filling out a skeleton.

+ There will be romance, but **NO CYBERING**. Time skips will occur, or if the two character owners are __very__ stubborn, take it away from young eyes

RP Notes:

+ Avoid explaining the creation of Ethereal, though you can feel free to speculate

+ If you are planning on taking major action, please let me (Existential) and anyone else involved just for referance

+ Before your first post, PM [Gengar, the doctor]( to let them know whether your char would attend the weekly checkups on your condition. Don't feel forced to go if it doesn't fit your char, though I recommend it.

That's about it! We'll figure out posting order in whichever order you can all make your first ones done, and adjust it if needed. Just jump right in!


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Roleplay Responses

Nathaniel looked out upon the world of Ethereal in modest content. He felt something...something different. He had felt this presence before, as if somehow...his subjects were becoming more compliant with him. They respected him, and even came to enjoy his rulings. He didn't understand why, but he accepted it all the same. The more power he had, the closer his dreams would be. He aspired for years to be the sole ruler of Ethereal, and at this moment...the opportunity was closer than ever. He turned to his maidservant and commanded her, "Leah, you are to retrieve General Adminius at once and send him before me. The time has commence attacks. Soon, I shall be the sole ruler of Ethereal. No more shall I be known as 'Lord Delacour'...I will be a KING." At this, the woman bowed and rushed out of the room at once. He turned back towards the large windows of his manor and laughed to himself, imagining how surprised the forces of Eastern Ethereal would be. "Ah, Lukas...if only your subjects weren't so resilient. I would have you in my grasp all the easier. No matter...soon, all will bow to me. And nobody will resist the almighty King Nathaniel Delacour." He sneered at the faraway and peaceful lands of Eastern Ethereal, with all of it's sheer joy and glory. He balled his fists as he cursed their retched king. "How dare he! I, his closest ally, have been sent to inhabit only the darkest regions of Ethereal, and Lukas spends his time in the...that oversized cotton ball of a castle, with it's fancy domes and-and it's golden lining. I SHOULD BE KING!" Once he yelled this, he slammed his fist into the hard glass of the window and spat out in hate, "Mark my words, 'king', I will have your head. And all that was once yours will belong to ME."
  Nathaniel Delacour / GalacticVenom1 / 1y 1d 10h 7m 39s

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