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"I got a few hours, got to pick up my brother from school at 4 then see if I got time to get groceries", she says as she stood up, standing 6'4" and grabbed her bag and got in the car, pulling out her wallet "I got...$53 dollars and about.....64 coupons", she mumbled.
Ya I don't really care if it is I plan on taking it and getting a car that's not so damn expensive to pay for that's what I'm going to do right now I don't know what you're doing but you can join if you like I can at least get to know one of my neighbor's
  John / splitter27345 / 233d 10h 51m 27s
"That thing is gonna be on cement blocks by nightfall", she says as she sat on the steps as she pulled out a joint and started to roll it out, gunshots in the distance.
Looks at her "well it's all I got "opens the garage door and turns on his car and opens the door and backs out in a Chevy Camaro"if you think my clothes are bad take a look at my ride "
  John / splitter27345 / 233d 11h 2m 52s
Laughs "thats gonna be kinda hard since this is a small neighborhood and shit travels fast around here", she says then noticed his clothes "id stop wearing the fancy clothes", she added.
His parents hand him his keys "ok after I get my stuff in and ready I go to that job I got hired for to make sure I have to work tomorrow" looks over at the girl "hi looks like we're going to be nighbors so keep your sit to your self I don't need it "
  John / splitter27345 / 233d 11h 11m 40s
She stomped out the cigarette out on the porch, telling her siblings bye then seen somebody who owed her money "hey asshole, you owe me $400",she yelled, having a thick Irish accent, the guy flicking her off
John get out of the passenger side door and steps onto the ground and looks around sighs " aw man is these what we have to live in now man" looks at his parents " why is it that I have to live here by my self and you two have to move away hu aw nevermind just get my things inside and go where's my keys to my car" then looks over and sees the girl next door
  John / splitter27345 / 233d 11h 21m 57s
She walled onto her rickety porch dressed in a black shirt that 'fuck you, you fucking fuck' in big white letters, dirty and ripped blue jeans and dirty red Converse, her short hair styled in a faux Hawk and was wearing a gold chain around her neck and slung her bag over her shoulder as she seen a moving truck and squinted her eyebrows confused.

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