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Greylands, is only a small region of the survivors outside the walls.
Dystopia is the city in the wastes here.
It's being teroized by wasteland raiders.

There are 5 sections to [b Dystopia]
[u Uridum] , the Black Market/bad side of the scrap city. Lead by Tadeo
Underling is Sayaka
However Alexis also runs a lot of the trade going on here, so if anything happened to Tadeo or Sayaka she'd be in charge.

[u Housing], most people live here. Lead by Ramona
Has no underling yet

[u The Markets], Legal fair trade. Lead by Soruku
Underling is Kanno

[u The Arenas], fighting/dispute handling here. Lead by Gareth
Underling is Tristan

[u Utopia], sacred living forest taken over the city. Kareem
Underling is Kareena

Asena is the Wolf Mother, who oversees all sections and makes sure everything remains in peace.
Asena has two underlings Aelina and Katashi
Making sure the 5 always come to an agreement best for all the people, the truest remaining democracy in the world.

Arthur is a stranger who just wants a meal, got dragged into the city after intervening in a fight at the border.

Uridum is the only place outside trade is accepted. The internal legal markets are for city residents only.
Each resident granted permission for entrance past Uridum, gets a badge they can wear.

[b The Raiders]
Mostly populated by Men, with some exceptions. The whore house, and their leader Astrid.
Astrid came to be in charge after a brutal murder to the Raiders former leader.
Ishimotai, who wields Flashing Steel, is the man Astrid looks to the most for jobs to be done. Technically her underling in a sense.

[b Wasteland Monsters]
Aelina is in charge of organizing these attacks and keep track of the surrounding wild of the wastes.

[u Rank F:] Despite the name these beasts are dangerous in their own right. Only a handful of Asena's troops can handle these without a large unit. These beasts surpass usual human limits even those affected by the virus.

[u Rank D:] Taking larger hunting groups to take on. Sayaka, Tadeo, Aelina, Alexis, Katashi are often forced to take a squad to handle these beasts.

[u Rank C:] This requires not only one of Asena's top soldiers to lead a squad but two each fitted with a squad.

[u Rank B:] Three squads led by capable captains.

[u Rank A:] Requiring Asena's top five to gather a squad each to pursue the beast. Do not approach alone.

[u Rank S:] Asena herself must call the elders to offer a battalion with her at the lead of the army. As well as her top soldiers by her side usually a peril to the entire town. Can even require hiring multiple sellswords.

[u Rank Unknown:] Some beast are too strong to be held at even the S Rank. In these cases of an evolved beast, it's best to tell the elders and talk about migrating from the area as a whole. Many tribes have either been forced to move or be wiped out otherwise. These beasts are even rarer than S rank beast luckily and usually keep to themselves.


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Roleplay Responses

[center [h3 Tada Indeed!]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAFlMpmauXI]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/236x/71/8e/20/718e20a57294f6ec45531536cbaad3c9.jpg]]

[center [b He had smiled hearing her say in her native language something along the lines of a thank you? No welcome he was always welcome! Arthur wasn't a studious type but he tried to remember this specific bit of knowledge at least. It was than she had taken him too Ramona as he gave a nervous chuckle and a smile as he gently waved.]]

[center [+brown Yo! So what's in store boss? Oh Katashi! I'm fine! I might not look it but I'm plenty sturdy! Oh wait running?! That sounds great!]]

[center [b He smiled nodding as he listened to his boss give him a bit of instruction. She had told them to go ahead she would catch up. Katashi had offered to eat with him. With a wide and beaming grin Arthur nodded.]]

[center [+brown Yeah! Food always taste better with company! We won't be late for the meeting though right?]]

[center [h3 Open Forum?]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/jl31Bto.png]]

[center [b Alexis had stood on standby ready for whatever would take place. "Why isn't the new guy here?" she wondered but it wasn't long before she shook her head discarding the thought. "Open Forum" she heard she had nothing to say. It wasn't like it was rewarding to hop in these debates whatever they would decide she would enforce as long as it didn't put herself in danger. So she had felt little reason to interject and say much. Besides what was Asena hoping to talk about? It all seemed so vague was there unrest among the people? Perhaps cause of the raids? Possibly and she probably wanna know whats going on. If Alexis obtains any info she would report it but she wouldn't throw her own opinions into the fray.]]

[center [h3 Reporting In!]]

[center [b Asena had smiled brightly as Asena was getting straight to work she had nodded a bit. Stumbling over as she placed a few papers on the desk.]]

[center [#f2d618 Yes though most share it with me in confidence if I'm too be honest. Though I can't release many names they are finding themselves at ease with the lack of monsters around. Although... The raiders they want to know our plan of action or at least how much longer do they have to worry about them. I explained the situation is difficult but they grow with unrest of course many have faith in us I'm glad to report. That being said they are getting scared too they don't doubt we'll handle it. They just hope they'll be alive when we do.]]

[center [b Aelina reported a bit glum at the end before pounding her chest with a determined pout. She had held her salute firmly as she began to shout with vigor restored.]]

[center [#f2d618 I know however we will combat these threat with all that we have. I've reassured them they have nothing to worry about mam!]]

[center [h3 Bothersome]]

[center [pic http://pm1.narvii.com/6405/3e04da22b75718052494ed6ba228e35e09dddddb_hq.jpg]]

[center [+red No she didn't do an-]]

[center [b Before Tristan could even finished the man stormed off. Tristan had followed the aggressive male as he barged right in. He could hear a loud smack followed by the woman coming out with a bruise on her face. Tristan saw the purple tint as he growled gripping his fist. What in the hell was wrong with these people?! He had pinched her arm and Tristan had cut in smacking the horned males hand away looking at the male with fierce eyes.]]
[pic https://i.pinimg.com/736x/91/67/41/91674180b91045afe45ecb79658f27b3.jpg]

[center [b What was he doing? This... Wasn't his fight and why should he give a damn? She was part of this government too and last time he acted like a freedom fighter? He become a slave to these people either that or he was to be killed. He needed to think of an excuse quickly and than it hit him.]]

[center [+red Uhh.. Well sorry there was suspect of a possible raider with a shifting ability. I thought maybe you had attacked her under such a guise. Though with my cancelling ability I see your the real deal so that's my bad.]]

[center [b Though he said it with confidence letting his expression soften. he knew it was weak as lies go. Though it was better that than outright defying these people or worse getting involved. He had looked to the girl with a brief sigh rubbing the back of his neck. Damn it he didn't mean to cause her any grief.]]

[center [+red No you didn't do anything I just needed you for something. I'm sorry I got you in trouble I didn't think it through. I need to talk with you though.]]

[center [b Tristan didn't wait for her to reply he gripped her wrist and began to walk away. Though he was stern he hadn't tugged to roughly he needed to get her the hell away from that man. "Damn it Tristan so much for not getting involved" he had gotten out of sight before releasing her.]]

[center [+red So what I needed was a favor if that's okay. Gareth said if I spared with you and defeated Arthur in a Arena match he would-]]

[center [b Tristan had stopped looking at her if he shared that his goal was just to leave? Would she really help such a selfish goal? Or would she tell him fuck off? More likely the second.]]

[center [+red Umm.. I mean he may give me a promotion and I thought err.. I'd give it my best?]]

[center [b He said with a wince even pretending to be an eager student kinda hurt. As he gave a rather awkward forced smile and even more forced thumbs up to follow the strange awkward smile.]]

[center [h3 Early.. For Once]]

[center [pic https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/378800000654091398/f79fb6949a9643be2a8710cb565001fc.jpeg]]

[center [b Gareth had laughed and caught up with Aelina she was right he was hardly early. Well had to make things up to Asena right? He had taken a seat and already it was straight to business. Alexis had avoided the topic but Aelina a loyal knight as ever already had compiled what she could. Gareth had given a smile before a yawn.]]

[center [+blue Well the people should feel at ease with Aelina going around asking how they feel. How about you Asena? Lets talk about your feelings how are you?]]

[center [b Gareth had asked in a rather playful tone it was a playful jab that she always made things about the common folk. It wasn't a bad trait in a good leader some of the most heroic leaders in history believed in self sacrifice. Though there lives were usually cut short by that same creed and Gareth had hoped she was at least taking care of herself. Though he knew better than to hope for that she wasn't the type to do much of anything for herself. He gave a wry chuckle as he sat back in his chair laying his feet on the table.]]

[center [h3 Ooo Public Opinion! Fun!]]

[center [pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/dd55/f/2017/335/a/b/original_neko_girl_anime_render__96_by_clublion-dbvfxkd.png]]

[center [b Kanno yawned and Asena already was starting with such a "Fun" topic. This stuff wasn't really up her alley Soroko was already pulling out many pieces of paper to add with Aelina's. Kanno had just groaned hoping this wouldn't mean Asena would expect more from her too. So in an attempt to change the subject entirely she had added.]]

[center [+purple So like.. Where's the new guy? I hope he doesn't end up being late to his first meeting wouldn't that suck? Hehe~]]

[center [h3 Stoic Soroko]]

[center [pic https://static.zerochan.net/Rita.Mordio.full.735948.jpg]]

[center [b Soroko had given a bow as she presented Asena with as much info as she could. Though it wasn't much different than what Aelina had offered it was good to see differing variations of everybodys current fear and standpoint. Soroko had looked to Aelina with a quiet gaze before offering a soft monotone.]]

[center [+darkbrown Good job.]]

[center [#f2d618 Oh! Err... Me? You mean that? Wow um.. Thanks Soroko!]]

[center [+blue Wow you got even Soroko to praise you? Nice one kid!]]

[center [#f2d618 I-I'm not a kid! Though if thats your idea of a compliment than I suppose I should thank you sir Gareth.]]

[center [b She said with her nose in the air crossing her arms as Gareth gave a nod. He had ruffled her hair as she growled with a light blush smacking his hands. Soroko had noticed he was much like a father to the girl. Though her thoughts right now were to help advise Asena on the current events.]]

[center [+darkbrown I've always a few plans to handle the raiders here our pages of possible battle formations and teams to take if the time comes to strike. I believe it shouldn't be long before we find them but I have other formations in case they end up ambushing us instead.]]

[center [b She said as she began to sort through her papers ready to explain her plans in full detail if Asena should ask.]]

[center [h3 Mutations?]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/AkeHBCd.jpg]]

[center [b Not all the raiders here had special abilities but here was one already challenging him? Just from his initial attack Ishimotai was pleased by this boys strength. Ishimotai had stepped side to side at dizzying speeds as he purposely struck all the metal around the boys body. Causing so many strikes he begun to shake and vibrate the metal around the boys body adding in kicks among the slashes. As well a portion of the metal in the air had fallen to his flashes of steel. It had seemed almost an invisible slashes as the metal in a five feet diameter turned to dust. His blade had given him the sharpness needed for such a feat it wasn't just sharp it was a unique metal he created. He was sure however this boy had much more metal to create. Ishimotai however had already decided the male before him? Would be on the strike force no doubt about it.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size30 [center

  Arthur / Knight- / 160d 22m 17s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Vidaloka]

[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/9682d2205d2116236ae253fc80ac1509/tumblr_p4zws6CTpH1ucxjaeo4_500.png]
[Vidaloka Asena wasn't surprised to see many of them come early, especially after her agitation at the lateness of the others from the day before.]
[Vidaloka She sat quietly for a moment, she wouldn't start the real meeting till everyone was present. It wasn't her fault everyone else decided to come hours early. But still, they could maybe discuss something. She'll just have an open forum for talk. It's always good to know what the people are thinking and feeling.]

[Vidaloka [#F18E1E "So, for those of you who are present... let's have an open forum till the real meeting starts, no point in wasting time waiting in silence..."] she smiled a small, sly smile. [#F18E1E "Tell me what you guys have noticed, comments, concern, compliments...tell me what you know about how the people are feeling... open forum, any topics are welcome."]]

[Vidaloka Sitting forward in her chair, her elbows on the table, head propped up on her hands. The wolf womans ears point forward, ready to listen to whoever wanted to speak.]

[hr ]

[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/b1ddc001d78f14e5927a0ebee29da369/tumblr_p5clie9CYo1ucxjaeo2_400.png]
[Vidaloka Kareena smiled widely at his attempt to speak with her. She right now understood English better than she could speak it, but it helped he also spoke her language. [#20A217 "Good m-morning!"] she cheered, her speech still accent heavy, but distinguishable.]

[Vidaloka [#20A217 " انت دائما موضع ترحيب! "] She chirped and then stood up, she understood him, but didn't respond. Instead she took his hand and began to pull him out of Utopia. Mostly because she knew Ramona ran every morning with Katashi, she knew where'd they would be.]

[Vidaloka She ran, dragging him behind till she happened to run into the two. Stopping at skid she jumped and presented Arthur with a [#20A217 "Ta-da!"]]

[hr ]

[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/3b0526bc306d785d006837ecb378c4b1/tumblr_p4zws6CTpH1ucxjaeo3_400.png]
[Vidaloka Katashi normally would just laze around and smoke pipes with Ramona now, but today was a different morning. [#502896 "Hey we should go check on Arthur now."] Ramona nodded and agreed. Putting her pipe away, they turned and started to head towards Eden.]

[Vidaloka It wasn't long until they ran into Arthur, who was being dragged by the little Kareena. Katashi smiled at the girl's sillyness and ruffled her hair. [#502896 "Thank you Kareena."] the girl responded with a salute and then turned and marched back into Utopia. He guessed she had things to do. He smiled at Arthur [#502896 " Hey Arthur how ya feeling? You're awake! That's good."] jokingly he remarked to the boy.]

[Vidaloka He really was relieved to see the boy awake and looking rested well too. Gareth was lucky he didn't end up doing any permanent harm. Asena would've probably been pissed.]

[hr ]

[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/f65245fbf52a95077f4a8c05acf580b2/tumblr_p5clie9CYo1ucxjaeo3_400.png]
[Vidaloka Ramona smiled at Arthur [#F6C709 "Glad to see you're awake kid."] she patted his shoulder and smiled. Continuing on [#F6C709 "If you haven't ate yet, you should before the meeting, it's probably gonna be a long one...also now that you're all better, as my...underling? I guess... you should join Katashi and I on our morning runs starting tomorrow."] she smiled and nodded her head.]

[Vidaloka [#F6C709 "We run the whole city every morning, and every three days we carry well water to the housing and market districts, at the end of our run. Bright and early we start with the sun...so I hope you don't fancy sleeping in."] [#F6C709 "Just because we have the easier jobs around here, doesn't mean we get to slack. I am sure Gareth will wanna steal you a couple times a week for training too, which I won't mind. He could definitely show you somethings I can't, haha."] She was modest, she knew she wasn't as strong as Gareth. Not anymore anyway. Before the incident she used to be on par with Gareth and Asena. She was determined to get her strength back, but some days the scar still hurt.]

[Vidaloka Ramona looked between Katashi and Arthur. Now she'd smoke her pipe, pulling it out, it was already loaded. Flicking a match, she went ahead. [#F6C709 "I will catch you guys later, I am gonna do a morning round around the HD before I gotta head over to Asenas den."] with that she waved off, and stepped away. Leaving the two next to each other.]

[Vidaloka Katashi turned and asked [#502896 "Wanna go eat? I've already ate, but I will go with you so you don't have to eat alone."]]

[hr ]

[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/86e74a9be9b8e8258328b5931497c9a1/tumblr_p4zws6CTpH1ucxjaeo1_500.png]

[Vidaloka Tadeo could hear his sisters name being called through the streets, and he approached the voice. Another brat, Tristan. He had never seen the two talk to each other so why was he looking for her?]

[Vidaloka Tadeo approached Tristan, his usual scowl planted on his face. Crossing his arms, he looked eye level at the boy. [#DA3EBB "What did the little shit do now?"] immediately assuming Sayaka had done something wrong. He was always looking for an excuse to yell at her.]

[Vidaloka Tadeo nodded and didn't even let Tristan answer. [#DA3EBB "She's at the house now."] he turned and started barreling back to her empty clan house. Finding the girl sitting quietly eating breakfast. [#DA3EBB "What the fuck did you do now?"] he saw her look up in confusion [#2FE2E5 "I haven't don-"] he took her breakfast plate and tossed it to the floor. The glass shattered.]

[Vidaloka [#DA3EBB "Stop...lying. Why else would Tristan be looking for you?"] Her face contorted in even more confusion. Tadeo pulled her up to her feet from the chair. [#2FE2E5 "S-stop! I don't know why-"] she was smacked.]

[Vidaloka [#DA3EBB "Bullshit, you're always causing me trouble, if you were honest I wouldn't have to hit you."] Sayaka stumbled back and out the front door, Tadeo followed anger in his eyes.]

[hr ]

[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/bfb3ffa7b511a191203fb98c195380b6/tumblr_p4zws6CTpH1ucxjaeo2_400.png]
[Vidaloka Looking around after stumbling outside, she knew Tadeo wouldn't do anything to violent to her in public eye, but now her face was darker on one side than the other. A hand print where she was hit, the bruise on her forehead from earlier. She knew he wouldn't risk pushing it further. Asena had already threatened to kick him out if this continued.]

[Vidaloka Looking behind her she saw Tristan standing at the foot of her porch steps. Tadeo saw him too, and straightened up. [#DA3EEB "Ahem...Sayaka apologize... now."] He turned her around to make her face Tristan, pushing her to the edge of the stairs, so she was eye level with Tristan. Her face flushed, a dark gray purple tone spreading over her nose and cheeks.]

[Vidaloka [#2FE2E5 "But I-!"] Tadeo pinched the skin on her arm hard as she tried to protest. Sighing she gave up, and mustered out [#2FE2E5 "I-I am sorry?"] she wasn't sure what she was even apologizing for. Embarrassed and confused she kind of just looked away as Tadeo forced her to continue standing there until Tristan decided to speak.]

[hr ]

[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/bdca6c8627daf4df434b4d78484557db/tumblr_p5clie9CYo1ucxjaeo5_400.png]
[Vidaloka Astrid took a place outside to watch the brawl about to take place. She was impressed with the boys attitude. She was unsure how he would deliver free drinks, because it wasn't something she promised. That would be his own thing to figure out then.]

[Vidaloka Pulling a chair up, she turned it around and sat down on it. Straddling it she rested her arms on the top of the chair, and watched. [#BB0606 "Azazel...get me an ale."] she coo'd at her pet. Who scurried off and brought back a cup of ale about the same size as it's body.]
[Vidaloka [b "I should stop supporting your alcoholism."] She just snorted and rolled her eyes.]

[hr ]

[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/300c8a3336239a4132e345d19bc417b6/tumblr_pdq7mxEwdy1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

[Vidaloka Grimm was fairly pissed, the mutt boy got up and chased after the man who knocked his drink over. At first, he wasn't sure who did it, but when the man finally stopped and starting talking to them all, he recognized him. Astrids little errand boy. Ishimotai, looking behind him, Astrid wasn't 20 feet away watching.]

[Vidaloka Most were upset about having a female leader. Grimm wasn't mostly because she was just a viscous as any man here, and because she was smoking hot. This could be his opportunity to get her attention, and free drinks. His tail wagged a bit, as he began to unwrap the bandages on his hand. Metal scraps and bits already began to bend and move around the area. The crowd began to circle, and he there he stood.]

[Vidaloka He knew the boys thing was speed, and that deadly sword. He began to use the metal to form a rotating shield of moving metal pieces around his body. This could give him some advantage against trikes. [#E28A26 "Let's go."] he smirked confidently. Making sure all the sharp pieces pointed out towards the male he was challenging.]
  Mayyhem / 229d 11h 24m 15s
[center [h3 Good Morning Dystopia!]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/236x/71/8e/20/718e20a57294f6ec45531536cbaad3c9.jpg]]

[center [b Arthur had woken up his wounds seemed to be doing all better! He had walked out to see he wasn't in his home. He must have been taken care of all night he had]]

[center [+brown Thanks Kareena! Oh my god I'm starving! Oh, wait I'm supposed to be working today aren't I? Is there a meeting or something I should get to? Wait a second... I stayed here all night? Oh wow... I'm super sorry about that!]]

[center [b He looked at the young girl. He had realized she might not speak English very well.]]

[center [+brown Umm should I repeat that in your language? I'm not exactly a master of it but I think... I could manage...]]

[center [+brown شكرا جزيلا لرعايتي.]]

[center [b He had a terrible English accent added through out the sentence and even slurred out a bit but hopefully she understood.]]

[center [+brown Where do I find Ramona? I wonder what I should be doing...]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/jl31Bto.png]]

[center [b Meanwhile Alexis was already at the meeting with Asena. She had wondered... If that man was doing well? Well if he wasn't he had Gareth and himself to blame not her. She had sat by herself it wasn't like her to show up so early was it? That man... Flashing Steel had her on edge. She wanted the raiders to be handled as quickly as possible and she hoped Asena had a plan to do that.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/ECr3mlq.jpg]]

[center [#f2d618 Asena! Reporting for duty!]]

[center [b The clumsy knight saluted a bit awkwardly before letting out a small nervous chuckle. Adjusting her armor she saluted trying to maintain a more composed salute this time. Of course, Aelina had showed up rather eager as usual.]]

[center [pic http://pm1.narvii.com/6405/3e04da22b75718052494ed6ba228e35e09dddddb_hq.jpg]]

[center [b Tristan had looked through town with a soft sigh as he rubbed the back of his neck.]]

[center [+red Where the heck do I get this over with?]]

[center [b He was looking for Sayaka, he could maybe sneak a few hours of practice with her. Would she lie for him maybe? Said they'd spar? He could cancel Soroko's power to hide the fact but it'd be fishy. Maybe he'd just go ahead and do it he didn't have to put all his effort right? She wouldn't rat on him for hardly trying right? Well, he didn't know that truth be told he hardly knew her. He had grunted and gave up the subtle approach as he began to shout her name in the crowd. His voice gruff and scratchy as he yelled at her name people in the crowd had avoided her. Mothers had pulled their children away as he went around shouting for her name. He looked around and had stopped causing such a commotion sure he wasn't a fan of the government but he didn't feel the same way about the common folk. He had always sided with them in fact so he offered a meager apology before heading out again looking for her.]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/736x/cc/d1/9b/ccd19bf9b6918bb2e7a80ee7c872ed04.jpg]]

[center [b Gareth had entered the war room to greet Asena with a wave. Giving a stretch as he popped his back from his hard day of work cleaning up yesterday.]]

[center [#f2d618 You don't usually come in so early Gareth!]]

[center [b Aelina chippered as he ruffled her hair with a soft chuckle.]]

[center [+blue Well I honestly just wanna handle these raiders as soon as possible. So what's the plan Asena?]]

[center [pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/dd55/f/2017/335/a/b/original_neko_girl_anime_render__96_by_clublion-dbvfxkd.png]]

[center [b Kanno had wandered through town looking for something to kill some time. Wagging her tail side to side. She had heard a... Noise? A name? Oh, it was Tristan? "He's calling for Sayaka?"]]

[center [+purple Fufufuf~ Oh this should be good.]]

[center [b Kanno had decided to silently tail the tall male.]]

[center [pic https://static.zerochan.net/Rita.Mordio.full.735948.jpg]]

[center [b Soruko had stood beside Asena ready to take any notes that she and her soldiers would have to offer.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/AkeHBCd.jpg]]

[center [+darkgreen All right men line up! I know your all upset about your drinks but I got a proposition for you! Whoever takes me down will be given free drinks from now on! Don't bother coming one at a time and don't bother with non-lethal force. This is the time to show this camp what you are capable of!]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b Sorry this post was a lot weaker than usual. Writer's block I'll be good by next post ><]]
  Arthur / Knight- / 288d 2h 42m 59s
[Google-Font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Vidaloka]

[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/9682d2205d2116236ae253fc80ac1509/tumblr_p4zws6CTpH1ucxjaeo4_500.png]
[Vidaloka Asena half smiled, when Soruko gave her the meal ticket. The girl always knew all her secrets. Admittedly sometimes that concerned her, but other times... it was a relief. To know at least someone without a doubt was on her side, someone understood and knew the thoughts running through her mind.]

[Vidaloka Asena had things to do before she went to bed. Visiting Riuku and her holed up spies underground to make sure they had plenty of supplies still. They did.]

[Vidaloka On her way back to her cabin she passed her meal ticket to a worker who seemed to have just gotten of the last late shift. She said nothing, just placed it in their hand and kept walking. Despite them trying to stop her and give it back. While it was a kind gesture of Soruko, Asena would be fine. The weakest needed to eat more, so they could be stronger.]

[Vidaloka Once in her cabin she sat down on a large pillow and began to mediated. Her wolves joining her, each at her side. She owned three which stayed in the house, but more of them throughout the wastes were hers too.]

[Vidaloka The next morning, she was early to rise. Claiming her free meal, she had one of every food group on her plate. Breakfast was the most important. Plus, she'd have to make sure to get every vitamin in during the only times she allowed herself to eat.]

[Vidaloka Now today, again much like yesterday she'd wait for everyone to be in her office. They all had till noon, till then she was preparing the plan. Revising and reviewing everything to a perfectionist standard.]

[hr ]

[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/3b0526bc306d785d006837ecb378c4b1/tumblr_p4zws6CTpH1ucxjaeo3_400.png]
[Vidaloka [#502896 "Don't you worry about it. Kareena will take care of you. I will see you tomorrow pal."] He reassured Arthur as Kareena was working her magic. ]

[Vidaloka With that he left, and made his way to his quarters, an apartment within housing. It wasn't huge, but he didn't need a lot of space. Besides a roof, was better than no roof. He too meditated before bed, but that was just to help his body. Healing so quickly took a toll on him, and while he was used to it at this point, he still needed to make sure he kept himself loose and relaxed. Hence the meditation.]

[Vidaloka The next morning, he was up at dawn. Weekly run with Ramona, he met her outside. Neither of them were morning people, so they had a silent agreement to not speak till AFTER the run. He stretched his legs with her, before the two lined up and started running side by side.]

[hr ]

[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/f65245fbf52a95077f4a8c05acf580b2/tumblr_p5clie9CYo1ucxjaeo3_400.png]

[Vidaloka The woman panted, as Katashi panted next to her. They'd lap the entire city. A full sprint around each circling section. Stopping at the entrance to Utopia. Kareem waited there with four buckets of the purified well water. Ramona stopped right at the grass edge, just like Katashi. He always ran next to her, even though she knew he could run [i much] faster than her. They did this to stay fit.]

[Vidaloka [#F6C709 "Morning Kareem, thanks for bringing the water out."] She mumbled softly, as her chest heaved. [#F7B374 "Man you are getting old, look at you panting..."] She rolled her eyes and gave Kareem a punch to the shoulder, which he took. [#502896 "It's not her fault, I made her run faster than usual today."] Ramona hadn't even noticed they had been running faster. Was she getting faster again?]

[Vidaloka For months, after the incident...When she saved Asena from...She shook her head. The accident didn't matter anymore...It was an accident right? Either way, after months of little to no progress, was she really running faster with no pain? She smiled a little bit. Maybe she could fight again someday.]

[Vidaloka [#F6C709 "How is Arthur? Kareena fixed him all up?"] [#F7B374 "She most definitely did, but it wiped the poor girl out, so I am letting her sleep in till it's meeting time...so a few more hours."] Ramona nodded and then grabbed two of the buckets. [#F6C709 "Well, let's take the water to market, and then grab breakfast then Katashi."]
The boy nodded and grabbed the other two buckets.]

[Vidaloka Off they went, each carrying two of the forty pound water buckets. They'd drop them all off in the market, so people could have fresh water to drink with their food throughout the day. [#502896 "Well well our run and chores are done. Let's grub."]]

[Vidaloka They got some dim sum, two baskets each. Ramona ate a basket, and Katashi ate a basket. They gave the rest out to people walking the street. They both understand they had more funds and standing than the people who just happened to live in the city. So they'd share their wealth. This was there whole routine, they did this once a week with each other. Now they'd just laze around till Noon.]

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[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/86e74a9be9b8e8258328b5931497c9a1/tumblr_p4zws6CTpH1ucxjaeo1_500.png]
[Vidaloka Tadeo groaned, he rolled over only to fall over on the floor. He mumbled, remembering in his drunken state last night he came and slept here. Because his clan house was too loud, and Sayaka being the last of her clan, her house was always quiet. He broke the lock years ago, so she could never lock him out.]

[Vidaloka Pushing himself off the floor, he went into the runts kitchen. Breakfast. Opening every cabinet he found she kept nothing in her kitchen. Why? Didn't she eat? Was she only ever eating out? Not like he cared.]

[Vidaloka Leaving he went to the market in Uridum, grabbing the rare and exotic imported foods. He went back to Sayakas house and made breakfast. Banging on her door, he grumbled. [#DA3EBB "Wake up Brat."]]

[Vidaloka He hit on her door even harder, and continued too until she opened it.]

[hr ]
[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/bfb3ffa7b511a191203fb98c195380b6/tumblr_p4zws6CTpH1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

[Vidaloka Sayaka woke up to a loud banging on her door. Getting up she growled and answered the door, her eyes flashing red, the blue trail turning red as she irritated yelled [#F02D2D "WHAT?"] at Tadeo.]

[Vidaloka He stood in her door way and leaned on the frame. [#DA3EBB "I made you breakfast runt."] She sighed [#2FE2E5 "I told you not to call me th-"] before she could finish, his hand met her face so hard, her head hit the other side of the door frame.]
[Vidaloka [#DA3EBB "Listen [b runt] I tell you what to do, I call you what I want...No go eat your fucking break fast."] She kept her head down and didn't move, until Tadeo turned around grabbed his own food and stormed out of the house.]

[Vidaloka Looking up, she wrinkled her nose. Rubbed her face and then sat down and ate her food. Unaware that where her forehead hit the door was bruising, but her bangs hid it well enough. Why was he always like that? ]

[Vidaloka Once she finished she made her way into town. Had plenty of time to cause trouble or doing something till the meeting. What to do?]

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[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/bdca6c8627daf4df434b4d78484557db/tumblr_p5clie9CYo1ucxjaeo5_400.png]

[Vidaloka [#BB0606 "W-Wait I wanted to-"] he was gone and off gathering people before she could tell him it could wait till morning.]
[Vidaloka [b "Well, brawls are always more fun at night...Light Torches set the mood up real nice."] She snorted at Azazels remark and shook her head. That kid...So eager to please, it was kinda cute.]

[Vidaloka She went to the center of town and waited. They'd all be there ready to rumble soon. Her plan would be coming together, and maybe then she could relax.]

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[hr ]

[center OCC:]
[center For the "Strongest" raiders, do we want them to just be NPCS or do we wanna actually play them and make more raider characters?]
  Mayyhem / 291d 10h 16m 24s
[center [h3 Sore Defeat]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LbaQ92OFnc]]

[center [b Katashi had begun to strong arm Arthur away. The injured boy had groaned as he looked up at Katashi with a light chuckle and an almost cheeky grin.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size30 [center Heh heh guessing I messed it up huh? Sorry, I lost the match... And the leader here is just as good a fighter huh? You have two people like that... Wow- Ow ow.]]]

[center [b He chuckled a bit as he felt a sharp pain hit his body. Oh that old man packed a punch ouch!]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/jl31Bto.png]]

[center [b Alexis had groaned at Katashi's answer. It wasn't Katashi but the fact Gareth wouldn't just act his age already. For a "wise old man" he did some really dumb stuff sometimes.]]

[center [b Katashi had taken Arthur in to get some medical attention. He'd probably in for the night huh? The way they looked at him they seemed worried he'd even be up tomorrow. The stubborn boy probably shouldn't be awake now even. So much for impressing those up top huh?]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size30 [center Heh heh.. Sorry, you two gotta take care of me already. See ya Katashi and thanks man ya didn't have to bring me here.]]]

[center [b He flashed Katashi a thumbs up and a wide grin.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/ECr3mlq.jpg]]

[center [#f2d618 Katashi! Gareth had gone way too far! Asena will handle it I'm sure but that's just insane don't you think? I know you heal so fast but why do you spar Gareth when he just overdoes it?]]

[center [b Aelina didn't have a place to speak she wanted to beat Gareth too. She just... Wasn't as open about it as others. She respected Katashi even though he was told only Asena could rival him. He fought him time and time again it still had to hurt right? Even if he could heal it couldn't have been easy so why?]]

[center [h3 Meanwhile]]

[center [pic http://pm1.narvii.com/6405/3e04da22b75718052494ed6ba228e35e09dddddb_hq.jpg]]

[center [+red Training later huh? Tsk... what's in it for me?]]

[center [b Tristan couldn't believe Gareth had fighting on the brain all the time. Like dealing with the Raiders wasn't enough violence for him? What else did he expect from these people? Gareth had looked up to Asena with a laugh as Romana began to lecture him two.]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/736x/cc/d1/9b/ccd19bf9b6918bb2e7a80ee7c872ed04.jpg]]

[center [+blue Ouch first the kids scold me and now the boss and the lovely Ramona join in? See ya tomorrow Ramona! Okay okay, Asena ya got me I'll stick with the repairs. I'll have this fixed up by mornin!]]

[center [b He had taken a giant piece of debris over his shoulder with a hardy smile. His voice had lowered as he looked to Tristan taking the boy over for a talk before letting him go.]]

[center [+blue I heard ya lad what's in it for ya? Hmm... how about this son you train with her and I hear about it? I'll offer you this if you can beat Arthur in the next fight I set up? I'll let you go scot free you won't have to serve time in jail for your attempted murder on Asena just gone wherever ya want!]]

[center [+red My charges dropped? Pfft like you have the authority too-]]

[center [+blue As you can see I don't follow rules well yeah I'll get lectured but I'll cover for you laddie. A lot of the guards tend to listen to my command. We got a deal?]]

[center [+red Hmm... I'll think about it.]]

[center [b Tristan was planning on saying yes he just didn't want to seem like an eager fool. Better to keep them wondering. Gareth had let out a laugh as he went to work. Beating Arthur huh? The kid was strong but the matchup wasn't fair. Tristan's power made him push even Gareth a little further to cancel a power. Hell, he even almost killed Asena catching her by surprise. Others stepped in and Tristan knows now that she knows his powers she'd be prepared to handle that. He could only turn one power off at a time before the strain was too much. It was just a bad matchup for Arthur who didn't even bring his own weapons but created them. Tristan had specialized in hand to hand as well so this? Would easy IF Gareth kept his word. If not? He'd just not take another deal like this. Should he ask Sayaka about it now? Why did Gareth want him to spar with her anyhow? Something about a look in his eye and what he said. He's trying to say not to be so sure you'll win. Is this a way to prepare? Either way sparring with her is part of the deal. He wouldn't try and win that fight. Despite trying to kill Asena he didn't like the idea of hitting women. Surprisingly old school for the "callous" young man.]]

[center [pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/dd55/f/2017/335/a/b/original_neko_girl_anime_render__96_by_clublion-dbvfxkd.png]]

[center [+purple Welp... Now that's over I'm heading to bed! I can't believe that Arthur fellow was talking to Katashi on the way out. For him to be up that quickly? Though I know he'll sleep heavy tonight haha~! Well good night you all!]]

[center [b With a wag of her tail she had set off to her quarters.]]

[center [pic https://static.zerochan.net/Rita.Mordio.full.735948.jpg]]

[center [b Soroko had written the events of today into her notebook. The boy was talented and she wanted to record what he could do. Soroko had viewed through Asena's thoughts on the boy. It's what she expected from her leader but she wasn't wrong. The boy could be an asset but needed to learn a few things. It was strange he chose to help Ramona. Was it because she lacked an underling? He might be too idealistic to be living in the wasteland it was hard to survive on ideals. That being said Asena had let her nobility get the best of her. Choosing not to eat is like risking the king's life for a pawn. A cruel way to put it? Sure but Soroko's power had allowed her to think and operate in effective manners and Asena was not doing so. That being said? Soroko was glad she was leading and had respected the woman. She just needed to realize her own importance in taking care of herself. Getting up she had looked to Asena.]]

[center [+brown Mam please get something to eat use one of my tickets if you must. I'll be off writing notes at my quarters if you require my assistance let me know.]]

[center [b She had bowed to Asena with much respect before beginning to leave. She knew Asena preferred Arthur's casual approach but she needed to set an example. She needed to be treated with respect and authority to bring about reason and order. That was why she treated Asena with so much respect even if she read the woman's mind and knew her biggest flaws? She knew she was the best candidate her heart had made those around her follow her. Something Soroko could never do nor would she really want to. What she wanted to know? Was how Arthur had learned that language truly and why those two don't share with Soroko. Obviously, someone taught him so why can't they show Soroko? The fact Asena doesn't push for such knowledge frustrates her. Forbidden? Would Arthur share his knowledge? Without even reading his mind she knew he would know this rule and if he did? He'd be just as difficult as the others. He'd respect their way and their people even if it meant not helping those in thirst for knowledge. What a foolish young boy indeed.]]

[center [h3 The Strongest]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/AkeHBCd.jpg]]

[center [b Ishimotai had listened letting her words burn his ears as he focused to every detail. His eyes focused to her lips to make sure to not misread or mishear a single detail. He had nodded to her order.]]

[center [+green It shall be done before the sunrise my lord.]]

[center [b She had... Offered him a smile something the old master never had. Ishimotai had tilted his a little confused. He had nodded his expression softening lightly before he gave a stern salute.]]

[center [b He had dashed off at blinding speeds going from camp to camp. The fastest way to rouse the men? Knock over their drinks at this hour they'd find Ishimotai at the center of camp no problem.]]
  Arthur / Knight- / 297d 20h 28m 1s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Vidaloka]

[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/9682d2205d2116236ae253fc80ac1509/tumblr_p4zws6CTpH1ucxjaeo4_500.png]
[Vidaloka Asena's ears twitched a little as she watched the three of them fight. Katashi was strong on his own, fast. But he switched up his tactics when doing group work.
He had a self sacrificing tactic he used, because he healed incredibly fast on his own, with little repercussion to his stamina. He just always moved fast, everything about him was fast.
His hits were hugely strong, but his blade was made of incredible steel that was strong, and could cut deep. All he had to do was land the hits with a little bit of pressure.]

[Vidaloka Though she wasn't watching Katashi, or Gareth. She'd seen them fight countless times, she was watching Arthur. He was confident, maybe too confident. Too eager to prove himself. Possibly because he was new, and he wanted to impress them?
Either way, he was impressive, but needed to be taught things.
He took a job with Ramona? Not much happens in housing, and while Ramona doesn't fight anymore, she could still be a great teacher.]

[Vidaloka Then it happened, Gareth show boated and when overboard. She sighed in frustration but wasn't surprised. Soruko had leaned in to speak to her. She rubbed her temples, and stood up. Slowly walking into downtown to join the others.]

[Vidaloka [#F18E1E "Gareth."] The woman stood, with the posture of a mother who's children just broke a vase in the house. Irritation noticeably on her face, she sighed. Her shoulders dropping as she shook her head. [#F18E1E "Gareth, you're making all the repairs [b yourself.]] She looked at everyone else, slowly.]
[Vidaloka [#F18E1E "Take Arthur to Kareena, the rest of you make sure the citizens all get to bed, and then go to bed yourselves... We have a meeting at noon tomorrow, and then work to do. So I want well rested people, and make sure to eat a well breakfast.]]

[hr ]

[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/3b0526bc306d785d006837ecb378c4b1/tumblr_p4zws6CTpH1ucxjaeo3_400.png]
[Vidaloka Katashi took his own hits, but he was always quick to bounce back. Trying to give Arthur an opening, but the kid did more talking. Always announced when he was getting ready to make a move. Though he had stopped to circle for a moment, because Arthur was taking a spotlight time with Gareth.]

[Vidaloka He was impressed to see the boy generate his metal so quickly. He had to just hold his arms up as metal and rocks were sent scattering around. By the time the dust cleared, he looked up just in time to see Gareth was throwing Arthurs body. Katashi worried for the boy, didn't move out of harms way but in it.]

[Vidaloka He braced himself and took hold of the boys flailing body as they then crashed through the wall, and tumbled around the in the air. He took the crash, using his body for them to hit the ground. Breaking several of his bones, however by the time Aelina had showed up, his bones had healed themselves already.]

[Vidaloka He stood up, Alexis and Kanno happened to be there, and then Aelina, then Gareth, Tristan, everyone eventually came to be there. He slung Arthur up, the poor boy was unconscious and seemed to have taken a beating. He smiled at the helpful Alexis [#502896 " Gareth, we were sparing."] he chuckled a bit.]
[Vidaloka He listened attentively when Asena arrived, taking her orders he nodded. [#502896 "I've got this Alexis, I can take him myself, everyone else should go comply with orders."] with that he strong armed Arthur off.]


[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/bfb3ffa7b511a191203fb98c195380b6/tumblr_p4zws6CTpH1ucxjaeo2_400.png]
[Vidaloka Sayaka had chewed at her lips tentatively while watching the fight unfold. She wished to fight him herself, and also rematch Gareth.]

[Vidaloka Her eyes widened as she jumped excitedly when Gareth threw them through the wall. What a fight! What move! however made her way with everyone else towards where the other two crashed.]

[Vidaloka She caught something Gareth said about sparing Tristan, how the boy needed a womans touch. Sayaka peeked over out of the corner of her eye. It wasn't long before she looked away and sped up, gray hue of her skin across her cheeks.]

[Vidaloka She skidded up to the scene, but didn't say much. Asena had come through gave her order and then dismissed them. She glanced at Tristan one last time before speeding off home. Opening her clans house door to find Tadeo, passed out on the couch. Sighing, that was common. She went to her own room and locked the door. ]

[hr ]

[left [pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/b1ddc001d78f14e5927a0ebee29da369/tumblr_p5clie9CYo1ucxjaeo2_400.png]][right [pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/2a6946d85e6756137c11399b4acdc1c2/tumblr_p5clie9CYo1ucxjaeo4_400.png]]
[Vidaloka Kareena was trying her best to speak how her brother was. She had begged him for one more hour of lessons before bed. She wanted to be able to speak with and understand everyone. She didn't feel like she could be there friend if they never understood her or her them.]

[Vidaloka When a crash was heard at some point. They looked at each other nodded together and knew to go towards the sound. Eventually Running into an unconscious Arthur and a Katashi dragging him along. Kareena rushed to the new boy. Oh no! What had happened to him?]

[Vidaloka they brought him back into a hut within Utopia, and Kareena began to focus on energy on healing him. Sitting criss cross apple sauce and in a mediation pose with a single hand floating above him. Kareem told Katashi to go home, and sleep. They'd take care of Arthur fine.]

[hr ]

[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/f65245fbf52a95077f4a8c05acf580b2/tumblr_p5clie9CYo1ucxjaeo3_400.png]
[Vidaloka Ramona wrinkled her nose and glared a bit a Gareth. [#F6C709 I will back you up if my new apprentice can still show up for his first rounds of training tomorrow."] She scoffed. As she rushed out to the scene a bit behind Aelina.]

[Vidaloka Taking Asena orders to heart, she went home and went to bed. It didn't take long.]

[hr ]

[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/bdca6c8627daf4df434b4d78484557db/tumblr_p5clie9CYo1ucxjaeo5_400.png]
[Vidaloka Astrid was surprised at his quickness, there he was. She hadn't even had time to think about how she'd say what she was thinking.]
[Vidaloka She sat on the carved throne and cleared her throat. [#BB0606 "I need you, to help me gather all the strongest raiders in town....Through a brawl. Anyone who can hold some kind of standing against you, get's to help me in the next attacks again Dystopia, we will gain access to that city and take it over.]]

[Vidaloka [#BB0606 "We will do this tomorrow, for now you are dismissed."] She nodded her head and before he left she cleared her throat again. [#BB0606 "Oh... and Ishimotai..."] she smiled a bit. [#BB0606 "Get some rest."]]

[Vidaloka [b Oh she smiles.] Remarked Azazel snarkily. Before Astrid threw it a glare, and then scoffed. Marching through the back of the cabin into her tent room. Where she laid on a huge fur bed, and fell asleep.]
  Mayyhem / 299d 9h 29m 0s
[center [h3 Arthur Before Fight]]

[center [b Arthur had smiled at the excited young girl. He didn't have long to talk but he'd be willing to answer all of her questions.]]

[center [b He was just as happy on his tour with Ramona she did a pretty good job explaining everything to him. He had a feeling he was going to like it here.]]

[center [h3 Arthur Presently]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbtZoTr0eMc]]

[center [b Katashi had dashed in with a rather gutsy move against the large male. Arthur found a lot of respect for the man's strategy of self-sacrifice.]]

[center [b Gareth had begun to let a nonchalant stumble with a playful chuckle. Arthur had come in with a massive two-handed arcs swinging over his shoulder putting his back into it for a massive swing.]]

[center [b He had seen a glint a smirk in Gareth's eyes.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size30 [center ! Oh cra--]]]

[center [b Arthur had raised his arms in a defensive block backing up before a massive clash had taken place. Dirt and rocks were sent flying in all directions.]]

[center [+blue Haha so you're smarter than you look kid!]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size30 [center Heh you made it obvious old man!]]]

[center [b "Pfft yeah right Arthur that was a hell of a feint. With his older stature, it was easy to pretend to stumble along with Katashi looking much younger but it seems Gareth's raw endurance and power can't be underestimated. Arthur had panted as he felt bits of his armor crack along with his sword falling in half. Pendragons... Metal? What the hell was his sword made of? Better question who the hell was he to swing around that kinda might? Had I not noticed I could be dead! These arena guys take fighting here pretty seriously! Arthur had given Katashi a smile and a thumbs up. Gareth had smirked giving Katashi a swing from range causing a massive gust of wind and air sending debris and rock along with a powerful wind his way.]]

[center [+blue Give up Arthur you don't have a weapon to fight with anymore.]]

[center [b Arthur had run in now lightened by his burden. Gareth surprised by the boy's speed and strange approach he had deactivated his own armor. The childish figure had come in as Gareth unleashed a swing. Arthur had closed the range to dodge to the side due to Gareth being distracted by Katashi. Giving the old man a hefty punch despite his small and childish stature the boy had muscle. Gareth had grinned grabbing the boys fist before a second blow could land. He had raised his blade with another glint in his eye.]]

[center [+blue I warned you lad!]]

[center [b He had come to crash down his blade on the panting Arthur.]]

[center [b CLANK]]

[center [+blue Hmm? Impressive my boy.]]

[center [b Arthur had managed to create another suit of armor with two massive blades. Those with metal type mutations normally couldn't create so much metal again so quickly it took too much out of the human body. Due to Arthur's exercise regiments and mighty appetite he manages to gain the calories and stamina needed to pull such a feat. Still, it isn't exactly easy on his body. "Who's the one playing weak now old man?! Bet you thought I was just an unarmed kid! Now that's a feint!"]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size30 [center Take this! A culmination of Pendragons mettle! First Scattershot!!]]]

[center [b Arthur had decided to give it everything he had. Exploding his first blade into several shards. As the explosion sent Gareth back his block had managed to reduce most of the damage. Arthur had come rushing in swinging with massive swings as Gareth blocked with superior force each time the soundwaves had begun to destroy the Arena bit by bit.]]

[center [+blue Never have I seen such raw brute force my lad!]]

[center [b Gareth had begun to swing back however Arthur had again exploded his blade sending the man back. Dashing in he converted his armor into two more blades swinging with everything he had. Letting out a shout as blood escaped his nose. He had swung left and right as Gareth regained his balanced he began to knock the kid around like a potato sack. Without his armor, the boy had to avoid that blade still being knocked around was dealing heavy damage to his body. The rocks and debris had gone flying everywhere hopefully Katashi was okay.]]

[center [b Gareth had finally held the blade with two hands. Breathing in from his nostrils he let out a solid breath as he slammed the ground sending both Arthur and Katashi flying back.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size30 [center Katashi lets give it everything we got! Trust me okay? Just don't get too slashed up on my prideful account.]]]

[center [b Arthur had given a smile with shattered blades as Gareth laughed holding his blade over his shoulder. Arthur was cut bruised and banged up fallen on his knees too.]]

[center [+blue You combined Katashi's risky self-sacrificing tactics. Along with my feint tactics. For a dense metal head, you adapt pretty well to an opponents and even an allies tactics. I can only say your pride held you back from working with Katashi you should have made more effort to work with him as he had you. Although kid now it's really over.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size30 [center You say that now! Pendragons Mettle Secret Art! Metal Rain!]]]

[center [b Arthur had bite down hard as the rocks and ground begun to rumble. He wasn't just fighting mindlessly each clash. Each time he was thrown around each time Gareth carelessly created rumble he created and stored metal into the rocks. Floating these rocks slowly up into the air slowly one by one he had created several metal shards surrounded by rock. Both from the ground and the air he'd rain down metal fury. Taking his own broken swords he began to run ahead screaming as the metal storm rained from both heaven and hell!]]

[center [+blue Nice work kid!]]

[center [b Gareth's eyes had begun to shine softly as he mimicked Arthur's swing before. Swinging his blade over his shoulders he swung upward twice sending whirlwinds of gust and rock. He had placed the blade on the ground standing on top of it to withstand the metal from below. Arthur had not let this deter him he blew the metal away from above and blocking what was below him. Arthur had come in to finish the bout stabbing forward Gareth had let the first blade stab through his hand dodging the second as he twisted Arthur's arm. Picking the boy up he had spun around with massive force.]]

[center [+blue You like naming moves huh kid? How about this? Whirlwind Toss!]]

[center [b He had thrown Arthur at massive force into Katashi. Though Katashi could have dodged the body sure Arthur without the power to create more armor? Would surely die if he hit the wall at that kinda velocity. The kindhearted Katashi had taken the boys flying body as the two went flying through the arena walls and into the downtown area. If it were anyone but Katashi? They'd surely be dead no doubt but Gareth knew the lad was plenty sturdy.]]

[center Ring out! We have a winner! Our reigning champion Gareth!!]

[center [b The crowd had gone wild as Gareth pulled his sword back over his back.]]

[center [+blue Kids got a lot to learn but he sure has a lot of natural talent. No... it's not just that kids got experience but he's too... Agh, not my student so it's whatever. He'll do fine here.]]

[center [b Gareth had let out a laugh as he began to leave the stadium.]]

[center [h3 Sir Gareth!]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/ECr3mlq.jpg]]

[center [b Aelina had stood up and stomped her foot with a sigh. Sure it was impressive but it was excessive!]]

[center [b She had stood up beside Tristan and Ramona as Gareth made his way past them too.]]

[center [#f2d618 Gareth! Here Ramona was just telling me how great Arthur was at the tour! Here you are almost killing him! Destroying the stadium! The only time you've wrecked it worse was that fight with Asena which they had to cancel it was so bad remember? They told you not to overdo it and what did you do?]]

[center [+red Tsk relying on Katashi being a "nice guy" huh? For the guy who claims to protect us a dirty move, old man.]]

[center [+blue Oh come on don't be like that you two! Ramona back me up here?]]

[center [b He chuckled a bit as he rubbed the back of his head.]]

[center [b Aelina had always looked up to Gareth but sometimes he could just act like a big kid! How could someone so old and wise be so damn reckless too! She had sighed rubbing her temples taking off to find Katashi and Arthur. Even though she knew Katashi could heal himself she wanted to make sure they were both okay.]]

[center [#f2d618 Judging by the arc of that throw and Gareth's force... I'd wager somewhere downtown. I'm sure they caused a ruckus it won't be long before I find them. Want to come and see the damage, Ramona?]]

[center [b Aelina asked as she took off it only took her about twenty minutes to find Arthur and Katashi. Of course, Arthur has been completely knocked out it was a miracle the kid was still breathing!]]

[center [#f2d618 Hey Katashi are you two okay?!]]

[center [b Despite the three boys fighting so recklessly she found herself... Impressed too. She was training hard too but she knew she had a while before she could ever take Gareth. Maybe Arthur could make a fine sparring partner maybe not somewhere so public with pride on the line. That thought aside she wanted to make sure the two were all right.]]

[center [h3 Your Kidding Me]]

[center [pic http://pm1.narvii.com/6405/3e04da22b75718052494ed6ba228e35e09dddddb_hq.jpg]]

[center [+red Not that I'm one to talk but if those are your comrades I'd say you owe them an apology. Again, not one to talk but Asena is gonna be pissed with you.]]

[center [+blue You are right lad... You aren't one to talk! Haha!]]

[center [b He had slapped the kids back as Tristan almost fell over with a scoff.]]

[center [+red Just don't get me roped up in your trouble those guys barely like me as is. What might be a lecture for you could be an execution for me.]]

[center [+blue Oh lad don't be like that! They aren't so bad! Don't worry son a man takes credit for his own deeds! Be they good or bad! Haha I think I'm ready to eat!]]

[center [+red Again!? Old man we just ate come on!]]

[center [+blue Nonsense eatings good for the soul! Though with our food shortage I think I should hunt something instead. I wonder how the class F beast taste.]]

[center [+red We are told not to eat them but knock yourself out if you get a mutant arm ain't my problem. Maybe I'll get a day off hell.]]

[center [+blue Haha! I like your sense of humor kid!]]

[center [b "Yeah sure I was kidding" Gareth had gone off talking about sparring partners for Tristan and other training regiments. Great that Arthur kid has inspired him to teach Tristan more. "Fuuuunn" this was the go-ahead to tune out.]]

[center [h3 The Future]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/736x/cc/d1/9b/ccd19bf9b6918bb2e7a80ee7c872ed04.jpg]]

[center [+blue Fighting that kid made me think... He's around your age? I was thinking you spar some other youngin around here like Sayaka I thought maybe a woman's touch? That Arthur kid could help whip you into shape!]]

[center [+red Tsk other than you I don't see anyone else fighting without their power.]]

[center [+blue You might be surprised Tristan assuming might get you hurt one day lad! Before we can worry about that training we need to get rid of those raiders first!]]

[center [b Tristan was talented in his own right he just lacked... Well, motivation. Still, Gareth was willing to nurture Tristan even if it'd take some time.]]

[center [h3 Scurrying Off]]

[center [pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/dd55/f/2017/335/a/b/original_neko_girl_anime_render__96_by_clublion-dbvfxkd.png]]

[center [b Kanno had pouted sticking her tongue out at Asena. She wouldn't let her do anything fun! Kanno wasn't really about watching men getting sweaty and macho. So she gave Sayaka a playful lick on her cheek before scurrying off and wiggling her tail giving them all a wink goodbye. She had whispered seductively Arthur's way. "Good luck" surprisingly the naive boy hadn't noticed. She wasn't used to being ignored but she'd have a chance to break him down and play with him later.]]

[center [b Kanna had made her way downtown shopping and eating a few small snacks that she had a few noblemen buy her. She loved to ask what was downtown and what was going on.]]

[center [+purple God I'm sooooo boreeeddddd~ Can anything happen around here?]]

[center [b After a bit of wandering Kanno had bumped into someone. She felt something soft and... Oh it was...]]

[center [+purple Alexis! I know those soft little handfuls anywhere! Oh wait what is that?]]

[center [b Alexis had frantically hidden something bright behind her back. Box-shaped with some fruit hanging out? A letter had fallen off. Labeled "Thank you"]]

[center [+purple Awe too cute! You giving a man some food! I doubt you did any cooking. Alexis, I hate to say it but swaying a gentleman might not be your strong suit your better off with those toys you got.]]

[center [+lightblue It's not for a boy! Oh well, it is... But it's just repaying a debt! It's not anything weird like that okay?!]]

[center [b Kanno had giggled at Alexis though a loud screeching explosion had cut the twos talk short. Alexis and Kanno had run along to see what it was. It was Katashi with Arthur? Alexis had helped Katashi carry Arthur it wasn't long before Aelina had caught up to asking worried about him and Arthur. It seemed she really had noticed Kanna or Alexis.]]

[center [+purple How are we? Well-]]

[center [#f2d618 You weren't the one hurled cross the town okay! Kanno just give me a moment okay? Thank you, Alexis, for helping him out.]]

[center [+lightblue Err... no problem. Katashi what happened?]]

[center [b At first Alexis seemed a little dazed a bit distracted by Arthur's sleeping expression. Than her stern professional voice had kicked in as it always had it was strange. If even for a second she sounded like a normal girl.]]

[center [h3 Repayment]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/jl31Bto.png]]

[center [b Why was he hurt? Katashi seemed so calm and Aelina worried didn't seem exactly battle ready. Hurled? Did this boy love getting himself into danger? Did he save Alexis for her sake? Or was it simply out of boredom? Why else is he getting himself into trouble? it wasn't like the raiders were attacking. She'd wait for an answer as she helped carry Arthur it was hard with her basket too but she'd manage. It'd be easier of Kanno would help perhaps Aelina would if she'd simply ask she seemed better suited for this sorta thing anyway.]]

[center [h3 Your Orders]]

[center [pic https://static.zerochan.net/Rita.Mordio.full.735948.jpg]]

[center [b Soroku had made her way to sit beside Asena. Writing she had taken notes on the boy Arthur. Though it wasn't as fighting fanatic she wanted hints or clues to how he knew anything of that language. Even if he claimed he didn't speak it well how does he even know that much? It drove her wild would he be difficult about sharing it too? Why was it so sacred not to share it? It drove her crazy it was so illogical to not just share that information with Dystopia! Though what was more unreasonable was Gareth's actions.]]

[center [+brown So how do you wish to punish Gareth for his actions? Though a ring out is allowed he didn't have to destroy the wall. Nor risk the life of the man who had just joined us. The call is yours alone milady though I'm here to offer suggestions if needed milady.]]

[center [b Soroku said rather bluntly as she continued writing into her notepad. What a strange mindset this young fellow had.]]

[center [h3 "Private Discussion"]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/AkeHBCd.jpg]]

[center [b Ishimotai had wasted no time to see what was going on. True to his title he made it to Astrid's quarters as quick as he could. It took him only a few moments to catch up with her. Already kneeling to her he was ready to receive her orders and what needed to be said. Unlike the other men he wasn't slow to listen. He was quick to get the job done that was how he was raised. To be a living blade that is unsheathed when needed and not to complain about that existence.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b Lost my color text for Soroko. Made it brown but I'll get a new color for her by next post sorry.]]

[center [b Sorry my post have been without detail and go straight to the point. I'll get back into the swing of things. I may even change my style of writing in headlines for each characters point of view. Make it one big post instead. Except for Tristania and Kita's point of view who knows.]]
  Arthur / Knight- / 309d 9h 47m 54s
[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/9682d2205d2116236ae253fc80ac1509/tumblr_p4zws6CTpH1ucxjaeo4_500.png]

Asena just smirked when Arthur said that she seemed to cool to be strict about titles. He was right, and the only one to get that in years.
It kinda made her happy, he addressed her casually... he'd eventually develop the same opinion of her everyone has though. It'll be a matter of weeks before he thinks she's some hard ass.

Before she had left, Asena was asked about the possible changing of positions. She wrinkled her nose and sighed a bit, of course Kanno would ask to switch.
[#F18E1E "No, no switching will be allowed...Unless I deem it necessary so if anyone does have any ACTUAL concerns about switching their job...Speak to me then."]
[#F18E1E "Arthur get's to pick because, all needed positions are full."]
[#F18E1E "And Kanno...you know very well why you and Sayaka are [b not] allowed to work together anymore."]

It was after that, that she had paid and left.
She wouldn't show up at their brawl, or maybe she would. She wanted to see Arthur the newest recruit in action. In case he did happen to be a sour egg, she'd know how he fights, and would take him down easier.

Though she had some time. Doing her usual, secret good deeds.
She went ahead to where the citizens buy meal tickets, and emptied the rest of her pockets. [#F18E1E "Give out 100 free meal tickets...The young, sick and elderly should be prioritized in receiving these...you know the deal..."]
[b "Lady Asena, you're so generous... If I may, I've never asked but why do you do this, you come once a week to drop off these extra tickets...I still have extra tickets from last time? How will you eat?"]
[#F18E1E "Do not worry about it...A leader must suffer so her people can get by. I get by fine on my free meal, there are those here in the city that need more than I do."]
[b "Lady Asena you're so admirable..."]
[#F18E1E "Please, continue to keep this a secret...]
[b "Of course My Lady!"]

She left then, and in the back of her mind, was still bothered a bit.
"My lady"... "Lady Asena" ... "Lord Asena"
She doesn't recall ever telling people to call her that, yet everyone just did anyway. It wasn't like she disliked it, but it made her slightly uncomfortable. Honestly, she wasn't sure why, maybe it was the fact that she didn't like being held in such a high place in peoples minds.

Everyone seemed to see her only as some fearless, powerful leader.
She wondered if anyone considered her a friend, and not just a boss.
Shaking her head, she couldn't be their friend, they don't need a friend they need someone to look to, someone to make all the decisions no one else will. For some reason, it had to be her.

She used to consider just disappearing and leaving it all to them to figure it out themselves. She couldn't do that though, even if she really wanted to. It was too big of a responsibility. She couldn't ask anyone else to do this job.

Making her way back to the arena, she took a seat far, and hidden up high from everyone. She wanted to just watch, and not be bothered.
She sat back and waited.

[hr ]

[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/f65245fbf52a95077f4a8c05acf580b2/tumblr_p5clie9CYo1ucxjaeo3_400.png]

Rolling her eyes, she winked silently at Kanno after her own regards. She was too old to feed completely into that nonsense, but she'd give it a little play. Then moved back on to eating her food.

Taking the two boys on the tour, Tristan and Arthur.

Ramona paid no mind to Tristan the entire time, she thought the boy rude. Though she could tell he was troubled. That he had a lot to fix, that it seemed he'd rather suppress or ignore.
She didn't care to try to pry at him, or pay him any mind really.
Unless she had too.
Plus the first time she had taken him on this tour, he didn't care to even pretend he was listening. She wasn't going to waste her energy on him again.

She loved how attentive Arthur was though. She was gonna open her mouth to wrap up her tour speech when the new boy asked to be her underling.
[#F6C709 "I monitor housing, I basically walk around where people live all day...and help people when they need it, and just keep things under control there."]
[#F6C709 "It's kinda boring, but if you'd really like to come work with me, I have no objections."] she smiled, shock still prevalent on her face.

She nodded and then remembered what she was gonna say, for the first time looking at Tristan instead of Arthur.
[#F6C709 "And if you ever have any questions, concerns or anything you need to talk about...You can come to any of the elders really. Gareth, Me, Asena....I'd avoid asking Tadeo about anything...he isn't super helpful..."]
[#F6C709 "This is a democracy, so you have a voice...Use it if you feel something is wrong. Don't be afraid of what we might say, because you never know...you might learn something, or help improve something."]
Her eyes shifted back to Arthur then back to Tristan
[#F6C709 "Everyone is gonna tell you not to ever approach Asena, or tell you that she's scary and not easy to talk to..."]
[#F6C709 "She's actually very approachable, if you're respectful about it. She isn't here to give orders and laws, she listens to the people and determines what we need from there, and how to obtain it."]
[#F6C709 "People keep forgetting she's a person, not just some...figure."]

Ramona stopped her rant for a moment to light her pipe back up. [#F6C709 "Sorry, I got carried away a little... I've known Asena for a long time. I've watched how the public viewing of her as changed over time...People blame her for things that aren't her fault, they fear her over senseless rumors...Don't buy into it."]
[#F6C709 "You can always talk to her, and if you want you can even request private audience with her."]
[#F6C709 "So if you have any kind of issue...see her."]

She now turned her head and eyes to stare blankly at Tristan. [#F6C709 "Some people forget this...or they just simply were never listening."] She didn't need to be able to read the kids mind, to know he walked around with a chip on his shoulder.
He hated being here, he hated them. He made obvious, even if he didn't think he did, he did.
He could leave if he didn't want to be here, no one forced him to take the job, no one forced him to live in this city, but he continued to stay and output continuous negative energy.
[#F6C709 "And remember, if at any point you find living here it just not for you, you can leave.."]
She could care less if he stayed or went, he could take his attitude with him.

With that she clasped her hands together, turning her attention fully back to Arthur. [#F6C709 "That concludes our tour! "]

Entering the arena she went and sat down.
Ramona turned her head when Aelina came and slid next to her.
[#F6C709 "Arthur? He was pleasant as could be...It'll do us some good to have a fresh smiling face...Lord knows we need the moral...I know Asena is planning something big...We won't know about it till tomorrow morning...well you Katashi and Sorruko might get an inside scoop being her little helpers."] she smiled and then continued to answer her other questions.
[#F6C709 "He wants to work with me...Even though I don't need an underling, and I told him it was boring....Though I guess if he doesn't like it he can just switch..."]

Ramona kept her head faced towards the fight, while she continued to chat with Aelina.

[hr ]

[left [pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/b1ddc001d78f14e5927a0ebee29da369/tumblr_p5clie9CYo1ucxjaeo2_400.png]][right [pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/2a6946d85e6756137c11399b4acdc1c2/tumblr_p5clie9CYo1ucxjaeo4_400.png]]

Kareem and Kareena both stared in wonder as Arthur went ahead and spoke their language.
[#F7B374 "...We have so much to talk about!"]
Kareem had so many questions, why was Arthur in their homelands, because entrance must be granted. They are strict about outsiders, and it's far away too.
Very far off the map, deep in the wastes. Why had the boy been that far out.

He wanted to know why he was taught the language, because no one gets to know their sacred language. His brows scrunched in thought, as he thought of many more questions. However, now was not the time.

Kareena, too young to realize what a spectacle this should be, jumped excitedly around in her seat. [#20A217 "أنا أشفي أصدقائي وأبقي المدينة في حالة صحية جيدة."]
Kareena didn't really play, like most kids in the city. The young girl, had a job to do, and things to learn. Kareem would be leaving in five years time, she had to be ready to take over by then.
Though she found these things fun, and found ways to make them entertaining for herself. Kareem also helped, it wasn't always just work work work.

Kareena stood close to the arena's circle. On stand by in case she was needed while the brawls commenced.

Kareem had gone back to Utopia and continued to mend the land in preparation for a medium scale garden.

[hr ]

[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/bfb3ffa7b511a191203fb98c195380b6/tumblr_p4zws6CTpH1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Sayaka giggled when Kanno said she could be her type too.
Though her face flushed, and she playfully pushed on the girls shoulder.

Briefly then it was quiet after Tristans comment and her mumbled line at an attempt to stand up for him.
Though, she didn't think about the outcome of it pulling his eyes to her.
She caught his eye and felt her face flush up, turning a darker shade of grey, across her cheeks and the bridge of her nose.
Pushing some hair back behind her ear, she quickly looked away.
She knew he wouldn't stare long, he never did.

Once she thought it was safe, she peeked over one last time. Catching him standing up to leave for his tour. Kinda disappointed she didn't catch him looking at her, but she knew not to hope for that.

Turning her attention back to everyone remaining they made their own way over to the arena, shortly after everyone else finished their food.
Nothing had been wasted, everyone had finished all of their meal.

[hr ]

[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/3b0526bc306d785d006837ecb378c4b1/tumblr_p4zws6CTpH1ucxjaeo3_400.png]

Katashi peered and stood back a bit, he needed to figure out how Arthur fought, so he could learn how he'd partner up with him.
Watching the way he moved and took hits.
Katashi would be best used as a distraction, so Arthur could get real hits in.

Gareth didn't let Katashi observer from the side for long, as a boulder was hurled at him. He dashed and rolled to the side, dodging it.
He gripped his own Katana, it was sharp and long. A thin sword compared to what Gareth and Arthur were using, but it helped for extreme precision and mobility.
Unseathing it, he charged, with his blade forward.
He purposely took Gareth's counter move, the mans blade slashing his skin.
This didn't stop him, despite the stinging pain, he moved through the attack, blood barely spilled before his skin was perfectly intact again.
He took the hilt of his blade and banged against the side of Gareth's knee cap as hard as he could.
Twisting around the stumbling man, he found himself behind the old guy. Kicking the mans back, he pushed him towards Arthur.

[hr ]

[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/86e74a9be9b8e8258328b5931497c9a1/tumblr_p4zws6CTpH1ucxjaeo1_500.png]

Tadeo had found himself passing out, in his bed, drunk.
Dreaming of when his family used to be together, the short decade it was.
He missed being at peace with his sister, but his whole clan would go after him and her if he was ever caught being friendly to her.

And her spiteful attitude towards him, just made it easier for him to be mean.
But his missed his mom, his dad, the good relationship the two of them had.

He was the leader of his clan, couldn't he tell them what to do? Why was he so scared of them and their judgement?
They removed his father, they'd remove him too.

He valued his own life too much, but why? It wasn't like he did anyone any good ever.

[hr ]

[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/bdca6c8627daf4df434b4d78484557db/tumblr_p5clie9CYo1ucxjaeo5_400.png]

Astrid had been counting the stars, and drifting asleep when Azazel shook her.
[b "You must not sleep here, who know what would happen to you."]

Astrid nodded her head, and sighed getting up she took her stuff with her. Heading back in she stopped at the training grounds.
Passing Ishimotai, reminded her of her plan. Stopping in front of him, she looked at him.
Though looked away as she began to speak
[#BB0606 "I'd like to speak with you privately... see me when it's convenient for you."]

She wanted to discuss her plan with him, because he knew the residents of the Radar City better than she did. He'd know who was capable and who wasn't. He'd help her determine who could be apart of this special team.
He'd be the test, everyone would have to fight him and do adequately to be accepted.

Though she thought it best to discuss this with him, rather than just make him do it. That was just the kind of leader she was, and wanted to be. Though the rest of the stupid men in town, made it hard for her to be that fair leader.
Though, Ishimotai he didn't seem to care as much as the others did. About her gender, or where she came from.

She didn't give him a time, so she didn't expect him to follow her. As she made her way to her quarters, she hummed very softly.
  Lypophrenia / 1y 4d 8h 53m 56s
[center [h3 Food!]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/236x/71/8e/20/718e20a57294f6ec45531536cbaad3c9.jpg]]

[center [b Arthur had heard Asena claim he could work wherever he wanted. The Arena seemed right up his alley! Although she had mentioned something of a woman named Ramona? That was the woman who'd help him around? She seemed like a tough boss but he also felt bad she'd be working alone.]]

[center [+brown Anywhere? I want? Really!? Wow you guys are pretty cool!]]

[center [b Soroku had raised a suspicious glance at him calling them "Cool." Asena had whispered to the girl but Arthur was to focused on food and a job to really much notice. Though when things came down to it he began to scarf his food down like a madman. He had noticed that Asena sighed at Tristan's comment.]]

[center [b "She's trying her best" is what Arthur wanted to say but even he knew how fake that would sound. After all how well did he know that to be true? Sure she seemed super nice and reasonable. "Oh, Arthur you just wanna defend her cause she's cute" ha he thought to himself. "She can defend herself plenty I'm sure" he liked to have little spats in his own mind. For all her strength and beauty she seemed so worried and stressed behind that gentle smile of hers. Arthur had glanced a bit awkwardly at her from time to time. Any time she caught him doing this he just gave a large goofy grin.]]

[center [b He seemed to be one of if not the only person to notice her pick up the bill. He wanted to say thank you but seeing as he barely caught it? It was obvious she wanted to be quiet about it. She was probably tired and didn't want any longer conversation. So when she gave her order Arthur had gave a salute and a grin.]]

[center [+brown You bet boss! I'll be up rise and shine! You'll see! Again thanks for the job Asena!]]

[center [#f2d618 Lord Asena! Arthur you gotta be careful how you address her!]]

[center [+brown Awe don't be like that Asena seems too cool for all that stuff!]]

[center [b Arthur got a few looks for how casually he greeted Asena but no one spoke up too loud about it.]]

[center [+purple Wait a second did I catch that though? He can choose! So does that mean I get to change around too?! Soroko is such a bore! I wanna work with Sayaka!]]

[center [h3 Understood]]

[center [pic https://static.zerochan.net/Rita.Mordio.full.735948.jpg]]

[center [b Soroku had nodded to Asena as she peered down. The child burying herself into another one of her books. One of her abilities was having perfect memory to store whatever information she consumed into her brain. So this sort of thing was a productive use of her time.]]

[center [b Soroko had sat there reading along. She needed to find more effective ways to help the market flow. Not to mention brushing up on more military tactics. Though it seemed Kanno had commented about changing jobs not that it really bothered Soroko much as she changed the page.]]

[center [b It was then she heard Gareth and Katashi were going to spar. It wouldn't be the first time. With Asena and Gareth on the top in combat prowess, it made sense to want to test your mettle against that. At least for those who enjoyed in such ceremony. Though Arthur had shot up and looked at the two.]]

[center [+brown Awe I wanted to fight him! Wait?! Who's stronger Asena or Gareth? Have they ever sparred what's the count?]]

[center [b Soroko sighed at the talkative little pup as she spoke up herself.]]

[center [+orange Gareth and Asena stand undefeated. However, due to a law, the elders had set up long ago Asena and Gareth can no longer fight. They had fought only once despite being no clear winner the damage was too great. The Arena was to train gladiators and bring entertainment not massive amounts of destruction.]]

[center [+brown Never lost huh!? He just... Looks so old!]]

[center [+blue Haha son if you wish to fight me after Katashi you are welcome too! In fact, let us spread the word! In honor of our recruit we can have a grand match!]]

[center [+purple You turn every spar into a loud roaring show don't you?]]

[center [+blue Yes you should try the arena some time Kanno! Haha! It's a hell of a workout!]]

[center [+purple Hmm Nah but I'll watch though! We'll catch up later don't worry Arthur it'll take them a bit to get the fight started.]]

[center [b It was then that Gareth had decided to leave with Katashi. Soroko still not lifting her head from her studies.]]

[center [h3 Celebration~]]

[center [pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/dd55/f/2017/335/a/b/original_neko_girl_anime_render__96_by_clublion-dbvfxkd.png]]

[center [b Kanno had giggled at Tadeo's remark. Kareem shutting his face was too precious.]]

[center [+purple Tadeo you'd look a lot cuter if you'd loosen that face of yours up hehe.]]

[center [b With a flick of her tail she turned her attention to his sister. On the comment she made about Arthur.]]

[center [+purple Oh! That type is cute too yes but I can't say I have a type. I like all cute things. I mean... You could always be my type~]]

[center [b She teased nudging Sayaka as Arthur looked over blinking. She loved to see his surprised reactions everyone else was so used to her and it was so dull.]]

[center [b Kanno had wagged her tail as Sayako began to size up Arthur's power.]]

[center [+brown The Armor? Yeah! It's saved me a few times from the elements not to mention the metal can grow back as well. It doesn't even conduct lightning the way it should! I'd be a goner if it weren't for that. I guess if it had one thing I could complain about... It's heavy. Not to mention it takes a lot of energy to summon and keep around though my stamina has gotten used to those aspects. It's got another nice ability but it can be such a double-edged sword.]]

[center [b He opened his mouth to speak up but had blushed slightly.]]

[center [+brown Actually that last part really isn't all that important.]]

[center [+purple Oh Arthur you couldn't hold out on two pretty young girls could you dear~?]]

[center [+brown Err umm... Heh.. it's really not that important.]]

[center [b Kanno pouted and tried to crawl at the boy before Aelina came to his defense.]]

[center [+purple Phooey.]]

[center [#f2d618 Careful Arthur you are sharing a lot so it's fair you know. This woman here has a power of... Er... Control over others a charm if you will.]]

[center [+purple Awe you think I'm cute Aelina? How sweet~ Heeeyyy Sayaka! I might not be fire resistant but you aren't ever too hot for me!]]

[center [b She giggled retreating as she playfully caressed her friends face.]]

[center [b Sayaka had mumbled something and Arthur didn't quite catch it. She got a few looks one being from Tristan. Kanno caught it though she couldn't help but giggle as the male raised his a suspicious glance at Sayaka. "Oh that just means the boys a little afraid of the pretty girl defending him~" Kanno thought to herself giggling.]]

[center [b Kareem had gotten his little sister to say hello to Arthur. Arthur's eyes raised a little in surprise as he told her hello in her tongue at first. Before saying his greetings in English.]]

[center [+brown It's a pleasure to meet you.]]

[center [b Soroko had slammed her book on the table. She looked at the man in complete shock she herself was still writing books on this language with Kareem and Kareena's aid.]]

[center [+orange How? We have so little information on this language so how? How can you just...]]

[center [+brown Oh I don't speak it fluently but I met a real prett- I mean nice gir- Person that spoke it! They were nice and helped me out in my early days. I'm afraid I couldn't help you master the language though I'm sorry.]]

[center [b Soroko gave him yet another suspicious gaze before turning back to her book.]]

[center [b Arthur had talked to her a bit.]]

[center [+brown Let me know if I get this wrong cause I'm not so good but here I go.]]

[center [+brown ماذا تحب أن تفعل هنا من أجل المتعة؟ الصغير؟ واحد]]

[center [b He was trying to ask "What she liked to do for fun here little one" Kanno had wrinkled her nose. She was surprised to see the baby-faced knight know even a little of their language. It must've been awhile ago he heard it.]]

[center [h3 Stuck Here]]

[center [pic http://pm1.narvii.com/6405/3e04da22b75718052494ed6ba228e35e09dddddb_hq.jpg]]

[center [b Tristan had sat there as everyone laughed and ate. Ramona and Kanno were getting along it seemed at teasing their other comrade. Ramona had retorted back as Kanno laughed and proceeded to tease Tadeo. Not before she wrapped her tail around Ramona and commenting.]]

[center [+purple You could tame me anytime though Ramona~]]

[center [b Tristan fought back the urge to scoff. Despite his "asshole" appearance, even he knew he couldn't scoff at everybody at everything he found ridiculous it'd get old fast. He was glad that Kanno couldn't use her power on him she was already testing the new guy. A shame he seemed naive and young. Innocent and easy to mold Tristan couldn't help but feel sorry for the guy. Didn't mean he was going to get close to him. Gareth had sat up but not before patting Tristan's shoulder. That was the old man's way of saying hold down the fort here. "A big show" of what? To remind everyone who the strong and weak were? They were born with great power maybe even got lucky and gained it growing up. The others here? They got blessed with what? A free meal? The lucky ones if they stayed in line. To Tristan, the system almost encouraged people to go out and get themselves killed if they wanted more. Given just enough to praise Asena like this goddess. Yet here they were enjoying a free meal. Tristan had to swallow his pride to eat or Gareth would drill the boy on proper diet again. He cared so much about Tristan, didn't he? Cause he was useful that's why.]]

[center [b Tristan had of course gotten backlash for his previous statement. Though he overheard Sayaka mumble something. He was allowed to have an opinion? Sayaka was strange very strange she was chaotic and violent. Yet when she was around Tristan she became a mumbling mess. Did his poor upbringing throw her off? Was it the way he acted? She must have despised him. Did his power somehow negate her wild personality? Was that connected to her power? She never openly defended him but she showed him strange bits of kindness here or there. She seemed so eager to get away from him many times though. What was her angle? What did she want? Gareth wanted a wingman and Kanno she wanted a plaything. Asena? A soldier and a possible threat under watch but for Sayaka? Why? Many didn't notice his presence so what could she gain?]]

[center [b Ramona had stood up looking back to Gareth as she talked about giving Arthur a tour. Gareth had given a laugh and added.]]

[center [+blue Hey boy! Why don't you go with them two? You still occasionally get lost in Dystopia son! You could use the refresher!]]

[center [b Gareth gave a laugh as Tristan sighed and stood up to go behind Ramona. A fair distance but he would keep up Arthur had smiled and extended a hand.]]

[center [+brown So you were the last new guy huh? Well hopefully we can make it here well!]]

[center [b Tristan had eyed the boys and then the boy himself before giving a sigh and a light handshake. It wouldn't be too long before he was brainwashed anyhow and Tristan did get tired of always being alone. Not that he felt Arthur and him were gonna exactly get a chance to be friends. Though he knew Gareth wanted him to be here to convince him to join the Arena.]]

[center [b Tsk like he'd help that old man. Although.. Having Arthur close could be helpful right? Thoughts of escape began to flood his mind but they seized quickly. It'd be hard he'd need to cancel Soroko's ability to read his mind and if he did? She'd know something was up.]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zEeJ2X0uFg]]

[center [b Arthur ooo'd and ahh'd at everything she had shown him. She had told him she hadn't had an underling and the boys lit up with sickly innocent cheer.]]

[center [+brown I think that's a pretty fair system!]]

[center [b What about the elderly and kids hmm? Like they can easily survive on one meal a day so that forces the weak to fight for them. Why not just move and avoid these fights with the Raiders? Were they too prideful? They've retreated battles and lost men before so why stay. Tristan felt his fist tightening as he let out a long sigh loosening his fist. Despite all his anger this boys nature was somewhat infectious the way he listened and clung to every word with a nod afterward.]]

[center [+brown So Ramona what's your job again? I'll be honest... I think I'd do well in the arena. That being said I think I'd like to sign up as your underling! If you'd allow it?]]

[center [b Hook line and sinker the kid made it too easy. Turning to her he had nodded his head with a smile.]]

[center [+brown Thank you sorry if I'm a little slow at learning all of this but thank you none the less! It means a lot!]]

[center [b "Well here we go" Gareth had given Tristan a smile as Aelina herself had come up to join. With an eager and determined smile on her face. Tristan had given a shrug as he decided to walk past Gareth to go take a seat. Might as well get this over with.]]

[center [h3 Show Time!]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/736x/cc/d1/9b/ccd19bf9b6918bb2e7a80ee7c872ed04.jpg]]

[center [+blue Little lady you've shown up! Don't worry about taking notes this time! Despite what Soroko says not everything is learned in a book! Sometimes you gotta feel it, child! You'll see!]]

[center [#f2d618 Y-Yes sir!]]

[center [+blue Oh I'm not your boss Gareth's the name kid. Don't sweat it!]]

[center [+brown All right Gareth let's see what you got!]]

[center [+blue Change of plans kid see I wanted the stands packed last minute so I said... The newcomer along with our beloved Katashi. Would be taking me on together how does that sound hmm?]]

[center [+brown Oh you've made a big mistake! We could take you alone old timer but if you wanna get embarrassed I'll show you! Katashi let's show this cocky old man how it's done!]]

[center [b Arthur had patted Katashi's back as he ran into the arena. Aelina had shaken her head with a soft smile.]]

[center [#f2d618 I know Katashi's a perfect partner for you because his wounds always heal. So you can afford to cut loose a bit but try not to kill the new recruit! Asena will be very upset.]]

[center [b Gareth had ruffled her hair with a chuckle.]]

[center [+blue I won't but I can't deny his challenge either! I know he'll pull through we have Kareena after all.]]

[center [b Gareth had taken the blade off his back. A massive hulking heap of metal as he placed it on his shoulder walking into the arena. Aelina knew that in terms of strength enhancement Gareth was unmatched his sword weighed almost a half ton. That's why beside herself Tristan and Katashi many people couldn't spar with him safely. Her and Katashi had ways of healing themselves and Tristan could take that power from the old man forcing him to fight more hand to hand.]]

[center [b Aelina had gone to go find a seat the crowds were already roaring. It was rare for Gareth himself to show up for a fight.]]

[center [+blue Ladies and gentleman today we have the savior of one of our top soldiers! Arthur who stood tall against the raiders! And a returning favorite! Katashi! The immortal man who knows no wounds! They will be fighting yours truly! Let's go kid! Show me what you can do!]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgx5mmYxuPM]]

[center [b Gareth had gripped the hilt of his blade as he slammed the sword into the dirt around him. Piles of rocks had flown through the air as he left a massive crater into the earth. Arthur had given a seemingly nervous chuckle but he wasn't going to back down.]]

[center [+brown Pendragon! Come to me!]]

[center [pic http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-D-ZD2m5DdkI/Uwu5VgjVVuI/AC8w/t4RP-ekxwCg/s1600/849_large.jpg]]

[center [#f2d618 Pendragon huh? It really is ironic if that's the name he gave his power.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size25 [center Here we go old man!]]]

[center [b Despite the cold sweat dripping down Arthur's face he pushed forward Gareth couldn't help but respect the boy's tenacity. Arthur had come in disregarding teamwork with his ally Katashi. Gareth had stabbed the ground blocking Arthur's sword. Despite Arthur's blade having the edge in quality Gareth's blade had held with sheer weight and size. He had raised his leg to kick Arthur in the chest sending the boy flying through the arena. Gareth could have sent him slamming through the wall and out of the arena but Asena would yell at him if he did that.]]

[center [b Arthur had coughed as he began to get back up the chipped pieces of his armor began to return into place. Gareth had never seen a plate of armor that could hold up to his brute force. He had again slammed the ground carving boulders from the ground as he began to kick the massive boulders at Katashi and Arthur.]]

[center [b Arthur gasping as he managed to slice a smaller one in half before a second one had slammed into him sending him flying. As he held his blade and ground he let out a roar giving it all he could to throw the rock back. Gareth had blinked he hadn't seen such brute strength from almost anyone. He had taken his blade with a single arm he sliced the rock in half it wasn't thrown back with nearly as much force. Although in brute force? This kid may actually vouch for second place not many fight Gareth in his field of advantage. Even Asena relies on more than raw physical prowess she is a woman of many talents. It seems straightforward combat is all that Arthur is capable of.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size25 [center Heh.. you are pretty strong Gareth! In fact, way stronger than I honestly imagined but that doesn't mean you've won!]]]

[center [h3 Curious Knight]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/ECr3mlq.jpg]]

[center [#f2d618 He's... Still standing after that? His wounds aren't even healing. I can see why Alexis wrote such a report on the man.]]

[center [b Aelina had gripped her fist she was certain that she herself was a superior knight to this man. Her power had grown so much since in Asena's service to be the head in beast hunting even. Yet she found herself wondering how would she fair against such a man? The excitement began to eat at her she knew that she would have to work even harder. She had to if she wanted to be useful to Asena to repay the debt she owed her. With her lance, she wanted to shine a light on the wastelands. This boy here? Had that light shining in his eyes she could tell. Though he was a bit prideful running in headlong by himself.]]

[center [b She watched as Arthur kept charging at Gareth no matter how many times he swung him around and slammed him back. Gareth yet had to move a single step from that spot the only one who's managed that was Asena. Part of Aelina was sad to hear the elders wouldn't let them finish that fight. As friends, they had to want to take the time to practice on the field of combat. It add some excitement to their lives wouldn't it? Aelina had walked up beside Romana as she begun to talk to her.]]

[center [#f2d618 So what was he like on the tour? Arthur I mean does he have any idea of where he wants to work here? I'm gonna have to guess the Arena right? He seems really right for it I'm kinda surprised how tough he ended up being. He just seems so... Childish.]]

[center [b Not that Aelina could really talk she was very similar whether she realized this fact or not.]]

[center [h3 Reflection]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/AkeHBCd.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXkbGCnF7i8]]

[center [b Ishimotai had finished his training. After eating a light meal he had went to sit and reflect upon today. He would focus on the face of those two he saw today. The only ones who've ever seen him and lived. That blonde one what was his deal? How did Zamoto's cutting power fall short?]]

[center [b Ishimotai would wear down that hunk of metal and run circles around him. Whatever it took he would finish the marks he started. It was all he knew it was he was bred for. If he failed that? Then what else was his purpose?]]

[center [h3 What's To Lose]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/jl31Bto.png]]

[center [b Alexis had held her cat close as she found herself fast asleep.]]

[center [b The young slender woman had been dreaming that night. Dreaming of that man.]]

[center [h3 Fear]]

[center [b Alexis had seen that man in green again reaching for her guns she looked up. To see... the sky? Where was he? He was in the distance she knew she saw him. She could make the shot it was long but she needed to get her head down. So why was she looking up?]]

[center [b She looked around to see thin legs a woman's legs? That's not him? Another enemy? She was wielding pistols similar to her own. Wait those were her pistols? Her eyes shot up to see that it was her body. Only it was missing one important asset.]]

[center [b Ishimotai had sheathed his blade and began to walk away. As Alexis tried to let out a scream of fear of agony but nothing. After that everything had gone black.]]

[center [h3 "Unflinching"]]

[center [b Alexis had shot up from her rubbing under her neck as she gulped. That man... Was too fast she knew that. For her style of long ranged fighting, she decided it maybe was best that she didn't fight him. Was he really that quick or was that? Is this... Fear? Was she scared to die? Scared to die someone else's soldier? She didn't hate her job really but was this really how she wanted to die? No, she wanted to die at an old peaceful age surrounded by fluffy furballs like Snuffles here. It was a simple wish but she was an ordinary woman. She didn't ask for this power. Sure she used it to get ahead but she wasn't ready to let it decide her life.. Or her death.]]

[center [b She sat up and looked at the kitchen. She really owed that stranger, didn't she? She wrote him a fine report she considered that debt repaid he'd land a nice job here. Still, she didn't want to owe anyone anything. So maybe if she did one nice thing for him he'd let the whole thing go and call it even. She wasn't even sure what he liked he did seem obsessed with food and she had a few leftover ingredients from last trade. She gulped to feel her at her neck again letting a sigh of relief before she began to head into the kitchen.]]
  Arthur / Hiragana / 1y 21d 1h 46m 20s
[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/9682d2205d2116236ae253fc80ac1509/tumblr_p4zws6CTpH1ucxjaeo4_500.png]

Asena mostly kept quiet while everyone was chatting on the way over, but she chimed in every now and then, between the unending calculations in her head.
[#F18E1E "Arthur will choose where he wants to work...the only one here without an underling is Ramona, but...we all know she does just fine with Toby."]

She had fallen back with her advisor while Ramona smoked along side with them. Nodding her head, she had already considered this. If that came to be the case...they'd have a hostage. Whispering back into Sorukos ear [#F18E1E "I've thought of this, thank you...I have a plan if that turns out to be the case...I will share it later. Now isn't the time."]
She softly patted Sorukos shoulder in appreciation. For someone so strong, she had such soft gentle hands.

Asena had ordered a small udon bowl, and a side of rice. She was seated at the head of table, not that it occurred on purpose, it was just natural default now. She mostly listened to everyone was else chat. Once upon a time, she used to be chatty too. Though lately there was too much to think about. Too much to go over, and over and over in her head. Though she managed to keep up with it all, but her social life was a small lit flame now.
She reminisced being younger, she was a more social person then. Though, an immature carefree bleeding heart leader. It cost them many times, until she learned that the City needed all of her attention. She sacrificed everything she could to devote all her time to this place.

Her eyes only looked up at Tristan when he made his comment. She only sighed, everyone seemed to jump at his throat. Though she knew why he said what he did, and she understood. She knew she was not a perfect ruler, she knew many things were falling short right now.
Her brain went en route now to how to fix the economy and make Dystopia better again.

While she seemed calm, and collected. Asena was actually still calculating in her head, she was still thinking of the soon threat. Thinking about how to eliminate it before they were eliminated. She needed more information, she needed more numbers. Too many sought to just take refuge here and not fight for it. It was hard enough to get the people to work for resources.

Which were far and few between in the wastes. Nothing grew in sand, minus a few plants. Where life was habitual, lived vicious mutated beasts. Many citizens here she granted living access, and required them to do no work. She protected them, fed them, and such on all for no charge. Though getting in for this free environment was hard, because resources where thin. She couldn't give handouts to everyone. Trade from inside the walls only came three times a month, and lately the raiders have been taking everything coming in.
As much as she wanted to feed everyone she couldn't. Though she promised one free meal a day to every patron. It was just enough to survive, but it was all she could provide for now. If one wanted more than that, they must work for it. Extra's could be bought but there was a limit, two extra meals a day, that must be purchased.
She left the prices up to the vendors, and people who worked in the markets. Though if someone was price gouging she'd know, and knock them down. It must remain fair after all.
Supply just barely meets demand.

Hopefully that'd change soon. If they could push back the raiders, eradicate them if necessary, it'd open trade back up. They'd be able to do a little more than just get by again. With Kareena and Kareem working on a farming area in Utopia, soon they'd be growing their own food too. She felt a little bad indulging on a free meal, when no one was looking she paid for everyone's meals instead of Katashi.
He worked too hard to earn the money he did from her, she wouldn't take his money from him. Nor would she let anyone else.
Though she didn't want needless praise for picking up the bill, which was why she was quiet and quick about it.

When she finished her meal, and had privately paid for everyone. She stood up, and bowed her head to everyone. [#F18E1E "The rest of the night is yours...I expect [b everyone] to be at my quarters at sunrise tomorrow... work must be done."] her voice though projected soft, carried authority in it still. She dismissed herself and walked out of the curtain door, down the dusty street and back towards her home.

Pulling the drawing board out, she began to scrawl away. Plans needed to be made.

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[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/3b0526bc306d785d006837ecb378c4b1/tumblr_p4zws6CTpH1ucxjaeo3_400.png]

Katashi thought it odd Arthur was being given a choice to pick who he worked with. Asena had assigned everyone to everything, until well...him. Not that he minded, he begged for the position and he earned it. Though he wondered if anyone else may ask to change their job with this new mention of choice. He wondered what her game plan was, with accepting him in like this, giving him choice.
It was odd to see her so trusting.

His face blushed a bit as everyone thanked him for the meal, and complimented him. He just waved his hands dismissively with a sheepish smile.
His face flushed deeper as Tadeo came over and messed with him, but it seemed Kanno was right there to strike back for him.
In his head, he thanked her, but she had still flustered him herself.

Upon entering he realized money would be tight for the rest of the month after this, but that was fine. He typically didn't use it anyway and ate his one free meal a day, and that was it. Tonight was special, new recruit, and with such low spirits lately an effort to introduce him to everyone should be made. First impressions matter.

Katashi had awed a little as Aruthur demonstrated his ability after Kanno's questioning. He wondered how such a power came to be. They had small explanations for some of the mutations out here and how powers came to be. However, it was hard to study it without technology.

Katashi didn't reall chime in, he let the chatter bugs do what they do. Chatter.
While he enjoyed a beef ramen, without the extra beef. He'd steal some for Aelina. The usual routine with they two when they ate. She'd ordered extra, and he'd steal it from her.

Asena said her goodbyes, and Gareth had offered drinks and sparring. He smirked a little and cracked his knuckles. [#502896 "I could rough house for a bit."]

He stood up and went to meet the owner to pay, when the owner announced the meal had been paid for. Katashi shook his head [#502896 Nonsense, sir that's very kind but I insist on paying you."]
[b "Sir, the woman who left had paid for everything in full already."]
Katashi blinked, Asena had paid and left.

He'd have to pay her then, he'd catch her another time.
In the mean time. [#502896 "Gareth let's go."] he nodded towards the exit, excited to get some sparring in.

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[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/bfb3ffa7b511a191203fb98c195380b6/tumblr_p4zws6CTpH1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

[#2FE2E5 "I do well~"] she purred as she cuddled her friend a bit, before letting go.
Sayaka giggled devishly with Kanno, looking over Arthur.
[#2FE2E5 "Kanno...you just like them young and innocent looking."]
The baby face thing was cute sure, but she liked her guys a little rougher looking like Tri-
her mind cut her off. She wouldn't let herself have those thoughts.
Since Tristans been here, she's been avoiding him. He flustered her, and she didn't like that. The worst part was, he didn't flirt with her. It wasn't like he was trying to fluster her. He just did, and that scared her.
She didn't want to have any kind of crush. It was distracting, and would just be complicated. The last time she had a crush, it didn't go well.
It was all her fault too.

Shaking her head, she focused back in on reality. No more thinking about it, any of it. She snickered each time Kanno took a hit at her brother for her. She appreciated it when people bickered at him, because she couldn't too much. Or he'd make her regret it. Though if others were getting on his case about it, he'd maybe do some self reflecting for a while a back off.
After all, he couldn't afford to be kicked out for bad behavior.

Looking to Kanno, she smiled [#2FE2E5 "Oh nothing."] except much had been on her mind. Much was always on her mind.

[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/ef90af013cb8a3a8c5b9688f2e5b6f7e/tumblr_p87t0wqbA51ucxjaeo1_400.png]
Arthur revealed his power to them and she looked at intriguingly.
The stream from her eyes emitted red[#F02D2D "Is it fire resistant?"] she circled a little bit of flame between her finger tips, but exstinguished it.
Returning to her blue state, where her power now it the creation and manipulation of ice/water.

As everyone jumped to Tristans throat for expressing himself, she mumbled softly [#2FE2E5 "He's allowed to have a differing opinion..."]
she wanted to defend him. Without catching his attention, she swore she could feel her heart melting whenever she caught his eyes.
She knew it was one sided. He didn't like being here, or any of them really.
It sucked.

She had an idea of why he disliked Asena and everyone here, but he came at a bad time. In the middle of drought, and economic depression with back to back raids as of late. He wasn't much older of an arrival than Arthur.
When Astrid disappeared, he arrived. She wondered if they evens were correlated.
A few months time after Astrid was gone and he was in, things took a turn for the worse around here.
Asena was doing her best, Sayaka knew that. She wondered if Tristan knew, or if he was only looking at the faults and not the efforts to fix them.

Shaking her head, why did she care so much? To want to convince him...convince him to what? Like them? Like her?

She rolled her eyes at herself.

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[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/86e74a9be9b8e8258328b5931497c9a1/tumblr_p4zws6CTpH1ucxjaeo1_500.png]

Tadeo despite all the nagging going his way, stuck along for the meal.
He grumbled a bit at every comment. Rolling his eyes especially hard at the mention of Ramona being able to have handled him.
[#DA3EBB "Shut it you little b-"]

Kareem had raised his hand right into Tadeos face then pointed to Kareena. [#F7B374 "If she learns ANY foul language from you Tadeo I'll have your tongue."] it was the most menacing Kareem would ever get. He was very defensive of his sister, and her innocence.

Tadeo growled but let it go, strutting by himself, he remained still. Free meals, meant more of his money could go to drinking. Maybe he needed to quit, but he wouldn't.
He only knew how to cope this way.

He sat down with everyone, and ordered his own big bowl of Miso, eating half then taking half. He was quick to leave, not staying around. He had no need to stick around and socialize. He met the boy, got his food.
There ain't no rest for the wicked.
He had things to do.

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[right [pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/2a6946d85e6756137c11399b4acdc1c2/tumblr_p5clie9CYo1ucxjaeo4_400.png]]
[left [pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/b1ddc001d78f14e5927a0ebee29da369/tumblr_p5clie9CYo1ucxjaeo2_400.png]]

Kareem and Karina had caught up to the rest at the establishment.
[#F7B374 "Arthur, Kareena. Kareena... This is Arthur."]
He introduced the two and Kareena said hello in her native language. Before Kareem gave her a look and she cleared her throat to correct herself. [#20A217 "H..Hello Arthur. I am ... Kareena!"] she ended with excitement cause she knew she got it right.

The two sat together, and as they ordered Kareem continued to help her with her English. She was doing better and better. She'd be fluent in no time.

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[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/f65245fbf52a95077f4a8c05acf580b2/tumblr_p5clie9CYo1ucxjaeo3_400.png]

Ramona smiled back at Gareth and nodded when he complimented her. Though her usual laid back face stuck.
She had walked alongside Asena on the way there and sat at the table near her too.

Ramona ordered Udon and rice as well, but she got a spicy chicken portion added to her rice. Protein, and flavor.
She mostly kept quiet and ate, with the occasion glances and head nods. A couple times she had shot eyes at Kanno, she was on a roll tonight.
[#F6C709 "It wasn't easy...killing beats is always easier than taming them."] she said in reference to Tadeo with Kanno.

The man shortly left after that, and honestly she felt herself relax a bit more with his presence gone. She didn't like that he had that power over her, to disturb her constant zen.
Time would only heal those wounds.

Ramona smiled as the guys joked around of sparing. She threw a hand on the table. [#F6C709 "I'll take a good watch at your sparing, you need a referee."]
A while ago, she would have joined in the fighting herself, but she couldn't now.
Time had aged her, and she needed to conserve her strength. Avoiding pointless brawling now, she couldn't risk an injury.
But she still worked out and trained alone daily, in tip top shape, for someone her age.

It appeared everyone was done eating. Asena had left, and when Katashi went to pay she over heard his conversation with the owner.
Asena was so much nicer than she'd ever let anyone know.

Ramona stood up and grasped Arthurs shoulder [#F6C709 "Alright boy, before we rally to the arena, I've got a tour to give you."]

Stepping outside, she turned to Gareth, Katashi and Tristan. [#F6C709 "I'll end the tour at the Arena, so go ahead without us for a bit."]
She walked ahead of the boy, and towards the outside circles. But not actually exiting the fence.
Her hips swayed effortlessly as she walked, and her stance always seemed relaxed. Totally without stress.
Most often wondered how she stayed so constantly calm, what is in that pipe she's always smoking?

Ramona turned at the gate and pointed behind her. [#F6C709 "That place, you must know. Uridum. Alexis, works as guard there. Tadeo is in charge, and Sayaka is his underling so to say."]
[#F6C709 "Every leader has an underling who could take over, be anything happens to them...I don't have one but well, I don't [i need] one."]
[#F6C709 "Uridum is where outsiders stay, trade, etc. People wanting citizenship can stay there till they've earned access to live inside...Resources are limited and that's why this is done. With scarce money, food, water...we can't feed everyone in the wastes. But we try."]

she turned on her heel and continued back now walking around the circle through more markets. [#F6C709 "These markets in here? Are strictly for residents...All residents once granted citizenship get free housing, and up to one free meal a day, and three free pales of water per week plus one free bath bale. So Four bales of water a week."]
[#F6C709 "It is available to buy more, but there is also a limit to how many extra can be bought...you can get two extra meals a day. And One extra bale of water a week, but they must be paid for."]

She stopped in front of a booth and gestured to it. [#F6C709 "Your name will be added in the residence log, and Louise here will keep track of your meals and bales. Report to him to get your meal passes and water passes."]
[#F6C709 "The Green passes represent your free ones, and then yellow is your extra ones. When you present yellow ones to the vendors, you will also have to present the money. Green is the only pass that gets you free access."]

[#F6C709 "This was a recently applied policy, because of economic drought, was well as an actual drought. Food has been scarce because of it, and the raids haven't helped. We are hoping to be fixing these problems soon so we can bring Dystopia back to normal again."]

Moving on she walked towards housing. Most of the buildings where old remnants of builds and apartments, put back together. Some where more intact than others. Ramona took him to the front of his building.
[#F6C709 "This is where you will stay while here with us...Lucky you it's previous tenant just left."] It was a single small apartment on ground level. More like a single house next to an apartment building.
[#F6C709 "It's pretty put together still, and you've got some decent privacy. No wall neighbors, or any direct neighbors at all."]
[#F6C709 "I am the 3rd apt. on the 4th floor in this building next to you. I am in charge of this district so if you ever have concerns, let me know."]

Once again she moved on, walking towards Utopia.
[#F6C709 "Utopia, is the one place in the wastes that life really seems to thrive the most. The biggest spot of green on the map."]
[#F6C709 "It's cared for by Kareem and Karina. They have a whole family line that has tended to it for years."]
[#F6C709 "The rest of their family lives out in the wastes by choice, in a special place. Which one day you may see."]
[#F6C709 "We are working on implementing a garden in here so we can soon grow our own food and not have to just rely on trade."]

Walking through the little sanctuary they came out in front of the arena.
[#F6C709 "The arena! Brawls, for fun and to settle things...It all happens here. Training for soldiers and people who do wish to fight. The Arena produces the most work of any other district."]

[#F6C709 "Gareth is in charge of all that. Tristan is his begrudging underling that you've met."]
[#F6C709 "Let's go now, they may be waiting on us."]

Ramona lead Arthur in and met with Katashi, Tristan and Gareth, and anyone else who had also happened to come along.
[#F6C709 "Tour's over now, let's have some fun."]

[hr ]

[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/bdca6c8627daf4df434b4d78484557db/tumblr_p5clie9CYo1ucxjaeo5_400.png]

Astrid sighed rubbing her temples, she sat in the dark and by herself. Grumbling she got up and paced the floor. Planning wasn't easy. She poked holes in all of her plans. Trying to devise one that couldn't be poked through.

She sighed exiting the war room, she went to the markets and took whichever food she wanted. Eating freely, it was nice. Though she knew herself to be taking from the others, but the others treated her as trash. So she didn't care. Once she got what she needed from them, she'd abandon them. All she wanted was revenge on Asena.
What she'd do after? Not sure yet. But she'd cross that bridge when she got there.

Taking herself out over a dusty dune, she laid out a little blanket and laid on it. Azazel had been following her the whole time, he jumped on the blanket and curled up next to her as she laid down. The sun was going down, the stars would be out soon. She'd watch them for a while, putting her hands under her head she just looked up and watched the sky.
Her brain needed a break.
  Lypophrenia / 1y 21d 13h 42m 21s
[center [h3 The New Guy]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzX1ws0SLGk]]

[center [b Arthur had hummed softly as he awaited the elder's answer. It seemed the folks here were awfully lively he expected it to be duller honestly. Though he was even more surprised when he finally heard an answer. Well, it wasn't a grumpy old man that's for sure! It sounded like a woman? She couldn't have been too old too that surprised Arthur, to say the least. Her age was even more surprising than her gender really. A lot of places out here usually had fairly old people in charge. It seemed that a Ramona would be showing him around? Citizenship? That was pretty nice and all but he was wondering.]]

[center [+brown Oh wow thanks!]

[center [b Arthur's bag was removed as he looked around. There was... A lot of cute girls! Pretty cool looking guys too! Everyone here looked awesome actually. Arthur couldn't help but admire the place and people a bit. Then he looked to see the woman with a large wolf-like tail smile his way. His cheeks flushed a light pink as he gave a nod. She was... The prettiest one here but she seemed strong too. Arthur had this strange urge to want to get to know her and spar her all at the same time! Sure he was forward but he wasn't THAT forward to shout. "Hey you're pretty!" he found himself staring a bit before looking away with a nervous chuckle.]]

[center [+brown Heh.. I won't let you down boss!]]

[center [b It was then that Katashi had given his friend a high five. Arthur wanted to join in on some of that too! Though Katashi made an even better offer about getting the kid a meal. He nodded and exclaimed to Katashi with a child like excitement.]]

[center [+brown Ha! Who doesn't love noodles?!]]

[center [#f2d618 Welcome to the team Arthur! I wonder what department you'll end up in... Had you come a bit sooner I'm sure you'd have ended up having Tristan's job!]]

[center [+red Tsk.. be my guess.]]

[center [+blue Now lad that's no way to talk to the boy. I'm sorry Aelina but it's not going to happen. Though we do have the room in the Arena for new recruits! I'd have to test his mettle first. What was he like on the field Alexis?]]

[center [+lightblue See for yourself old man.]]

[center [+blue Ho ho! Feisty as always huh? You were like that ever since you were a small little thing. So very fussy.]]

[center [b Aelina had gasped worriedly Alexis would scream at the man. Surprisingly she just crossed her arms and looked away. Arthur blinked and grinned looking at Gareth.]]

[center [+brown I'd love to spar I'll try not to break you're back old man!]]

[center [#f2d618 Old man?! You should know Gareth's only equal out here in Dystopia is lady Asena herself!]]

[center [b Gareth found himself giving a hearty laugh as he patted Arthur on the back.]]

[center [+blue Katashi treat the lad to a fine bowl of noodles! I like this boys spirit!]]

[center [b Kanno had leaned in to look close to the boy as her tail began to wag. Arthur had blinked blushing wildly he hadn't really noticed her. She was... a close second to Asena on the cute radar. If Arthur hadn't had a weakness for strong women maybe she'd take the cake.]]

[center [+purple Hmm... he's adorable! Oh, Asena you gotta let him work in my department! I'd put him to good use~]]

[center [+brown U-Uhmm huh?!]]

[center [#f2d618 Kanno stop it! You're weirding him out!]]

[center [+purple Oh no I'm not he likes it~]]

[center [b Katashi had reigned in the chaos a bit by asking them all out to eat. Arthur had sighed in relief he wasn't good with her type. Not that he ever had a girl come on so strong before he was usually to busy on the battlefield. Arthur mouthed softly to Katashi. "Thank you" as he nodded and everyone seemed game for the idea to go out for food.]]

[center [b Soroku had crossed her arms eyeing Arthur slightly. She wasn't sure if she was ready to trust the kid or not. What if this was staged by the enemy? That he was sent her as some savior? That Flashing Steel let him save Alexis to get closer to Asena? He seemed to naive and childish to not be wary of. Soroku had come closer to Asena as she whispered in her ear. As Asena's strategist this was a common occurrence between the two.]]

[center [+orange I'm not sure about that one. What if Flashing Steel had staged this event? Letting Arthur save Alexis to get closer to us? The choice is your own I'd just be wary of the newcomer.]]

[center [b With that Soroku had stood back up by Asena's side. Kanno was yelling in the background at Katashi.]]

[center [+purple Free noodles! Oh Katashi your handsome and generous thank you~]]

[center [b She gave a flirty wink to Katashi as she waved for Soroku to join them. She had shaken her head her place was here with Asena. The two had a lot to talk about in up and coming plans. Besides Soroku wasn't exactly good at... Socializing.]]

[center [b Arthur had looked around as a man had approached Arthur. He seemed wildly dressed Arthur had heard the man introduce himself. He gave a wide grin as he nodded putting a hand out to shake his.]]

[center [+brown Nice to meet cha Kareem!]]

[center [b Alexis, however, had bailed on the whole team. Ouch, so she just wasn't that way toward him huh? Weren't they supposed to be a team? Well, it wasn't business whatever they did. It worked for them right? Still, he didn't like her taking off like that. Aelina had blinked looking toward Soroku and Alexis.

[center [#f2d618 Soroku and Alexis aren't coming again are they? Well, at least Kareem's coming! Don't be late! It's always more fun with you around.]]

[center [b Aelina smiled radiantly as she offered a petite wave to Kareem. It seemed she got along with the man well. She seemed a strange mix of energetic but responsible at the same time. She was beautiful but then again they all were. Though with her armor and lance she looked capable too.]]

[center [b Kanno was giggling as she was latching on Katashi's arm. Although another mischievous girl had entered the fray. Kanno had giggled as she snuggled the girl back her tail wagging.]]

[center [+purple Hello doll face! You are looking as gorgeous as ever! How could I say no to you?]]

[center [b She teased as she tapped her friend's nose. Arthur blinked blushing well they seemed... Close.]]

[center [#f2d618 Sayaka I'm glad you're coming with us to eat!]]

[center [b Aelina smiled as Arthur saw a horned man began to talk to Katashi. Things took an... Interesting turn. Kanno had smirked hearing the man's offer.]]

[center [+purple Oh he gets an offer but I don't? What if I've already made plans with little old Katashi?]]

[center [b She smirked devilishly, she liked to tease the Tadeo. She'd flirt with him here or there but mostly she gave him a hard time. Even going as far as charming the women he's seduced to drop him for no real apparent reason. Perhaps she was a thorn in his side because of her friendship with Sayaka. Though the three of them had one thing in common and that was possibly bending the rules... A little too much.]]

[center [+red Well if that's it I'm going back. Get me if you need me-]]

[center [+blue Sorry lad this is your new assignment! Come eat your heart out! A growing boy needs his food!]]

[center [b Tristan rolled his eyes with a light scoff as he looked at the others. It wasn't like he was exactly allowed to pass. So he was forced to come along. Gareth had patted the boys back as Tristan gave him a glare and an attempted jab to the throat. Gareth had caught the boy's fist with a slight chuckle before walking up ahead.]]

[center [+blue Thank you Katashi I'm sorry the lad hasn't learned his manners. So allow me to thank you for the both of us dear friend.]]

[center [#f2d618 Yeah thanks Katashi you're a lifesaver!]]

[center [b Arthur had looked behind him to see that the woman Aelina called.. Soroki? Ku? Kay? He couldn't remember had ended up coming along. Possibly because the woman in charge had even decided to come! Despite lagging behind he noticed another woman she almost looked like a samurai from an old movie. Had looked at the older man and his... Son? Assistant? He wasn't sure what to call the grumpy man. Gareth had given her a smile and a chuckle.]]

[center [+blue You are looking as lovely as ever Ramono. I'm sure the new lad's in capable hands with you.]]

[center [b Gareth gave a deep chuckle as she passed by him. Despite her smiling at the older man and his assistant? The man just avoided a gaze with her. Why was he so grumpy? Ramono had offered an introduction Arthur had reached out and shaken her hand.]]

[center [+brown It's a pleasure mam! I can't wait till you show me around. So I'm hearing a lot about departments? Hope you can find the one that suits my abilities!]]

[center [#f2d618 Oh she will! Ramona is awesome! She's survived countless battles and has been working here for awhile. She's slain quite a few beasts alongside me as well.]]

[center [+purple I'm more surprised she was able to handle dating one kukuku~]]

[center [b She giggled commenting on Sayaka's brother. Aelina had tried to hold back the urge to giggle but she did. She had bowed to Ramona offering a solemn apology.]]

[center [+brown Heh heh... you guys are very lively! Well, I look forward to working with you Ramona! Thank you for the help by the way!]]

[center [b So it turns out the only not coming is Alexis? Ironic she was kinda the reason he was even here in the first place. It was... Disappointing but all well right? It was a lot to meet so many people at once. So many names to remember but he'll get them all down sooner or later.]]

[center [h3 Unexpected]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/AkeHBCd.jpg]]

[center [b Ishimotai had knelt as he listened to her words. She seemed a bit displeased at first on commenting it wasn't her finest report. It was the first report he had sent with such a glaring flaw to her. Before her, such a mistake would have warranted a lashing. With vulgar comments such as "If you want to be as useless as a woman you can do a woman's job." Despite being a young boy at the time. These threats had used to scare the boy but eventually, he had grown numb to it all. Becoming the man he was today and he made sure it never came to that point. He was ready to receive a strict lashing as he used too for such mistakes. Before he came to be known as Flashing Steel. Astrid had than came to her own plan about what to do with this circumstance. She seemed to be a more flexible and capable leader than the man before her.]]

[center [b She had given him a thumbs up a few men growled and cursed under their breath. Ishimotai himself a bit surprised by her reaction. Even as she left she had mumbled softly. "Good job" blinking the boy was surprised to receive such praise from another person. He was raised to do everything in perfection by those standards he had failed. Yet here she was praising him? She was very different indeed.]]

[center [+green My liege.]]

[center [b The man offered in respect of his superior. Turning back he held his hand to his scabbard as he made his way through the crowd of men behind him.]]

[center Pfft figures the pet's her favorite.]

[center [+darkgreen Of course with his face? It's obvious a woman would take his side! We make a screw-up and it's usually-]]

[center Shh! Don't let her hear you! If she does she'll-]]

[center [+green ..If you wish to gain prestige with the commander. Then your efforts are better put into training and study of the enemy. Complaining won't help anyone.]]

[center [b The men had growled as Ishimotai kept his usual monotone voice. Ishimotai had made himself scarce almost in a blur. Sometimes the men had suspected his ability wasn't speed at all. That the boy simply used teleportation and boasted by claiming something else. At least this what they believed till he displayed his sword skills for the raiders. Something he was ordered to do for other tribes for show that was before Astrid came along.]]

[center [b Ishimotai had gone to the training guard as he sat down laying his blade on his lap. Losing himself in meditation as he focused on the man and woman that escaped today. The woman had handled the numbers against her with true finesse and though the boy seemed less professional. It was his power that concerned Ishimotai more so.]]

[center [h3 Time To Herself]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/jl31Bto.png]]

[center [b Alexis had left her fellow co-workers to go and reflect on today. Asena had seemed worried about the report. Alexis wasn't sure why but it wasn't exactly her place to ask. Leave that to her adviser or someone else. Alexis had done her job for the day unless all-out war broke out she was off duty. She had gone home living by herself she had a cat. "Snowball" not exactly a unique name but she loved her fluffy white cat all the same. She had sat down thinking about what she wanted to eat. Having a pet out here? Was a luxury it was rare to have an animal that didn't serve a purpose. It took extra money to watch the cat but she had a weakness for helpless cute little things. Despite her attitude.]]

[center [+lightblue Come on Snowball let's eat sit up here.]]

[center [b She smiled as the cat gave a grumpy face. She had picked the fat cat up on her lap as she played with its paws. Talking in a high pitched voice to speak for her feline friend.]]

[center [+lightblue Snowball is my slave name, Alexis! You shall refer to me as... Lord Snuffles! Now feed me, peasant!]]

[center [b She giggled softly as her cat tilted his head mewling at her. She smiled softly as she held her cat close to her chest.]]

[center [+lightblue How can a boy like that smile so thoughtlessly? In a world like this? God I sound so cynical don't I?]]

[center [b She waved her cats paws on her face as she began to speak for "Lord Snuffles" once again.]]

[center [+lightblue "Awe gee Alexis I think you're pretty great! Why didn't you go with your friends meow?"]]

[center [+lightblue Well "Lord Snuffles" they are my co-workers first of all. I don't know I just...]]

[center [b She trailed off as her cat began to flail and crawl away. Giving off a yawn before laying on the table. She had gone to get the two some dinner it wasn't anything fancy. Her mind crossed to that swordsman today. She almost lost her life today, didn't she? It wasn't like Alexis to be careless why did that man help her out? Well probably to gain prestige in Dystopia. If he ended up being bad news it'd be her fault, wouldn't it? She needed to focus on not underestimating the enemy. What she did was reckless it was to protect her men from those cannons. It was... Too sentimental it was a stupid decision.]]

[center [h3 Cheerful Knight]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/ECr3mlq.jpg]]

[center [b Aelina had followed her comrades to the noodle shop. Aelina could never remember the places name for the life of her but she liked the culture around it. She found it intriguing she looked around in awe and delight she loved everything about Dystopia. It's why she took charge of handling the beast. She loved this place so dearly. Even if it was considered a place of rejects it was her very own personal kingdom. She saw Arthur glancing over a bit as she offered a gleaming smile with a small wave as she pushed her hair behind her ear. The boy had waved a bit more timid than his usual cheery behavior. Had she come off rudely somehow? Well, she'd try not to let it eat at her. That way she could come off more natural for the poor boy he must have been through a lot.]]

[center [#f2d618 Katashi I know I say this a lot but you really awesome.]]

[center [b She hit the mans shoulder flashing a bright smile before dashing her way in there. As Kanno giggled behind her.]]

[center [+purple Oh Katashi you are quite popular today aren't you~?]]

[center [b Kanno had head in and so had the rest one at a time.]]

[center [b Aelina had sat down beside Arthur and Katashi at her other side squished between the two. Though she wanted to help the new guy get around. Of course, though she knew that was Ramona's job but she was eager to help still!]]

[center [#f2d618 Beef Ramen please! With tons and tons of beef!]]

[center [b Arthur had chuckled a bit at her appetite she was even pointing at the largest bowl they had.]]

[center [+purple Oh poor Katashi's wallet.]]

[center [b Kanno had no problem with men spending money on her. Not in the slightest but when it came to Katashi? She had actually felt a bit bad strangely enough. She was tempted even not to eat but she'd order something cheap. She knew he'd insist that sweetheart mentality is gonna get him in trouble one day. Sure he seemed stern but he was such a softie it was kinda cute.]]

[center [b Kanno had fallen into her thoughts as Aelina talked to Katashi some. The two were close like siblings she wanted to know how he was holding up things like that.]]

[center [b Aelina knew that it wouldn't be too long before they'd all have to go back to work. Still, she cherished moments like these with her friends.]]

[center [h3 Reading]]

[center [pic https://static.zerochan.net/Rita.Mordio.full.735948.jpg]]

[center [b Soruku had waved her hand when offered a menu. Shaking her head no she simply decided to read. She was only here if Asena wanted to talk about the current situation other than that she would spend her time researching. The R&D department wanted her to come up with new ideas for equipment and tactics against these raiders. She was curious to read the report and to understand this "Flashing Steel" as much as possible. Arthur seemed to have known the man's reputation well which prompted her to want to ask many questions. She had decided to take notes instead of what questions would be best to ask.]]

[center [b How does his ability perform?]]

[center [b Apparent age?]]

[center [b How quick did he exactly appear?]]

[center [b Three broad questions and easy to understand for the boy. He seemed a bit... Dimwitted but she knew not to judge a book by its cover.]]

[center [h3 My Little Lovelies]]

[center [pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/dd55/f/2017/335/a/b/original_neko_girl_anime_render__96_by_clublion-dbvfxkd.png]]

[center [b Kanno had planned on sharing a large bowl of Miso soup with Sayaka. As she looked over at the little girl with a smirk on her lips.]]

[center [+purple So what's been on you're mind doll?]]

[center [b Sayaka was a blast and her and Kanno usually had all kinds of ideas for fun. Sayaka was destructive while Kanno was more manipulative they liked to play and toy with nobles who would visit into town. Shady nobles from Albion dealing in black markets most of all. Sayaka convinced Kanno in certain direct approaches as Kanno would convince Sayaka the powers of feminine charms. Even without a power, Sayaka was awfully cute behind her destructive attitude oh she was a lot of fun. Though Kanno couldn't say she was as fond of her brother despite all of her flirting. Still, she was intrigued by the new blood. In fact, she was still learning about Tristan he was the last new guy and he's barely said anything.]]

[center [+purple So Arthur... What was it like out there today? You seem so... How do I say this? Delicate I mean when Tristan joined we were all unsure but he at least looks the part you know? I'm just curious how you swooped in the way you did cutie~]]

[center [+brown C-Cuti- H-Huh? Err umm.. Well I guess like this I look pretty young, don't I? Well, I might as well show you all know before I chow down! By the way, I want what Aelina's having it looks good! Tons of protein! Aelina was right Mr. Katashi you rock! Okay well here you guys go.]]

[center [b The autumn haired boy had stood up to focus his thoughts. Taking a deep breath his hair had begun to turn blonde as his eyes going a brighter hue of blue. The metal armor appearing around him as his large sword with a rather complex design running through it. Soruku had begun to write into her notes taking a bit of notice as Kanno gave a slight whistle.]]

[center [+purple A real knight in shining armor eh? Well I gotta say blondes are usually pretty cute.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size30 [center U-Uhm.. Thanks?]]]

[center [#f2d618 Wow that's really cool! It's kinda funny that your name is Arthur don't you think?]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size30 [center Huh? Is it? Why?]]]

[center [+purple Awe that is just so precious. Well, can't say reading is really common out here in the wastelands. Still, I guess it makes more sense now.]]

[center [b Arthur had nodded as his armor began to disappear his hair returning to the way it was as he gave a brimming smile. Even Tristan had given a bit of a glance as Gareth let out a loud laugh.]]

[center [+blue Lad that is one impressive mutation! Asena's got to assign you with us in the arena. Tristan here could show you the ropes!]]

[center [+brown Tristan? Oh.. that's his name? I get a feeling he wouldn't want me around heh heh..]]

[center [+blue Oh nonsense Tristan's not that bad! He's all bark no bite!]]

[center [+red Well if I could offer one piece of advice Arthur. Were I in your shoes? I'd get out now while I had the chance.]]

[center [#f2d618 HEY! What the hell does that mean-]]

[center [+blue Aye let the boy be little Aelina he isn't hurting anyone. Just one man's opinions to another we would never make you stay by any means Arthur.]]

[center [+brown Heh thanks, old man! Call me a sap but I kinda already like it here! Food and great company! That being said thanks for the advice Tristan and I hope we can work together well.]]

[center [+red Yeah yeah..]]

[center [b Kanno watched as Tristan began to eat his bowl of noodles.]]

[center [+purple Gareth he's very... Rebellious give me a week with him and I'll whip into shape.]]

[center [+blue Oh no little girl I'd like his progress to be sincere not his brain all scrambled.]]

[center [+red Touch me you die.]]

[center [+purple Awe you couldn't hurt little old me could you?]]

[center [b She said as her eyes began to glow slightly as Tristan looked away with a scoff. With her power the glare she gave? She could remind others of people they yearn for miss cherish and even love. She wondered who came to that boy's mind she had giggled and offered a more soft and sincere tone.]]

[center [+purple Tristan I want you to know I'm just teasing. I wouldn't do that to you okay?]]

[center [b She said in an unusually soft tone as the boy grumbled softly eating his meal. She had a way of turning even the toughest men a little softer. Sayaka's brother? Oh, he hated being jerked around like that least she felt he was so prideful that her powers? Was something he wouldn't enjoy.]]

[center [b That aside she had a feeling today was gonna turn out to not be such a bore after all.]]

[center [h3 Lost In Thought]]

[center [pic http://pm1.narvii.com/6405/3e04da22b75718052494ed6ba228e35e09dddddb_hq.jpg]]

[center [b Tristan had noticed he got quite a few looks from those around him based on his "advice". That was stupid of him he couldn't act like that he'd end up executed like this. Kanno had given him a very disarming look as he mumbled out a soft apology for Aelina and the others. It was hard to make out but they got the gist.]]

[center [b He had decided to eat and stay to himself. He wondered what if this man really joined the Arena? Tristan would have to show him the ropes, would he? That'd be a real pain Gareth would try and turn it into a bonding experience. Not that this Arthur seemed like a bad guy or anything just Tristan wasn't passionate about doing more work for these guys. Gareth loved to act like his father and it just pissed him off. He was normally a calm and collected guy but when it came to Dystopia? He found his anger hard to contain. He hated how they somehow spread all these stories of Asena and even Gareth. A god or a hero whatever it was and yet here they are eating a meal and taking it easy. Despite how many people they got starving now? Tristan hated that Gareth saw an intruder and thought. "Well, we could use that can't we?" It proved his point they were just as power hungry as the damn raiders. They just hid it better he hated so many things. The Tadeo clan for example? How Sayaka was with her brother? The guy treated her like shit and he was allowed to just keep operating here? Gareth claims to hate it but how much do they help that girl really? No wonder she was so violent. Although her being violent just helped their cause didn't it? Not to mention Kanno that little snake he hated the way she operated. Sometimes he wanted to trust her but he had to fight the urge. He knew that it had to be her power. Of course, as soon as he realized she was using hers? He'd glare and use his right back canceling her own. That didn't change the fact the way she talked and acted all sweet didn't help. Not to mention she looked like... "No nevermind"]]

[center [b Tristan lost himself in thought but he tried to not focus on the biggest reason he hated them. In case Soruku over there was reading his every thought another thing he just loved about Dystopia. He had to calm down like it or not this was his life and this was his job. He had to get used to that idea. It didn't mean he had to like it though.]]

[center [h3 Sir Arthur's Tale]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/736x/cc/d1/9b/ccd19bf9b6918bb2e7a80ee7c872ed04.jpg]]

[center [b Gareth had chuckled at Kanno's teasing of Arthur. He seemed unaware of the tale he remembered reading that old myth to Aelina time and time again. She loved Sir Lancelot. Though Gareth used to leave the falling out at the end a lot. Aelina always admired the idea of knighthood and he could tell she was excited to see Arthur's power.]]

[center [+blue Well lad it's a tale I'll have to share with you sometime.]]

[center [#f2d618 You know... It'd be funny coming from you. Considering one of Arthur's knights went by Sir Gareth.]]

[center [+blue Ha! Very true Aelina very true! Well if you come to the Arena Arthur me and Tristan here can show you the ropes. If you don't join us you could always just join for a quick match maybe I'll have you train with Tristan here.]]

[center [+brown I'd love to spar you old man!]]

[center [#f2d618 Good luck! Gareth's never lost a fight before.]]

[center [+brown Well first time for everything am I right?]]

[center [+blue Haha lad I like that spunk! If Asena allows it then I would be more then happy to accept you're challenge. That's of course after you prove that mettle against Tristan here first.]]

[center [b Gareth had begun to eat as he drank his fair share of sake. Not too much to get completely wasted just enough to hit the spot. Gareth believed a few cups a day couldn't hurt.]]

[center [+blue Fine spirits Katashi I owe you. Perhaps we should drink and go at it for old times sake!]]

[center [b Gareth laughed as he recalled the days of whipping Katashi in shape. Gareth wasn't one to accept handouts he'd consider this a favor and that one day he'd return it for Katashi. Gareth had continued to eat as he watched the younger generation talk and eat their worries away. He was glad to see them all getting along he had only hoped that Tristan to could learn to relax a little. What ailed the boy so? Gareth had wondered that many times Soruku had offered to share that secret with him.]]

[center [b However Gareth believed a man's past was his own unless he is too share those secrets. It was Tristan's decision and Gareth wouldn't pressure the boy for answers. Gareth knew he was a bit old fashioned but that's just how he did things.]]
  Arthur / Hiragana / 1y 33d 10h 3m 27s
[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/9682d2205d2116236ae253fc80ac1509/tumblr_p4zws6CTpH1ucxjaeo4_500.png]
Her meditation had been quick, and the moment she was leaving the forest and back in her office, sitting at her desk.
Aelina opened the door, Katashi followed, with a stranger, then Alexis.

The stranger spoke first, and boldly. Slowly she smirked in amusement, he was so bold and...possibly stupidly friendly. It reminded her of someone she once knew...
Blinking, she realized everyone had been shocked by his boldness. Shrugging her shoulders, she thought nothing of it.

She read the report given to her, and nodded her head. He had just jumped in to save her. Asena wondered what would've come of Alexis, had he not come along. While it was never apparent she cared deeply for any of them, she did.
She was preparing her words, when the boy spoke up again. Aruthur had brought up the identity of the man who attacked them. He gave good details on the enemy too.

Getting spiraled in her thoughts, she was cut back to reality again, when Arthur asked for food, and then offered work. It reminded her of what she was going to say moments ago. [#F18E1E "Katashi, give him a badge...Aelina alert the others to-"] the door opened mid phrase Soruku entered, then Kanno followed shortly after. Asena cleared her throat and began to inform them of what was going on, when Tristan had entered followed by Gareth. She cleared her throat, as soon Aelina came back with Tadeo, Sayaka, Ramona, and Kareem. Kareena was to young to attend councils. She also didn't speak English yet, Kareem would tell her all the news later, it just worked that way.

[#F18E1E "Well everyone is present then, so...This is Arthur, he just jumped in to a fight against a raider enemy and assisted Alexis. I am granting him a badge, and Ramona you are to conduct his introduction to Dystopia, tell him the rules, show him where he will stay...you know the drill...He is being granted Citizenship and will receive his badge now."]

Katashi then removed the bag from the boys head, and he stood in the middle of them in, everyone was staring. Asena stood from her chair and put her hands on her desk. [#F18E1E "Welcome."] she said with a small smile.

[hr ]

[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/3b0526bc306d785d006837ecb378c4b1/tumblr_p4zws6CTpH1ucxjaeo3_400.png]

Katashi had stayed mostly quietly on the way back in from picking up Arthur and Alexis. He thanked Kareena, with a high five, quick natural high five. Like they did that all the time, because they did. It was their common passing thing, and no one else understood it.

He had stood before Asena, but let Aelina do all the talking, and explaining. All he did add in [#502896 "He was also very cooperative."]
Noting that he didn't complain, or refuse to come in. He didn't even really complain about the procedure he had to endure.

The poor kid just wanted a meal, and after Asena gave her orders Katashi chimed in. [#502896 "How about we get the kid a meal first?"]
Asena blinked for a moment then nodded, she forgot he had asked to eat. He nodded and patted Arthur on the back. [#502896 "I hope you like noodles."]

[#502896 "Everyones invited, it's been a while since we've all ate together."] He nodded his head towards town. The merge between Markets and housing, there was a little food market and a few restaurants. The market was also littered with food vendors.

[hr ]

[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/2a6946d85e6756137c11399b4acdc1c2/tumblr_p5clie9CYo1ucxjaeo4_400.png]

Kareem had met stuck close by, and heard the on going conversation. He had entered as Aelina was quickly going to fetch the others. So this guy jumped in to save Alexis, his name was Arthur. He had a cute baby face. Kareem smiled a little bit and took it upon himself to be friendly.
[#F7B374 "Kareem, pleasure to meet you. Arthur right?"]

Katashi had invited everyone out to lunch, and Kareem shook his head. Noodles, and he wouldn't have to pay for them? Amazing. He purred a little bit at the invite and nodded. Implying he'd be there to eat.

He'd go fetch Kareena first, she needed to eat as well. [#F7B374 "I will get Kareena and meet you all there."] Aelina had already reentered with the rest of the entourage minutes before. So everyone was already present. Minus his sister.

She got left out of these meetings because, her age but as well as her lack of the ability to understand or speak English very well. They were working on it though, and she was making fair progress too. She'd probably know more, if Kareem would sit and do more lessons. But taking care of Utopia is a busy job just the two of them share.

[hr ]

[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/b1ddc001d78f14e5927a0ebee29da369/tumblr_p5clie9CYo1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Kareena was walking with two water pales being balanced by a stick across her shoulders. The well water, the only natural source of fresh water left for miles in the wastes. She'd distribute one bucket amongst sections of Utopia to keep the plants growing alive. The other bucket would go to the large water troughs in housing, that water was used for bathing. Then she'd come back and collect two more buckets.
One bucket would go to the garden, a project they've recently started trying to grow their own food in the city. The other bucket would go to the man made water well in Markets. The water would be used for cooking.

Then she'd come back and check on all the plants, the sanctuaries hidden within Utopia, and then she'd practice with Kareem.
Speaking of which, she saw her brother out of the corner of her eye. Skipping over she jumped into his arms, and smiled.
[#20A217 "هل حان الوقت للدرس "]

Kareem shook his head [#F7B374 لا ، لقد حان الوقت لتناول الطعام"] they spoke in their native tongue now, Kareem put his finger up.[#F7B374 "لكن درس واحد صغير"]
Kareena nodded her head and looked up, listening intently.
[#F7B374 "We."] he pointed between the two of them, she had been taught this word before so no need to spend much time on it.
[#F7B374 "Are going to....ذاهب ل....Are going to"]
[#F7B374 "Eat noodles....تناول المعكرونة....Eat noodles."]

She nodded her head, and then slowly repeated after him.
[#20A217 "We are...going to eat...n-noodles?"] she tilted her head curiously to see if she got it right. Kareem nodded with a smiled and then turned on his heal.
[#F7B374 "Let us go!"]

[hr ]

[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/bfb3ffa7b511a191203fb98c195380b6/tumblr_p4zws6CTpH1ucxjaeo2_400.png]
Her eyes had but shut, and she was passed out on her family bed. When Aelina came knocking and said Asena was summoning everyone.
Groaning, she sighed. Again?
The women just saw them all and told them to leave, now she's gotta go back.

The fetched Tadeo and walked in silence back to the shack, where Asena was welcoming in a new man to the city. The details were shared on what he did, and Sayaka just rolled her eyes. Anyone could save Alexis, but yeah let's just let him join into the City.
She didn't care much for what was going on till Katashi mentioned eating.

She saw Kanno was present and smiled, she snuck up on the girl and wrapped her in a hug. [#2FE2E5 "Share a big bowl of Spicy Miso with me Kanno."] she pouted softly.
Kanno was someone she was closest with here, mostly because they'd cause trouble together often. Asena had to take them off assignments together because they were either to destructive or got distracted by each other.

[hr ]

[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/86e74a9be9b8e8258328b5931497c9a1/tumblr_p4zws6CTpH1ucxjaeo1_500.png]
Tadeo had been half way through a bottle of Sake when Aelina came for him with his brat half sister.
Asena wanted them again, and so he went.
His men boo'd, and he hushed them before leaving.

Total silence the way there, he didn't mind. He found both girls annoying, so if he didn't have to hear their voices, that was perfect.
It was revealed we had a new citizen, who wanted to work and was an information well.
It's impressive he did a good deed too, with nothing but a meal on his mind. What a good heart he head.
Gross. Tadeo rolled his eyes, this guy was gonna be no fun. He needed someone who he could be a little destructive with and just bend the rules a little bit with from time to time. Most of them were all rule sticklers, or annoying.

He'd go along for free food though, [#DA3EBB "A meal on you Katashi, I am in."] he smirked, and implied something a little more adult. Though he didn't swing that way, he liked to fluster the boy, it was kind of funny to watch the boys stern face turn pink.

He was the first on to open the door, and let everyone out. They'd probably end up talking business. They did have a ton of it to talk about, but the sooner they could get the meeting out of the way the better. Tadeo liked having his time, so the more that could be done quicker and sooner, the better. He'd have more time later for himself then.

[hr ]

[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/f65245fbf52a95077f4a8c05acf580b2/tumblr_p5clie9CYo1ucxjaeo3_400.png] Ramona had waltzed in, after Aelina had passed her and told her what was going on. She went on her own to Asena's from their instead of walking further out to get the other two, to walk back. She unsummoned Toby and made her way over.
She smiled at Gareth and Tristain and stood next to them as Asena tried more than once to explain what was going on. Soon everyone as present, she was no longer being interrupted and was finally able to get all her words out.

When Katashi said they'd all get lunch, she nodded her head. Food would be great, as the left to lunch Ramona fell back and introduced herself to Arthur. [#F6C709 "Hi Arthur, I am Ramona your tour guide later."] she shook his hand, and then nodded. Falling back further behind everyone. She came shoulder to shoulder with Asena and then lit her pipe.

The two of them shared the smoke, on the way to the noodle place. No conversation, but this was what they normally did as they traveled together. Asena didn't smoke like Ramona did, but she would on occasion.
She always accepted Ramona's invitations too as well. It was how they bonded. They didn't see totally eye to eye but they may as well have been sisters. Nothing would come between them or mess them up. They'd agree to disagree, and still back each other up 100%.

Ramona was happy to arrive and eager to eat all she could. She had skipped breakfast, on account she just forgot.

[hr ]

[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/bdca6c8627daf4df434b4d78484557db/tumblr_p5clie9CYo1ucxjaeo5_400.png]

Astrid wrinkled her nose and read through the scroll. Everything had been done pretty much right, except for one detail.
[b "He doesn't ever speak much to you...Astrid I don't think he likes you."]
Astrid rolled her eyes [#BB0606 "Azazel hush."] she spoke down to the small little creature. A beast she saved in the wastes, now served as her companion. She had saved it's life, so it vowed to follow her for life. Astrid had named him Azazel, she also kept it because it spoke. A rare find in the wastes.

[#BB0606 "Hm...This isn't your finest report."] she sighed a little disappointed.
[#BB0606 "...but maybe I can use this..."]

She trailed off in her own head. Asena would have the survivors report their accounts. The wolf woman will know of Ishimotai, but maybe Astrid could use this.

Asena may try to charge her own attack if given a reason to fear, leaving resources and soldiers not at home. Lure them out, and then send a much large convoy around to attack while they're vulnerable.
[#BB0606 "This is fine."] she put a thumbs up.

She felt bad for the kid, she didn't like being harsh on him. He grew up here, and from what she gathered it's a hard way to grow up. Astrid felt bad for him, but she couldn't focus on helping him. She had other things to do.
If they both survived...maybe she'd help him out then.
Not that she really even would know how, she can't even fix her own personal problems.

[#BB0606 "Good job."] she mumbled before turning off, and going back to her own place. Closing it down for herself, she'd sit and think now how exactly how to perfect the plan, and have it ready to go.
She'd had to intimidate them out.
Get them out, get them focused on a strong small group, then send a large storm of soldiers around the dunes to the other side of the city.

She needed a group, the raiders would go through testing then. To find the strongest ones.
The rest will all attack while they distract.
Astrid's sure if she revealed she was behind this, it would entice Asena herself to come out.
Maybe she should let someone else catch a peak of her too.
  Lypophrenia / 1y 21d 17h 6m 58s
[center [h3 Faithful Knight]]

[center [b Aelina had nodded and listened she had started to write her orders out. When others came confused to Asena's request Aelina simply kept listening. She never questioned Asena. She had kept writing out her orders it wasn't long before Asena's ears were perked up. Aelina had stood up drawing her lance and shield. She was told to go check out the report. Aelina had looked back and nodded.]]

[center [#f2d618 Right away mam.]]

[center [b She spoke trying to maintain a tone of professionalism despite her very feminine voice. She had head out to go see what the commotion was about.]]

[center [b It appeared a stranger was talking to Katashi or rather he was talking to the stranger. He had... Helped out, Alexis? It must have been a hell of a fight for her to need help. She was known as Dystopia's most talented gunslinger.]]

[center [#f2d618 Thank you, sir! For all your help! I'm sorry though rules are rules!]]

[center [b The petite woman had given a salute as she walked behind him. She had begun to blindfold the boy as ordered.]]

[center [b She had felt bad for doing so he seemed... Like a nice guy. Even Katashi seemed encouraging and Alexis was giving him a less hateful glare. For Alexis? That takes a while to earn. In fact, Aelina could almost argue it was a neutral stare! She giggled to herself at the silly prospect.]]

[center [h3 Blindfolded Huh?]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/236x/71/8e/20/718e20a57294f6ec45531536cbaad3c9.jpg]]

[center [b As Arthur was heading back with Alexis. he was greeted with another radiant woman. She seemed... Cheery and her posture somewhat frail despite the armor she wore. She was really cu-]]

[center [b Before he could process that thought a man had come to him. "Kid" Arthur blinked even the noble made the same mistake. Sure he was only a young adult and his face didn't help others figure that out well. Though this man seemed to be a young adult himself. Though it didn't really bother Arthur by this point he was used to it. He was happy to hear the words lucky day. That meant even if they don't take him in he'd at least get a meal right? He wondered what kinda jobs they'd offer and how long they'd take. He wasn't even really thinking about the possibility he'd get a permanent job. The man seemed rather encouraging despite the way he worded it his wink seemed friendly.]]

[center [+brown Thanks! Wait blindfolded? That's usually how a guy gets stabbed in a-]]

[center [#f2d618 Relax!]]

[center [b Aelina had caught Arthur by surprise placing a blindfold over his head. Before his eyes were cloaked into darkness he saw a smile on the woman's face. Innocent and naive with a giggle to boot.]]

[center [#f2d618 We aren't going to stab the guy who saved Alexis. Though if we were we wouldn't wait till we got back or blindfold you.]]

[center [b Nice reassurance lady so much for that innocent voice of yours. She made it seem it'd be so easy for her too. Granted she had that man a troop with her. Though Arthur was used to being underestimated he saw this wasn't the case here. They were just incredibly confident. That could get you killed out here even with a city. Not that Arthur was any better but he knew when to cut and run to. He wouldn't fight them head on he'd cut through the ones in his way and run. Though despite her words she seemed very... Friendly plus he had heard about Dystopia. They seemed a fair and legit city. Well.. as legit as it gets out here anyhow.]]

[center [+brown Lead the way, by the way, the names Arthur.]]

[center [#f2d618 I'm Aelina her over there? That's Alexis and he's Katashi.]]

[center [b She would trust him with that? Yet blindfold him? It seemed she did it more of regulation than distrust for the boy. Katashi said the leader would like him. That's funny leaders and nobles those with money and power? Usually hated Arthur but he'd have to wait and see.]]

[center [b They had begun to head back Arthur didn't really seem to have time to talk. Aelina was writing notes as she conversed with Alexis and Katashi seemed busy keeping alert and ordering the men around.]]

[center [b After some time they had finally arrived at least Aelina had informed him they had. Taking him what he had to guess what was like the throne room. Arthur not really bowing had simply walked forward talking with a casual laid back voice.]]

[center [+brown Hi so is the leader here? The names Arthur a pleasure to meet cha!]]

[center [b A few gasps could be heard but none louder than Aelina's. Arthur wasn't really good about ceremony and tradition. Aelina had stepped forward as he heard her metal greaves.]]

[center [#f2d618 Milady forgive him! He was there at the battle with Alexis. I've questioned Alexis and have written out a report. I've yet to question this gentleman Arthur here. He appeared to be the mercenary that the Albion noble had hired. Or rather one of many.]]

[center [b Aelina had handed the paper over as it explained despite having no pay from Alexis. He had put his safety and well being before Alexis's. Despite Alexis's cold exterior and harsh attitude, she was honest about the feats Arthur had achieved. Arthur was a bit surprised to see Alexis had given Aelina kind notes about him. Arthur had stepped forth again to offer something else to them.]]

[center [+brown I just thought if I'm here a witness I'd warn you. The Raiders have the swordsman known as Ishimotai. Or better known as "Flashing Steel" the fastest swordsman alive. I always thought that it was a bit of a legend myself. I'd have fought with a man some time ago whom I believed to truly hold that title. Well, I think the most useful information I can offer is... I was wrong. Ishimotai the flashing Steel may very well be unmatched in terms of speed.]]

[center [b Arthur had felt a throb in his chest. He was going to into detail who the man he believed was unless asked. He felt it... The scar on his chest a pang sure it couldn't be really throbbing. It was more so a phantom pain the memory of that pain. Arthur had offered a friendly smile afterward if they had more questions he'd gladly answer him. He had no reason to help the raiders at all. If anything they made it harder to earn a living out here. It wasn't long after his serious tone was dropped as his stomach began to rumble.]]

[center [+brown Umm.. is it possible I could get something to eat first? I'm willing to work if I got to.]]

[center [b Arthur had imagined he was speaking to an older man. An elder of the village sorta deal. Someone wise with many years under their belt. Lots of wrinkles hopefully he wasn't at least a grumpy old man.]]

[center [h3 Bothersome Reports]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/jl31Bto.png]]

[center [b Before Alexis had begun to be drilled with questions. Kareena had taken care of Alexis's wounds. She quirked an eyebrow as her usually cold demeanor turned into a soft smile. As she patted Kareena's head not offering any words but instead a small smile. She had a soft spot for children.]]

[center [b Speaking of children Aelina was acting like one hopping up and down asking a thousand questions. If Arthur had a mutation if so how did it work? What was his full name where'd he come from. Sure if it was all for the sake of the report she'd understand. Still, she could see that dazzled look in Aelina's eyes she loved meeting strangers outside of the city. She dreamed of what life was like out there in the kingdoms. She loved her home but the whole thing made her so curious she was adventurous. The mindset didn't do well in a stable home like Dystopia. Sure they hunted and scouted but it wasn't the same. Alexis had abided anyhow and answered each question even if a lot of information didn't exactly feel so important.]]

[center [b Heading back Alexis had seen Tadeo and his sister had left. They might be fighting again who knows. Though she didn't think about it long as Arthur made such forward introductions to Asena. He started off a bit casual before speaking of important information. Though one part felt unneeded this man was even faster than whom? Was it to prove a point? That this individual may be the raiders trump card? He seemed like a tamed lion bid to serve a purpose. To live solely for someone else? To be a puppet? The idea sickened her. Sure Alexis had a job but she refused to ever just be someone's puppet. She wasn't like Aelina in that sense. No one would own her she'd never become just a mindless killing machine like that man. Not that Asena was an unjust woman if she were Alexis wouldn't have stuck around. She just wasn't one to pledge her everything to anyone's cause.]]

[center [h3 Soruku]]

[center [pic https://static.zerochan.net/Rita.Mordio.full.735948.jpg]]

[center [b Soruku or "Wiz" as a lot called her. Asena's strategist and marketer. Sure she leads the markets but tactics and strategy wasn't something beyond her. She believed knowledge was power this was how she became very influential in R&D as well. The woman was always buried in a book despite her incredibly young age of seventeen.]]

[center [b It was another day with Soruku face planted in her studies. As she snored away on her textbook. A guard had come in knocking as she continued to snore away. It was a while before she had shot up rather annoyed.]]

[center [+orange What the hell do you want?]]

[center [b She made a small glare as she wiped at her eyes.]]

[center Mam! The meeting with Asena has taken place some time ago.]

[center [+orange What?! Why didn't you oh whatever move!]]

[center [b Her hair was a mess and her clothes a bit dusty. She didn't care she wasn't going to pretty her self up for some meeting. Well, she wouldn't for any event it was a waste of time. She bathed sure but not excessively. Soruku had made her way to go meet with Asena and the others. She wondered where Kanno had gone. For an apprentice, she wasn't exactly reliable. Usually off prancing about around the town flaunting as she usually does. If it wasn't for her rare and unique mutation Soroku probably wouldn't have taken on the girl.]]

[center [b Soroku had finally made her way to Asena. As she waltzed in taking a seat as she whistled casually. Like a kid walking into class a little too late.]]

[center [+orange So what did I miss?]]

[center [pic http://blog.draggle.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/shot00053.png]]

[center [h3 Kanno]]

[center [pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/dd55/f/2017/335/a/b/original_neko_girl_anime_render__96_by_clublion-dbvfxkd.png]]

[center [b Kanno was indeed striding through town. She had a smirk on her face as she looked around the markets. So many new and imported foods! She hardly got paid enough for the really good stuff. Weren't her and Soroku part of some inner circle? A job in marketing sounds like hot profits right? Well maybe in the kingdoms sure but it was a struggle for everyone to survive here! Sure the strong survive but do they have fun?]]

[center [b The smaller woman had wagged her tail as she shook her hips. She needed to find a target to enjoy the most of today.]]

[center [b Young, wealthy, attractive she didn't care really which gender. It wasn't like her power discriminated anyway.]]

[center [b Soroku would oh so lovingly call this power soul sucker. Kanno would rather simply think of it as... "Allure" it worked in parts. First eye contact could bring a sense of comfort and trust. Than touching of skin to skin could ease the nerves and relax the mind. As for third? If she could secure a little smooch on the lips. They were hers for one command. The first two one could fight with willpower but if she manages the third it's impossible too. It's for that reason Soroku and Asena don't want her to abuse her powers. Although that sounds awfully boring.]]

[center [b What's this a son of a noble?]]

[center [b She had walked up to the young man with a smirk.]]

[center [+purple What brings you here handsome?]]

[center [b The noble wielded a blade with a crest on it.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/9NwAwKN.png]]

[center [+red Andrew Firestar is the name. Who are you to talk to me, commoner?]]

[center [b It was then she leaned in to lock eye contact with the boy. What a shame normally her "adorable looks" usually drew a man to a kinder response. At least that was how she saw it. She wagged her tail back and forth as the man's gruntled expression turned to a faint blush as he averted his gaze.]]

[center [+purple I am but a lowly commoner mister. I just wanted to say how majestic you look in that red scarf.]]

[center [+red U-Umm.. yes it was my fathers. No, it's not a problem I should get goi-]]

[center [b Oh hook line and sinker, boys made it ever so easier she had to admit. She turned over to lean on him. Her hands around his neck as he stammered. A beautiful stranger any sane man would refuse. Luckily she had a way of making them go crazy.]]

[center [+purple Maybe I could get a closer look?]]

[center [b She smiled revealing her wolf fangs for a moment. Sure she had wolf-like mutations but her power reassembled the more primal need. The primal need of mating. She had jerked the boy in leaning in her lips pursed to meet his own.]]

[center [+red I-I... I'm not really a noble! My last name isn't Firestar I don't have a family name.]]

[center [b He whimpered as she looked at the crest across his chest. The same one his sword wore. She tilted her head with a small "mewl" as she pointed at the crest. He had burst red as he gulped explaining.]]

[center [+red I-I took that some days I almost sell it since it's worth a lot. I--]]

[center [b Perfect, with that she didn't wait a second longer as she jumped in smashing her lips against his own. As she held at his shirt holding them there. His eyes widening as she pulled away. A light tinge of purple surrounding his pupils as she uttered in a soft tone. Followed by a small coo.]]

[center [+purple So fuckface mind if I take that crest and you let me outta here? A payment for lying straight to my little pretty face hmm?]]

[center [b Andrew had nodded as he ripped the insignia off his cloak. She had swiped it quickly with her claws. Eyeing it closely like a cat would a ball of yarn she giggled softly as her tail began to sway.]]

[center [+purple Thank you for being a doll!]]

[center [b And with that she was gone now that was done. Where to next? She placed a finger under her chin she could go get some food right? Oh crap no they had that thing today! Asena is gonna kill her! If only she could use her power on Asena. Sure eye contact helped her get a tiny bit of slack. Though if she tried anything Asena would kill her! Though the whole overthrowing Dystopia like some crazy madman wasn't her style. Sounded too boring and like too much work anyhow.

[center [b Dashing in the meeting she looked up at Asena and than Aelina as she placed her hands together. Closing one eye she offered a nervous smile.]]

[center [+purple So how late am I?]]

[center [b It was then she noticed a blindfolded man. Soroku was eyeing him suspiciously.]]

[center [+purple Well I didn't think you all got into bondage while I was gone~]]

[center [#f2d618 N-No! Not everything is like that Kanno!]]

[center [+brown Wait what?!]]

[center [b Arthur had tilted his head rather confused as Kanno began to giggle. Aelina flustered with a pout on her cheeks as she puffed them out. Soroku had simply crossed her arms with a sigh.]]

[center [h3 Tristan]]

[center [pic http://pm1.narvii.com/6405/3e04da22b75718052494ed6ba228e35e09dddddb_hq.jpg]]

[center [b Meanwhile in the arena was Gareth and Tristan in the middle. The two were sparring. Tristan was new to the job as the right-hand man in overseeing the markets.]]

[center [+red Shouldn't we be at the meeting with Asena?]]

[center [b Tristan asked with a bored voice as Gareth let out a hearty laugh. Swinging around his blade known as "Radiance" the largest blade forged in the wasteland. One could argue in the kingdoms as well. Only two swords came close forged in Tristania. Durandel and Excalibur though in raw size it had no equal.]]

[center [b Tristan had backed up barely dodging the mountain of a blade as it crashed a crater in the arena. Tristan coughing as dirt and sand hit his face falling to one knee as he panted. It wasn't just Radiance that had no equal. In terms of raw brute force? Gareth was unmatched sure his enhanced endurance wasn't a pushover. Though what Tristan knew about the man was he came from Tristania. His mind always crossed Gareth's background when they fought. Maybe with what info he had, he could find a weakness? At least Gareth always told him that.]]

[center [b Tristan only cared to win cause if he did Gareth said he'd be able to do whatever he wanted. Since Tristan was thrown into the job. He was caught using his power on Asena and trying to steal from her. He was overpowered by Gareth whom he had taken for a simple old man reliving his youth.]]

[center [b That aside weakness a weakness. Okay, Gareth was a part of a project in Tristania as a fighter right? A project known as. "Project Knight" every Knight project was a man or woman of great physical force and endurance. Gareth's endurance wasn't quite up to par with the projects high standards. His power however far exceeded anything right so what hit him hard? He still didn't go down easy and the size and reach of that blade. Gareth had swung again as Tristan backed up the wind of the blade pushing against his body as he began to pant.]]

[center [+blue Tristan you can't fight like that with your power. It's effective but it isn't flashy. I know it has a toll on you and your learning how to use it. Come on show me it! It even took the powerful Asena by surprise! The only individual to match the champion of the arena.]]

[center [b Tristan wiped under his chin as he got up focusing. His eyes locked on Gareth as he ran at him. Gareth's turned to swing before a pop was heard in his arm. Tristan had let out a smirk it worked! Gareth's mutations were disabled! This was Tristan's only power if he focused on a person and sometimes even an area. All mutations and even technology began to fail. Like some biological EMP, Gareth now lacked the force to wield that sword without his mutation! Tristan had dashed in throwing a firm right hook. Gareth had caught his fist with ease as he leaned in head-butting the younger male into the dirt.]]

[center [+red Ugh..]]

[center [b This old geezer was that tough without his mutation? Here he thought Gareth's exercise routines were a bit pointless to those with mutations. Tristan grunted as he tried to get up they'd been at it almost an hour now. Course Gareth was toying with the boy. Gareth had come over sitting on the boys back.]]

[center [+blue Though I'll be honest had Asena not been surprised by your power she'd have taken you down herself. I'll be honest if I wasn't aware I'm sure it'd have worked on me too. That's why I hired you, my lad! With a power like that, you could achieve a lot! Though we should get you a weapon. You can only do so much with your fist lad now--]]

[center [+red I told you old man no weapons.]]

[center [b Tristan grunted as Gareth let out a gruff sigh. "My lad" who was he? Trying to act like his father? He wasn't going to kill for him or Asena. They lived it up on high here with glory and power. While people like Tristan had to fight and scrounge just to eat the scraps. Sure they were born into the wasteland but they had power real power out here. If he had to work for them fine whatever it took to survive. He refused to wield a weapon of war for them. Tristan had been keeping this job up almost a year. Handling small thugs and things like that.]]

[center [b Tristan was convinced Gareth had only chosen him because he was pestered to find an underling. So he chose the first thing that came across. The stupid old man was given a lot of shit for it. Who the hell hires the guy who tries to steal from you? Goes to say not all old guys are wise.]]

[center [h3 Gareth]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/736x/cc/d1/9b/ccd19bf9b6918bb2e7a80ee7c872ed04.jpg]]

[center [b Gareth had continued to sit on the boy. As he opened his lips finally to answer Tristan's first question.]]

[center [+darkblue As for the meeting us at the Arena are usually called for muscle. Unless it's a matter of war or the Arena we aren't exactly needed. Even than Soroku and Asena oversee most of the day to day policies.]]

[center [+red That's not what the people are told.]]

[center [+darkblue Hahaha perhaps not my boy!]]

[center [+red So you just lie so people can respect the "champion?"]]

[center [+darkblue Well I wouldn't it put it that way but sure. People need something they could look up to. A symbol they can believe in.]]

[center [+red Oh like Gareth the man who can move mountains? Or Asena who's akin to a god? What a load of bullcrap. Under all those mutations you bleed red just like the rest of us.]]

[center [b Gareth had let out a soft smile as he stood up. He picked the boy up by his collar and placed him on his feet pushing him a few feet forward with a hardy laugh crossing his arms.]]

[center [+darkblue If it stings you so bad then why not prove us wrong? Show the world the frauds we are?]]

[center [b Gareth gave a large grin as Tristan rolled his eyes. Gareth had patted the boys back as he gestured for him to follow.]]

[center [+red Where now?]]

[center [+darkblue You fought hard you deserve a meal! It was well earned even in defeat you can grow! Though first the meeting.]]

[center [+red What?! You just said-]]

[center [+darkblue I know what I said lad but I think it could be a learning experience for you.]]

[center [b And with that Gareth had let out another hearty laugh as Tristan sighed following along.]]

[center [b Several minutes later the two arrived as Gareth turned around in mid-jog. Tristan was out of breath as Gareth forced the boy to sprint over. Letting out a deep chuckle the man burst the doors open alongside Tristan.]]

[center [+darkblue Hey! Asena so what's this about a recent attack I hear? Time for me and Sayaka to raise some hell? She was always eager where is that little squirt? Tadeo better not be giving her a hard time.]]

[center [b Gareth had come in to see a boy blindfolded. Tristan had scoffed at the sight of a possible "prisoner." Gareth had looked to Aelina and than Asena pointing at the boy.]]

[center [+darkblue And this is?]]

[center [+purple Bondage!]]

[center [#f2d618 No it's not! Its-]]

[center [+orange Aelina not to be rude but he was asking Asena. I'm aware the reports you fill are faithfully accurate but you can't always answer for her.]]

[center [b Soroku had interjected a bit motherly despite being younger than Aelina. Gareth had chuckled always doting on the poor girl. He had ruffled Aelina's hair and shook his head. Aelina had looked to the ground responding with a "Yes mam"]]

[center [+darkblue Don't let it get to ya kiddo Soroku may seem harsh but she means well.]]

[center [b Aelina had looked up as her eyes lit up. Much like that of a little girls as she nodded wildly. He noticed she was looking over at Tristan a bit and back at Gareth. He could understand why she was a bit cautious of Tristan he rarely came to these and given the first time he was here. Well he couldn't fault Aelina for it.]]

[center [h3 Ishimotai]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/AkeHBCd.jpg]]

[center [b Ishimotai had made his way into the Raiders headquarters. Gunshots in the distance. Ishimotai knew all too well how Astrid lead. The men questioned her daily and not all based on her gender. She was eccentric though compared to the last guy in charge? She could be reasonable she was easier on Ishimotai than he was. That wasn't too say she wasn't curt and strict with the young man. Ishimotai was taken and raised by the last man in charge. Forced to take drugs so during his years of growth his mutation would grow as well as vigorous life or death "exercises." Ishimotai was to be the blade that cleaved Dystopia a trump card. More a dog on a leash than a man. Though he was unaware he hadn't known any other life. Astrid killing the man before had taken the project Flashing Steel into her own hands. Her own methods were unusual but be it him or Astrid one thing was sure to the men. Ishimotai was her dog he had taken a kneel. As he snapped his fingers the men taking one bag out only for many heads to come rolling. Dystopia's outer guard and proof as she ordered. As the rest was supplies meant to be traded into dystopia. The only thing missing was a few wagons of exotic food hardly hardy enough to feed the troop in a prolonged siege. The outer guard dead and the supply route cut it was as good as time as any to attack. He had a offered her a scroll a scribe had written Ishimotai's exploits. Astrid rather results than conversation as Ishimotai hung his head low. He was still getting used to her as a leader. He wasn't sure what she preferred compared to the last guy in charge.]]

[center [b The scroll had all good news except for one detail. Two witnesses had seen Ishimotai's prowess and lived. Flashing Steel was no longer a myth and it was now tied to the raiders. A stranger that had a metal-based power like Ishimotai's. Though the male had worn armor instead it withstood Ishimotai's Zamoto blade. The blade was known not for its durability but it's cutting power being unmatched. It had grown along with Ishimotai's mutation. The other witness was Alexis the infamous gunslinger of Dystopia.]]

[center [b Ishimotai was prepared to receive harsh punishment. Such as flogging or torture for letting two witnesses see him and escape alive. Even despite the other results, he was trained as a perfectionist. Not as an assassin that "almost" does things perfectly.]]
  Aelina Rosemond / Hiragana / 1y 58d 3h 43m 37s
[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/9682d2205d2116236ae253fc80ac1509/tumblr_p4zws6CTpH1ucxjaeo4_500.png]
Asena grumbled at Sayaka's proposal but the others in the room weren't coming up with anything better.
She was in the middle of thinking quietly while the others bounced ideas around at each other.
Though soon, a friendly familiar face joined them in the room. Aelina came to her side and formally bowed. Asena knew the girl greatly respected her, but she always thought the bowing was just a tad much. The half wolf was only a partial god, by reputation, not literally.

Aelina came with reports of the beasts that try to claim home in Utopia, so they circle the borders of the city to try to enter.
Utopia was right in the Center of the city. Surrounding by the legal markets which perfectly circled around it. Asena's quarters where in a large old worship temple they had fixed up, that happened to be just on the outskirts of Utopia and the border of the Market district. But it wasn't the only exit or entrance to it, just the largest one.
Housing circling around the legal Markets, then there was a spot of emptiness that also ringed around the city. Guards and appointed Mercs walked these circles. To make sure no one without a badge access grant could get in the walls past Uridum. Lastly Uridam bordered the entire outside, in the same circle pattern.

To be allowed to live in Dystopia or venture further into the city from the Uridum bored, you'd need to be escorted to meet Asena, blind folded.
Once she met you, and figured out who you were and if you'd be causing no trouble, you get a badge. It's a bottle cap with a special stamp on it, the single letter D in an intricate yet messy scrawl.
You'd show a Border guard it, and he'd let you through a gate past the dead ring zone, into the actual rest of Dystopia.

Asena had nodded her head listening to Aelina deliver her report. She then took the clip board and read it over. Humming a bit.
[#F18E1E "Hm..."] she blinked thinking a couple things over in her head.
[#F18E1E "Aelina, In regard to the beasts around the borders...Stop killing them."]

The silence that followed in the room, confused many of them. Asena looked up and then nodded, realizing no one else heard the thought process in her head. She opened her mouth and explained
[#F18E1E "Well, while they are a danger to us, they're also a danger to our bigger enemy...besides we've thinned them down enough we can ward them off if they come our way..."]
[#F18E1E "I want to see how attempts to heard them along our border, towards the Raiders Lands would go."]

She paused and thought for a few moments later. [#F18E1E "As well as...All and any wolf mutated beasts you see...Capture them. Bring them to me."] she had an idea, the way she got her first wolves was a tricky venture. But she had the ability to take control of other wolves, and now she wanted to increase her own beast army. It'd be less people she'd have to sacrifice to fight the raiders off.

While she seemed often cold and calculating, and always in a strict business mentality... She cared deeply for protecting the city, and it's inhabitants. Every thought she was had was, what was best for the whole? If a couple people had to be cut down or out sometimes, so be it.
Majority rules.

[#F18E1E "In regards to an assault plan, not quiet yet....but it we could hold the raiders off a lit-"] her hears perked up.
What the others may have only heard slighty muffle off, rang off in her own ears. She heard the attack at Uridum, to the south of where they say currently.
[#F18E1E "Katashi, Aelina Go. Check on that, and bring any witnesses back to me to report."]

She snapped her fingers, and watched them leave. It didn't sound very intense, it was only one and she heard only a couple more before they stopped.
They'd be reporting back soon.

Asena sat up in her chair and looked at the council in the room.
All the district leaders were here and then some.
[#F18E1E "We will wait to continue this discussion, go off and brain storm. Tomorrow morning, I want this council to have a plan. I will have more resources for us to use by then."]
Waving her hands, she dismissed everyone and then locked her front door. Which meant she would be away, going through the back gate entrance she moved into Utopia to mediate and call on her powers.

She was gonna go beast hunting tonight.

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[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/3b0526bc306d785d006837ecb378c4b1/tumblr_p4zws6CTpH1ucxjaeo3_400.png]

Katashi was ready for his orders the second he saw Asena's ears flinch upwards. Nodding his head, he left the room holding his Katana firm in his hand. It was one of the best Katana in the Wastes, crafted from Carbon Steel, he paid a high price for it, from a Noble he came through for trade only once.
He maintained it well, and kept it sharp.
This sword, plus his skill?
Some wondered what his skill must be, but then one may remember he is the one in charge of protecting [b Asena.] Who was the strongest women in the wastes, some dared to say the kingdoms too.
Once a rumor went around that if Asena went to the border of the Kingdoms she could kick the wall down in one blow.

No one argued it to be untrue though, not even Asena. But Asena didn't waste her time listening to any rumors about herself.
The long life in the wastes granted her super human strength, so great she didn't use weapons. Her wolf genes made her incredibly fast, and sight and hearing gifted as well.
Katashi remembers how he got the job watching over her. It was funny, because she had insisted with him for the longest time that he would not fight at his side because it was dangerous. Though he said he could prove her wrong.
One day she got angry, and told him to actually prove her wrong. She challenged him to a fight, and if he won he could become her body guard.
Long story short, look where he is today.

Moving through the dead zone, he had run there in a flash with Aelina trailing him.
He caught the ending glimpse of the battle as the Raiders began to retreat and a stranger was saving Alexis.
Katashi met them as they began to cart injured in.
[#502896 "Take them all to Kareena, she's in Utopia right now."]
He remarked but then stopped remembering the presence of the stranger. He stopped in his tracks and placed a hand on the young boys chest.
[#502896 "Except you...Asena wants all witnesses to to report to her."]
Glancing over at Alexis he nodded [#502896 "That means you too."]
[#502896 "These men after we heal them."]

[#502896 "Alright kid, well this is your lucky day then. You get to be let inside the City without the tedious effort it usually takes...As part of our rules we have to blind fold you, until you get a permanent pass badge. Which if you speak to Asena the right way, you'll get one."]
He gave a wink, try to to be encouraging despite the way his words came out.

[#502896 "Aelina get a cloth bag over his head."]
[#502896 "Sorry about this part."] he rubbed the back of his head. He always thought this part was a little over the top, but he knew Asena had a reason for this procedure.

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[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/bfb3ffa7b511a191203fb98c195380b6/tumblr_p4zws6CTpH1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Sayaka crossed her arms over her chest, a bit mad that everyone else got to go and not her. Until afterwards, which meant she'd get there in time for no action. Growling as she turned on her heal and trudged out of the room.

Heading through the city to Uridum she left Tadeo behind. She basically hated him, but she didn't.
Their family history was odd, but while they were related they had two different last names.
Her Mother and Father were two different clans that ruled over Uridum. The Geneki where the the Leaders, and the Chiaki had loyal served under them.
Her mother, was Chiaki, her Father was the Geneki and leader.
They butted heads and ended up hating each other, both clans followed suit. In the midst of their fighting and bickering for control, Asena had taken the two and locked them in a room with nothing for 3 days.
They made up, and some how fell in love.
Making Tadeo, then Sayaka. But the rest of the clans members didn't make up, so they began to separate again. Geneki men killed Tadeo's and Sayakas mother, shortly after their father died, and the rest of the Chiaki, and when they came for Sayaka?
Tadeo had then killed them, and took control over Uridum. That was six years ago.

So he had saved her life, but one the different last names? Why the hatred?
During the midst of fighting and separation she had sided with her Mother's side, and preferred the Chiaki to the Geneki.
Tadeo while he saved her, still treated her very lowly, and acted like she was dirt.
She was also mad to be the only left remaining Chiaki. He made no effort to save the others, and had even made her watch the rest of her clansmen being killed.
He wasn't the true savior he liked to believe he was.

Most of what he did was rotten rather than good. Sure Sayaka liked chaos, but she didn't like senseless evil. Something Tadeo favored.

Exiting the dead Zone she took note of the scene going on, the clean up on the Raider attack.
Looking over the hills, she could see the fleeing figures of the raiders, if she really wanted to she could catch up to them and kill them all right now.

Shaking her head, she choose not to, and to listen to Asena. She went to her empty clans house, threw herself on her bed and closed her eyes.

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[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/86e74a9be9b8e8258328b5931497c9a1/tumblr_p4zws6CTpH1ucxjaeo1_500.png]

Tadeo was a bit relived to be left off the hook, and furious at Sayaka.
Though when he left the temple, she was gone before he could get a hold of her. He angrily attempted to trudge after her when a katana made him stop short.
What was with people and swords? He rolled his eyes and looked to the wielder, it was Ramona.
His Ex. girlfriend.

A creepy smile crept up on his face, the kind the screamed he was having perverted thoughts. [#DA3EBB "Well, no need to force me...just gotta ask."] he winked.

The female scoffed and rolled her eyes.[#F6C709 "As if....I am stopping you from going off and trying to kick Sayaka's ass."]
Ramona all too well knew the dynamic of their relationship, she had watched him abuse the girl quiet a bit. But always intervened.
When the two finally broke up, she couldn't save Sayaka much anymore, but she still did anytime she could.
[#F6C709 "She's getting smarter and trickier, she's growing Tadeo she's getting stronger...Make up with her before she's able to over power you."]

Tadeo flicked the blade of his way, and just waved his hand.
[#DA3EBB "I'll kill her before that happens."] he scoffed and he could feel the shameful scorn on the back of his head as he walked away.
He knew Ramona wouldn't intervene on that level, but she'd certainly alert Asena of the threat he had just made.

Returning to his briskly paced walk, he eventually got to Uridum, his eyes darting around he watched Sayaka dart into her empty clans home.
[#DA3EBB "Perfect...get the brat alone."] he began to walk across the way, when he suddenly stopped.
Shaking his head, he growled as Ramona's words ran through his head again.[#DA3EBB "Fine..."]
Turning around he went to his own home on the other side of Uridum.

He sat in the down stairs common bar and began to drink with his clans men instead.

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[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/f65245fbf52a95077f4a8c05acf580b2/tumblr_p5clie9CYo1ucxjaeo3_400.png]

The woman shook her head in disappointment to watch him go off. If she saw any marks on Sayaka tomorrow morning, she'd go for his throat.

Turning though, she had a job to do. She walked through the legal market and picked up some tobacco weed to smoke in her pipe. Grinding it up, she put in her pipe and the left overs in a bag in her pocket.

Walking into the housing district she began to circle it, walking the path. Lighting her pipe up, she kept her hat down low as she walked.
Wondering who to summon for companionship this round.
As her favored one came into mind, her earrings began to glow. Before her a giant cat, suddenly.
[#F6C709 "Tobby!"] she smiled and patted the large cat.

The creature purred, and soon they were walking the housing area together. Patrolling around.

Her earrings were a thing she found in Utopia, They were an artifact in the temple deep in the middle of the nature forest, which is riddled with other temples and altars. No one knows what they meant to the old world, but everyone had made up their own meanings for things.
The artifact only reacted to Ramona, so she was granted them by the over seer of Utopia. Karim, an eccentric and spiritual man, whose little sister was the only Shaman, or healer in the city.

Ramona was able to learn what they did and it brought around a better understanding of what that temple represented. Karim was over the moon for it.
She laughed remembering it.

There were also still other artifacts in some other temples that hadn't reacted to anyone yet. Karim believed they couldn't just be taken and used. The items were sacred and would choose themselves, who gets to take them.
Ramona's situation proved him to be right.

Tilting her hat down she kept her head low, smoked on her pipe, and walked slowly around right next to Tobby the whole time.

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[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/2a6946d85e6756137c11399b4acdc1c2/tumblr_p5clie9CYo1ucxjaeo4_400.png]
Karim hadn't left the same direction everyone else had, he had gone through the back of the temple and into Utopia. He knew Kareena was somewhere in here, and she'd probably be needed for healing soon.
Since Asena had sent Katashi and Aelina to the border to check on an explosion she heard.

Walking through the forest, which had taken over the buildings that were once here. He looked high and low, trying to find the girl.
He even ran into Asena at some point, but she was on her way back to her office. [#F7B374 "Have you seen Kareena?"]
Asena simply pointed in a direction and Karim nodded.

Walking that way, he did find Kareena she was kneeling by a pool of water, it was a man made water system. One they all made to make sure they had water for themselves, and for the forest also.
This was the only greenery and water pools, location in all of the Greylands.
No one knew about it unless they were a permanent resident, or told about it by one.

[#F7B374 "Kareena, you'll be needed soon. Go wait at the border of the Utopia and Markets."] he said as he approached her, touching her shoulder.

The girl turned and looked up, nodding her head she smiled and skipped off. He nodded his head watching her go, and then just went about his job. Grabbing buckets of water, two at a time, he'd bring water to the residents and fill their well. It was apart of his job.

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[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/b1ddc001d78f14e5927a0ebee29da369/tumblr_p5clie9CYo1ucxjaeo2_400.png]

Up and away she skittered off, looking for the carts of injured that Karim said would be coming. Clapping her hands excitedly, though nothing should be exciting about injured men.

As Katashi, Alexis, Aelina, and a boy with a sack on his head approached with carts of the injured, Kareena basically skidded up to meet them.[#20A217 "Come come!"] she chirped, her English wasn't as refined as Karims was. Their family spoke another language entirely and they were the only ones who spoke it out here. They learned that language first, then English. She was in the process of learning English.

For a few years she didn't speak it at all, which sometimes made things complicated. Karim had to always be around as a translator. Though now she at least understood more, but she was having a hard time with the speaking it part.

Once they pushed the carts of men into Utopia, Kareena began to heal them. However, first before anything else she grabbed Alexis, she could tell the girl was injured and needed to be replenished. Holding the gunslingers hand, a beam of light emitted from her palm, and Alexis was healed almost instantly.
Kareena gave a thumbs up [#20A217 "Good job!"] she said then turned around and began to heal each injured man or woman in the carts. The exact same way, hands on and with a production of light.
No one was quiet sure how the Matels got this power, and why it skipped generations. Though there were theories across the wasteland of how people got their mutations.

Many infected with the virus would eventually develop animal like traits. The Virus when first coming around, spread amongst many animals first. The animals carried it to humans, so most in contact with humans.
So most virus mutations either came with animal appearances or powers. However, that wasn't the case for all virus mutations.
Radiations mutations people often grew resistant to the virus it's self. The powers they gained ranged in long lists depending on circumstances.
With the rumors they had ideas, but it was still hard to tell exactly how people got their powers or mutations with either the virus or from radiation.

Kareena hummed while she worked, and took her time. Sending each man off back to the border.

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[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/bdca6c8627daf4df434b4d78484557db/tumblr_p5clie9CYo1ucxjaeo5_400.png]
Astrid sat on a huge chair, in the middle of a long wooden cabin. The Raider base was entirely built from wood and scrap, but it still looked incredibly nice for handiwork. They took pride in their things, and liked having what looked the best and worked the best.

The Chair had a Class S animal skin draped over it, and two human skulls decorated the arm rests. There was a council of Raiders there, and she was waiting for the men from her latest send out to come back before commencing. When an angry man suddenly called out
[b "What are we waitin for?"] Astrid looked over, but remained silent.
The man continued to grumble [b "She probably has nothing important to say, she just wants us to waste our time."]
Some men were nodding in agreement, some were staring at him like he was asking for death.
[b "Stupid women, this is why they can't be in charge!"] that's when Astrid stood up, picking up a sawed off shot gun, she cocked it.
Walked through the crowd to the man, and rose an eyebrow.
[#BB0606 "Are you challenging my authority on the grounds, I have a vagina?"] she asked her voice stone cold.

The man looked like he might wet his pants. [b "N-No mam."]
She shoved him outside, and soon a ring of people were formed around them outside the cabin.
[#BB0606 "I accept your challenge."] she said with a smile, even though the man had declined.
She hit him hard over the head with the end of the shotgun, and then shot out the mans kneecap.
He screamed loudly, and some men even looked away.
[#BB0606 "I have told you all over and over and over again..."]
She aimed down at the mans crotch, as he screamed in pain and tried to crawl away.
[#BB0606 "If you're going to question my authority... question it."]
she said with a soft smile.
Though it melted away fast as she squeezed the trigger.
[#BB0606 "But don't bring my gender into it..."]
The mans scream filled the air, as she then leaned in and bashed the mans skull in to end his suffering.
[#BB0606 "I don't know how many times you're all going to make me remind you, having a dick doesn't make you superior. "] an evil smiled plastered on her face.

Many men here didn't like her, or that she was in power. She didn't care if they liked her or not, but they would respect her. They could leave if they wanted, but most of them still stayed because where else would they go?
Though her story of how she got here, was an interesting one.
Astrid used to be a welcomed fighter in Dystopia, but she was too violent and caused trouble outside of the Arena too often. Asena kicked her out. Wandering the wastes alone, she had been captured by Raiders, an all male society with female sex slaves, that's how they kept reproducing.
Well she was able to escape her cage and in the middle of the night, assassinated the Raider leader in a blood bath with maybe 20 other men who tried to stop her.
Raider custom, if you could kill the leader, you became the leader. They honored that, and she was placed in charge. She free'd the women, but many stayed here anyway. Some had run to Dystopia, but she didn't care. The women who stayed? They operated a whore house in the town now. The difference from their old life as sex slaves was, consent was needed there.
Many men didn't like that change, and a few other changes to brought around. However, any man that had challenged her or wined about her gender...Astrid killed them. No mercy or second thought.
Since then most of the men kept their disdain for her quiet, and would listen to her words. She had also gained many of their respects for being just as ruthless as a "male leader" would've been.
She rolled her eyes but knew it was just how these primitive people thought.

She was less concerned with what they all thought of her, and more concerned with what they could all do for her.

[#BB0606 "I will summon us all again after the others come back, we will be talking about taking Dystopia."]
She was tired of the mini attacks and failures, and only taking their loot.
She wanted the City, with or without their consent. Knowing Asena? She wouldn't just give it up.

Dropping the shot gun outside by the mans body, she nodded to it.
[#BB0606 "Someone get that cleaned up."] she grumbled walking through the sandy village they had set up, she saw Ishimotai returning on the horizon, with fuller carts than they had left.
Walking she met them at the border of their man made town.
[#BB0606 "Report."] she remarked curtly, as she began to look through the materials and equipment's in the cart.

Her piercing yellow eyes then looked up at Ishimotai, and with a raised eyebrow she waited for his words.
  Lypophrenia / 1y 76d 15h 6m 37s
[center [h3 "Sunlight Knight"]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8UIdpNyAw4]]

[center [b Aelina Rosemond a woman who served loyally under Asena. Even referred to by the people as "Asena's Knight"]]

[center [b She had never spoken against Asena ever not even once. She trusted her wisdom and morals. Though it was never out of fear instead fondness and respect. She was in charge of keeping peace in the Arenas. Well technically that was an elders job but she was the captain and the muscle that backed up his orders. Once a top fighter in the arena herself she had to give up time in the arena to focus on her job. She never killed not for sport anyway.]]

[center [b She focused her attention and free time in joining hunting parties to thin the beast in the area. She had claimed the most beast heads out of Uridum. She hated few things but those beasts had drawn a dark hatred from the normally sunny girl.]]

[center [b Returning now from her daily hunts alongside her squad. Her men giving her a salute as they called her captain. She always blushed rubbing the back of her head. She was hardly a leader but they seemed to respect her nonetheless.]]

[center [b Today was the day that many outsiders would be visiting. Mercenaries to help thin the herd. As well as that spy from one of the kingdoms offering information. Hopefully, no one tried selling anything to one of the raiders. She had a few ideas who'd try something like that. She had entered Asena's domain offering a bow. Though no one had seen Asena as a sort of "Supreme leader" rather an overseer. Aelina had felt otherwise Asena was the one who ordered her R&D department to save her. She had always wanted to meet the man who lead that project. Sadly she wouldn't get that chance as he seemed to have left Asena's service.]]

[center [b Kneeling to Asena Aelina had begun to offer her a report. She was more professional around Asena. Her tone still naive and sunny. She tried her best to hold a more responsible tone around Asena.]]

[center [#f2d618 The best around the outskirts have been thinned and the have moved away. Our Elder will be instructing the sellswords we hire today to take the pursuit of these beasts. We will stick with only those we've licensed to avoid paying off any potential raiders.]]

[center [b She said handing a clipboard. It had also mentioned her training some new recruits on the mutated beast. Today the lessons that were focused on were the rankings of these beasts.]]

[center [b Rank F: Despite the name these beasts are dangerous in their own right. Only a handful of Asena's troops can handle these without a large unit. These beasts surpass usual human limits even those affected by the virus.]]

[center [b Rank D: Taking larger hunting groups to take on. Sayaka, Tadeo, Aelina, Alexis, Katashi are often forced to take a squad to handle these beasts.]]

[center [b Rank C: This requires not only one of Asena's top soldiers to lead a squad but two each fitted with a squad.]]

[center [b Rank B: Three squads led by capable captains.]]

[center [b Rank A: Requiring Asena's top five to gather a squad each to pursue the beast. Do not approach alone.]]

[center [b Rank S: Asena herself must call the elders to offer a battalion with her at the lead of the army. As well as her top soldiers by her side usually a peril to the entire town. Can even require hiring multiple sellswords.]]

[center [b Rank Unknown: Some beast are too strong to be held at even the S Rank. In these cases of an evolved beast, it's best to tell the elders and talk about migrating from the area as a whole. Many tribes have either been forced to move or be wiped out otherwise. These beasts are even rarer than S rank beast luckily and usually keep to themselves.]]

[center [b Aelina hadn't taught them how to handle mixes of these groups or to handle multiple of them. That would come later though today she and the squad had handled a pack of F Rank beast along with a few sellswords. It was survival of the fittest out here she knew those who followed her sometimes hated that fact. Perhaps that is why they resented the kingdoms and their walls. Was it perhaps envy that fueled that scorn? Aelina had always pondered on that one but she hardly thought much of the kingdoms.]]

[center [#f2d618 Milady, have we come up with an operation to put a halt to the Raiders nearby?]]

[center [h3 "Gunslinger"]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/jl31Bto.png]]

[center [#102760 Not too much longer.]]

[center [b Alexis was sent out by the head of merchants in a caravan to go make a deal. She was going to be purchasing weapons and sellswords alike. Asena would be making a move to be rid of the Raiders soon enough. Alexis didn't like the idea of outsiders helping out but she knew they trusted one thing. Coin it'd mean nothing to them if shady folks out here didn't crave for it. They had a death wish trying to make a living out here when they had a cozy kingdom to return home too.]]

[center [b It was Alexis's job to serve as muscle for the Markets district. She was known as the greatest gunslinger around. As they made their way through in the caravan on horseback. They took a stop as another caravan had begun to stop them. She had stepped out her fingers were itching this whole thing made her uneasy. She took a shrug and a sigh as she stepped forward talking to the man in charge. A portly short man surrounded by several guards some seemed loyal to him others his money.]]

[center [#102760 All right tubby what do you have in stock?]]

[center Haha feisty aren't we? You're pretty lucky Albion nobles are willing to trade with the savages out here.]

[center [b He said in a tone that wasn't even meant to sound rude. No, it was simply seen as a "fact" with the mutated beasts and mutant humans out here? The beast with humanoid bodies? They themselves were seen as savages for shutting out the kingdoms and living here. Alexis had rolled her eyes she'd prefer him purposely insulting her. It didn't matter as long as Alexis got paid for her job and did it well nothing else mattered.]]

[center [b She had begun to look through his wares plenty of bullets a few explosives with standard arms and armor. She inspected the details as she looked up at him.]]

[center [#102760 These are iron goods I don't see any steel. Hmm... Four Gold fifty silver and eighty copper.]]

[center My word! I'd say at least five gold for risk of trading with such savages. Iron surely is better than sticks and stones yes?]

[center [#102760 You wanna raise the price by another fifty silver cause we might be desperate? Yes, and why not ask me to shoot Asena in her sleep while you are at it. We have other trading partners shady scum like you aren't exactly rare tubby.]]

[center The arrogance! Here I was offering you a fine-]

[center [b With that an explosion could be heard on a nearby cliffside. As the desert sands begun to kick up in her and the nobles face. "Sir we are under attack!" his men cried out before clanking of steel and piercing of flesh. She pulled her pistol at the man before he could reach for a weapon himself.]]

[center [#102760 What's the game tubby?]]

[center I-It's not me I swear!]

[center [+red Lady Alexis it's the raiders! They've found us!]]

[center [b A man came reporting to Alexis as she gave a sigh. As the man snapped his fingers hiding in his carriage yelling at his troops.]]

[center W-Whoever claims the leaders head will be rewarded five gold pieces! You! Savage if you handle t-these people I'll give you my wares at the cost of a single gold!]

[center [b Ha for this hassle? She'd deserve it for free honestly but whatever to help Asena right? Not that she felt the "wolf mother" was all that grateful anyway. Didn't matter Alexis was born into this life she had no choice but to pull her weight. Gratitude or not she had flipped around her pistols before giving a devilish smirk.]]

[center [#102760 All right boys light em up!]]

[center [b Her eyes had to begin to glow a darker red color. "Keen Sight" she had looked ahead with a clairvoyant ability. Past the dust clouds, this skill combined with her enhanced dexterity made these kinda shots easy. She had spun around her custom modified pythons the guns hardly resembled the original design or handle. As she opened fire hitting her targets with hand cannons about fifty meters away unloading six shots with each gun into a man's head. A few had blocked fiercely with powerful shields only sliding back. "They hired infected didn't they?"]]

[center [b The gritted her teeth as electricity started to run through her body. As she charged forward reloading her guns she shocked the frontlines before her. It was her widespread shock losing its fatal power to affect more enemy forces for stunning power. Reloading one of her pistols she shot at the shieldsman showing the final trick she had up her sleeve.]]

[center [b Shooting the bullets had begun to curve around the shields hitting the men from the side into his ribcage instead. "Touched" she could use telekinesis on anything she's held onto for an extended period of time. This did not apply to living beings but she had put this power into each of her bullets. As the enemy forces saw her as a target her men had stepped forward forming a vanguard in front of her. She had insane dexterity sure but she wasn't super fast or super durable. So she couldn't let herself get surrounded her electricity was her only defense and she could only use that so much before her nose started bleeding.]]

[center [b She had ducked as they returned fire her men equipped with fine steel and plenty tough held a wall for her. Asena and her boss must've talked over what sort of troops would go well with Alexis on this assignment. Reloading both of her guns she had gotten back up to see they had a massive beast in a cage. As well as a few cannons behind it.]]

[center [#102760 Great just great.]]

[center [pic http://pre04.deviantart.net/722a/th/pre/i/2015/199/9/f/aclypse___mutant_dark_wolf_concept_by_gregvfx-d91rp2p.jpg]]

[center [b Rank D it looked to be a Beo Wolf. As the cannons began to load and take fire it sent her troops and her flying as they took the brunt of the blow. Many merchants she brought retreating as well as sellswords from both her side and this nobles. Figures all they wanted was a quick coin no reason to die for it. Her troops were plenty stubborn though that defensive line wouldn't be getting back up but they were all somehow breathing. She still had other lighter units pushing forward they could manage if it wasn't for that beast and those cannons.]]

[center [#102760 Time to come up with a plan Alexis.]]

[center [b She had seen them reloading the cannons as they tried to carefully open the cage. This was her chance she had to try something... Dangerous she needed to get in close. The electricity had started spark around her body as she took a deep breath. It had begun to jolt her forward she didn't have good control of this high speed but she used it to shoot her around. Taking her up the cliff side she had two other hand cannons at her side ready to fire. She had jumped upward her nose bleeding heavily. Her Electrokinesis wasn't meant to be used as a "speed boost" exactly. She had to control the voltage but it was frying her up she could feel it. Taking punishment wasn't exactly her strong suit. Four cannons huh? This is where she had begun to shoot her bullets all over the place covered in her electrokinesis she moved them around as well with "Touched"]]

[center [b Using her enhanced dexterity she switched guns quickly in mid-air firing her bullets off. Her keen sight had come in handy as she hit each of the weaker points of the cannons. It wouldn't destroy them no but rather if she could destroy the wheels and hit it just the right way. She could turn the four cannons straight at the beast. She let her bullets float and fly as they set the fuse to the cannons at her waiting for the last moments she fired her bullets sped up by two of her powers. "Come on make it!" one, two, three cannons had turned aiming at the beast. The fourth hadn't moved? How? Why? A man had stood in front of the cannon wielding a katana surrounded by shredded bullets. "How was that even.. Possible?"]]

[center [b She grunted as the cannons blew the beast apart as well as cross firing into the enemy forces. Two of the cannons even destroying one another nice Alexis a shame you couldn't focus to get rid of all four. The man wielding the katana had even cut the fuse? Here he was resetting it her direction. She had fallen to her knee's vomiting blood. Her knees were pretty badly hurt from the fall as well. She didn't really have a game plan for escaping this one, did she? Of all the rotten jobs to bite the dust.]]

[center [h3 "Adventurous Sellsword"]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5XtauVeFGc]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/236x/71/8e/20/718e20a57294f6ec45531536cbaad3c9.jpg]]

[center [b There laid a young male in his tent in the middle of nowhere. A smile and a snore as he slept what seemed to be a high school uniform. Snoring a bit more he had shot up yawning a bit.]]

[center [+brown Time to get changed right? Oh, wait... My clothes got all torn up in that fight yesterday. These clothes look cool but are they that functional? I might not get much work if I look like I'm just a schoolboy going refugee.]]

[center [b He rubbed the back of his head giving a tired smile as he stepped out of his tent. He looked to the sky as he headed into town. Let's see where was he headed after here again? Uridun? Was that it? Was he saying it wrong? It'd been awhile but first, he needed to make some coin. He felt it... The rumbling a rumbling that had always made the mans heart sink and his soul drop.]]

[center [+brown I'm so... Hungry! Ugh!]]

[center [b He yelled out as he looked at the board in town square. He didn't want any icky jobs something that'd pay just a little in advance right? No such luck sure a few paid in advance but they seemed to go for extended periods of times. He saw one that seemed simple and it was on the way to Uridun even! Perfect!!]]

[center [b He read the board to himself a bit slow since the boy had never really been to school. Despite the get up he had going on. "Needing guards for my caravan experienced mercenaries only. You will be paid fifteen silvers on arrival."]]

[center [b Fifteen silver?! For a simple escort?! That was insane! This guy must be loaded to pay that much to each sellsword! Rich and picky but that was fine. Arthur had looked where to meet this man and after finding a large encampment outside the city. He had a LONG wait in line most of the people were rejected from such a job. Then Arthur had walked up with a smile and the small portly noble couldn't help but laugh.]]

[center Err.. Child shouldn't you be looking for a refugee camp?]

[center [+brown Nah I'm here for the job Mr. Noble sir!]]

[center Edwin is the name I go by around here.]

[center [b The noble quirked a brow as Arthur placed his hands on his shoulders flashing a smile and a childish chuckle. The noble simply shook his head.]]

[center I'm afraid not, next!]

[center [+brown Hey least give me a chance! All I want is one meal now! Then one meal when I get there! I want a two silver meal budget altogether! Ain't a bad deal right? My only condition is I get to eat now seem fair?]]

[center Child you are running my patience! I said next! Men escort this child out of here!!]

[center [b A few burly men had started to approach Arthur as one placed a hand on his shoulder. With a naive smile, he grabbed the mans hand bending his wrist back. Placing his foot behind his own pushing him over. As they begun to draw weapons Arthur always having a flair for the dramatics cried out.]]

[center [+brown Pendragons Mettle!]]

[center [pic http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-D-ZD2m5DdkI/Uwu5VgjVVuI/AC8w/t4RP-ekxwCg/s1600/849_large.jpg]]

[center [b His body producing a strange and shining metal all over his body as well as a massive blade. As he swung around the mountain of a blade around toward the nobles nose with another brimming smile. His hair and eyes had even changed color and form.]]

[center I see... You are what they called infected yes? C-Could you umm.. Care to explain how that fancy trick works?]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size25 [center Hmm.. Nah it's okay so do I get to eat or?]]]

[center [b Despite declining he had kept a gleeful cheer in his voice. As the noble chuckled and shrugged.]]

[center Well I suppose I can't pass up a lost savage can I? Two silver isn't really all that much. Sure you may eat a meal with a budget of one silver before we head off. The same for when we arrive child.]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size25 [center Wow Mr you seem... Awfully reasonable thanks!]]]

[center [b With a laugh the young man had managed to eat himself a modest meal. A sausage a somewhat stale biscuit and one egg he had to worry about cooking himself. He heard that one silver normally buys more food in the kingdoms but the price of food varies out here considering how hard it is to survive and thrive. Having farm life for an example must take real time and resources with the raiders and beasts about.]]

[center [b One day he'd visit one of the kingdoms maybe get work there and a meal. Sadly they'd keep an eye out for those from the outside and with no family residing in any kingdom? They'd be too wary of him. His gifts would only be seen as more of a threat they wouldn't be willing to use him so easily. Albion and Germania perhaps but they had some icky jobs. Tristania seemed desperate enough but they seemed bent on not relying on those outside. Due to history of the "savages" attacking the kingdoms before? He couldn't blame them really]]

[center [b Reverting back to his usual form he began to walk beside the caravan. The noble had kept the boy close was it to keep an eye on him? Or rely on his power? Well, it didn't matter either way. It wasn't long before they approached another caravan lead by a beautiful woman. She was packing some serious heat too. Arthur had waved but she seemed to focused on his current boss. It seemed he was trying to rip her off huh? Well before they could argue much more about it they were cut off. Turning around he took cover he wouldn't use his power yet not till he found the star of this battlefield.]]

[center [+brown Maybe I'll earn some prestige! So I can get some better jobs!]]

[center [b It wasn't long before Alexis and her men really set off. The bosses sellswords were tearing it up out there. "Were" being the key word when they saw that beast in the cage with heavy firepower? Most of them took off a few stayed at least. Real tough guys he could respect that. The gunslinger herself turned out to be infected too in fact so did her men. However, she seemed to lead the assault as her men protected her. Well maybe while she's fighting I'll run around the cliff and take the leaders head! Along with that beast!]]

[center [b Arthur wasn't very fast even with his metal off. He was fast for a regular person no doubt he'd run track if he really was a high school boy. However is virus hadn't really made him any faster. It took a pretty damn good sprint but he had finally made it around!]]

[center [b Just in time to see this beautiful lady in action. Wow, she was tearing it up at this point she'll take all the prestige! Though it seemed she was hitting a limit. Looking over he saw a man dash through at a speed his eyes could hardly manage to keep up with. Chopping every bullet to shreds in front of him wielding his katana. Arthur has heard of this guy working for the Raiders second in command sure but he was the real muscle behind the gang. "Flashing Steel" he didn't know his real name but he was known as the fastest swordsman outside of the kingdoms. Maybe even in them if news out here really made it to the kingdoms. Arthur had only fight one man that came close to that speed and this man? Seemed even faster though he didn't carry the same scary aura about him. Relighting the fuse he seemed ruthlessly bent on taking this woman out. It was a good tactic to be rid of the enemy commander for a commander she was a bit reckless. With her gone the morale would fall apart.]]

[center [b Arthur had looked on as a smile came to his lips. "Duh, this is my time to shine! God Arthur your so stupid sometimes haha!" he facepalmed with a playful laughter. As he ran in screaming out.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size25 [center Pendragon's Mettle!]]]

[center [b With that he held his blade with both his arms as he spun around. Swinging in a massive three sixty arc as his blade picked the wind up slashing through the massive cannonball in half. As the thing fell into two the man in front of him had dashed forward behind Arthur. Before he knew it he felt several blows on his body. His metal and armor luckily were tighter and tougher than even steel plate. As the metal began to regenerate he began to pant a bit it took a bit outta him to restore the metal. The man himself didn't seem to have much punching power rather it was the sword that seemed unique and awfully sharp. Was he the same? A metal type virus? Had he created that sword? Those were his powers then that sword as well as his speed. The man had dashed back as his sword began to grow again. Arthur was right the force behind the blows barely packed a punch for his godlike speed he didn't hit all that hard. That sword, however, was sharp as hell.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size25 [center Haha! Is that all you got Flashing Steel?]]]

[center [+darkgreen Hmm... it seems this will take too long. Order the men to retreat and take whatever they can.]]

[center [b With that the man had darted off almost like a cheetah on two legs. Arthur had whistled a bit he's never seen someone move like that. If it wasn't for his armor he'd be a dead man.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size25 [center Oh you must be the commander here! Hi, the names Arthur! Sorry about the boss trying to rip you off. Know if there is any work back in Uridun?]]]

[center [#102760 ...Alexis and it's Uridum I'm just the second in command there. I handle a lot of dirty work but Tadeo is in charge. I think you are getting the places mixed up Dystopia is the name of the entire city. If you are looking for work right?]]

[center [b Feisty for a woman he just saved she just answered and corrected him with such a straight face! Yikes! Not even a thank you? Nothing? No "let me reward you with some gold? Or maybe a kiss on the cheek?" of course Arthur was a gentleman he'd have to refuse... The second one some coin he could use though. The noble had cried out in horror from the distance his goods appeared to be stolen. As he screamed in anger.]]

[center None of you are getting paid! I said get my goods safely across! Damn it! I've lost about seventy percent of my wares!! I'd ask Alexis to reimburse me but the savages seem to be even worse off.]

[center [b Alexis had let out a sigh she seemed to have misplaced a fair bit of funds. Arthur had patted her shoulder as she quirked a brow his way.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size25 [center Guess no second meal for me. Awe well! So mind if I head back with you?]]]

[center [#102760 Hmm... I'll allow it if you carry my injured into the carts.]]

[center [b Double yikes she was a real charmer wasn't she? Arthur had reverted his steel at least his second power would help here. Enchanced strength it wasn't as fancy as the former but it was pretty damn useful. He had honored his side of the bargain and when they were ready to set off he rode the front seat with Alexis. It seemed she was writing a report out he'd probably get a chance to meet her boss he had info of the man leading the attack after all. Maybe she could offer him a more glamorous job?]]

[center [h3 "Flashing Steel"]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/AkeHBCd.jpg]]

[center [b Ishimotai or better known as the "Flashing Steel" he had been working with the Raiders for some time. Raised him up in the business actually since he had shown potential. He never really knew his parents a cliched plot out here in the wastelands. He knew he wasn't special in that regard those in the Raiders had called him family. A stern commander on the field a friendly face back at home. Though he was just a lap dog trained to bark and bite at those in charge's command. Those he cut down those who opposed him did they have people? Comrades they came back home too smiling? Or had they too sacrificed their humanity for the sake of surviving?]]

[center [b Heading back to the raiders it was a successful mission. He didn't have to really kill that many enemies. His men had gathered funds and weapons alike. These operations if they went well enough would Dystopia simply lay down and surrender? Or would he be forced to slaughter more? He gripped his hand over his blade as he thought of the two he saw today. The man in armor and the gunslinger. Here he thought Asena was the only worthy opponent he'd be facing and yet she had capable men and women under her banner. Before taking a commanders head Ishimotai always wondered. What was going on inside it? Why did she struggle the way she did? To keep that city running? Even during food shortages or raids what kept her going? If she surrendered they'd be under the Raiders protection. So why fight so hard? Like many before her, the answer was always the same. To keep a state of control and power over others. Sure she called herself an overseer but she was the head of the pack and she must revel in that fact. Yet was the men Ishimotai following any different? They had raised him and called him "son" "family" for most of his life. Was it okay that every mission that left a sour taste in his mouth he questioned them? Was it this cursed virus? Affecting his emotions? Or was he really questioning them almost every day?]]

[center [b Maybe after this operation he'd repay his debts to these people and strike out on his own. Right or wrong he owed them a great deal and Ishimotai had learned that a man always repays his debts.]]
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