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It was mid-morning, and Shaya was in her garden tending to her flowers. It was full of all kinds of beautiful flowers, from typical flowers, like tulips and roses, to exotic flowers, like dragon's breath and Alice blossoms. Her garden was thriving more than ever before, as there hasn't been an attack there in months.

She'd lived in Dormitre for seven years now, and hadn't seen her family since. For quite some time after her arrival, she dealt with regular attempted assassinations. She wasn't very popular in the kingdom. It was a common belief that she was a spy for Orohiden, her home kingdom, and that she was there to overthrow the king. She had no idea where this belief came from, as this was far from the truth. She couldn't harm anyone, even if she tried; she was too weak.

Shaya noticed a wilting flower. Bending down, she placed her hand gently on the flowers. Quickly, it came back to life, and it now had a faint glow around it.

"[b Miss Snowwind? I hope I'm not bothering you. I've received an important letter from the prince,]" a man said from behind her. She stood and turned to face him. He was a servant of the prince.

"[#8971b7 It's no bother. What is this about?,]" she asked. The servant hand handed her an envelope with a red wax seal. The servant bowed and avoided her question.

"[b We hope to see you soon.]" He walked off without another word.
  Shaya Snowwind / AllOfTheStars / 1y 5d 7h 52m 3s
Anya was awoken by a soft tongue licking her face. She opened her eyes and saw an excited little fox with over sized ears sitting directly on her chest. She smiled widely and pet the small animal's head.

"[#e4642f Hey, Kit! You ready to go?]" she said, springing out of her bed. Today was the day that she would be travelling on a new adventure. She'd been preparing for weeks now. In fact, she did most of her packing the day she received her acceptance letter. All she had left was to pack minor everyday items.

With her tails flowing behind her, she rushed to the bathroom to get ready for the day. However, before she could make it that far, Kit cut her off, demanding food. She chuckled as she retrieved his food and food bowl from his designated bag. She placed the bowl of food in front of the fox and he didn't waste a second to dig in. She then continued on with her morning routine.

After she had prepared all of her loose ends, or so she thought, she picked up all of her luggage, which consisted of a backpack, a suitcase, and the smaller bag belonging to Kit. Just then, she felt small, sharp teeth around her ankle. As Anya went to chase after him, she tripped over his now empty bowl.

"[#e4642f Oh, I'll get you, ya little bugger!]" She dropped all of her bags and turned into her fox form. She tackled the fennec fox. She was slightly bigger than a normal sized fox, so she was significantly bigger than Kit. Kit attacked back like a kitten attacking a much larger dog. After Anya easily overpowered him, he scurried into a different room of the empty apartment. She changed back into a human and quickly washed the bowl and repacked it. She retrieved her bags once again.

After she got the acceptance letter, she sold most of her belongings, planning to move out of her apartment. Because of her naturally long life expectancy, she had a habit of dropping everything in her life for something different. As long as the consequences didn't result in her own death, she didn't really think much of it. She took one last lap around her cozy apartment and thought, [I [#e4642f I'm going to miss this place.]]

"[#e4642f Kit! It's time to leave!]" she shouted. After a few seconds, Kit came running back. She picked him up and left without looking back again.

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The air port wasn't very far from where she lived; only about a 10 minute walk. However, she forgot that she had to actually pay for the flight. "[#e4642f Oh, come on! Can't you just let me on?]"

"[B No Miss, I can't,]" the lady said in an annoyed voice. After much arguing, she was asked to leave, or she would be removed with force. Anya stormed off. [I [#e4642f I guess I'll have to do this the hard way.]] Going to a secluded area as to not caused herself too much attention, she made herself and her luggage invisible. She snuck back in and passed the lady from before. She reversed the affects and continued on as if she was actually a passenger. [I [#e4642f Haha! Too easy,]] she thought to herself as she leaned back in an unclaimed seat. She quickly drifted off, as using her powers always tired her out.
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Hours later, she finally arrived at her new home; the Night School. She stood outside for what felt like forever, just staring at the beauty before her. [I [#e4642f This is much better than that tiny apartment. Hopefully I get a nice roommate.]]

Anya entered the school at last. She'd been imaging this moment for weeks, and it was just as she hoped for. There were already bunches of people, and there was a loud hum from everyone talking and people meeting one another. She proudly revealed her two fluffy tails and walked up a particularly large group that appeared to be observing something. When she pushed her way through, she saw that it was the living arrangements. She found her name quickly, as she was in room 2 with someone named Roxanne.

As she was about to leave, Anya was approached by a dark haired girl that claimed to be her roommate. "[#e4642f Oh hi,]" she smiled, "[#e4642f I'm Anya Brannick. Nice to meet you.] She shook the girl's hand back. Anya glanced over and noticed a guy looking in their direction. "[#e4642f Do you know that guy?] she asked curiously.
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