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Sorry if it wounds like Skyrim everyone, I just didn't have a good name to choose and Tamriel came up.

Also this is a 1x1 with my friend


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Ryan watched the lion and crossed his arms, saying softly 'Impressive' and looked back at her. Nodding [+springgreen "Yeah, right now is about tine we go"] he said.
  Ryan Nelson / Grey_ / 21h 26m 51s
I gave the Lion commands "trae el resto de esto a Brues." the Lion purred again and picked up the rest of the meat and ran to the town. "Alright then should we be on our way?" I asked.
  Harahel / _Ren_ / 7d 15h 49m 27s
Ryan helped with the meat and placed some in his bag then nearly shrieked like a little girl when the lion came up. What a beautiful feline.
  Ryan Nelson / Grey_ / 24d 13h 24m 51s
"don't ever let those close to you." I said as i watched the sprite fly away into the woods. I sliced another leg off. After cutting the buffalo into pieces. I whistled and a large white lion ran to us. I smiled and stroked the lions mane "Hello Rakki" The lion purred.
  Harahel / _Ren_ / 25d 13h 48m 53s
Ryan stood and watched before looking at the spirit, widening his eyes as the spirit slowly came closer to Ryan and he suddenly felt tired and he shook his head awake when he heard Harahel say shoo and he blinked for a moment.
  Ryan Nelson / Grey_ / 29d 50m 1s
"Yes that would be great." I started to the buffalo with a knife starting appear in my hand. I reached the buffalo and stabbed the knife in its chest the buffalo went limp. I said something in a different language and a sprite rose from the buffalo and floated to Ryan. It started to go to his chest "SHOO!!!" I shouted and the sprite flew away quietly. I pulled the knife out of the buffalo and blood pooled on the grass staining it red. My blade grew longer and I cut off one of its hind legs.
  Harahel / _Ren_ / 46d 11h 59m 58s
He watched with amazement and excitement before smiling happily, hearing her say yay and nodded [+springgreen ""Yeah, I have a pouch we can put a bit of the meat in. Will that help at all?"] he asked and looked at her with a tilt in his head.
  Ryan Nelson / Grey_ / 48d 2h 2m 39s
I aimed my bow and fired at the buffalo that Ryan shot. As soon as the arrow left my bow the arrow tip went up in flames and speared itself into the buffalo's neck. After a few more shots from our arrows the buffalo fell to the ground with a thunder like noise. "YAY" i shouted with excitement. "now lets get the meat we can carry and give the rest to Boris." I started to walk to the fallen beast.
  Harahel / _Ren_ / 55d 15h 41m 42s
He nodded and looked at the place, the view was beautiful, no doubt. Ryan took out his arrow, which was a streak of light for only a second, and then a long sharpened arrow. A lot of people ask him where he got the arrows, and all Ryan usually says is 'explore' before leaving them. Aiming, Ryan took for one in the back of the heard. His ears flicked once before he let go of the arrow and the buffalo was taken due to surprise and hit in the neck. Not close to his head, but a good start.
  Ryan Nelson / Grey_ / 61d 15h 49m 32s
I followed Ryan to a big field with a lake on one side and a forest on the other. In the middle of the field was a herd of buffalo "we should work on getting one to fall for now." I said as i loaded my bow with a sharpened arrow.
  Harahel / _Ren_ / 63d 12h 43m 36s
He followed quickly, grabbing his bow but the arrows on his back as he followed, wanting to hunt badly since he hasn't for awhile, the last hunt being a failure due to the streak and the wisp he had seen.
  Ryan Nelson / Grey_ / 68d 14h 40m 37s
I grabbed my bow and arrows and walked outside and waited for Ryan to come out. I got that strange feeling again that someone was watching me. i looked around but i saw no one except the passing towns people.
  Harahel / _Ren_ / 69d 12h 43m 26s
He perked up immediately when he heard the words 'will hunt first' which made him grab his arrows. Hooking them on his back, he looked over at her and shook his head [+springgreen "Nah, it's nothing. Let's get hunting!"] he said happily like a child. He loved hunting, obviously
  Ryan Nelson / Grey_ / 80d 15h 47m 21s
I grabbed my bow and arrows from my bag and strapped my bag on my back along with the arrows. "We will hunt first if that's ok?" I smiled "You said you had questions at my inn. what where they?"
  Harahel / _Ren_ / 81d 14h 16m 52s
He happily took the fruit and choose a mango from the bunch, happily biting into it [+springgreen "Where we going, Antarctica?"] he joked and grabbed the saber blanket, which was small enough for the bag, and big enough for him. That was about it, except for his overcoat armor, but he was a little lazy at the moment to unstrap everything and button up stuff, so he'd do it later.
  Ryan Nelson / Grey_ / 81d 15h 49m 55s

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