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[center [size12 Misha had a knowledge of criminals that the FBI, CIA, or any American organization had zero idea that were still around and maintaining their emperors, hell she was one of them until now. She wouldn't be against working with the FBI, by any means, she just had a couple of conditions that would have to be followed. Honestly, she knew that it would be pretty hard to get all of them met, but in due time, she knew that she would get everything she wanted.]]

[center [size12 [i [#778899 "I could never say no to helping my dear ol' childhood friend, right? I mean, definitely not now since I'm all locked up in this big box and under heavy surveillance,"]] she shrugged then chuckled. [i [#778899 "But yes, I do have terms and conditions that you have to agree to, or at least the majority of them for me to be completely honest and helpful,"]] she explained before reaching into her petite coat and pulled out a white piece of paper. [i [#778899 "Trust me, I was thinking about turning myself in for a very long time, so I had time to prepare myself,"]] she smirked before leaning forward, pushing the paper through the hole of the giant glass box for Sven to take.]]

[center [size12 [i [#778899 "I checked the ones that were most important to me,"]] she explained. Her list was actually pretty short. It included complete immunity, protection from people that may want to kill her for giving up this information, allowing to have two of her personal guards around her at all times, and being able to move freely to where ever she wanted to go instead of being locked inside of this box. She hated this box more than anything. [i [#778899 "I know I most likely won't get complete immunity, but that doesn't really matter to me,"]] she added with a pretty smug look. She had better ideas in mind for the whole immunity part.]]
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[center Sven didn't speak, letting Misha go on her tiny spiel. It was best to make her feel like she had control in this situation rather than say anything. She was talking, which was, well, a good thing. None of his other fellow agents could even get a peep out of the girl unless she was fucking with them. That was the question now, however... Was she fucking with him? Sven thought so. He knew the game, he had played it for years. She obviously wanted something. Whatever that was, however, was up for debate.

Sven's eyebrow raised as she spoke about said 'Black List' and her 'intentions', a small smirk slowly creasing upwards. [#800000 [i So she wants 'help' criminals get behind bars? What's the play here? This could be a genuinely helpful thing, but I doubt that is what she truly wants.] ]He knew that she wasn't trustworthy, not by a long shot. This was just a way for her to get rid of her competition, if anything.

[b "She's been killing patients of hers for years, right under everyone's noses..."]

Sven wanted to snort, he wanted to roll his eyes. However, he stayed blank, not letting anything in his expression waver. She was telling him things he already knew however, that wasn't the point of why she was saying what she was saying. Misha wanted Sven to know that she was connected. That she knew things.

[#800000 "So, you are right. I never believed in your so-called death. It was actually rather obvious, but we shouldn't get into that right now,"] Sven turned his head and winked towards the mirror, knowing that his comment would anger his colleagues. He told them for years everything that she was saying and they disregarded him. Now everything was right in front of them. A big TOLD YOU SO.

[#800000 "You want to help us catch these guys, right? What do you want out of it? You must have conditions. No jail time, protection, what?"] Sven let out a sigh, relaxing his position. Another thing he had been talking to his boss' for years about was working with convicted criminals on cases. That didn't go over well the first time. This time, however, could be different. They had an actual person from the Most Wanted List who wanted to help. They had Misha Nikolaev.
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[center [size12 Misha was patiently waiting, even though some of the agents were trying to urge her to talk about why she turned herself in. It was bigger than anyone would understand, but for now, it would be remain a secret. She cleared her throat, crossing one leg over the other before glancing around the rather empty room. She looked bored and unamused by her current situation. She thought it would have been a little bit more exciting, to be completely honest.]]

[center [size12 Misha's head then snapped to the door when she heard it unlock and open. A familiar face walked through the door and she couldn't help, but to smile at him. It was a long time, childhood friend that she hadn't seen in years, but still kept tabs on to make sure he wasn't in any kind of trouble.]]

[center [size12 [i [#778899 "You never believed in my death, huh? I can tell because you aren't surprised by the fact that I'm sitting in front of you, unlike the people who arrested me and the agents in this building,"]] she then glanced around as if she was examining the room. [i [#778899 "This is a Black Site, right? Like, no one knows this place exists other than the agents, who work here and a few, select higher up people in the government,"]] she asked, curiously of course. She hadn't seen a Black Site since the one she hacked into with a team a few years back, right outside of Portland, Oregon. [i [#778899 "By the way, you might want to tell your Portland, Oregon team to be more secretive about their Black Site,"]] she murmured with a distinct, malicious smirk on her lips. She had stolen A LOT of data and information from that site.]]

[center [size12 [i [#778899 "But let's get to the real reason why I turned myself in, Svenny,"]] she leaned into her seat, clearing her throat. [i [#778899 "I faked my death, lived undetectable for a very long time. Yeah, you had pictures and 'sightings' of me, but no one could ever prove that I was still living. Well, do you think I am the only FBI's Most Wanted criminal that has done that?"]] Misha knew that Sven wasn't stupid, but she couldn't say the same about the reason of the FBI. [i [#778899 "I have a list... We could call it a Black List, of criminals that the FBI cannot find without the help of someone like me,"]] Misha explained before looking at Sven in the eyes with a smirk. [i [#778899 "By the way, that Therapist lady is a cold blooded killed, you're right and you're actually next on her list of people that she wants to kill. She thinks that you know too much,"]] Misha pointed, [i [#778899 "Mary-Belle Lou, such a horrible woman, right? She's been killing patients of hers for years, right under everyone's noses,"]] Misha chuckled, shaking her head in disbelief.]]

[center [size12 The really cool thing about Misha was the fact that had her nails in most every government, as well as almost every criminal emperor, other than hers. She had a great influence in most crimes, and even people who appeared to be innocent, but really was. The criminal underground is a lot bigger than even the highest government official could ever imagine. She could never expect anyone to quite understand the gravity of how much the criminals influenced a lot of of the politicians and how things are ran in the world from Tokyo to L.A. It was everywhere.]]
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[center [#F08080 "Now, Sven, let's talk about your childhood,"] The woman in front of Sven, Mary-Belle Lou, was a kind person. She was understanding and both her voice and face were easy to digest. She wasn't stunning but she definitely wasn't ugly and the tone she spoke in was very calming. Every movement she made was fluid and elegant, even something as subtle as leaning in closer. Everything about this meeting seemed average, however, a small glint in Mary-Belle's eyes gave everything away to Sven.

Sven unfolded his arms, his attempt at pretending he was opening up to the woman. He let out a sigh and rubbed his forehead slightly, giving Mary-Belle a pained look. [#800000 "You already know pretty much everything,"] Sven gave a small shrug however he continued, [#800000 "My mother died when I was sixteen. Driveby. I watched her bleed out. Tried to stop it, but couldn't. I never had a dad, he didn't care about me or my mother."]

[#F08080 "This wasn't the first time you witnessed death, am I correct, Sven?"] Mary's voice was higher when she said his name and she also licked her lips slightly when she said the word death. Sven noted that quickly.

[#800000 "You are correct. When I was eleven years old my best friend at the time and I walked in on a murder. Traumatized the shit out of me, I guess."]

Mary-Belle let out a small breath before scooching her seat closer to Sven. She leaned in slightly, pressing her breasts together to make them seem a tad larger. This was on purpose.

[#800000 "Ma'am, do you mind if we talk about something else? Anything else." ]

[#F08080 "We can talk about anything you like, Sven." ]

[#800000 "Okay. Well, you know my job. I work at the funeral home on 29th street,"] Sven lied, however, this was truly where Mary-Belle thought he worked, ever since she met him while he was helping carry a casket into the funeral home. [#800000 "Well, something really weird happened the other day."]

Mary-Belle straightened herself up and let out a small cough.[#F08080 "Sorry, just clearing my throat,"] she stated. Sven knew this wasn't the case. [#F08080 "What happened, exactly?"]

[#800000 "Well, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to talk about it... The police told me to keep my lips tight. But you're my therapist now, right? I can tell you."]

[#F08080 "You can tell me anything, Sven," ]Mary's eyes held a certain look. One that was begging for Sven to keep speaking. [#F08080 "This is a safe space." ]

[#800000 [i Tch. Right. ]]

[#800000 "Okay, well, this dude, his name was Jonathan Spires-"] Sven said the name quickly, however, he made sure to watch Mary's expression as she did. Her eyes slightly widened before going back to normal. [#800000 "Well, I was curating his funeral."]

[#F08080 "Yes. I know about the death of Jonathan. He was a patient of mine for a few months."] Mary-Belle faked an expression that Sven could only guess was her attempt at being distraught.

[#800000 "I am so sorry for your loss then. Maybe I shouldn't say anything-"]

[#F08080 "No, it is quite all right. He was [i just ] a patient. Besides, if his death is bothering you, perhaps I can help you with it. Is the fact that he committed suicide the reason you are bothered?" ]

[#800000 "Nah,"] Sven shook his head slightly before looking dead into her eyes. [#800000 "The fact that he was murdered is."]

[b -----]

Sven walked out of the mental health building, a grin spread wide on his face. He walked nonchalantly away from the building until he was out of view before picking up his pace dramatically. After he moved a few more blocks he turned into a common alleyway that was used for shortcuts. There a familiar face greeted him.

[#8B4513 "Ehhh, Svenny, how's it going?"] In front of Sven sat a traffic cop named Terrance. A cheerful guy with a large gut and even larger heart. [#8B4513 "Do you see what I mean?"]

[#800000 "Oh yeah, bud."] Sven slapped the back of Terrance, matching the man's large grin. [#800000 "She's guilty, for sure. I will call and tell your superiors you were right and to give you a chance. I am sure I can get you that arrest warrant and have her locked up in no time."]

This was Terrance's first case on homicide and because of his status as a traffic cop, many of his fellow officers didn't take his opinion or theories into consideration. They thought of him as a fat, dumb 40 something-year-old loser with too many kids. Sven however, saw that the guy had a true heart and a keen mind when it came to crime.

[#8B4513 "I knew it! She just gave me a bad feeling,"] Terrance let out a laugh. Terry was great when it came to feelings.

[#800000 "Yeah, the problem is though, I am not sure he is her only victim. You need to look into her past patients and if any of them have gone missing or committed suicide in the past few years. Look at mostly men."]

[#8B4513 "You got it. Thanks again, Sven. I really appreciate it."]

[#800000 "Anytime, any place, my man,"] Sven gave Terrance one of his signature charming smiles. [#800000 "I'll call your ass of a boss and tell him I came to the same conclusion as you-"]

Sven's phone cut him off, a loud ringtone that sang 'It's Britney Bitch,' continuously. Sven held his index finger towards Terrance to shush him. [#800000 "Yo, Sven here. What's up? I have the day off." ]

The woman on the end of his call was Agent Britney Cho, his partner and dear friend. [#800080 "Not anymore, Svenny. She's here."]

Sven's mouth dropped for a moment before he gathered himself. [#800000 "I told you she wasn't dead."]

[#800080 "Yeah, yeah. I owe you a beer. Just get over here and quick. She won't talk to anyone but you." ]

[b ----- ]

Sven swung open the door to the inspection room that was connected to the interrogation room. His stomach was, for the first time since what seemed like forever, tied in knots.[#800000 "How long has she been waiting for?"]

[#2E8B57 "For you? About an hour."] The agent in front of the interrogation room door said, his eyes looking at Misha longingly.

[#800000 "Your lucky she can't see you staring. She'd take your eye out with those pretty heels she is wearing," ] Sven winked at the agent before letting out a sigh. [#800000 "By the way, have you ever been stabbed with a heel? It fucking hurts. Next time you bring someone in, make sure they aren't wearing a weapon as a fashion piece." ]

With that he unlocked the door and stepped into the interrogation room, his heart quickening slightly. He was never nervous but seeing his old friend caused his childish side to be slightly exposed. He wasn't used to this, however, he welcomed the feeling.

Sven didn't say anything at first, simply strutting towards the chair across from her and claiming it. He wasn't frightened of her, nor would he ever be. Not truly. She may be this scary 'Crime Goddess' to some but to him, she was still just Misha.

[#800000 "You grew up well," ] Sven gave her a charming smile, his eyes glossing over her entire body then back up to her face. Her stunning face. He had seen some pictures of her as she grew up do to working on her case but seeing her up close was a lot different.
[#800000 "A little short but we both knew that would happen."]
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[center [size12 Misha Nikolaev has come from all walks of life. She has seen and done so many amazing things that is must suck for her to be considered a dead person. Misha inherited her father’s criminal emperor when he passed away around five years ago. Her mother was no where to be seen, most likely disappeared along with him. She was a Russian KGB agent, which was who taught Misha a lot of what she knew. There was a lot that went into Misha’s past, that even she did not know or understand a lot of it. Some whispers even said that someone has blocked her memories from ever remembering exactly who her mother was because she was just that powerful. Misha did remember a beautiful, red headed woman with crystal blue eyes and a smile like the summer sun. So warm and so inviting.]]

[center [size12 When Misha was a little girl, she had a good friend that she made in preschool. His name was Sven and they were inseparable. Constantly at each other’s side. Misha’s father encouraged Misha to have friends, since her mother died at such a young age. It was something to keep her mind off of it. But something terrible happened when her father met a new woman, named Anya Rostova. Anya was a beautiful woman, but Misha never considered the woman her mother when she was younger. But when Anya and Misha’s father met, something bad happened. A man was murdered the moment that Misha and her friend, Sven, walked into the house. Something that two young children should never witness. This led to Misha being taken away from America, leaving her best friend behind. This did not go well for Misha in the end.]]

[center [size12 Misha being as young as she was, at the time, did not quite understand what she had witnessed, but never got to process it because she was thrown into ballet as a child. Something that her father felt like was needed to keep her mind from wander over that night. Both her parents believed that this was best until she was around 13 years old and she began questioning what had happened in a America that night. This started Misha’s life in the criminal world. She was now linked with a KGB agent and a criminal warlord in more ways than she realized.]]

[center [size15 [b ~~~]]]

[center [size12 Misha Nikolaev is the number 2 on the FBI’s most wanted list, something that she actually prided herself in because the FBI could never catch her, no matter how close they were. Misha was considered a “dead woman” because she supposedly killed herself when her lover died back five or so years ago. Around the time that she took over her father’s crime business. She was, instead of, making connections with other criminals to give her strengths in places that her father lacked. She grew her father’s emperor into something much more powerful than it used to be.]]

[center [size12 But today, Misha was going to deliver herself on a silver platter to the FBI. It was a well-known FBI building, where a lot of intelligence walks in and out of. She was heading in, wearing some of her best clothing. Something that wasn’t foreign to Misha, she was always dressed very polished and nice. She was asking for a higher up person to speak with, like she had an appointment with them. Once she was cleared to walk in the foyer of the large building. She glanced around before clearing her throat. All at once, several security guards turned to her and told her to put her hands up. She was already kneeling on the floor with her hands on her head. She wanted this, unlike what these people believed. She had a much bigger plan in head.]]

[center [size12 There was an underground facility called the [i [Post Office}, which was created specially for her in a few days. It was an underground place, where the FBI worked out of to catch criminals that were damn near impossible to catch, like Misha. She was being taken there, right now. She was riding in the back of one of those fancy, black armored vehicles. She was trying her best to make polite conversation, but the boys did not to want anything to do with her. She just sighed, rolling her eyes as she leaned back into the seats.]]

[center [size12 When Misha was led into the building, she was taken down an old school elevator. She just stood there and looked actually unimpressed with the whole setup. When the doors opened, she stepped inside. The sound of heavy heels echoed through the room. That only caused attention towards her. Whispers of [i Misha Nikolaev] was heard through the small rooms as she was led to a large holding cell, which was a giant, glass box. It opened up and Misha was pushed in.]]

[center [size12 [i [#778899 "Well, I guess this is how you treat ladies, huh?"]] That thick accent was laced with hate. [i [#778899 "I guess if you're going to treat me like this, then I am not going to talk to you nor anyone else until you get Sven in here,"]] she demanded before taking a seat on the one, metal chair in the glass box. She felt like she was more of a zoo animal than an actual person.]]
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