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[b [center Rules]]
-Standard ES rules
-Literacy: Be at least able to post at least 1500 characters/post. Correct grammar and syntax strongly requested.
-Avoid Mary Sues and edgelords.
-Romance is allowed, but don't make the group about only your two characters. However, splitting off and writing 1x1s is encouraged!
-No godmodding
Third person, past tense only

[b [center Plot]]
-There will be events, updated regularly
-Advancing the plot is encouraged! Take risks, make changes!

[b [center Characters]]
-Create a vivid character who can connect to other characters. We want to make a story together, not write six lonely narratives.
-Innocents should know Innocents, and Vipers should know Vipers. The two groups should not know each other.
-No OP powers/abilities. Caduceus implants may allow some superhuman-esque abilities, especially in the case of genetic splicing, but the powers should all be minor. .
-In the case of genetic splicing, you can be spliced with exactly one animal. More than one animal must be discussed with me.
-Character deaths must be explicitly allowed by myself and the other player, or take place when a player is leaving the RP. I don't expect it to come up, so don't be too worried.
-Doubling is allowed. Be mindful of the gender balance.
-Images should be anime/illustrated and tasteful. I'm going to be a little picky about pictures, especially if they're overused. Preferably no larger than 400px on the longest edge. If you need help, feel free to ask in chat.

[b [center Submissions]]
-Send me your skeleton via PM. I'd appreciate it if you used the title "innocent" or "viper," according to your preference.
-Skeletons can be found under the Characters link.
-Submissions are not first come, first serve. I will notify you upon acceptance. Depending on the rate of applications, this should not take more than a week or two.
I will try to keep the character archetypes updated as to who's been accepted. If someone has already been accepted as the archetype you've applied for, I may have to ask you to change your archetype. Please don't worry too much; the archetypes are intentionally vauge and can be interpreted many ways.

[b [center Posting]]
-Post in a timely manner. If you want to leave at any time, please let me know.
-Wait at least two turns before posting again.

[center [b Most Important of All], don't be afraid to ask questions!]

[center [b FAQ]]
[b What are the tags above the skeletons for? Leader, skeptic, etc.]
These are the character archetypes. Think of them as character prompts. Whatever you can think of as prompted by them, they can be. I don't really have much in mind for most of them--they're completely open to you, the character creator, to interpret. If you want to completely ignore them, that's fine too, though I'd prefer if you kept them in mind; they're there to ensure character diversity, so everyone doesn't accidentally make the same character.
[b What is the world like?]
Think cyberpunk sci-fi dystopia. Bladerunner is a good example. Congested city, pushy advertising, etc.
[b Do people only get modified once?]
The modifications cost a lot, so most people can only afford one shot, but there's also those who like to get modified time and time again. They're considered the same as those who have a lot of plastic surgery or get a lot of piercings, though--basically, a subculture that not everyone agrees with.
Aside from Caduceus' experiments, most big modifications take place before birth.
[b Are powers only based on genetic splicing? Should the characters have neko-style traits?]
Yes and no. You might be "enhanced" to perform better than the best athlete, but be completely human, or have arms that can lift a hundred pounds with no training. However, in the case of genetic splicing, I would prefer animalistic traits and powers, so yes, neko-ish.
[b What is the city called?]

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