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crap. she saw me i thought to myself. I looked up and my ears twitched "Hi.... ma'am."
  Uriel / _Ren_ / 1y 188d 3h 6m 0s
My tail swayed slowly as I looked into the alleyway, before being able to see the male that I had helped earlier in the day when he had come to my shop. "Uhm...hello? Sir?" I asked, making it obvious that I had seen him.
  Katie Reed / AskTheStaff / 1y 192d 19h 53m 10s
I sighed as I leaned against the wall and slid into a siting position. I flattened my ears and closed my eyes hoping she did not see me.
  Uriel / _Ren_ / 1y 194d 3h 6m 10s
While I was walking, I could have sworn that I had heard something. Some kind of movement to my right, perhaps. It was probably just the wind, so I ignored it and continued to stroll by, noticing an alleyway next to me. [i It would be a good idea [b not] to go in there.] I thought to myself as my ears twitched.
  Katie Reed / AskTheStaff / 1y 199d 5h 17m 29s
After a while of siting alone i get up and decide to go for a walk. In the middle of my walk i see the girl from the bakery. I quickly duck into the ally way to hide. I was afraid she didn't like me most people didn't. I leaned against the wall with a sigh and waited.
  Uriel / _Ren_ / 1y 201d 17h 16m 37s
I continued with my work day for a while longer, selling more pastries and baked goods before it was time to close. By then, I cleaned everything up for the next day, and locked the bakery up, before walking out. Soon I was on my way home, as my tail swayed happily.
  Katie Reed / AskTheStaff / 1y 201d 17h 33m 1s
I walked home with the croissant in hand and I smiled. I arrived home and walked inside my house and sat down at the table and began to eat my croissant. Gazing at all the pictures of me and my mom together i got lost in thought.
  Harahel / _Ren_ / 1y 201d 17h 38m 10s
"Have a good day, sir!" I had exclaimed when he walked out of the door, as my tail swayed slowly and my ears twitched yet again. I smiled, looking out the window and watching him walk off happily. "I hope he enjoys the chocolate croissant." I told myself with a chuckle, as another few people eventually came in and I made some good sales. Afterwards, my bakery was empty again, and my mind went back to the male that had originally come into the place.
  Katie Reed / AskTheStaff / 1y 207d 13h 22m 3s
"Thank you ma'am" I said gratefully. i turn around and walk out of the bakery with the bag. i shivered a little as i walked out side and started to walk home.
  _Ren_ / 1y 207d 17h 54m 22s
Once the male had laid two dollars on the counter, I took them and put them into a safe place. Afterwards, I put the chocolate croissant into a small bag with a napkin and a plastic fork . "Here you go, sir!" I exclaimed, handing him the bag with the croissant in it.
  Katie Reed / AskTheStaff / 1y 207d 21h 54m 48s
pushing my thoughts to the side a reached into my pocket and pulled out two one dollar bills. I placed them on the counter with a smile.
  Uriel / _Ren_ / 1y 207d 21h 57m 44s
I watched the male smile, and heard him ask me a question. "Of course you can have it, sir. That'll be two dollars." I grinned, reaching down into the glass containers and grabbing the croissant carefully. I pulled it out, looked at it to make sure it was of fine quality, and then laid it on a napkin on the counter.
  Katie Reed / AskTheStaff / 1y 207d 22h 45m 24s
feeling that she didn't feel threatened by me i smiled. "Can i have the croissant with the chocolate in the window please?" I felt warm from all the freshly baked foods in the bakery. My ears twitched as i began to get lost in thought and old memories began to flash through my mind of me with my mother.
  Uriel / _Ren_ / 1y 207d 22h 49m 10s
As my ears twitched from the noise of my bakery door opening, I quickly glanced over to see a male walking into my shop. "Oh, hello! Welcome to my bakery, sir!" I greeted him in response, after he had said hello to me. "Is there anything I can do for you today?" I asked, as my tail swayed slowly.
  Katie Reed / AskTheStaff / 1y 207d 23h 29m 47s
I walked down the street looking for something to do and then in the window of a bakery i see my mothers favorite pastry. I smiled at the thought of my mother. As i approached the bakery I see a young woman at the counter. hoping i would be welcome here since i was not welcome into most places I opened the door and walked up to the counter. I smiled as i said "hello".
  Uriel / _Ren_ / 1y 208d 2h 3m 34s

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