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"Oh, thank you!" I told the male when he bought the umbrella and gave it to me. However, my face turned a bit solemn when he said he would have to get going. " was nice to meet you too. I wish you didn't have to go..." I had said, my tail drooping a little bit as it swayed slowly.
  Katie Reed / AskTheStaff / 216d 8h 2m 36s
"uhhh..." I stuttered and grabbed an umbrella. I payed for it and handed it to her. "I better be getting home. It was nice to meet you" I smiled.
  Uriel / _Ren_ / 217d 4h 46m 16s
I followed the young male out of the alleyway and into the store, shaking a bit due to all of the cold water that had poured into my fur. I hadn't exactly been wearing clothing that were good for being in the rain, and the weather had never forecasted the downpour that was happening outside. It was obvious that I got rather wet from the rain, and I looked up towards Uriel.
  Katie Reed / AskTheStaff / 230d 48m 18s
I walked out of the ally way and turned down the street to a small grocery store and went in side. I looked back at Katie to make sure she wasn't to wet from the down poring rain outside.
  Uriel / _Ren_ / 231d 3h 13m 12s
I felt a raindrop or two fall onto me, and I nodded towards the male's question. "Yes, that would be a good idea. Before the rain picks up and soaks us." I chuckled gently, my tail swaying.
  Katie Reed / AskTheStaff / 231d 20h 42m 0s
I smiled "well that's good" my ears twitched and i looked up as the first rain drop fell from the sky. My ears flattened "we should get under some cover?"
  Uriel / _Ren_ / 232d 4h 50m 8s
After hearing the male reply to me and ask a question, I spoke up once more. "My day has been decent. I can't say anything spectacular happened, but nothing bad happened I'd count today as at least decent." I chuckled, my ears twitching every now and then.
  Katie Reed / AskTheStaff / 232d 8h 1m 2s
I looked up at her "My day as been great" I blinked "How about you? Your d-day i mean"
  Uriel / _Ren_ / 234d 2h 57m 59s
"It's fine, don't worry about it! I feel just fine." I said with a smile, as I looked towards the male in front of me. "I hope your day has been going well." I stated afterwards, wanting to keep talking to him.
  Katie Reed / AskTheStaff / 234d 8h 2m 9s
I smiled and laughed at her joke. My ears twiched as a cat called out and a car zoomed past. "I apologise if I made you feel uneasy as well... "
  Uriel / _Ren_ / 235d 11h 21m 18s
"I'm Katie." I had said to him, reaching out my own hand and giving him a friendly handshake before he seemed to knock a few things over. he had picked everything back up, making a comment about his clumsiness. "Don't worry about it, it's fine. I've had my fair share of clumsy mistakes, especially since I specialize in baking. Ever had a loaf of bread turn out to be charcoal when it was done?" I joked, my tail swaying happily as I let out a happy laugh.
  Katie Reed / AskTheStaff / 237d 2h 37m 39s
"I'm Uriel" I smiled and out stretched my hand for her to shake. My tail moved slowly from side-to-side and it hit a soda tin. I jumped with a yelp when the tin clanked against the ground. I bumped into a trash can making it fall over. "Wow i am clumsy" I said as i picked up the trash can.
  Uriel / _Ren_ / 237d 21h 12m 51s
"Thank goodness, I thought I had done something wrong." I said gently towards the male when he reassured me that I never did anything to make him uncomfortable. I listened to him speak of liking the alleyways, before he told me he liked my pastry that I had given him before. "Thank you, sir! I put a lot of work into my baking, I am happy you enjoyed it." My tail wagged a little more as I told him.
  Katie Reed / AskTheStaff / 238d 21h 4m 46s
"No you did nothing to make me uncomfortable" I reassure her. "Sitting in ally ways is my kind of thing when i need to get away from home i come here" I smiled awkwardly. "Your pastry was very good by the way" I stood up.
  Uriel / _Ren_ / 239d 4h 52m 51s
The male was acting rather strange towards me compared to earlier, which was confusing. "Hello. Is...something wrong? Why are you behaving so strangely? Did anything to make you uncomfortable at any point? I'm confused..." I stated gently, trying to figure out why the male was being so weird. My tail wagged slowly, although it was slightly drooped down.
  Katie Reed / AskTheStaff / 240d 16h 20m 51s

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