The Clutch Of The Black Crown (1x1)

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Haruko smiled. “I already dealt with him...” she said, showing her blood covered talons
  Cheshire / DoomGuy123 / 13d 16h 16m 19s
The queen snarled maliciously. "That no-good, dirty rotten little runt!!! That louse-bitten...oooh, when I get my talons on him...!!!"
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 13d 16h 19m 37s
Haruko explained that the former king had attacked.
  Cheshire / DoomGuy123 / 13d 16h 21m 17s
The Queen slowly came to. " head is pounding...what in shards happened?!?"
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 13d 16h 22m 28s
Haruko managed to bring the queen back onto the cliff, and she carefully broke the so called unbreakable chains.
  Cheshire / DoomGuy123 / 13d 16h 23m 27s
The Queen was dangling by her tail over a cliff, bound by unbreakable chains.
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 13d 16h 30m 9s
Haruko then gently nuzzled him as well, and she went to go find the queen
  Cheshire / DoomGuy123 / 13d 16h 31m 49s
Kotun blushed brightly as he saw the dragoness nuzzle her friend, getting just a little bit jealous.
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 13d 16h 39m 53s
She flew back to the group, and nuzzled her friend.
  Cheshire / DoomGuy123 / 13d 16h 44m 19s
Blackclaw screeched violently, fanning his wings. "NO!!!"
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 13d 16h 46m 4s
Haruko snorted in amusement. “[i Were] the dragon king...” she corrected him, and dropped him into a cliff face.
  Cheshire / DoomGuy123 / 18d 7h 36m 29s
"Let go of me this instant!!! I am Blackclaw the Dragon King!!!"
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 18d 11h 23m 11s
She only responded with her claws digging further into his flesh
  Cheshire / DoomGuy123 / 18d 14h 59m 38s
The Dragon King laughed aloud. "Whatever could you mean?"
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 18d 15h 3m 3s
Haruko growled even more. “I know what you meant, and more than one likes me...” she said. And she dragged him off away from the group.
  Cheshire / DoomGuy123 / 18d 15h 4m 40s

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