The Clutch Of The Black Crown (1x1)

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Roleplay Responses

Suddenly a huge crash could be heard as a tree fell not too far from where they were sitting. A black and purple dragon had crashed into the tree, breaking his left wing.
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 8d 16h 34m 42s
His ears flattened against his head, and he looked a bit nervous . “I know him...” he said with an uneasy tone
  Cheshire / DoomGuy123 / 8d 16h 36m 4s
"His name is Darkling. He is the eldest son of the Dragon King, er, EX-King. He holds a part of me..."
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 8d 16h 40m 33s
“Who...?” He asked, curious about the one dragon she meant
  Cheshire / DoomGuy123 / 8d 16h 42m 47s
"No," She stuttered softly. "One more wicked and evil than that louse-ridden fool."
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 8d 16h 48m 36s
He looked confused. “You mean Blackclaw?” He asked, his tail swishing gently behind him
  Cheshire / DoomGuy123 / 8d 16h 49m 22s
She smiled and explained. "The Saw Clan has long believed that a daughter of a foreign pack shall slay the beast that holds her heart in anger. She will be born of Lightning and Sky-Fire..."
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 8d 16h 54m 14s
He shook his head and his ears twitched as he asked about the prophecy.
  Cheshire / DoomGuy123 / 8d 16h 55m 41s
She nodded, blushing slightly. " the way, do you know about a prophecy in the Southern Saw Pack?"
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 8d 16h 58m 32s
His ears droop, and then he sighed. “I will keep you safe, I promise you that I will...even if I die trying.”
  Cheshire / DoomGuy123 / 8d 17h 1m 36s
She looked down the mountain sadly. "My mother was...going to have...another litter..."
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 8d 17h 9m 41s
He smiled and lightly booped her nose as well, smiling and hugging her again*
  Cheshire / DoomGuy123 / 8d 17h 11m 39s
She smiled and bumped her nose against the Neko's. "Boop!!!"
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 8d 17h 19m 47s
He held her closer and smiled. “I knew you were a special child...” he said to her, then he looked at the dragon down the mountain.
  Cheshire / DoomGuy123 / 8d 17h 24m 54s
"They call me Nironi the Wise..." the Okami smiled. "And yes, seers are rare these days...but we do exist."
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 8d 17h 29m 7s

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