The Clutch Of The Black Crown (1x1)

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Cheshire smiles in an insane way, his canine teeth showing as fangs
  Cheshire / DoomGuy123 / 230d 11h 20m 34s
Mirvani smirked nervously. "U-ummm..." she stuttered.
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 230d 11h 27m 48s
Cheshire’s eyes soon became narrow slits, and Mirvani knew that it meant trouble for her
  Cheshire / DoomGuy123 / 230d 11h 40m 39s
"Go away, Mirvani. YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE." Nova growled sinisterly.
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 230d 11h 42m 37s
“No, she didn’t ruin it, she completed my nine lives.” He said with a slight smirk
  Cheshire / DoomGuy123 / 230d 11h 43m 55s
The dragoness smirked at the male Neko. "And I see you've ruined another cat's last life."
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 230d 11h 45m 34s
Cheshire growled angrily, his long claws bared. His growl getting louder
  Cheshire / DoomGuy123 / 230d 11h 46m 34s
The black dragoness smirked. "Nova. Long time, no see. Little mistake."
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 230d 11h 48m 38s
The group turned around and Cheshire growled angrily
  Cheshire / DoomGuy123 / 230d 11h 50m 52s
Lotusfang growled. "But what made him attack and burn your village down?!"
"ME." A pure black dragon with piercing blue eyes snarled as she flew up.
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 230d 11h 51m 32s
Cheshire sighed. “They can after a certain age...” he confirmed, telling her he just turned old enough to do so.
  Cheshire / DoomGuy123 / 230d 11h 54m 18s
Lotusfang gasped. "But how...? He wasn't old enough to breathe fire..."
"Yes, he was." Nova hissed.
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 230d 11h 55m 33s
Both Cheshire and Lotusfang froze and looked at each other.
  Cheshire / DoomGuy123 / 230d 11h 58m 21s
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 230d 12h 1m 54s
“I know, but she’s mine! She means the world to me!” He hissed, feeling like he was about to break down
  Cheshire / DoomGuy123 / 230d 12h 5m 46s

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