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[I [center [b [size15 A former immortal Assassin who has resolved her taught nature for peace will have her vow sorely tested]]]]
[center [pic]]

Lenali Shepard. That's the name she gave herself. In her human life, the plantation owners named her Eden, for she was born a mutt of her people, and was born beautiful. She was a house trophy, often dressed up like a doll and taught to obey every and any command, as well as learn different languages. At 21,she fell in love with a field slave name Giever. He was favored by the master, often a buck that kept everyone in order. Her master had sold her, and she was to marry a neighbor's son... They caught her in bed with Giever, in a gown that was White. She secretly married Giever.

Outraged, Giever was taken and lynched, and she was to be raped and killed.

An image had appeared after the horde disapeared. He asked her name and if she was ready to die. She shook her head slowly. He bowed to her and told him who he was: Dracula, the immortal impaler. He saved her life, and let her exact her revenge on the plantation.

After which, she was taken in by the King of darkness, to meet Judas Iscariot, Nosferatu, and other Immortals that called themselves [b "The Vampire Council"]

There, she was taken under Dracula's wing, fed, trained and adorned with what could be called love. Being that she was his fledgling, he made sure to train her well, with knowledge, resourcefulness, and combat, and for the next half a century, she trained, restlessly, without regret. She became first guard and quickly became established upon the immortal crowd. Dracula's only fledgling had became general of all other fledglings and her greated honor after three hundred years, was that she will become a noble, claim a seat in the hall of Councils... But, it didn't happen.

Humans had come and tried to find and kill Judas Iscariot, and when Dracula heard word of it, he had to get him and himself out of harm's way, and were taken away, to hibernate. Upon that, the Vampire Council was left to care for the fledglings... And they started with poor Eden.

She was beaten... She was burned... She was experimented on... And down to the war to keep the castle, she was put front and center, guiding other fledglings and Memphas [I ] to a victory... But, it didn't end there.

She watched as they tortured and harmed fledgling hordes by the dozen, and she had enough... She rebelled, leading the hordes to their freedom.

Some say they saw her turn to the castle engulfed in flames, and ran in, and never came out.

Years had passed... Not a sound or a trail from Our heroin. A Mempha travels to a city, where he catches a familiar scent... What it'll lead to is the past, past love, past fear, past revenge. Will she be able to keep herself out of radar for long?


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Lenali stared at him as he spoke. She nodded as she recollected the memories he possessed, and sighed. [I "The Rebellion of 1815... The Styx Aerie"] she said as she looked ahead. [I "There was a rebellion there... It was significant because the Aerie was set ablaze... Turned night into day as Memphas escaped to their freedom... All but one... They say"]
  Bloody_Eve / 3d 3h 19m 13s
Unsure of how much to answer Zeke stared at his hands, looking from them to the boys beside the woman who he chased after, "I ..I've lived in that forest for as long as I can remember...but there are times where it feels like I just went there on my own accord. As for what I was doing it was simply looking for saw the weapons laying around the my home. I don't really have any other reason to go to the city...if anything I'm probably one of the mysteries of some stupid stories as to people being chased out or injured by some beast." Taking a breath he reached for his bottle and started to down it like water just to start a buzz, "For your other question ..for being here as in at your house...a few days...after seeing you I've had nightmares. Fire...screams....people running in fear...rage...and a shadow of a woman leading the charge. They all end the same with fire just being too much," taking another big swig finishing the bottle his eyes became distant, "On rare occasions I see something staring back at me...saying 'hunt, disguise, hunt.' The words only getting swallowed by the fire only to become a whisper I can barely drown....." In truth Zeke talked too much, spilling his guts to these people he knew nothing of. All he knew was that she was the start of his nightmares.
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Lenali looked at him. "Eutharian, Asmodian and Matthew. They are good boys... " she said as they took a seat.

Eden had sighed a minute. "So, what were doing at the forest? How long were you here?" she asked, truly curious. In order to help him, she had to know some things.
  ☆Lenali Shepard☆ / Bloody_Eve / 54d 23h 22m 8s
Seeing as all was calm for the moment Zeke followed a safe distance from Lemali. As he did so he could feel the intensity from her son's wanting him to leave or even verify if he himself was a threat. "I guess ... introductions are in order? I'm Zeke...I guess if me a hermit compared to you and your guards. I guess I came originally to get answers but for what I don't even know."
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Listening to him, she knew that he was trying to remember. But, she wouldn't push it. She nodded. [I "Yes? I was there. "] The boys had piled back in the house as she walked to the door. [I "Coming in?"]

She sighed as she went into the kitchen, grabbing a mug, filled it with blood, and sat at her dining room table
  ☆Lenali Shepard☆ / Bloody_Eve / 87d 5h 16m 13s
Staring up at the roof then at the three who tripped over him Zeke couldn't help but just wonder if this happened before, "I've never even met them but this for some reason feels familiar..."
Hearing Lenali's chuckle he looked to her and for a brief moment saw a shadow from a forgotten memory fill, if only for a second, "You were there ....but I can only remember your chuckle. This is our second encounter and yet I still feel like a big part of myself is missing...who are all of you?" Asking the question Zeke stood carefully his hands outstretched as if ready to pounce. He may have a knife on him but going for it would take too much time and being sober for now at least allowed him to think clearly and not with rage.
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After a few hours, Lenali had returned. And her boys were waiting.

They were going to run to her in a welcome... But, they seemed to meeting the ground instead. Adjacent to them was the awakened Zeke, sort of shocked. They scrambled to their feet to arm themselves, but Lenali's chuckled kept them still. [i "I see you met my boys"] she said with a softened smile
  ☆Lenali Shepard☆ / Bloody_Eve / 90d 29m 2s
"Altered...? But I'm...still me right?" Not sure of what else to do Zeke quietly released the door and took a few steps back from her vehical. 'How...I don't even know your name.' Sure he wanted to say that to her but he didn't even ask her name, and because of that he only sat down by the door of her house as if he was a sleeping guard to her house.

During that the man dreamt again of memories of another life. It was like the night he rescued her and saw the flames separating them as he smiled after her. As they parted ways to finish their jobs Zeke saw a new part and felt himself start to be cornered as if someone was leading him away by using the fire up til he was in a room with one light. 'Welcome....Zeke...let's have a little chat.'

During his slumber Zeke's body rested against the wall keeping the image of a broken man waiting to be let in, waiting for redemption.
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Lenali looked to him a moment before stwppi g out of her car. [i "Its your instinct. Youve been searching for me since i rescued all the Memphas from the Styx coven, and now that youve found me, your figuring out why because your memories are altered. I wont say anything about what you should remember... It will come the more you search"]

She stared at him before sighing. [i "If you want answers, i suggest staying here until i get back. I jave business to tend to, but ill be back soon "]
  ☆Lenali Shepard☆ / Bloody_Eve / 125d 7h 5m 28s
'Mempha.' Again a word he couldn't fully understand, that or he chose not to the way he acted. "I'm NOT A MEMPHA! I don't even know what the hell that is! I'm ME and nothing else!" As Lenali got in her car he couldn't help but reach out to her when he heard the word 'threat.' "Wait....who...what..." as he stared after her he could feel his head burning, his vision blurring as he tried to speak, "Why...? Please...tell me....why. Why do I...feel the need to follow you?"
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Lenali stared at her a moment. [I "You shouldn't be here, Mempha. We can't have a serious conversation about anything right now" she said as she hurried past him and to her car. [I "Don't think I don't appreciate your help, but there is a threat, Mempha. I have to meet it soon"]
  ☆Lenali Shepard☆ / Bloody_Eve / 162d 3h 58m 1s
"Why?" To be caught off guard by Lenali's sudden appearance and demeanor had caught Zeke off guard, but only for a moment before he started to gather his thoughts. If only for a few minutes he didn't have anything to say, least not it he turned to see her back to him.

"Because you...your scent was in my place. It's the first time that I allowed someone to stay there, let alone live. I came to know: are you my enemy or are you...someone I can trust? I needed answers so tracked you down." Despite how awkward the situation was Zeke approached the situation as if it were one that could lead to one of them dying.
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Lenali, before getting ready to handle some of her problems, heard a knock in the door. As she opened, a familiar scent of B.O and booze stung her nose. She looked forward... Ah...

Zeke... So, he followed her here... Se hurried and pushed past him before shutting the door. "Why are you here?"
  ☆Lenali Shepard☆ / Bloody_Eve / 187d 13h 45m 59s
'Remember, to get close to her earn her trust then strike. That is your purpose. To kill immediately is true yes, but the more you learn from her the better. That is your mission: intel and execution. Do you understand?'

'Yes,' Zeke's red eyes flickered as he blinked before regaining some sort of sanity before he approached the door staring at it is if it were some sort of challenge alone just to do a simple knock.

After a few minutes of contemplating his thoughts he believed to have a story together to answer as to why he was here and knocked three times.
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She hurried into her room as her boys filtered into the foyer and shut the door. She knew she couldn't explain her run in with a possible [i Mempha] that she rescued from The Ancient Coven... Because it was still very complicated to explain or understand herself. What she knew was that she was saved. And that there was a Mempha out there... And if thats one of them... Then, she knew that they would have to look for her... After all... She was the reason they were free.

She managed to shred away her clothes and grab a much needed shower. She threw on a pair of jeggins and a loose tank top, and stepped her way into the kitchen, having a seat and drinking a cup of Brandy while the thoughts in her minds began relaying.
  ☆Lenali Shepard☆ / Bloody_Eve / 206d 16h 20m 46s

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