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[#00BABA "Those damn demons..."]

A hooded figure stumbled through the forest, her breath heavy. Her magic was starting to fade, which would be bad if she did make it to the town below. She wasn't sure how they would react to someone like her, but she needed medical attention. The demons attacked her and she barely got away with her life, again. They always seemed to have the upper hand on her, catching her off guard every time.

[#00BABA " rain is coming..."]

Agrona Rhiannon, daughter of a high ranking demon and a human mother. Life had never been easy for her. Not only did humans fear her, but demons wanted to see just how powerful she really was. This happened all her life, despite her mother trying to protect her. It was like this until one day demons came, sent by another high rank demon who was an enemy to her father. They were merciless, killing her mother and her escaping just in time. Now, they were hunting her, following the same orders given to them those years ago.

They had got her pretty bad this time. Her right arm and chest were bleeding badly, other cuts scattered around her body. She didn't let them get her that easily though, her changing blade at her side. Lann ag Athrú. The Changing Blade. A gift from her father that was left for when she was born. Though she wanted nothing to do with him, she had to admit, the blade worked well for the situations she was always getting stuck in.

She tripped over a root, falling hard to the ground as the rain started to fall. Agrona struggled to get up again, leaning against a tree as the rain poured down more, soaking her through. Looking up, she noticed a light in front of her. What could it be? Who in their right minds would be out here in the rain?

[#00BABA "A wisp..."] She muttered, sighing a bit. [#00BABA "Guess you're here for me..."]

Agrona closed her eyes, ready for the wisp to take her soul. She hadn't noticed the light disappearing, leaving her alone in the woods. The two was just a little further, Agrona having stopped near the edge. Now the only question was, would she be found in time. If at all?
  Agrona Rhiannon / Kikido / 329d 5h 23m 2s
A small figure sat in a tree along the edge of a forest watching the nearby village as darkness fell across the plains. [#7c0c77 Big people are so strange, making hovels out of dead things...] She lifts a small animal skull and gazes serenely at it. [#7c0c77 Though I suppose I can say much, now can I?]

She kicks her feet like a child and lifts her face to the wind. She can smell rain on the horizon and scowls. Rain reminds her to much of home, and the plans her family had made for her. [#7c0c77 I'll never go back there, even if the Bastard King himself tries to drag me, kicking and screaming. Never.]

A thunderclap draws her out of her musings and she smirks up at the sky. [#7c0c77 Oh Lapis, you silly thing...] She looks at the skull in her hand and frowns. [#7c0c77 Well, hovels or not I suppose I should get out of the open before the storm hits, eh?]

At the lack of response Lapis snorts and tucks the skull away into her satchel. She leaps down from her branch, nigh on 50 feet high, and uses her magic to land safely on the ground with nary a sound. A flash of light to the side catches her attention and she twirls to face it, her skirts and hair flaring dramatically around her.

[#7c0c77 Who's there?!] She follows the light and her mouth drops open in a small 'o'. [#7c0c77 A will'o'wisp? Here? But... why?] The light disappears into the forest and she shakes herself. [#7c0c77 Well... that was strange.] She turns back and starts towards the village and scowls as the rain starts to pelt herself and the world around her. [#7c0c77 Lovely. Bloody brilliant. Knew I shoulda fashioned a cloak out of those vines the other day...]

She tromps into the village through the West Gate, using her size and magic to slip past the mercenary standing in for the snoozing guard unseen and unheard. Getting a room at the Inn was child's play, especially with her size. She slips some coins onto the counter and smiles her most dazzling smile at the woman. On receiving her room key and putting up with a few patrons insisting on 'buying the poor small child some food' she slips away up to her room and settles in the enormous bed. Before drifting off fully she pulls the small skull from her bag ad cradles it to her chest. [#7c0c77 Goodnight Nai-nai, see you in the morning...] She drifts off to sleep curled around the skull in a nest of blankets, smiling gently.
  Lapis Waterbriar / NikolasRevellian / 329d 6h 37m 15s
Word got around quickly when there was a stranger that might cause some trouble. Being a sweet talker was the first hint, though it wasn’t uncommon for traders to try and bargain prices up or down. It was uncommon when those goods came with fanciful stories that even the village traders would have a hard time believing. The host of these tales was a young Elf, tanned from travel with a fair face. Shorter than most average men of his race, around 5’3”. He had a small frame and a silver tongue for these outlandish stories.

And his name, though uncommon for an elf, was Clark. Something he’d taken to calling himself right after he took up trading. The name along with his demeanor and appearance was most of the time enough for most to let down their guard. It was also because of his name and his stature that some would have a hand on their purse while talking to him and the other on their knife, just in case. Now he’d never stolen anything in his life, never had to, but that didn’t stop people from judging him from just by his unsuspecting, yet cunning nature.

Walking the streets, Clark noticed the looks he was getting from a few men and a few guards, but no one approached him and he was just fine with that. He had only succeeded in making a little profit by trading down instead of up and it was only just that he walked away with a few more coins then before. It was normal but all the same he didn’t like it. He always thought that if he’d just kept up a little longer he’d be able to get a little more.

“[+orange Oh, what a wonderless life.]” He sighed in a dejected manner, sitting in the back of the tavern and recounting his coins. He’d have enough to get him to the next village if he caught something he couldn’t carry, but if he was met with the same prices he’d found here… Clark sighed again, paid for his meal and drinks and sauntered back to the Inn where he’d be staying. He’d originally wanted to continue on that afternoon but a feeling told him to stay, so he did and he was glad of it. Being caught out in the rain was never fun while on the move. He much preferred a roof over his head then anything else when it came to bad weather.

Hearing the rumble of thunder in the distance, Clark glanced towards the village gates seeing the dark rolling clouds growing closer. That was his cue to head inside and get some rest for the next day. At his room, the young elf fiddled with his quiver before setting it aside and laying back, listening to the rain. He tried to recall how much farther he had to go the next day but he was too tired to remember and instead he closed his eyes, ready to drift off….

When a loud clap of thunder jolted him back up and he saw through his window a flash from the woods outside of the village. He waited to hear the next clap of thunder but nothing came after the flash he saw, only another crackle of lightning and a low [i boom] in the distance. “[+orange Hmm…]” He continued to watch for a while longer before laying back down, but after seeing that flash, Clark had a feeling he wouldn’t be getting to sleep any time soon.
  Clark Sandwo' / BBJ / 329d 13h 16m 44s
The stars were so bright as they shined in the sky above. It was a peaceful night and many of the villagers were in the tavern drinking and reveling in their glorious battles that they have survived. A young man sat outside the tavern looking up to the sky. He was the lost prince but none of these people were aware of that. He was known only as a mercenary here. He flicked a coin up in the air and caught it in his open palm. He didn't really know what to do anymore but a storm was gathering in the distance and he could just feel it wasn't going to lead to anything good. The young man stood up and started walking towards the village gate. A gentle breeze overtook him and he shut his eyes. It was nice as far as heat and humidity go. He stepped past a drunk mercenary who was passed out on the walk-way.

Vreal passed a guard and the man turned to grab his arm. Vreal stopped when he felt the tug and faced the guard. [+blue Can I help you?] Vreal asked a little irritated. [+red Yes young man you can. I just wanted to warn you that a stranger has been in town that no one i've asked knows who he is I was wondering if maybe you were expecting recruits into your leaders mercenary faction or even just expecting someone in general?] The guard asked. Vreal looked him in the eyes and shrugged. [+blue I am no ones leader so if he is expecting anyone I wouldn't really know about it.] The guard nodded and walked off.

Vreal continued to walk and arrived at the gate shortly after. He looked out into the blackness of the plains beyond the gate. He had fought there recently when they repelled a bandit raid. He recalled the battle with a slight smile. They weren't expecting so much resistance from this average sized village but they definitely got more then they expected. There were two very powerful mages here and many well trained and seasoned warriors. Vreal leaned on the wall and felt the first drops of rain as the storm finally came over the village and blocked out the stars. He sighed and moved to a wooden structure to take watch and let a guard who was sleeping there continue to do so. He wasn't tired and he didn't mind taking the job of West gate watch. He grabbed the rail and leaned forward as he saw a torch light in the distance. It wasn't moving and that wasn't normal. It wasn't concerning at the moment just strange. He enhanced his eyesight with magic and noticed it wasn't even a torch...[+blue Is that a...wisp?] he asked himself while noticing it start to move into the woods at the end of the field. He decided to investigate later but for the time being he stayed where he was. He found a lot of value in protecting this average village. He had come to call this place home. He wanted to help this place stay safe.
  Vreal Soruria / Vreal / 329d 20h 28m 47s

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