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The stars were so bright as they shined in the sky above. It was a peaceful night and many of the villagers were in the tavern drinking and reveling in their glorious battles that they have survived. A young man sat outside the tavern looking up to the sky. He was the lost prince but none of these people were aware of that. He was known only as a mercenary here. He flicked a coin up in the air and caught it in his open palm. He didn't really know what to do anymore but a storm was gathering in the distance and he could just feel it wasn't going to lead to anything good. The young man stood up and started walking towards the village gate. A gentle breeze overtook him and he shut his eyes. It was nice as far as heat and humidity go. He stepped past a drunk mercenary who was passed out on the walk-way.

Vreal passed a guard and the man turned to grab his arm. Vreal stopped when he felt the tug and faced the guard. [+blue Can I help you?] Vreal asked a little irritated. [+red Yes young man you can. I just wanted to warn you that a stranger has been in town that no one i've asked knows who he is I was wondering if maybe you were expecting recruits into your leaders mercenary faction or even just expecting someone in general?] The guard asked. Vreal looked him in the eyes and shrugged. [+blue I am no ones leader so if he is expecting anyone I wouldn't really know about it.] The guard nodded and walked off.

Vreal continued to walk and arrived at the gate shortly after. He looked out into the blackness of the plains beyond the gate. He had fought there recently when they repelled a bandit raid. He recalled the battle with a slight smile. They weren't expecting so much resistance from this average sized village but they definitely got more then they expected. There were two very powerful mages here and many well trained and seasoned warriors. Vreal leaned on the wall and felt the first drops of rain as the storm finally came over the village and blocked out the stars. He sighed and moved to a wooden structure to take watch and let a guard who was sleeping there continue to do so. He wasn't tired and he didn't mind taking the job of West gate watch. He grabbed the rail and leaned forward as he saw a torch light in the distance. It wasn't moving and that wasn't normal. It wasn't concerning at the moment just strange. He enhanced his eyesight with magic and noticed it wasn't even a torch...[+blue Is that a...wisp?] he asked himself while noticing it start to move into the woods at the end of the field. He decided to investigate later but for the time being he stayed where he was. He found a lot of value in protecting this average village. He had come to call this place home. He wanted to help this place stay safe.
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