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Vreal listened to the man as he went on with his fit of rage. He didn't truly care what the man thought about him as he seemed to feel anger towards Vreal for simply helping him. It didn't matter either way to him whether or not this elf was killed later as he made it very clear he didn't want Vreals help. He let the man leave in anger and started to think about his next course of action. When he had decided what to do next he excused himself from the Insae. He would definitely not take this sitting down that was for sure. Vreal exited the tavern and made his way to the Brotherhoods command post. There was a room for the belongings of the other members be they dead or alive. Vreal found the box that belonged to Rezik and picked it up. He stared at it for a moment and placed it on the table. With a key he unlocked it and started to go through Reziks belongings. Nother here really meant anything to him personally but there was something here that the elf had been searching for. If the elf wanted his help he would not recieve it so willingly now.

When he was done going through all of the items that were in the chest he locked it back up and carried it with him out of the Brotherhoods quarters. [+blue Conceal.] He cast a spell that removed his foot prints from the ground and moved it into town with him. He walked the box all the way to the Inn where he was staying and brought it up to his room. He placed it in a corner and thought of just disposing of it with fire and ensuring it could never be accessed but that thought quickly passed through his mind. [+blue [i I have to give him a chance before I destroy this link he needs. I don't know what he went through or why he is the way he is and had I been a lesser man I would simply burn it and be petty. No that is not who I am.]] Vreal thought while releasing his spell that hid his footprints. Vreal had done research on magic in depth more recently as he seemed to be getting better at it. There was a void spell he could cast that would open up a small pocket to store things and that is exactly what he cast. He placed the chest in his personal void space. It was an intermediate spell that could only be opened by the caster. When he was done he stood up and decided to go for a walk around the perimeter of the town.

Vreal walked slowly around the perimeter just lost in his own thoughts. With everything that has been going on lately he figured it wouldn't hurt to just think things over. He stopped briefly to stare at the sky. They were so insignificant compared to the stars and moon. Their petty problems could not reach that height. Vreal stood there for roughtly five minutes before continuing his walk. He felt strange as if someone was watching him but he knew that wasn't possible as he would have detected the person or people watching him by now but he just couldn't shake the feeling that there were eyes on him. He had a similar feeling in the tavern earlier but because there were so many there he just shrugged it off. He found himself back at the gate of the town and decided to just go to bed. Morning was a few hours away and there was work to be done and Vreal had a feeling he might be leaving this place for a while not to return for an even longer time to come. There was just something in the air that gave him those thoughts. He made his way back to the inn and went to bed.
  Vreal Soruria / Vreal / 129d 3h 50m 4s
[google-font][Montserrat Alloen had been very close and particularly keen to draw on his sword and slit this stooge’s throat as quickly as he would strike down a foe on a battlefield. His knuckles were white with the tension that he grasped the pommel and he had shuffled his feet in order to spring forward. Yet that would have to occur another time as a rather annoying male took it upon himself to not only 'deal' with the drunken aggressor, but also to return from the bar with three tankards of whiskey and several coins.

To most simpletons this would be a most welcome action but the elf was silently seething under a demure outer appearance. Inviting himself to the table the man was quick to the point and denoting that he had spoken with Yui beforehand to gain inside knowledge on the Elven male. But every word the man, or rather the boy given his youthful appearance, said to him was pure drivel. He allowed him to continue on speaking though his violet eyes had drifted back to his own cup of whiskey, sipping at it and swirling the golden liquid around in an un-amused manner.

The boy seemed quite joyful and buoyant talking with Insae and discussing some kind of trial by combat the next day. All credit to the girl for wanting to strike back at these thugs. Yet if she was to hire them, as was indicated by the youthful man, then perhaps he had read the Dragonkin incorrectly and she was more in touch with humans than he expected. Putting her possible betrayal aside he remained fixated on his drink even as the human revealed his name and position.

[+green “There are several things to be said in reply but I will keep it curt and succinct as I neither wish to be here longer than necessary nor at all – I came for Rezik and him alone.”] He took another sip of his own drink and licked his lips. It may have been served by a dim-witted human but it was tasty. His bright gaze snapped to the human.[+green “Firstly you do not impose yourself like that with me again lest you want to take that drunkards punishment for him.”] The punishment was implied but easily understood.

[+green “You are young so perhaps it is youthful arrogance or the fact you pretend to be leader to this rabble of drunkards and sell-swords, but a man deals with his own problems himself. In subduing your man and speaking with the barman you have done nothing but etch a target upon my back for them to try and extract retribution at a later date.”] He knocked back the remnants of his cup, holding up a finger on his free hand to hold any back chat from this particular youth.[+green “And that is not mentioning my slighted honour that you thought [i I] needed [i your] help which could not be further from the truth.”] The empty cup is turned upside down and left on the table. His burning stare remained on Vreal however as he was still yet to have finished completely.

[+green “Finally, I do not require the protection of your merry band of thieves and cut throats. I do not require your sympathy, not your care, not even your own backside to use for my pleasure.”] The last point was perhaps a touch scathing, calling this 'leader' a whore and prostitute not his finest moment, but alas he brought it to a close.

[+green “This is the problem with you humans, you believe yourselves far superior to the other races and in turn expect that we must swoon for you and applaud your humanity or thank you for your protection and guidance. But I've known humans longer than most and in actuality you are ignorant children who make a lot of noise, breeding like vermin, spreading like a plague.”] His hand left his upturned cup and took the tankard of whiskey that Vreal had brought. In a swift motion he thrust it to one side and cast the contents across the floor, all whilst maintaining direct eye contact. The tankard is brought back down on the table, hard, coins bouncing from the action as Alloen stood up and his chair is cast backwards into the man behind. Only now did his eyes drift to Insae for a moment before he turned away and stormed from the inn with the door slamming shut behind.

The fury and frustration of the entire day had built to that moment and the ability to release it through the thrust of his blade. But it had been denied to him and anger was peaked.[i Who did that human think he was?] He stalked back to his horse, grasping the reins from its tether and leading the beast away to a quieter part of the town. His animosity and aggravation waned as he took the walk in the twilight hours of the day. Alloen's only avenue for subduing his desire to gut each and every human he came across, was through delving into his primary pack on the horse and pulling forth a medallion.

The base was a diamond shape made of white gold though embellished with a honey gold that curved like vines and shoots around a blood orange gem carved to resemble a budding flower. Looking on the highly polished jewel had a calming effect on the Elf who had taken himself from the town and now found a seat at the base of a large oak. Rubbing his thumb across the jewel he found his eyes closing over, losing himself to his thoughts.

[center +=+=+=+=+]
The sun was bright over the glade and Alloen was content to walk across it with hands clasped behind his back, stepping over the bodies that littered the ground all around. His men were making easy work of collecting and placing the bodies onto a growing pyre, collecting tinder and wood from the multiple wagons that had been tethered together in a makeshift barrier. The women and children were placed separate of stacked high pile of men. From the sounds of those about him the mood was jubilant.

The attack had been the culmination of several days’ work. When the caravan had initially arrived they were followed closely along the winding path that ran through the Llanellin Valley. Cast out from the human realms of the West they were poor vagabonds seeking land to settle on. Chased down the valley they had been cajoled to this small glade where their pack animals were quickly dispensed of. A plethora of arrows had dispatched the dim beasts and the wagons were left immobile with nothing to pull them. Surrounded by an Elven force of unknown strength, a few attempts were made early on to break free. Arrows would zip through the air from rustling tree tops and the men who tried to escape were brought down long before reaching the cusp of the woods.

Once or twice a man would avoid immediate death, dance through the projectiles and dart into the woods. But within a few hours his head would be thrown back into the open space as a reminder to those who remained. There would be no escape.

Then came the women, the children, the elderly and infirm. Perhaps they would be spared given they were not combatants? But in the smouldering violet eyes of their leader, the elves slew them just the same. There would be no escape; for anyone.

Their best dead early, they had been too weak to make any stand against the small force Alloen commanded. Inspecting some of the corpses he passed by he watched a man retrieve several arrows from an old woman, carefully removing the arrowhead for future use. As he watched this a man in green-dyed leather armour approached him, bowing his head a fraction before speaking in Elven.
[i [+teal “Sir, we've found two still alive near the centre of the skirmish.”]] Gesturing behind him there was some commotion as the two figures, clutching to one another and the smaller one bawling incessantly, were jostled away from the throng of bodies that had piled up amongst the carriages and carts. By their appearance they looked to be an older and younger brother, no older than fifteen and eleven respectively.

Alloen’s eyed the boys who were led toward him and pushed forward into an opening of space, men from nearby gathering around. He could almost smell their fear and trepidation and he delighted in the intoxicating aroma.[+green “What is the problem? Do you not like our hospitality? Are we not gracious hosts to your superior race?”] His human was near perfect and the mocking tone he took with the young boys brought derisory laughter from the armed men around them. The barbs and retorts flowing from his men only seemed to confuse and terrify the children even more.

His violet eyes had caught sight of a skulking figure moving past the group. Raising his hand he beckoned forth in Elven,[i [+green “Ollisi, come here.”]] The young elven male, with long straight golden hair and eyes as crystal blue as a stream, approached the group with scepticism. He looked at the children who cowed before them and his eyes looked up in confusion.
[i [+gold “What is going on Sir?”]] He looked at Alloen now with worry.
[i [+green “How many humans have you killed since joining us?”]] It was a calmly asked question.
[i [+gold “None.. Sir.”]] He replied sheepishly, eyes darting to the ground.
[i [+green “Precisely, zero. You are of no worth to me unless you can kill humans.”]] Reaching down to his belt he retrieved an interesting device. Simply; it was a small crossbow. The limbs were folded back to a catch that triggered on the first pull of the trigger lever, whereby they would spring forward. A second pull would release the bolt. It was perfect for close combat.[i [+green “Take this, put a bolt into the eldest ones back.”]] He held out the weapon to the young man but received only a shake of his head in denial.[i [+green “Take this, and put a bolt, into the eldest ones back.”]] He spoke slower, permeating his order with thrusts of the weapon into the man’s chest each harder than the last.
[i [+gold “No.”]] Again with the defiance, the sheer gall of this man to deny his leader.
[i [+green “No? Why not?”]] He offered him a chance to explain before his brethren.
[i [+gold “Because… because it’s not right, Sir.”]] His voice had gone quiet and he attempted to divert his gaze away. Instead he was met with a sharp palm across his face, again and again, several times over, a look of disgust on Alloen’s face.
[i [+green “Not right? You think it’s not right? Well you aren’t here to dictate what is right and wrong. You’re here to kill their kind and push them back from our land.”]] Grabbing him by his leather chest piece he dragged the elven male forward a few paces having tried to retreat from the hits.[i [+green “You know why you are here? To kill them. You know why they are here? To deforest our homes, burn our lands, slaughter our kin. To kill us.”]]
[i [+gold “But they are just children!”]] He protested.
[i [+green “Children? Just children you think?”]] Another curt cuff about the side of his head, hair flailing from the strike as he grasped him by his armour again.[i [+green “Let me teach you something simple here Ollisi; do you want me to be killed? Hm?”]] The question was simple but the man’s head was still spinning and it took his a moment to reply.
[i [+gold “N-no.”]]
[i [+green “Do you want any of these men around you to be killed?”]]
[i [+gold “No.”]]
[i [+green “Then you kill that human this instant. Because give him the time, he will grow up and he will jump at the chance to kill every one of us here. Hell, he might do it now if you give him a weapon. So do it.”]]
[i [+gold “I can’t.. I-I won’t..”]]
[i [+green “Do it now Ollisi.”]]
[i [+gold “No!”]] The word was barked at Alloen, thrown out wildly and fluctuating with his strained nerves.

It had been the breaking point for Alloen and he grasped the back of the elven man’s head, fingers taking a hold of his flowing hair, pushing his boot into the younger man’s knee and forcing him down to the ground. Following him down as he went Alloen wrapped his arm about Ollisi’s neck and pulled him back against his chest as he pinned him whilst he tried to struggle. [i [+gold “Stop! Stop it!”]] His cries for the cessation of his leaders actions were met with the mutterings of the men around, goading their black haired commander.[i [+green “Come on, take a hold of this.”]] The struggling had been subdued after only a few seconds as perhaps the realisation came to bear on the blonde man.

As his right hand came up to try and pry Alloen’s arm away from his neck, it was seized by his attacker. In a moment he had pressed the small crossbow into this hand and enclosed his fingers round the grip to force him to hold it. His pleas for clemency, for respite, for understanding fell on deaf ears, Alloen too focused on his actions to care anymore what this pathetic soldier thought. With his hand wrapped around the grip he pointed it toward the human teen’s back, pulling at the trigger to deploy the limbs. [i [+green “Come on now, pull the trigger. Just squeeze it.”]] The hand was guided into place, keeping the weapon levelled at its target, those around beginning to join in with a chorus of encouragement’s, slurs against the human, the younger elf, shouts to be a man and the general masculine denigrations for someone not acting like the collective.

Releasing the grip about his neck, Alloen moved his hand to the man’s forehead, pulling it back so his gaze lifted upward, forced to stare across at the life he was about to take. [i [+green “Are you going to do it?”]] The question was repeated several times, but all the man could say in his weak voice was [i [+gold “stop”]] or [i [+gold “please.”]]

Left with no other choice Alloen’s finger slipped atop Ollisi’s on the crossbow trigger and he pulled tight. The small metal bolt jumped forward, embedding down to the fletching given the short distance of travel. The human boy was thrown forward, falling with a thump against the ground. Alloen pushed Ollisi away to the side whilst retrieving the crossbow and standing up. He placed the weapon back at his belt. [i [+green “Do your job Ollisi.”]] He looked across to another man.[i [+green “Make sure he personally puts the body on the pile.”]] A soft salute showed he understood and allowed the leader to turn away to finish his inspection of the skirmish.

[i [+green “Oh-“]] he did not pause or turn back, merely called over his shoulder, [i [+green “-and have the young one dealt with. Take his head. I want a few to use as deterrents.”]]

[center +=+=+=+=+]
An acorn struck his shoulder and in a moment the Elven male with violet eyes was awake, sword in hand and ready to slash at any nearby foe. It was daylight now. Bleary eyed and aching he looked up to the sky and with a little simple nature watching he discerned it was just after midday. His horse was still tethered where he had left the animal, standing there with no emotion, just chewing away at tufts of grass nearby.

Pushing himself up onto his feet was a struggle; legs locked in position and back quite rigid from the lack of movement and cold air. The medallion he had removed from his pack still sat in his hand and he made sure to replace it amongst his equipment whilst his body adjusted back to some semblance of life. He wished to be back on Feluni’s bed and have her warm hands grace his weary figure. But life was in a particularly annoying mood right now and here he stood alone, by the forest with his horse, hungry and aching.

He would find food later. For now, he needed to see Rezik’s belongings.
  WI_ / 120d 7h 27m 45s
The world seemed ethereal it was as if everything existed here and yet it didn't. The energy was different from anything anyone could have ever felt. Every emotion, sensation, and magic was rampant here. It was evident that no one could exist here but those born of it. It was a realm of pure power. One who could gaze into this would be driven mad unless they were protected by a divine being who so allowed it. Deep into the realm there were talks of a special planet that had been created and was currently in imminent danger...

[+blue You are arrogant Grazzt. You have allowed your creations to plague these people for far to long and I am growing weary of it. I should have blasted that realm into the void the moment it had been constructed.] A voice said. The voice alone was like an echo that boomed above the rest. [+red You could still do so and it would give me the pleasure of actually seeing you destroy something when you hold all life so dear. So what do you intend to do with those mortals now?] Grazzt asked in a similar voice but it was far more foreboding than the other. [+blue They will have to handle the situation at end and if you interfere again I will see to it that you are sent to the void along with your creations.] The voice threatened coldly. [+blue The first step has been taken and the world is something I do not place my hand into often to change the events that may occur. It would incite far to much chaos and far more deaths. Our job is to guide from this realm. You have done enough to constitute your own death. I am the one keeping you alive now..] The voice continued.

[+red I only created that realm everything that has happened since then has been on the actions of those you have created.] Grazzed responded. The energy in the room exploded in anger. It was hotter than the hottest sun and far more overwhelming than a supernova. The air cooled after a few seconds. [+blue If that realm had never been created we wouldn't be faced with the problem we are now. If things don't change down there it will end with both realms destroyed entirely. All life will cease and we will lose everything we have worked for.] The voice said while the energy finally went back to normal in the room. [+blue He must not sit on that throne any longer. It was not created for a human to sit on. They are too violent and cannot understand the magic that will flow into them on that seat of power. It would destabalize that entire world. A reaction that is already being shown as the surrounding areas are losing their color. If that whole world becomes that way then life starts to be sapped of power until all magic ceases down there. Without magic we cannot sustain that world. The young king must reclaim that throne.] The voice spoke. [+red You mean that other human who fled the throne at a young age?] Grazzt asked with what could be described as a smirk. [+blue He is no human. Only in appearence is he human. His lineage is that of Elven. A gift from the throne has made him to appear human as it has done for his family. No human will accept an elven king so they had to be tricked. Racism somehow developed within their minds when we instilled free thinking into them. Another curse from you.] The voice responded.

The realm swirled until the planet now sat on what would be described as a table in front of them. They peered at their creation and the red cloud that surrounded it which was what was referred to as the demon realm. Arcs of energy shot out of the planet in a wide variety of places. These were focal points of energy that were known as Permeating Magical Zones. The two being watched as it revolved slowly. [+blue Your demon realm is a plague that cannot seep into the planet.] The voice said while touching one of the Zones. [+red As I have heard from you repeatedly father.] Grazzt responded. The room started to rise in temperature again. [+blue You don't understand the severity of your crime and that is why you will be punished when this is resolved. All life ends if that throne isn't reclaimed. That includes the life of this realm. I made it so. You, in your ignorance, have endagered everything and everyone. Magic won't just drain from that world. It will drain from all existence. It may take billions of years but eventually we will cease to exist. This world was created as our legacy for when we are finally able to enter the void and they can do things all on their own.] The voice explained. They stared at the world again. [+blue Vreal Soruria of true elven lineage and the rightful heir to that throne must reclaim it. We have willed the world to put him with the strongest there are to offer, we made it so he would be trained, we have set him on the path to claiming a power that could save this world. Because of your realm there are now millions of choices that could destroy all of that. Your punishment is eternal imprisonment in time.] The voice said while waving his hand. All the energy in the room surrounded the being known as Grazzt who tried to protest but no amount of power he had could overcome the will of his fathers. He vanished into a void that was time locked. The being that remained turned back to his creation and looked down at it. He stared down at those who sat in the tavern of Temlis. He looked upon them all with worry. They were his children too, all races came from him. He looked at them all and considered the consequences they were now faced with due to his sons arrogance and vanity. He had regrets that he had not stepped in and removed the threat that now plagued their world. That he had not allowed the history to be changed because he did not fully understand everything that would be set in motion. His biggest regret was putting the fate of everything on Vreal's companions and those around him. Yui would be faced with a difficult trial to come, Alloen would be faced with a deadly encounter that could change the course of events entirely, Those who served the torn or were allied with them would see a terrible fate, Insae would be tasked with the impossible, and Vreals destiny was clouded even to him. From what he could see there were millions of outcomes all ending in destruction and only ten outcomes that ended in their success. They had a slim chance of success but he would guide them. The being had been sending them images and dreams to try and show them what must not happen. He couldn't intervene directly as his power would ruin it all at this point. He felt sorrow stronger than anything else. He shrank himself to what would be microscopic to him and sat across from those at the tavern. He could not be seen, heard, or felt by anyone he wasn't truly there. He observed as he knew the true challenges were yet to come.

The being vanished from the world and went back to his original form. Pure energy surrounded him and everything got cold as his sorrow grew. He was alone in power. He was alone in his endeavor to create something lasting. There were many like him but none shared his devotion to his creation. None equalled him in power. None truly understood what was happening to them. He had felt his power already drain if ever so slightly. He would do what he could to guide them justly from now on. He wouldn't remove his eyes from this planet for the rest of eternity if there were an eternity left for them.
  He who started it all / Vreal / 133d 17h 37m 9s
Yui brushed the sweat from her brow off with the back of her wrist, and listened as Vreal told her is was best she didn’t kill the elf. She gave him a look saying: That was yet to be seen. She didn’t argue with him. Normally she would have, hell if Acrius was still alive she would have walked in and gloated over his wounds -not healed him. Things were different now, and Yui couldn’t be the same as she had been before coming to Temlis, it seemed Vreal had come to a sort of truce as well with her. In fact, since coming to Temlis they had made an effort to get along, and it was impressive how well they worked together.

She waved off his apology, reciting what she had told Madame Cartié in New Harlan. [#87cefa “We’re mercenaries, thieves, and assassins… danger is in the job description. No apology needed, though… I don’t forgive you. Pull a stunt like that again, and I’ll bring you back from the dead, and kill you myself.”] It earned at least a smile, even if Yui wasn’t, and Vreal officially placed the elf under Brotherhood protection. She did grin then, and informed him she left him to the wolves. If they hadn’t gotten to him yet, they soon would if Vreal didn’t go to them and lay down the law. He told her to get some rest, and thanked her for her efforts. Again she waved him off as if to insinuate what she had done was no great feat, and not to look too deeply into it.

He left her alone in his room, and it allowed Yui to take a moment and catch her breath. She hung her head in her hands, the cold cloth held to her face and helping with the minor headache she was accruing. Elbows on her thighs she hung over the edge and willed the throbbing pain of her tight muscles to relax. Gods she wanted a hot bath more than anything, but sleep was about to take over. She forced herself to stand up, collected her tin and went to the next room. Her things were as she left it, and it seemed one of the inn employees had brought her things up in the time she had arrived and healed Vreal. Yui got as far as loosening the laces of her corset and kicked off her boots before she fell face first into the bedding and fell fast asleep.

[center ~*~*~*~*~*~]

Yui found herself jolted awake in a dreary, dark, and grey place. She quickly learned after sifting her fingers against the ground, that she was surrounded by and covered in ash. It fluttered in delicate patterns from the cloudy grey sky like dirty snow. She knew it was day, but the clouds blocked out the sun so thickly it seemed almost night. Around her she could see tattered war banners waving in the distance and the mounds of dirt she saw, were actually bodies twisted and disfigured around the other. Lifeless corpses littered the field and the only light came from distant fires curling black smoke into the air, and the spider webbing of lightning that scarred the sky. The air was choked with death and ash, but somehow Yui managed to stand up. Her hair was stained grey and pink by the ash and blood in her hair, as well as her body and armor. She had fought in this battle… or she was… going to fight this battle? Not sure what else to do she began to walk through the field of twisted and broken corpses, her feet leaving imprints in the ash but disturbing the top layer enough it kicked up the ash into a dust that further covered her. She did not recognize these men, some of them weren’t even men, there were all sorts of creatures, man, elf, werebeast, and troll.

She stopped suddenly at the sight of a small child ahead of her. She was beautiful and perfect. Unsullied by the apocalyptic carnage that surrounded them, she radiated light. This little creature of innocence and purity had equally blonde, curly hair, and the same steel blue eyes as Yui’s. It was chilling to see her here, no matter how happy it made Yui as well. The Child pointed to a body that suddenly seemed to stand out to Yui. She didn’t want to look away from The Child, but she eventually did, making her way to the fallen knight and rolling him over.

Yui screamed, falling back, kicking up ash around her, and losing her position when her hand caved into the hollow chest of a burned creature. She was only partially startled by that, because it was the dead face staring back at her that had her heart racing. Vreal was cold, lifeless, grey, and his eyes foggy with death and decay. She couldn’t tell what exactly had caused his death, but there was no doubt… Vreal was dead. She suddenly took in her surroundings with more clarity. this was no mere dream… this was a warning…

Yui stood back up and looked to see The Child now holding out her hands, covered in blood. Yui felt her heart race at the sight. Call it motherly instincts, but Yui felt the need to rush the child, find the source of bleeding, and shield the child from further damage.
[#87cefa “Hold on! I’m coming!”] Yui called to the child and raced forward. The child was within reach, but the moment Yui’s fingers touched the round of her tiny cheek, the Child crumbled into ash -floating away in the breeze.

Yui attempted to hold as much of the ash close to her as possible, muttering ‘no’, in uncertain horror, as the remainder of the battle field began to collapse under itself. She tried to rush back to Vreal’s side, but the moment she reached him he too was carried away by the wind into ash. All that was left to greet her was a barren wasteland and dark skies. She reached her hands up into her hair, gripping at her head in utter confusion and horror. Anxiety and panic clawed at her to cave and drown in oblivion like the others who had once surrounded her, but she knew she had to keep going. She tried to rise up, but shadows clawed around her. Like ink they stained her and spread across her, wrapping like vines about her until she was entirely submerged and everything went black.

[center ~*~*~*~*~]

Yui came awake with a startled breath, jumping from her bed and looking around her room. She even pat at her chest to know she was alive, and no longer dreaming. What the fuck had that even been?! She couldn’t help but recall her dream from the night before, and the night before that. They were becoming a reoccurring problem.

She managed to calm down, clean herself up, and redress into another one of her many black leather ensembles. Then she proceeded to eat a biscuit and salted ham, before making her way outside. She wasn’t surprised to see she had slept well past noon, and asked the closest brother to inform her on Vreal’s whereabouts. It seemed their Dragonkin client wanted to fight members of the Brotherhood to test their strength and skill. Appropriate that the Torn would send a liaison to not only invest their money, but to test the investment for weaknesses. They wanted good men for their coin, and it seemed she had accepted Vreal’s terms. She did not attend to the melee and instead made her way across town and outside to the surrounding forest.

She made her way just inside the tree line, when she was greeted by a man dressed in an expensive black cloak with gold piping filigree and toggles. His dark hair was combed over to the side, and his entire left side of his face was scared and dead.
[#000080 “I heard you had returned. You were successful, I hope?”]
[#87cefa “Very,”] Yui removed Drav”s severed ear from her vest pocket. Her contact moved to grab it, but Yui held it aloft. [#87cefa “You know the game. Payment first. I went through a lot of trouble to bring you this ear and gut the leech. I expect recompense.”] Her contact curled his disfigured lip and held up a very large, very heavy looking bag of gold. He opened it up for her and showed her that mixed in the gold coins were flawless diamonds, one as large as 3 carats. She grinned and eyed him. [#87cefa “Those better not be cut glass…”] she warned.
[#000080 “It’s not.”]

Satisfied Yui tossed the ear over and he did the same with his bag of coin. She caught it and was glad to feel it was just as heavy as it looked and should have been. She opened the purse and pulled out a handful of solid gold coins. She then held up a diamond to inspect it, and was further satisfied to find it was damn near flawless. She smiled to her contact. A Job well done. [#87cefa “Let Haggar know, it was a pleasure doing business with him… but… where’s the rest of it?”] It was her contact’s turn to smirk at her.
[#000080 “We will of course have to verify that you did in fact kill him. When we have, we will send the remainder.”] Yui glared, but she couldn’t really argue their point.
[#87cefa “I can assure you. Drav is dead.”]
[#000080 “See, I find that hard to believe. I heard that you had arrived in the early hours of morning with an elf, no less. That gives me cause for concern, and belief you ran into a complication.”] Yui grit her teeth, but otherwise kept her expression under control. She rolled her eyes shaking her head.
[#87cefa “Any complication I incurred is of no concern to you. If anything, I found you a scapegoat. Pin it on the elf if you ever have the need… he was there with me. He was after Drav as well… wanted him alive.”] she grinned inwardly to herself to see the contact peak at this information.
[#000080 “Why would anyone want to help that sniveling rat live?”]
Yui shrugged, not really caring and suggested he and his employer look into it themselves. [#87cefa “Maybe when you find an answer you can share it with me.”] Annoyed, the contact stowed the severed ear and tossed her an unexpected extra sapphire.
[#000080 “For your patience, and incentive should we do business again in the future.”]
[#87cefa “I’m going to be off the market for a while… new rank, but The Brotherhood looks forward to future business with you.”] The contact smiled at Yui and gave an approving nod before he slunk off into the shadows, no doubt to his own horse where he rode off to his employer.

Yui carried her sack of gold with her back to her room and portioned it out. She put a hefty portion of it into a lockbox, and locked the rest of it up in her trunk. She gave the lockbox to a currier and gave instructions on its delivery and left towards the battlements. There was only one guard, who didn’t pay her any mind as she walked up and took refuge perched on the edge of the wall and looking down. She sat down and looked out at the scenery as if bored, but her mind was a torrent of thoughts. She produced a rolled paper of pipeweed and struck her fingers, creating a spark of lightning that caught the paper and lit it. The quiet was good… sometimes she needed to just be alone.

One of the predominant things on her mind was that this contract with Haggar was supposed to be one of her last. Acrius had lied to her, and now she had to honor his last wish and her word to Vreal. She could have delivered that gold herself… she wanted to deliver that gold herself, but after her dream… she couldn’t. Leaving could mean destruction, and how could you protect someone by doing nothing? You couldn’t. She had to stay… for however long was necessary. She didn’t do it for Acrius, and she wasn’t doing it for Vreal… hell, she wasn’t even doing it for herself. Below her she heard the laughter of children chasing the other around their mother’s skirt. She carried a large basket of potatoes and carrots dug up from the ground, calling after them to stay in line. Yui watched with envy as they went about in their ignorance, unencumbered by nightmares, and sacrifice. She had to look away, and instead opted to stare out at the sky, allowing herself to get lost in thought until someone came to call for her.
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Vreal sat up slowly as Yui walked into the room...and boy did she look pissed. She reached up and touched the bruises on his face as soon as she did he grit his teeth and grabbed her wrist when he realized his reaction he let go. She scolded him pretty damn well too. [+blue That hack of a healer has never dealt with demonic wounds before.] He said as she put the cold paste on his skin and passed magic through his skin. He watched as it took an immediate effect. It was strange seeing her use this kind of magic but at the same time it was kinda cool. When he showed her the wound on his side she looked ready to just kill him herself. She was not happy and Vreal understood why. He probably shouldn't have headed out without her but he knew she would understand why he had to. [+blue A demon threatens not just one city but an entire world if they are powerful enough. I had to go. I truly wish you had been there to back me up. A part of me is glad you weren't though. We lost some good men and some strong casters fell to their demise as well. I had to go.] He said while she finished up and went pale from the effort. He put his shirt back on and started to put what he had left of his armor on. He handed her a cold wet piece of clean cloth to wipe her brow.

Yui seemed to smirk once she saw her handiwork and then she told him that she had been compromised. She had met an elf while out on her mission. They had been after the same mark. The fact that the elf only wanted information on Rezik made things more complicated since he had killed Rezik just days before. Vreal sat on the end of the bed and sighed. [+blue It's probably better that you didn't kill the elf. I can't say for sure but from what you have told me about him..he's intelligent and resourceful. In any case shit happens. I have a little bit of business left to attend today. Insae needs to test a few of our men and if everything goes well we will have a sizable contract for many of them. I will have to pick up my repaired armor piece first.] Vreal said while grabbing his blades from the side of the bed where they were propped up. He stood up and belted them onto his sides. [+blue I apologize for making you worry. I know Acrius preached caution but as I see it..It's better to ask forgiveness than permission.] Vreal said while shooting her a smile. [+blue For the time being. I suppose this elf, Alloen I believe you said, is officially a guest of the brotherhood and stands under our protection while in our company.] Vreal said while reaching for the door handle. He looked over his shoulder. [+blue You need to rest Yui. You look tired and I know what you had to do for me was no small feat. I appreciate it more than you can know.] Vreal said while opening the door and stepping out into the hall. He closed the door behind him.

Vreal walked out of the Inn and down to the dwarven smiths shop. It was getting late and she did say it would be done. He walked into the shop and the smith looked at him and shook her head. [+red 'Tis not done yer armor is beyond repair. Might jus be worth buyin somethin else.] She said while showing him the amount of damage that was really done to it. He had been fatigued when he brought it in so he didn't see the real scope of the damage. It was rent severly with the metal caving in and destroying the leather inside entirely. Vreal sighed heavily and agreed that this was definitely beyond repair. [+blue How about a hardened jerkin do you have any in?] He asked her calmly. [+red 'Aye 'ave two left. O'er there by the tanning rack.] She pointed. He retrieved a dark brown jerkin and paid for it with 20 gold pieces. He took off his shoulder pieces and put the jerkin on. It was much lighter than what he was used to but that would be good. He needed the mobility. Once he had it on he put his epaulets back on his shoulders over the jerkin. He thanked the smith and walked out.

He decided it was time to find Insae so that he could tell her when she would be fighting the mercenaries he had chosen for her to thrash around. He had no idea where to look to find her but luckily it wasn't hard to figure out as he heard a commotion in the tavern. He opened the door to see a man leaning forward on a table. The air was tense in the tavern and it seemed all eyes were on the elf and the drunk man starting trouble. Vreal noticed the elf had one hand on the cup and the other was under the table. Insae happened to be seated with the elf. Vreal approached the drunken man from behind and placed a hand on his shoulder. The man stiffened but that made it easier for Vreal as he swept the mans foot from under him. As the man fell Vreal grabbed the hair on the back of his head and forced his forehead onto the table in front of Alloen. [+blue You have no right to challenge anyone right now. You can hardly talk and walk at the same time much less hold up to a fight.] Vreal said while letting go and pushing the man away with a foot in a very spartan style front kick. The man crashed into a table and passed out drunk. Vreal turned to the rest of the patrons. [+blue Let it be known to any who decide they want to start trouble with guests of the brotherhood that I will not tolerate it. The next person to approach these two with any slandering words will lose their tongue. This is not a world that belongs to man and man alone. We humans have lived amongst all races since the dawn of life. If you have a problem with that I will be more than happy to accept any Trial of Embers challenge you present to me.] Vreal stated while staring them down and making his point clear. He looked at the cups they had on the table. They were semi-filled with whiskey. Vreal knew the barkeep had a distaste for non-humans he had dealt with the man before. He met eyes with the barkeep who immediately looked away as Vreal approached him. [+blue As for should not matter where it came from so long as it is coming in. Don't think for a second that your prices matter just because you are currently the only tavern in town. I will import liquor from all over with the blessing of the Brotherhood and we will build a tavern to compete with yours for cheaper. You serve all fairly or not at all do you understand me?] Vreal asked with ice in his voice. The barkeep understood well enough and put five of the coins back on the bar. Vreal picked them up. [+blue Three whiskeys. Full tankards.] He said while the barkeem lowered his head in shame and made them. Vreal picked them up and brought them to the table where Insae and Alloen sat.

He placed the tankards and the five coins in front of them. He took one of the tankards for himself. The bar was starting to pick back up in livelyhood at this point and people were forgetting about the events that just occured. Vreal looked at Insae and then to Alloen. [+blue So, Alloen, it has come to my attention that you are looking for a man named Rezik. He is dead. I killed him myself. Whatever you needed him for stops here unfortunately. It was also brought to my attention that you have a talent for drawing. I would appreciate it if some things did not see the light of day. I have you placed under the brotherhoods protection while you are here. If you have trouble with them or anyone here they will be dealt with harshly.] Vreal said before taking a drink from the tankard. [+blue I would see you treated well since you are now my guest here. Insae this goes for you too. If you need anything such as living necessities, food, drink it will all be supplied at the proper rate so you don't face inequality like you have tonight.] Vreal said while leaning back in his seat.

He looked at Insae now. [+blue I am going to let you kick the holy living shit out of him.] He said while pointing to the passed out drunk. [+blue Unfortunately he is one of mine and I want him humbled after his outburst here. There are two others you will be facing off with. As soon as the sun rises in the morning if you would meet me and your challengers at the Brotherhoods encampment on the outside of the eastern wall of town then you can test them to see how many you wish to sign on for your mission.] Vreal drank from the tankard and sat up strait. He looked at Alloen once more. [+blue If Rezik had something of yours or if he knew something you are free to go through his belongings to find what you are seeking. If it's something I might be able to help you with you can ask me when you are ready. In the meantime let's drink now that all business is concluded. I am Vreal leader of The Brotherhood.] Vreal introduced himself politely.
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[google-font][Montserrat Alloen found her response quite accurate and followed the general consensus of how others reacted to him.[+green “Yes, most people have the same feeling when first meeting me.”] His devilish smile was back as he watched her feed the rest of his half eaten apple to the horse, violet eyes careful of the knife now in her hand – he knew from Drav’s demise that she was adept in throwing them.[+green “But if you stomach it for now you’ll find yourself warming to me, everyone does in the end.”] He added and winked at her playfully.

Though he picked up on the half-threat there was no reaction to her slow advance toward him, skirts bundled up in her hands. Instead he leaned forward off his tree, brushing a hand through his lustrous hair and looking down on the shorter woman with intrigue though he focused on those sparkling eyes of hers, truly captivating. He kept his hands clasped behind his back. He did not want to provoke an attack just as he was getting what he wanted. Her offer was just what he needed and though he pondered it for a little time he agreed nevertheless, subtly, not overly so. There was no sense in him looking desperate.

[+green “I accept, though I would have it noted I am surprised you would have taken money or jewels as payment over a threat.”] When she arched a slender brow at him he explained himself.[+green “Well, a woman who fights like you do and holds herself in such a strong manner, I would have thought placed more... practical items, ahead of monetary gain. Weapons, armour, perhaps a romantic meal for two...”] She scoffed quickly at his words and he allowed himself a light chuckle in return.[+green “Ah, I had to try dear. Never blame a man for showing interest.”] He commented as she returned to her horse, their agreement complete and both of the understanding that the other would not break it. They were respectable enough not to renege on the deal.

When the rider came galloping up to them for a moment the Elf felt threatened, almost ambushed, and stepped aside of the path closer to the tree he had started in where his weapon rest. The rider passed but with a shrill whistle he returned back to the woman. So he was a friend or acquaintance of hers? By the way he addressed her and given his youthful appearance, she was his superior. It was interesting to know though knowing her name was even better and he could see the annoyance in her eyes that it had gotten out. As she read her letter he whistled for his horse who dutifully trotted out of the bushels nearby and over to him.

The lithe man fixed the glaive to the saddle and took little time to climb up and settle, only just catching her stuffing the parchment into her bosom before leaving the two men behind. When the rider looked at him a little surprised at both the woman’s attire and the Elven man’s presence, not to mention the action aforementioned, Alloen could not help himself from grinning and nodding. [+green “I know what you are thinking and yes I have seen them, they’re real, and they’re spectacular.”] The last word is drawn out and his eyebrows rose as to over exaggerate his lie. The younger man flushed terribly before turning to take off after Yui. It left the Elf to laugh to himself for a few seconds, enjoying the other man’s discomfort a little longer before he directed his horse to follow.

The fight and the ride were not particularly good on Alloen’s body. He was not hurt in the sense he had injuries but he knew he would be bruised come morning. Groaning as he slid off his saddle in Temlis deep in the night, he gave a passing wish he had done as she said and paid for her to just tell him where to go so he could attend in his own time. Sadly he hadn’t, he had gone for the flirty and therefore painful route. The pain was his just desserts. As he attempted to keep up with the woman he massaged at his inner thighs and return some feeling to his numb buttocks. Thankfully he kept pace with Yui and followed her into the tavern. The reaction she received was one to be expected given her attire and a small smile turned the corners of the Elf’s lips as it showed he was not the only one who approved. She took no time to leave him be in a room full of drunkards with a mild threat or notice to ‘play nice’. With no woman to ogle he became their main attraction, and not wanting to get into yet another fight that day he slowly left the way he had come in to the chagrin and cries of laughter from behind.

Outside, allowed some peace to ease the discomfort in his lower half even more, he looked about his surrounding to better acquaint himself of this small village. A group of drunken human men were all he could see outside though at that point a rather interesting looking Dragonkin came walking into view. He knew her race within seconds on seeing her long swaying tail. She seemed to catch his glare and turned toward him to confront him directly though he took some steps away from the few men outside to ensure they did not have to shout at one another when they met.

Smiling at her to begin with his emotions went from flirtatious, to annoyed and finally ended on intrigued. She was quite the spark and despite her terse responses to his own replies he found himself quite happy to continue their back and forth. It was better than trying to make small talk with a bunch of drunken men, even if he did try to leave her behind and return to his horse. Their retorts ended with her offering him to go and share a drink and he looked back to her in surprise; he was often the one making the offer. Yet the way she stood up to him and replied so bluntly – he was definitely curious to know more about her.

Taking her hand in his it was almost instinctual to lean down and kiss the back of her fingers. Given her race he had expected a rough and cold feel to her skin but it was quite the opposite. She was smooth even where he felt the scales as she retrieved her hand and the heat remained. Perhaps she was only a half-Dragonkin, he did not know for sure. Then again the race by nature was a coupling of a dragon with a humanoid.

[i Insae], a beautiful name. The interesting ones always had unique names. He could not recall the last Helen or Mary who had taken his fancy. Leaving his weapon on the horse, content with the short sword at his waist, Alloen led them both inside and held the door for her as any gentleman does.

Immediately upon entering the tension increased, noise dropped and the mood shifted as the occupants took note of the newcomers. Clearly their reaction to him when Yui had left him alone was not just based on him being new but also with him being Elven, otherwise why would they react in such a manner?

Looking around the two of them carefully, making sure he showed no inch of fear to these degenerates, he leaned a touch downward toward the shorter woman.[+green “You don’t strike me as a wine connoisseur, so I will assume some hard liquors will do?”] She offered a nod in the affirmative and he instructed for her to find them somewhere to sit whilst he retrieved their drinks.

Walking cautiously to the bar, a few murmured words and dirty looks from whoever he passed by, he waited for the man before him to pay and move off before taking his turn, looking on the bartender with impassive eyes and receiving just as much in turn.[+green “Two whiskeys.”]
[+teal “Six gold.”] The response was quick and blunt and the Elf caught the man’s eye immediately.
[+green “That’s a mighty high price you have here.”] He commented as his hand moved slowly for his coin purse on his belt.
[+teal “Don’t care. Six gold. If it’s too much then you can leave, Elf.”] The man threw his dirty rag over his shoulder, placing thick and worked hands on the bar and leaning on it to emphasise the point.
[+green “Ah I see, it’s the non-human special price. How lovely.”] His tone was mocking as he counted out the coins in his hand, having wanted to something to eat but not trusting this large ape to keep his bodily fluids out of it.

The barman took this as a sign of payment and moved to slosh some whiskey out of a decanter like bottle into two cups, pushing them across the bar top. It was an uneven amount in each cup and Alloen nodded once it was served, casting the coins across the surface, several falling off and to the floor. He took up the cups and gave the burly man a look as if challenging him to make more of the incident. When he only stared at him Alloen turned away, finding Insae once more, the woman having taken a seat at a table over near the corner. He moved across to her and offered her one of the cups.[+green “Quite the bunch of barbarians they have here. It is a wonder you remain in town.”]
[+purple “I dealt with a group of them over by the graveyard the other day. They aren’t much.”] She replied and he nodded his approval with a smile, offering up his cup for them to make a small toast.
[+green “Well then, here is to their inferior human race.”] He winked at her before taking a good mouthful of his drink. It wasn’t the best quality but then again it wasn’t poisoned – it was all about the positives in the end.

The duo made light talk about the town and each made witty remarks on the type of Neanderthals that surrounded them. Perhaps one of their remarks reached the ear of a particularly disgruntled caveman or this individual had taken it upon his drunken self to intervene, but he dragged his knuckles along the floor and approached them with a quite deep scowl on his face.
[+green “What do you want?”] Alloen asked curiously as he turned away from Insae.
[+crimson “We don’t like your kind in here.”] The fact the man could speak a sentence would have garnered applause at any other time though the perturbed elf took it upon himself to retort back,
[+green “My kind or her kind? Or do you mean because she’s a woman? Because if you just want me to yourself all you have to do is ask. I am a very accommodating man.”] He was quite adept at this mocking humour. The anger only grew on the man’s face and the elf let his free left hand fall under the table as his right held his cup, grasping his sword’s pommel as he prepared to gut the racist bastard should he go for either himself of Insae.
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Her request brought up a smile from Vreal. She had the feeling that he was already planning which mercenaries he'd be putting up against her. More likely than not she'd be up against the toughest individuals, Insae would definitely look forwards to that since some time had passed since the last challenging fight.

But another idea also presented itself. Maybe not all the mercenaries would be the best fighters, maybe one or two of them would less experienced than the rest. Even though this would diminish from her fun, Insae could understand why Vreal would do this. There was nothing like a good beat down for an inexperienced fighter to jump start their interest in becoming better.

Especially the ballsy cocky ones.

There was a noise from across the cemetery. Insae rested a hand on her sword, ready to pull it out and defend herself if the need arose.

Someone was running towards them, they had armour and a weapon on them. But Insae did not draw her sword. A quick glance at Vreal told her everything she needed to know, Vreal knew that this was one of his mercenaries and therefore not a threat.

The mercenary had been running for who knew how long, for as soon as he stopped he was attempting to regain his breathe, breathing out deeply in and out. And he did not wait to regain his breathe as he began to stutter about finding some place with necromancy which killed almost everyone.

Insae looked at Vreal, who maintained a steady face while comforting the mercenary. Another act by Vreal which demonstrated his knowledge in running a mercenary group.

After calming down, the mercenary told the gruesome story of how his detachment had been detached and killed of piecemeal after entering a ruin. From the first person, Tavius, dying from being smashed to pieces after being completely frozen, to the final mercenaries screaming as they were paralyzed and dragged off into the dark depths.

Even though she was wearing clothes and armour, Insae could feel a chill in her bones. Such was the gruesomeness of the tale.

Vreal decided to deal with the matter personally. Insae knew from personal experience that necromancers were difficult to defeat, even with a large group. The hard part wasn't fighting the necromancer itself, it was fighting of all the various creatures they summoned. If you couldn't fight through them fast enough, you'd eventually be overwhelmed and killed.

Insae merely nodded her head to what Vreal had said to her before he ran off, leaving her alone with the flask and food. It was getting life, and it would do nicely to get a good nights sleep.

The inn did have a few rooms still open, and Insae payed for one of the rooms with a few gold coins before walking up to the room. Not feeling thirsty, Insae instead finished the roast ham.

With a full belly, Insae slept till the morning.

Waking up, Insae could feel a few muscles in need of stretching. Standing up slowly as to not overstretch the muscles, Insae cracked her knuckles before stretching the arms and legs. It felt welcoming for the muscles to be relaxed instead of stiff boards which made it a pain to move.

It was still morning. Insae walked out of the inn and sought a spot where she could practice her swordplay without any curious eyes.

She found just such a spot, and it even had a tree with a nice, thick trunk.

Insae always found some time in the day to practice her swordplay, whether it be with others or against a tree. With others, she'd fight as if it were an actual fight minus the part where she'd kill them. With trees, she would practice control by doing all her moves and getting her sword as near the tree without cutting into the tree.

This practice did work up an appetite as well as a thirst. But no worries, for there was an inn which served both food and drink.

As she approached the inn, something caught Insae's eye. There was a group of mercenaries standing around, looking at an elf. The elf was not part of the mercenary group, he looked a bit too stylish for the merc taste.

Insae wouldn't have payed any more attention to the elf if the elf hadn't begun to stare at her. But he did, the whole time she walked towards the inn the elf's eyes were looking at her.

Why was he so interesting in her?

She walked up to this elf, who was taller than her, [+purple "Whatcha staring at?"] She said this in the most straightforward way possible. Even though both of them perfectly knew what the elf had been staring at, the question had a much deeper meaning than its literal sense.

[b "You're quite an interesting specimen"], said with a flashing smile as he looked down on her. Now, what was that even supposed to mean?

[+purple "An interesting specimen? You obviously have not traveled far enough elf"], the first sentence said in part disbelief while the second sentence was said with just a touch of superiority.

[b "Ooo feisty little dragonkin. I like them with a bit of fire"]. Feisty little dragonkin, eh? Insae wasn't sure whether the elf was referring to the fact that dragons breathed fire, attempting to flirt with her, both, or something entirely else. The elf did not seem like the romantic type, but looks could be deceiving.

[+purple "I don't have a fire, that's why I have a sword"], said to his back since the elf had gone to his horse. Insae prounounced this with a calm air, not trying to intimidate the elf.

[b "I wasn't being literal little one. Calm down."] She was being calm, what did he mean by the statement of 'calm down'? Had she actually scared him?

Insae laughed, she did find it slightly amusing. [+purple "Calling me a little one elf?"] To be fair, she was somewhat short. But that didn't mean one should underestimate her.

[b "'Yes, dragonkin. you look about twelve. Not to mention you are smaller than me. Literally and figuratively."] Did she really look that young? Insae thought she looked older than 12 years old. But it didn't anger her, for she was actually enjoying this banter.

Insae decided to reply with a sarcastic and witty comment, [+purple "Oh no, I'm in a world which is trying to kill me and I can't protect myself"].

[b "I could have guessed. You surround yourself with dozens of men and no doubt rely on their protection. Shame. I prefer my women stronger. Now run along and go play."] Insae shook her head slightly, the elf hadn't caught on to her sarcastic tone of voice which meant that she'd have to explain it to his somewhat thick skull.

[+purple "First of all, elf, I was sarcastic. Second of all, I am affiliated with no one. Want to see strong? Then fight me."] Yes, Insae was challenging him to a fight. If he still thought off her as a weak, incapable woman, she'd show him alright.

With the elf's back still turned to her, [b "Good for you you're a strong independent woman."] Finally, a nice comment. [b "No offense but I've done enough fighting for today. I'd rather find a drink and somewhere to relax."] A bit of a shame, but there are times when people, even creatures such as elves, needed to relax.

With a sigh, [+purple "Still doesn't believe me... Inconceivable."] But the elf was right about wanting to take a drink. Insae took out the flask from last night and took a swig before extending the flask to the elf, [+purple "Want a drink?"]

The elf looked a bit suspiciously at her, no big surprise there. THe two of them had just practically met, didn't know anything about the other, and yet here she was offering him a drink from a flask filled with a liquid he didn't know anything about.

For Insae, the elf became a more curious figure which needed to be examined. [+purple "The inn serves excellent food and drink. Want to chat over it?"] There was nothing like an excellent chat over good food and drinks.

Whether the elf was joking or not, he thought of it as a date. Insae didn't want to rain, or burn, the elf's parade, but that hadn't been her intention at all. [+purple "I am not paying for what you order"], chuckling with a rolling of her eyes, [+purple "I never implied that. You are curious about me, which made me curious about you. Simple, as, that."]

Well, that wiped off the cocky grin of the elf's face.

[b "Oh so chivalry is dead it seems. Here I was ready to be wined and dined. Pity. Well so be it, a date it is"], a coy wink, [b "I am Alloen by the way."] So the elf had a name now? Now she could refer to the elf as Alloen.

[+purple "The age of chivalry has long been dead, but acts of chivalry are not. My name is Insae."] She took off the glove on her right hand, which showed a slightly scaled right hand, thinking that there would be a handshake.

But instead of a handshake, Alloen pulled out an old fashioned show by kneeling and gracefully kissing the back of her hand. [b "Lovely to meet you Insae."]

Insae decided to play along, doing a small curtsy. [+purple "Ah, a gentlemanly elf."]

[b "Get to know me and you'll find me quite ungentlemanly in other ways"], he said this with a grin. So he had been involved in some not so good business. She couldn't say anything, for Insae knew that she herself had been involved in some not so good business.

[+purple "I am neither ladylike nor innocent"], nothing like the truth.

[b "You're making me fall for you with each passing word Insae."] Insae didn't know what to make of this statement. She hadn't been trying to lure and seduce Alloen, but Alloen had said implying that she had somehow smitten him.

She'd need to keep a close eye on him as both of them headed inside.
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Yui returned to her room the same way she entered it, through the window. She was glad the elf hadn’t followed, and it was dumb of her to leave him alive. He had been good, drunk or not, and Yui was left impressed and undecided. Perhaps that was why she hadn’t tried to kill him, or maybe the guards saved her as much as they did him. Either way, she had a feeling she would see him again, and when she did, she might end up regretting it.

She managed to clean up, redress in her disguise and pack up her things in a quick manner before descending down into the tavern. It was now filled with people eating breakfast, and Yui made herself among them. She watched Guards enter and ask the inn keeper if he knew of anything about the murder that happened in the city this morning. Apparently the man was related by marriage to Drav. Poor sap. Not an inkling of suspicion was placed towards her as she paid her room and food and left the inn and into the streets. The first thing she did was reach the stables and gathered her horse. One of Cartié’s girls must have come by, because her dappled grey mount was already saddled and her gear was tucked safely in the saddle bags. Yui would have liked to go past the brothel again, to say goodbye, but after her encounter with the Elf she did not want to stay long.

Thankfully the weather was amiable with scattered fluffy clouds and a bright sun. The warmth was only cut by the calm breeze that filtered through the landscape. It was almost picturesque as Yui rode out of New Harlan and took the road back towards Temlis. Part of her considered making a detour to another town for personal reasons, but it would have been one hell of a detour. She was coming upon the split in the road leading to Temlis or to a series of other villages on the road to the Village of Silverthorn. It was a small quaint village, but one Yui had liked well enough she actually owned property there, and it had been a long while since she had paid it or her neighbors a visit. Still, with the harsh fact her previous mission was compromised, though completed, she had to return to Vreal and her contact in Temlis in order to ensure her payment was delivered.

She had a decision to make, the kinds she always had to make. To do something personal and selfish, or do her duty not so much to the Brotherhood, but to Acrius. Holding her horse at the split in the road, she felt a resolve brew inside her. She would finish the task Acrius had asked of her and help Vreal, and as Vreal offered she could live the life of her choosing. She wondered if he would have said that if he knew what she’d chose. She had lied to him when she said she was already doing what she wanted. There was something else she’d rather do, but there was no time to get into that. Yui turned her horse towards Temlis and began to make headway when she entered a forested section of the road. The trees were still thin, but she could see the forest coming up on her, and despite her best awareness an unexpected but all too familiar voice spoke out.

She stopped her horse and turned her head up in the direction of the voice to see the same handsomely smug elf from earlier standing up in a tree munching on a foraged apple. She glared at him unable to do much more at the moment, but his point about being far enough away from New Harlan to do with disguises was correct. She reluctantly removed her wig knowing she’d been had, and only wanted to gouge his eyes out with his unwanted approval. He admitted to underestimating her, typical. Perhaps she should have killed him when she had the chance. Perhaps she should still kill him…

He suddenly threw something at her, and Yui quickly countered it with one of the many knives she kept on her. It sliced into the apple and struck it down to the dirt. She only curled her lip in irritation to see it was his stupid apple and he dropped down to approach her. She remained tense as he came to stroke her horse, who also moved in slight irritation at his proximity. She was seated side saddle and with his nearness if he wished to rip her from the horse, he’d had no trouble in doing so. She watched him closely as he spoke, hoping she got good coin for Drav’s assassination, which now meant he had lost his link to Rezik.

The moment she felt his hand settle on her leg she was ready to kick him square in the face. She stayed herself however and listened closely to what he had to say. Through out his words she remained silent and held and expressionless facade, even when he assumed he had the advantage in an open space. He had no idea what she was capable of. She wanted to punch his smug face, but when he mentioned blackmail and reached into his pocket, she already had another knife ready to cut him down. What could possible be worse than a concealed weapon? A remarkable sketch of her face. He even got the subtle difference in the arches of her eyebrows down. Gods she wanted to kill him more than ever now.

He gave her, her options and laid down his threat in the way of an offer. Too bad her Halberd was tucked safely in her saddle bag, and if she wasn’t wearing this ungodly hot dress she’d jump down and whip his ass again. All he wanted was to be taken to the Brotherhood, and Yui weighted her options. She looked away from him to think, only glancing back at him when he mentioned his name. Alloen… Alloen… nope, she’d never heard on him. It took her a good long while to come to a decision. It wasn’t something to figure lightly. She not only ran the risk of exposing her brethren to this idiot, but also Vreal. Now more than ever he needed protecting. She finally looked back at Alloen and grinned, unable to help herself. She definitely wanted to kill him. It wouldn’t be today, or tomorrow, or anytime soon… but maybe one day if she still felt the same way, she’d get her chance.

Yui finally slid down from her saddle and tucked the wig into a bag and pulled her silver blonde hair up into a messy bun and held it in place with her hair pin. [#87cefa “I have to admit I am contemplating killing you. Then again… no one has ever been capable of matching me before. I have to say, even I was impressed.”] she turned to look at him, more relaxed than before and eyed the apple on the ground with one of her knives through it. She walked over and scooped it up, her skirts swishing around her ankles as she did so and jerked the blade out to feed the apple to her horse. [#87cefa “No one has never been stupid enough to try and blackmail me before either… not that anyone has ever been alive long enough to try it…”] she muttered the last part under her breath, but with his elfish hearing she was sure he heard her. [#87cefa “So I’m going to tell you how this whole exchange is going to go,”] she walked towards him now, hands at her sides and met him toe to toe under the shade of the tree. [#87cefa “I don’t enjoy blackmail. I find it’s a practice employed by people too lazy to draft their own contracts. I love gold and sparkling jewels darling, money would have gotten you a lot further with your request than your flattering little sketch. But since you asked so nicely, I will take you to Temlis and I will show you to the Brotherhood, but I will not guarantee that they will accept your proposed contract -whatever it may be. Take it or leave it. It’s all I can or will offer you.”] she stated without any indication she would be swayed from her condition.

When he accepted she gave him a final look over and returned to her horse. She told him to gather his horse and follow her, but she didn’t wait for him. She started off towards Temlis without Alloen, and had yet to give him her name, but it mattered little as it neared the late afternoon and a rider came charging towards them on the road. She steadied her horse seeing the rider was a Brotherhood Prospect. He rode straight past them before she whistled loudly and shrilly at the boy who quickly turned his horse back around and spotted Yui’s expectant expression. He bashfully moved his horse towards Yui and eyed Alloen cautiously.
[b “Sister Yui, The Commander has sent me to give you this. Your hands and eyes only.”] Yui reached out boredly, but irritated that Alloen knew her name before she was ready to give it. He had her sketch, all he needed was a name to put a face to. Now the fucker had it. Without much thought she broke the wax seal and unfolded the parchment to read. Vreal’s script crossed the page telling her a tall tale about a demon and the loss of men. He was injured and unable to leave Temlis on his own. He was waiting for her return. Injured? Vreal? Frustration welled inside her. She’d never fulfill Acrius’ wishes if the idiot killed himself before hand. She folded the letter back up and put it in the safest place for the time being until she could burn it. She tucked it directly between the cleavage of her breasts and without warning or word urged her horse into a gallop. The prospect shared a look with Alloen before he too took off after his superior officer.

Yui would have normally just camped on the side of the road for the evening and finished the ride nice and easy in the morning making it to Temlis by midday. However with an injured prince under her protection, and no good bounty hunters sniffing around for him, she couldn’t stay away a moment longer. At the speed she pushed her horse they arrived in Temlis well after nightfall and in the midst of rowdy late night drinking. She dismounted her horse and tossed the reins to the prospect and entered the tavern where Vreal and she kept rooms. She let Alloen follow her in but no sooner had she entered did her brethren notice her return and several teasing whistles were made her way. It resulted in a reciprocated middle finger, and vigorous laughter of her brothers. No doubt triggered by the rare sight of Yui in a dress fitting a proper young woman. [#87cefa “Boys, why don’t you do me a favor and keep my new friend company,”] she gripped Alloen’s shoulder, a wicked smirk on her face and a look of understanding seemed to cross the men’s faces by her sarcasm. She left Alloen to ascend the stairs when she stopped short as if the thought had nearly escaped her and informed them to ‘Play nice’. With Yui out of sight and up the stairs the men turned and grinned devilishly at Alloen.

Yui made her way to Vreal’s room and knocked quickly before she entered. She cringed at the sight. He was beat up, but he at least looked alive. Yui walked over and reached out to check the cuts and bruises on his face. Touching him caused his hand to lash out and grab her wrist. Something she was all too prepared for. Her stone cold expression greeted his waking eyes and she arched a brow at him. [#87cefa “I’m gone for two days and you manage to nearly get yourself killed. Tell me, how am I’m supposed to fulfill Acrius’ last request and help you if you’re dead?”] She sighed then, tsking at the lacking skill of Temlis’ healer and walked out of the room before Vreal could answer what was a rhetorical question. She returned with a tin filled with a tincture to help with healing and scars and sat down on the edge of his bed. [#87cefa “I can see you met with that hack of a healer… no one wants a deformed king…”] she scoffed under her breath and dipped her fingers into the green paste before she reached out to put it on Vreal’s face, but she stopped. This was a Druid healing practice, and one she had not performed on anyone in years -because to do so would have exposed her. She got over it quick enough, and pressed the icy cold mixture to his skin. As she did so a healing yellow light radiated off her fingertips and she muttered a quiet druid spell that made the paste absorb into his skin and rightfully mend the skin together. What had been red and raw was now healed seamlessly and left the scaring minimal. [#87cefa “Where else were you hit?”] she demanded to know -not trusting the Temlis’ healer’s ability against her own Druid teachings. When he showed her where he’d been hit on his stomach she glared at him. She wanted to call him a stupid son-of-a-bitch, but held her tongue. The healer had seen to it his more fatal internal wounds were mended, but hadn’t bothered to really mend the superficial skin. Again, Yui glared. This left Vreal prone to infection, something she couldn’t have.

No matter how awkward it felt to sit like this, healing Vreal, she pushed it to the back of her mind and focused on seeing to it that he was brought back to top shape. The expense of energy caused sweat to form on her brow, and left her feeling pale by the time she finished. She still managed a smirk though and nodded -pleased with her handiwork. [#87cefa “There, now you can continue your days as a lady killer.”] she told him plainly. [#87cefa “Before you can do that though, I have to inform you… my mission was compromised -I’ve been compromised.”] She clarified and confessed. She proceeded to then tell him about her run in with Alloen, their fight, and that even though she managed to complete the job, he had caught up to her. She told him about the sketch and blackmail, and then how he had wanted to meet Rezik. She didn’t think he believed her to actually be a leader and commander in the Brotherhood because he had asked her to bring him here, but she confessed she had no idea what it was he wanted yet. [#87cefa “I got your message and I knew I couldn’t leave you unattended while injured. So I returned post haste. I’m sorry. I should have killed the elf too when I had the chance.”]
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Vreal listened to her accepting his conditions which were good to hear. It was the request to battle a few mercenaries to test their strength. It wasn't so much that she wanted to fight a mercenary...but a few? He smiled at the thought of this woman roughing up his men which just from their brief exchange of words he figured she would be able to do so handily. Vreal was pretty good about judging someones strength by how they carried themselves and her eyes had a look in them that nearly rivaled Yui's own look. He looked her in the eyes and nodded in agreement that he would allow such a thing to happen. Being humbled was good every now and then and it would do to show these men that they do still have weaknesses to work on. Now he just had to decide who was the cockiest to get knocked down. It would help to throw one with the least experiance into this situation as well as it could give that person a goal. [+blue This is an arrangement I will be happy to..] Vreal was interrupted by a noise at the gate. One of the mercenaries was running through the graveyard directly to them.

When the man reached his goal he knelt over to catch his breath. [+red Sir...we found it.. We found the den where the spell was cast to raise the dead that attacked us the other night...We..I...barely made it out alive everyone else is....] The man said between breaths. [+blue Calm down and start from the beginning. Leave no details out.] Vreal said calmly while placing a hand on the mans shoulder and helping him to stand at full height. [+red Yes sir. We were the detachment that headed west of town into the woods. We came across a large ruin past the river. It had a dark feel to it. We approached it and a cold chill swept over us all and it was like something was staring at us hungrily. We went in to investigate and if need be kill the necromancers if we could manage it. It was dark inside and there were cobwebs everywhere so we expected it hadn't been used in a very long time we didn't expect there to be a whole den of necromancers to actually be inside. Taveius went and opened a stone door and a blast of cold magic froze him in place..then he crumbled into a pile of frost dust...We turned to run but were cut off by a few undead. We handled them but another one of us were felled when a bolt struck him in the back and exploded horrendously dousing us in his blood. I glimpsed a group of men and women in black robes with some kind of green ominous magic surrounding them it was as though they were in the middle of a ritual. As those of us that remained tried to escape two were captured with a paralysis spell and dragged away. I can hear their screams...but I am sure they are dead now too. I heard one of them talk about a kill the torn. They are summoning a demon...I was attacked at the river by the last of our own. It seemed he was a traitor working for them for quite some time said I couldn't make it back here because then the plan would be ruined.] The man said as calm as he could.

Vreal was surprised by the tale recounted to him. [+blue Go rest I will finish up here and then I will put together a team to handle this affair personally.] Vreal said dismissing the man back to town. When the man was far enough away he turned back towards Insae and frowned. [+blue The duel will take place the day after tomorrow. If you understand the situation well enough it is something I must take care of personally and immediately. Since we are in agreement with everything else I will see you then.] Vreal bowed to her and excused himself. He left the graveyard and made strait for the tent. [+blue [i Dammit if Yui were here we could handle this more effectively but if what he heard is true then I can't waste time.]] He thought while compiling a team together and setting off into the western region of the woods.

They walked for what seemed like hours through the dimming light. Night time was definitely where they would be at the disadvantage but they no longer had the luxury of time. The march took them well into the night. They approached the river and saw the body of the man who was the supposed traitor. Vreal rolled him over and took a look at his face. He searched the body of the man looking for some sort of intel. He found a note on the corpse and held a torch close to read it. He learned the man was indeed a spy working for these necromancers who were employed by the king. A smart man would have read the letter and burned it so if he died this information would not come to light. Vreal folded the paper up and stuck it in a pocket. They crossed the river and walked for roughly another hour. Vreal could see the ruin now. He stopped his team and they all took a knee. [+blue Careful. No mistakes here they will kill you on sight. They definitely have detection spells up so there is no sneaking in on normal means. So the plan is going to go like this. You will each cast a spell on yourselves to get past the detection barrier. Once we are in you can undo the spell it is reasonable to assume this is a barrier simply because it would cost to much magic for them to run a continuos detection a barrier can be placed and forgotten about. When we are inside we will approach slowly at first. If we find the room I was told about we will storm it. We should have the element of suprise from the moment we pass the barrier. This is a shock tactic we will employ. I want my casters in the back. I want our swordsman in the middle and I want the shields behind me.] Vreal said to them with a hushed voice. [+red Sir why are you going to be in the front? Isn't that too dangerous a spot for you one of us should hold that.] One of the men questioned. [+blue A leader puts his men behind him so that none die in front of him. It is my duty to lead, my duty is to make sure you guys have every chance possible to make it home to your families. I have a duty to them and to you. You have children that need a father and I won't see you die and I sure as hell don't want to be the one to tell them you died because you were the first in line. I have dealt with casters like this on a few jobs in the past. They don't handle close combat well. It's why this formation was picked and why this plan will work.] Vreal said with a smile. [+blue One more thing. If a demon appears you are all to abandon this mission and go home immediately. I will kill it or at least do my best to hold it off so you can make it out of here. Don't look back. Don't return. Do not think of anything other then getting home and getting away.] Vreal ordered. The men all had this grave look on their faces as though they completely understood thier situation.

Vreal turned back to the ruins and cast his cloaking spell to break through the barrier stealthily. He felt a cold chill pass over him as he stepped past it and for a second he thought he was going to be frozen. When that did not happen he kept walking. When the feeling passed he knew he had made it through the barrier. He didn't feel something staring at him so he knew it had worked. They would have known if they were being watched. The men moved in the formation ordered. Vreal looked at the wall as they went through as quiet as they could. These were elvish. Ancient elvish. He could read a little of the text but it was so old and degraded there was no way to fully decipher it in this light. [+blue [+i Etra bein trul..batta ATREUS....]] Vreal read while stopping on the last word. Atreus. That was a name. That was a demon he recognized from an old scroll he had read as a child. There was a demon that ravaged this portion of the land and was sealed away and it's name was Atreus. If these necromancers were planning on unsealing this demon and unleashing it on the torn there would be no stopping it. This was a grade one danger. Vreal did not voice this concern. They came to a room that was lit with green fire. Magic magelight. He heard chanting on the other side they hadn't been detected or that would have stopped. He heard one of them Speak loudly. [b LORD ATREUS OF THE DEMON PLANE WE SUMMON YOU BACK TO ANNIHILATE THE TORN ARMY AND SECURE A VICTORY FOR OUR KING ACCEPT THIS PITIABLE MERCENARY AS A SACRIFICE AND USE THIS VESSEL TO RETURN AND FULFILL YOUR DUTY...] The deep voice said while. Vreal motioned to the men. He stood in front of the door now and placed a hand on it. He cast a spell on the door and it detonated sending shards of stone into the first necromancer on the other side. The mercenaries along with Vreal stormed in and chaos ensued.

Vreal cut down another necromancer quickly and turned his attention to the altar. He saw his captured mercenary rise up as the ritual was almost complete when they stormed in. A dark magic permeated the air and started to swirl around the man. It was a mix of black, red, and green mist that started to enter the mans eyes, mouth and nose. Suffocating him. Vreal rushed forward and pulled the man down to try and interrupt the ritual. The dead were rising around him now. His casters were sending bolts of lightning past him at the head necromancer. Vreal slapped his mercenary on the chest and it seemed to stir him. [+red] The man said as blood seeped out of his eyes. He died right there coughing blood onto Vreals armor. Vreal looked up at the head necromancer and saw his eyes turn red and magic not of this plane started to radiate off of him. Vreal understood now. [+blue This.....vessel....was talking about you. Not him.] Vreal stood up and unsheated his second blade now. The rest of the necromancers were dead now and it seemed the mercenaries did not understand the situation now had gone worst case. [+blue Get out of here now!] Vreal ordered. The mercenaries stayed. [+red Sir we regret to inform you that is not an order we cannot accept. We are your charges, and your friends. We all fought alongside you and we will be damned if we let you sacrifice yourself for us. We are men. We all underwent the Trial of Fire to become mercenaries. If we let you die here if we let this demon succeed none of this would matter we would die anyway. Sooner or later.] The man behind him said bravely. [b You will all die here. I will spill your blood on the altar and devour your hearts. I will absorb your magic and grow further in power. The gap between us is something you cannot fathom. Your mortal existence is on no worry to me.] The demon spoke as it took another form. It was taking on it's true form as it spoke. It still looked of a man but those were the most dangerous kinds. The kind you could not tell whether it was actually a demon and could walk amongst man was rare and extremely powerful.

Vreal looked it in the eyes and without showing fear regardless of how much fear he actually felt rushed forward along with the men at his back. The demon raised a hand and a burst of magic erupted from it's palm. It knocked them all back without breaking a sweat. Vreal hit the ground and the demon approached slowly. Vreal stood up and raised his blades in front of him. The demon chuckled at this. Vreal had never felt so outmatched. The demon summoned a blade into his hand. [b I never understood why you mortals would chose a weapon so crude over magic. I will humor you though.] It said in a condescending tone. It rushed Vreal with inhuman speed. It took Vreals best reaction possible just to block the slash. He managed to do so but the force from the blow was enough to blow him back and hit the wall. The casters in the back started to stand and began casting powerful restraint spells but they seemingly had no effect on the demon. The swordsman all rushed during the opening and surrounded the demon who seemed to delight in this. Fangs bared at the men the demon roared and dark spikes writhed out of his form and stabbed each man in the leg that had surrounded him. He was relishing this torture. He could have killed them all right then but to hit their legs was just to torture them. Vreal pushed off the wall and felt something hot drip down his neck. His head was bleeding. He infused magic into his body. [+blue Atreus. I know of you. I know how you were stopped and...I know you are weakened and need our magic to restore yourself. I won't let you take it.] Vreal said while running forward with infused magical speed. The demon looked at him and smirked. [b I've been sapping your strength since you entered the barrier you fools.] Atreus said while parrying Vreals blow. A spike shot towards Vreal and had it not been for magic it would have hit. Vreal rolled to the side and jumped forward at the demon. Atreus blocked the strike again and was growing more and more powerful by the minute. Vreal glanced at the wall with writing and smiled.

[+blue This is the mortal plane and you have made a mistake coming back. I know your weakness.] Vreal said while the mercenaries ripped the spikes out of their legs and all dove backwards as the casters summoned a powerful combined spell fire rippled over their heads and Vreal ducked under it. The fire swept over Atreus but wasn't actually strong enough to push him back. It did however blind him with the light for a moment. Vreal took advantage of this moment and slashed the demon across the hip. The demon recoiled as pain did exist here for him. He let magic explode out of his body which knocked all of the mercenaries and Vreal back into the previous room. Some were instantly knocked out by this explosion. The magelights flickered out of existence at this outburst. Vreal stood up in total darkness the only light was the red from the demons eyes. He couldn't see the other men in the room with him it was pitch black. The building shook dangerously as magic swept through the room again. Once more it was powerful enough to push them back. The ruins started to fall around them. The ceiling collapsed which gave off moonlight and the casters that were aware enough put up their absolute defense a bubble barrier that protected the mercenaries and Vreal. The pressure from the ceiling hitting the barrier was enough to kill two of the five casters instantly as it drained every bit of energy they had to give. The other three were rendered unconscious and on the verge of death but the rest of the men were alive. The ruins crumbled and when it was clear nothing else was left to fall the bubble dissapeared. Vreal picked himself off the ground. Blood dripped into his left eye which he was forced to shut now. He stared at the demon who was only barely scraped from the hip slash. Vreal put and hand on his knee and pushed himself up to his full height.

Atreus wasted no time charging Vreal. Vreal parried two of the attack but took a shallow cut to his left side. It would have been much worse had his armor not been there to take the brunt of the attack. Vreal knew he was bleeding all over now. Adrenaline coursed through his veins at this point. Magic was swelling inside his body which was a feeling he had only felt once and only recently. He remembered this feeling from when he was investigating the permeating magic. He wiped the blood from his eye and stared into Atreus's eyes with his standard steely gaze. The demon was enjoying this more and more. [b Not many humans can withstand this so long. You must be a little different...but your still human.] The demon said while rushing Vreal once more. Atreus jumped up with his inhuman movement and stabbed down at Vreal. Vreal slashed over his head and parried the blow. He dropped his second sword and with his free hand. Time seemed to slow down for him like it had before. The power inside was reaching it's breaking point. [+blue You were a king who knew Light Sealing.] Vreal said while unleashing the power upon Atreus. A streak of light surrounded the demon like the mist that surrounded the mercenary on the altar. A seal surrounded the demon on all sides. It paralysed the demon in place on the ground. [b How did you learn this....] The demon said now furious with his mistake of just not killing all these men the moment he returned. [+blue I read scrolls about you as a child...I could never have imagined in my worst nightmares that you would ever return.] Vreal looked around him. The others were all unconscious with three dead. [+blue It was my ancestor that sealed you. But it will be me who kills your forever.] Vreal said as his energy drained it took everything he had and more to stay standing. Blood was draining from his body at an alarming rate. He made his way to the barrier seal slowly and raised his blade overhead. He mustered what strength he had left and drove the blade downward through the seal and into the demons neck and chest until the entire blade was buried in the demons body blood spurted out and covered Vreal from head to waist. Vreal pulled the blade out as the demon took it's last angry breath. [b You.....wretched human..] Atreus said before dying. Vreal used his blade as a crutch. The blacksmith certainly would not like that.

Vreal had almost no energy left it was all he could do to stand upright as one of the casters started to come to. He saw the condition Vreal was in and rushed to him. [+red Sir....I will heal the most serious of your wounds I...don't have much magic left in me right now but I can fix those at least.] The man said as a yellow light appeared in the mans palm and he placed it over where the bleeding was most profuse. it couldn't seal the wounds but it made them shallow enough where he wouldn't lose enough to die. [+blue Wake the rest of them up. We are leaving here and getting at least to the river.] Vreal said while walking over to one of the men and tapping his boot with his sword. It took about ten minutes to get all them all up. [+blue Is everyone able to move well enough?] Vreal asked tiredly. They all nodded that they could walk on their own. [+red What about you sir?] One of them asked with a smile. [+blue Fuck you. I can move. Maybe.] Vreal said with a chuckle. With the situation as it was and how things had passed it was a wonder anyone could have a sense of humor now. Things turned grim though as Vreal thought of the dead. [+blue We can't take them with us right now. We will send a recovery team to retrieve their bodies in the morning.] Vreal said while lighting a torch and throwing it on the demons body. The fire burned the body away quickly. They all started to walk back towards the river.

[+blue I could use a drink.] Vreal said as they all walked slowly because of their bruises and cuts. One of the mercenaries handed him a flask. [+blue You brought a flask with you to fight necromancers?] Vreal asked while raising an eyebrow at the man. [+red Ya never know when you will have your last drink sir.] The man said lightly. [+blue Fair enough.] Vreal said while accepting the flask and taking a good swig of it. It was potent and burned on the way down. It was good. [+blue What is this?] Vreal asked curiously. [+red It's called whiskey have you never tried it?] The mercenary asked with a chuckle. [+blue Nope never might have to drink more of this it's better than our mead we normally get. Can you get more of this?] Vreal asked the man. [+red Sure can.] The man said while passing the flask around so everyone could take one swig to give them the strength to want to move further. Every man took a drink and when it got back around it was empty. [+red how am i to look at my wife when we get home you pigs?] The mercenary said jokingly. [+blue Maybe you could just blow out the candles and not look at her.] Vreal teased. [+red I'm a drunk not a suicidal man. No I will just have to suffer the wrath of my eyes.] The mercenary said. All the man chuckled at this. It was something to pass the time to joke around like this. Before they knew it they were across the river. [+blue Set up camp for now and we will leave...whenever we wake up.] Vreal said. The men started a fire on the bank and listened to the rushing water. They had helped with a great deed today and they were going to talk about it for sure. Word will spread that a demon had been brought to this realm and slain and that men had lost their lives for this. They each thought of this while sitting around the fire. When it got to early they all fell asleep to the sound of rushing water and croaking frogs.

Hours passed in the night with nothing happening. They slept like stones. When the sun started to rise only what felt was to shortly it woke them up with light shining in their eyes. They each sat up and yawned. Vreal stood up and stretched. They were all still tired and they were all still beat up. When the group was ready to move they started walking towards the town. They arrived around noon. People definitely noticed the shape they were in. Vreal went to the Tavern and ordered a drink and something to eat for breakfast. The Tavernkeep brought him food and remarked how he looked like hell. [+blue Thanks I woke up like this.] Vreal said while eating slowly. [+red You ought to go see the healer sometime today. Those are sure to scar if you don't.] The man said while pointing at Vreals side and forehead. [+blue I will do so after I eat.] Vreal said while thanking the barkeep for the advice. The man walked away to attend other customers now. When Vreal finished up eating he paid for the food and left the Tavern. He went to the Healers hut and entered. When he closed the door he took his rent armor off. The woman rushed over to him with a really angry look. [+red You are the fifth one to come in here today looking like this. What did you all do last night?] She said like a scolding mother. [+blue Oh you know....mischief.] Vreal said while she started to heal the deepest wounds and leaving the bruises to heal on their own. [+red Mercenaries.] The woman said shaking her head and sighing. When Vreal was healed of his cuts she let him go. [+red Haven't you ever heard of dodging and blocking?] She asked. [+blue I did. The enemy was just that strong.] He said while standing up with the broken armor in one hand. The lady waved him off and got to work on other people in need of healing.

Vreal walked towards the blacksmiths shop she certainly wasn't going to be happy about the armor. She might like the money it's going to cost him though. He walked in and the little dwarven blacksmith looked at him then at the armor and then back up to him. [+red Aye 'aven't ye ever 'eard of blockin and dodgin?] She asked sarcastically while taking the armor and placing it on the counter. Vreal chuckled and handed her the money it would cost to repair and for labor. [+blue You're not the first to ask.] He said. [+blue When can I expect it to be fixed?] He asked the smith. [+red Come back in the morn.] She said while getting back to work at the forge. Vreal nodded and left. He had two more things to do before he could actually sleep this day off. He headed to his command tent and rounded up a six man team to retrieve the bodies. He explained where they could be found and left out why they had to retrieve them. He then had two other men prepare graves. And then he had one man to deliver inheritance money to their families with his condolences for their loss. Once he had done that he wrote a letter to be delivered to Yui upon her return detailing what had occured in her absence with the demon and that he wouldn't be leaving until she had returned due to injuries sustained. It was likely by the time she returned all affairs would be in order and they could start heading out to where she had discussed before she left out on her mission.

He sealed the letter and handed it off to a courier. [+blue Find Yui on the road and deliver this as soon as possible. Her hands only.] Vreal said while paying the man so he could go to the inn and go to sleep. The courier rushed off and Vreal took that as his queue to leave as well. He made his way to the inn and rented a room without windows. When he got into the room he secured the door and stripped off all of his Sabatons, bracers, belt, and greaves. He placed them in a corner and then laid down on the bed so that he could sleep. He laid there awake for only a few minutes before actually passing out. If anyone needed him he told the Inn keep to just have them come knock and wake him up but to at least give him a few hours.
  Vreal Soruria / Vreal / 175d 11h 47m 57s
[google-font][Montserrat Why oh why was he allowing this mysterious woman to manhandle his weapon aside and approach him without a response? She was pretty yes, but so were a thousand other women he had seen in the last year alone. His upper hand in having her at the point of his glaive had been wasted in a few words that sprinkled enough doubt on his mind to swing the pendulum of advantage in her favour. Her hand was warm atop his own yet no sense of perspiration to denote she feared the moment, indeed she smiled when he confirmed she was perhaps right with her assumption.

The means in which he had drawn the weapon he was turned side on to her, though now she stood near to his chest and both their eyes turned for a moment to look across to Drav. With his whimpers and whines his only response, Alloen looked back and moments later his violet eyes met with hers, if only for a moment. Their back and forth continued a little longer and his eyes narrowed on her questioningly as she informed him Rezik was dead. She wanted Drav so likely she would point to him being dead to make the snivelling man useless to him. It seemed the worm agreed.

[+green “Sorry ma'am, but I am certain he knows this Rezik character. You are but a beautiful stranger.”] Her hand pulled back from him the moment his own had tensed and there was little doubt they would have to settle this via physical means – a pity it wasn't the physical type he preferred with the opposite sex.

To say nothing else of Yui, she was undoubtedly swift with her hands. A knife had whipped out from behind her back and impaled Drav's hand to the soft dirt. And no sooner had she emptied her hand did a new blade appear and joined by a duplicate in her other slender hand. Quite the show, but this was not the time for infatuation. Aware that the area was too small to work his glaive in he twisted the staff and with a [i ratcheted clink-clank] sound the pole slipped into itself, shortening the length of the weapon by a good two feet. Now it was able to be utilized he swung it upward though only succeeded with pushing her back.

The fight was more back and forth than he would have liked. She teased him through out and though he responded with half smiles, mentally he only felt more captivated by her. It dawned on the elven male he was fighting a feminine version of himself; cocky, an excellent fighter, infuriatingly attractive. Perhaps the momentary glimpse down at her retreating backside had been his downfall – quite literally – as she swung back and planted both feet into his chest thrusting him down into the ground with a grunt of discomfort. He was not accustomed to such rough play, at least not.. well, you could easily guess the sexual ending of such a thought.

Grasping the glaive tightly in hand he swung his feet in a flurry and jumped up in a moment. The fight was getting a tiny bit tedious and he was not looking to acquire any more bruises or aching body parts. Turning toward her his eyes narrowed with fury as she turned to him with a severed ear in hand. The sight of her over the deceased Drav's body did not disturb him – nor the fact she had taken a token of the man to fulfil her contract – it was the audacity she had in looking on with the same cold and unmoving look most people had before they attempted to kill him.

She thought [i she] could kill [i him]?

Alloen had been happy to indulge her and fight for the sake of a fight – it was always amusing to kill a presumptuous opponent and see the smugness die in their eyes. He had no-where else to be but here, with Drav, dragging him off to find Rezik. But now his catch was dead, Rezik was supposedly dead, and the only one who could lead him to where he wanted to be was staring up at him with belief she could kill him. Or at the very least die trying. It was just not done! But he his internal debate had bought her all the time she needed. The cry of the guards from down the streets, likely led there by a concerned local fearing two persons fighting one another near their home, ended their fight before he could run her through with his glaive.

Yui was gone in moments, her offer for him to follow was rather alluring given the alternative was a desperate struggle against numerous foes in a narrow space. But she just had to go for the athletic and sprite exit-point didn't she? Clad in chain and leather he was not going to be hoping about and acrobatically jumping about the rooftops. He would fall between said buildings and break a bone or his neck.

Swearing elven under his breath he instead eyes a door leading off the alleyway. The shortened glaive was fixed onto his back before he took off, springing off the wall opposite to throw his weight behind his shoulder and barge the door open in a hail of splintered wood and dust. The momentum carried him down the dark hallway inside, the rented accommodations of several homes branched off this main thoroughfare. One or two doors squeaked open on hearing the crashing noise of the door, only for the man to charge past them in an obvious hurry and again break through the next door, thankfully this one was more a deterrent to wild animals and the like, quite brittle and weak to his shoulder. Of course if he had stopped to pull at the handle it would have opened with ease inwards, but now was a time for action and so it was left hanging from it's upper hinge behind Alloen.

Out into the open he used the maze of alleys, darkened corners and doorways to duck into and make his escape from New Harlan. The guards would be too distracted with the body of Drav to put up any serious resistance to stopping anyone from leaving – but even if they did he had no blood on him and would not constitute a threat. Indeed one or two gave him a hearty grin and cheer – admirers of his late night song. Away from the fight and the body, he retrieved his horse from a stable near the town entrance and made his way out west. He had a date with a certain blonde woman.

Sadly, or happily depending on how you viewed her disguise to her natural form, she was dolled up by the time her horse came trotting along a copse of trees he had stowed a way in, beside the road heading to Temlis. With wig in place and make-up a plenty she was back to her high chest ways and he whistled his appreciation to draw her attention, sat along a tree branch beside the main road with a foraged apple in his hand.
[+green “So, back to the fierce red-head so soon?”] The slight sadness in his voice was evident but his eyes ran the length of her figure with no shame.[+green “Come now, we are far enough away from New Haven to do away with disguises.”] Though he was teasing her she only narrowed her sparkling eyes at him with mistrust and the wig was removed slowly, long flowing blonde hair let free once more.[+green “There we go. I most definitely approve.”] He teased mercilessly.

To see her in a non-threatening manner, as he had when she first turned up in the alleyway, he was rather keen on her. Again the desire to make a pass at her and flirt heavily was there but he knew after their fight it would be best to hold off on antagonising her further. At least for now. But even the slight pout she had from looking at him, no doubt wishing she had buried a knife in his back and left him to die with Drav. But she hadn't. She had been honourable in that fact and thus why he had not attacked her now. Instead he grinned mischievously,[+green “Bravo on the fight m'lady. You got in some good strikes though know I will not underestimate you as some sweet and sugary delight next time – should there be a next time.”] The apple in hand is lofted a few times before he swings his arm back to throw it toward her.

Perhaps having expected him to attack her the apple is impaled upon one of her multiple daggers no doubt dotted about her enticing figure. He grins at the action, confirming his thoughts on her lethality and chuckling heartily. Alloen pushed from his branch to land on the ground, leaves crunching under his boot as he approached her horse and with a tentative hand lays it on the beasts flank.
[+green “No need for weapons here, Drav is dead and with him any use to me. I hope he fetches you a pretty coin or two. Tis' the least he could do with his miserably wretched life.”] He runs his fingers along the horses side, stroking the mare slowly and smiling before turning his lilac eyes up to her, bright and more pronounced in the sun. From this closeness she would see the gentle bruising at her jawline from her hit.[+green “However, with that said, you can probably see my conundrum. He was my link to Rezak – or Rezik as you say – and so with the man dead, I have no guide.”] His hand had travelled along the horse and without permission he let it rest upon her calf, light and without menace.

[+green “You seem to know this 'Brotherhood' very well. You also seem to have a lot of knowledge on the man I seek. And at this moment in time, away from the alleyway, I would say I have the advantage if we were to come to another fight. So we are at a bit of a crossroads aren't we?”] He was asking rhetorically. Like her hand had rested upon his earlier so now he leaves a hand to rest on her calf. The muscle definition alone is enough to have him swoon. Yet his eyes remain fixated upward upon hers and the devilish humour dances about his face.

[+green “On one hand, I despise informants. On the other hand, I need your help. If you are not in a position to refuse, all the better. So, for the time being, I'm going to make this blackmail malarkey work to my benefit. Still, having said that, I feel guilty so,”] his hand dropped from her figure to his side and he takes out a piece of paper,[+green “I would like the two of us to enter into an agreement.”] Only now does Alloen notice her hands clench tighter around her blades, perhaps having anticipated him striking out at her. He chuckles deeply.[+green “I told you my dear, no need for weapons – not just yet. Now, my offer.”] The paper is lifted up for her to see a quite uncanny charcoal sketch of her face. It is not a mirror image by any means but the likeness is striking, perhaps a touch flattering to her features also.

[+green “You can kick me aside and take your horse and run along and be on your merry way, but I will ensure this likeness is plastered from here to the ends of the world – no doubt the King would love to have a face to put to the Brotherhood leadership.”] There is a touch of hatred in her eyes but he raises a finger from his free hand and wags it at her like a mother scolding their child.[+green “Ah, yes, your second option – attack me. But given the open space and my knowledge of your fighting style, I should think I can best you – or at the very least fatally wound you.”] Her face hardens a touch but as if she reconciles the fact they are quite an even match, he sees the muscles relax and he nods with a smug smile. He could see he had worn her down enough to feel his offer would have some sway to it.

[+green “Now that you know your two options for turning me down, let me give you my proposition for what I want in return for neither of those two awful, messy outcomes – you take me to the Brotherhood.”] With his offer given he stepped backwards several steps, back toward the tree he had inhabited, not turning away from her lest a dagger find it's way to his spine.

The offer was as simple as that and yet it would take her some deliberation to work through such an offer. She would weigh up the risks of exposing her 'brothers' against the man before her being in league with the King. He could very well dash such fears by saying such, but to see the anguish in her eyes as she debates such a proposition would much more wholesome to him. Several feet away now he rolls the piece of parchment paper back up and watches her with great amusement.[+green “By the by, I am Alloen, if that helps any.”] Perhaps she had heard of him? Probably not.
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All in all, it had been a great day. Insae had not expected to make this much progress in such few hours. It had been luck, or had it been fate, that she had run into Yui and her partner the day of arriving here.

But at the same time she could not get cocky. Insae knew she'd still have to deal with Yui's partner, and that meant having to deal with possibly rounds of negotiations. She was used to negotiations for it was simply bartering, and Insae had picked up many tips and tricks on how to barter.

As Insae breathed in, she picked up the smell of meat - cooked ham to be precise. Turning away from the stone marking over to the grave to face the other way, Insae peered to where the entrance of the cemetery. And there he was, slowly making his way over with flowers, ham, and a flask in hand.

Hopefully she had not interrupted him mid-meal. Wait, what was she even thinking about? Even if he had received her note mid-meal, he had been the one to make the choice of walking out mid-meal. So if he was grumpy about having his meal interrupted, that was his fault.

As soon as he had walked close enough, he remarked about not being used to such an interesting location. Well, he could thank his partner Yui for the idea.

And going along with the "respecting the dead" disguise, he gently placed a flower over each grave. He even gave her a flower, which she laid down over a grave with respect.

So that was what the food and drink was for. He had not known that she had gotten a bite to eat, so he had brought food and drink along in case she had not gotten a bite to eat.

Insae appreciated the offer. But she also realized she still felt hungry, might as well eat and drink her fill.

She ate and listened at the same time, Insae could do both at the same time. Even though the cooked ham tasted delicious, Insae's mind were on the words which Yui's partner spoke.

Well, this would be easier than she thought. When talking with the Torn Army liaison, the liaison had raised a high bar when it came to setting the price of one mercenary. It wasn't surprising, for the Torn Army had plenty of low quality of arms and armour, and anything which was of higher quality would most likely be overestimated by them.

And Insae had no problems with either what happened to the gold whether the mercenaries lived or died, or the punishment part. The punishment part made sense, since the mercenaries were much more likely to take the punishment if it came from under one of their own then from someone who was with the Torn Army.

After he had finished talking, Insae let him gaze upon her. She just calmly took another bite of the ham, slowly munching and savouring the flower. Then after the wrapping the ham back up and placing it down, Insae popped open the flask. Hard cider, that was a good drink after some cooked ham.

Closing the flask, Insae turned to face Yui's partner. It seemed a bit comedical, since he was a good bit taller than her. But Insae did not feel one bit intimidated, even with the addition of his steely gaze, she merely gazed back at him with the same determination.

[+purple "That, will be very agreeable. But first, just to satisfy a personal curiosity, I'd like to have a fight against a few of your mercenaries."]
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Yui herself would have stayed up to take Drav out, but between the lack of sleep from last nights battle, the news of Acrius, and the prep work it took just to get to Drav, her ride into New Harlan, and playing the role of Adelaide; Yui was exhausted. Too tired to try and murder a man and not get caught. She needed a clean head, and it wasn’t likely for Drav to go anywhere soon. He had promised to meet with her upon the morning. She intended to lead him away from the city and out for a ‘picnic’. Then she’d poison him, and leave him in the lake for the fish to feed on. Hogs were preferred, but fish would do.

As she woke up feeling quite refreshed and ready to seduce her target away from prying eyes, she heard the front door of the tavern slam open. Curiously she rose from bed bleary-eyed, and looked out to see the sun was just starting to rise over the tops of buildings, and she spotted the same dark haired elf from last night dragging out her target.
[#87cefa “What the f’ff - Gods Damnit!”] she barked once she realized the Bard had a hold of her target and carrying a glaive on his person. She wouldn’t get paid if she wasn’t the one who killed him! She had to send back part of Drav as proof. Her client specifically wanted Drav’s other ear, he’d made that very clear. She needed to hurry and dress so she could chase after them.

She couldn’t run them down in just a night tunic, and it would take too long to get back into her disguise. With quick efficiency she jumped into her trews, her boots and leather jerkin, as well as her knife belt and collapsed halberd. She didn’t have time to run down halls or streets and follow, so instead she opened her window and climbed out onto the tavern’s roof. Good thing Yui was not afraid of heights. She followed the pair by the rooftops she could cross until they scattered between a set of residential buildings she couldn’t jump up to. Instead she jumped over to a lower roof, and down again until she reached a reasonable height she could jump down from.

She dropped down to the ground with muffled feet just in time to hear a scuffle around the corner. In annoyance, she grit her teeth. She couldn’t lose this mark. She needed that payout. Cartié wasn’t far off last night in her statement; and she’d damned if she lost it to some... some [i Bard]! She came upon their conversation, and waited to listen in. The more she knew, the better she could understand the situation, formulate a plan, and get to know her rival.
[b “What you on 'bout, I don't sell loaded dice.”] She could hear Drav moan, right before his voice was twisted by the pressure of a boot on his throat. Carefully she looked around the corner and took in the sight hidden away in the shadowed ally. The elven bard had his foot on Drav’s throat suggesting to jog his memory about a man named Rezak and how he wanted to meet him. If he didn’t know where to find Rezak then the bard was going to kill him. Yui glared did he mean her Rezik? The same Rezik from the Brotherhood, who Vreal had defeated just yesterday? [i That] Rezik? This was definitely no typical Bard. Before she would give Drav a chance to answer the man, she stepped out in a relaxed manner and made her presence known when she purposefully turned her boot into the gravel to face them.

It had the effect she was looking for, and both men turned their eyes to gaze upon her. She remained silent watching the elf more than Drav. He was currently doubled over trying to breathe, and Yui had not paid enough attention to the glaive wielding Bard last night to give Drav another moment of her time. Smoothly she drew a hand up her thigh and towards her backside, where she had a knife handy. Slowly she wrapped her fingers around it, anticipating if the Elf might turn that Glaive on her, or if Drav tried to run away. Instead his eyes had followed her hand, and Yui began to read him. He was elven, obvious by his ears, no doubt many a woman had swooned at the sight of him. Yui had to admit: if she were a lesser woman, or on holiday, she would have plucked him from the crowd and had her way with him.

[#008080 “I say, yum yum.”] He purred as he took in the sight of her. She kept her jaw firm, loathing that she wasn’t in disguise and this random elf now knew her face, loathing even more she found him attractive. Instead she flashed him a slow cool smile. He clearly liked what he saw... men... no matter their species, could be rather predictable at times. She remained silent, save for the smirk she wore that did plenty of talking for her as if to say: You’re not so bad yourself. She was going to feel really bad if she had to scuff up his pretty face. Wait... no she wouldn’t. He commented further on her own appearance and that of her disguise, so not only was he an elf and a Bard, but he was also clever and observant, and no doubt talented with the glaive draped over his muscled shoulders. His toned arms hanging in a relaxed way.
How cute.

She allowed herself to look him over as well, and admired his streamline figure, thick dark hair, and his eyes. The mauve shade seemed to shimmer with colors as the light hit it, telling her he had magic. Last but certainly not least, he had a jaw line. For. Days! She even liked the way his broad shoulders tapered into narrow hips, and how his pants fit his ass. He was an elf though, and Yui warned herself not to judge a book by its cover. Even if it was a pretty book. There was no telling how old the man before her truly was, how truly clever, or wicked he could be. Even more curious, what was an Elf doing in these parts to begin with?

Their one sided banter was silenced by movement and noise that caught her attention, and her eyes fluttered over to Drav now cowering in a corner of brick and mortar. He called her the whore from last night, and that culled a shapely brow to arch on her face. It was a silent question if he might want to consider another way of saying he recognized her. Whatever, she planned to kill him anyway. Her eyes traveled back to the Elf who apologized for Drav, and moved to take him away. Yui sighed heavily then, her first real sound and shook her head.
[#87cefa “I don’t mind if you leave. In fact, I’m going to encourage you to walk away right now…. but I need for him to stay,”] Yui stated calmly, and maintained her cool indifference as the bard turned on her and looked torn between wanting to kiss her, or strike her down. She honestly didn’t know which she preferred. Both maybe?

It looked like he had chosen the latter. His glaive turned on her and with an almost sorry tone he informed her she was welcomed to try and take Drav from him. She didn’t have to wonder about the task, she’d overheard enough.
[#87cefa “Yes... I heard. You’re looking for a man named Rezak… He wouldn’t by chance be Rezik, Mercenary of The Brotherhood, would he?”] She walked forward, her hand still wrapped around the handle of a knife behind her back, but her other hand reached up and gently pushed the elf’s glaive to the side. She approached him cautiously, yet confidently, her fingers sliding up the length of his weapon, slowly lowering it, until her hand found his, and she stood toe to toe with him.

When he informed her he was searching for the same Rezik, she couldn’t stop herself from grinning at the poor man’s misfortune.
[#87cefa “I was afraid so… Unfortunately my client has been looking for Dravin. You see this client of mine… You know Haggar don’t you, Drav?”] she asked, turning to look at Drav, who paled until his face was sheet white. Yui smiled, with a light sigh feigning relief. [#87cefa “Oh good, I was worried you were dumber than you look. Now I know you’re just plain dumb. He wants you to know he’s very upset with the way you bailed on paying back the money he loaned you… I don’t really have to explain why I’m here do I?”] Her eyes left Drav’s whimpering figure as he shook his head in understanding in the corner of the ally, and back to the elf. Her hand still wrapped around his on the glaive. [#87cefa “Drav has to either pay what he owes, or I get to kill him… So Drav!”] She called to him, her eyes still focused on the nameless elf before her. She was enjoying this mild flirtation in the midst of a challenge while she worked to get her target, and kept her little caveat to herself. [#87cefa “Why don’t you tell the nice man what he wants to know and we can all leave here happy…Personally, I don’t think he’s going to be very useful for you. You see, Rezik is dead.”] She told the elf.

Drav looked between Yui and Alloen, unsure who to back. On one side the elf only wanted him to take him to Rezik, but the woman said he was dead. Was it a ploy? You never could trust a woman. Especially an attractive one. The bitch would most likely just kill him. Even if he could pay his debt, Haggar was clearly done waiting for it, or else he wouldn’t have sent an assassin after him. Death or indentured servitude… it didn’t seem a truly difficult decision to make. Looking to Alloen, his only salvation, he shouted,
[b “She’s a liar! I’ll take ye to Rez! She’s going to try and kill me no matter what I do! Just don’t let her do it!”]
[#87cefa “Sonofabitch…”] she growled and jumped back from the elf. In the same movement, her arm snapped with the knife for Drav, who had begun to crawl away, no doubt hoping to use the fight as an opportunity to flee -his third option. The knife found itself embedded through his hand and pinning the wailing oaf to the ground.
[b “OW! You BITCH! My Hand!”]

[#87cefa “Cry me a fucking river…”] she mumbled under her breath. Yui turned then from Drav towards the elf, ready to face off. It was too small of a space for her halberd, and definitely too small for that glaive of his, but if she could disarm the elf she might be able to take him out. She knew she didn’t want to kill him, and she was banking on the hope he would be underestimating her. Men usually did underestimated women. With Drav pinned down, and Alloen now in her way, she brought her hands up for a fight, each hand now brandishing a razor sharp knife. The handles of the blades curled over her knuckles making them a most versatile weapon. She offered him a pretty smile, taking her stance and ready to take Drav right out from under him. In a city like New Harlan though, it was best not to get into a fight in broad daylight, less the city guards arrest you. She hoped the elf could be reasoned with.

Guess not...

The first blow came from the side. His glaive swinging up towards her. Yui blocked it by crossing her knifes and sliding the blade off towards her other side, her boots sliding through the dirt at the force of his hit. The glaive found itself in the ground, and she lunged forward jumping on the glaive and knocking it right out of his hands. Shifting her weight sideways towards him, she threw a punch at his smug pretty face. He dodged it with a quick and graceful backbend, collecting her hand and twisting her arm until she dropped the blade. The movement bent her over the slightest, and she kicked her leg up and back towards his face. She caught herself when she felt her heel connect with his cheek, and came upright just in time to block his fist. It took him no time to reach out and disarm her other knife, and Yui couldn’t help not only be impressed, but enamored as well.

Now they were on even ground.

She hadn’t had a good fight like this in a long time. They struck at the other and blocked the other as if performing some secret dance. Their movements were quick, skilled, and evenly matched. However, he was sluggish, and she suspected it had something to do with his drunken state from last night. He missed a block and Yui got in another good hit to his chiseled face with a well earned chuckle.
[#87cefa “Sorry, dear. I think that one might bruise.”]

It only inspired him to come at her with more force and determination. He lifted her up and tossed her towards the brick wall. Her back slamming against the hard surface made breathing difficult for a moment. Why did she get the feeling his intent wasn’t to kill her. She had to admit, she was holding back too. She didn’t want to have to kill him either. [#87cefa “Don’t suppose I can’t -“] she blocked a series of punches, each word articulated with a corresponding strike from the elf, before she finally took a knee to her side, and stumbled against the wall again. She caught herself against it and rolled before another punch could hit her. His hand connected with brick and Yui smirked at the pain it must have brought him. [#87cefa “Convince you I’m telling the truth. Rezik truly is dead. He challenged our new Commander, and lost to a Trial of the Embers.”] For a brief moment, it looked as though he was half tempted to believe her. She took the moment of weakness to put distance between them. Using the wall as leverage she brought her legs up and kicked them forward. Her feet struck square on his chest and knocked him back towards the ground.

She took her moment, Drav was still pinned and she had one last knife on her. Bard be damned, her target was literally within arm’s reach. She had maneuvered their fight to get closer and closer to Drav until this moment had finally come. She lunged forward, drawing one last knife and landed atop Drav. Her legs straddling his hips and her knife plunged into his gut, cutting across left to right and severed his aorta with little to no arterial splatter. Within moments she watched the life flee from his eyes as he bled out. Quickly she removed her blade and sliced his other ear off and turned just in time to face Alloen before he could attack again.

She turned the knife on him, her face stoic and expressionless. If he came at her now… she would kill him. Her hands were impressively free of Drav’s blood, with the exception of her one hand that held his severed ear.
[#87CEFA “I wasn’t lying when I told you Rezik is dead. I too am a member of the Brotherhood. My brothers and commander burned Rezik’s body yesterday in Temlis. He is no more. Whatever you were looking for, Rezik can’t help you.”] he hadn’t moved to attack her again and she slowly lowered her weapon, but didn’t dare put it away.

Before he could answer, there came a shout from down the street and around the alley calling their attention. Yui didn’t waste time, she knew it was the city guards. For a brief flickering moment a look of fear and concern flashed across Yui’s face. Quickly wrapping Drav’s ear in a handkerchief she tucked it in her vest and hurried to collect her fallen knives. In the process she looked to Alloen, [#87CEFA “City guards are heading this way. Either you can follow me, or stay here and get arrested, Elf. Frankly, I don’t care what you decide to do.”] She sheathed her knives, turned and ran. She didn’t know why she was offering to save his ass, but she couldn’t risk getting turned in either.

She ran down the alley and slipped into another one, and came to a dead end. A wall barred the end of the alley, but boxes were stacked creating a type of staircase for her. She jumped up the boxes and onto the ledge and stood up. Above her was a pipe leading towards a slate roof. She didn’t think, just climbed towards the edge of the roof and hefted her body over. Below her guards ran to swarm the scene of commotion and yelling, completely oblivious to what was above them. A crowd was starting to gather below, and Yui remain laying down atop the roof. Heaving air and doing her best not to lose sight of the mission, Yui prepared for an escape from New Harlan. Great... this was not how she planned this. Besides, what was she going to do about the elf she encountered? Perhaps letting him live was a bad choice....
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Vreal sat waiting patiently for Insae to arrive. The aroma that was wafting through the room was intoxicating food wise. There were also a few unsavory scents such as...other mercenaries. The food itself was actually good. He ordered some roasted ham hinted with honey and a mint leaf. With that of course came his favorite ale. As he ate in solitude the messenger came strait up to him. His face was a little fear stricken. Insae must have frightened him well. Vreal recieved the message and read it while eating. [+blue [i Interesting place to meet. Can't argue with that though she seems like she could be a hard customer if she wanted to be and I only met her briefly however I must talk to her in peace and that certainly works.]] He thought to himself.

Vreal ordered some extra ham the way he liked it to go and a fresh flask of hard cider. As he recieved the order he stood up and walked out with the food and flask. He stopped by a local florist and picked up some flowers as requested. The florist saw the food and flask then looked at the flowers and just smiled at him. [+blue It's not like that Redda the flowers are for the dead.] Vreal said a little embarrassed. [+red Sure they are.] Redda said while chuckling at the young mercenary. He was not one to be rude anyway respect was important in this line of duty and all over. He paid for the flowers and began towards the cemetary. The day was dwindling it had reached twilight hours now when he arrived at the cemetary.

Vreal looked around and spotted her at the very back of the cemetary. That was where they buried unknowns who had no connection here and no way to find out where they came from. It was in his opinion the most saddening part of a graveyard. No one to pay respects except for the random kind heart who could find it in themselves to pay respect for someone whose family never would get the chance. It had to be lonely in the void after all. Vreal approached her cautiously but ready to discuss business. [+blue Interesting location but not one I am unaccustomed to.] He said lightly while placing a flower on each unmarked grave he passed and whispering a small honor to them. He handed her the last flower in front of the last unmarked grave for her to put down and pay a respect. He also handed her the food and flask. [+blue I don't know if you ate and talks on an empty stomach tend to not go so well people get grumpy and then things go sour.] He said while resting his hand on the hilt of his sword on his hip.

He gauged her as capable and potentially dangerous but there was something else. If she had intended to kill or at least try to she wouldn't have waited so long there are plenty of discreet ways of killing someone and in a relatively public place surrounded by mercenaries and guards in the village just wouldn't be tactically wise. He relaxed a bit and got into it. [+blue To my understanding you are requesting men for the Torn Army and it is also no low number of mercenaries you want close to a battalions worth of skilled men and women. There are some concerns to this and I am sure you can understand this. Gold first and foremost for bodies do not come cheap. 100 gold per head with a written and stamped parchement that each who makes it back from this you will be recompensated with half the gold back. Those who don't make it back... their families will be given the gold as inheritence immediately. This is non negotiable. Secondly I will be sending a high ranking mercenary with every twenty men because allegience won't work well with the torn if you do not have men willing to work together but these mercenaries will take an order from one of my higher ups with no question so long as they have those they will be in line. My final request is simple enough. If any of these mercenaries are caught looting, raping, or murdering any innocents they are to be executed by only the leader above them. For their death you will recieve their payment back as there is no honor in those actions and we do not condone that. In our code we accept contracts and that is all that is alotted anything extra comes with the price that they pay it back in full. Do you have anything to argue about here or to add to your order?] Vreal said calmly while looking her in the eyes with a steely gaze.

These were his men they were talking about and his expectations for them were high. They weren't pushovers and each had skill uncontested by your average soldier. They had something a lot of soldiers didn't have. Will to fight for themselves as well as the man next to him. Some soldiers will only fight for themselves but Vreal had seen many men die protecting their brother in this faction and he knew they were a grade above your average man. Mercenaries weren't often known for honor but in his time here he had seen more of that in them than anything else. Of course you have your occassional renegade. They don't survive. He waited patiently for her response. He expected an argument on the price at least to be sure.
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[google-font][Montserrat As he stood upon the bar, beer in hand as the landlord went about pouring multiple drinks as requested by said Elf, Ingulf had wandered up in his drunken stupor and tugged upon his pants leg waving for him to disembark and come down to a more sensible height. Still buoyed by his song and positively high on the euphoria that came with drink Alloen was a man with no equal for joy it seemed; perhaps closely followed by the Dwarf who helped ease his friend back to the booth.

Many along the way clapped him on the back, shook him by his shoulder, playfully jibbed [i 'not bad for an Elf'] to which he would throw back [i 'my thanks to the low-born'] – a joke that went over their head but they only laughed as if in on the joke. Sliding back into his seat there is a moment to look back out and offer a smile and wave to those looking over before his cheeks puff outward and he lets out a deep sigh.
[+maroon “Ah good on ye laddie. Was a fine tune!”] Ingulf grinned and drank through the remnants of an upturned cup.
[+green “Ah yes.. though I believe I have hit my peak.”] His eyes were glazed over and a hand ran up through raven hair with fatigue.[+green “I think we should be off to sleep my dear, dear Dwarf.”] He couldn't resist himself from taking up a bottle of wine and pouring a dribble of its berry liquor onto waiting tongue.
[+maroon “Aye, it be past witchin' hour.”] Though he would have happily drank himself until unconscious Ingulf was one who revelled in his work. It would do him no good to be sick half the day with hangover, the rhythmic pounding of a hammer on anvil only droning into his mind.

As they were making their preparations to leave, discussing where Alloen could sleep at Ingulf's home given how much he had already spent getting the little man drunk, there was a moment where the Dwarf's attention was lost and his rosy cheeks seem to flush pure crimson. Raising a brow in curiosity the swaying Elf turned, catching only the briefest of glimpses of a feminine figure moving behind him and settling into the booth next to them.

Though he couldn't see her, nor did he particularly want to come across as a leering pervert by sticking his head around the corner, the smell of her perfume and it's delicate undertones was enough to capture his attention. It was peculiar to have someone smelling so fresh and flowery in a place such as this where the most common smell was flatulence. From an outward glance to the tavern he could see several eyes were over in her corner and no doubt it was for good reason. His attention however settled upon a new arrival; a one eared swine with no sense of self-image given how he attacked his meal.

Not in a condition to either interrogate or attack Drav, Alloen was forced to leave things be for the evening. His spinning mind took in all details he could of the fetid man before he stood up, sending Ingulf on to the door as he turned to speak with the keeper. In the time it took him to step over and request the others attention, Drav had risen to go sit with the perfumed beauty in the corner booth. He could see just why all eyes had turned on her the moment she stepped in.
[b “How can I help you Mr.Elf.”] The man was particularly friendly though likely only given how much coin he had made off the
[+green “The woman in the corner. Quite the oddity no?”] He leaned on the bar, speaking quietly as they both looked across at her, a slender gloved hand rising up to tap at the hideous man's nose and a smile on her lips.
[b “Ah, yes. Just got in apparently. On her way to see a rich Uncle she told me.”] He busied his hands with cleaning out a mug but his mind was on other more carnal thoughts.
[+green “Quite the beauty eh? Not like the local girls either.”] Ever the male staple of sexuality and masculinity, it would not do if men didn't discuss a woman's looks.
[b “Oh yes, very beautiful. But no doubt she's some level of nobility.”] He chuckled, dashing both men's hopes they may have had a chance with her. But Alloen only smiles a touch;
[+green “Very true, and yet she shacks up with the one eared mongrel.”] There is a hint of jealousy to the mauve-eyed man, his own thoughts slipping to more devilish desires at her appearance.
[b “Yes, Drav, penniless if not a lucky bastard.”] The disdain brought a curious look from Alloen.[b “My wife's relation. Costs me an arm and a leg keeping him fed and housed.”]
[+green “You have my condolences.”] A dull thud was building in his mind, the early onsets of drinking too much. He would have to seek out some water at Ingulf's home soon and draw this conversation to a close.[+green “In actuality I had wanted a word with the man in question, but I dare not disrupt his good fortune lest I incur the divine wrath upon myself.”] He had noted the multiple religious symbols above the bar and took to using the keepers superstitious beliefs against him, going so far as to offer a mock prayer to the sky.
[b “Quite right. That's the only reason I put up with him. A man such as that is clearly blessed by one of the Gods.”] He joined in with the prayer and Alloen smiled politely.
[+green “Well, if you would do me a favour, perhaps you could ensure dear Drav doesn't leave come morning. I hear he's a slippery sort and wouldn't want him running off again before I can speak with him. I would be rather.. grateful.”] A golden coin scrapes against the counter top, hidden by the slender hand of the Elf until covered over by the cleaning cloth of the keeper.
[b “Consider it done my good friend. I'll make sure he doesn't get loose.”] A nod of understanding and he left to tuck away his new wealth with the rest – tonight had been rather profitable for him.

Leaning against the wooden bar Alloen took a few moments longer to ogle the beauty still engaged in conversation with his target. There was something not quite right about her. She could have the company of any man in the tavern, himself included, but she had struck upon the man who resembled the love child of a swine and orc. When he caught her piercing blue eyes for a moment he felt a chill run through him. Perhaps it was the alcohol or perhaps a touch of jealousy he had not been chosen. Either way he left The Green Apple with his Dwarven ally and they retired to the small man's home. After a cup of fresh water and some bread to soak up the drink and each settled into a cosy slumber beside the heat of the forge.

[center ~*~*~*~*~]
The morning came far too quickly by his summation. It was like he had only just closed his eyes when he was rocked softly awake by a stubby-fingered woman.
[+violet “Come on now Alloen, time to wake up dear.”] The deep but sweet voice was a pleasant means of waking up, soft fingers brushing across his cheek and pushing back strands of loose hair. When the violet eyes of the man open and focus he sees the gentle features of Gina, Ingulfs wife, looking down on him with her motherly smile.[+violet “There we go dear. It's past morn' now. Have something to eat.”]

She moved back a step to allow him to sit up right, a metallic plate beside him with a slice of bread and a little olive oil drizzled over it for flavour. She knew him well enough that it was his preferred choice after a night of drinking, though she also left him a small bowl of sweet porridge beside it. With him awake she took up a bucket of water and with a touch of annoyance at this ritual like task she splashed it down across her husbands head. He shot upright with a sputtering and shake of his head, growling curses and death upon his enemies until he opened weary eyes to see his wife who thrust a larger bowl of warm porridge into his hands. With only minimal fuss, and a muttered thanks, he began to eat humbly.

Alloen suppressed his desire to laugh aloud, content to only smile at the affection shared between the two as the man complimented her on a good thick porridge. She only waved off his thanks and headed off to open up the shop for the day. The two men ate in silence, sipping water from time to time and mutterings about how indeed the porridge was nice and thick and stodgy but very sweet.

Within an hour Alloen had made his farewells to the Dwarven couple and thanked them for their time and hospitality. Ingulf had only agreed to him leaving once he had made sure the Elven glaive was sharpened on his whetstone and the Dwarven mithril chain properly tended to. A few links were hammered back into place and some general stitch work done to bring it back to a good standard. Upon the agreement that he could return at any time the Elf left them and returned to The Green Apple.

His head still throbbed lightly from night before, though thankfully not to the point he was crippled by it. He felt sluggish and lethargic as he entered the tavern with his weapon resting on his shoulder, heavy boot hitting the floorboard. It almost echoed in the quiet morning as the once full and boisterous drinking floor now consisted of one or two sleeping drunkards, a servant girl still clearing pieces of broken cups, and a very hungover one eared gentleman. The keeper said nothing but offered a nod to the Elf when their eyes met and he strode forward to the frowning mans table, dropping the heavy shaft of the glaive and it's metal point to crash loudly before him.

Jumping up the man rubbed at his eyes as he peered up, the light from the doorway illuminating Alloen in a golden halo and obscuring him getting a good look at the man. If he had, he would have seen the devilish twinkle in his eyes or how he looked upon him with disgust.
[+green “Oi, get up. We're going to have a quick word about a friend of yours.”] His tongue smacked the roof of his mouth, clicking for the human to get up and march outside. Drav only looked at him with annoyance, waving a hand at him to go away.
[+indigo “Fuck off mate, my 'ead's killin' me and I ain't got time for your shit.”] He rest his head atop his hand, rubbing at temple and his throbbing migraine. Alloen bit his cheek to stop from swinging the point of his weapon down on the man's crown. He was needed alive. Instead he grasped the man's wrist and quickly pulled, head dropping to crash against the table with a thud and a groan of agony.
[+green “Get up and outside or I will make sure the pain in your head stops – for good.”] He twisted the wrist in his hand at a sharp angle and with a howl of pain Drav complied, standing up in an instant. Pinning this hand behind his back, Alloen guided him outside, only releasing it once his incessant whining began to pierce his ear at a truly painful pitch.

Directing them across the street to an alleyway between buildings, leading on to a small courtyard for a group of homes, Drav took this as his moment to make an escape and use his knowledge of the back streets to slip away. He was a wily one yes but the man he was attempting to escape from had a vast experience of different jobs and roles in his life; most notably bounty hunting. He is not so easily lost and rather creative with his means of subduing a fleeing suspect. If he had not needed the man alive a blade would have struck his back in record time, piercing an organ perhaps or severing the spine and rendering him immobile. Sadly he was needed intact. This led to Alloen reaching down for a discarded length of wood from the ground, swinging back and releasing it at the man's legs. Smacking his left ankle it swung around and caught before his right, tripping him and sending him sprawling to the ground with a groan.

Walking over with a less than pleased expression it seemed Drav finally realised just how deeply he had sunk into the excrement; and that was putting it rather lightly. Strolling up to the fallen man, the Elf shook his head with disdain.
[+green “Come along now Drav, you are not escaping me without giving me answers.”] He brushed his free hand through his hair, easing the dull pounding in his skull a little.[+green “Actually you are not going anywhere for a while, not until you lead me to whom I am after.”] Laying flat on his back the man looked like a stuck pig, wheezing and grunting. He almost expected to hear a squeal, and indeed his voice was quite similar.
[+indigo “I dunno no-one worth knowin'.”] He complained whilst holding his injured side, eyes clenching tightly at the bruise that would grow there.
[+green “I have it on good knowledge you know of a particular man, a powerful man, a man you sold some loaded dice to. Remember now?”] The glaive had come to rest across his shoulders, his arms across the pole and hands dangling loosely, the glint of the sun peaking over the rooftop to catch the rings of his chain shirt dazzled poor Drav when he opened his eyes.
[+indigo “What you on 'bout, I don't sell loaded dice.”] It was a poor lie and the Elf stepped forward, thrusting a boot into the man's chest and applying a slowly increasing amount of pressure.
[+green “Let me jog your memory then Drav. His name is Rezak, and you are going to take me to meet with him. We have some business to discuss.”] His foot slid up to the mans throat, grubby hands grasping at the sole of the shoe trying to push it off as he choked out a few breaths.[+green “Because if you do not know where he is I have no use in keeping you alive.”] His face was beginning to turn red now, chubby jowls shaking as he tried to find a breath.[+green “How about it then; are you going to show me to Rezak?”]

Before the man could nod, shake his head, confirm or deny knowledge of the being Alloen was seeking out, there was a scuffing of a boot on stone and he glanced back to find a woman stood in the entranceway the two men had come through. Lifting his foot off of Drav's neck the man rolled on his side, gasping for breaths, coughing and spluttering. The Elf's interest was taken as he noted something about the woman; such magnificent piercing blue eyes. His lips curled and his eyes took on an amused look.

[+green “I say, yum yum.”] He purred as he took in the sight of a fully armoured and not the least amused Yui. All pretence of hiding her appearance and the role she was playing had gone out the window, likely drawn to follow after him and Drav the moment she had seen him being led away, unable to return to her attire from the night prior quickly enough.

There was no hiding the pleasure he took from looking over her physique, openly inspecting the curve to her hips, the slender jawline, pouty lips and back to those mesmerising eyes. A devilish smile only grew as he stood between her and the slowly recovering Drav behind him.
[+green “So, the fiery redhead is really an icy blonde. No longer a nobleman's buxom daughter but a sturdy sword maiden instead. I am torn between which one I prefer, though each has their.. merits.”] His brow raised tauntingly but also teasing. He was having fun, perhaps at her expense. She stood there watching him in silence for long enough until her vision drifted to the man shuffling into a corner.
[+indigo “Hey, you're that whore from last night!”] The man called out as he finally caught up to speed with the happenings around him.
[+green “Now Drav, don't be so uncouth.”] Alloen said in defence of Yui, bringing her attention back to himself. He liked having her watch him.[+green “I apologise for him, he is quite hungover from last night and in need of some lessons in manners. If you will excuse us-”] He had begun to turn away from her to collect Drav and take him elsewhere when she stopped him, something along the lines of [i 'you can go, but he stays'].

At this point Alloen was only more infatuated with this woman than he had been the night before. So mysterious and alluring, a conundrum wrapped within such a pretty face and fearsome appearance. Stood side on to her he looks upon her with curiosity. Just why did she want Drav? Why had she hidden herself the night before to try and seduce such a buffoon? It was obvious now she was after him for something but what he was unsure. The weapon on is shoulder was swung around, held at arms length toward her, across the courtyard in a challenging manner.

[+green “I am afraid he is staying with me, my dear, for I have a task he has yet to complete. But, if you wish, you are free to try and take him from me.”]
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There was nothing like a peaceful walk through a beautiful city to help release all the pent up anger. It was always a good idea to release anything that was pent up, for the pressure was liable to blow through whatever was holding it in; the longer it was held in, the more likely it was to burst through explosively.

Insae had taken a walk through the center of the city, taking in the sights and smells of the various street vendors scattered throughout the streets. Her stomach rumbled upon smelling the wafting smells of roasting meat.

Dragons were naturally meat eating creatures, and that trait was passed onto their kids. Even if the kid was a dragonkin.

Insae purchased a leg of some roasted meat, and walked off to the outskirts of the city to enjoy it in solitude and quiet.

The first bite was delicious, the juices exploding and cascading down the mouth to create a warm river. The various spices added to the meaty flavour, creating something akin to a fireworks show on the tongue.

Just as she was finishing up, Insae heard footsteps. Now these footsteps were no passerby, for the footsteps only sounded louder and louder. The footsteps retained a constant tempo, but they did not sound like Yui's footsteps.

Insae stood up and turned around. The guy in front of her held a piece of paper in his hand, and was approaching her. Most likely this guy was delivering a message to her, but that did not mean the guy was not hiding a weapon.

THe guy stopped two paces in front of her, and extended the folded parchment to her. She quickly snatched it, and took a few paces back.

Every so often, she would look up at teh guy in front of her just to be safe from any surprise. But the guy only stood there and waited for her.

Insae could not afford to talk about this in the inn. The inn had too many curious ears who might use that information for personal gain. And there was no way to know for sure who would use that information to harm the Torn Army.

Taking out a pencil, Insae wrote her responce underneath the note to her in a somewhat small hadwriting. [i [+purple I see you are also interested in paying your respects to the fallen. I will be at the cemetery to help pay your respects. Just don't forget to bring some flowers.]]

She folded up the parchment, and gave it back to the messenger. [+purple "No stopping, directly back."] The messenger shook his head before running off.

A short while later, Insae made her way to the cemetary. All the way to the back where she had previously met with Yui.
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