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The world is in turmoil under the rule of an evil king. He has seized the Throne from the Kingdom of Azealean by means of magic. As he slew the king the hopes of the people have dissipated. The people fell in to dispair as they were forced to serve the new king. Few who have remained hopeful have started seeking to create a rebellion faction called The Torn Army. They have started gaining strength but the king has discovered about their plans and intends to squash them before they can truly rise up to his power. There are people out there that will fight to the death to ensure that they reclaim their kingdom. There is one person who they are desperate to find... The prince who was saved from the fight when he was eight. This was 12 years ago and while they search for the prince they must watch their backs for the King has hired assassins to track the Prince down first and kill him so that his reign goes uncontested.

The prince....has not been idle. He was trained in hand to hand combat and sword play. He has been in village skirmishes and gained a name for himself as a mercenary. He is aware that he is wanted dead by the wrongful king. He has been made aware recently that another faction seeks him to reclaim the throne but he is torn between vengeance for his father and protecting the few people he has left and the people of his new village where he has lived for 12 years. He doesn't want to bring the friends he has made into his encroaching destiny as the true King. He has confided this secret into only one of his friends the others are unaware of his lineage. The only one who know has been trying to convince him to seek out The Torn and finally confront the wrongful king. There is a way for him to go though as he must learn the ways of magic in order to stand a chance. Our story begins in the Village of Temlis a thriving town where people are generally kind and helpful and yet very sturdy. Behind their fortified walls as stranger has wandered into town. He seeks the Mercenary Guild his reasons are not yet known.



MAGIC RULES: Okay so magic for the most part is a very powerful and potent battle skill and thus it is recommended that it be used in dire situations. It has a multitude of uses from deflecting arrows to invading a mind. It can even have uses such as drying a person off or blocking rain. If invading minds is your forte then a battle will ensue between two casters if it is another caster you are invading. The biggest rule of MAGIC is simply can't use more MAGIC than what your body can physically use in STAMINA. You will go unconscious and in some cases it can kill you. Like I said above you can use it for many things but the cost is sometimes not worth the outcome. Think about blocking rain and casting that particular spell just to stay dry. Easy right? It is a continuous spell and you are using a lot of power to block every single drop of rain when it makes contact it drains a small amount of power but that accumulates quickly. What seems like a safe spell could quickly cost your life. You can cut a spell off by severing the link from your body to mind if it feels to dangerous or gets cumbersome. You need to be careful. This is not to dissuade my heavy casters though. Those who are deep rooted can cast stronger spells with more ease because they were born with magic heavily rooted to their blood but it can still cost them though. MAGIC can be trained to be able to cast more. Work out your mind and body and you can cast more and even stronger spells.

MAGIC CONDUITS: Energy can be stored within conduits in order to draw out magic without putting a strain on the caster until it has been depleted. The conduits are as listed below and can be in weapon pommels, belts, rings, necklaces, etc...The amount of power that can go into a gem depends on the gem itself from the top to bottom is gem grade. The better grade the more magic can be stored. Be mindful that to store energy into a conduit you will lose equal to the amount of stamina you stored however much magic is stored for that day is what you will feel drop. This means if you put 50% of your daily casting power into it then you will feel very tired. It's best to store minute amounts daily and mass it over time. Pm me with questions if you have them. ^.^


ENCHANTED ITEMS: Now where there is magic there is always enchantments. Not everyone is in tune with magic and have to rely on magical objects in order to even up the battlefield. The most common enchanted items are necklaces that protect the mind from invasion. But there are rings that allow someone with absolutely no magical affinity to cast a spell. It is held within the ring and with the word the ring will draw the power out of it's gem and cast it forward. They take in the energy of nature to recharge and it is very slow most rings give you a limit of ten casts per day after that they need hours to recharge and sometimes depending on how late you cast they won't be done until the middle of the next day so you have to watch out. The world is full of enchanted items so enjoy the hunt for them.

DEMON MAGIC: As a very potent form of magic it is easily one of the most dangerous types to cast very few casters are capable of using this magic as it opens up a temporary link to the demon realm. This gives a slight chance for a demon to slip into our world and if that occurs it can be costly as demons aren't easy to defeat. They aren't impossible to destroy but they are impossible to permanently kill. Any demon defeated in our realm will reform on their side with the memories they gained over here...this includes who defeated and how they were defeated. USE DEMON MAGIC WITH EXTREME CAUTION DEMONS WILL PURSUE YOU RELENTLESSLY...

PERMEATING MAGIC LOCATIONS: Mysterious areas within the world where magic is naturally stronger than other places. It is an amplifier for casters and makes a weak spell automatically one grade higher than normal at the cost of it's normal cast. A weak spell takes the strength of an Average spell at the cost of it's weak counterpart and so forth. Odd things often happen in these areas and even causes abnormalities in nature such as floating boulders and reverse flowing water some locations have water that flows over like an arch. These places are considered the focal points of creation where magic first occurred and they are very ancient. Religious sects use them as holy grounds but there are too many for them to use all of them so usually they only use bigger towns that have them nearby as their worship grounds. These locations are also extremely dangerous to use DEMON MAGIC as they amplify effects the temporal rift into the demon realm becomes larger making way for a very powerful demon to cross. You must use caution when casting in these locations. There are benefits as well as downsides to everything you do with magic. Those who use them for religious purposes use this foundation for their belief in balance.

CELESTIAL MAGIC: Holy magic is rare and only used to effectively combat DEMON MAGIC. Holy magic can banish demons and make their rate of revival last centuries. If these spells are used on a human there will be absolutely no negative effects other than the caster getting tired. Celestial magic is a form of restoration magic as it can heal a critically wounded person from the gate of death back to our realm. Very few cases exist where a person who is at the gate of death has returned but in every case advanced celestial magic was used and unfortunately when bringing a person who is already that far gone the cost is grievous. If someone has passed and there is still warmth in their body that magic can save them but whoever cast it...they will most certainly die. A life for a life. Make it count you will only have one shot at it if a person casts the revival spell and they weren't in time then two lives will be lost. Demons are the only ones who should feel the wrath of Celestial magic.

ENCHANTED CELESTIAL WEAPON: Only one weapon exists it takes the form of a rod that will shift into the form of the users preferred weapon. Only one of these can exist because it is the only weapon that has successfully permanently killed a demon in this realm and the next. A demon killed by this weapon ceases to exist entirely. It is a weapon that will not work on humans it only kills demons it wouldn't even maim a person if you were to strike anything other than a demon with it, it would simply phase through their body causing no damage. It has been lost to the it got here is a mystery to be solved...perhaps it may be found.

ENCHANTED DEMON WEAPON: The exact opposite of the Celestial weapon but like it there is only one. It takes the same form and changes depending on the user. This weapon has the power to annihilate a soul. It cannot be used on a demon or the undead. It simply would not work. If the wielder uses it on anything that lives and breathes it would cease to exist after a mortal wound was dealt. The soul would be absorbed into the weapon and devoured by it. There is no afterlife for the person who is killed by this weapon. It has been lost to the ages as the Celestial Weapon like it. There is only one place it could have come from...The demon realm legend has it that a very powerful demon lord created it and enchanted it with the life of a powerful celestial spirit. It was forged in demonic dragon fire out of star-steel.

There are many magical mysteries to be solved so if we complete the story mayhaps we should continue with the discovering of magic. This world has much to offer after all.

1. General Es Rules.
2. No god-mode.
3. No cyber.
4. Romance is fine just don't wrap the whole story around it.
5. I want action, sarcastic attitudes, and even sad times.
6. Build your character over time not everyone is hardened from the start.
7. Cussing is okay I mean fuck why not right?
8. 700 minimum characters please I want stuff to respond to please.
9. Be courteous in the chat to our players no beef dude.
10. Just leave your Skelly in the chat.
11. The magical affinity part in the skelly will decide how adept you are at magic the way it's listed is strongest to weakest.


Age: 17-22
Race: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Dragonkin.
Weapon Preference:
Magical affinity: Deep Rooted , Moderate Ascendant None.


Username: Vreal
Name: Vreal Soruria.
Age: 20.
Race: -------.
Personality: Sarcastic and sometimes serious when the time demands. Is very easy to be around and somewhat magnetic to people.
Weapon preference: Longsword.
Magical Affinity: Moderate.
Bio: Vreal story is above I provided enough backstory above. Maybe I should have just put that here instead???

Username: Darien
Name: Yui Azii
Age: 22
Race: Human-Druid
Personality: sarcastic, crude, and cold. Those that know her know a different Yui, one that is still sarcastic, foul-mouthed, unbalanced, with a witty humor, and iron liver -girl can drink like a fish.
Weapon Preference: Halberd
Magical affinity: Moderate, but not all members of her family have power. Yui can only lay claim to one ancestor with real power. She's known as the Old Witch, Hag, some have even called her the All Seeing, but her great Grandmother Vega, is the only living family Yui has left.
Bio: Yui was born in a small farming village on the edge of the Azealean Kingdom. At 8 years old, a bandit raiding party killed her family, and Yui escaped by sheer will and luck. Always a smart child she made her way to her Great Grandmother, the old Witch Vega who raised her until she turned fourteen and decided to find a way to get her revenge. She found herself with a group of mercenaries who took her in, trained her, and gave her the revenge she always wanted. Now she's stuck in some small backwards town waiting to hear of any news about the Torn Army and if it's worth joining.

Username: NorthernWolves
Name: Insae
Age: 22
Personality: Insae is a quiet and calm individual. In a way, she comes off as a bit mysterious as she is a really acute listener while not really saying much about herself.
Weapon Preference: A sword with a long blade, and a bastard grip.
Magical affinity: None
Bio. A dragonkin is the results of one parent being a dragon, and the other a human. In Insae's case, her mother was dragon and her father was the human; she grew up with only her father. He wanted his daughter to grow up and be independent, so he taught her how to sword fight, think for herself, and keep to herself.
Even though she is not directly associated with the Torn Army, she is always doing one thing or another to aid them.

Username: WI_
Name: Alloen Blacksong
Age: Has been within Azealean for fifteen years.
Race: Elf
Personality: Manipulative, silver tongued, devious and blunt. The Elven appearance often plays to his advantage.
Weapon Preference: Elven Glaive, short sword
Magical affinity: Ascendant - predominantly tricks for survival.
Bio: A rare being in some respects, 'Snow' - as some villagers name him - has made his trade in taking on work in the towns and villages and building a rapport as a more than competent hired blade. From guard work to assassinations, he is a figure both feared and revered in equal measure - a man who has all but shrugged off his past Elven life and the history he once wore as a burden.



Prophecy: Death...famine....all will perish...all will enter the void....all is lost...fate decrees so....the torn....the young prince...success is your salvation...the only way to right....magic...the only way to prevent....the end.

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[google-font][Montserrat The elven mans walk across the tavern to seat himself with a gentle smile amongst a set of merchants bore some fruit once he had made the proper introductions. His articulate nature and relaxed demeanor was a strong suit of his; after all a trading partner much be approachable and make for congenial company. It was perhaps the only reason that Yui had invited him along on this journey with her and Vreal. She had not seen him as an adversary. Their initial scuffle had predominantly sparked an interest in the other and even during his conversation with the merchants he could not help himself from looking back across to the duo at their table. He was a little perplexed by their closeness, their hands closer under the table.

Alloen did not make them out to be a couple by any stretch of the imagination. His confusion arose from how they had acted with one another on the journey to this tavern. Their conversations were sparse and factual and their looks at one another minimal and mostly trivial. There was no warmth to her tone nor any playful intent about the fireplace at night. The man himself was terse, to the point, seeking facts and unequivocal answers. Whilst he looked at the fair haired woman with care and a sense of responsibility there did not seem to be any lust or longing. Perhaps the elven fighter was wrong but humans were rather simple beings and he was rather confident that any light petting under the table was harmless.

Minutes after turning from the odd-couple and he had finished his trade. They had made light of the chest he brought with him, though he laughed off their interest in acquiring it. Instead he dropped a few gold coins into one outstretched hand of the merchant, the other grasped and shook firmly whilst his friend fetched two bottles from a pack at their feet. Inspecting the goods he forced a smile to his lips. It was a poor deal, the wine not of a good vintage or maker, but it would do much better than the swill they sold here and so he was touch happier than when he had first entered.

Returning to his accomplices with bottles clutched to his chest and the wooden chest dangling at his side he offered them a raised brow of knowing. Though it would delight him to put them in some unease by hinting at their relationship, he was stopped by the approach of two disgruntled patrons of the tavern and once more he felt the ire for his race being shown. As they stood either side of him, facing across to Vreal and Yui, Alloen's hand rest atop the table and he began to rotate the ring upon his finger. He was in no mood to be accosted here. If it cost him another valuable jewel to dispose of them then he would; there would be no prolonged fight or discussion beforehand. These types would never learn and like rats had to be stamped out thoroughly. Unfortunately he did not receive such an opportunity to flex his power.

The bear like gentleman from across the room lifted and disposed of the two men and with shouted curses that it would not end this night, the door slammed shut behind them. The anger of being accosted was like a child’s tantrum compared to how he felt on being once more 'saved' by some stranger. It seemed it was just in the human nature to intervene and take it upon themselves to act the hero when their assistance was never even sought. The next being who stroked their tiny ego by [i ‘saving’] him would meet an agonising end.

Stewing in this mood, wishing to break the nose of the gentle giant and much more thereafter, he did not catch Yui’s parting comment as she sauntered away with her new found lover. From how the duo fraternised he surmised she would be sharing a warmer bed than he or Vreal that night and with a click of tongue in irritation the former stood up from his seat.[+green “I suggest you keep an eye on your woman Vreal,”] he still worked to the notion that the humans were a coupling as he swept up his belongings and tucked bottles into his pack,[+green “lest she make a fool and a cuckold out of you.”] It was partially said to barb the proud man but also to warn him to the point his woman was doing away with him in favour of the larger more robust individual with the thick beard and wild hair.

His warning spoken, Alloen turned away from Vreal and took his items with him toward the bar. In a swift exchange of coin for key he then moved to the stairwell and headed up its groaning steps to his room. Whilst Yui spent her night in laughter and flirtatious drinking, Alloen would be locked away in his room. From outside in the corridor where only a single pitiful candle spread a soft orange haze over the doorways, it was possible at times to see a strong green glow under the door. It fluctuated between intense and bright lime down to dull evergreens in shade and come just past the midnight out the light would go on as if smothered by a cloth. From then on there was nothing but silence from the room until dawn would summon it’s occupant forth.
  WI_ / 141d 1h 35m 31s
Yui was able to relax after a hearty drink of her mead and leaned back in her seat, only to see Alloen produce his interesting little book. She’d seen him pouring over it when he thought he wasn’t being watched, or making little notes in his book. She was curious to know what was in it, and he must have caught her expression in tandem with Vreal’s own curiosity because he addressed the book and asked if they could read. Yui simply arched a brow until he clarified the language. Yui shrugged and turned her attentions back to her mead. She could read plenty, but elvish was not one of the languages she had learned. Now she rather wished she had. It seemed Vreal might know, and that was information she would save for later. However it seemed Alloen’s dainty palate could not handle the mead and so excused himself from the table to find a merchant and order food for them. He initially asked them to watch Rezik’s chest, but with a wicked grin from Yui he seemed to second guess his request as he promptly took the chest with him. Yui actually did chuckle and watched him walk away from over the edge of her mug.

True to his word, Alloen had ordered them food, because not a moment later did the innkeeper bring them plates of steaming food. Yui sighed, and wasted no time to dig in and have her fill. Compared to the ideal woman, Yui was anything but. She was not dainty, she was not polite, and she certainly wasn’t well mannered. Did she know how to be? Yes, but that didn’t mean she was going to be. She took a large bite of her meat and let it fill her mouth as she chewed with puffed out cheeks. Those cheeks were still full of food when a man entered. He was armored and road-worn, but was a soldier under the false king. He warned them of the East
Company’s untimely demise, but held no remorse for them. Yui glared and swallowed the large portion of food in her mouth. The entire Torn Army’s eastern battalion had been decimated by a single creature?
[#87cefa “That’s fucked up..”] she murmured before taking a final swig of her mead and raising her pitcher for more.

Her tankard hit the table, wanting nothing more than to obtain a food baby and drunken sleep, that she wasn’t expecting Vreal’s voice at her side, much less an apology. She nearly choked on her mead and gave him an odd look.
[#87cefa “What’s with the apology?”] She asked
[+blue “You I know can understand why it has to be this way. If something haunts you about this path please tell me so we can handle it well if the time comes that we need to.”] Yui stared at him uncertain for a moment. Vreal had changed since Acrius’ passing, they both had. Truths were revealed about themselves to the other, and now things were different. If she wasn’t a Druid she wondered if she would still be here. It wasn’t the time for ‘What ifs’ at the moment and she shrugged, not wanting to look him back in the eye.
[#87cefa “It’s nothing, Vreal... I just... it’s ancient history at this point and I’d rather not talk about it here,”] code for: [i I haven’t been back to my ancestral home since the False King committed genocide against my people and ran us from our lands, but we can discuss that later.]
Vreal seemed understanding enough and made her aware that they had eyes on them and Yui nodded, her attention on her mead being refilled by the innkeeper. She wasn’t unaware of Vreal reaching for the handle of his dagger, and she flashed a pretty smile to the innkeeper as he left.

Trying to avoid Vreal’s paranoia she leaned her body closer towards his until her hand found his at his dagger and stayed it. To an outsider they looked to be an intimate couple, but it was also necessary for Yui to whisper her next part to avoid any ears from listening in.
[#87cefa “Easy there, we don’t want to draw attention to ourselves. I know, I saw him when we entered. I determined he’s not a threat... just one big hairy mother fucker,”] She held his hand until she felt his own relax over the dagger, and she released him with a hidden grin. [#87cefa “Let’s just enjoy our meal and keep our heads down. If you sit here looking like you’re going to get a knife in your back, then that might be what you get. So I suggest you relax and let me worry about keeping your ass in one piece long enough to do what you need to.”] She leaned back from him, and her eyes wandered from her meal across the tavern towards Alloen’s location. He was in conversation with a merchant, no doubt obtaining his wine.

She watched with annoyance as two hunters rose up from their table to instigate a fight with the elf upon his return to their table.
[#87cefa “Oh for fucks sake...”] Yui groaned.
[i “What’s a slimy elf doing in these parts?”] Asked the first hunter, both of them clearly inebriated as they spoke to the other and approached the table. Yui offered a single cold glare in their direction while the other chuckled dumbly to his friend and they both took up a space on either side of Alloen, putting one of them and his odor too close to Yui’s comfort.
[b “He must be lost-“]
[#87cefa “I think you’re the lost ones here... this table is occupied, scat, vermin.”] Yui waved a hand at them to leave her comrade alone, and to take their idiocy with them.
[i “Now hold on a minute missy, us men are conducting business. Perhaps it’s best if you just keep that pretty trap of yours shut.”] Yui, in true form, arched a shapely brow at them with pursed lips. She didn’t bother to hide her irritation with them and glanced to Vreal.
[#87cefa “I think you’ll find I don’t listen well. I will not say it again. Leave. Now.”]
[b “You must be the elf’s whore, and you,”] the second hunter pointed towards Vreal. [b “You must be his errand boy- YIP!”] The second and first hunter were both suddenly snatched up into the air by a set of meaty hands. It was the large man they had been wary of not a moment ago. Whereas they first found him threatening, here we was at their rescue.

[+orange “I’m tired of you two always causing problems. The lass told you to leave, and if you don’t want to listen, then I will oblige you both,”] he snarled. Try as they two men might to fight off the large man, he carried them swiftly out through the door and tossed them into the road like two bags of potatoes. [+orange “Go back to your camp and rut with the animals that you are!”]
[i “This ain’t over MacKenna!”] One shouted but they both bolted away and back towards their camp. The large man shut the door and turned towards the tavern owner.
[+orange “You bring nothing but trouble letting those inbred miscreants in here,”] MacKenna said with a gruff deep voice and looking to the owner. He was clearly in agreement, but as money was money, he didn’t turn away patrons of his humble establishment. Yui watched this man closely as he approached their table. He looked to Alloen and Vreal first. [+orange “Hope they didn’t ruin your meals too much Sirs, or offend. Lass I hope they did not frighten you.”]
[#87cefa “Frighten me? Well that’s adorable of you to assume, Mr...”]
[+orange “Bowen, My name is Bowen MacKenna. Can I buy you a drink?”] It was clear he was addressing Yui and not Vreal or Alloen, and it amused her.
[#87cefa “I think perhaps it is I who should buy you a drink, to thank you for assisting us.”] The large bearded man smiled and showed he sported a pearly white set of teeth, and offered her his hand. She glanced to Alloen and Vreal, not so much seeking permission but gauging their reactions, and took the stranger’s hand. [#87cefa “Don’t wait up for me tonight, boys.”] She said in passing to her two companions. He led her back to his table for conversation and food, not to mention he had his own large flask of whiskey that he eagerly shared with her, and spent the remainder of the evening flirting and joking back and forth. Yui was delightfully wrong... this man was no threat. He was a giant teddy bear.
  Yui Azii / darien / 150d 12h 39m 1s
Vreal listened as Yui admitted that there was in fact a shorter route that they could traverse. He also noticed the discomfort on her face as she explained. He didn't ask about that though. The group made their way through the shortcut. Each day passed slowly and it felt like forever before they finally came to an inn. Vreal dismounted his horse and stretched. It had been awhile since he had to make such a trip but it was manageable. When he was done he followed Yui and Alloen into the bar and over to a seat. He took a look around the room sizing up any who might try to cause a problem. There were definitely some characters in here that looked ready for a brawl. The place smelled very unpleasant but beggars could not be choosers and he had taken to worse hovels than this.

They sat down at a table and ordered something to eat as well as a few drinks. Vreal leaned forward in his chair as they begun to discuss what they were going to do the next day. Yui informed them that they would be traversing the Dark Woods. The legends that particular place had bred were none to be trifled with. Monsters killing entire groups of people in moments without leaving a trail. There were dissapearances and many other things. The woods themselves had not been explored completely so there were definitely things to be discoved for those brave enough to venture. Vreal got to thinking about it but before he could come to a well thought plan Alloen spoke up. He showed them his book and asked if they could read Elfin. Vreal smiled and leaned back. [+blue Your handwriting is fit to write for a king.] He complemented as he skimmed the page. [+blue I take it you write about your own journeys that you have been in?] Vreal asked while nodding to the page Alloen had shown them. It was brief but it didn't seem like a note more like an adventure from what he had gleaned from what was written.

It wasn't long after that Alloen stood up and went to find a decent merchant. Vreal ate his meal in silence and began to watch the door. He didn't like having his back to doors or windows. He drank from his tankard and a guard eventually entered the Inn. [+red I am on orders to inform people that they must be careful on their travels a monster now roams the land...a survivor left his last words to a guard days ago about an attack on the East company said survivor has since passed away but....the entirety of the East company was wiped out by one enemy. A single man shaped monster with red gleaming eyes. It is advised if you see this creature that you do not engage. Turn the other way and run.] The guard said while turning and leaving the Inn after that. The closest village was close to 4 leagues away from them. It had to be very bad for someone to make this journey.

Vreal looked to Yui. [+blue I'm sorry we have to do this so rushed.] He said while looking around the room. [+blue You I know can understand why it has to be this way. If something haunts you about this path please tell me so we can handle it well if the time comes that we need to.] He said while looking her in the eyes now. He knew there were things to be said around present company and he also knew she was capable of discerning whether or not it would be prudent to say them. If it was personal he wouldn't push for an explanation but if it was something like a monster she had encountered at a young age he would like to know in case they were faced with it as well. It wasn't called the Dark Woods for nothing. Vreal noticed out of the corner of his eye the large burly man was watching them like a hawk now. Vreals hand was under the table on the hilt of a dagger. [+blue Also we have eyes.] He said quietly to her.
  Vreal Soruria / Vreal / 155d 16h 31m 46s
[google-font][Montserrat With Vreal tittering in his ear with a horrendous joke at his expense, a happy elf they did not have. He was regretting ever allowing himself to be fooled into thinking this would be a simple affair. It was his own fault, though he was loathe to admit it, as he had been quite enamoured by the fluttering of those azure eyes and the pout in her lips. She was quite drunk, or impaired at the very least, and yet he had been drawn in by the passion of her desire to have him travel with them. She had played upon his vanity by declaring him a skilled fighter and professing a liking of him. If he was of the kind to do so he would spit on the ground in disgust at how she had tricked him.

Alloen was a mixture of pleased and annoyed when Yui had begun speaking however. The journey was cut shorter by some margin, though it seemed she had been trying to skirt around some weak brigands, crumbling lepers and troublesome but disgusting Goblins. It made little sense to do so given he was now there to help protect them. But the fact their trip was now cut in half pleased him. His annoyance came from her having lied to begin with. He would have to remember this for the future as his hand reached out, grasping her forearm firmly as he nodded his head.[+green “It is much better yes – but do try to keep me appraised of your plans next time. A few undead, bandits and greenskins is no reason for lying to me.”] Although he appeared to be slighted, a smile crept to his lips as he released her and pulled his horse back.

This is how they travelled for the next few days, the human duo in front of him as he brought up the rear, the glaive kept in it's shortened state as it had been in the alleyway of New Harlan. When it came to camping he would sit with them to eat and enjoy a drink of his wine. It was a rather tepid affair. No arguments or disagreements from the elf who preferred to keep a silence toward them. When his turn to keep watch at the camp happened then he would take up Rezik's chest from his horse and spend his time writing in a small book kept on his person at all times. He was next to useless as a watch, relying solely on his hearing to keep them safe – but being elven it was perhaps a good thing he did. On most days he would spend his time reading his little book, often cross legged atop his horse and looking quite annoyed with himself that he could not quite crack the problem he was having.

Coming to the inn he was more grateful for the ability to eat something warm than hard tack and shortbread biscuits. Nutritious maybe, but not at all good for the tastebuds. Not to mention he had finished his wine the night prior and had insisted upon an increased speed so that he might not suffer too much. Without any concerns due to his lack of knowledge of the area they were entering, he did not share Yui's trepidation on looking at the Dark Wood, only offering her a lazy salute as he walked into the tavern.

Again given his virginity as toward this land – and that he did not ever feel the need to look for the threat in the room like their somewhat leader – Alloen felt no interest in looking around them, only in taking the nearest table he could find and sitting down. Rezik's trunk, in it's shortened state, was placed atop the table before him and his right arm rested atop lazily. He saw Vreal's curious look that he had brought it in with him and returned it with a dismissive eye roll as once more Yui felt the need to inform them of what they would do tonight. Was she nervous? What of? A quick glance about the tavern brought little more than a large bearded woodsman and several merchant types. Perhaps there was more about the wood to fear. His connection to nature would give him a better understanding but only once they were inside. Unlike others of his kind he was not as in tune to the voices of life around them.

With the drinks served – albeit just mead which would have to suffice – the little book was brought out and he caught the pair of them staring at him.[+green “What? This?”] Lifting up the book he turned it to face them, showing them the insides. It was quite beautiful writing as elven should be given the fluidity of the words when spoken. Little symbols and diagrams were strewn about the place and not an inch of the paper was free.[+green “Can either of you read?”] He asked curiously as he moved the book to his right hand and took up his mead in his left.[+green “I mean read elfin by the way – I am not naive to doubt you can read that chicken-scrawl you call human.”] Taking a sip of his drink he winced in pain for his taste buds. The honey flavour at first was strong and okay, but after that it became rather bitter and a little like brine. His nose wrinkled and he smacked his lips with displeasure, shaking his head to clear it of the flavour.[+green ”Oh god, that is not good. I need to find a merchant. Surely one of these people here has a stash of wine to purchase."] Putting the mug down he tucked the book away.[+green "I'm going to go order our food, look after the chest.”] He stood up and moved only two steps before turning back and quickly grasping the handle of the box and pulling it off the table with him to head over to the bar, his trust in the duo not enough to overcome his belief someone would take it. After all, it was only he who wanted it.
  WI_ / 174d 5h 18m 14s
Alloen was not happy with Yui’s guess at the length of time the trip would take. She didn’t disrupt him from his ire with her or his frustration. He must have felt hoodwinked, swindled, or betrayed. She didn’t exactly blame him, she would have been just as frustrated and was at the realization she did not have enough wine for this trip either. When he came up beside her, she gave him a dull look, but it was Vreal’s comment that made her confess a shorter path could be taken. She sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose in her own irritation. It had been irrational to contemplate going around the mountains. As Vreal said, it might be more dangerous, but they would have to risk it. He was right, and she knew she’d have to face a few ghosts.
[#87cefa “Yes, okay… there’s a shorter path. Happy? A week to the tavern, a few days in the Dark Wood, and we go across the mountains instead of around them. However, this means we have to deal what’s now inhabiting them. Could be bandits, lepers, maybe some Goblins, undead, and a slew of bad spirits. If we move quickly we can take an old pass through the mountains and get there in a week give or take a few days to navigate the Bog. Three weeks, max to get there. Can you do that, Alloen?”] She asked and held her hand out to him. Whether she wanted to admit it or not, Alloen was right, there had to be a shorter route, and by Vreal’s face, she knew they didn’t have the time to go around [i her ghosts]. To be fair, if she was being honest this was the best -the sooner they completed this, the better.

Both men were far more relieved to know there was a significantly shorter route to the old Hag, but it left Yui uncomfortable... she hadn’t been to the mountains since she was a child. It made her quiet for the duration of their ride on the route north to the edge of the Dark Wood. Yui and Vreal were used to hard travel, as were their horses, and Alloen kept up with them with little to no complaint. There wasn’t much for conversation aside from the occasional comment tossed between Vreal and Alloen filled with plenty of shade or sarcasm, or orders from Yui to set up camp and collect kindling. They focused on their ride and reaching the Hunting Lodge, that they sooner than originally anticipated. Instead of seven days, they made it in five, arriving late in the night to the quiet building made of whole logs, and roofed with tar.
[#87cefa “We made it...”] Yui murmured, dismounting her horse and looking up to the sign that hung lazily over the door. Her hood was drawn up to keep her warm in the chilly night. She looked over to Vreal and Alloen. [#87cefa “We’ll stay here for the night, restock our provisions and head out in the morning.”] As if taunting them the edge of the wood sat behind the Lodge and permeated the area with its own shadow, even at night, making the woods seem darker than even the night sky. It was currently hiding behind a thick overcast of rain clouds that threatened to fall on their heads but had so far remained dry.

Yui tethered her horse to the railing where the creature was able to drink from the trough and looked towards the dark wood -almost as if she was looking for something… or if she was nervous. It was hard to tell, whatever it was: she didn’t like it. She gave their future trail a parting glare, and started for the door, giving the heavy thing a great tug and swung it open for Vreal and Alloen. She followed in last and didn’t remove her hood until they reached a table for themselves. On the way to her seat, she eyed the room and its inhabitants. None of them stood out, but there was one. There were a merchant and his small entourage, a few [i working] women trying to work the room, and plenty of trappers and fur traders all in their own conversation, all except for the one. She found the biggest and meanest, and possibly wildest looking man in the place sitting in a dark corner all alone. Her first thought was he must have been a stuffed bear, but that was just a thick beard, wild hair, and a large fur vest. All of him was shrouded in shadow by way of the dark corner he sat in, but she could tell to be wary. Maybe it was part of being of the weaker sex, but Yui had come to always spot the most dangerous threat in a room. Most of the time that was her, or one of her brethren, but this time, it was that hulking walking tuff of fur that Yui would be watchful of. She looked away from the stranger and took her seat -for now, he was neutral, that much was clear in the way of his curious gaze, and she was able to relax a little as the barkeep came over and set down three mugs of mead .
[#87cefa “We’ll stay here tonight, rest, eat a good meal, and leave in the morning through the Dark Wood.”]

The Hunting Lodge was a quiet lonely little tavern. Not many people traveled through anymore, except the regular traveling merchant, or trader, but mostly hunters who trapped and hunted the edges of the Dark Wood came and went at the Lodge. One man, in particular, was a regular haunt of the Tavern. Normally he spent most of his nights and days in the dark wood. He was just crazy enough to go deeper than most would. He was a mountain of a man, tall and broad, with a kind smile, and handsome features, if one could see past the hair. Alas, it was getting cold in the Dark Wood, and the man didn’t like to be cold. Any stranger would see a rugged mountain man, but those who lingered on the fringe of the inner Dark Wood were wary of him. Some said he was a beast, others said he was cursed. It left him generally alone during his visits to the tavern. So this night was no different for him when he spotted three weary travelers come in from off the road. He saw the two men, both armed, one an obvious elf, but the third was an unexpected delight for him. He smelled her perfume the moment the door opened.

If the women previously occupying the Lodge were any indication of the local Faire, there was much to be desired. The woman looked his way, and he arched a brow with a twinkle in his eyes. She looked away from him and took her seat finally showing her face. She had been hiding a gorgeous face, with full pink lips and bright cunning blue eyes. Her pale blond hair was up in a chaotic bun on the top of her head, with plenty of whipping flyaways to frame her angelic face. He decided no woman should be allowed to look that good. She had to be a princess or something, and those men had to be her bodyguards. She spoke to them and they listened… as did he…

[i [#87cefa “…through the Dark Wood…”]]

They were going to travel [i through] the Dark Wood? To where? The old Druid Mountains? Did they have death wishes? Did they actually think they would survive the Dark Wood? Well… he supposed the elf might, the other two? No way. He decided not to interact, but to listen, enjoy his mead and his roast, and the lass' pretty face. However, it became harder and harder to simply listen to them the more the group spoke that he eventually had to stop, but that didn’t mean he stopped watching the traveling trio.
  Yui Azii / darien / 175d 5h 46m 15s
[b The East Company of The Torn.]

The night approached fast and the smell of battle worn soldiers was permeating the air. You could tell by looking at the men they were tired and haven't had a proper meal in days. They all sat near fires and warmed their hands while talking amongst themselves. Things were reaching a boiling point with their patience. It wouldn't matter though as they were suddenly attacked and without warning. A shadow rose from within the camp and a large spell was cast. Suddenly they were just gone. Every last one just vanished. The fires burned out and everything went dark. From the shadow a man with red eyes stepped forward with a bloodied sword in his hand. He had blood smeared from head to toe. The spell wore off and a loud clank like explosion occured knocking the flames out and destroying the camp as bodies started raining from the sky above missing him entirely. The bodies were twisted and dismembered with multiple stab and slash wounds blood fell from the sky like rain. The man walked through the camp slowly with a grin on his face. [+red This is just the beginning.] He said while picking up the head of a child and shoving a spear into the neck and placing it in the ground so that the head was still up and with an expression of contorted pain.

He stepped past the body of the east companies general who had multiple disfigurements and several spears through his body that left his body propped up as through he were still standing. When the blood stopped raining from the heavens the man with red eyes just looked up and laughed with as much villainy as he could muster. It was colder here now and a chilly wind swept across the land killing all grass and trees that had been growing there. The place was now barren and it was a testament of power he felt the need to leave behind. Most people who would wander across this would simply see a gruesome battle had ensued here....but they would be gravely mistaken. This was no battle. This was a slaughter unlike any that had ever been seen. Ten thousand bodies laid to rest so suddenly and not one enemy body would be discovered.

The man with the red eyes faded away from the scene failing only to notice that one man had survived. He was injured greatly with a stab wound to the stomach. The man stood with the assistance of a sword as a crutch. He was bleeding badly. He limped to the edge of the camp and fell more than once. He knew there was a town not far from here. Tears streamed down his face and he was drenched in the blood of his brothers. He had to get the word out before he died about the monster that he had seen before it just disappeared. He had a duty to tell the world that something sinister walked along them now undistinguishable from man. He walked for a full day before reaching the town and falling outside the gate. A guard rushed over to him and the man grabbed the guards chestplate. [+blue T..the] He coughed blood and drew heavy breaths as the strain on his body was too great. [+red You need a healer. Stay calm don't say anymore.] The guard urged while others started rushing over to them. The man shook the guards plate as rough as he could. [+blue NO....I..can't be saved...none can.] The man struggled to talk. His breath was slowing down. [+blue East company.....all dead...] He said while his hand went slack and the light left his eyes. His body went stiff. The guard let the mans hand fall from his chest plate with a light thump on the ground. The guard stood up and looked confused. [+red That has got to be impossible...notify the surrounding towns of this and send someone to investigate where he came from.] The guard ordered while the rest of the men scrambled to fulfil this order.

[b Back to the group.]

Vreal rode steadily behind the two now. He listened as Yui informed them of the time it would take to get to her grandmothers home. She seemed to go cold while talking. It was going to be perilous and quite a journey but they would be able to manage it. Vreal took a drink out of his flask and drank heavily from it. They were a good distance away from the town now and night time was taking root. He listened as Alloen complained about how he would run out of alcohol long before this would be complete and he would have to do it mostly sober. He didn't miss Alloen's incredulous look for understanding.

[+green I didn't bring enough damn wine for a few months. Am I to do this entire trip whilst mostly sober? There must be a quicker way. Or you are surely pulling my leg.] He then rode his horse closer to Yui's right hand side.[+green If you are toying with me Yui then harr-bloody-harr, but now is the time to fess up.] Alloen said to Yui with impatience. Vreal kept a hand on his hilt as he rode up to Yuis left flank with a smirk on his face now. He was finding this quite entertaining. [+blue Maybe we will pass a whiskey well along the way and you won't have to worry about sobriety. Or maybe the wine fairy will visit you overnight and fill up your wineskin with magical self filling wine when it empties. So far though it seems as though only the whine fairy is visiting.] Vreal said with a chuckle while looking at Yui. [+blue If there is a faster way however I would like to know as well. We both understand why time is important right now. If it is more dangerous then we may just have to risk it.] Vreal said getting serious again.
  Vreal / 175d 17h 24m 15s
[google-font][Montserrat It was a particularly unhelpful Vreal that spoke up first, turning his horse to trot after Alloen and offered an agreement on his view about his female 'comrade in arms' – as he would put it – and her appearance. The Elven man found it rather sweet that he would try to address her in such a way and yet openly state he found her beautiful; [i one thought the heart doth speaketh the truth]. Or some other poetic saying that escaped the more militaristic mind of the violet eyed male. Perhaps he had a soft spot for the woman and felt a little threatened by her closer relationship with this other man.

But nevertheless they could have one another if they wanted as he was here to sate his interest and earn some coin whilst breaking the seal on his chest. It would be humorous to see what their relationship really was and how his introduction to the situation may turn things this way or that. If he could ignite some chaos for the two humans then this may be a more pleasurable trip than first thought.

Vreal seemed rather keen to explain how his magical portal space thing actually worked and yet it was rather boring to listen to. It would have fascinated his cousin Barako, a man who loved his books and his learning and who would jump at the opportunity to scrawl notes upon notes about that little trick of the man's from it's smell to it's taste to the colours and anything else he could discern. Yet Alloen was only interested when the man mentioned it was forbidden magic. That tidbit made him chuckle. What magic was forbidden? Who was going to stop a person from using it? Last he heard, any mage that could carry such authority had died out hundreds of years ago, the last of those able to wield magic from the air about them and with little impact on themselves. Who would waste their own limited magic to stop others?

Thankfully he was saved from further explanation by Yui who took the lead ahead of them and in a light comedic tone she began to talk. If this journey consisted of gentle humour in the air and her curving hips swaying ahead of him, the several bottles of wine stored in his saddle bags would serve as the cherry atop an easy and profitable trip. Yet when was anything ever easy? Because it seemed the woman would delight in his annoyance.

[+green “A couple months?”] He barked his annoyance aloud whilst looking directly at the back of her head, the sway of her ponytail becoming a touch irritable and he looked to Vreal as if he would find understanding there. All he found was a touch more annoyance. Simply looking on the man annoyed him right now and he snapped his vision back on the more pleasing, though more infuriating sight of Yui.[+green “A couple months? I had envisioned a week, two at tops. A quick there and back and alls done and happy. But several months just to get there? I'm going to end up asking her the quickest route back at that rate.”] He was rather incredulous at that point and his head fell back, eyes closed over.[+green “I didn't bring enough damn wine for a few months. Am I to do this entire trip whilst mostly sober? There must be a quicker way. Or you are surely pulling my leg.”] He rode his horse a little forward and closer to Yui's right hand side.[+green “If you are toying with me Yui then harr-bloody-harr, but now is the time to fess up.”]
  WI_ / 184d 1h 55m 44s
Vreal seemed bothered by her question, whatever it was, he didn’t seem ready to talk about it, and he had looked at her oddly. If she didn’t know any better, she’d almost say he felt bad. He said he didn’t have a choice, but that he was glad to have her with him. The sentiment, coming from him struck her as odd, and it caused a shapely brow to rise in suspicion. What was he trying to butter her up for? Advice it seemed, or harsh truth. He didn’t want to rule the kingdom, but he already knew he had to do it. She watched him take a drink from his personal flask, and she remembered she gave her’s to Alloen. Gods, this would be a long trip without any alcohol.

His next words were unexpected and were honestly the last words she thought she’d have heard from him on the topic. He called her friend, and she supposed it was true... now. He even offered to let her leave once it was over. To live the quiet life she’d lately been craving. She couldn’t only manage a subtle nod of her head, a wary expression… she wouldn’t hold her breath but, [#87cefa “I’d like that,”] she told him. Finally admitting her desire to retire.

The conversation was cut short when Alloen made a surprise arrival to their party. So he had accepted her offer and was clearly a smart man -reminding them of payment.
[#87cefa “I will arrange payment since I contacted you. Not to worry, I’m sure we can draw up an agreement.”] She grinned at him and he grinned back. He suddenly tossed the silver flask towards her, and she caught it with deft fingers. Vreal also seemed content to accept the help, and now she had two men confirming her pretty face. She was opening to smell the flask when Alloen commented on its contents. A grin spread further on her face, and she welcomed herself to a taste, sighing out by the flavors that traveled down her tongue. It was quite delicious and rich. No doubt it would be dangerous for her to indulge with too much. The elf and his flirtations might tire soon, but now she was going to enjoy herself. She simply gave him a coy look in his passing wink and watched Vreal move to follow and ride along Alloen.

She took another moment to steal a second sip and closed the flask, while the men spoke. She looked to her horse and pat their side with her heel while giving the horse a gentle whisper in its ear, and the horse moved towards the men and took the lead. Riding ahead of them down the main road, Yui began to speak in a bored if not, comedic voice.
[#87cefa “Gentlemen, thank you for riding Brotherhood Trails. Please keep your butts in your saddles, and your weapons carefully stowed. In the event of an emergency please be prepared to fight off any number of enemies, including but not limited to, bandits, monsters, and soldiers. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated, and please enjoy the trip.”] Her fake tone died off and she turned to look at them with a cold look. [#87cefa “In all seriousness, this trip is going to be dangerous. We’re going to take this main road until the fork and take the northern pass, and then we go off trail, and we’ll be off trail for the bulk of this trip… passing through the Dark Woods until we reach the edge of the Misty mountains, follow their border north until we reach the edge of the Boglands… then we have to find Crystal Lake… that’s where the Hag lives. An isolated island, out of reach of the King. She’s in no-man’s land… the creatures we’ll encounter don’t bother her, but they will come after us.”] Hell the false king didn’t bother Vega, so long as she didn’t come for him. It was an unspoken truce… but even Yui knew the king was probably waiting for Vega to simply die off. She turned back in her saddle, their horses moving at a steady trot, her eyes fixed on the road before them. [#87cefa “Before we enter the Dark Wood there is a tavern and trading place for Hunters and travelers. We’ll stop there before we venture into the woods. If we keep this pace, ride through the night, minimal stops, we’ll reach the tavern in several days. Luckily we’re already on the edge of the King’s reach. Shouldn’t take us more than a couple months to reach the Hag.”]
  Yui Azii / darien / 186d 7h 28m 35s
Vreal looked to the sky as the sun started to set and made his way with his horse by the reigns over to the edge of town from which they would soon depart. He noticed Yui when he got there and mounted his horse. He sat there and looked back into the town which had seen way to much as of late. There was a silence between them at this moment as they knew what they had to do. Vreal looked over at Yui and admired her cool demeaner she seemed to have lately. They used to get into so much trouble together and it was those thoughts that made him wish he wasn't who he was. He wished the duties that were imposed upon him as a prince and by his teacher were not his.

He wasn't suited to be a leader due to his inexperience in leading. This became blatantly obvious to him over the course of the past week. Too many mistakes and far too much blood had been shed over his negligence and rash decisions. These were things that could have been avoided entirely but he had a sense of justice that overpowered him sometimes and even if he thought what he was doing was right sometimes it just escalated situations. He sat on his horse and recounted the first time meeting Yui when they were young. He had been so jealous that she had been chosen for the theft mission. They stayed as close rivals ever since that day.

Vreal opened a flask he had filled with a simple rum. He took a swig and let the liquor do it's business. As he sat there recalling all his mistakes as a leader the wind breezed over them. He thought about the demon he fought. He thought about his rash outburst in the tavern just a few days ago. Had he not thought to take it upon himself to try and resolve the issue then some souls may have been spared. He let his anger boil inside him with the alcohol. He had indeed made to many mistakes and it caused more death then needed. He kept a calm expression however. These problems were his own and he would have to live with them.

Yui broke the silence. [+red Are you sure this is what you want to do? Vega can be as dangerous as the path to her. I can’t guarantee she will help you. We did not part on the… best of terms.] She said with a hint of worry in her voice. That was another thing that raged inside of Vreal at this moment. He had depended on her to heavily. The burden placed on her by him and Acrius. Yet again another rash decision. She could have continued being just a mercenary until she decided to live a different life. Vreal gripped the reigns tightly. [+blue At this point I do not have a choice. If not now then it would be never and whatever lies ahead...I am just glad that you are with me. I know you have my back even if it burdens your own. As a warrior you are incredibly capable. I have been thinking about what will happen if we succeed and honestly I don't know what I will do when this is over. I don't want to rule a Kingdom. If not I then who though? I know very little of politics and even less about being a good leader. I've lost so much time and patience running away from the problem at hand. I can't do that anymore. If I am to realize my destiny then this is something I must do. Not for myself but for those who are suffering.] He said while taking another drink.

Vreal looked her in the eyes. [+blue You are the only friend I have left. I don't want anything getting in the way of that. If I can better things for everyone else then I will do the same for you. If you desire to never work again and retire I will make it happen. It's the least that I owe you.] Vreal promised. He took another drink from his flask and started recounting events passed once more. Just as they were about to set out Alloen approached with an open hand. [+red Not to worry, I am not here to argue about why you felt the need to steal my chest or hide it in that little imaginary place of yours. Rather your delightful and beautiful assistant here told me you were in need of an additional sword on your little adventure – for a small payment of course. I don't work for free and I have need to replace a jewel I used in my little altercation with one of your men.] Alloen said while riding forward and then stating he had no idea where they were going.

Vreal looked at him and just shook his head. [+blue Delightful and beautiful yes but she certainly is no assistant. She is my comrade in arms and my friend. I would not turn down an extra sword and I would never expect free help. As for the jewel that you lost in your fight I can offer to replace it for you but the last time I tried to make a kind gesture to you was a mistake i've come to regret.] Vreal said while riding up to him. [+blue I cannot deny your capability and understanding of magic even I can tell it far exceeds my own. That space is called Abylla Maes. It creates a small hole about as big as the tip of a stitching needle which expands when you cast it to fit whatever you need within it. Essentially it makes transporting things easier as you are no longer burdened with it's weight and sometimes a body is necessary to present for an assassination if that's what the contract entailed. When I learned it I was told it was an ancient spell devised by elves to transport goods safely so no bandits could seize them while travelling. The spell itself is brilliant for some reason it doesn't tax the user like you would think. It feeds off of magic found in nature and since magic exists everywhere there is no worry of it draining your own past simply casting it to open. It did become a forbidden spell after too many people tried to use it for slave trading only to open it to find that anything living that went in...came out dead. There is no explanation as to why this would happen but if I had to guess...there is no oxygen in Abylla Maes.] Vreal explained while looking over to Yui. [+blue Well I suppose we should be off now. Lead the way whenever you are ready.]
  Vreal / 188d 17h 42m 57s
[google-font][Montserrat For Alloen, surrounded by the Brotherhood members as he was, he knew he was in trouble. He was a good fighter and had this been a pitched battle with swords he did not doubt he would have come out of this much better. But ambushed and left to just his hands he had had to delve into powers he would have liked to keep quiet from them. Yet hearing that man's words had set something off within him. Flashes of memories long repressed had swept before his minds eye and even now he felt something about his neck, almost choking him. His free hand, the one not on his sword, reached up and massaged the smooth skin to ease it of the irritant.

Perhaps it was fitting that the man he had come to see now came out for him. In a way he was grateful for the interruption, too tired to carry the fight on much longer – even with his sword in hand – though he would have stuck one of them at least before going down. To counter this subconscious feeling of gratitude, he stared daggers at the man who was the reason behind him being there in the first place. Regardless, his honour would not allow him to attack this imbecile. At least not now. He had saved his life in some way and so he would live this night.

Having dismissed the crowd and with Yui barking orders like a woman possessed he had stood up. Hearing her chastise her men and snap at them so aggressively he approved thoroughly. His estimation of her as a timid if brutal assassin had altered; now she was a brutal assassin and semi-competent leader. Who knew what lofty goals she could attain in his regard if she kept this up?

With the trunk withdrawn from a pocket dimension – something Alloen had no idea about and would have called bull on had someone tried to explain it without showing it – he felt his anger rise. [i So he had been the one withholding what was his.] Had he his strength or had they been alone, perhaps he would have exacted a little retribution for the man taking his trunk. It sounded like he took it from petty spite and had even wanted to burn it. It was all the better that Yui had approached to stand behind him – Alloen's sword felt rather light in hand at that moment.

Putting such thoughts aside he accepted the chest, quickly placing it down at his feet, taking Vreal's warning about the seal but showing no response. His elven was accurate, however the context and manner he used it was off putting. It was similar to saying 'congratulations' at a funeral or 'my condolences' at a birth. An odd choice to say the least.

Left be with Yui he looked up to her as she grinned and declared a toast toward him finally retrieving his chest. From behind heavy lids her vivid eyes looked at him and the partially giddy way she spoke denoted that some alcohol had been ingested. Still he lifted his hand, sheathing his sword as she offered, took back to drink from, then re-offered her flask. Perhaps she was showing him it was not a ploy to kill him as she had warned him before? It was graciously accepted with a silent thanks, a heavy draft placed on the small container. Strong and potent with no acceptable taste it was like swilling pure alcohol. Regardless it eased the discomfort from his injuries and he nodded his thanks to her.

Her offer was interesting to his ear and whilst he had heard of the The Hag it was only in stories and whatnot passed down into folklore. The kind of stories that left anyone thinking the storyteller must have ingested some rather potent mushrooms from the forest. Yui did not look for an answer from him there and then, rather she left him with the offer to go about her business. He had thought to say something witty or flirtatious, but having just burned a man alive and feeling the worse for wear he kept his tongue silent – for once.

Wanting nothing but to rest he had to looked down at the chest with a huff. It took him a little time to drag the item across to his horse, getting it to a place where he could examine it. Indeed the seal placed on it was where he had wanted to access, though how the bloody hell that idiot of a man had seen or known of it was any body's guess. On inspection it was a rather high powered magic. It would take time to decipher the code used by Rezik and even then it would take him a good amount of energy to break it without setting whatever trap had been hidden beneath it – because there were two lines of runes and therefore two levels of magic. No doubt to kill any idiot who tried their hand at opening it without the right measures.

Cursing under his breath he watched others go about their duties for a little time before reaching up into one of his saddlebags. Withdrawing a small sapphire no bigger than a copper coin, he used the magic within on the chest. It was not meant to interact with the seal. Rather it allowed him to shrink the box down partially to that the size of a music box. It retained the same weight and physically it was no different than before. But now he could put it in a bag or a sack to take with him and not have to strap it to the back of his horse like some wandering soul travelling with all he had in life. He could keep his respectability somewhat.

Resting for a time to regain his energy, it was just past the sun coming to rest atop the treetops when he had come atop his horse at a slow walk down the path to the gatehouse. Looking across to Vreal he held up an open hand.[+green “Not to worry, I am not here to argue about why you felt the need to steal my chest or hide it in that little imaginary place of yours.”] It was true he had never seen it before.[+green “Rather your delightful and beautiful assistant here told me you were in need of an additional sword on your little adventure – for a small payment of course. I don't work for free and I have need to replace a jewel I used in my little altercation with one of your men.”] He hinted back to the fight and the way his ring hand illuminated before crumbling. Yet another vibrant ruby now sat in it's place in the gold fitting as if it had always been there.

Looking across to the woman in question, catching those steely eyes. How could Vreal control himself about such an audaciously attractive woman? Perhaps his eyes doth linger on the male physique. In which case he would have two admirers in no time. It made him grin as he looked at her never the less before reaching down to his lap and throwing her a glinting container. Her flask landed in her hand and he bowed his head.[+green “Thank you but I took the liberty to put some Fallorian wine in instead.”] He started his horse forward once more, glancing at her as he passed by and muttering,[i [+green “let me introduce you to some classy wine dear”]] and offered a terribly cheeky wink before waving them on to follow.[+green “Come along now; I have absolutely no idea where I'm going you know.”] He called back over his shoulder.
  WI_ / 190d 4h 1m 44s
There was nothing better than wine… truly. Sure whiskey was a guaranteed good time with plenty of bar brawls involved, vodka made perfect dancing liquor , and rum allowed for plenty more shenanigans best not spoke about around children. Wine was in a different category. The wine was dangerous. Wine made Yui many things, some good and some bad, right now she was neutral and content to just drink and plan. She was in the middle of charting their projected path to Vega’s, when her peace was disturbed by three rough looking brothers who sat down unceremoniously and uninvited. Yui didn’t even bother to look up from her work.
[#87cefa “What do you morons think you’re doing? Can’t you see I’m busy?”]
[+red “We’ve got something more important,”] One of her subordinates growled. She feigned interest, still focused on her work.
[#87cefa “Oh my! More important than what our Commander asked me to do?”] She gestured her hand to the maps and lists before her as she reached for her glass and took another heavy swig. The three idiots scooted in closer disregarding her desire to be alone and her sarcasm.
[+green “Incredibly. You brought that tree-fucker in here, are you gonna make him leave?”]
[+red “You better fucking handle it, he’s not welcomed here. It’s your fault. Fucking women.”]
Yui sat uninterested in their requests and their comments, and would rather have not indulged them, but felt the urge to put them in their place.

Sighing heavily she sat down her quill and gave the three of them a blank yet pointed look. [#87cefa “First and foremost, he is a guest of our Commander. I have no intention of making that man leave. If anything, I’d invite him to stay a while… perhaps help me keep my bed warm.”] She smirked seeing that comment get them riled. [#87cefa “He’s an incredibly skilled fighter. I can tell you honestly, that man could have killed me. I could have killed him too… but I know what that would have cost me, and I like my guts inside my body, thank you. If I can admit defeat to the Elf… you had best do the same now. Your stunt last night will get you killed this night, should you be stupid enough to try again. You have been warned.”] She reached then for her wine, not even flinching as the biggest turd of them all slammed his fist on the table and cursed at her. His words were cut short as in that very moment Alloen entered the bar, and he looked ready for a fight. Yui smirked and eyed her men. She could see their intent in their eyes and sighed. [#87cefa “Well… I won’t say it was nice knowing you because it wasn’t. Now go the fuck away.”]

She had warned them, if they didn’t want to listen then they would have to eat their words and their racism. She remained in her corner, hailing the bartender to refill the wine at her table. All eyes were on Alloen and the idiots who had just left her table. She watched with interest as Alloen gave his warning, but the idiot wasn’t having it. Alloen’s comment caused Yui to snort with laughter. Her sentiments exactly. She quickly sobered up, however, and watched with an amused grin as Alloen made work of her men. The brawl was messy. Three against one? Bunch of cowards. It was highly embarrassing being associated with a bunch of fucking idiots sometimes. This was one of those moments. They fought like shit, and Alloen for a moment seemed to be playing with them. Watching him push the fight outside she took a heavy drink from her wine and fanned herself. It had to be the wine, watching that elf fight had gotten Yui a bit too excited.

Her quiet moment of fantasy and wine was against disrupted. This time by an angry Vreal who heard the commotion. She simply pointed to the door for him to go investigate with a passing comment of: [#87cefa“I warned them,”] and out the door, he went. She then began to chug her wine, hiccuping and setting the empty cup down and moved to follow. She arrived at the fight just in time to see Alloen’s magic at work. She leaned her body against the beam of the inn’s front porch and watched with blurred vision her man writhing on the ground. Slowly her gaze traveled drunkenly to Alloen and her gaze narrowed. She had never seen or heard of magic such as that. Was it some sort of Elf magic? Whatever it was, it didn’t look like a pleasant way to go.

With the fight over and Vreal done addressing the men, Yui clapped her hands and garnered their attention. [#87cefa “Alright, scatter you rats. Back to camp, you can’t fucking behave and this is why we can’t have nice things!”] She snapped. They grumbled and glared, but obeyed her order and left the town to return to camp. She started down the steps towards Vreal and Alloen, grabbing a straggler and tossing him towards the others to follow faster. [#87cefa “I didn’t say to make this a leisurely stroll, get the fuck back to camp,”] she snarled. They had tormented this village enough with their stupidity for one day. What a disgrace at times.

She came to stand beside Vreal as he spoke with Alloen, producing the missing trunk and offering it to him in near perfect elfish. She didn’t understand a word he said, but she got the gist of it. Alloen finally had Rezik’s trunk. Vreal addressed her next, stating it was time to leave and to be ready by evening. She gave a nod of her head in the affirmative and watched him leave out to camp to deal with the oath breakers. Yui took the moment to look over at Alloen, and an idea struck her. She walked over to him and offered him a grin. [#87cefa “You got the trunk. How about a drink to your victory?”] She offered up a flask, but instead of giving it to him she took a swig of it for herself and then offered it to him. [#87cefa “Alloen, I know you’re searching for something. I know you hope to find the answers you seek in that trunk. I know you may not find them… I offer an alternative because, despite our first encounter, I like you. I… need help. Vreal and I will be moving an important package. We will no doubt see trouble on the road and could use an extra skilled fighter. There would be a pay involved, of course, and if that doesn’t do it for you, on our journey we will be stopping to see an old Witch. The Hag, Vega. If you haven’t heard of her, she has the gift of sight, and she can help you find what it is you seek, for the right payment. The path to her is dangerous, though. I will pay you for your help to get the package as far as The Witch’s home. From there you can part ways if you wish. The offer stands until the sun sits on the tops of the trees. Vreal and I will be at the front gate if you decide to join us.”]

She had left Alloen with an offer to join her and Vreal. Vreal might not like it, but she would deal with it in kind. Alloen would make a fine addition to their trip, so long as coin kept him loyal. Knowing she wouldn’t be back for a long time, Yui packed all of her things into locked trunks and directed the Inn Staff to forward her things to her estate in the town of Silverthorn to the north. She then collected a few rations, packed her saddlebags, her weapons, and prepared her horse. She led it from the village stables and to the front gate where Vreal was waiting. She looked around and didn’t see Alloen around, but there was still time before the sun came to rest on the treetops. She looked over at Vreal and approached him, hand reaching out to touch his shoulder. When he looked to her, she stared into his eyes ready to read his reaction to her question and see if he spoke true.
[#87cefa “Are you sure this is what you want to do? Vega can be as dangerous as the path to her. I can’t guarantee she will help you. We did not part on the… best of terms,”] she confessed. She looked back again to see that the sun was seated at the treetops about to make its nightly descent. It was time to leave…
  Yui Azii / darien / 193d 44m 41s
[i There was a stench in the air. It was a combination of iron, sulfur, and death. The roar of battle was going on all around Vreal as he looked into the eyes of a man before driving his blade through the mans heart. The man fell to the ground with a thud. Blood smeared through Vreals hair and on his face. He was injured himself but it was just a few knicks and scratches. He looked down and saw many bodies littering the ground. Food for the crows. He took a step forward and parried a spear with a flick of his wrist. Something wasn't right though. Vreal was looking at himself he knew it was him but the speed he was witnessing wasn't human. He noticed an abnormality of his ears they were a little less rounded than he remembered. His eyes were a tint of yellow as well. Those were not the eyes of a human. He watched as the image of a foreign version of him cut a bloody trail through his enemies and up to a spectral image. A red aura encompassed the enemy before him. It was definitely not human and it felt cold and murderous. The intent in it's red eyes were to just kill and it took pleasure in doing so. Vreal charged and as soon as their blades met sparks showered the ground.]

Vreal woke up with a start. He recalled the dream. The being he saw in the dream seemed familiar. He had seen it somewhere before. He thought back to the time when he peered into the permeating magic. Those red eyes were definitely the same ones he had looked into that day. He stood up and started getting dressed no sooner that he had belted his sword to his side there was a knock on his door. He sighed and opened the door. A member of the brotherhood stood at his door and explained what was transpiring outside. Vreal shoved the man to the side and made his way downstairs. He looked around the tavern of the Inn and saw four men unconscious by a destroyed table.

[+blue Seize them and hold them to the blade until I am ready to deal with them myself.] Vreal ordered while a few members of the brotherhood took his order and carted them off. He made his way outside and saw as the man he had dealt with last night writhing in agony on the ground. Vreal watched as it appeared he was being cooked alive. He saw the mans eyes and realized that was exactly what was going on. He turned his head slightly and saw Alloen on the defensive now. He was prepared to lash out further. Vreal saw the look of tenacity in his eyes but it was clear that had anymore brotherhood jumped into this fight Alloen would not come out alive. It appeared as though some of The Brotherhood realized this as well and stepped forward preparing to rush. [+blue I would say that was fair and warranted.] Vreal said for stepping past those who were planning on rushing.

The crowd looked at Alloen, the brotherhood members, and then to Vreal. [+blue He lost and so he has perished. Albeit in a way I wouldn't wish for on our worst enemy. I tried to stop this outcome before it had to come to this last night. Some of you should learn to respect and listen to the orders of the one who fucking pays you. It is also unwise to challenge someone you have collected absolutely no intelligence on so you can at least have an advantage. You three are going to have a very bad day if you don't sheath your weapons. I will personally see to it otherwise.] Vreal said while letting the threat hang there. It was a threat they understood well. The kind that if acted on would mean someone wasn't going to see nightfall. With the silence falling over the crowd and the three finally backing down Vreal stepped towards Alloen. [+blue I have something to discuss with you it's about why you came here.] Vreal said while Yui walked up behind him. Vreal acknowledged her with a nod. Vreal waited until the crowd dispersed. [+blue Actually two things to discuss but one of those isn't as important.] Vreal said while leaving that as it was.

When the crowd was completely gone he summoned the pocket space and enlarged it. Inside was the trunk that held Reziks belongings. [+blue You know well enough what it is you are looking for. I took it upon myself to ensure you got it. At first I will admit my taking it was rash and I even thought of burning it. For letting that childish action cross my mind I apologize. I will not pretend to understand you or your reasons for hating humanity the way you do. Everything is in there but what stopped me is this marking on the side of the lid. It's small but I know a spellbind when I see one.] Vreal turned the chest so Alloen could see it. It was a marking about as big as the tip of a chisel. It was a spellbind of fire marking. [+blue Whatever you are looking for is protected and it's not in the chest rather I would wager there is a lid cavity that spell bind is protecting.] Vreal said while knocking on the lid. It didn't make a hollow sound most lids would have made. Vreal bowed in elven custom to show respect. It was something taught to him years ago by an elf who was buried in tradition. [i[+blue May the stars guide you well.]] Vreal said in perfect elven as it was also what he was taught to say after. He stood back up and turned to Yui. [+blue It is time we leave Yui. It is time we make our way out of here I will have rations prepared and be ready by the evening. I have to deal with oathbreakers first.] He said that last part with a grim expression on his face.

Vreal left Alloen and Yui with the trunk to do whatever he had to do. He made his way to the camp and ordered another member to get two sacks of rations prepared at the inn. The man made his way to the inn while Vreal looked at the men who were involved in the bar fight being held at sword. [+blue You have done a very foolish thing. You made an oath to the brotherhood and within that oath it was agreed that an order made by your superiors would be heeded. With that oath in mind you have taken it upon yourselves to disobey me and disgrace the know how this has to end.] Vreal said while eight other members of the brotherhood picked them each up two men for each one that remained. [+blue It could have been prevented had you simply let it go. Dishonorable five on one combat when it did not directly involve you is a death sentence coupled with disobeying me. I can't let that go unpunished. Your bad judgement has warranted your sentence.] Vreal said while wooden totems were brought up to him. Each member of the brotherhood that was present didn't necessarily like what was going to happen but they all knew what magical bindings their contracts entailed. The totems could be rotated and were powered by magic catalysts to activate on command. The four that were being persecuted tried to struggle but they couldn't overpower their aggressors now. They were tied to the totems. Their heads were held to the top of the totems and a rope magically secured their legs to the bottom. Vreal snapped his fingers and the totems twisted. The top twisted violently to the left while the bottom twisted violently to the right. It was a death that snapped their necks and severed their spines.

Vreal always hated that device. There weren't many devices that could deliver that gruesome of a snapping noise. He turned away and started to walk. [+blue Burn the bodies and bury them among the disgraced.] Vreal ordered. As he walked away from the scene the gems that powered the machines shattered as the deceased were taken down from the machine in a wrangled mess. Vreal arrived at the Inn and found the rations were prepared. He tied them to his horses saddle and checked the knots for strength to ensure they would fall lose or open during a ride. When that was done he sat down on a wooden chair and waited for the day to pass.
  Vreal / 204d 10h 5m 33s
[google-font][Montserrat The Elven gentleman of questionable morals walked into the camp of the Brotherhood with an impassive look across his handsome features. Sparkling lilac eyes narrowed on anyone who looked his way and he did not feign awe at the scope of the camp nor it's numbers within for truly it was a rather modest size. He had seen and commander far greater long, long ago. He sauntered his way through the rows of tents for the recruits and basic rank and file, the general area around each was quite destitute and more akin to a pigsty than a place for a living being to take refuge. Then again these were humans so they were likely at home amongst the filth and muck, accustom to the grime and on a first name basis with the fleas and ticks. The smell alone was quite overpowering but he maintained his composure and moved on to the larger tents near the centre of the camp.

Whilst standards improved here and the pathways were more defined and well tended to, he was once more left less than impressed. He would have been ashamed to lead an army - for that is what it seemed Vreal thought he led – such as this. The guard posted outside one of the tents was lounging, his spear resting against shoulder, back against one of the tent poles, helmet pushed back as he lazily looked about at those passing him by. When the tall, lithe Alloen had stepped before him he was a little bewildered. He had not been at the inn the night before and had yet to hear what had happened. Looking up at him he raised a brow in question at his presence.
[+green “Is this the tent of belongings for the dead?”] His voice was deep and low and he fixed a glowering gaze on the armoured individual who stared back with scepticism.
[+amber “What's it to you knife-ear?”] The guard eyed the elf before him with an ever growing smug smile. As he saw things this was his camp, and therefore he held the advantage over the stranger in both authority and numbers given some men still lingered about. Of course he was not to know that this particular stranger was not in a most receptive mood and thus a few minutes later he was deposited within the doorway of the tent, eyes closed tight, breathing even and steady and a red mark across his cheek. He would awake in a while and for the most part feel perfectly fine – but he would feel that hit for quite some time after.

With his path into the tent now free, Alloen stepped inside and began to look around for what he was seeking. Firstly he took to a ledger that noted where belongings would be stored. It was a neat system meant to save time and keep a track of items left behind though in this instance it only left the elven man infuriated upon finding the designated space for Rezik's belongings to be empty. Pulling out the boxes and chests around it he began to cast these aside in fury as he found nothing but useless charms and personal belongings for those persons who would never have anyone seeking them out.
[+green [i “That rotten, despicable, conniving little shit! It's gone!”]] Though elven was often a beautiful and poetic language, when it came to cursing and anger it could be quite spiteful and raw, hitting syllables and notes often only seen in dwarven. Marching from the tent in disgust to confront the thief who had stolen from him, his foul mouthed tirade continued,[+green [i “I will fucking have his head for this, he had his one chance with me and I will ensure he does not-”]] A soft spoken voice from behind had him whirl about on his heel, short sword drawn and point directed towards the source of the voice.

Truth be told if it had been anyone but Yui he would perhaps have struck forward such was his disgruntled nature. However seeing the light haired beauty grinning at him and making a mockery of his anger had a rather calming effect. Thus far she had been honourable with him and not sought to draw his ire. The sword was returned to the scabbard at his waist with a flicker of his wrist and his pulsing violet eyes watched her intently trying to decipher just what she was attempting as he took several steps away from her and began to march back for his horse. Of course she followed; had he expected differently? She walked alongside of him making flirtatious remarks that were rather successful in easing his frustrations. Perhaps it had been the fleeting slumber and vivid dreams that had left him in this temperament but her voice had a quality to it that he couldn't place at that moment. Unaware of her genetic background as he was, there was no connective line between the woman and her past or anything to hint at such and he was left quite aloof of her magical capabilities.

As they had come through the camp she had darted in front of him and with a mischievous look twinkling in her eyes and the curve of her lips, she pressed a finger into his chest. She was using a skill he felt he had mastered himself and so it was quite a peculiar feeling to be on the other end of the stick for once, the one being toyed with. Alloen knew the woman wanted his attention to be on her as she offered a final smirk and walked away and she certainly had his interest on her curving physique as she sauntered away. He had not said a word to her and it played well into her hands. Only as she had stepped from sight, light hair flickering behind her, did he feel the spell had left him and he was free to think once more. The corners of his mouth turned up a touch and his hands ran up and through his hair whilst expelling a deep breath as a thought played in his mind; [i 'Such a woman was dangerous, but oh so worth the trouble.']

Returning to his horse he withdrew a wooden tablet and a stylus, flicking open the former to find a fresh and perfect layer of wax within. Offering a carrot from his pack to the animal to keep her steady he leaned on her as he began writing, the metal writing tool cutting into the wax layer with ease. It was less of a hassle than carting about a vial of ink that would inevitably shatter and stain his belongings – not to mention his horse – and the tablet could be heated to reuse the wax and therefore be used multiple times rather than once as with a piece of paper. It was not used much now given how papyrus and paper were becoming so frequent and easy to come by, but this was an old item brought with him from his homeland and therefore had some meaning to the man. With the message completed he finished with a press of his ring as his signature and sealed the tablet shut with a small padlock, running his finger around the edge tracing a line of green flames where it ran. Satisfied it was shut and right for sending he made his way to the inn and called over a rider from near the stable. Pressing the tablet into his chest he leaned close to whisper his orders and the destination for this correspondence, dropping a small purse of coin into his hand along with the head of an arrow. It took a little time to have the younger man understand Alloen's desire but having him repeat back what he had been told he was confident it would find it's home. A golden coin was quietly pushed into the man’s pocket at the end as he pulled away.[+green “Ride quickly and keep that message safe.”] Patting the youthful individuals shoulder he sent him on his way, turning away to tie up his horse. He had put it off a little but he had to confront Vreal about Rezik's belongings.

Stepping inside was quite similar to the night before, though this time it was still a little bright outside and he was not accompanied by the turncoat Dragonkin woman. He had not seen her all day but the thought of finding her was not one that he wished to act upon. Instead he eyed those who went quiet upon seeing him. They would be the ones most keen to stop him from proceeding forward. His stride was strong and assured and not that of a man cowed by the presence of those around. As he made for the stairwell an arm came out before him and quickly stepping out in front was the same individual from the night before who had taken a liking to him. Sporting a bruised cheekbone, no doubt from Insae's work that day, he was a touch taller than Alloen which was interesting given the relative lack of height most humans had.
[+green “I suggest if you wish to keep that arm intact that you remove it from in front of me.”] His voice was low and the remainder of the chatter that had continued when he entered now died away as the confrontation was watched with interest – even by those not particularly disgusted by Alloen's race.
[+crimson “And I suggest you turn your tree-fucking arse 'round and dance your way out of here sweetie, because you ain't gettin' by me.”] He tried to look smug and grin but winced from the pain off his bruised cheekbone. The response from Alloen was tutting and he shook his head.
[+green “Now we have a chance to talk I see that stupidity has overtaken body odour as your most prominent feature.”] A chuckle off behind him was quickly stifled into a cough, though Alloen smiled all the same.[+green “And now that you don't have your little boy leader here to protect you, are you sure you want to start this once more?”] He stared impassively up at the taller mound of flesh before him, acute hearing picking up on movement about him and the presence of additional bodies moving in around him. The grin on the man before him returned despite the pain this time.
[+crimson “Are you?”] The goading was just the catalyst that Alloen needed to instigate proceedings, all too happy to teach these cavemen a lesson or two about what it meant to fight a cornered elf.

His right hand darted up and forward, striking the brute before him in the side of his head where he had been hit earlier in the day. Before he could strike out again the figure behind him had wrapped his burly arms about his torso, pinning his arms to his side and lifting him a little from the ground in a rather tight grapple. The man on his left moved forward and ignoring his friend, who had fallen back against the stairs, he raised his fist to strike Alloen. Quickly lifting his feet he braced them to the man's chest and pushed hard, forcing the frontal aggressor back a few steps but having the effect of springing himself and the one who was holding him backwards and into a table which consequently gave way under the intense weight and with a grunt of expelled air left both men on the floor. Having only been staggered, the second attacker came forward with renewed anger and disgust on his face. Alloen in turn lifted his left boot and struck a chair that had once been tucked under the destroyed table beneath him. It skittered along the floorboards into the shin of the man, taking his standing leg and forcing him to the ground, his right boot swinging across his face moments later and rendering that one unconscious.

Perhaps buoyed by alcohol, the destruction of their table or the sight of their brethren being systematically made a mockery by a lone elf, two additional men came to their aid as said elf tried to roll off the groaning body of the grappler beneath him. He was pulled up to his knees before a boot was repeatedly sent into his chest and ribs. Nothing broke but that did not dampen the pain of the strikes. The duo worked together, one holding onto him and pulling him up more as a fist now struck his temple. This happened again and again, four or five times in a row before he had a means to strike back. His boot's heel was slammed downward at the striking-man's ankle and with a satisfying crunch he heard the bone give way in the man's foot. Letting out the yelp of a wounded hound he crumpled to the ground, Alloen was brought up fully to his feet now by the man who had held him in place. As he came up he was turned and ducked beneath a very sluggish punch, throwing his weight behind his shoulder into the man's gut and charged him back until his back collided hard with the wall beside the door and took his breath. Standing upright the elf put a hand to the man's chest to steady him and pin him in place for several strikes of his own, growling with anger as he drew back a final strike that send phlegm and blood streaking up the wall. Grasping him by his shirt he was thrown aside, in amongst the other tables and patrons of the bar.

Stepping back, panting heavily with a cut on his cheek and partially swollen left eye the only evident sum of his injuries thus far, Alloen looked rather satisfied with his work. One man recovering from having gone through a table, one unconscious on the floor, another nursing a broken ankle and one groaning and muttering as he tried to make sense of the world with a sore and bloody face as those around helped him. Perhaps a touch smug with his work he had forgotten the initial aggressor who with a mighty growl came charging through the room and tackled the elf, sweeping his feet as the pair went through the door with relative ease and out into the courtyard beyond, landing amongst the broken debris with a heavy thud. Both men rolled away from the other, Alloen coming up on hands and knees coughing given the damage dealt to his body.

His opponent was up quicker. Given how the fight had gone, he was not best pleased to let the elf leave entirely intact. Reaching to the ground he took up a sword. Lightweight, made of shining silver and with beautiful etching it was quite obviously not his own but had been taken from Alloen as they had hit the ground. Perhaps the man had been a thief by trade, his deft fingers taking the weapon in his attack through the door. Despite taking this drastic action and clearly showing his intent, he gave Alloen a moment to look up and recognise the danger, wanting to see the fear in the eye of the man he would kill.
[+crimson “Come on then you feminine prick. Time to do away with one more knife-eared shit and make this world just that bit better!”] Advancing forward he slashed down and thought Alloen was able to roll back from it, the edge of the weapon did catch along his side. It cut through the fabric with ease and left a long but shallow cut from his side to his stomach. Hissing from the sting of the cut he reeled back further as the other man grinned.[+crimson “Nothin' better than a stuck elf. You can live as long as you want but you die just the same as the rest of us.”] He was getting cocky, though for good reason as the elven man had no sword to hand to fight back with and instead was left empty handed. Backing away Alloen put a hand to his side, eyeing several figure moving out of the broken doorway behind but with no desire to stop what was happening – they simply wanted a better view.[+crimson “What'a matter? Scared of me now eh?”] He waved the sword about with abandon, laughing as he did so.[+crimson “You should be. You won't be the first elf I kill.”] The elf had been ignoring the man's words up until that moment where upon his head snapped upward and his eyes grew wide with particular interest.[+crimson “Oh yeah, not the first by a long shot. But not to worry, I'll send you to your leaf eared, beast fucking kin – and I'll make it quick.”]

Stepping forward whilst he spoke he had swung the sword to cut down on the kneeling elf. As the sword came down it struck against an unseen barrier and with a boom like thunder the man was pushed back. Brow furrowing in confusion he tried again but again he was forced back, several steps this time. Looking around as if to see lightning streaking above he instead found his eyes coming down to a green fire. The ring on Alloen's finger was aflame with a chartreuse fire that popped and sputtered like that of an oil lantern being fed far too much fuel. The intensity of the fire was quite too much to look at for long, but it spread with speed across the rest of his hand in an instant. The area about them appeared to darken as the olive light of his hand illuminated the onlookers as well. It seemed to jump to his other hand without being touched like it had moved within his body only to emerge in a ball of flame now. The Brotherhood member had been too focused on the fiery extremities to take note of Alloen rising up to his feet but as he turned his astonished gaze on the elf he saw that where once had been perfect violet eyes now were emeralds that were brighter than the flames at his hands. Unsure as what else he could do the man darted forward and swung wildly at Alloen but one of these fiery hands took a tight hold of his swinging wrist. He did not cry out from the fire as it did not burn him nor engulf him. The grip was too tight to try and break free however and allowed the elven man's free hand to come up and to grasp the man by his neck, forcing him down to his knees.

Staring up into the green-flames that danced about the man's eyes, he released the sword in a hope it would show his capitulation and his surrender. It fell to the floor but the hold of his neck and wrist only tightened further. He said not a word, almost drawn in and mesmerised by the those eyes that leered down at him.
[+green [i “For every man, woman and child whose life you have taken, may you burn for a millennia in recompense for their lives. May your death bring them peace. But may your soul never find it..”]] He spoke so lightly and gracefully as if whispering a poem to a loved one and his face was rather peaceful as he did so. The words were beautiful as he sealed the man's fate, pushing him backwards to fall onto his back. As he fell back the fire lightened to that of harlequin and left the elven man, travelling through the humans body to cook him alive. It was quite similar to how Alloen had killed Captain Gerald in his bed, though this man would feel agony and terrifying pain. The only comfort would be to those who watched, unable to hear any blood curdling screams as the man writhed about the floor.

The spell had taken what remained of Alloen's energy and the jewel within his ring cracked before falling from the golden binding that had held it in place, the magic stored within used now. Taking a knee the elven man's hand fell to his sword though he turned his once more lavender eyes on those watching, looking to see how they would take the death of a comrade and whether he would have to defend himself further.
  WI_ / 207d 5h 40m 18s
It was cold, dark, and above all else malevolent. It was the feeling one gets when they are truly alone and with no one to help them. The plane of existence itself was an abomination. It was psychotic and you could feel the hatred and sorrow all around you. Encompassing you and suffocating you as though there has never been anything else. Nothing could exist here and yet it all did eventually travel to this realm. This was the realm of the purest evils. This was the realm of nothing and everything. Past, present, and futures collided here. A realm of darkness that was only spoke of as an afterlife of sorts. Hell was nothing compared to the punishment The Void delivers.

A lone celestial floated among this space. He was motionless. If a celestial could truly die then this was how it would be. The darkness enveloped it's body as if consuming it entirely. The form of a hand gripped the celestial. [b Ah what do we have here? This is a first for me to set eyes upon one of the Celestials in my realm. Awaken damned soul.] The voice commanded. It was a feminine voice as old as time and as malevolent as the realm itself. The celestial awoke at the command sucking stale air into it's incorporeal lungs. It was like inhaling ice and was cold enough here to deliver a serious frostbite to anyone else who would have inhaled the air here.

The celestial floated there unable to move himself. It did not panic though. There was hatred in his eyes. This void was already consuming him and feeding of the anger he was emitting. [b What does a celestial do to find himself banished here?] The voice asked. [b Speak.] It commanded. [+red I created the demon realm and have allowed demons to invade the mortal plane of existence.] The celestial spoke calmly. [b Do you regret your creations?] The voice asked while gripping the celestial tighter. [+red Absolutely not I hope it consumes their plane and kills all of those mortals now that I am here.] The celestial responded. [b Interesting...] The voice said. [b And if you could do it would you?] The voice asked. [+red I would bring the world to it's knees and let all the magic drain from every plane. To destroy Father.] The Celestial responded with rage. [+red ENOUGH OF THE QUESTIONS!] The celestial shouted in anger. It was radiating from him. The hatred he felt towards the mortal plane was now apparent.

The darkness gripped him with crushing force. [b I would watch your tone with me. I have existed for years innumerable. I couldn't even tell you when I started I have just been. I could consume you entirely and drive you into madness in a moment and you would never be able to stop it. No amount of power can stop me here. Nothing can banish me for I AM THE VOID. I AM THE HIGHEST POWER AND COMPARED TO ME, you...are....nothing.] The voice said. A psychotic laugh echoed across the void. [b For I am everything and nothing what has been and what will be. So what shall I do with you. Consume you entirely? Drive you to madness? Let you float here for eternity?.Or....use your power?] The void asked while her laugh subsided. There was nothing but silence for what seemed like an eternity to the Celestial. [+red What do you mean use my power?] The celestial asked curiously. A snap like sound echoed through the void and darkness enveloped the celestial. A body started to form around him.

He felt for the first time in his existence the absolute feeling of fear, suffocation, emptiness, dread, and lonliness. The skin that now encased him gave him sensations he had never felt. He was cold, wet, and hungry. He closed his eyes and when he opened them he was no longer in the void. [b Purge everything...] the void said to him. It was the last thing he heard from the void. He stood in front of a gray castle. He recognized it as the one on the world his father built. The one where a false king now sat. A grin spread across the Celestials face as he started walking towards the castle itself. A guard attempted to stop him and was blasted with magic as black as the void itself. When the magic dissipated all the was left was a dried up husk. His every step created footprint of ice. The man sauntered up to the door of the castle. [+red Get me an audience with the king right now or I will dry you out like dying leaves.] The celestial threatened. The guards opened the door to him.

When the doors opened the man walked up towards the throne that would eventually destroy everything. The king sat upon it and stared down at the Celestial which appeared human to him. [+red You must be wondering who is this man so bold to just barge in and approach you so?] The celestial started. [+red I am known as Grazzt. I am going to help you retain that throne by killing everyone who dares to oppose you. Nothing can stop me. Rejecting my offer will mean nothing as I intend to do whatever is necessary even if it means destroying this world so long as that throne remains as it is right now.] Grazzt said confidently. The kings silence was broken by that statement. He gave Grazzt an ominous smile. [i Indeed a most interesting offer. I accept I want you to destroy the east battalion of the Torn. They are giving me a most difficult time by causing a stir among the people and killing my soldiers. If you destroy all of them then I will have more tasks for you.] The king said while standing up from his throne and stepping down to face Grazzt. [i Do this for me and you will have everything you want short of my throne.] The king said while walking past Grazzt and behind him. Grazzt stayed facing the throne. [+red I will kill them it will take me three days from the time I leave this castle. On the fifth day I will be here reporting success. The man in the hood that has been advising you will lead to your death. Kill him promptly.] Grazzt said while turning and walking to the castle doors. He left in seemingly no hurry. As he walked through the town he noticed the magic waning just be being there. He chuckled as he walked through the town and saw the despair in everyones eyes that braved the outdoors. When he came to the edge of the town he didn't look back. [+red I guess I will head east then.] He stated while a guard passed him. The guard felt fear and Grazzt was happy to see he had that effect on him. Pleased he continued walking.
Celestial Plane
[pic] The plane itself like the stars and energy of all that existed felt a stir. [+blue This cannot be....] He who started it all said shaken by what he just witnessed and felt. He could not intervene in this as his power alone could upset everything he was trying to fix. He sat down on his own celestial throne and placed his hands over what would have been his face. Despair for the first time in his existence was overcoming him. [+blue I cannot believe this. No one has ever come back from the Void. No celestial has worn mortal skin....I have to do something. A dream must happen.] He moved his hands and grabbed a star from the air around him. With his index and thumb he crushed it there and a supernova took place within his finger. Gamma ray bursts could be seen between his fingers and within that a metal was formed. He created it so far away from the planet that it would never reach. He rubbed his fingers over the metal and crafted a weapon out of the metal. It was lacking a handle but that was easy for a celestial to place upon it with just a thought.

He made a weapon in less than ten seconds. It was a beautiful weapon one unlike any other. It was a sword about an arms length and suited to fit only one hand. The blade itself could be obtained only one way. This was a weapon created to kill his own son. The only weapon that could handle that task and not break so long as the wielder of it would not give into despair. He who started it all inscribed a name into the metal. [+blue Rignivar. You are a weapon I never thought I would have to send to the mortal plane.] He said while getting to work on the dream he was going to send to his chosen warrior. Only one person was strong enough to handle her. The dream would have to occur on the next night and there was no way he would be able to completely disguise it as just a dream this would be something the person would never forget. It would show the devastation of the East Battalion and the face of Grazzt the person would vividly remember this dream and in it the Rignivar would be present in the warriors hand. It would show no death of anyone the warrior cared for or knew but instead show the warrior could do nothing to stop this slaughter nor help them fight it off. The person would be like a ghost with a sword that could kill the man doing everything to kill the East Battalion. The person would have to feel immense pain to witness this. The sword itself was blessed as Kingsmagic mixed in with Celestial magic. It was the only way to send this weapon to his mortal plane to stop his son. It was the first true gift he could give the world next to life and magic. He whispered words into the dream that only the person experiencing it would hear. [+blue Rignivar the Vorpal Starsword. Unbreakable as long as your will never wavers from the despair of the challenge...] He tried to tone his voice to something comprehendable by the mortal races but there was no way to know for sure if they would understand the message. When he was finished he waved his hand away and sent the dream to the person he thought best for this task.

He who started it all.....despaired.
  The Void / Vreal / 207d 20h 22m 13s
[u City of Corona, slum district, Azii St.]

The streets of Corona City were packed with people. Many of them had heavy purses, which caught the attention of a set of pale icy blue eyes. Dressed as a boy, her hair tucked into a hat, and just as dirty as any of the other street kids she pick-pocketed with, she waited patiently for a prime target. She had to come back with something to prove herself. She had been running with this group of kids for the past month since arriving in Corona with nothing to really show for it. Sure she had stolen food and the occasional artisan craft, but never lifted something off of someone. She’d been practicing with the rowdy group of children she lived within an abandoned building in their district. They had all either been abandoned, had no family, or were runaways like herself. Living on the streets was honestly better than being put in an orphanage, but for a girl, at her age, she would wind up in a Brothel. Something she would not allow.

The reign under the new king hadn’t been more than a year or so, but his dark reach was already evident in the surrounding cities of Azelea’s capital, and along the paths, he took on his way to dismantling the Reign of Soruria. Pickpocketing and thieving was her way of life these days. She had learned she was very good at it, at least while practicing with her new flatmates. Now they wanted her to try for an actual coin purse, and thankfully she spotted a target for herself. He was undoubtedly close to her age, handsome with pale blonde hair, and traveled. He looked to her as if he was just some wealthy man’s son passing through. She watched him from across the market purchase a fruit, and quickly take a bite of it. When she saw his bag of coin on his person, she instantly wanted it. She started towards him looking straight ahead and bumped into him on the busy street. She murmured her sorry getting back to her feet and hurried off, with his purse in hand.

She smirked victoriously, making her way to the other end of the market and into an alleyway when a large fist grabbed her threadbare coat, jerking her to a stop. She looked behind her to see a stern looking older man. Behind him, the boy had realized he’d been robbed and was running over.
[#87CEFA “Let me GO!”] she shouted hissing and spitting like a mad cat as the man dragged her away from the crowded plaza and to a secluded space. A deep rasping chuckle emerged from behind her and she was turned to come face to face with the man. He was large and covered in armor, carrying weaponry and gear. He was one of the mercenaries she’d heard about that were staying in the local Tavern.
[+red “Looks like I’ve caught a little thief, men,”] dark chuckles rumbled from around her, and try as she might she was too scrawny to do any damage or get away from the man who held her tightly in his hand. Nor could she do nothing about his growth in numbers. She cursed her bad luck. [+red “How shall I punish you, boy? You stole from my ward.”]
[#87cefa “He should keep his purse tied tighter,”] she sassed to a reply of ‘oh’s’ and laughter.

The man who held her smirked at her, his grey-blue eyes twinkling and weathered face handsome with long sandy brown hair pulled into a low ponytail. The man was mulling something over in his mind.
[+red “This one’s a fighter.”] As if to prove a point, she lashed out again in vain at him. His hand moved quickly and ripped off the hat she wore. Dirty matted blonde hair fell down past her shoulders. She wanted to run away but was held steady and firm by the man. His grip belayed any intent to hurt her. [+red “What pretty eyes, and here I thought you were a boy… but I see I was wrong. I imagine you’ve got quite the pretty face under all that dirt.”] She tried to kick out at him, but her feisty reply only coaxed a few more chuckles out of the men that flanked the man and his ward. [+red “Shall I give you to my ward? Let him decide your punishment?”]
[#87cefa “Let GO!”] she spat and dug her nails into the bit of flesh on the man’s hands, ripping it open and giving it a spark from her own fingertips. He dropped her promptly into the dirt, hissing through his teeth. Getting away wasn’t so easy. Two men lifted her up this time and turned her around to face the man. Surprisingly he continued to chuckle.

[+red “You are surprising… I like your spirit, kid. The name’s Acrius, what’s yours? Where are your parents?”] The girl and the man stared one another down intently. [+red “Ah, quiet type? Look, I’m feeling generous today. I saw you rob my ward, you’re quick and spry. So what do you say, you help me out and I help you out? Truth is I need someone small like you for a job coming up. Could make you a tidy sum of money if you cooperate, and I can forget this whole thing ever happened,”] Acrius added. He gave a wave of his hands. The men slowly lowered the girl to her feet and let her go. She looked around them with fierce icy eyes, but she didn’t run. The girl crossed her arms, scuffed chin raised in pride and fearlessness.
[#87cefa “What sort of job?”] Acrius’ face broke into a slow pleased smile. Vreal could have done it, but he didn’t feel the boy was ready. This street girl would suffice for the job and then he wouldn’t have to risk Vreal.

[+red “I need a little sneak thief, like you, to squeeze into a small space. Do a good job and perhaps I’ll make room for you in my company.”] Acrius moved down to a knee and held out his hand to her. She stared at his hand and then to his men. She was certain they were lying to her, but then again… she could be wrong. She eyed their weapons and saw the hardened looks on their faces. These were men who could kill… something the girl wanted to learn. She wanted to kill the men who had destroyed her home, and any who had ever hurt her, and any that would ever dare.
[#87cefa “You mean… I can be like you? Like that boy over there? You’ll teach me how to steal better and kill my enemies?”] Acrius shrugged, amused by her candor.
[+Red “Perhaps, with the proper training. The Brotherhood doesn’t take women, but we might be swayed if you do enough of a good job. I still need that name though. I don’t like working with strangers,”] She didn’t want to give her name. Her kind was being hunted down, and she didn’t want to end up with her head on the end of a spike.
[#87cefa “If I go with you, I’m going with you, alright? You gotta train me so no one can mess with me.”] Acrius gave a nod of his head and held his hand over his heart.
[+red “So long as you stick with me kid, and do what I tell ya, no one will mess with you.”]

She didn’t really have another option. If she refused, he would turn her into the authorities and then she would be dead.

She had nothing better going for her and reached out to take his hand. [#87cefa “I need a new one. Name, that is. Mine is listed, sir. Best if I don’t say it out loud.”] Acrius shook her hand and nodded his head in understanding. A child could only have a listed name for one reason only at that time. She reinforced his assumption with her next words [#87cefa “I promise to do a good job, just please don’t send me away. I don’t want them to get me-“] she pleaded him in a hushed whisper, her hand gripping his tightly. Acrius looked down at the burns that now decorated his hand where she’d dug her nails in, and he stared at her differently. This girl… was a Druid. He would, of course, have to confirm that later.

[+red “Finders keepers, kid. You’re mine now. I’m going to turn you into a premier Mercenary and make a tidy profit off of you. A kid like you will be a natural. I’m going to call you… Azii, since that’s where I found you. ”]
[b “Acrius, is this really wise? She just tried to steal from one of us. Kids are bothersome, enough, but a [i girl]? We’re not wet nurses,”] spat the man standing nearest Acrius. The girl glared with a stony expression. She didn’t know it then, but his name was Rezik.
[#87cefa “Then it’s a good thing I don’t like milk.”] She stated smartly. This earned an honest chuckle from Acrius. Rezik, was not amused.
[+red “I think you’re going to fit in just fine… Yui. Yui Azii. You know what that word stands for yes?”] The girl’s eyes widened slightly, and quickly nodded her head. The man knew… knew what she was, and was still willing to not only spare her but take her too. [+red “Good. Come on Vreal, keep up boy… we’ve got a job to do.”] Acrius wrapped an arm around the girl’s shoulders leading her away. From over Acrius’ arm, Yui looked to Vreal and began to wear a smug grin. It was clear as day the boy hoped to be the one Acrius would use, or at least seen his thief punished. It was the day she believed for the longest time, was her ‘lucky day’. Vreal never did get his coin purse back...

[center ~*~*~*~*~]

In the years that followed Acrius kept his word, and had evolved Yui into the talented and graceful killer she was today. Yui realized what he had done as she spared one last glance to the woman with her children. Acrius had recognized what she was, and it was a connection he could not ignore. She had grown up training side by side, vying for Acrius’ approval and praise, with Vreal. Acrius was gone now, and things were different now. It didn’t help the feeling of jealous envy that crept into her making her eyes burn with frustration at the sight of the oblivious mother and her children. It didn’t quell any less either when she spotted the handsome Elf making his way across the fields towards the Brotherhood’s encampment. It was a perfect distraction from her own longing, and she perked her with curiosity.
[#87cefa “What are you up to?”] She thought for a moment and figured he must have gone looking for Rezik’s things. She hadn’t gotten a thumbs up from Vreal to begin preparations for their trip to visit the old Hag, so she assumed she still had some time to spy on the elf.

Honestly, she was surprised to find he was even still in town. He had said his name was Alloen, but she had never heard of an Elf by that name before. To be honest, she had never bothered to concern herself much with the comings and going of elves… or anyone else for that matter. Unless they were someone pertaining to a contract, she didn’t care. Alloen had been a professional about things, she wasn’t going to hold a grudge over a minor scuffle regarding Drav. Perhaps she had been a bit harsh on him? It wasn’t fair to assume he was an enemy simply because they were looking for the same person. She was more or less curious to know what his connection to Rezik was, or rather Rezik’s connection to Alloen.

Yui made her way down the gate and back towards camp. It was late afternoon, so the bulk of the men were down in the training ring , or they were at the Inn about to eat their supper. She sauntered down the rows of tents towards a tent where fallen brothers’ things were kept. Outside the tent, she heard the muffled sounds of cursing and things being torn about. She listened to Alloen’s voice curse in common tongue and in elvish. He couldn’t find what he was looking for, but it became clear when she heard an uttering along the lines of: [+blue “It’s gone…”] did he mean Rezik’s things? Yui even arched a brow at that, arms crossed and thinking on where it could have gone as she leaned against the supporting post to the tent. She was still eavesdropping on Alloen when he came storming out. He would have missed her if she didn’t speak.
[#87Cefa “Find what you were looking for?”] She asked grinning at him when he noticed her. [#87cefa “I’ll take that as a no. Shame, I wanted to know what your connection with Rezik was. Figures, the one time I’m curious about someone…”] she shrugged and pushed away from the post and approached him. [#87cefa “And its a disappointment… your connection to Rezik, not you yourself -I mean.”] she teased. She looked him up and down for a moment, she looked more relaxed in this environment, less stressed. The sleep had been good for her, as had the bit of pipeweed she smoked. Not to mention Alloen and Insae’s presence both served as a good distraction for the time being. She was still salty about Acrius’ last request. [#87cefa “I’m glad we didn’t have to fight a second time,”] she confessed openly and wandering through the camp with Alloen. [#87cefa “I think we might have killed each other, and then where would have been the fun in that?”] She grinned over at him, clearly up to something, or wanting Alloen to think she was. She reached up suddenly and poked a finger to his chest capturing part of his collar. [#87cefa “Let me know before you leave town… I might want to tell you goodbye…”] She smirked and walked away from him, raising a hand as if to say goodbye now and tossed her farewell over her shoulder. [#87cefa “It’s been fun, Alloen… see ya around,”] though her tone suggested she wouldn’t be heartbroken if they never saw the other again.

Yui returned to town to begin preparations for her’s and Vreal’s departure to the Bog lands. She sat down at a table in the Inn where the evening conversation surrounded Vreal’s explosion last night with some of the Brotherhood over their new guests. She was seated with several of her closest brothers, all of them drinking a large bottle of wine. This was something Yui agreed with and reminded her men that Gold was gold, it didn’t matter who had it. So they drank the wine to gold and to profit until Yui was well buzzed and tipsy. This was why she did not drink wine, it always went to her head. She made a quick trip upstairs to check on Vreal, saw he was asleep and left him once she was satisfied he was safe and in one piece. That elf was mad… and she didn’t know him well enough to determine if he’d try to attack Vreal. She hadn’t seen Insae for a while either, but Yui had bigger things to prepare for. She made herself a cozy little workspace in the dining room of the Tavern. The table was covered with parchment, maps, ink, and quill, a half-eaten dinner and a bottle of clear liquor with a glass. She was making lists, and plotting their course to and through the Boglands, which would be no easy feat. She didn’t want to sleep either. Sleeping meant more nightmares, more visions, and dreams of the things she wished for, the people she missed, and the one she desperately pined to be with the most. She remained awake and productive, though drunk, through the entirety of the night and well until the sun rose the next day.
  Yui Azii / darien / 213d 13h 41m 1s

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