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Shyloh was honestly far too nice for her own good. Remi found herself much more open around her than others, and wasn't entirely sure if that was good or bad at this point in their friendship. She'd laid back against the mattress in an effort to steady herself and the room as it felt like everything was spinning. Just as she'd been about to open her mouth to tell the girl to stop fussing over her since she was more than fan at that moment, she shut her mouth almost instantly and moved to stand to help gather their things. “Stop worrying about me. There's no time. We just have to go, and worry about everything else later.” There would be a time for rest when they didn't have to worry about getting captured.

“I noticed when we came in that the railing goes all the way around. If they parked on this side where you can see them, there's a good chance we can still sneak out the other way,” Oh god she hoped that was a possibility. There was nowhere for them to really hide, and they would eventually find their room if they were searching them. They had abandoned that asshole's car- which in hindsight now seemed like a terrible idea as they had no means of escape but their own two feet at this current moment.

Without much hesitation, she grasped Shyloh's hand and pulled her toward the door. There was knocking at the other end of the hall followed by voices. Men's voices. “We'll make it, okay?” Remi attempted to console her companion as she fumbled with the lock and doorknob before finally pulling the door open. Even as dizzy as she was, she knew they couldn't just stay there and be bait. “Don't run. Don't act suspicious. If they're knocking on doors, they don't know which room we're in yet.” The words were whispered, but she didn't even know if Shyloh could hear them. Her own heartbeat was agonizingly loud in her ears.

She closed the door as quietly as she could behind them and gave the girl's hand a light squeeze as they turned the corner. One of the men had finally taken a notice of the two of them as they left their little hovel, and as she heard his loud booted footsteps near them, Remi broke into a run- pulling the smaller girl after her. The blonde wanted to know how they'd figured out they were here unless someone had tipped them off. Their arrest records- although fake- were surely enough for someone to call in an anonymous tip about them.

In the near distance, Remi heard the whistle of a train. It was close to them she could gather as much. She could see the tracks of the train not much farther from where they were. She felt herself ready to collapse from the exhaustion, and knew that her companion was likely in the same boat, but this was no time to stop. “The train,” She pointed a shaking finger toward the oncoming locomotive. She was silently hoping and praying to herself that her abilities that made her think she was bad luck didn't act up and hinder them, but she knew that if there was a will, then there was a way that something terrible would happen right as soon as they crossed those tracks.

As she pulled them up onto the tracks, she felt her boot get caught, and attempting to tug her foot free was a rough effort for a tired, and emotionally drained girl was quite a feat in and of itself. “Did I ever tell you I was bad luck,” She attempted to lighten the mood and tug her foot free once again. This time, the train was much, much closer. Without much thought, she loosened the laces- choosing to forsake her shoe rather than her life. When she opened her eyes, she found herself laying on top of Shyloh- silently wondering if they'd both died right then and there.

“Ow. I'm sorry. We don't have much time,” Remi was a bit sad at the loss of her shoe, but better it than her. “Do you want to see if we can get in the train or do you want to walk?” She didn't think she needed to say it, but she was exhausted, and didn't think she could walk much longer.
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Shyloh stifled a chuckle, a large grin spread across her freckled face. She loved showing off, knowing this was the one thing she was truly good at. Sure, she fucked up everything else, but never this. This was her calling. Her passion. It was HERS.

[#483D8B "Don't mention it,"] Shyloh gave a cheeky wink before running her fingers through her tangled hair, trying to work out the extra knots that she acquire from her slumber. [#483D8B "Honestly, I kept thinking about your eyes and I thought that the color would go well,"] Shyloh shrugged before looking up at Remi with a kind smile. The girl looked like she had something to say, so she leaned in with intent.


Shyloh didn't speak a word, too enchanted and intrigued by Remi. She wanted to hold her, to tell her not to apologize for anything. Instead she stayed quiet, letting Remi lead the conversation. Shyloh quickly took Remi's hand when she offered it, somewhat ashamed of how much she loved the warmth of her skin. Her hand was soft, and Shyloh couldn't think of a time where she had felt soft hands on her own.

Noticing that Remi was suddenly falling ill, Shyloh leaped from her place, moving to Remi's side. [#483D8B "Don't say sorry. Are you okay? Do you need help? I can draw up some meds or something if you need it? How about water?"] Shyloh ran towards the bathroom sink, fumbling for one of the paper cups on the counter. [#483D8B "I hope you don't mind tap water,"] Shyloh returned with a cup that was over-filled with flower, spilling slightly on the table under them. She stayed by Remi's side, intent on being there for her new friend.

[#483D8B "So first,"] Shyloh turned her face towards Remi with a reassuring grin, making sure she stay upbeat. [#483D8B "I wouldn't have guessed in a million years that you were transgender, and honestly, I don't give a flying fuck. You're fuckin' stunning and all I see is some damn arm candy in front of me."] Shyloh honestly didn't know if those were the right things to say, but she continued on, [#483D8B "Secondly, your life and your problems are not [i 'juvenile']. Don't say that shit. Also, you don't need to apologize to me." ]

Shyloh held her smile, moving towards the window of the room. She lazily threw the curtain open enough for her to see into the driveway of the hotel. Soon enough, her smile faded, turning back instantly.[#483D8B "There are three black SVU's in the parking lot. Clean ones, expensive ones. I'm not sure what make-"] She moved towards their items and started frantically throwing them in whatever bags they had. [#483D8B "How did they find us? Out of every hotel in every god damn hotel?"] Shyloh was now whispering, all though the harshness in her tone did not change.

[#483D8B "I am so sorry, Remi, but we should move. Do you think you can handle that? You can lean on me,"] Shyloh was at her side now, hands lightly wrapped around Remi's forearm. [#483D8B "I guess I don't get that shower,"] Shyloh mumbled under her breath, unaware she was speaking.

[#483D8B [i I mean, at least we got breakfast.]]
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“Don’t be sorry. You didn’t do anything wrong. I just wanted to mention that for the next time. You’re obviously capable on your own, but I think it’d be best if we both know where the other is for now so we can stick together,” Remi gave her a soft smile and moved to sit down on the bed while she ate the wrap in her hands slowly. The reveal of her diagnosis came as no surprise to Remi, but it did help answer some of the questions she had had about her fluctuating moods. It didn’t change her opinion about Shyloh in the least, but it was an important piece of information to know, and she was glad that the other girl felt comfortable sharing.

She ate her own breakfast in silence- not wanting to disturb her friend whom seemed so concentrated that breaking that seemed wrong to the blonde. She tossed the wrapper and blinked slowly in surprise as the girl pulled a bracelet from the paper. “Holy shit,” Remi let out a soft laugh and reached down tentatively to pick up the jewelry as if it would disappear at any given moment. It was a beautiful piece of art, and she was amazed at what she could do with just a crayon and a piece of paper. Remi put the bracelet on, and had to say that the girl had taste in jewelry.

“Thank you. Your abilities are kind of amazing. This is beautiful.” She lightly ran her fingers over the green stones- wondering if it would return to being a non-corporeal entity any time soon.

“I have to be honest with you, Shyloh. Since you told me about your mental health diagnosis, I should just tell you that I am transgender. I've had some low points of depression in my life mainly concerning my appearance, but I really try to block out my own emotions so as to not get consumed by them,” She felt this was necessary to mention so that any potential awkwardness between the two of them could be avoided. “When I feel emotions of others so strongly, I've become rather afraid of my own. Like I said last night, when I open those doors they don't close easily so I'm sorry if at any point I make you uncomfortable.”

Remi offered her hand to Shyloh slowly. She knew that this was necessary even if she herself felt uncomfortable. The girl closed her eyes to help herself concentrate. “I grew up in a house full of secrets. My mom seemed a bit distant from me, but when she remarried, her husband was a great person to go to for emotional support. You know even being the way that I am, there are some things I just remember like that joy. Somethings make me so inherently happy or sad regardless of how closed off I try to be. Like when I saw him mistreating you yesterday it made me angry.” Though her eyes were closed, a small smile pulled at the corners of her lips. “You didn't deserve that and I'm sorry I didn't help sooner. I guess I was just afraid because I’m not the type that usually draws attention to themselves.”

She was always more of the silent observer. She knew more than she should about most people likely because they were more willing to let their guard down when they were around her. Not that she minded that all that much. “You know that story that I told you yesterday about how I got to Hollylock? The reason why I was so upset with that boy is because he told me that he asked someone I had some feelings for- whether romantic or not, I’m not quite sure- to ask me out as a joke, and knowing that my friend would do something like that to me really bothered me. I’m sorry. Compared to you, my story is quite juvenile.” A small laugh left her, but it quickly faded as a wave of nausea and dizziness hit her quite literally like a brick. Remi released one of Shyloh’s hands in an attempt to steady herself there. “Sorry. I think I overdid it a bit.”
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Shyloh gave out a sigh of relief when she realized she hadn't awoken Remi, watching as the girl appeared from the bathroom. Shyloh lifted her arm slightly and took a small sniff before wincing, shaking her head back and forth. A shower would have been smart, especially from all the sweat and grime that accumulated all over her. She started to giggle a little bit, remembering the odd stares she had gotten from the employees from the stores she went to.

[#483D8B "I'm sorry," ] Shyloh grumbled in reply, not thinking about her actions thoroughly before. [#483D8B "If I'm honest, I didn't even think of that."] The facts were that Shyloh was used to being alone and unliked. The only people to ever take her in and make her feel at home were, well, what the law would call 'deviants' and 'miscreants'. She didn't care, they were friends. Her family. [#483D8B "It's basically day 2 and I'm already fucking up,"] Shyloh let out a rough laugh, mocking her situation as her eyebrows furrowed in disappointment. The hate she had for herself grew a bit every day.

Shyloh finished stuffing her face in a matter of a few minutes, not caring about the slop that fell on to the table. She cleaned up after herself, however, wiping the crumbs into a napkin she had near. She turned to Remi and listened as the girl talked before quickly raising her hands in defense. [#483D8B "You have nothing to apologize for, I agreed to everything." ]She let out a sigh and shook her head slightly, [#483D8B "Before we do anything else, I should tell you that I have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. My mood fluctuates often, so please don't take most of my reactions to heart."] Shyloh hated having to tell people about her disorder, however, she knew it was vital, especially since they were now stuck together. She drew in a breath before decided to move on with something different.

[#483D8B "How about, since we are getting to know each other, I show you exactly what I can do?"] Shyloh reached toward her drawing pad and flipped it open before moving towards the crayons. She looked at Remi with a curious eye, cocking her eyebrow and she looked her up and down. [#483D8B "Do you like jewelry?" ]


Shyloh didn't know what she could really do, not by a long shot. It was only a year or so ago that she actually found out that she had 'powers'. She had just finished drawing a gun for a friend when something inside her made it so she had to psychically touch the image. It pulled her towards it and her fingers slipped into the paper as if it was an open window. She felt cool metal on her hand and was startled. Her friend reeled back in awe and terror, watching as she pulled out a shiny revolver. They were both startled, for a few moments, neither said a thing.

[#006400 "Are we seeing the same thing or am I fuckin' trippin?"] Her friend was generally curious, eyes wide.

Shyloh dropped the gun onto the table in front of her, expression mimicking her friend. [#483D8B "I- No. Yes. We are seeing the same thing."] She drew her eyebrows together in confusion.

[#006400 "Try it again, Squirt,"] A devious smirk formed on her friend's face, plotting.


Shyloh didn't talk the entire time, eyes focused on the paper in front of her. She was scribbling like what she assumed looked like a madman but she didn't care, she was in her zone. It didn't take long for her to be done, throwing the crayon onto the ground and grinning. She looked up at Remi for a moment before returning her gaze to what she had drawn. She closed her eyes and reached in, pulling out a beautiful bracelet, adorned with light green crystals wrapped in a silver metal. She delicately placed it on the table in front of Remi.

[#483D8B "For you." ]
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Remi too was tired, but she hated sleeping- especially in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people where things could go wrong at any second. Not to mention she was already shaking from seeing into Shyloh’s mind. The poor girl was like a tsunami of emotions and nerves that had crashed full force onto her. She'd have to remember to only do this in small doses from now on. When the bag was tossed to her, she took a light cotton shirt from the bag along with a pair of shorts. Whereas Shyloh seemed to care little for her modesty, the blonde was a bit more hesitant to be semi-nude if they had to share a bed. “You can ask me the questions you have tomorrow.” She turned her back and removed her clothes- replacing them with the light sleepwear as they were removed. “It's been a long day.” That was the understatement of the century if she ever heard one.


Despite her fear of sleep, she was able to fall asleep fairly quickly and actually stay asleep. Perhaps it was sheer exhaustion from the day's events, or perhaps it was knowing subconsciously that she wasn't alone in the disgusting- by her standards anyway- room there. Her sleep had been blessedly dreamless unlike the previous night. Remi would take a restful, dreamless sleep over nightmares any day.

When sunlight filtered in through the blinds and the early sounds of fake moans filtered through the thin walls like paper, Remi pulled the blankets over her sleep disheveled mess of hair in an attempt to cling to the last remnants of sleep she could. Whoever the woman was making these sounds, she felt bad that she had to sound so artificial just to pretend she enjoyed whatever he was doing to her. She shivered at the thought. Sadly, she knew that sleeping further was not to be even though she was still tired. She felt Shyloh stirring and chuckling to herself next to her, and knew she wasn't the only one who had been awakened. Hopefully, the girl felt better than she had the night before. They still needed to talk, but Remi wasn't going to push the topic if it made Shyloh so distressed.

When Shyloh was gone, she tossed the blankets away and ran her fingers through thick, unruly locks. A proper shower was needed to wash away the sweat, sleep, and god knew what else she'd acquired after laying in this bed. Remi grabbed the backpack and found the clothes she'd picked out the night before and headed to the bathroom- immediately turning the water on the hottest setting.


Remi was still in the bathroom when she heard the door open. Having heard it bang loudly against the wall, it made her heart race as she had thought it was Hollylock already coming back for them. Hearing Shyloh's voice made her breathe out a sigh of relief, and she exited the bathroom fully clothed. “You scared the shit out of me. I thought someone was breaking in.” Thankfully none of her previous thoughts had been accurate. “I really appreciate you bringing us food though. I just don't think it's a good idea for us to split up. At least together we can look out for one another.”

Not that Remi would complain when she'd come back with food that was far more edible than the cardboard they were served in Hollylock. She reached into the bag and pulled out one of the wraps before taking a seat on the bed. “Hey, I'm sorry about last night. I didn't mean to bring up bad memories.” Nor had she expected Shyloh to be so open with her. “Though I suppose since you were so open with me that I will be the same with you. I'm just afraid using my abilities to do that. I know once I open that door, it won't stop.” And with how volatile Shyloh's emotions were on their own, the last thing she needed was to feel Remi’s flood of emotional baggage as well. “It might help us to get used to one another though so let me know what you want to try,” she offered a smile and opened the wrapper of her breakfast. Her stomach growled loudly at the thought of food. For once she wouldn't complain about the calories. They were on the run; there was no point in complaining about what would probably be the best food they ate during this time.
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It felt as if flames were burning in the pit of Shyloh's stomach. The rage that flew through her body was unimaginable, but still, she sat, silent, her olive eyes looking forward at the now stationary Remi. The pain she had just unleashed ripped at her, and her thoughts turned to a very dark place. She shook her head, wiping the tears that rolled off her freckled cheeks. Staying calm at this moment was grueling, to stay the least.

Shyloh flinched slightly at Remi's first touch, not aware that they were close enough for such contact. She let out a breath, unsure of how she felt at the moment. No one had brushed her hair out of her eyes since her mother, who, well, abandoned her. Shy shook her head before leaning in closer. She didn't say a word to the girl, listening intently, trying to force down the emotions that coursed through her veins. When Remi grabbed Shyloh's hand she saw the tension, the struggle. Remi's grip tightened, and the way she looked at Shyloh, it was like she wasn't in the room. Shyloh wanted to pull away, but something inside her knew that this was supposed to happen.

Tightening her grip as well, Shyloh watched as the cards were moved, reading each one as they flipped. Her heart beat heavily against her chest, however, the contact with Remi seemed to coax her rage into slight submission. She bit her lip as she stared on, now watching Remi's lips as she spoke about the cards in front of them. Shyloh gave out a few [i 'tsks' ], especially at the one about not giving herself proper credit. There was no credit to give, not in any cause. Everyone who she ever loved either died because of her or left her. Did a person like that deserve credit? Shyloh didn't think so.

The tarot card reading was over and Shyloh didn't know what to really say. She wasn't upset anymore, so that was at least something. She didn't know what it was about Remi but something about her made all the tension seem to slide away, at least for the moment. [#483D8B [i Anything I'd like to know about you?] ]Shyloh cocked her left eyebrow and gave out a small chuckle, [#483D8B "Honestly, I want to know every god damn thing about you."] She rolled her shoulders before stretching her arms as she started to give out a rather manly yawn. [#483D8B "But right now I think we both need some sleep. It's been a [i loooong ] fucking day." ]

Shyloh subconsciously touched her bruising before lazily peeling off her shirt and pants, not caring about her companion seeing her semi-nude. She let out a sigh and crawled towards the backpack they had gotten, grabbing a simple white t-shirt. She slipped it on before tossing the backpack near Remi. [#483D8B "Uh, good night I guess?"] She gave a shrug before tossing herself lightly against the mattress, making sure to be conscious of her very bruised neck. She wiggled into the blankets and a small, genuine smile crept across her face. [#483D8B "This... Is actually really comfy. No wonder people pay to fuck here."] Shyloh let out a laugh before shutting her eyes.


It wasn't the sun that woke Shyloh up, nor was it an alarm. Banging from a nearby room was audible, causing Shy to shoot up from the position she laid so comfortably in. Confusion swarmed her mind as she looked around, expecting to be trapped in the milky-white walls of Hollylock. Relief washed over her as her vision cleared up, a small chuckle escaping her lips as she heard what had actually woken her up.

[b "Billy! Billy! Billy!"] A woman moaned, a loud thumping noise slammed into the wall that Shyloh and Remi's bed was pushed against. [b "Oh, Billy, you are soo goood!"] Shyloh rolled her eyes at the commotion, hoping that they didn't wake Remi from her sleep. [#483D8B [i Wow, Bill must be a God,] ] Shyloh joked to herself, knowing that the woman's moans were definitely fake.

Shyloh lazily stretched before slowly climbing out of bed, trying not to make more noise than there already was. She stumbled towards the backpack that she had thrown towards Remi the night before, pulling out a pair of shorts. She grumbled slightly before shuffling towards the cash they had acquired from Jeremy. She grabbed fifty dollars and the key to the room, threw on her boots, and crept out of the room.


It was 9:30 in the morning by the time Shyloh got back to the room, and luckily, no moans could be heard. She struggled with the door for a few moments, unable to open it with all the items she had been carrying. Finally, and without dropping a single item, she swung open the door. She winced as the door slammed against the wall, knowing that if Remi wasn't up before, she was now. Shyloh waltzed into the room, looking haggard as she threw down all the items she acquired onto the table. [#483D8B "Sorry... I got breakfast,"] She practically whispered, sitting herself down in front of the bags. She dug into the goods, retrieving large breakfast wraps and orange juices for the two of them. Next, she retrieved a large notebook and a variety of different crayons to choose from. She tossed the book and the crayons to the side and dove into her wrap ferociously, not able to resist the food any longer. It was so much better than the food at Hollylock. [#483D8B "Now this is something worth moaning over."]
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It seemed that her question had opened up a can of worms that neither of them was quite prepared for. Remi pulled the deadbolt and closed the curtains to keep the afternoon sun out and dim the room a bit. She slipped her new boots from her feet and made her way to the side of the bed that wasn't occupied by Shyloh- setting the backpack full of their belongings on the bed next to them. The brunette had been through more than the blonde had expected for sure, but it didn't change her mind about helping her in the least.

“Hey,” Remi began quietly- using her index finger to sweep Shyloh’s fringe behind her ear. She crossed her legs and pulled her tarot deck from the backpack- running her thumb lightly against their well-used edges. “I believe you,” She would give her companion the benefit of the doubt as there had been false reports about herself as well. Hollylock sure knew how to cover the bases when it dealt with wayward witches. Not only that, but Shyloh lacked the tell-tale signs of an addict. Homeless was something Remi could believe; addiction was not. “I believe you because they lied about me too. They accused me of attempted murder of an ‘ex-boyfriend’” She used her fingers to form quotations around the word “boyfriend”. “They said I pushed him and he fell off the bridge onto the rocks below. It was just an accident where I got upset with him, and my powers acted up. He tripped on a rock and fell off the bridge. And he certainly wasn't my boyfriend. I have never dated men,” She moved her gaze back up to meet the other woman’s. They were both vulnerable right now and uncertain how their future would turn out. But there was no time to be doubtful of one another as such insecurity would lead to them getting caught. It didn't need to be said that neither wanted to return to Hollylock.

“What they did to you- to both of us- was wrong, yes, but none of that was your fault. You shouldn't blame yourself for something you didn't do. I understand that you're upset by losing your people, but you are not at fault here, Shyloh.” She gave her a smile to reassure her- though it probably looked more like a grimace than a smile due to the sensory overload and adrenaline from their escape Remi let out a soft exhale. She was nervous to touch the girl again as the last one had damn near induced a panic attack, but she had agreed to help her, and she wasn't about to go back on her word.

Remi moved a bit closer to Shyloh. And laid out her deck- spreading the cards face down on the mattress. “First, I'm going to hold your hand if that's okay. I have second sight. I can use it to see brief snippets of your thoughts and intentions,” She explained gently- telling Shyloh her own intentions so that she wouldn't be frightened by what she saw. “I always do a tarot reading to put my mind at ease. I don't know if this will help you, but it'll help me open myself to you much easier,” she had very rarely opened herself up to others due to fear and anxiety. It would take time, but she felt there was no reason not to trust her.
With her left hand, she reached over and slid her hand into the other girl's. Remi flinched at the initial contact. It was a barrage of painful colors. The anger, sadness, and fear was so prevalent that it physically hurt Remi like crashing face first into an immovable wall of bitter feelings. She was able to fight the urge to let go of Shyloh- being equally as careful not to dig her fingernails into the other girl's skin. Forest green eyes appeared glassy and glazed over- almost as if she were in some sort of trance. Her free hand moved to choose ten cards at random from the spread. The first three were flipped over to reveal the sun, the lovers, and the wheel of fortune. The next set of three was quickly flipped as well: the tower, the hermit, and the fool. The final four cards were also turned over with one of them set off to the side by itself: the moon, the judgement, and the chariot- with the hierophant placed on its own.

Blinking slowly, Remi allowed herself to focus once more on the brunette's face. “These first three cards represent your strengths. Drawing these cards suggests a new situation with greater responsibilities than what you have now. Also, the lovers card being among your strengths means someone new will come into your life- a friend or a colleague maybe. This new person will appreciate you properly and congratulate your abilities. You should stay close to this person because they'll prove themselves a worthy ally.” Remi thought it was auspicious that she'd have drawn this card for her, but said nothing.

“The next set represent your weaknesses. You're self-critical of yourself and don't give yourself the proper credit you deserve. You're meticulous about your work, but overall a tender and caring individual. It shows you've had missed opportunities because of self doubt, but when you trust yourself again, your conviction will return.” It was a fairly common trait in most people to doubt themselves. From the sound of things there was also a lot of blame that she felt about her friend's deaths. “The last set represent your future. These cards show you're going through a time that requires a lot of thought a careful decisions. Overall, this draw means a fresh start for yourself and that the direction you're headed is the right one. The last card that wasn't chosen, though, represents a figure in your life who opposes you. They're conservative and have a hard time accepting the world as it is.” The draw was an interesting one to say the least, and the last card made her think of the dark haired woman who ran Hollylock along with Jeremy who both seemed to have it out for Shyloh.

“If there's anything you want to know about me, then please ask,” Remi pulled her hand away from Shyloh’s slowly. She shivered at the loss of the contact, but she was somewhat relieved as just that had drained quite a bit of her energy. ]]
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[#483D8B "The Pink Palace?"] Shyloh gave out a childish giggle, her eyes locking with Remi's. [#483D8B "Love the name. Sounds like home,"] she shrugged, not really caring where they ended up. As long as she wasn't trapped in some cage, she was perfectly fine. She assumed that Remi felt the same way. [#483D8B "Alrighty, lets rock this bitch!"] Shyloh grinned, giving her new companion the thumbs up.


Shyloh's eyes jotted from one place to the next for the entire walk, slightly on edge. She knew these types of places like the back of her hand so she knew to be alert without drawing too much attention. Unfortunately, this was a small town, so picking out two people and seeing that they didn't belong was quite easy. Remi was incredibly close to Shyloh, however, it seemed like the girl didn't wish to touch her. This made sense given the circumstances. Shyloh wouldn't want to touch anyone if she could feel their emotions. She had way too much to deal with already.

They didn't talk the entire walk, mostly due to the fact that they didn't have much to say that could be actually said in public. They had to be discrete because if Hollylock got wind of two female's talking crazy, they'd be the first on the scene. It was painful for Shyloh not to say anything, however. Questions about Remi kept popping up into her head and her curiosity was getting to her. She was traveling with this girl but didn't know anything about her. Shyloh cursed herself for not paying attention to others in group therapy.

[pic http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk97/Starfish711/Untitled%20collage%202.jpg]


The motel probably looked rundown to most people but in all honesty, Shyloh didn't really think anything of it. She had once slept on the cold cement before. This place? A literal palace compared to the shit she's seen. Shyloh followed after Remi, practically hidden by the tall female. She sort of liked this, especially when others were startled when they walked by them, only thinking Remi was coming their way down the hallway. Shyloh giggled periodically until they reached their room.

It wasn't bad at all, they even had a TV. Shyloh jumped across the bed, happy with the situation for a moment. The large movement, however, caused a pain in her neck.[#483D8B "Fuck,"] She groaned, hands flying up to her now fully bruised neck.[#483D8B "That'll take some getting used to."] She knew that she was complaining but didn't know how to cut to the chase and ask what Remi knew about Hollylock. Fortunately, Remi started the hard questions for her.

A frown fell on Shyloh's face before she shook her head, replacing it with a hesitant laugh. [#483D8B "Do you want the real story or the story they feed anyone who asks?"] She let out a sigh before continuing, not letting Remi answer. [#483D8B "They like to say that I was madly addicted to heroin and stole a bunch of shit while on a drug bender. So fucking stupid. I never in my life put that shit in my body."] Anger was shown all over Shyloh's face as she bit her lip for a moment. [#483D8B "The real story? They found out that the gang I was in was getting their hands on rare merchandise. By rare merchandise, I mean exact replicas of pieces of art. This includes little tiny sculptures, keys to lost cities, all that shit. They knew that something wasn't right, so they sent some fuckin' rat to infiltrate my gang. They found out that it was me who was actually creating these things through painting them and pulling them out into the world. You can probably guess the rest." ]Shyloh's hands were shaking as she spoke, an uneasiness rushing through her. [#483D8B "Or maybe you can't guess the rest. Basically, they swatted the place, killed most of my friends, and took me in. It was fucked, it was so fucked. Then they went and put in the papers that we were just a bunch of thieves that did it for the high? Fuck that. Fuck them."] She was fuming, her body practically out of her control. [#483D8B "I'm sorry, sorry..."] She started to sob, the memory of her friends being mowed down by bullets swarming her mind. [#483D8B "I got them killed. They were good people and I got them killed."] Shyloh didn't know why she was saying all of this. She could of just given her the basics.
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Eight hundred in cash? It made her curious exactly why he had such a suspicious amount of money on him, but she wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Remi took the wallet from Shyloh and took the money from it- tucking it into the pocket of her frock along with the deck of tarot cards. She was just thankful the frock fell low enough to cover up her tattoo so if seen on cameras or by passersby, they would have a harder time identifying her. “[#5DA493 I will do my best to help you once we find a place to lay low, okay? I want to.]” They were in this together now, and she wanted Shyloh at nothing less than one-hundred percent. “[#5DA493 I'm sure we can find something for you to work with. I'm kind of jealous to be honest. I can't draw anything better than stick figures.]” She let out a soft laugh and slid from the tall truck as well and tossed the wallet back into the driver's side and locked the doors with the keys still inside. Neither of them had use for this vehicle any longer, and it'd just make it easier for them to be identified if they kept it.

“[#5DA493 Take your time, Shyloh. Meet at the front of the store by the register when we're done if we get separated,]” The store they'd chose was a half-off shop. Retail clothing that hadn't gotten sold by more expensive stores or had been manhandled by rough customers went here and was marked half off or less. Surely, the two of them could find something to fit them.

Remi cursed being tall. Everything was made for shorter people with more figure than she. With no hips and minimal chest, she opted for a pair of well fitting, high waisted jeans that were just a smidgen too short- at least in her opinion- and a beige sweatshirt with a cat detail at the bottom. She also chose two other changes of clothes for later and a small backpack to keep all of their things in as she had no idea how long they'd be out, and it was better to be safe than sorry.

“[#5DA493 We'll both be wearing these outfits out, but I saved the tags,]” Remi mused- offering Shyloh a wink when the woman looked down at the offered tags and the money that was placed on the counter. “[#5DA493 I think I know a thing or two about bad eyes,]” She let out another small chuckle and pointed to the thick framed glasses that sat on the bridge of her nose as reminder of the woman's remark about having terrible eyes. Her eyesight was terrible without them due to her abilities.

She accepted the change that was handed to her- offering a gracious smile to the woman who ran the shop, and made her way over to her shorter companion. “[#5DA493 You make me feel like a giant,]” Remi was just now able to take in their difference in height. “[#5DA493 Let's keep all of our important things in here. It'll be easier to carry around. We should find a hostel that's cheap and won't ask questions. Which probably means the Pink Palace. I hope you don't mind seedy sex palaces for a while,]” It was the nickname of the motel where drug addicts and prostitutes conducted their business. The thought made her shiver, but it was their best option to save the resources that they had. Eight hundred dollars could go quickly if they allowed it to. “[#5DA493 No pun intended,]” The blonde lowered her hand, but paused before she could place it on Shyloh's shoulder- remembering what had happened the first time she had touched this girl. A small apologetic smile pulled at the corners of her lips, and she lowered her hand. Perhaps when they weren't in a public space, she'd comfort her, but for now, it was best not to draw attention to the fact that they were escaped witches.


It took the two of them a good twenty-five minutes to walk to the not-so-great end of town. It was full of dilapidated housing and shady looking people in their front lawns. Remi walked as close to Shyloh as she could without touching her. To say that she didn't like this was an understatement. Despite being on high alert, there were no signs of a threat as they neared the front lobby of the motel. Remi offered the money for a few nights stay to the greasy clerk behind the desk that looked like he'd rather be anywhere else, and they were offered a key to room number 209. “[#5DA493 Thanks.]” She mused and took the metal key before making her way up the narrow staircase that led toward the room at the other end of the stairwell.

The air was palpable with desire and lust, which made Remi- who repressed these feelings whenever they popped up- shiver in minor disgust that it was so wanton and unbridled. Their room was dimly lit with only one bed that had a thin mattress. There was a recliner in the corner as well, and an extremely small television. “[#5DA493 At least our sheets are clean,]” Remi sighed and locked the door behind them. “[#5DA493 Can I ask you something that's maybe a bit personal? How'd you end up in a place like Hollylock?]”
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[center Shyloh cocked her eyebrow as Remi spoke, her eyes not leaving the girl's face. She kept mentioning that she was an empath and could feel her emotions, which would not go well for the both of them. When Remi said the word 'erratic' Shyloh tensed slightly, biting down on her bottom lip. That was one word to describe how she felt on a day-to-day basis. Fucking erratic.

[#483D8B "Help me?"] The thought of someone thinking that they could help her caused Shyloh to shiver. So many people had told her that before and so many people had failed. Their only thoughts were to shove pills down her throat rather than talk about anything. No one really helped Shyloh, not ever.[#483D8B "Look. If you think you can help, then fuck yeah, let's do it."] Shyloh flashed a very fake smile before looking towards the wallet that laid on her lap. [#483D8B "I'm Shyloh Greene. If we buy paper and paint, or paper and crayons, I can show you what I can do." ]

Shyloh went back and forth from counting the money and thinking about the situation she was in. It was all very exciting but at the same time didn't feel real. Well, everything but her sore neck didn't feel real. [#483D8B [i What the fuck have I gotten myself into again? ] ] She asked herself, a bit angry at the situation before her.[#483D8B [i If this goddess- Remi, her name is Remi- didn't save me where would I be- OH RIGHT, fuck. Count the money.]] Shyloh cut off her thoughts about the situation, now trying to completely focus on the money. Finally, she got her head in the game and started counting yet again. [#483D8B "25... 75...200...500... Holy fucking shit,"] Shyloh's head twisted, looking at Remi with wide eyes. Excitement filled her stomach as she let out an excited, [#483D8B "Dude." ] Shyloh could feel her smile getting bigger and bigger. [#483D8B "Dude has over 800 dollars in cash. No credit cards, either. Just 800 dollars and his ID." ]

Soon after the excitement of finding all the bills in the wallet set in a new emotion came barreling down, ruining the happiness that was in the pit of her stomach.[#483D8B [i Why did Jeremy have this much money with him? And why the fuck was he trying to force me into this very car. ] "Ugh, that guy is royally fucked. We should have ran over him when we were leaving..."] Shyloh grumbled, not even realizing she had said anything at all.

Shyloh turned towards Remi and nodded, agreeing to the plan. This wasn't the first time she had been on the run, however, she had a feeling that it was maybe a first for Remi however she couldn't be certain. [#483D8B "I'm hungry, but we need clothes before we eat. We look like psychopaths," ]Remi laughed, swinging open the truck door. She hobbled out of the truck before turning to Remi. [#483D8B "I'll meet you in the store? I have to pee." ]


It was 10 minutes later and Shyloh was finally out of the washroom that was in the back of the small clothing store that they had found. Shyloh didn't actually need to use the washroom beside the fact that she wanted to splash cold water on her face.

Shyloh stumbled slightly as she opened the washroom door, her eyes scanning the entire store. She assumed that Remi was either trying something on or looking for something because she couldn't see her initially. Shyloh slowly rounded towards the petite section, knowing very well that she wouldn't fit into the regular clothes there. Finally, after a few minutes of looking, she found something that was her style. A black, crop top, sleeveless turtleneck and a high waisted pant. She grabbed a large army jacket and draped it over her shoulders. After that, she grabbed random items, including underwear for herself. She would probably need more than one change of clothes.

[#FF00FF "Do you need any help, dear?"] The creaking of the voice showed signs of extreme age, however, the tone was sweet. Shyloh turned around, arms full of a bunch of different types of clothes. She could just barely see over her pile. A kind, elderly women sat squinting at her. [#FF00FF "That's quite a lot of clothes."]

[#483D8B "Oh, uhm, I think I am fine, thank you..."] Shyloh gave a sweet smile to the elderly woman, her eyes doing a one out of the store. [#483D8B "My friend and I are doing a wardrobe overhaul! We were so very bored of our mundane clothes. A girl we know told us that this place has some super cute clothes from the 80's and 90's and we just HAD to check it out. Everything is fabulous." ] Shyloh's tone was fake and girly however the lady bought it. She was now smiling, loving the compliment.[#483D8B "Like, how you aren't a millionaire right now is mind-blowing to me!" ]

[#FF00FF "You are so very kind, my dear. Well, if you need anything, I will be sitting at the counter. This old lady doesn't have the same knees that she used to!" ]

[#483D8B "Still have that beauty though, or did you just get more stunning with age?"]

[#FF00FF "Oh, stop it! You kids must have as bad of eyes as I do,"] The lady yelled back as she retreaed to the front of the store.

Shyloh gave out a small giggle before letting the fakeness roll off. She hated to force herself to be that sweet but she knew that the elderly woman would surely have a good day.


Shy was done shopping and had even changed into the first outfit she had found. She was sitting at the front conversing with the elderly woman as she waited for Remi.

[#483D8B [i Kind of excited to see what those long legs look like in something other than a frock. ]] Shyloh smirked before shaking her head at the impure thoughts.
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In the time that it took for the short haired girl to get herself into the vehicle, Remi had turned the keys in the ignition to start it up. Quickly, she turned off the sound of droning music and waited for the door to close. With or without this girl she was leaving this damn place. When the door clicked shut, she looked over at her newfound companion sideways. “[#5DA493 I threw a pretty heavy book at him. I don't really know you, but I didn't like seeing that he was hurting you when you've done nothing to him to deserve what he's doing to you. It would have been a scar on my conscience if I'd sat there and done nothing for you.]” Remi always had a bleeding heart despite her outer disposition of being cold at times. “[#5DA493 I've seen him go after you a few times before now, but nothing like this. I recognize you from our groups. I'm just not very good with people. Being able to feel other people's emotions is draining enough without having to talk about my own.]” She'd be surprised if this girl even remembered her name as they were hardly acquainted.

She tossed the wallet into Shyloh's lap. “[#5DA493 Check and see how much money he has or if there's a card or something. We need new clothes. One look at us and people will know we're transients,]” Remi laughed softly and put the truck into drive. Despite having very little driving experience, she knew enough to get them to a more public place where they could get something decent to wear. Remi would kill for something that had more shape than that of the potato sack like dresses that they were wearing.

Sliding his stolen keycard against the gate entrance, it slid open loudly, and Remi was quick to bring them out of the parking-lot. “[#5DA493 I'm Remi by the way. I don't mean to sound rude, and the last thing I want to do is offend you, but your emotions are very erratic. I have never felt something as strongly as I felt when I touched you today.]” And that was just for a few moments. She almost didn't want to know what would happen if she'd opened up a proper empath channel. But then again. Perhaps there was someway to help her calm her erratic nerves. “[#5DA493 I'm willing to try to help you once we can find a quiet place, but you have to trust me.]” Trust and respect were things she didn't expect immediately even if she did want to help Shyloh. They were both strangers despite being in this together.

She pulled the truck off the dirt road onto the highway. “[#5DA493 I'm an empath with second sight, and I think I can help you with some of your fears. Only if you want that. It's the least I can do since you gave us an out.]” Although Shyloh hadn't willingly put herself in such a position, her squabble with the orderly had given them an out of that place, and for that she was grateful.

The truck passed a sign that told them the town's name. It was a small town on the outskirts of Salem that had a few hundred people. The perfect place to lay low for a little while while things blew over back at the rehab facility. Remi parked the truck in the parking lot across from a store. “[#5DA493 We'll ditch the truck here, get new clothes, and find some hostel to lay low for however long we have access to money. After that, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.]” She really hadn't thought this through as it'd been a spur of the moment idea. But it was as good of a plan as she could come up with. ]]
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[center Shyloh started to cough drastically as she breathed in, finally able to take a breath of air. The pain of being strangled was incredibly intense and for a moment she didn't know what would happen. She was now on her knees, sobbing slightly as her vision went from black to just blurry.

[b "I feel your emotions just as strong as you do when I'm this close to you. You need to calm down." ]

Shyloh faded in and out as she listened to the voice, trying to focus in on where they were. Finally, her bright olive eyes landed on who was talking.[#483D8B "What?" ]Was all Shyloh could say before she started to cough again. Her fingers went to her neck and she winced. It would definitely bruise. [#483D8B [i Shit...]]

[#483D8B "Give me two second-"] Shyloh started to mumble as her eyes tried to focus on the female in front of her. However, the girl was too quick, moving fast and picking something up before opening the truck door and crawling in.

[b "Get in or don't. But I wouldn't want to be here when he wakes up." ]

Shyloh didn't need a moment after that, weakly standing up and wobbling to the large truck. It was boosted up high, making it so she had to basically pull herself up into the passenger seat. She slowly managed this before closing the door a little too delicately. Her vision was now back fully and she could take in her surroundings. She had a full sense of what was happening now. She looked at the floor of where she sat, disgusted by the amount of garbage that was laid about. [#483D8B "Who could have guessed that Jeremy lived in a fucking pigsty?"] Shyloh grumbled, wiping the muddied gown she was forced to wear.

Finally, Shyloh looked up at awe at her savior, eyes widening when she saw who it was. She had seen this girl around before and had even sketched her once when she wasn't looking. Shyloh's cheeks heated up slightly at this thought, before turning her head and looking out towards the man that had tried to choke her out. She grabbed the crank to the window and rolled it down, anger filling her stomach. She then spat, laughing as it landed on Jeremy's face. She rolled the window back up and looked back at the girl.

[#483D8B "Sorry..."] Shyloh's face was flushed, embarrassed at what she had just done. Impulse control was not her thing. [#483D8B "Thank you... For whatever you did to knock him the fuck out."] Shyloh bit down on her lip before looking ahead. [#483D8B "We should go."]

[pic https://image.ibb.co/ckWOYS/shyloh.jpg]
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[+red *] Everything in the first paragraph of my post was a vision of a future event.

[i “[#5DA493 We have to get out of here,]”] The voice was her own, but the sense of panic that filled her wasn't quite hers. It was not her own panic, no. She'd learned long ago to suppress her own emotions for fear of them driving her mad. Rather, this was someone else's panic, fear, and dread. [i “[#5DA493 Are you coming or not?]”] The voice continued to plead.

Remi sat bolt upright- blonde hair in uncombed disarray from the nightmarish dream sequence she'd just had. Couldn't she have real dreams anymore? This was why she hated sleeping. The world of dreams was nothing but nightmares for her anymore since this place, and they were rarely her own nightmares. The emotions felt by the others were so strong and so negative that the girl felt she was suffocating with no way out.

There had to be a way out; there was always a way out. Even from this place, there was a way out. She just hadn't had a chance to find it yet.

She wiped sweat from her forehead, and with shaky hands she turned the lamp on near her bed. Remi pulled a well-used stack of tarot cards from the nightstand. As superstitious as she was, this was the best time to consult the deck. Though the future was unsteady and uncertain, and there was no way to prove that what she'd seen would happen or hadn't already happened, she believed that ever dream- no matter how terrifying- was important. The deck was shuffled, and then spread across the thin bedspread. Almost reluctantly, she chose six cards from the deck, and placed them all face down.

“[#5DA493 Okay, Kitty, don't mess this up.]” Remi let out a soft sigh. “[#5DA493 How do I feel about myself?]” She asked the first card before flipping it over. “[#5DA493 The world,]” The girl whispered. It was a smidgen of peace for her as this was an omen of satisfaction in life, but there were five other cards that could ruin this reading.
“[#5DA493 What do I want most right now?]” Once again, she flipped the card- peeking one green eye open to look. “[#5DA493 The Chariot,]” It was another omen of success and ambition. Though, it could also mean a journey of some sort.
Remi flinched when she turned over the next card. “[#5DA493 I fear... the lovers.]” It wasn't a lie. She feared being hurt. Especially in a place like this that masqueraded as a rehabilitation facility. Her feelings had been tightly locked away for fear of hurting herself so much that she did nothing to grow emotionally.
“[#5DA493 What is going for me right now?]” She flipped the card. “[#5DA493 The Hierophant. Sadly, the moral fiber in this place is pretty lacking.]” A small smile pulled at the corners of her pink lips at her whispered remark.
The next card was turned over. “[#5DA493 The thing going against me is... The magician.]” It was a good thing she trusted few people here especially if they were males. Something didn't sit right with her about a few of the male orderlies especially.
“[#5DA493 Last, but not least, what is the likely outcome of today?]” She flipped it over as if she were ripping off a band-aid. “[#5DA493 Temperance. So auspicious.]” Though, the card was right; she just needed to trust her own judgement, and things would likely be okay.
There was a knock on the door, and she rushed to put the cards away before the orderly entered the room so they wouldn't be confiscated.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/WgYmwBI.png]]

After the group therapy session, Remi was exhausted. Before heading outside, she'd showered, braided her hair, and changed the thin frock that the facility had deemed acceptable wear. The deck of tarot cards was tucked into one of the pockets of the dress as she left her small cell of a room. She carried with her a worn hardback book and sat herself under the shade of a large oak tree. There was thankfully some peace and quiet after all. She folded her legs under her and opened to where her bookmark marked her place. She'd read this book several times since she'd been there, but she felt it was worth multiple reads even if she knew how it ended.

Green eyes looked over the rim of the book through black rimmed spectacles as an orderly led a young woman out of the house. She'd seen this girl before in their therapy sessions. Remi wasn't entirely sure what her name was, but she knew her face for certain. He didn't seem to notice the blonde there, and was far more focused on whatever he was doing to that poor girl who seemed to resist him at every step.

Once they passed her, she closed the book and watched the two of them making their way toward the parking lot. Yes! This had to be her ticket out of this place. Clambering to her full height, Remi followed with quick steps- making sure not to draw attention to herself.

“Let me go. I'm sorry, man. Just please...”

Remi took the heavy book and threw it as hard as she could at the orderly. Her heart pounded in her ears, and everything was a blur after that. He fell- dazed to the ground. She moved quickly- shoving her hands in his pockets for keys and a wallet before he could come to his senses. She found what she needed, and turned to the shorter girl- gripping her by her arm to help her up. Their initial touch, she was so bombarded by the girl's sense of panic and dread that she dropped the keys and wallet. The blonde gasped- winded just from touching her. Panic and fear were not emotions that she'd ever felt in so much excess before. “[#5DA493 I'm leaving with or without you. We have to get out of here. Are you coming or not? If you are coming, I need you to get your shit together and stop panicking. I feel your emotions just as strong as you do when I'm this close to you. You need to calm down. I'm not going to hurt you if you're afraid of me.]”

She clumsily picked up the stolen keys and wallet and yanked open the passenger door- climbing in over to the driver's side. “[#5DA493 Get in or don't. But I wouldn't want to be here when he wakes up.]”]]
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[center [#483D8B "To be discarded by the ones you love is one of the hardest things a person can go through, right?"] Shyloh let out a breath, her hands wrapped around the tape recorder that was given to her two weeks ago. The thought of using it seemed so stupid before. Now it was just another thing to help ease the pain. Another coping mechanism. [#483D8B "I used to think so. I mean, it broke my heart when my mom left me at the police station. I was only ten, so it was a pretty shitty thing to go through."] Shy took another well-needed breath, before biting her lip. Hard. [#483D8B "After that, I went from orphanages to foster homes, to mental hospitals, to here. This shit-stain of a place. This corrupt fucking hell hole that they call a 'rehab.' This place that makes being given up by your parents a dream. I wish the world knew. I really do. I wish they knew about the succubus that runs this place. I wish they knew the real reason that they locked us up here. It's not drugs. It's not because of erratic behavior, even though my behavior is very fucking erratic. It's because we can do shit. We can do shit other people can't, and it scares them."] Shyloh ended it on that note, pressing down the button that stopped the recording. She shoved the recorder into the drawer of her desk before retreating to the small bed that was considered hers.


The flimsy sheet that was supposed to be considered a blanket was ripped off of Shyloh's tiny body violently, an angry figure looming over her. Every day she woke up like this, bullied by a certain staff member who had a strong hate for her. She had guessed it to had something to do with her inability to censor herself as her tongue got her into trouble frequently, but she wasn't entirely sure.

The man who rudely interrupted her sleep, Jeremy, was soon out of her room and back to his morning patrol. He didn't wake anyone else, nor did he even go into their rooms. This was just a thing he did to Shyloh. Every damn morning.

[#483D8B [i Fuck this, ]] Shyloh grumbled, snatching the sheet and wrapping it around her body. [i Today's going to be a shitshow. ] ]

[center She wasn't wrong.


It was just a quarter past one and already Shy was extremely irritable. Her brain was fried from therapy and she couldn't even keep down her lunch. Everything about the day set her off and made it so she couldn't concentrate on anything. Every minute felt like ten and every movement she made felt slow and draining. People around her would just stop what they were doing, not moving an inch. Their breathing became non-existent and they wouldn't respond to Shy. She attributed this as one of her many episodes, however, something always felt off when it happened.

The people in the hall started to move again, causing Shyloh to let out a sigh of relief. Her panic attack was over, finally. Or, what she thought was a panic attack was over.

Shyloh moved down the hallway and pushed passed a few staff that sat in her way. They grumbled but moved, not wanting to submit themselves to one of Shyloh's famous mood swings. However, as she passed them by another staff member leaped from the bench that laid near an office. It was Jeremy, Shyloh's tormentor.

[#708090 "I've been looking for you, Spaz,"] Jeremy flashed his yellowing teeth at Shyloh, his hands stuffed into his pocket nonchalantly. [#708090 "Mrs. Randolf wants to talk to you."]

Something felt off about this, causing Shyloh to squirm slightly. [#483D8B "What does she want? I already had my session."] Shy made a point to roll her eyes.

[#708090 "I don't know, I don't ask questions. Come on."] And with that, Jeremy had his hand gripped around Shyloh's arm, pulling her out of the hallway and towards the... Exit?

[#483D8B "I am pretty fuckin' sure that Mrs. Randolf doesn't want me even relatively close to the parking lot,"] Shyloh was resisting, trying to pull away from him and Jeremy and his death grip. None of the patients were allowed to go near the parking lot.

[#708090 "Shut the fuck up,"] Jeremy spat as he cussed, his fingernails digging into Shyloh's arm even more. He took his free hand and grabbed his keycard, swiping it on the access pad that locked the door.

[#483D8B "Seriously dude, what the fuck?"] Shyloh practically yelled, however, when she looked back she saw that there wasn't a soul near her. Or, anyone that she could see.

Jeremy pulled Shyloh viciously through the door, not checking if anyone had crept up behind them. He continued to force her towards a small, red, pick up truck.

Shyloh continually pulled away from Jeremy, her mind going a mile a minute. [#483D8B "Let me go. I am sorry man, just please,"] Tears started to stream down her face. Panic setting in.

Jeremy forced Shyloh against the passenger side of the truck, pressing his body and face close to Shyloh. She squirmed and cried out, however, soon enough Jeremy's large hands wrapped around her neck. [#483D8B "N-no." ]

Things started to fade black, slowly.
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