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Domonic was near tears as the two continued to kiss, why wouldn't it stop? He started gently pushing against him, wanting to leave as he moaned gently, feeling tongue in his mouth [+springgreen "H-haydon"] he said as he pushed against him.

He tilted his head back as he moaned, suddenly being touched as he pressed against him again. Looking to the side as he wanted to get away from under him, tensing up insanely to get away from him. Feeling a sudden gentle touch on his face he turned his head to look at him, only to be kissed again.

Pushing him away, he shook his head quickly, telling him no. Once the male got off, he stared speaking. Telling him many things. Domonic listened intently, bringing his knees up to hid chest, listening to the saddening things about the male.

'First time he actually felt loved?' Domonic thought and nodded slightly, listening to him and looking down. Listening to everything until he jumped slightly, then jumped up when the door opened, standing in front of Haydon before he did as well. What came in was the damn rain drop SCP's. There one eye big and watching the two.

Growling, Domonic calmed down, crossing his arms as Haydon asked what they were, answering back [+springgreen "They're S.C.P.s. S.C.P-131-A, and S.C.P-131 B"] he mumbled, motioning to them with anger as the tear drop looking things just watched the two with their big eye, Domonic blinking a few times before looking away from them. Looking at Haydon as he asked if they were dangerous, Domonic laughing [+springgreen "Those two? Dangerous? Yea, about as much as a teddy bear. All they do is go around looking at things. They are curious little things. We have to fish them out of the ventilation system every now and then"] he said as looked as Haydon started to stroke one, Domonic thinking in his head 'idiot'

[+springgreen "By the way, those things like to bond. Since you now figured that out, have fun having it just sit there and stare at you like a cat watching yeh"] he mumbled as the other stared at Domonic, looking down at it before crouching down, rubbing a finger down it's 'back'
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The two were on the floor, Haydon on top of Domonic. The cup was, oddly, nowhere to be seen. Their lips never parted. Slowly, hesitantly, Haydon moved one of his hands to between them, at about waist level. He felt the extension of his own body, and a bit of domonic's as well. The male squirmed, nervous about where this was heading, but liking the idea of it as well. Haydon felt Domonic through his pants. They kept kissing, even tentatively using a little tongue once in a while. Haydon had to stop, before things went too far, but it was so hard to stop. This was the most happiness Haydon had felt in years. Pulling his lips from Domonic's, Haydon looked down at the male, and blushed as he did so. "You look good," he said, making Domonic blush more. Placing his hands on each side of Domonic's face, Haydon kissed him again. This one was hesitant, the magic from before wasn't in it. Domonic pulled from the kiss, shaking his head so Haydon would move his hands. Haydon almost looked, sad. Using this lull to hus advantage, Domonic moved a little, trying to free himself. Finally taking the hint, Haydon got up, even helping Domonic up as well. The D-Class didn't look at the male. There was a shadow over his face, something was bothering him. "I'm sorry..." Haydon said to the other. "It's just...I couldn't control myself." Haydon still refused to look at Domonic. You're the first person to treat me like a human being...for a very long time. All those years I was in prison. It wasn't exactly a secret, what i did to my daughter." There was a pause as Haydon searched for his words. His speech was slow, being careful to pick the correct words to express how he felt. "As soon as i was in prison, it was just me, and them. Them being the other inmates. People weren't exactly wanting to be friends with me, you know. They would always come at me, some verbally, some physically. If you heard what they said, you would have thought they were talking to the Devil himself. My nose got broken a few times, and i always had a black eye. I couldn't fight back, cause they would all just gang up on me. Learned that the hard way. Had a few ribs cracked from that." Another stretch of silence. "It was clear they wanted me dead. But somehow i survived it all. But i could take the cruel words, the brawls. It was the fucking rape afterwards. I'm bloody, battered, and they only want to humiliate me more. I can't fight back, so i'm forced to take it. Fucking guards wouldn't help. I even saw a few give money to each other. Probably betting on how long i would last before i cracked. I wish i had cracked. Did something to force the guards to shoot me dead. But it never got to that point.. Another pause, tears running down Haydon's cheeks. "You're the first person to see me as a person, not just a criminal. That's why i...did what i did...kissing feel a gentle, friendly touch, after so much hate. But you would never understand." There was a hiss as one of the doors in the hall opened. Both males jumped to their feet, ready to run on a moments notice. What was framed in the doorway wasn't a monster ready to kill them, but two small creatures, each rolling next to each other, talking in high pitched noises. They sounded like they were having a good conversation, there was never a quiet moment. How did they not hear these two things coming? The pair of objects were tear drop shaped, each with a large eye. As their gaze fell on the males, the apparent conversation stopped. They seemed to be rolling on a ball or a wheel. Like a cat, the things went right up to the males. Haydon reached down and stroked the one that was at his feet. "What are they?" Haydon asked Domonic. "They're S.C.P.s. S.C.P-131-A," he motions to the creature nearest him. "And S.C.P-131-B." He motions to the one near Haydon. "Are they dangerous? What do they do?" Domonic smiled. "Those two? Dangerous? Yea, about as much as a teddy bear. All they do is go around looking at things. They are curious little things. We have to fish them out of the ventilation system every now and then." Haydon looked down at the one near him, "You need a name. How about Iris?" He stroked the S.C.P. and it made happy sounding noises. "You like that?" The creature made more happy noises. "They like to bond," Domonic told Haydon. "Once they bond, they will follow whoever they bonded with.
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Domonic continued to walk, the sound of cracking each time the two took a step, even a tiptoe if needed. He stopped when he saw another room. Looking at Haydon as he said [+red "How is that possible? We only went straight, how are we in the same room we started in?"] he had said and Domonic shook his head, continuing to walk [+springgreen "This isn't the same room, it just LOOKS the same. Come on, we need to keep moving"] he mumbled and he started walking again.

He continued on, not really knowing what to do because the scientists never told him about this. But he only wanted to get out of the pocket dimension, he didn't want to be in this place anymore. He flinched when the footsteps made a loud sound. It hurt his ears slightly, but that's not what Domonic was mad about, he was mad at how heavy Haydon was.

[+springgreen "Look, dude, you're getting heavy, think you can walk on your own for a bit?"] he mumbled and gently let go of him as he nodded and did so himself, letting Domonic have his strength back as he stretched and got rid of the toughness in his shoulders. The two continued walking and was asked another question.

Without looking back at him he huffed [+springgreen "In case you haven't notice, we aren't exactly in our own reality. Anything is possible here."] he said as he stretched again. He stopped when the bridge came into view and Domonic took a step back and put an arm around Haydon, that's when they started going across the bridge and a large rock like thing came right in front of them, the graze of the rock hit his finger tips and the wind brushed his hair back, making him shudder slightly.

[+springgreen "Oi, move!"] he quickly ordered and pulled him along, soon enough, the two were at the other end of the bridge, Domonic panting slightly. That's when the two walked through a...doorway? It was so dark though. Gulping, Domonic walked through, and then everything was gone, he couldn;t see anything and it was pure darkness, nothing, as if the two were sleeping.

Under seconds, they ended up in the real world. Looking over, he saw a door with a pass code lock on it. Then looked to the other side and saw a door with nothingness. He then realized the door was black, but....the sound of rock grinding on the ground quickly made him jump up and immediately grab Haydon.

[+springgreen "Move, c'mon"] he quickly said and he stopped when Haydon decided to be a small whiner and talk back to him. He listened, though he didn't to die. He let out a relieved sigh as Haydon listened and the two started running down the halls. Hall after hall, door after door.

They finally reached a hall that had three doors, stopping, Domonic panted as he needed to catch his breath. Looking over at Haydon as he growled. He panted more and sat down, leaning against the wall next to Haydon. Still catching his breath.

Moments.....moment after moment, it felt like forever until he heard a sip from Haydon.....water? He looked over and then realized it wasn't water, definitely not water. He blinked a few times. [+springgreen "Where....where did you get that?"] he asked. Haydon looked confused and Domonic widened his eyes [+springgreen "You don;t know what it is.....and you drank it"] he mumbled. Thinking in his head 'Fucking idiot' and he stretched again, facing him.

Domonic flinched when his face was suddenly brushed, he had long hair, but not long enough as he felt the hand stroke his face and he took the cup, placing it down by his side. One drink of that shit and it made Haydon go from calm to a complete lunatic in .4 seconds.

Domonic started blushing as he slightly flinched as the male continued stroking his face and he widened his eyes, furrowing his eyebrows [+springgreen "O-oi! H-haydon!"] he stammered, slightly pushing away gently [+springgreen "W-what the hell is wrong with you?!"] he said as he leaned back slightly but was against the wall as he felt a gentle brush on his nose and he felt his heart stop when he was kissed, the males lips on his as he stayed frozen.

But...something in him burst as he calmed down and kissed him back, slowly and hesitantly wrapping an arm around him. He was scared, of course, but he didn't really feel the need to worry as he was guided down, holding his shoulders slightly as he was soon on the floor, realizing Haydon was in his reality finally, Domonic quietly panted from the kiss as he looked up at Haydon, who was smiling down at him.

Gulping he was kissed again in not time as he slowly wrapped his arms around the others male neck as he heard Haydon moan. But, that wasn't the only problem as it seemed. He felt something hard grow between them and Domonic couldn't really do anything about it as he struggled slightly, squirming as he continued to kiss the other male.
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The pair walked on, Domonic helping Haydon walk. Each step they took boomed in the dark quiet. Everything looked the same, just the same bricks on the floor, the walls. The ceiling was too high to see. Soon, the two males came across a room, literally identical to the room they left, halls gong out in all directions like spokes on a wheel. "How is that possible?" Haydon asked. "We only went straight, how are we back where we started?" Domonic shifted Haydon's weight a little to make him easier to carry. "This isn't the same room, it just LOOKS the same. Come on, we need to keep moving." They kept walking straight, not knowing what else to do. And still each step echoed loudly. Why was it so quiet, why were the echos to LOUD? Domonic soon spoke again. "Look, dude, you're getting heavy, think you can walk on your own for a bit?" "Yea, sure," Haydon replied. He was a little unsteady on his feet, but he could walk. And so the two walked, hallway after hallway. "Do you know where the hell we are going?" Haydon asked Domonic. "In case you haven't notice, we aren't exactly in our own reality. Anything is possible here." And still they walked. Long hallway, round room, long hallway, round room. Right was haydon was going to remark how stupid this was, the next hall was different. It wasn't a hallway, it was a bridge of some kind. A low rumble could be heard, but judging by how loud their footsteps were, that rumble could be anything, anywhere. Slowly, in the darkness, they made their way across the bridge. The low rumble all around them. near the middle of the bridge, something HUGE, massive, moved in front of Domonic, he even felt the wind off of the object. A few moments later, it swung back, going in the opposite direction. "MOVE!" Domonic ordered. Soon, the two were at the other end of the bridge and walked through the doorway. Once again they were pulled through pure nothingness, and again landed in a heap, this time in the real world. Where they were was dark, so that didn't change, but things felt normal, and in the darkness it was clear they were in the halls of the SCP site. There was a door behind them, and 173 could be heard skittering around on the other side. "Move" Domonic once again ordered. "Look," Haydon said, "i'm getting tired of you telling me what to do." However, Haydon did do as he was told. They went through door after door, trying to get away from the murderous statue. Once there are a few doors between them and the statue, they stop, again, to catch their breath. "i'm so...getting tired...of fucking...running..." Haydon said between gasps of air. Again, the sit on the floor, backs to a wall. Moments pass in silence. Without thinking, Haydon takes a sip of water from a cup. Domonic turns to him. "Where...did you get that?" Haydon looks at the cup in his hand like he had never seen it before in his life. "I don't know.." Domonic could only look at Heydon. "You don't know what its is...and you drank it..." Haydon's eyes had an odd, unfocused look. "Here, Sweetheart, this will make you feel better, take all the pain away." Heydon offers Domonic the cup. The male takes it and just puts it down by his side. "That's right sweetie, take all your meds, you'll feel better, i promise." Eben though Domonic's hair was short, Heydon stroked his hand to Domonic's face like he was moving hair out of his face. "Just go to sleep, that's it, just relax and the pain will go away." Heydon kept stroking Domonic's face. "Haydon!" Domonic said loudly. "What is wrong with you?" By now, Haydon was right in from of Domonic, their noses almost touching. Slowly, Heydon leaning in and kissed domonic. The kiss was quite long, and Domonic kissed back. Even going as far as to wrap and arm around Haydon. Heydon's eyes burst open, and he saw what he was doing, could feel their lips kissing each other, but it felt...ok. Heydon kissed Domonic back with a smile. Even going as far as to guide Domonic to the ground so that he was on his back, Haydon on top of him. Heydon's breathing slowed, and he moaned into the kiss, clearly enjoying himself. Somethingb hard was growing between the two, and Domonic had an idea of what it was. The two continued to kiss.
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Domonic paced back and forth as he heard the name, have already given his name to him, he mumbled softly, since it was easy to hear at the moment, due to how quiet it was [+springgreen "Nice to meet you Haydon"] and he stopped pacing when he heard 'Why torture' and Domonic looked over in the pure darkness where he could calculate where Haydon could be. Flinching slightly he mumbled [+springgreen " friend gave me the job.....I didn't know we had to torture...he said it's fun"] Domonic said and listened to him. 'Not one of them? Why is he here then?' he thought.

Listening to him, he widened his eyes 'Why?.....was there a reason to kill his daughter?' he thought and listened to him. Shaking his head [+springgreen "That's not what I was thinking"] he said and continued listening to him. He then understood why he did it. He understood what blood cancer was like, his best friend had it. Sadly died because he wanted to be dead instead of having the pain.

Being the emotional male he was, he sat down next to him and sighed gently, rubbing his back as the male started crying, making Domonic feel bad for everything the place did to him and the others. He flinched when he said 'Do you have kids' and he did. He had a son, his wife had left him. Domonic told his son, who's name was Shiro. Domonic held his chest and nodded [+springgreen "I.....I have a girlfriend had him and then left me with him.....all I know is that he's the best thing that happened to me"] he said and nodded [+springgreen "And I understand....I would do the same if he wanted it"] he said.

Listening to him cry, he felt terrible for everything. He stopped and sniffed slightly, covering his nose and mouth as the smell of decaying flesh filled his senses, making him know EXACTLY which SCP had found them, making him panic slightly.

106, an SCP who comes when it senses sadness, and will come to any crying or sadness. Which made Domonic hear the noise and the smell got stronger, the smell like rotting flesh hitting the ground, more like being dragged. [+springgreen "MOVE! We have to go Hayden, now!"] he yelled as he tried pulling him up, but he panicked more as the D-class refused. [+springgreen "H-hayden c'mon please, we have to go!"] he continued to try pulling him up, the smell stronger and he knew 106 was close. He looked back and saw that the SCP was hovering over them as he gazed at it. It's hand reaching out and he tried cowering away from it, being horrified.

Domonic gasped as he suddenly woke up in the room he had heard about. Looking around at the black and greenish looking colored walls, a smell making him nearly vomit and countless hallways that look like they circled the two forever. He looked around as he tried getting through his head at what happened, knowing exactly that they had been pulled into the pocket dimension, 106's home. He looked around as his vision was blurry, but who's wouldn't? They were just pulled away from actual reality to a place not even time itself could create. He listened to Hayden and shook his head.

[+springgreen "This.this is not hell....this is MUCH worse"] he said and walked over to Hayden, being wobbly, he fell forward onto his hands and held himself up, trembling slightly as he pushed himself up and crawled over to Hayden, standing next to him as he panted, trying to catch his breath [+springgreen " of the scientists notes?"] he mumbled and took the note, examining it and seeing it was the code to the door that had been locked for a long time because the scientists had lost it. By the looks of it, 106 found it. Looking around, he folded it carefully and placed it down. He then looked over to Haydon [+springgreen "Look, dude, we're not dead. This is MUCH worse"] he exclaimed. Picking up the male by the arm and putting it around his shoulders [+springgreen "So we need to move"] he said, looking at the hallway. He slowly started walking the two through the darkness and glanced everywhere, trying to find the place where a large rock goes in circles in different patterns. Which would need to make the two run at some points if their energy was up so they didn't die.

Even if they did die in the pocket dimension, it would still be painful, but they would only be transported to the reality and be injured. Luckily, Domonic still had the health packs for each of them, which would hopefully patch them up until the two found some others. As he continued walking with the other, he looked around on the walls and saw a message written in blood. [font "letter"[+red 'Have your eyes adjusted yet?']] it said as Domonic nodded slightly. Reading the message, he really didn't care. The only thing he wanted to do was leave the pocket dimension and at least see his son again.
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The air was thick, it was hard to breath. Domonic's searching gaze fell on a piece of paper. It looked as if it had been partially burned. Walking over to it, Domonic carefully picked it up. Reading it, the male saw that it was a reminder to a scientist about the code to his office changing. Committing the name and code to memory, he carefully folded the paper and put it in the same place as the paper for 173. Turning, Domonic faced the crying father. "Look, dude. We ain't dead. This is MUCH worse. We need to move." He tried again to get Haydon to his feet, and this time the man slowly got up. guessing the hallway with the note was the right way, Domonic lead the pair through the darkness. In the floor was a stone slab. In what looked like blood, a message was written. "Have your eyes adjusted yet?" the message asked.
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To their right, a black spot appeared on the wall, and quickly grew. An old man with strange oil all over his body walked through the blackness. Domonic saw this man, knowing what it was. "MOVE!" Dominic got up and tried to pull Haydon to his feet, but the d-class refused to move. "Come on! We have to GO!" All the while, 106 kept walking closer. Domonic looked over his shoulder and saw 106 closing the gap. Haydon pulled his arm out of Domonic's grip. "I don't care, let that thing kill me. At least then i'll see my daughter again." By this point, 106 was all but on top of the pair. 106's cold, dead hand reached out and touched the two and they were pulled though pure nothingness. Landing in a heap, they wound up in a strange room with many hallways. Dark brick on the floor, the walls, the ceiling too high to be seen. The smell of decay was strong. "Is this Hell?" Haydon asked. "Fitting for a father that killed his own daughter, i don't deserve heaven." Domonic's eyes darted, trying to make sence of what had just happened.
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She wanted me to take away the pain. She made me promise to do it, and i agreed. So i gave her a bunch of sleeping tablets with her usual meds, telling her this will make her feel better. Once she was asleep, i smothered her with her pillow." More tears were forming. "I waited till she was no longer breathing. I couldn't believe what i had just done. My daughter was dead, by my own hand." Haydon's voice was shaking now. "Do you have kids? Would you do the same thing? If it meant you could know she would be happy again? Free of pain, sickness. Knowing you gave your child happiness they haven't felt in months?" Sobs could be heard coming from the male. Domonic put an arm around Haydon, letting him get his emotions out. "What you people put us through here, its nothing, NOTHING compared to the Hell i live very day." Haydon continued to cry, and it just kept going on and on. Domonic was the first person in years to treat him like an actual person, not just a criminal. Over the sound of Haydon's sobs, there was a strange sound, but Haydon recognized it. It was the sound of reality itself shifting, stretching, breaking. The smell of corrosion filed the air.
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"The name is Haydon," he said in response to the other's question. moving so his back was to the door again, Haydon just sat there, staring into the dark distance. Moments passed. There was only silence between the too of them. Suddenly, Haydon broke the the silence. "So, what made you want to come here and torture us d-class?" He turned to face the other. "I'm not like the others, you know." He continued. "I'm not one of them. Murderers, serial killers, terrorists, i'm not like them. I shouldn't be here." There was a pause. "I was put on death row for killing my 13 year old daughter." Before the guard could respond, Haydon held up a hand to make him quiet. "I know what your thinking, 'how could a father kill his own daughter?' The answer is simple. I had to. She was sick, very sick. Blood cancer. Do you know what that is like? Imagine avery drop of blood in your body is liquid fire. Constant pain everywhere. All day, every day. All the chemo did was make her feel sick." There was another pause. In the low light, a single tear could be seen going down Haydon's cheek. "One day, she looked at me, and she asked me to do her a favor.
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Domonic watched as he ran off, Domonic quickly following him, wondering what was going on with him. What the fuck is wrong with this dude!? Domonic thought for a moment, though, following him would be good so he didn't die before the two could escape. He stopped when he heard a thud and the smell of very slowly rotting flesh hit him. He then looked up at the male and gulped

[+springgreen "I-I'm Domonic, a-and that creature? He is SCP-173, also known as 'The Statue"] he gulped, listening to him and then he jumped when the intercom went on. Hearing it and then suddenly being pulled as the male pushed him away, the sound of the stone statue moving and Domonic was traumatized, he could hardly do much, and the only thing running through his head

Gulping he followed the male and stopped when the statue had gotten louder and the smaller male tripped, making Domonic jump in front of him and start staring at the statue, wanting to blink and close to blinking when he realized the male had finally gotten away and he followed quickly, not wanting to die at the moment, or ever.

He clenched his teeth and chased after the male. Quickly catching up to him as he had saw a door, jumping in right after Hayden gotten into it. Panting as he watched the male quickly close the door and Domonic listened as the rock grinding against the ground getting quieter, telling Domonic that it was leaving.

He panted heavily, gulping and blinking rapidly, his eyes hurting like hell and stinging he glanced over as the male had slumped down next to the door, his back against the door and he sat down next to him, looking around as it was to dark to see and his helmet sure the hell didn't have night vision. taking his helmet off because of the heat, he placed it down with a thud and he leaned against the door.

He stopped looking around when he looked at the male. Tilting his head wondering why he was moving, that's when the person took his hand and sat in front of him, realizing he was getting closer to his face he didn;t want to seem rude as he sat still, Hayden's hand clenching his as he got closer and finally realized what he was doing. Domonic blushing, luckily the dark made it look like he wasn't and just seemed as if were just confused.

He gulped and nodded slightly [+springgreen "I-it's okay.u-umm.....I never got your name.may I know it?"] he asked, tilting his head slightly, pulling his hand away gently.
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Haydon spun on the balls of his feet as he heard a shout from down the hall. All too fast, there was a figure next to him, reaching for him. He heard the other's voice, but not his words. Balling up a fist, Haydon swung at the other, but he only hit air and darkness. "Get the hell away from me!" He swung again, but he also backed away. Adrenaline poured though Haydon's blood, the only thing on his mind was to survive this hell he found himself in. The other male looked confused at Haydon's aggression. Not wanting to go closer to the statue, Haydon stormed passed the figure, running with a new energy, trying to get away from a threat that was not there. Through the hall he went, opening, but not closing, doors as he went. The halls were dark, viability was hard. Coming to an intersection of hallways, Haydon stopped to catch his breath. It was then that he heard a strange sound. It was almost like magic mixed with decay. There was even the smell of rust and rot. Then, out of the shadows of the ceiling, a body fell to the floor, face down with a wet smack. "The fuck..." Haydon jumped back, eyes darting, looking for even more danger, but nothing else happened. The guy that fell didn't look decayed, so he died recently. Our of curiosity, Haydon looked for a wallet. He didn't find one, but found and ID card. This guy was a scientist here at the facility. His foot was by the guy's head, pulling it back, Haydon kicked him as hard as he could. "That's for all the shit you put me through, Bitch." There were footsteps coming from behind him. Spinning again, he faced the figure walking to him. The figure had his hands raised in a gesture to say, "i'm not going to hurt you." "Who are you?" Haydon spoke to the other. "And what the hell was that..that...thing?" he asked, referring to 173. "And this guy," he gestured over his shoulder at the dead scientist, "just fell from out of nowhere...what the hell is going on?" It was at this moment that there was an announcement over the intercom system. "This site is experiencing multiple keter and euclid level containment breaches, full site lock down initiated." Haydon looked to the guard. "Keter? Euclid? What's going on?" Before the guard could speak, there was that familiar sound of stone grinding on the floor. It was coming from where the guard had come from. "MOVE!" one of the male's yelled. They backed down the hall, each looking for any sign of the statue. The lights went out for a moment, and Haydon stumbled, falling backward. The stone grinding sound was louder. When the lights came back on, the statue was standing right above him. Just one more moment, and Haydon would have been like the other d-class, his neck broken. Eyes wide with fear, Haydon scrambled to get away, the guard simultaneously staring at the statue and trying to help Haydon up. They came to a door. This one needed a keycard. Using his card, the guard opened the door for them. Just as Haydon was about to blink, the door slid shut. He collapsed the the floor, back to the door. They were safe, for now. Surely that...thing...doesn't have a way to get in. The darkness of the room faded to Haydon, the room itself seemed to be moving, shifting. He was too tired to care. At his side was his daughter, alive and well. The cancer hadn't taken affect yet, and she looked happy, her face full of color. Only she looked scared out of her mind. Haydon took her hand in one of his, even wrapping the little girl in a hug. "It's ok, Sweetie, its going to be ok." "Daddy...I'm scared..." her voice was shaking. He sat in front of his daughter, he tried to smile. "Look at me, sweetie, just look at me and nothing else." haydon's vision faltered again, and he found himself sitting in front of the guard, their faces quite close, one of the other's hands in his. A deep blush colored his cheeks as he pulled away. "Um..sorry...i don't know..." He trailed off mid sentence.
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Domonic listened closely to the scientist, watching the personnel walk into the chamber, the door closing, but then suddenly opening as the door wouldn't listen to the commands they were giving them. Making Domonic slightly click his tongue and furrow his eyebrows as he jumped slightly when he heard.....bones cracking!?

Of course, the other guard didn't give a shit about the cracking. Which made Dominic believe they have heard this sound countless times, over and over again. He listened closely as he heard the D-Class personnel's say continuously 'blinking', making Domonic getting irritated about the word over and over again. Sighing as he suddenly watched the other soldiers get their guns out. Wondering why, Domonic shakily took out his gun and aim at the door.

That's when the door slid open with a 'bam' and one of the personnel were alive.....but only 1. Which meant, the bones snapping were.....the two personnel in the chamber. He bent down slightly and saw blood pouring from now disfigured bodies. Their necks in different ways and skin torn from the sharp tips of the bone piercing through them. Domonic was terrified. Have never hearing, nor seeing anything like this.

The male quickly hid behind the guard that were shooting, Domonic to scared to shoot as he ducked under the small ledge that separated the main catwalk floor and the scientist room, which made Domonic quickly duck into the scientists room and then out of the door, following some of the guards as they moved quickly.

Soon, there were 4 guards behind 1 scientists. A small group, but would do if anything attacked, the Foundation full of SCP's. Most of them being Euclid. Which meant very dangerous. That's why the scientists had the cases full of the SCP's, they all being the Euclid ones so incase one of our guards or personnel got in contact with one, they could easily know what to do.

But that didn't matter right now, all DOmonic wanted to do was run. That't when one of the guards started to argue with the scientists in where to go to escape. When Domonic looked over to the door they were trying to go through, he noticed they didn't have keycard slots, which indicated that there were no ways to go through the door unless they had the hand print of one of the more top scientists. Which they didn't have.

'Snap' made Domonic quickly look over as he watched one of the other guards get their necks snapped and he saw the male fall to the floor, making Domonic hold his mouth and quickly run up the stairs. That's when he quickly hid and realized he was in the Supply Office #4. There were many usefull items in there and he quickly took the SCP-173's info, folding it and putting it in his chest pocket, grabbing the gas mask and hooking it to the hooks that were on his waist and collected the batteries, placing them in the pouch he had on his back side.

Though, Domonic had countless items on him, having first aid kits, health packs, battery transmitters, a G.P.S, his gun, the knives on his belt, ammo in the pouch on his waist and last, but not least, his most important thing he needed, the SCP-173 info. Knowing he was going to need that more than everything.

Domonic started walking slowly, blinking very rarely so he didn't get caught, he heard the statue move farther away, making Domonic feel very relieved and suddenly he stopped, looking on as he saw a.....male. A male walking down the hallway, Domonic slowly took steps until he sprinted to the male, seeing that he was shorter than him and panted as he took th smaller males shoulder [+springgreen "You! You're coming with me so we can escape! And I sure the hell know you wanna escape"] he said. Examining him, he was the one who screamed 'What the hell' when the first personnel died.
  Domonic Chester / Grey_ / 1y 352d 23h 45m 19s
Me and the other d-classes walked into the chamber with the statue. It was in the corner, facing the wall. It looked to be made of painted concrete. The large doors closed behind us. "Blinking," we called to each other, one after another. The doors closed with a bang. "Blinking," we kept calling out to each other. I quickly become bored with this. "What is it, blinking, that we are supposed to do? blinking." The other 2 d-class shrug. So we stand there, staring at a lump of rock. One of the d-class said suddenly, "I have to.." And he let out a loud sneeze. In surprise, we all blinked, and i heard a sound of bones snapping. When i opened my eyes after blinking, the guy who had sneezed was on the floor, his head twisted at an odd angle. "WHAT THE HELL!?" i yelled. The statue was standing over him, and was facing us. "What the hell is this thing?!" The other guy's voice was shaking. "Look, man, i don't know!" We were both breathing quickly, scared out of our minds. "blinking," we called back and forth. suddenly, the light flicker briefly, and there was another snapping sound. As the lights came back, i could see that the other guy was on the floor, his neck also broken. Again, the statue was standing over him, looking at me. "Um...hello?" Great, now i was alone with this thing. It was at this point the door opened. I backed out as fast as i could, just to get away from the thing. "Get me out of here!" i'm yelling to anyone who would listen. Those that were watching saw the bodies on the floor. "MAINTAIN EYE CONTACT AT ALL TIMES!" There were multiple voices over the intercom system. "The doors aren't responding to our commands to close them." I feel my back hit a wall, all i could do was stare at the thing i saw kill two guys. The lights flicker again, and i heard gunshots. The reports echoed in the room, almost deafening. The statue was on the catwalk, facing a soldier that was shooting it it. For a third time the lights flicker, and the gunshots stop, the guard was on the floor, dead. There was a sign by the large doors to the chamber. "sentient and violent" it said. 'Tell me about it,' i mutter to myself. I blink by accident, and the statue turns to face me. "Fuck this!" I start sliding across the wall, looking for the door i came in from. I reach over and press the button, and the door glides open. I step through the doorway, my eyes burning from not blinking. Once im on the other side of the door, i press the button on that side and the door closes. I blink a few times, and i could hear the statue moving on the other side. I continue to stare at the door, backing away. This wasn't the way i had came though, but it would do. My back hits another door, and i go though it just like the first one. I couldn't hear the statue anymore, maybe it went through a different door.
  rocksanne / 1y 353d 18m 20s
'I'm the rookie, i'm the rookie' Domonic said in his head, walking down the large hallways to where he would be protecting the three D-Class personnel from SCP-173, or, other wise known as 'The Statue'. Grabbing the key card that was sitting on the large case. Which were full of the files for SCP-173. Though, that's what he thought. Examining the case files, he couldn't find SCP-173 info. All he could remember about the statue was that if you blinked and it was close to you, it would easily kill you.

Making Domonic think to his heart contents, he tried remembering where he put it. And finally remembered that he left it in the Supply Office #4. Making him gulp as his radio was called on and he trekked down to where he was expose to be and quickly got there in time as they started opening the doors. The scientist calling into the micro phone [+blueviolet "Please step into SCP-173's containment chamber"]
  Dominic Chester / Grey_ / 1y 353d 46m 45s
I'm laying on my bed, if you can call it that. Just a mat on a medal table, really. I'm staring at the ceiling, cause i have nothing else better to do. There is a bang on the door, and it opens. A gruff voice tells me to get up and get out. I do so. The guard leads me to an area with other d-class. A large door opens and inside the room is am odd statue. A voice on the speakers tells us to get in the room, and to have each of us tell each other when we blink. 'What's with this place?' i ask myself.
  rocksanne / 1y 356d 22h 33m 14s

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