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[#6fa6dc [size10 [Special+Elite Humanity stands on the break of extinction. With the earth lacking any major source of vegetation. Oxygen is becoming high in demand as the people of earth finally come to the conclusion that after many years of global warming and pollution. The earth can no longer sustain any form of the Plantae kingdom . The few species of plants that remain lack the capacity to replenish the dying planets oxygen barometric pressure.

The remaining percentage of mankind grows wary as oxygen deficiency levels continuously rise leaving an epidemic of apocalyptic proportions to run rampant. While a variety of medical issues such as Hypoxia are left untouched and untreated. The countdown to humanity’s demise ceases to end as society is left to unravel. Research shows that the relentless increase in hypoxia has only furthered contribute to societal collapse. The fear of suffocating to death brought about an age of genocide. Where many killed without a moment's hesitation and the decay of moral codes and rationings only escalated as information about the SEED project was leaked to the surviving population.

Project SEED:

Began as a predict scenario which was taken to the next level in order to preserve the human race. Thanks to science, a group of highly capable individuals use their money and power to lay the foundation for earth's future. Through the use of science our good people of the past blasted a few astronauts into the cosmos on a search for a new home. In the meantime they began preparations for the big move! . But all the preparations in the world could not prepare them for the future as it was not enough.

The surviving residents of earth were astonished after finding out there was a “perfectly livable planet” among the stars and that there was a set of exclusive spacecrafts design with the intent to carry cold sleeping human populations to the selected planet befitting the next earth. These vessels were called SEED-Arks for each contained samples of earth’s species such as animals and plants. However most of these SEED-arks were reserved by those involved leaving very few seats open for the rest of planet earth's survivors.

In attempt to avoid conflict the SEED project fabricated a worldwide raffle. One in which every breathing human on earth was assigned a identity number with or without his or consent. The purpose of identity numbers was to confuse criminals and keep the winner's safe. In addition to identity numbers. The winners of the raffle would receive a lifeline coller. A device all SEEDs are required to wear if they wish to step foot on an Ark. This raffle would continue over the years as more arks would be manufactured and deliver the rest of planet earth's people to their new home.

Lifeline Coller:

A portable personal electronic device, worn as a necklace, that can be used for communication and a variety of other tasks such as measuring vital signs, Act as an GPS, Contain basic personal information such as name , birth date, age, blood type, ect . . . The Lifeline Collar also acts as a key card. It grants the individual to select parts of his or her assigned SEED-Ark. If the area is restricted to.


You are a SEED and have access to the Ark. 20 SEEDs have been assigned 1 cryogenic chamber. These SEEDs cannot leave the chamber until they’ve reached their destination. You are an Ark member you can only access you assigned position and cryogenic chamber. Unfortunately the whole illusion created by the SEED project was just a way to by time as the group took immediate action. Practically abducting contest winners. While preparing for the great descent into space. Society quickly took notice of the group's strange actions and rebelled. Regrettably the remaining ground dwellers were left for dead as the SEED-Arks set course into a million light years.

The Ark’s crew was tasked with ensuring the safety of the SEEDs. While providing these new explorer’s with the training and guidance necessary for their survival. What awaited for them on this journey was certain. They had no idea of what waited for them on the new planet. They were in for a big surprise…]]]

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