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[center [size30 [b The attribute/battling system is a work in progress and you do not have to fill out the application. Other than that be free to role play.]]][https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUbqOTtpmn0 DO THE MAGIKARP~!!]

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It's a pokemon role play. You can play as a pokemon, a trainer, a gym leader, etc.
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[center [b [size12 [#d65c5c General Characteristics:]]]]
[b Name:]
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[b Age:]
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[b Hometown:]
[b Residence:]

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[b Trainer Classification:]
[b Specializations:]

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[b Title Of The Pokémon:]
[b Type:]
[b Abilities:]
[b Poké Ball:]

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For more information about '◒ Our Pokémon Adventure ◓' role play, I (KB-TheBearWhoMauls) encourages all role player's to read up on '[http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=394548 [size10 [Varela+Round ◒ Our Pokémon Adventure information◓]]]'. If you have any trouble or question’s about the role play please contact me through private message (pm).

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Roleplay Responses

Ashala sits in her room, holding three pictures. One was of a Rowlet, one was of a Litten, and one was of a Popplio.
"Which one is best for me?"
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 1y 36d 10h 7m 33s
=> Lillie: Observe Pokeball.

You lean against the wall, Pokeball in your hand. It was a Tauros. Funny name, this one. Kind of similar to your Padre's name. You bring the Tauros out and rubbed it's fluffy fur.
LILLIE: it's only just you and me, tauros
LILLIE: it's only just you, and me
TAUROS: *snort*
  concludingTorero / 1y 42d 9h 18m 39s

The man riding with a friendly Mantine with his Snivy friend along his side, they are off to a City that is need of a Ranger. He is not sure what the job is or what he was suppose to be doing but it was an emergency dispatch from the ranger office. All he knows is time is of the essence and he knew that the Mantine would be able to handle the job quickly enough to get him to where he needed.

As they came to a beach Sprend turned to the Mantine, "Thank you friend for your help." he said as he waved him off. The mantine jumped up as he went off and on his way, "Alright Snivy, lets go." he mentioned as he started walking in the direction the town was in. After a few minutes of walking the man noticed his path was blocked by some fallen trees, he smiled and looked down to Snivy who looked to be getting a little hyped now. "Snivy use Cut, then use vine whip to move the logs." Sprend told his friend as he pointed towards the fallen trees, [+green "Snivy"] the pokemon said happily and started to work on the trees.

A small Bellsprout then popped around the corner curious to what was going on and all the commotion, the man noticed him at the corner of his eye. [+pink "Bellsprout looks to be curious and may want to help."] his stylist mentioned as he pointed it at the bellsprout, "Capture begin." Sprend said as he pressed the button on the stylist as it began to capture the bellsprout, once it was finished and captured. "Help Snivy move and cut the logs please." he said as the Bellsprout went right to work.

After finishing the job the man thanked the Bellsprout and they were once again off towards the city that needed help. The Bellsprout left behind happily as it was able to be of use, "Finally." Sprend said as the finally made it to the town.
  Sprend / Aaron / 1y 55d 1h 56m 17s
[p Anyone may join the role play without a skelly/application. All they have to do is follow the rules and hit the access button and I will let you join us.]

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[center [b [size30 [#e0b152 Introduction:]]]]

[#e0b152 [b “Wow~! It’s a Miltank!”]] the boy shouted in glee as he rushed over to the Pokemon. [b “Yes, that is indeed a Tepig.”] the man said with a nod of the head, before realizing what the kid had actually said: [b “Wait! Wa-What did you just call that Pokemon, young sir~!!?”] The young teen then replied with a puzzled answer to his question: [#e0b152 [b “A...Miltank?”]]

The twelve year old stared blankly at the professor with confusion. [b “Boy- that’s a Tepig.”] The professor exclaimed as he pointed at the creature angrily. However, the kid just laughed at the white coat as he held the creature up to the ceiling and spun around in a circle for split a minute. [#e0b152 [b “Man~ you lab guy’s, sure are funny.”]] Hector said with laughter in his voice as he nosed the black and orange piglet. Tepig then graciously snuggled back to Hector with a rub to the cheeks.

[b “What on earth makes you believe that could be a Miltank?!”] The professor strident. [#e0b152 [b “Well- it has a snout, ears, and a tail. So, it’s obviously a Miltank from my childhood of the Moomoo farm.”]] Hector said with confidence while Tepig agreed in a cheer of happiness.

[b “Great you're Tepig is in denial as well.”] the professor said in agony while rubbing the temples of his forehead.

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