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[center [size15 KAMIKAKUSHI]
[size12 ʜɪᴅᴅᴇɴ ʙʏ ɢᴏᴅ .]]


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[size10 birthday in exactly one month and honestly? fuck it.
probs won't have a place to live by then, so it's not like I can celebrate it.
Even if I could, I'd be the only person that cares enough to celebrate it lol.

already know what I'm getting myself tho. Just waiting for this credit card I got approved for to come in. not gonna spend a lot. probably gonna get food more than anything.

well bye.
everything sucks and I don't care about much anymore anyways. Birthday gonna breeze by like it's nothing. Probs just delete facebook that day so I don't have to see all the birthday wishes from people that don't care any other day lol.]
  Serene / 13d 20h 23m 16s
[size10 you can no longer control your pet lmao
tht breaks my heart
that was the fun part of scholar
I enjoyed it
it was hard at times, but it gave me an extra challenge that I enjoyed
I am honestly
devastated by the changes to the healer classes
I haven't even touched astrologian yet and idk if I want to really
my main healer classes were fucked to all hell and I am sad lmao

and my poor paladin
the class that has my heart
so many changes
my poor heart can't take this total abuse]
  Serene / 18d 10h 36m 25s
[size10 shadowbringers is here
goodbye cruel world
you will never see me again
I'm going to be absorbed into a video game

fucking wish lmao
I wanna be a cute au ra irl
or a miqo'te
get myself a hawt viera waifu even

I would change to viera but they're not smol enough for me
I am a smol so therefore my character must also be a smol
and there's so many bunnies now wtf
I may make a side character that's a bun bun though
we'll see

gotta get my gunbreaker and dancer tho
when I'm not lagging lmao


I don't want to keep having to rearrange my healer hotbars *sob*
why you gotta do me dirty square

and pld too ??
a dirty you be doing square
I have to change so many hotbars now
rip me
could've at least provided a new healer class to lighten the blow but nah
one tank and two dps is all you give

my heart is broken

I was gonna share screenshots of how fucked and laggy everything is, but I'm just sad now lmao

only thing I'm looking forward to is nier automata dungeon]
  Serene / 18d 10h 51m 45s
[size10 I was going to post something cute and lighthearted, but. I mostly feel tired, drained, and hopeless now.

I don't care about much now. I may just ask my brother to pick me up, so I can get to work tomorrow. Dunno what I'll do for the rest of the week though. Four days between work so idk. I just don't know.

I'm just tired. hungry too, but with no appetite. guess I'll just sleep the rest of the day.


[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auZf1O9_cy4]]
  Serene / 22d 23h 1m 34s
[size10 work was fucking hell
my whole body hurts
a line to the door
for three whole hours

it was so awful
I feel so gross

gonna shower then I honestly might indulge in nge cuz shit was just awful lol
half tempted to talk the bf into letting me play teamfight tactics on his computer but nah
I guess I'll just wait til I can log in for myself
if it ever happens]
  02 / Serene / 24d 15h 54m 39s
[size10 probably gonna finish code geass before starting nge again.
man I'm so hyped for nge though. I do love code geass tho, and the bf hasn't finished it, so it's a good opportunity to watch it again.

gotta watch the newest movie too. Looks like some shit happens so I'm hyped lol. probs after nge though. maybe. I dunno.]
  02 / Serene / 25d 1h 34m 13s
[size10 just when I think shit can't get worse, it does. Boyfriend's mom is back to stay, which means that his brother gonna be sharing a room with us. which is annoying. the room is tiny as fuck so it's crowded now, and there's 0 privacy. there was like ... barely any privacy before and now there's none. Doubt I'm gonna play my ps4 at all , since I'm too scared to make a lot of noise lol. I know that I'm not supposed to be getting comfortable, but fuck. Even just a teeny tiny bit of comfort would be nice, but nah.

Nothing good ever lasts. Wish I could win the fucking lottery and just move out. Gonna try my damnedest to save money. Maybe get a loan too. Just ... anything to gtfo out of here.

End me now lmao.
jk. things can't get better if I'm dead.
gotta remember that at least.

in other news, gonna rewatch the shit out of evangelion tomorrow. yee boi. only thing I'm really looking forward to.]
  02 / Serene / 25d 17h 22m 45s
[size10 I just really want my doggo back. I miss him a lot.]
  ✧ ° ☆ / Serene / 30d 21h 58m 10s
[size10 Life has been stressful, but it may be looking up. I can't breathe yet, I can't relax yet, but even the slightest hint of sunshine is worth continuing on for.

My doggo got to stay over for a night and that was honestly great. I love him and I miss him.
Hopefully soon, I'll have him back.

I wish I could wave a wand and fix my own problems for once. I hate that money is so hard to come by, and everything costs so much.
It's stupid. Though, at this point, I don't feel like talking much about it.

Need to get back into xiv. Been a bit busy, and not having my own TV means I really only play my switch right now. But, I think I'll take the time to play xiv, work on leveling up my Astrologian, since it's the last healer class I need to level up. I want to work on my Bard and Paladin as well, and I think maybe I'll pick up pugilist/monk, because my girl Tifa.

ahhhh I'm so hyped for VIIR. It looks so good. Everyone looks beautiful so far. I'm also hyped for Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Three Houses, and so much more lol. I'm hyped to talk about all of this with my best friend too !

Gosh I love them so much. I've been thinking that a lot lately. I just love talking to them so much.
I want to meet my best friend one day. I'm thinking maybe I'll shoot for next summer. Visit my mama and my best friend, since Utah isn't that far from Arizona. It's a 12 hour drive, but maybe I can get a flight there. A flight would be only a couple of hours, so maybe I'll save up for that.

I don't know haha, it makes me nervous to think about it. Because knowing me, I'd want to go back to see my mom one more time before going back to Ohio. So I'll have to think about it and plan. I think I'll definitely try to save up to see my mom around Christmas, because I know it'll make her happy.

Well, I'm going to log off now.
  ✧ ° ☆ / Serene / 32d 15h 35m 52s
I bought a multiplayer game for you once, so we could play together.
You played with pretty much anyone but me.
But yknow what. Go ahead and believe everything you said in that statement.

Life sucks way too much for me to bother being hurt anymore.
  ✿・ . ☆・゚ / Serene / 32d 22h 3m 50s
[size10 a lot of things suck, but I'm still alive.
and I will continue to stay alive.
that's really the only reason I've gotten online today.]
  ✿・ . ☆・゚ / Serene / 41d 13h 34m 13s
[size10 you were in one of my dreams last night. It hurt. It hurts how much I miss you lol. Not that I would tell you that. I also wouldn't tell you that I spent all day thinking about you either. Or about how much my heart hurt today , after that dream. I don't remember the dream, I just remember you were that. It made me sad. I guess I'm still sad.

it's probably because my life is falling apart. hardcore.
I'll most likely be homeless within the next week, because nothing ever works out for me. I have shitty shitty luck. Forever comparing myself to Vriska bc of this shit.

I didn't get the money I so desperately need because of student loans. my aunt won't help me because she's saving up for my favorite niece to visit her. my glasses broke today. my hours at work were cut. bf's friend won't give him the car because he hasn't decided on a price yet.

Life is deciding to take a giant shit on me, and I don't know what to do.
told my mom I'm tired of swimming. I just wanna float for a little bit lmao.
maybe my ass will just drown instead. feels like it at this point.
.... but, I probably won't. Made the mistake of napping like three times today. had a horrible headache and was tired af. it's been so stressful lately. hoping that things are better tomorrow. then onto a three day weekend. gotta clean and pack. can't relax too much.

please let things get better soon.]
  Serene / 53d 14h 56m 38s
[center [size10 "Whoever said money can't solve your problems, must not have had enough money to solve 'em."]]

[size10 honestly tho. money 'bout to solve majority of my problems lmao.

I'm just a sad bitch rn tho. Sad as fuck. barely hanging in.

landlord tryna evict me when I've got like a week and a half of my lease ?? makes 0 sense but aight
if you wanna waste time and money, be my guest
not my loss.

people are kinda dumb lmao. almost hard to believe that I enjoyed when people fawned over me lmao. dunno why anyone ever had a crush on me, or why so many people did back in the day lmao. I'm not that great of a person now, but I'm a lot better than I was back then.

maybe it's cuz I'm a leo lmao
gods know we love the attention.
but now I’ve got an aquarius boy and I don’t really need the attention of anyone else.

well my sad ass is gonna get off of here, play games and walk the dog.

  ∗ˈ· ₊ ° / Serene / 56d 13h 25m 23s
[size10 really really hoping this plan works out. it would solve everything relatively easily. my stress would be gone.

gonna pray to the gods that it works out. been doing it as is, but still.
hoping so damn hard. I think my heart will shatter if this doesn't work.

in other news
not sure if I want to keep playing p5, or switch over to playing league. had a really bad losing streak last night but ... it's still nice to practice and learn.


I'm so sad haha.]
  bloom ✿ / Serene / 60d 17h 19m 40s
[size10 lmao my ass is probs just going to end up homeless at this point
This is my life now

  ✧ · ゚: / Serene / 63d 3h 42m 21s

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