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IE-Chan sighed. "We can go there! I wasn't trying to sound annoyed or anything, I'm just curious and all." She explained to him.
  Internet Explorer-Chan / AskTheStaff / 249d 5h 45m 32s
He frowned. "But...if you wanna go somewhere else, that's cool too. There are a lot of places."
  Jason Deansby / eeveelover / 249d 5h 47m 14s
"Uhm...okay?" IE-Chan asked, a bit confused yet intrigued.
  Internet Explorer-Chan / AskTheStaff / 249d 5h 48m 45s
"It's this art gallery called the Bronze Age Awakening. It's really cool!!!"
  Jason Deansby / eeveelover / 249d 5h 53m 35s
The female hugged back as well. "You do...? Where is it?" She asked Jason.
  Internet Explorer-Chan / AskTheStaff / 249d 5h 55m 46s
He hugged her softly and smiled brightly. "I know the perfect place!!!"
  Jason Deansby / eeveelover / 249d 6h 1m 52s
"Okay...thank you." The female told him, smiling gently.
  Internet Explorer-Chan / AskTheStaff / 250d 6h 27m 5s
Jason smiled easily. "Don't worry, IE-Chan!!! You'll be fine!!!"
  Jason Deansby / eeveelover / 250d 6h 28m 2s
IE-Chan thought about it for a second, and nodded. "Uhm...sure, if that's what you want. I don't know what'd be open in this town where we could go,'s worth a shot. I hope no one gets onto me for my appearance." She said.
  Internet Explorer-Chan / AskTheStaff / 250d 6h 29m 53s
"Well, why don't we go out and see what's open at the moment?"
  Jason Deansby / eeveelover / 250d 6h 31m 57s
The female shook her head a bit. "I...really don't know, to be honest. I don't have a single idea right now at all." She sighed.
  Internet Explorer-Chan / AskTheStaff / 252d 5h 51m 21s
He smiled broadly at her. "Yeah. Well, what now? What do you want to do?"
  Jason Deansby / eeveelover / 252d 5h 53m 8s
"Well, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself." IE-Chan told the male, still sitting in the same spot.
  Internet Explorer-Chan / AskTheStaff / 252d 6h 7m 26s
He walked back into the room."Yup!!! Nothin' like a nice hot shower to wake me up!!!"
  Jason Deansby / eeveelover / 252d 6h 28m 13s
The female nodded and sat down on a nearby chair as she waited.
  Internet Explorer-Chan / AskTheStaff / 252d 10h 12m 45s

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