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IE-Chan looked at the flash drive awkwardly for a few seconds. "A Pokemon flash drive? I'm honestly not a big fan of that game." She stated to the male gently.
  Internet Explorer-Chan / AskTheStaff / 207d 22h 44m 14s
"Lemme go get my flash drive..."he said before walking into his bedroom. He soon emerged with a red and white Poke Ball-shaped flash drive. "They're all on this bad boy here!!!" he exclaimed joyously.
  Jason Deansby / eeveelover / 207d 22h 50m 33s
The female on the screen smiled gently. "Thanks, Jason." She said with a sweet happiness in her voice.
  Internet Explorer-Chan / AskTheStaff / 207d 22h 52m 24s
He grinned. "Wow, thanks!!! You're very useful!!!" He yawned and stretched a bit.
  Jason Deansby / eeveelover / 207d 22h 54m 6s
"Oh! For that, it should be relatively easy. If you have a flash drive with your games plugged in, all you need to do is insert your drive into the appropriate slot on the computer and move the files from the drive to the desktop. Afterwards, it should be easy to get the game fully installed and running well." IE-Chan explained.
  Internet Explorer-Chan / AskTheStaff / 207d 22h 55m 28s
Jason smiled. "Oh, yeah...right. Anyways, how do I download my video games onto this computer?"
  Jason Deansby / eeveelover / 207d 22h 58m 32s
The female on the screen blinked a couple times, before speaking. "I...just said I was a task manager and computer helper already. Like y'know...telling you how to use different applications and such. Or helping you with anything else that I am able to, that is related to this computer and anything on it." IE-Chan stated, waiting for a response from the man.
  Internet Explorer-Chan / AskTheStaff / 212d 17h 55m 47s
Jason nodded. "Yeah. Jase is fine. Anyway, what exactly are you for...?" He asked curiously.
  Jason Deansby / eeveelover / 212d 17h 57m 33s
"Nice to meet you, Jason. Or Jase. Whichever you'd prefer me to address you by, I do not mind." IE-Chan smiled, flinging back a little bit of her hair. "Is there anything I can help you with today? After all, you must have activated me for a reason. can't really turn me off, but I hope that's okay with you." She explained.
  Internet Explorer-Chan / AskTheStaff / 212d 17h 59m 7s
Jason smiled awkwardly. "Uh...h-hello. I'm J-Jason Deansby...But my friends call me Jase."
  Jason Deansby / eeveelover / 212d 18h 1m 5s
A young female suddenly popped up onto the screen, and she waved towards the male. "Hello!" She exclaimed, chuckling at his reaction. "I'm Internet Explorer-Chan, or IE-Chan for short. I'm a task manager and computer helper run by AI! It's nice to meet you." She said kindly.
  Internet Explorer-Chan / AskTheStaff / 212d 18h 3m 3s
Jason cocked his head to the right."Huh...? What's that?" He maneuvered the mouse and clicked on the girl.
  Jason Deansby / eeveelover / 212d 18h 27m 22s
When he turned the computer on and the browser came up, a small icon of some kind of girl was in the bottom right corner. She seemed to be a pre-installed application of some kind, although her use was...unclear.
  Internet Explorer-Chan / AskTheStaff / 212d 21h 52m 59s
After a few hours, he had the computer all set up. "Time to give this puppy her exercise!!!!" He beamed as he turned the computer on.
  Jason Deansby / eeveelover / 212d 21h 57m 56s
Jason walks into his apartment, carrying a new computer he had bought from the store. He plopped the box down and opened it slowly.
"Hmmmmm...I wonder how good this computer will work..." he whispers to himself.
  Jason Deansby / eeveelover / 212d 22h 1m 50s

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