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"Ooh, I bet it'll look great!" The female exclaimed.
  Internet Explorer-Chan / AskTheStaff / 196d 51m 26s
"Yeah, they're gonna go with a cosplay of mine. I'm doing a dragon."
  Jason Deansby / eeveelover / 196d 53m 0s
IE-Chan smiled again. "Purple contacts? Nice!" She complimented.
  Internet Explorer-Chan / AskTheStaff / 196d 53m 58s
"Purple?" he smiled. "Cool!!! I'm actually getting purple contacts."
  Jason Deansby / eeveelover / 196d 55m 15s
"Well, my favorite colors are obviously blue and white, but I actually really love purple, believe it or not." She chuckled.
"Y-yeah. Like, favorite color and such." He clarified.
  Jason Deansby / eeveelover / 196d 58m 11s
IE-Chan tilted her head a bit. "What do you mean by that? Favorite subject, place to be, TV show...anything specific like that?" She asked him, confused.
  Internet Explorer-Chan / AskTheStaff / 196d 58m 50s
He edged closer to the AI. " you have any favorite...anything?" He asked.
  Jason Deansby / eeveelover / 196d 1h 49s
"I'm glad you enjoy pasta as well!" IE-Chan chuckled.
  Internet Explorer-Chan / AskTheStaff / 196d 1h 2m 4s
He smiled even wider. "Pasta is amazing!!!" He laughed.
  Jason Deansby / eeveelover / 196d 1h 3m 55s
"Ooh, nice pick. I personally love pasta dishes...even though I'm an AI, these feelings I have allow me to taste and touch...and everything else, just like you can." She explained.
  Internet Explorer-Chan / AskTheStaff / 196d 1h 4m 58s
Jason smiled. "My favorite food? Hmmm, that's a hard one...I'd have to say...sesame chicken."
  Jason Deansby / eeveelover / 196d 1h 6m 57s
The girl smiled before speaking up. "I always found acting to be interesting...although I'd never participate in it. Those are some good and fitting interests." She said afterwards, before having a new idea of what to ask. "Hmm...what's your favorite food? It's a random question, but I might as well ask what I can." IE-Chan asked and told him.
  Internet Explorer-Chan / AskTheStaff / 196d 1h 7m 59s
"Computer science, graphic design, and theater." He smiled. "Yes, I like to act. Oddly enough."
  Jason Deansby / eeveelover / 196d 1h 10m 7s
"That's a great name." IE-Chan stated, nodding in understanding towards his favorite colors. "Well...what are your main interests overall? That could help me figure out what would be the best to ask." She said.
  Internet Explorer-Chan / AskTheStaff / 196d 1h 12m 5s

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