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Yuki turned his head at the cat's words, glaring at him. If looks could kill, Kyou would have been toast. He seemed to have a habit today of opening his mouth when he really should have kept it closed. Normally the cat didn't care what the rat did or how he was feeling so why was it such a big deal now? Once he was feeling better, the orange furball would surely pay for this.

Catching movement from the corner of his eye, he turned his head around to see Hatori straightening up and sighing quietly. It appeared that the doctor was less than pleased with this answer, but Yuki didn't care. He just wanted to be left alone. The older male's body language made it clear that his plan wasn't going to happen and a physical would be taking place one way or another.

[+green "Yuki, this is important,"] he stated softly, turning to face the stubborn teenager. [+green "I need to make sure you don't have anything serious."]

Yuki's eyes narrowed again, taking a couple of steps backwards towards Kyou's direction. He was determined to fight the doctor on this. [+purple "I don't care, I said no."] His voice wasn't as harsh as it was when he was arguing with Kyou, but some of that bite was still there. It was clear he didn't enjoy being backed into a corner by the others. [+purple "You don't need to listen to the furball, either. He'll say anything to make me look bad."]

Hatori sighed heavily, running his hand through his hair. [+green "Shigure, Kyou. Go inside; I'll take care of this."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 2y 101d 18h 31m 44s
It had come as a shock to have seen the rat get so defensive over something that he had said. Strange was not a strong enough word for it nor was shock but they were the best or rather the only words that came to mind for the cat. It was normal for them to throw the insulrs back and forth and to push the other. They ALWAYS annoyed the other and had that arrogance about them. But something that day was different and Kyou could not place it to save his life. Not that it really mattered or should to him. He was afterall the outcast and so the reat of the way, the orange haired teen was silent and TRYING to find something else to think of. ANYTHING else that would get the events of the day out of his head and make him forget why the hell he would have showed any of the concern he had, no matter how indirect it had been.

When they appraoched the porch, Kyou's eyes landed on both the dog and dragon as both were out front to greet the teens. Well more like the rat since he was the 'Crowned Jewel' of the family. Momiji had rushed ahead to hug Hatori because the dragon was a favourite of his and Haru simply walked past like it was no big deal.

Kyou would have usually done the same as the ox, but the fact that he was the cat seemed to get the better of him. And so it appeared his curiosity did as well. So instead of going in, the cat found a place to lean against the wall and just watch the birds as they were flying through the trees. His mind wandered for just a moment to what being so free would be like. But quickly was it brought back with his ears twitching as he heard the words passed between Hatori and Yuki. If he spoke up, Kyou would get his ass handed to him by the rat as he always did. But if he didn't, the consequences of the family were worse. [b "Rat's gonna lie to you like always. Though he was pretty whimpy today."] Those were the only words Kyou shot the way of the dragon, figuring it was enough to clue the others in.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 2y 98d 22h 2m 0s
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Yuki remained silent on the way home, something not unusual for the teen but the circumstance they left in made it highly uncomfortable. It was so strange to see Kyou get under his skin like that, to make him so defensive. Usually he was able to let the cat's comments roll off his shoulders...but not that. But why? Perhaps it was because it involved Akito and Kyou assumed he knew what happened. Or maybe because Yuki was already incredibly uncomfortable from the last visit. Whatever it was, his reaction seemed to shock the other Sohmas into silence.

Once they arrived home, Yuki groaned internally to see not one, but two figures on the porch. Both were smoking, the delicate smoke streams informing the other that it was their beloved doctor. The rat almost turned around at this, not wishing to engage, but knew better than to abandon the house and his family. Besides, it would result in many unwanted questions. Momiji seemed happy about Hatori's presence, skipping happily up to the older cousin to give him a gentle hug. He always loved to be around Hatori and spent countless hours hanging around the male's office. He never seemed to mind, allowing the rabbit to do as he pleased. Haru simply ignored the dragon's existence, heading into the house and leaving the small group to talk.

[+purple "What are you doing here?"] Yuki asked quietly, slowly stepping up onto the porch and facing the two adults. Hatori slowly put out the rest of his cigarette, looking over at the bright eyed rat.

[+green "I want to give you a physical,"] he told him softly. Yuki instantly took a couple of steps back, narrowing his eyes faintly at this request.

[+purple "No."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 2y 108d 22h 9m 45s
It amazed the cat how his words seemed to get under the rat's skin this time. Usually the amethyst eyed teen in front of him who now looked all tense and ready for a fight. That being the case, Kyou knew there had been at least some truth to his words. Especially since the rat NEVER lost "face" in the way he did in those moments. And having the rat like that had the car contempate whether he wanted to leave it alone or to start something.

A sharp orangey-res eyed glare was kept on his cousin as the other two seemed to becime uncomfortable. [b "Who is the one always acting high and mighty? Remember according to you and the others I AM nothing. So how the hell would I even deam about knowing what goes on?"] Kyou shot back, his own stance changing drastically. If it had not been for the ox tugging the rat back and for the rabbit's whining, the cat may have actually taken a swing or two at the rat.

But as fate would have it, the other two got in the way. They reminded him and Yuki both of the usual promise made. And with a huff, Kyou grabbed his own bad and followed the other three out of the gym and down their usual path home. He could not WAIT to get away.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 2y 109d 1h 17m 44s
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Yuki's eyes narrowed a bit, the male taking a couple steps closer to the cat. Normally in this place, he wouldn't give Kyou the satisfaction of his words having any effect. This time, however, the school was empty and there was no one around to witness the way the cat and the rat truly behaved. [+purple "You have no idea what happened in that house,"] Yuki responded, only a few inches away from him. His hands remained at his sides, one hand loose while one began to form a fist. It was simply a defensive stance, Yuki wouldn't dare attack first. Not here. Not even though they were alone. [+purple "For all you know, we simply talked. Don't act like you're any better than the rest of us."]

He quickly turned his head as he was suddenly tugged back, his eyes landing on Haru while said teen's hand was wrapped lightly around his wrist. [+lightslategrey "Momiji's right, we have to go,"] he said quietly. [+lightslategrey "You can settle this later."]

Yuki sighed, knowing full well that Haru was right. He reached down, lightly ruffling Momiji's hair in order to get him to smile again, then picked up his bag and led them out before locking the door after them.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 2y 110d 16h 32m 26s
Kyou knew that Momiji had only been following his and Haru's leas. The little rabbit would be in the least trouble. Which if he was honest was the way he preferred it. The blonde was always so happy and full of life. Could always bounce back and damn did he envy that. But at the moment, even he looked like he wanted to cry from the disproving looks that were being shot their way. The cat was actually thankful when Haru had spoken up and the blame was yet again being directed to the ox and himself.

Yuki's words were almost EXACTLY what the orange haired teen would expect. [b "Wouldn't it take an idiot to be here after Akito? So if you're calling me the idiot ya damn rat better look good and hard into a mirror. And I'll call you out if I want. I actually would LOVE to see you slip in front of our classmates and 'wipe the floor with me'."] The cat snappes, being more him in those moments than he had all day. And it felt good. It felt normal, which he was seriously needing.

[#9251c1 "Come on you two..not here. Besides we told Shigure we wouldn't be later than we had to."] Momiji said with a pout as the younger boy took Haru's hand. His eyes had gone to the clock and he was trying to get both Yuki and Kyou to give it a rest.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 2y 110d 16h 48m 58s
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Even though Haru had a different relationship with Yuki than Kyou did, it still made sense to him why the two cousins hated each other. They each wanted what the other had even if they would never admit it. He wondered if that would ever change, if the two of them would ever get along. At this point, it didn't seem likely.

[+lightslategrey "You shouldn't even be at school today, Yuki,"] Haru responded, folding his arms over his chest. [+lightslategrey "So yes, I would say it was necessary."]

The rat sighed deeply at this, glancing down at Momiji afterwards. The rabbit was the one he was least mad at, the blonde was simply following the example of the others. Haru and Kyou were the real masterminds behind this. Bringing his eyes up, he allowed them to flicker over to the cat after he spoke, narrowing his eyes faintly. Kyou's strange acts and words of somewhat kindness were rather out of character, but this sounded more like the cat than ever. Perhaps the furball was simply having an off day.

[+purple "I suppose it takes an idiot to see something like that, doesn't it?"] Yuki answered in his soft tone, keeping his eyes on Kyou. [+purple "You should know better than to call me out like that in front of our classmates; next time it happens I won't hesitate to wipe the floor with you. You should learn when to keep your mouth shut."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 2y 111d 17h 54m 4s
Kyou rolled his eyes. [b "That's right he has to be the crowned jewel and be the prince. Can't slip can he? I still would love the day he does."] The cat grumbled to the ox as the pair dismantled the last of the bigger pieces. Out of the Sohmas, Haru was the easiest for Kyou to get along with. Sure they fought at times but compared to the others, they actually COULD hold somewhat of a normal conversation. Which sometimes the cat was thankful for because ONCE in awhile it was nice to have someone he could talk to.

Silence fell and the orange haired male lost himself to his thoughts. He was still trying to figure out what the hell had gotten into him. Not once but TWICE had he stepped in and in a sense made the damn rat take it easy. What was he supposed to care if Yuki hurt himself? They had almost never seemed to get along and for a lack of better wording ALWAYS "fought like cats and dogs" which amused Kyou because he WAS a cat. But he was still confused and hating the fact that he had no explanation for his so called change of heart where the amethyst eyed teen was concerned.

It had not taken too long for Yuki to get back with Momiji but still long enough for them to get the rest of the gym squared away. And they were all thanked with everyone soon gone. Everyone but the four Sohmas and Yuki's sharp gaze upon himself, the ox, and the rabbit. Haru wouldn't bend and Momiji was looking up at him with a pout. Kyou had simply stuffed his hands into his pockets and shrugged. [b "When you're such an idiot it is."] But those were the ONLY words the cat spoke. He was leaving the meaning behind them for the rat to decode.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 2y 112d 2h 38m 0s
[h3 +]

[+lightslategrey "You know as well as I do that he won't do anything else to us in school,"] Haru answered, helping Kyou as the they began to dismantle one of the last large pieces. Out of all the the younger cousins, the ox and the cat seemed to be able to get along the best. Sure, they had their little fights like many people and Kyou did but they were also able to have a decent conversation. [+lightslategrey "He needs to uphold the image he has, it's the only thing that gives him a sense of normal life. He'd never risk that, not even to punish all of us."]

Yuki packed up the rest of the sweets for Momiji, handing him the box and watching him skip happily back to his and Haru's bags to set it down. A quick glance around the room told him that the family's plan to keep him occupied had worked as most of the teardown was finished. He sighed quietly, wrapping an arm delicately around his side as it started to ache again, going back out with the others and waiting until they all had finished before speaking again.

[+purple "Thank you for all of your help,"] he told them softly, giving them a small smile. [+purple "It was just as good as last year; please know your hard work was appreciated and enjoy the weekend."] Once they all had left, the four Sohmas were the only ones left in the building. It wasn't strange for Yuki, he had often been left to lock up after school activities.

[+purple "Was booting me off my own project really necessary?" he asked them, looking over the small group. Haru folded his arms across his chest at this, raising in eyebrow in silent questioning.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 2y 112d 18h 44m 52s
The cat was ALWAYS the rat's least favourite person, so the icy look shot his way for his words merely rolled off him. It wasn't like he wasn't given that look many times before and he would more than likely continue to get them. Besides, the damn rat would NEVER listen to him and he would NEVER admit that he actually cared abit. So to turn the other two on him was the next best option. And it was a subtle way to help without it beint fully known. As far as Momiji and Haru knew, Kyou was just putting Yuki down for being "weak" and making him pay in his own little form of revenge for making him help with both set-up and teardown.

It was when the rabbit had led the older teen past him did Kyou feel his legs cur from beneath him. The boy tried to catch his balance, but to no avail. Almost immediately was he on his face, quickly getting to his feet with a stream of curses streaming from his lips. Yuki would be paying for that one when he was feeling better.

[b "The damn rat ALWAYS makes us pay when we step out of line in his opinion. So when we have our asses handed to us over this it'll be expected. You know I would LOVE to see him do it in front of our classmates and they see how princely he really is."] Kyou muttered with a growl and roll of his eyes. He was still bitter for being made to fall on his face as he set to another task.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 2y 113d 13h 26m 37s
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Yuki's gaze quickly flickered over to Kyou once he had spoken, freely giving away his morning actions. The other two Sohmas turned on him rather quickly after that, Momiji skipping over and asking the rat to help him with light work while Haru prevented him from doing anything else. Deep down, Yuki knew he should be taking it easy after his family visit. His side still hurt, especially if he put a lot of pressure on it, and he knew immediately that if anyone caught a glimpse of it, Hatori would be called. It would be bedrest for a few days after that. He wasn't willing to relinquish his freedom and preferred his cousins stay in the dark.

The rat sighed heavily in defeat, looking down at Momiji. It was obvious he didn't enjoy being removed from his own projects but didn't want to go into it in front of the class leaders. Quietly he began to lead Momiji over, passing Kyou as he did so. When no one was looking, the rat decided to exact his own revenge and quickly cut the cat's legs out from under him, waiting for him to fall on his face, before finishing his task. Haru sighed at this, shaking his head faintly.

[+lightslategrey "He's going to kick all of our asses for this in the near future,"] he commented quietly, finishing the project he was working on before looking back to Kyou. [+lightslategrey "I think that our classmates and the parting gift he received from Akito are the only things keeping our heads on our shoulders."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 2y 115d 8h 56m 12s
Somehow when the words of having another person decide to help was said, Kyou got the hint. It was the ox and the rabbit who would be joining. Of all the family, Haru and Momiji were the most willing to help where and when it was needed. And given the state the rat was in and how much there would be to clean up and to take down it help would be needed. All of that was of course observations made based upon helping that morning and watching all the students around the gym as some were getting lazy and just letting their trash go where it would. But he would NOT say anything to the rat about the observations. As far as it was known, the cat was not "smart enough" to notice such things unless it was pointed out or "right under his nose".

[b "Can't wait to have my weekend and AWAY from you. Gives me the chance to train and think of better ways to beat you in a fight."] The teen shot at the other with a glare. But it was only in answer to the spoken words as he too went back to the people watching. Therw were times when Kyou wished he could be both Momiji and Yuki. To actually be liked by people and to actually matter. But NEVER would he admit to it.

When everyone else was gone and it was time for teardown, the cat went back to the trees that he had helped with that morning. And because he had, Kyou knew how to take them down. But he, like Haru did keep an eye on the rat this time. Why was he doing it? Even he didn't know. But he was. [b "You would have better luck putting him on paper duty or something. The damn rat won't just sit and be a good boy after the last couple of days. Should have seen what a sissy he was this morning, gripping that side of his."] The words were meant to sass Yuki, but also to get the ox to make the other teen take it easy. And once more he was back to work and acting as if nothing had been said.

Momiji's eyes were wide as he looked at the cat and then looked up at Yuki. Obviously the rabbit thought he was hearing things. Had Kyou actually showed concern for another Sohma? [#9251c1 "Why don't you show me where the treats are kept? Some of the girls said they would give me sweets to take home! Haru and Kyou have things under control here. Besides it won't take long. Pleeeeaseee Yuki."] The blond boy begged and gave big almost puppyish eyes as he begged the rat. This was his way of pulling the other male away from the work and getting him to relax some.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 2y 114d 15h 4m 32s
[h3 +]
Even though Yuki wished he could be like Kyou, he also wished he could be like Momiji. The small Sohma was always so happy and, when something bad did happen to him, managed to bounce back quickly. He enjoyed life more than any of them did and didn't allow his curse to define him. He continued to watch the blonde converse with the others around him all the while holding onto Haru's hand while enjoying his time with company.

[+purple "I have one other person helping, though he volunteered himself,"] Yuki answered, glancing over at Kyou before looking back at his classmates. He wasn't all that surprised, honestly, when the tall Sohma offered his services. He had been at the main house while Yuki was and had seen the events that transpired. In fact, the rat was surprised the ox didn't try to send him home yet. [+purple "Don't worry, It won't take long and afterwards you can spend the weekend as far away from me as possible."]

Once the festival had ended and the students had gone, only those that had set it up in the morning remained, in addition to Haru and Momiji. Everyone had begun work at once, Yuki choosing to help take apart a few smaller trees after removing all of the posers and banners. He could feel the ox's eyes on him, amethyst eyes flickering over to the male and giving him a disapproving look. [+purple "I don't need babysat, Haru,"] he told him quietly. [+purple "I'm fine."]

[+darkslategrey "I'm making sure you stay fine and don't make it worse."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 2y 118d 16h 29m 46s
Somehow the cat knew that the words he spoke to the rat had not worked the way e intended. It was so like Yuki to be hard on himself. All the cursed family members were, but some like Momiji had managed to find joy in life. And if he were honest, though he didn't have to worry like all the others, Kyou was not happy with who he was. What he was. He didn't really have a future planned and was just there and living until the curse killed him. The way of not carinf and being all "I'm free and can do whatever the hell I want" was an act. It made him for a little while forget everything. But he would be DAMNED to let any of the other Sohmas know or in like that. He was the cat, the loner, and the outcast. It was what it was.

[b "Right. Of course you would have assigned me to clean up too. Forgot all about that."] The cat said sarcastically as he stuffed his hands into his pockets. He hd actually planned to do some training and studying that weekend. [b "All the set-up crew or did you con other unwilling victims into it?"] His eyes again had found their way to all the others still mingling and Momiji who was by now being offered multiple sweets.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 2y 118d 23h 25m 24s
[h3 +]
Yuki knew Kyou's words were a roundabout way of attempting to reassure the rat but it didn't do what it was intended. How the rat saw himself was completely different than how Kyou imagined Yuki saw himself; if he had to guess, the cat would think he was a proud human being. That he didn't have hardships because of his status. To Yuki, that was the biggest curse of all. Spending all of those years under Akito's supervision destroyed all self-confidence the male ever had, the sickly male playing on Yuki's insecurities and anxieties. For Yuki, in a way it was better to focus on the way the world perceived him. That way, he didn't have to worry about how he saw himself.

His gaze flickered over to Momiji again, watching the small rabbit skip happily through the crowd, all while holding Haru's hand. He was always so cheerful, no matter what was thrown at him, and loved to spend time with his cousins. Yuki was seeing him more than ever now but it wasn't something he could complain about. He liked him.

[+purple "Well, you're lucky it won't last much longer,"] Yuki stated quietly, shoving his hands into his pockets as he continued to watch his cousins across the room. [+purple "Tear down will be quick, then we have the weekend. Then you can go home and sulk or whatever it is you do outside."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 2y 120d 19h 31m 34s

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