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He could feel those Amethyst eyes as they followed him about the kitchen. It was an odd feeling because usually the others paid him no mind. But he would be damned if he let the rat know he was a little unnerved with the watching. Why should he? The two of them were always at odds as it was and the other boy was clearly waiting for him to make a mistake that he would make fun of him for. Yeah, that had to be it. He knew it was what he would end up doing in Yuki's place. But Kyou continued on with the cooking and getting the cake ready as well.

When the question came him way, orangey-red moved to look over his shoulder at his slender cousin who had been still rubbing his swore side. Shrugging his shoulders, the cat turned to where he was fully facing the cat. [b "I guess when you have to learn you have to learn. And something to keep my mind busy and distracted from this damn curse."] Those were his only words and he was embarrassed about them. ALMOST Kyou felt he had exposed himself. [b "Tell ANYONE I said that and I will deny it."] He growled to cover his own ass and his slip.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 2y 83d 15h 8m 6s
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Amethyst eyes watched Kyou as he moved around the kitchen while he continued to lightly rub at his sore side. As much as the two argued and fought, he did like to watch the cat when he was cooking. There was just something satisfying about seeing something made from nothing. Even if it wasn't something he could do himself, he did enjoy seeing it done. Yuki observed as the teen pulled down a cake mix from the nearby cupboard and began to make it, the rat guessing he was trying to squelch a sweet tooth craving.

[+purple "I consider it nothing less than a miracle,"] Yuki retorted softly, allowing the slender frame to rest lightly against the wall as he watched his cousin move around the kitchen. Kyou typically had a short attention span but was somehow able to focus when he was making food. Perhaps it was because a grade wasn't involved. He remained motionless for a long while before pushing himself up again and slowly moving towards the cat's creation. Violet eyes peered into the various bowls and pans Kyou had set around before looking up at him.

[+purple "How is this so easy for you?"] he asked quietly.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 2y 83d 18h 36m 5s
[b "I could still catch the rabbit if I wanted. You know he's not a fighter and so it would be easy enough. He's still learning the most baeic of techniqued at this rate."] The cat retorted as he put the lid upon the pot. Orangey-red orbs had fallen on the rat and he noted the rubbing at his side. But as quick as the glance had fallen upon the other it was off. And he was moving towards a cupboard and pulling out a cake mix. Unlike the rat he COULD cook and sometimes liked it when it kept his ming busy. Besides it was either he cooked or those in the house would starve. Shigure hated it and Yuki was lucky if he could get tea right. So who else would do it?

The cat began to make the mix and rolled his eyes even if the damned rat was unable to see it. This was NORMAL for them but even so he found he was easily enough annoyed. [b "IF you hadn't noticed, rat cooking requires attention. So I CAN manage more than ten seconds. Go lecture the dog on attention."] He hissed out.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 2y 89d 18h 52m 41s
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Bright eyes watched as Kyou added a few vegetables to the stew he was making, observing the swirling patterns the steam made as it rose to the ceiling. Even though the rat would never admit it, Kyou was a rather good cook and could make some wonderful dishes. He often made dinner for himself and the others in the house seeing as Yuki could barely make a pot of tea without ruining it and Shigure would probably allow them to starve.

[+purple "Like Momiji would would stay still long enough for you to hit him,"] Yuki retorted quietly, absently rubbing at his bruised side while leaning back against the wall. A faint wince touched his features once he hit a particularly tender spot but continued to rub it anyway. He wondered when this uncomfortableness would die down and he could continue his normal life...as normal as it became, anyway. He hated feeling like this, like he was being babysat.

[+purple "That means you'd have to focus on something longer than ten seconds. Must be hard."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 2y 91d 19h 14m 18s
And though the rat should have been the last thing on his mind, the cat near worried that Yuki had given up the usual argument that they had. He was ALMOST worried that the day would continue to be off and weird. But as soon as he heard the soft footsteps and the soft retort, a smile came to his lips that the other teen could not see. It appeared that he was not disappointed.

[b "He's getting old, but Kazuma can still wipe the floor with you. So he's not THAT old or failing."] Kyou shot back as he was making another stew for the night with more of the rice. He was also thinking to make something sweet too. Not for any particular reason other than it just sounded good and would make for a good snack when NOTHING else sounded good. As much as he liked rice balls, sometimes even the orange haired teen could get tired of them.

[b "Is that so? Want to put your theory to the test and have me and the rabbit 'fight it out'? What's the worse that could happen since I can't fend off even a toddler?"] Kyoi shot back at Yuki once more as he put cut up carrots into the broth he had started.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 2y 92d 15h 3m 20s
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Yuki continued to watch the cat out of the corner of his eye as he passed and moved into the house. He was still rather sore at Kyou, especially after all the unwanted attention, and wasn't sure how he was going to solve that. Something would be done even if it wasn't in the immediate future and the furball would pay for his actions. He still had some deciding to do.

He remained outside for a few extra minutes, his arm wrapping loosely around his injured side as he looked into the treeline. It was peaceful out there, quiet except for the murmurings of the two older Sohmas on the front porch. After a few minutes had passed, Yuki turned and followed his cousin into the kitchen and shut the door gently behind him.

[+purple "Kazuma must be getting old and his vision failing,"] Yuki retorted softly, keeping his arm loosely around his side. The cat seemed to have begun the process of making dinner, something Yuki was never able to accomplish. Even after all this time the simple dishes were nearly impossible for him to make. He hoped it was something good, though. [+purple "Especially if he can't see or correct all of those mistakes you're making. Momiji could probably beat you at this point."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 2y 92d 21h 15m 31s
As harsh as the rat came off with his words, it was like a breath of fresh air to the cat. It was in a weird sense like music because it meant things were actually NORMAL or as normal as they could be. And even he should not welcome the insult, he very much did after the day that he had been having. This was EXACTLY what he needed.

[b "I could so fight off a toddler, ya damn rat. And maybe he just thinks I CAN improve. He's not as hardheaded or judgemental as the rest of the damn zodiac seems to be."] Kyou shot back, wiping some sweat from his face and moving past Yuki so that he could head into the kitchen for some water. He was also going to cook again because he KNEW that since the rat was injured and the dog hardly liked to be doing it that it would be put on him.

Though he shouldn't have, Kyou did wonder if the rat would keep his ass on the porch or pursue their little "argument". If he did, then the car knew that they were back to normal. If not, then they were still somewhat in the twilight zone.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 2y 93d 12h 35m 50s
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Yuki continued to watch the other teen as his arms folded themselves loosely over his chest. He had been acting out of character all day, the rat trying to figure out why. Did something happen between Kyou and another zodiac member? Or was the cat's fate after high school finally weighing down on him? He couldn't answer that but a small part of him wanted to find out.

If he did ask, it might give the other the notion that he cared.

Right now, Yuki didn't care if Kyou vanished off the face of the earth. How could he when the orange furball pulled all of those eyes in the rat's direction? He would be watched extra carefully for the next week or so, Shigure would see to that while Hatori put the word out with the other members. Sometimes Yuki wondered just how important his life really was to the world outside of the Sohma walls, what would happen if he were to disappear. It was a dark train of thought sometimes but that promise of reprise made him feel better strangely.

His gaze followed the cat as he stopped training and headed over to the porch, inquiring about the rat's observations. He scoffed a little, shaking his head once Kyou had finished speaking. [+purple "I came out to see if that sloppy technique of yours had improved,"] he spat out quietly. [+purple "I see I was wrong. I don't see why Kazuma continues to train you, you couldn't fight off a toddler."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 2y 94d 19h 7m 24s
Kypu was not at all acting normal and he knew it too. It had been his way to help, but WHY?! He knew the rat hated him and would rather drop dead than to accept help from the likes of him. And over and over had those thoughts bounced around in his head. As did the fact that again and again he opened his mouth and the words spilled before he could seem to reign them in. It was like he had next to no control over thoughts of actions where that damn rat was concered.

The cat had decided on training and his excersises as they would clear his head. When he did the training, it was like there was nothing and no one else. So it was the best thing he could do. MAYBE just MAYBE it would be a good way to regain himself and go back to his normal self of NOT caring for the damn rat. Of being loud and keeping to himself. Yeah, the training just HAD to work.

He had maybe done so for about ten minutes or so when he noticed or rather felt like he was being watched. At first, the cat thought it might be one of the older Sohmas, but when he turned to look, it was none other than Yuki. Deciding to stop for the time being and to grab the little white towel he had had with him, Kyou walked up to the wraparound porch. [b "So what do I owe the pleasure of having the rat watch?"] He shot at the other teen, sarcastically.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 2y 93d 12h 42m 23s
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Yuki remained quiet as he stood in the kitchen, a few moments later hearing someone else enter after him. He could still hear the two older males discussing so it was safe to rule them out. All that was left was Kyou. Why in the hell did he follow? It was his fault Hatori was brought into this mess and that this course of action was taken. Was he trying to provoke the proverbial bear more? Injured or not, Yuki wasn't about to have that; he'd knock the cat into the next week if any sort of argument or smart remark left his lips.

Amethyst eyes flickered over to Kyou once he murmured his quiet phrase, taking his snack to the back yard to eat and do some light training. It was more than likely the cat's strange way of trying to help but it infuriated the rat some. Trying to help? Yuki didn't see it that way. If anything, it was more of a punishment than the beating he initially received. This exposure ran the risk of everyone treating him differently , pushing him further from a normal life.

That damn cat didn't understand anything.

The rat remained in the kitchen for a few more minutes before stepping out onto the wrap-around porch, watching the cat train a bit and glaring faintly at him.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 2y 96d 2h 48m 43s
The cat was quick to tear his gaze from the rat. He knew Yuki well and knew that he was trying to read him and mote than likely was able. His hands had become stuffed into his pockets and though not looking he took the words in just as the others had. So he had been right about what had happened in a sense. It was knowing that could he see why his words had gotten to the rat so much. But he WOULD NOT apologise for his words. And he WOULD NOT apologise for opening his mouth either. The damn rat knew better and for once in jhis life....Kyou had to stop his thoughts rigt there. What the hell was wrong with him anyway?!

Barely did Hatori finish his words when the amethyst eyed boy happened to walk past him and the others into the kitchen. Because he didn't much feel like being around the others, the cat followed suit. Upon his entrance, orangey-red gaze did not even fall upon the damned rat as he went to the fridge and took out a rice ball. [b "For your own good you know..."] Were the quiet words he spoke through a mouthful and a shrug. He then took his rice ball with him and headed out back to do some "simple" training that he could do on his own. Kyou was going to leave Yuki to guess if he had truly heard him or if it was imagined.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 2y 96d 12h 46m 22s
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Yuki kept his gaze focused on the floor, bringing it up briefly to gauge the visible feelings of the others. There had been some sort of exchange between the older Sohma and the loud one, the rat could see it in Kyou's eyes. Whatever it was, neither would talk about it now. Shigure might bring it up to his friend, the dragon, in private, but Kyou more than likely would never speak of it again. That was simply how he was.

Hatori looked between the two as he tucked his hands into his pockets before allowing his gaze to land on Shigure. He was Yuki's current caretaker, after all. [+green "The bruising on his side is rather extensive, whatever Akito hit him with the other day caused a bit of damage,"] he began softly. [+green "Nothing is broken but his bottom ribs may be bruised. No strenuous activity for two weeks; I'll give you a painkiller to administer as needed. He'll be back to his normal self soon, I'm sure."]

Yuki let out a quiet sigh, keeping his arms folded over his chest as he studied the patterns in the hardwood floor while listening to the older Sohma. His secret was out now, honestly he wished none of them even knew. It was easier that way. The rat stood in his spot for a few moments more before silently heading into the kitchen to escape them. He didn't need any of them looking at him any different.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 2y 96d 17h 31m 52s
The dog could have left the cat alone, but he was interested to see what was indeed wrong with the cat. He was always teasing Kyou and giving him some form of grief, but the man did care about him. So after the orange haired teen had stormed off, Shigure went after him. He found the cat in the kitchen all but banging through the cupboards. [i "Are you going to tell me what's really going on, Kyou? It's not like you to let little things I say get under your skin so completely."] The older Sohma said as he found a place on the wall to lean.

Eyes were trained on the cat as it seemed he had been ignored. But before the dog could speak to ask his question again, a dish rag was thrown at him. [b "I don't know, okay! It's been happening all damn day. Just seems I can't keep my mouth shut and the words are out before I can help them. I don't know what's wrong with me today, but it is annoying the hell out of me. Usually I don't give a damn about what happens to the rat. He is NOT my problem and we HATE the other."] The orange haired teen snapped as he was still bustling about in the cupboards. Kyou was trying anything he could do to avoid looking the dog in the eye.

After the words has been snapped, silence fell in the kitchen. It wasn't what one would call peaceful, but it wasn't awkward either. The silence was just there and seemed to hold a weight all its own. Both were obviously thinking over the exchange and stumped about what to say next.

Thankfully, the sliding door could be heard and so could footsteps. It seemed Hatori was done with Yuki and both Kyou and Shigure were interested to hear what would come. So putting theie exchange behind them, both cat and dog went to join the others. All eyes were on both Yuki and Hatori, expectantly.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 2y 97d 12h 20m 42s
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Yuki continued his displeased glare at the cat until he disappeared inside, mentally willing him to burst into flames on the spot. He would certainly come up with something to make the orange ball of fluff pay, that was for sure. Something to match the intensity of the crime. Not once, but twice the cat had drawn attention to him when he wished to remain hidden; Shigure and Haru more than likely would have opened their mouths about the previous day's performance but the rat could have talked him out of any kind of physical examination. Now, Kyou had escalated the situation so that he had no chance of escape.

Both males knew this.

Hatori waited until the rest of the zodiac had entered the home and the door had been shut before addressing Yuki. Slender arms folded themselves over his matching chest while watching the rat. [+green "Am I going to have to fight you for this or are you going to cooperate?"] Yuki only continued to watch him, making the older Sohma sigh quietly. [+green "Give me a break, Yuki. It's just you and me here, the others have gone. So let's see it."]

Yuki groaned internally, letting his arms fall to his sides. He was right, he had done the rat a huge favor by shooing the rest of the family back inside the house. After a long moment, the quiet Sohma began to pull up his shirt to expose his abdomen, focusing his gaze on the treeline as he did so. Covering his right side were dark and heavy bruises, stretching around his stomach and back like an awkward hug. It was clear that Yuki had not been in good favor with the head of the house when it was received. At least when Akito was in a decent mood, he was gentler.

Hatori knelt down to access the damage easier, carefully feeling around the rib cage to look for broken bones while studying the rat's expressions. Luckily he didn't feel anything too wrong and Yuki only gave a few uncomfortable winces. After checking the rest of his abdomen, Hatori reached into his bag and pulled out a salve to apply to the affected area.

[+green "You're lucky he didn't break anything,"] Hatori told him softly as he worked, fixing Yuki's shirt once he had finished. [+green "At worst, he bruised your ribs. No heavy lifting or strenuous activity for two weeks. I'll give you a note that excuses you from gym for that period."]

Yuki nodded, folding his arms loosely over his chest and silently headed inside, keeping his gaze down as he met the crowd inside.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 2y 97d 22h 38m 57s
If looks could kill, then he would have found himself six feet under. The rat was highly annoyed and angered with him for opening his mouth, which wasn't a new thing. The NEW thing was that it was actually in the means to help the damn rat, which in itself still had him wondering what the hell was wrong with him. Ususally he couldn't give a damn IF the rat was okay or WHAT the rodent did. So why the hell was today any different than all the rest? Even the cat himself didn't know that and it was REALLY starting to get under his own skin.

[b "No one HAS to listen to anything that I say. For all you know I COULD just be making this up to make the damn rat look bad and to FINALLY put out his shine. Or I could be telling the truth."] Kyou said with a shrug as he was still leaning against his chosen wall spot. Only vaguely was he amused with the bite that Yuki was TRYING to give Hatori and trying to get out of the doctor's physical. In a weird way it was nice seeing someone else get into trouble with the damn rat for a change.

Kyou was about to say how he didn't want to go and wanted to watch the show. But before he could, the dog took his arm and dragged him inside and slid the door shut behind them.

[i "So what's going on, Kyou? Not like you to show a care towards Yuki. Have we had a change of heart?"] The man asked both curiously and teasingly of the cat.

A cold orangey-red glare fell on the dog and he shrugged. [b "Like hell I could EVER care for the rat. Just a slip of the tongue."] The teen hissed out, defiantly before he stormed off towards the kitchen. He didn't need the dog's crap over this.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 2y 97d 20h 45m 17s

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