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Kyou was still pretty much calling himself indane for agreeing to what the rat wanted. A part of him was thinking this was a dream and that he would wake up soon. Yuki and he NEVER got along and NEVER asked the other for anything. So what did seem to provoke them both? Oh yeah...the rat couldn't cook and he himself had his training on the line if he couldn't pick up his grades in the math class that they had. So that had to be it.

[b [i 'Maybe this won't be hell.. Can't be as bad as the family curse.']] Kyou found himself thinking as he continued around the kitchen and getting everything ready. When he had done, the cat went to the still open door. [b "Foods done if you want."] But those were the only words he said, turning away and going to get his own dish. He didn't even want to know what kind of trouble their dear guardian was trying to stir up.

[i "Ah, now that is true. The only time either of you let down your guards is when tired, sick or injured. It'll go back to normal soon enough. Though I have to admit, Yuki..I do like the quiet."] He said and then gave the rat a look when his cigarrette had all but been pulled away from them. The dog was about to say something more but then Kyou had said dinner was ready and shrugged. He could torture both boys a little more later.

[i "Well, shall we go in?"]
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 277d 12h 17m 34s
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Yuki glanced at the doorway as Shigure entered, the rat holding the cold pack to the sensitive area of his waist. It was still in an unbelievable amount of pain though it was something he was able to push through. His childhood with the head of their house had taught him that. He could still see Kyou through the doorway before he turned around, the cat busying himself with making the small, broken family dinner. Yuki had to admit that he had quite a knack for it while the rat would end up giving them all food poisoning. He hoped he could pick up a skill or two from his lesson with Kyou, though he wasn't all that certain he would. Yuki could find a way to burn water.

He turned back around to gaze out into the trees once his guardian had stepped out onto the porch, not looking at him as he asked his question. It was an understandable one as the two of them had been getting along and imagined it was worrying a few people. Still, what happened between himself and Kyou was their business, not anyone else's.

[+purple "I'm just tired, Shigure,"] Yuki answered quietly. He waited for the dog to finish around half of the cigarette before taking it from the male's hand and putting it out in an ashtray nearby. It was such a disgusting habit. [+purple "Being sore doesn't help either. Don't worry, we'll go back to our bickering ways shortly, I'm sure. Kyou will simply explode if he doesn't have a shouting match soon. And you should know better than to smoke, especially around me, unless you want Hatori to make a return trip because of my asthma."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 279d 16h 17m 53s
The look given was definitely felt. But then it had been no less than was expected either. He had said something RUDE, which was his nature and been given a look. Most times, his rudeness warranted a hit or something, which he had thought would be coming soon. When it didn't, the cat was in his way surprised. But then again, Kypu had to remember the deal they had made and how the day really was not what they expected or how they normally acted.

[b "Damn dog's probably gonna join you and make me get everything ready. I'll just drag your asses back in when it is."] Kyou muttered, it still being his usual sass but perhaps the faintest edge of a softness that was HARDLY every there. It was annoying to hear it because he KNEW it was not him, but yet it had happened.

Shigure stood a moment and watched the two teens. It again was a shock that not more had come. But the dog shrugged ot off and soon found himself on the porch with Yuki and lit one of his cigarettes. [i "You and Kyou seem to be playing nicely today. Not at all normal for the two of you. Something happen?"] He asked as he got straight to the point, taking a long drag from the "cancer stick".
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 278d 16h 51m 36s
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Yuki shot Kyou a disapproving look for his comment, though it was nicer than some of the looks Kyou had gotten, and moved around the teenager to the freezer. A swift tug effectively opened the door, Yuki reaching inside and pulling out an ice pack. Once he was finished and the door was closed, he wrapped the cold item in a dish towel in order to take away some of the frigid sting, then glanced over at Shigure.

[+purple "I'll be out on the porch, then,"] he announced softly, placing the ice pack over his side. A faint wince appeared, leaving just as quickly, before he moved through the nearby door and out onto the wrap-around porch. He didn't leave to be mean, in all honesty he imagined the nosey dog would follow. He even left the door open for Shigure to do so. Once he was outside, he carefully sat on the edge of the porch and looked into the treeline again, observing the wildlife around them. Sometimes living in the woods sure was peaceful.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 283d 16h 14m 52s
The cat had given up paying attention to the rat and dog who were still in the kitchen. He could hear them both just fine but was struggling to keep his temper, particularly with the dog who liked his nose in EVERY little thing. If he were to be honest, the orange haired teen was beyong annored and wishing that the older Sohma would dive off a cliff or something. Either that or go find ANYONE but them to be torturing.

The quickest glance to Yuki and Kyou did notice the Amethyst gaze go to the toaster. He would sure that he could help the rat figure the metal box out. Besides, if a child could do it Yuki SHOULD be able to maange it. He was after all a very clever boy. And he had to stop those thoughts because he was actually giving the rat a nonvoiced complement, which he would rather drop dead than say out loud.

[b "If the two of you are done clowning around dinner will be done soon."] The cat finally said, his back still turned on the other two Sohmas.

Shigure rolled his eyes. [i "Really, Yuki you know I have feelings. And again you aren't being very kind. Besides both Ayame and Hatori have other things to be doing. I already tried calling them both."] The man said and gave a frown. Then he heard the cat and nodded. [i "Come on lets get out of the 'sour puss's way"] The dog said.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 283d 19h 12m 58s
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[+purple "You have to have feelings in order for me to hurt them,"] Yuki retorted quietly, glancing at their guardian before diverting his gaze to the nearby door. He could see the yard through the partially open door, the crack allowing a gentle and soothing breeze to filter inside. He was grateful for the older male for essentially saving him from Akito; if Shigure never took him in he'd still be living at the main house. Just because he was grateful, however, didn't stop the dog from bothering the hell out of him from time to time. He had a tendency to be curious and to stick his nose in where it didn't belong, he could also be quite the instigator.

Today was no exception.

Amethyst eyes flickered from the door to the toaster for a moment, recalling Kyou's words while he stared at the silver device. This was something many people used in the morning, even children could operate it successfully. The rat, however, was not in that category and when he tried to use it the bread inside was either burned beyond recognition or caught fire. Hopefully Kyou knew what he was doing and could help Yuki work that god-forsaken machine.

[+purple "I'm honestly surprised you're out here bothering us and not tying up the phone line with Hatori or that demon,"] Yuki observed quietly after a while, letting his gaze flicker to the dog again. Hatori and Aayame were Shigure's friends, he could spend hours talking to them if he and Kyou didn't boot him off the phone.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 284d 19h 14m 9s
Kyou knew Yuki was the reason so many of the others did well in class. He had even watched a couple of the study sessions but not that he would tell the slender teen that. He also would NOT be telling Yuki just what was on line for him. There was usually nothing in hell that could make him ask the rat for a favour, but this was important to him. Kazuma was the only one to really believe in him and to make him feel even slightly like a "normal" person who mattered. Though he could be cold and calloused, Kyou did care for some of the family. Again NOTHING could make him admit those words out loud.

[b "Yeah I can try and give you something simple tonight. Maybe even just toast."] As much as it sounded like a jab, it wasn't much of one. The orange haired male knew that even Yuki struggled with the toaster. [b "Thanks..."] It was the last thing he said before the dog had come in to torture them.

[b "What's it to you, dog? Maybe we're just tired."] Kyou snapped, though it was only half-heartedly.

The cat and the rat never stayed on the same page. Or were never around the other for so long and it had the dog curious. Because usually dishes were broken and yelling could be heard. But it seemed for those moments all was clam. Did this mean the two teens were FINALLY giving up the silly childish behaviour that had been haunting them for years? If so, though he would never say the words, Shigure figured it was about time.

[i "Yuki, that wasn't very nice and now I'm hurt."] The older Sohma said with mock hurt added to his words. Truth be told he knew the rat thought nothing was his business when it came to the relationship among him and the cat. But curiosity had stricken him. [i "Ah, but he's not going to be here for another hour and I needed a way to keep myself busy. Since everyone has left it's just the two of you I have to make due with for company."]
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 283d 19h 34m 46s
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The rat was the reason quite a few of their classmates had been doing so well, Yuki staying late a couple of days a week in order to tutor them. He didn't mind, most were willing to learn and some even paid him. He liked feeling useful for once and the joy they had when they saw their grades improve was more than enough payment for him. Yuki wondered just how good Kyou's grades really were, though this tutoring request told him just that. Something dire was on the line for the cat to even consider something like this. Even though Yuki wanted to smash his cousin's head through a wall sometimes, he genuinely wanted to see the teenager succeed.

Perhaps they both could come out of this with something useful.

[+purple "Will you...teach me something easy tonight?"] he asked quietly, continuing to rub at his side. A faint wince appeared now and then once he hit a rather sensitive spot, his hand stopping momentarily only to start back up again. [+purple "After dinner, I'll explain this math class to you."]

The kitchen was quiet for a few moments before their legal guardian entered the room, Yuki's eyes flickering over to him. He had a right to be inquisitive, normally the two would have started and finished a fight by now. Still, it wasn't any of Shigure's business and the rat wasn't afraid to tell him so.

[+purple "Considering I'm still in this house with you, I'd say it hasn't,"] Yuki responded quietly, continuing to watch him. [+purple "Don't you have your editor to torment?"]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 285d 17h 17m 45s
The cat had not expected for the rat to actually agree to what he had aaked in return. The pair NEVER asked the otjer for anything. In fact, they were content to watch the other fall from a cliff if it came to it. But the truth of the matter was that Kyou hated math and had been told if he failed again that Kazuma would stop the training until he could get his grades up. And though he and Yuki hated the other for the most part, the rat was the only one who had patience enough when it came to tutoring. Well that and they were in the same algebra class too.

[b "I can pay attention long enough for that. Seems we both have something we wanna learn."] The words seemed to slip out of his mouth without his permission. But what the hell, right? The day had been a strange one to say the very least.

[i "I'm surprised the two of you aren't yelling and picking fights. Has hell frozen over?"] Shigure asked as he walked in, eyes going between his two charges. There was a genuine curiosity in the man's eyes.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 285d 18h 17m 12s
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Yuki imagined his cousin's head could very well explode with the question that was just asked of him. Normally the rat wouldn't even ask him for the time of day, let alone for him to actually teach him something. In reality, Kyou was the only one in the house who could actually show him how seeing as Shigure was mostly useless. Knowing him, he'd become bored within the first five minutes and suggest ordering takeout instead. Kyou actually knew what he was doing and could make decent meals for the house, Yuki just hoped he could actually learn and retain it.

He remained quiet for a moment, watching as Kyou turned to stir the stew, and nodded faintly. If the cat was willing to pay attention, Yuki was willing to explain their algebra class to him. Actually, the rat was surprised he asked as academics never seemed to interest him. He decided not to question this and simply agreed to it.

[+purple "I can do that,"] he responded quietly, continuing to observe the cat while occasionally rubbing at his injured side. [+purple "I can explain some tonight if you want, I brought my book home this time."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 286d 14h 25m 57s
Kyou thought he had been hearing things when Yuki asked him to teach him how to cook. Was the rat sick?! The boy couldn't stand him and yet he was asking him to actually teach him something. And the cat wanted to come back with some smart ass reply to the question, or rather request that had been asked of him. He WANTED to tell the rat to go to hell. But when orangey-red eyes looked over his shoulder to the Amethyst eyed boy, Kyou could see that Yuki was dead serious in the desire to learn. There was no hint of snideness about his cousin either.

This was going to go up in flames and he WOULD regret the deal he was about to make. [b "I'll teach you to cook...But you gotta help me figure out our damn math class."] The cat muttered, his look upon the rat. Now it was his turn to wait for some sort of response. And as he did, Kyou turned to stir the stew so it wouldn't burn.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 286d 14h 24m 27s
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Bright eyes continued to observe the cat in his element, looking over the various instruments and tools he had at his disposal and scattered over the counters. From a scholarly perspective, cooking and baking made sense. Take a few ingredients, mix them together, heat them, and done. The chemical reactions to heat and agitation were sound on paper. Whenever Yuki tried to recreate those reactions, however, the results were less than ideal. Typically whatever the rat was trying to make was un-salvageable and unrecognizable. These things resulted in him getting tossed from the kitchen most of the time. How could something so simple come so hard to him?

Yuki seemed to ignore his last comment, not acknowledging it in any way, and kept watching the cat in the kitchen. Part of him wanted to ask another question but had a feeling he knew the answer to it already. Still, it didn't hurt to ask; the worst Kyou could do was throw some snide remark his way.

[+purple "Will...you teach me how?"] he asked quietly, lifting the amethyst gaze up to his cousin while awaiting his answer.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 286d 16h 29m 37s
He could feel those Amethyst eyes as they followed him about the kitchen. It was an odd feeling because usually the others paid him no mind. But he would be damned if he let the rat know he was a little unnerved with the watching. Why should he? The two of them were always at odds as it was and the other boy was clearly waiting for him to make a mistake that he would make fun of him for. Yeah, that had to be it. He knew it was what he would end up doing in Yuki's place. But Kyou continued on with the cooking and getting the cake ready as well.

When the question came him way, orangey-red moved to look over his shoulder at his slender cousin who had been still rubbing his swore side. Shrugging his shoulders, the cat turned to where he was fully facing the cat. [b "I guess when you have to learn you have to learn. And something to keep my mind busy and distracted from this damn curse."] Those were his only words and he was embarrassed about them. ALMOST Kyou felt he had exposed himself. [b "Tell ANYONE I said that and I will deny it."] He growled to cover his own ass and his slip.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 287d 13h 26m 35s
[h3 +]

Amethyst eyes watched Kyou as he moved around the kitchen while he continued to lightly rub at his sore side. As much as the two argued and fought, he did like to watch the cat when he was cooking. There was just something satisfying about seeing something made from nothing. Even if it wasn't something he could do himself, he did enjoy seeing it done. Yuki observed as the teen pulled down a cake mix from the nearby cupboard and began to make it, the rat guessing he was trying to squelch a sweet tooth craving.

[+purple "I consider it nothing less than a miracle,"] Yuki retorted softly, allowing the slender frame to rest lightly against the wall as he watched his cousin move around the kitchen. Kyou typically had a short attention span but was somehow able to focus when he was making food. Perhaps it was because a grade wasn't involved. He remained motionless for a long while before pushing himself up again and slowly moving towards the cat's creation. Violet eyes peered into the various bowls and pans Kyou had set around before looking up at him.

[+purple "How is this so easy for you?"] he asked quietly.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 287d 16h 54m 34s
[b "I could still catch the rabbit if I wanted. You know he's not a fighter and so it would be easy enough. He's still learning the most baeic of techniqued at this rate."] The cat retorted as he put the lid upon the pot. Orangey-red orbs had fallen on the rat and he noted the rubbing at his side. But as quick as the glance had fallen upon the other it was off. And he was moving towards a cupboard and pulling out a cake mix. Unlike the rat he COULD cook and sometimes liked it when it kept his ming busy. Besides it was either he cooked or those in the house would starve. Shigure hated it and Yuki was lucky if he could get tea right. So who else would do it?

The cat began to make the mix and rolled his eyes even if the damned rat was unable to see it. This was NORMAL for them but even so he found he was easily enough annoyed. [b "IF you hadn't noticed, rat cooking requires attention. So I CAN manage more than ten seconds. Go lecture the dog on attention."] He hissed out.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 293d 17h 11m 10s

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