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Every now and then he would glance at the other male as he spoke, noticing that the gears in the cat's head were beginning to turn. He was finally understanding a class that he had struggled with all year. Yuki smiled a bit as he noticed the cat picking up on the material and finished the introduction to the chapter. Good, he had finally found a method that worked for his cousin and made it easier to understand. Kyou confirmed this thought with spoken words, ones that caused Yuki to smile faintly again.

[+purple "It's meant to be a universal principle,"] the quieter teen answered, his free hand rubbing his bruised side. [+purple "A lot of mathematics are presented this way so little to no translation is needed across countries. When the teacher begins talking about problems that use these equations and techniques, just remember our lesson and you'll be able to solve it."]

Yuki continued with a couple more explanations then wrote out a couple sample problems. He made sure to work slowly, explaining to Kyou what he was doing and why he was doing it in the mathematical language that the cat could understand. Once he finished them, he wrote out a new one and handed the pencil to Kyou before looking up at him.

[+purple "Keeping in mind everything we've just discussed and using the examples we just did, I want you to solve this,"] Yuki told him softly. [+purple "Just take your time."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 237d 19h 23m 55s
When the rat had pushed the books away and took out the blank sheet of paper, Kyou gave him a look. The cat had no idea what the other Sohma had in mind, but at the same time he didn't feel like asking. In all honesty he just wanted the lesson to be over with. Again not because it happened to be with the rat, arguably the smartest and most clever of the Sohmas, but because math was painful and always left him with a headache. Oragey-red gaze went to the page when Yuki began to write and speak. To his surprise, it didn't sound ANYTHING like math and it actually made some sense to him.

Being quiet and just watching and listening, the car began to get it little by little. If the idiots who had come up with the hellish sudject would have explained it the way his cousin now did, Kyou would HAVE actually understood A LOT sooner and better. So he was actually grateful to the rat and the way it was broken down. Would he say as much? Hell no.

[b "Yeah I think so. Why the hell do they make is so wordy and painful. Because the way its done is jibberish and next to impossible...but this makes it look like ANYONE can get it."] The words were quiet as they were spoken but he would not meet the other teen's gaze. Instead he nodded, meaning to go on with their lesson.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 237d 20h 38m 34s
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Yuki looked over at Kyou as he spoke, watching him for a few moments before looking down at the open books. It was clear that his usual teaching method wouldn't work with Kyou and he would have to try something else. It wasn't a problem, at least not yet. The rat had tutored many other students, some with worse grades than Kyou's, and was able to bring their grades up at least twenty points; one of his biggest achievements was having one of his classmates bring his grade up from a C to an S. Yuki certainly wasn't giving up that easy.

Why was he doing this, anyway? Part of it was because Kyou had asked and that he had promised to teach him some things in the kitchen. It was also because he could see how badly Kyou needed this. He knew the cat's grades were typically on the low side and had a feeling one of his extra curricular activities were being jeopardized. Even though they didn't get along often, Yuki didn't want to see Kyou lose something he cared about so much when it could be prevented.

Yuki picked up his pencil and pulled out a clean sheet of paper, pushing his book back a little in order to make room. After laying the paper down between them, he began to break each part down into a way that Kyou could understand it: by using simple language. He didn't mean to imply that the cat was unintelligent, he just knew that normal math language wasn't going to work. Instead, he tried to imagine if he were explaining this work to someone a few years younger than they were. Hopefully Kyou would begin to pick up on some information and they could continue with their lesson.

[+purple "Does what I've explained make sense so far?"] Yuki asked quietly, looking back over at the cat once he had finished their brief introduction.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 239d 16h 46m 20s
If the cat was to be honest he would rather be ANYWHERE other than his cousin's room. It wasn't exactly because of the rat himself this time, but the math. Math had always been painful for Kyou and like the equivalent of dying in a way. But Yuki was willing to help him and he NEEDED to start doing better if he wanted to be able to keep up his training. God life loved to play cruel jokes and often the cat found he was a good punch line.

He listened to the other teen's words and let his eyes fall to the equation he had been shown. He had been shown it in class multiple times as they had gone over it but it still gave him problems. [b "I get what you're sayin'.. But it's still another language to me and I...well think you can guess without me saying it."] Kyou muttered. In all honesty, the orange haired Sohma was surprised the rat was being so calm about this. And even more surprised his cousin wasn't rubbing in just how dumb he thought the cat was.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 240d 2h 6m 51s
[h3 +]
Yuki made room on his desk for both teens to study comfortably, setting his extra materials on his bed. He hated to be cramped as it impacted his ability to study properly and didn't want Kyou to face the same problem. He laid out his book, opening it to the chapter they were on, and did the same with his notebook. Anything the teacher had said or written on the board was in Yuki's notes, the smart Sohma able to write pretty fast as well as neatly. Surely these would help with the impromptu study session. Yuki then pulled out his calculator and set it neatly down, and grabbed a pencil from the small container nearby. All that was left was to wait for Kyou.

He didn't have to wait long, really, as Kyou entered the room and dropped down beside the rat heavily. It was already clear that he looked forwa. rd to this as much as dental surgery but Yuki was determined to make this as painless as possible. [+purple "We'll go over everything step by step,"] Yuki responded, looking over at his cousin. [+purple "This will help me gauge your skill level and help you more effectively."]

With that, he looked over the page covering quadratics and the formula. [+purple "To start, we have the quadratic formula: [pic https://wikimedia.org/api/rest_v1/media/math/render/svg/2a9804ca8ce019507e3199ca8fced800fb5b7d7c]. This lets us solve a general quadratic equation in the form of [pic https://wikimedia.org/api/rest_v1/media/math/render/svg/70a0e43dfc81e6fea3be4fc96895a8f9ec2966ac]. Are you with me so far?"]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 242d 19h 19m 24s
He could have been cruel and teased the smaller teen about how simple toast was and how even a five year old could do it. But for ONCE, the car kept his mouth shut and for lack in better words "decided to keep the peace". Besides, the bickering and arguing did get tiresome when it was ALL the time. Though he would never admit and everyone expected it of them as it was. And if he was honest, it was nice to see the satisfied look on the rat's face and know that at least he could make one thing for himself and not ALWAYS need someone to do it.

Kyou was letting that soak in as he had begun to eat his own toast that he had let get cold during his observing the rat to make sure nothing caught fire. ALMOST had he missed the soft spoken words that had left his cousin's lips. So it did if course take a moment to process and another moment to respond. [b "Yeah...guess I did. And thanks.."] Those were his ONLY words as he was still confused by their seeming truce and not at all being sure what to say because them being on civil terms was so rate.

The cat waited for the rat to leave the kitchen before he cleaned the toaster and plates they had used. He could have left it for the morning but he was using it as a way to buy a little more time. Toast was easy, but math not so much and the teen knew he was prone to frustration and tantrums. When he had wasted as much time as he could, the cat grabbed his book bag and took it with him to Yuki's room and plopped down in the extra chair that had been brought out. [b "So...where we gonna start?"]
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 243d 11h 44m 36s
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Yuki felt a sense of accomplishment at his small task, happy to finally understand something in the kitchen. Now he could at least feed himself toast and not have to ask someone else to do it. It wasn't much but it was a great success for the teenage Sohma.

After putting a little bit of butter on it, he took a small bite and looked back over at Kyou. He was also a bit surprised at how nice he was being, not having said one unkind word to the smaller male so far. Yuki wasn't complaining, he liked this small peace between them and made him feel that the tutoring session they were about to have wouldn't be as awful as he imagined it. He knew how Kyou could act when he was frustrated and Yuki hoped to keep those tantrums to a minimum. With any luck, this session would go smoothly.

[+purple "You kept your promise, now I'll keep mine,"] Yuki told him softly. [+purple "When you're ready, bring your math supplies to my room and we'll get started. I'll even help you with the material that will be on the surprise quiz we're going to have. I'm the only one that knows about it, so you'll have an advantage over the other students."]

Yuki took his plate of toast and headed upstairs to his room. He carefully set the small plate on his desk before heading to his closet and pulling out an extra chair. Setting it next to his desk chair, Yuki sat down and pulled out all the materials he would need for the upcoming tutoring session. Once he was finished, he ate his toast in silence and waited for the cat to join him.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 249d 19h 52m 40s
It did sound really easy and basic. Something that a five year old could do and even the tiger and rabbit could. If they could manage the task and not burn down the kitchen, then the rat could surely do it after being shown. Afterall, Yuki was thought to be the most intelligent and clever of the younger Sohmas and so NOW the toaster shouldn't best him. Or so the cat though. But hell, Kyou had been known to be wrong about a lot of things and now they were about to see if the rat was completely hopeless in the kitchen even with help.

Oragey-red orbs stayed trained upon the other teen as he took the breath and cleaned out the toaster of the crumbs that had been left. Good, Yuki had gotten the first step and them put the toast in and left the settings that the orange haired boy had used. It was at that point was the real test. Would the toast burn or would it come out golden brown? That was the questiom and a few short minutes later it was answered. A smirk came to the cat's lips when the rat's toast came out perfectly and he seemed shocked. Hell he was too, but more so actually proud that the rat got it.

[b "Hey a deal's a deal. And don't mention it. About time you got the chance to make something without it going up in flames."] Kyou said with a shrug, playing it off as nothing.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 250d 10h 56m 52s
[h3 +]
Yuki looked over at Kyou again as the firey-haired teen removed his toast from the machine and plated it. He was a bit embarrassed by how easy the cat made it seem; surely he could do something that even Kisa could do, right?

They were about to find out.

The rat exhaled deeply, letting his amethyst gaze fall on the silver box before picking it up and emptying the crumbs from the bottom. It was clear to him now one of the reasons that his bread typically caught fire as this was something he didn't know to do. The other reason was because of the setting. He had no idea what the numbers really meant and left the bread in it for too long, nor did he watch the machine to see how the toast was coming along. It was a wonder he didn't catch more of the counter on fire, really. Once the toaster was clean, he reached over to pick up two pieces of bread before setting them in the slots on top. He left it at the setting Kyou had used and pressed the button down, all that was left now was to wait.

It didn't take long, only a few short minutes. The bread popped out of the toaster, a nice light brown on both sides, and Yuki stared down at it in both joy and shock. He couldn't believe it! He actually made something [i edible!] Sure, it was just toast, but this was a big achievement for the rat that could ruin just about anything. After a few moments, he got over the surprise at himself and carefully plated the bread then looked over at the cat. He was surprised Kyou was being so nice about this, Yuki figured it was because he wanted that algebra tutoring so badly.

[+purple "Thank you,"] he told him softly and meaning every word. Even though he disliked the cat, it seemed they had their moments when they could teach the other something. [+purple "I really appreciate this."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 256d 17h 32m 29s
This was still the LAST thing on the planet he would have ever expected. The orange haired teen felt more like he was teaching a toddler than someone who could arguably be the SMARTEST of the younger family members. It was both comical and sad in its way. The comical part came from how smart the rat was and how almost all the Sohmas could even work a toaster whereas he could not. The sad part was he knew it was not the other teen's fault because NO ONE had ever shown him how.

And so Kyou had explained as carefully and fully as he could. It had been a steuggle for him to make it seem so easy as he was used to the machine. Hell, this had been something he had been doing since he was easily four or five and so it had become almost second nature. The hard part for him was making it make sense and also seem like he was actually TRYING to help and not make fun of Yuki.

When his toast was done, Kyou had put it on a plate and moved to the side when Yuki said he thought he could handle it. He was pretty sure the other got it, but he would stay and make sure. [b "Alright, then give it a try."] Kyou muttered, arms crossing as he leaned on a nearby counter to watch.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 257d 13h 35m 16s
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It couldn't be that simple. Kyou made it sound so easy. Unfortunately for the rat, it really was that easy; this was a task even Momiji could do. Why was it that the most carefree and lazy Sohmas could do something Yuki, argued to be the smartest of them all, couldn't?

He was never taught any of these things, that was why.

When he was smaller, Yuki found himself under Akito's care. His parents were basically useless to him, never teaching him anything, and it wasn't as if the head of their family would teach him such a useful skill. All of his meals were prepared for him; Yuki was never required to step foot inside a kitchen to cook anything. Hell, Akito even managed to get him out of his home economics classes because he knew how badly the rat would fail. This short experience was Yuki's first real lesson on cooking.

Amethyst eyes watched Kyou carefully, taking note of everything he said and did. It didn't seem so hard, now that he knew how to really operate the machine and hopefully prevent another fire from occurring. Maybe now he could make his own toast in the morning. He smiled faintly at this thought, liking the idea of making something on his own for once, and watched as the bread popped out of the toaster. It was a nice light brown on both sides, Yuki glancing back at Kyou.

[+purple "Seems simple enough,"] he observed softly. [+purple "I think I can handle that."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 263d 17h 24m 20s
Kyou was sure that his own antics of the day had the rat curious and perhaps thrown off as well. But how the hell could he explain it? There was really NO reaaon he should have been acting in the way he had ALL damn day. But it could have had to do with his nightmares and the fact that they were getting worse. Or it had just been one of the rare days he wanted to be NICE to the rat. Whatever the reason, the teen with the ruby eyes was disturbed and TRYING to push the events of the day as far from his mind as was possible.

Silence, there was silence as they walked through the kitchen. The cat did take a look over his should and see his cousin look to the shiny metal toaster on the counter. For as intelligent as the rat was, the cat could noth farhom how he could not cook. It was NOT tocket science if even he could do it. But then he had to remember that Yuki was never taught and he had had to learn.

[b "First make sure no crumbs from earlier uses are in it. After check the settings and make sure it's the one you want. Since this is a lesson we'll go with the light brown. Then get the bread and line it up completely like this.."] At each step, Kyou was slowly doing as he said. As he had the bread in the metal toaster, he pushed the black button down and watched the bread slip down. [b "Watch it too. If it seems something is off...see the button here? Push it and it stops the toaster."] The cat muttered as he pointed it out.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 264d 11h 29m 27s
[h3 +]
Yuki had noted the way that the cat would stare at him, those ruby eyes seeming to stare into his soul. More than likely, they were probably questioning his sanity. Normally the two would make jabs at the other and allow themselves to fall into a fist fight, but today was certainly different. One of the reasons Yuki didn't entertain many of the cat's pokes was because of his side. The damage Akito caused to it was extensive and quite painful, making some things agonizing for the rat. That pain combined with his busy schedule wore him out rather quickly, the teenager not having the stamina to put up with their usual antics.

If he had to guess, though, this placidness was probably freaking the cat out.

He quietly followed Kyou through the kitchen and allowed his eyes to flicker over the small, silver machine that sat on the counter. As intelligent as he was, cooking was something that Yuki could never grasp and frequently ruined even the easiest of things. Toast was no exception. On days Yuki was lucky, the toast simply burned. Other days the toaster would need to be replaced. This was one of the many reasons the other two just about banned the rat from preparing anything other than a glass of water.

Yuki reached out his hand, lightly touching the metal contraption before letting it fall and rest on the countertop before looking over at Kyou again. [+purple "What do I do first?"] he asked softly.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 271d 20h 5m 32s
The cat had fallen more into silence than was his usual. But he had a lot in his head. From his nightmares of the curse all the way to the deal he had made with the rat. Not that the deal was the end of the world, but it had just taken him off his guard as the two ALWAYS or near always avoided the other. The usual for them was to want the other to drop dead than to be around the other. Still though, even Kyou could appreciate the quiet and the clam for a little while.

While eating, every now and again, orangey-red eyes did go to the rat who silently ate. He couldn't help wondering what might be going through the other teen's mind. But a few times he had to avert the peeking as the damn dog would catch it and give questioning looks. It was when he was done, was the orange haired male quick to retreat to the kitchen to take his dishes back and to clean what he had used.

It was when Yuki made his presence known did Kyou turn his attention to him. The dog had become bored of them and retreated upstairs which was good for them. [b "Yeah I can now. It probably won't take too long."] The cat muttered as he led his cousin to the kitchen again and to the toaster.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 271d 23h 39m 16s
[h3 +]
Yuki glanced over at Shigure after the cigarette had been put out, noting the disapproving look he had been given. He imagined the dog would throw a fit and pout about it, but he would get over it soon. He swore that Shigure was still a teenager some days and that there were no real adults in the house. Some days it was true. Still, he didn't want to have to worry about his breathing while his side was still out and he could only imagine the lecture Shigure would receive if Hatori were to be called.

There was enough drama today, he wanted to avoid that outcome.

He nodded faintly at Shigure's question, slowly stepping into the house and looking over the meal that Kyou had prepared. Just like everything else the cat made, it smelled and looked wonderful. Yuki knew he'd never be able to cook like that but it would be nice to make a simple breakfast without destroying nearly half the kitchen. Quietly the rat picked up a bowl and filled it, grabbing a set of chopsticks and a small spoon, then sat down at the kotatsu in his spot across from Kyou and silently ate his dinner.

Once the meal was finished, Yuki took his dishes out to the kitchen just as quietly as when he retrieved them. He then kept himself occupied until the dog had disappeared back upstairs and the dishes had been cleaned, then returned to Kyou again. Amethyst eyes watched him for a few moments before speaking.

[+purple "Do you think you'd be able to teach me now?"] he asked quietly. [+purple "Afterwards, I'll help you study."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 277d 18h 55m 30s

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