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Yuki smiled faintly at his confidence and looked back down at the toaster. Once his breakfast had finished, he plated the toast and sat down at the kotatsu. Small nibbles were taken from the toasted bread as he turned his gaze towards the cat again. He really was a good cook, the best in the house actually, and he typically looked forward to Kyou's meals. He was taught well. The breakfast he had made for himself looked pretty good and smelled even better, but Yuki stuck to the toast he had made. He felt he was already asking a lot of Kyou and didn't want to burden him more.

[+purple "The test will be first thing this morning so if you can remember it now, I'm sure you'll be fine then,"] Yuki told him quietly. [+purple "I'm sure you'll do great."]

Once they both had finished, Yuki took his plate to the sink and picked up his school bag from beside the door after putting his shoes on. He then headed to the school with Kyou to start their day. The cat typically hated anything school related so he was curious to see how he would handle his test today. Hopefully his confidence would stick through it. He took his seat upon arriving to his class, keeping to himself as he pulled his materials from his bag and set them on his desk.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 355d 18h 12m 54s
He had never been successful in teaching anyone anything before. Either they didn't want him to OR he lost his temper too easily. And that fact actually irritated him to no ends. It meant that he would never be a good teacher. But to see that the rat had been able to pick up on their lesson and that he had not lost patience actually pleased the cat. Would he voice it? Hell no. But still in a sense it had meant that he had not messed something up or been a terrible teacher.

When the other had turned down his offer, Kyou only shrugged. Was he a little disappointed? Perhaps but again he would be damned if he EVER voices it. [b "Alright. Suit yourself."] He said and began to cook some of the eggs and bacon. It was when the plate of toast had been pushed his way did he tilt his head a little at his cousin. It was no secret thatbhe ate way more than the rat did but still the kindness had taken him oft his guard a little. [b "Thanks.."] Kyou mumbled as he ate a piece of the toast as he cooked.

His breakfast was soon on a plate and orange-red gaze was upon the other teen. [b "Actually pretty good...Thanks for that. This is the first time I won't be wanting to die during a test.."] The words were quite and after he spoke, the cat began to stuff his face.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 359d 18h 34m 20s
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Yuki had just pulled the finished toast out and plated it by the time Kyou had come down, looking over to see that the cat had a small smile displayed at the rat's new ability. He seemed happy that he was able to teach someone a skill successfully, something that was new to him. Kyou typically wasn't the best teacher due to his short fuse and tendency for frustration, often getting angry when his pupil wasn't picking up on what he was trying to teach. The fact that it seemed to have stuck with Yuki appeared to please the cat even though he would never voice it.

[+purple "Thanks, but I don't want to impose,"] Yuki responded softly. He then pushed the plate of warm toast over to the cat before picking up more bread to put into the machine. [+purple "Here, something to tide you over while you cook."] It was no secret that the cat ate a lot more than the rat did, Yuki sometimes wondering where exactly he put it all...especially since he stayed so thin.

[+purple "How do you feel about the test this morning?"] Yuki asked softly, glancing at the cat before looking at the toaster again. [+purple "I think you'll do just fine."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 363d 18h 15m 20s
As soon as the cat had left the rat's room, Kyou had gone back to his own room and all but thrown his bag down. He could not understand any of what was going on. A part of him was honestly thankful for the temporary truce he and his cousin seemed to have. But the other part of him was wondering what the hell it was. They had NEVER been able to get along and so what could have changed now? Despite those thoughts, the orange haired male ALMOST caught himself wishing that things could remain this civil between the two. It was actually nice to for once in his life not to feel the "odd man out". But as soon as that thought crossed his mind, the cat found himself cringing and thinking of Akito. There was NO way he would allow such a thing and both he and the rat would be in hell for it. They were SUPPOSED to hate the other and NOT be friends.

The boy needed to get away even just for a few minutes. But one look to the clock and how late had a stream of curses slip past his lips. There was NO way he could go and then get back in time. So the cat decided that the roof would be a good place and climbed out his window and into the roof, watching the stars until he fell into for once, Kyou was able to find a dreamless sleep that would not torture him.

Only when the sun began to rise was the cat up and slipping back into his room. He was quick to shower and dress for school. Once he had, Kyou slung his bag over his shoulder and made his way downstairs. It was when he entered the kitchen that he saw Yuki with his toast and gave a faint smile. [b "See you remembered how to use the toaster. Gonna want anything else?"] Kypu was only asking because he planned on eggs or something and was seeing how much to make. Also he figured he still kinda owed the rat for the previous night.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 363d 23h 41m 23s
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Yuki let out a quiet sigh after Kyou had darted out of the room and began straightening up his desk again. He was a bit disappointed that the time they shared was over; even though the two hated each other this miniature truce between them was a nice break. He was finally able to sit down and have a normal conversation with the cat without yelling, harsh words, or punches being thrown. Unfortunately this couldn't last, even if Yuki wanted to extend this peace between them Akito would never allow it. He could only imagine the throttling he would receive if the head of their family ever found out about that. It was enough to make the dark bruises hurt even more.

Once he was finished and his own homework completed, the rat crawled into bed and fell asleep rather quickly. Even better, he didn't awaken until the next morning. When he did, he took a quick shower and put on his uniform before grabbing his bag and heading downstairs. It was still pretty quiet, Shigure not having made it down yet, and the rat bit his lip faintly as he looked around the kitchen. Should he raid the fridge for something to eat or should he test out his new skill? Deciding on the latter, he quietly put a couple pieces of bread into the toaster after cleaning it out as Kyou had showed him, adjusted the settings, and waited. After a few minutes the bread popped up, having turned a nice shade of golden brown, which caused the rat to smile a bit. Sure, it was just toast but it was a small victory to the rat.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 2y 3d 17h 20m 4s
Kyou was picking up on the sections quite easily after the explanations that had been given and the practice problems. If the damn teachers would have taught it this way, the cat would have caught on ages ago. There would have been little to no confusion for him. But even he had to interally laugh at that notion. NOTHING had ever been easy for him in life.

It was a well known fact that he and Yuki hated, no despised the other. There had always been competition between them, fights, and insults thrown back and forth. So this brief break of that, no matter how short was nice. It was actually nice to be able to see his cousin as a person for once and NOT as the damn rat who made his life a living hell. And the help to better understand what they were learning was nice too. Never had he had it before. Usually he had to figure stuff out on his own and that ALWAYS got him into some sort of trouble. Big or small.. But these thoughts and notions the cat would not say. His pride kept him from doing so and he did not want the rat getting smug about it either. Besides be bet this truce would not be lasting long.

When the study session had come to an end, even the cat was a little disheartened. But he kept that to himself. [b "I'll keep it in mind...and since you did this I can.. Just gotta tell me what you would be interested in."] Kyou said as he picked up the backpack he had carelessly dropped beside him when he had come in and stood. Slowly he began to exist the room but before he did fully, Kypu looked back to the other teen. [b "Yuki...thanks.."] He mumbled and was soon gone.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 2y 4d 22h 16m 11s
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[+blue "You seem to be picking this up rather well now,"] Yuki commented softly, watching as Kyou worked on the next problem. However the rat had explained it seemed to make it stick, his cousin able to work on this next equation with ease. Good, at least they were making progress. [+blue "Now that you understand this, the next section should be a breeze."]

He continued this method of explaining and equation solving until they finished all three sections in the book, pleased with the progress Kyou had made. He had gone from complete confusion of the material to having decent knowledge on how to solve these problems. He didn't think there was any reason that Kyou couldn't pass the pop quiz in the morning, that score would certainly help him bring his grade up. Even though the two despised each other, Yuki found himself a bit sad that the tutoring session had ended. He liked this strange normalcy between them and the feeling that he was needed. Still, Yuki knew it couldn't last; all good things come to an end.

[+blue "If you need help with any of your other subjects, you can ask me for help,"] Yuki informed him softly, looking over at him after stacking his materials up neatly. [+blue "And, if you're up for it, maybe you can teach me how to make something else tomorrow."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 2y 6d 19h 27s
Any other time, thr amethyst eyed teen's answer to his question might have irked the cat. It might have made him think in some way that the rat was in an underhanded way calling him an idiot. But it actually made sense. Yuki to his credit was the MOST intelligent or academically inclined of the younger and teenaged Sohmas. Kyou would be damned rather than say those words out loud, but he had noticed.

[b "So being a bookworm helped you get it. Got it."] Kyou said quietly. He was trying to keep to being normal. Or rather as normal as he could without seeming to "have a heart" as he had been so mocked for not having. But again he wasn't being underhanded in his words. Just in his own way was saying he SHOULD probably crack open a book once in a while.

The orange haired male had finished thw first problem and red eyes were on his cousin as the other checked it over. With the faint smile that graced the rat's lips, Kyou knew he must have gotten it right. And before he could say as much, another of a similar problem had been placed before him. [b "So I get this one and we move to something else?"] Kyou asked as he began to do the problem, this one actually seeming easy to him.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 2y 6d 14h 39m 24s
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Yuki slowly sat back down in his chair again, rubbing faintly at his side for a moment before dropping his hand and looking over the work Kyou had completed thus far. He was doing quite well now that Yuki had explained the problems in a way that Kyou could understand them and was making excellent progress. If this stuck he would have no problem with the quiz tomorrow morning. Yuki didn't mind helping, in fact he was told he was quite good at it. His knowledge of the material and his ability to translate it to others made his classmates run to him when they needed academic help. It made him useful, something he didn't feel often in the Sohma household, and liked how it made him feel.

He looked over at Kyou as he asked his question, leaning back in his chair. [+purple "Just a natural ability, I suppose,"] he told him softly. Yuki was naturally smart, able to understand most things when it was taught to him. He had a couple things happen in his past that helped it along but the rat liked to think he was born with it. [+purple "Having so many health complications as a child helped, since I couldn't go outside often I was able to stay inside and read,"] he explained. [+purple "I guess I just have an affinity for academics."]

Once Kyou had finally finished the problem, Yuki looked over the answer and the work he did. A small smile touched his face when he saw the correct answer, Yuki writing down another equation similar to the previous one. [+purple "You're doing quite well. Try this one and, if you think you understand this well enough, we'll take a look at the next section."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 2y 8d 16h 45m 28s
It was amazing that the rat had actually agreed. And to hear it repeated made the cat know he was not going crazy. Or at least not on this. Only did he nod to the other teen and begin the problem again. It actually being a bit less hazy and more clear after having been through the steps and similar ones three or four times. He would NEVER say so to Yuki, but the rat had the patience of a saint. And with that patience he would make one hell of a good teacher.

When he was left to do the problem because Yuki wanted to change, red gaze came up and looked at the other boy. And when he saw what the God had done, it even made the cat sick. Yuki was a FAVOURITE which meant he would be punished and horribly for stepping out of line if that was indeed how Akito saw it. Looking at those bruises on his cousin reminded the cat of the last time he had been beaten like that. And it had him feeling sorry for his cousin. Again he would NEVER say it out loud and was quick to have his attention back on the paper that he had been working on.

[b "So how did you learn to understand this? Can't have been the books because you see the trash they say in those."] Kyou tried as he was almost done by the time he was rejoined by the other teen. Might as well be a little normal, right? And the quiet at the moment was awkward to him.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 2y 9d 13h 37m 28s
[h3 +]
Yuki looked back up at Kyou as he felt those eyes on him, his gaze lifting to the male's face to confirm it. The look he had on his face reflected surprise, almost looking at Yuki as if he had grown a second head. Certainly the rat's words weren't what Kyou was expecting to hear and, in a normal situation, they wouldn't have been. If that was the case, Yuki wouldn't be sitting here with Kyou in the first place nor would he be so nice about it. A few insults from both parties would have surfaced by now and a fight would have broken out.

[+blue "Yes, we'll work all night if it's necessary,"] Yuki repeated softly, sitting up a little more in his chair. He hoped Kyou was beginning to pick up on this part of their session as they still had a bit more ground to cover before morning. [+blue "Now work on that equation; I'm going to change into my pajamas and I'll be back over to see how you're doing."]

Yuki rose after that, going to his bed and picking up the pajama bottoms and tshirt that were neatly folded on his pillow. He unfolded each carefully before slipping his pants off and his pj pants on, then carefully folded the bottoms he had been wearing. Afterwards, he slowly pulled his shirt off and closed his eyes momentarily at the discomfort of it. Dark bruises stretched around his torso from his encounter with Akito, resembling a sea of blacks and blues against the peach skin. Once the pain had died down a little, he pulled the loose shirt on over his head so he could fold the shirt he had been wearing in order to set it with his pants. Once finished, he set his clothes into the closet to be dealt with later then moved back over to the desk to see how Kyou was coming along with his work.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 2y 10d 17h 16m 47s
His question must have taken his cousin off his guard or REALLY made the other teen have to think. Usually, Yuki was quicker to answer and didn't much think his answers through when dealing with the cat. But then usually there was no need as they both were arguing and purposely just throwing out the first set of insults thst came to mind. But this..this was different because it seemed both teens had indirectly or had silently called a temporary truce for the time being. Both appeared to need something and it was only something that the other could provide.

Ruby gaze kept on the other male before him as he contemplated the question. His hand and the pencil hovering over the page of the math problem. Kyou was about to assume that Yuki would not answer him when the quiet word were spoken. And for a moment, the orange haired male stared. He was wondering if he had heard the rat right or if his ears were playing a trick.

[b "So you agreed? We sit here all night if we HAVE to?"] Kyou found hinself repeating before he began to once more try the problem from the step he had left on.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 2y 11d 11h 44m 13s
[h3 +]
Yuki could see the wheels turning in Kyou's head through his eyes and facial expressions, indicating he was picking up much of what he was being taught. That was good, the more he understood now the better he would do on the surprise quiz tomorrow. Kyou would certainly have an edge over the other students as well, only Yuki new about it. He knew what kind of material would be on it thanks to his position as class favorite and was better equipped to help his cousin. He didn't know what was on the line for the cat but he knew it must have been big for the one who hated him the most to ask for help. Honestly, Yuki didn't mind giving it as long as Kyou made an effort to learn.

Amethyst eyes flickered over to Kyou as he asked his question and watched him for a few moments in silence. What if it really did take all night? Would Yuki become frustrated with the cat's inability to comprehend the material and kick him out or would they keep at it until the sun rose?

[+purple "We'll sit here until you feel you're ready,"] Yuki answered quietly after a while, continuing to look at the cat. [+purple "If it takes all night, then so be it."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 2y 14d 18h 28m 28s
If this had been any other time, Kyou would have just thrown done the pencil and stormed out. He would have chosen a few insults and even proviked Yuki into one of their normal fights. But he desperately needed this. If he failed AGAIN he would lose his training sessions, which was the only thing to keep the cat somewhat grounded. Would he ever admit that? Hell no! Especially not to Yuki.

Red eyes were on the other male and he was slightly slouched. Almost had he expected an insult of how easy this was and how even a child could solve it to come his way. But it didn't and instead, the rat took another blank piece of paper and wrote a new problem on it. And when he had he further explaiend and even told Kyou to not think on what their book said. Only think on how it was explained.

Again he got everything explained step by step. And again with the help he was starting to get it. Even the other problem was starting to make sense. When the new problem was solved, Yuki placed it to the side and moved the other back before him. The cat stared at it and then looked to the amethyst eyed boy. [b "And if this takes all night?"] Yeah he wanted to know just how patient his cousin would be.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 2y 15d 16m 18s
[h3 +]
The rat was a bit surprised to see Kyou actually following his instructions. He imagined the cat would have quit and thrown the pencil down before throwing a few insults and storming out of the room. Kyou wasn't a person who tackled many problems head on, preferring to run from them instead. It wasn't exactly his fault as no one had properly taught the teenager how to confront a problem and solve it. Yuki imagined this may be one of the few times in his whole life that he faced a problem and saw it through.

He smiled faintly as Kyou began to calm, rubbing his side again as Kyou opened his eyes. He admitted he needed another walkthrough to which Yuki obliged and picked up his pencil again.

[+purple "Just remember how I explain it to you and forget what the book says,"] Yuki reminded him softly. He kept his voice neutral throughout the study session, wanting Kyou to actually learn instead of believing the rat was chastising or picking on him. He then began to write a new problem down and work out the steps slowly with Kyou, explaining everything he did and why. Once he believed the cat understood, he moved the unfinished problem back over to the red-eyed male.

[+purple "Try to solve this again,"] he informed him, still in his soft tone. [+purple "Take your time."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 2y 20d 18h 47m 8s

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