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Why the hell was he even helping the damn rat in the first place? The deal was math and cooking.. NOT this. For all he should have cared, Yuki could have gotten himself caught. Could have for once let the school see how "weak" their primce was. And despite himself there was a part that WANTED to let Yuki fall on his ass. But there apparently was a part of him that cared.. the part that had bim now standing in front of his cousin and making sure that no one was aware of what had happened or was happening. All the while, Kyou was arguing with himself and TRYING to figure out what he had done and why. But no matter how he looked at it, there were no answers for the cat.

As soon as Yuki straightenes, Kyou moved away from the boy and acted as if he was busy with something in the kitchen. And FINALLY the bell rang which set them free from the place he considered his own personal hell. It was when the others had begun to file out at the rat had gone to the table to get his bag did orangey-red gaze fall on the other male. [b "Jusr don't mention it. Don't need the family thinking I have a heart or something."] He muttered as he moved around the counter and once more went back to the table to get his own bag.

The cat actually had what he needed and so didn't bother to stop by his locker. He just walked passed them and out the doors and began to walk back to Shigure's. His mind STILL trying to figure out what had been up with him saving the rat's ass while in class.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 309d 19h 46m 34s
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Yuki remained in that position for a few minutes, keeping his eyes shut tightly. He wanted to cry out, to voice his discomfort, but he was trained from a young age to keep quiet. Outbursts of any kind were met with more pain and he learned a long time ago that it wasn't worth it. That lesson in silence helped greatly here as it prevented unwanted attention. It took a long time for the sharp pains to die down to a manageable level and the bright amethyst eyes to reopen again. Slowly he looked over at Kyou, his head still resting against the counter with an arm over his throbbing side, and watched him quietly for a few moments. It was a bit surprising how quickly the cat jumped to his feet to block the rat from view of the others and help, normally a remark would be made of how he deserved it and he'd be left to fend for himself. He wasn't complaining, this new found comradely was nice.

Once he finally felt well enough, Yuki slowly straightened himself up but kept his arm around the injury. The bell had finally rung, the others filing out quickly so they could begin their after school activities or study at home. Slowly he went back to the table to pick up his bag and glanced back at Kyou. [+purple "Thank you,"] he said quietly before exiting the class to head to his locker.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 319d 16h 48m 17s
The others around them were slowly finishing up and cleaning their kitches as well. Kyou noticed how most had an idea of how to cook or to clean. But he also noted he was the MAIN of the students who would be able to survive fully on their own. An ironic and weird thought since the cat was not used to being the "best" in a class. But he guessed it couldn't hurt either. At least this particular class was something he liked and had been forced into learning.

His thoughts continued on the irony until he looked fully once more back to where Yuki was still moving around and cleaning. Just the look upon the rat's face in a sense made the orage haired teen know where his head was. The other was thinking how behind he was and how it had been that way so he could be caged in. Kyou was free, whereas Yuki was not. Akito had made sure of that.

When the other was bent over the counter, the cat was on his feet and putting away the glass measuring cup that had almost fallen. He had been sure to move to where the other students and the teacher did not see Yuki as he was. [b "Coulda made me get my ass back in here.."] But that was all he said.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 320d 1h 43s
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Yuki took to silence once they began straightening up the kitchen, Kyou working on the cleaning while the rat began to put the dishes away. This was something that was well within his skill set and he knew how to do, feeling the most comfortable in the kitchen for the first time since the bell rang. He knew it wasn't his fault, Akito kept these lessons from him to prevent the rat from living on his own and leaving the others. Most of his life the angry god had the rat served instead of teaching basic life skills. Despite this, he couldn't help but feel far behind the rest of his classmates. They could leave their homes one day and survive on their own while Yuki would forever need to rely on someone else.

These toxic thoughts remained in his head as he continued to move around the kitchen and return the items from where they came. He became so caught up in them that he reached up to a cabinet above his head in order to return the glass measuring cup to its home when a sharp and severe pain shot through his side and almost caused him to drop it onto the tile below. He was able to catch it before it collided with the floor and broke, setting it heavily down on on the counter in front of him before wrapping that arm around his side and letting his eyes close while his head rested against the base of the cabinet.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 325d 19h 46m 20s
Kyou could have come up with a ton of insults had he wanted to do so. But he KNEW what it was like to feel like a fool and to have it thrown into his face. Besides it really wasn't the rat's fault he knew NOTHING about the kitchen, cooking, or cleaning. Their lovely god was hell bent on molding Yuki into what was expected and NOT teaching him to live in the real world. All of those thoughts bounced around in his head as he set about his tasks.

The teacher had only stopped for a few moments to sample their creation and to congratulate them. Well more Yuki as she had expected the rat had done most the work. But Kyou hated school and anything to do with it so he kept his mouth shut. Besides the teacher wasn't with them long enough for him to shoot his mouth off had he wanted to. She was already to the next station. [b "Yeah...another would probably be good. Whatever god other than Akito out there knows I need all the help I can get."] The cat muttered as the two teens cleaned up the rest of the kitchen.

When they were done, Kyou took off the horrible pink apron he had worn and took a seat at one of the many tables. There was still about fifteen minutes left. And orangey-red orbs were watching the rat
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 326d 11h 27m 44s
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Yuki watched Kyou move quietly, cleaning up the spilled water on both sides of the sink and counters before stepping over to the sink. He stepped away a bit so the cat could move more effectively, giving a quiet explanation as he refilled the sink with steaming hot water and setting the dishes that Yuki had been working on in to soak. Part of Yuki felt foolish that he was just learning this now as surely most of his classmates had learned this many years ago. The teen had good reasoning for not learning as he never had the opportunity. Akito had been shaping the rat for most of his life and cooking just never made it into the picture. He was never shown how.

He remained quiet as the teacher passed by them, stopping long enough to sample what they had created and congratulate them on a job well done, before moving on to the other students. Amethyst eyes turned over to the cat and gave him a very faint smile. [+blue "Would you like another tutoring lesson tonight?"] he asked quietly before helping the cat with the dishes until the two of them were done.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 326d 19h 59m 54s
He did have to wonder what was going on in the rat's head. Sure Yuki was quiet, but this seemed even quieter than usual. Ironic that he should care considering the history that the cousins happened to have. But then the fact that they WERE in a kitchen and this was something the other struggled with whereas he himself felt at home did get the cat a bit. Now it seemed the shoe was on the opposite foot. For ONCE, Yuki was the one out of his element. Usually he would find joy in the uncomfort of the rat, but knowing what it was like, Kyou ALMOST felt bad for him. And that was even more the case as he watched the struggle with the more heavily soiled dishes which had water beginning to snake upon both sides of the sink.

Slowly Kyou moved over and began to clean up the water and moved to the sink himself. [b "A deal's a deal. You saved my ass and so I can yours here."] Kyou muttered. Orangey-red eyes did take a peek to their teacher and as had been the whole time she was paying them no mind. [b "The utensils are the easy part...but when you have pans or bowls with food or something stuck to them it won't come off.. Or not easily... Best to let it soak a little in hot water and then try."] The cat muttered as he filled the sink again, putting the dishes that Yuki had had trouble with in to soak.

Once he had, the cat moved away again JUST as their teacher came to check on them.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 332d 1h 14m 47s
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Yuki observed the cat a bit before attempting the dishes. Kyou was like a master of the kitchen, effortlessly making beautiful and tasty dishes out of thin air. It was the reason he did most of the cooking at home; Shigure could cook when he wished to but Kyou's meals always tasted better. He had never really stopped to observe the cat cook, he imagined if he did Kyou would imagine he had some mental illness and throw a few insults at him. He was graceful, easily adding each ingredient without hesitation. Every step he did was perfect and resulted in a dish with the same quality. He was lucky to be pared with his cousin but even more lucky that the teacher paid them no mind. In her reality, she paired them together to keep the cat from failing the class and since Yuki was present, she figured they were more than capable on their own and gave her attention to the other needy students. It was really the other way around, Kyou was preventing Yuki from receiving his first failing grade.

He began on the dishes after a little while, easily cleaning the lightly used utensils but began to struggle with the more heavily soiled ones. No matter how hard he tried and how hard he scrubbed, it wouldn't budge. This resulted in a bit of a mess with the water, the clear liquid beginning to snake across both sides of the counters.

Yuki's head lifted quickly as he heard Kyou's voice, the cat pulling him out of his task, and gave him a faint smile. [+blue "I think I should be thanking you,"] he answered quietly. [+blue "I couldn't pass this class without you."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 332d 19h 27m 53s
Kyou's eyes were locked on Yuki and he noted the expression upon his face, well more the look in his cousin's eyes change. It was one none but family knew and knew well. It seemed like Kypu had been speaking French, German, Latin, or anything else that could not be understood and was far over the rat's head. And he knew that it unsettled the other greatly. He had not meant to, but he was explaining where the cooking would be going and what he would definitely be taking over on.

For many seconds, Kyou watched the rat to make sure he was okay. When what he assumed to be shock had finally left the other, Yuki began to give him the ingredients and their proper measuring instruments. What made it all the easier was the fact that their teacher seemed to pay them no mind and was worried over the others. This meant that Kyou could do almost all of it and that no hell would come raining down on them.

As he was beginning to cook, the cat noted that Yuki had filled the sink with water and would be attempting to help clean. Which he knew the other still was not great with. But even he admired that the other wanted to help at least a bit.

Soon, Kyou was actually done and had their food on the counter waiting for their teacher to come and try it. [b "Thanks again..."] The cat muttered as he had a towel over his shoulder and was leaned against a counter. He knew that Yuki would know what for.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 333d 14h 37m 49s
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The teenager's body faced the counter while his eyes remained on Kyou. To the inexperienced it was just a normal look. To those who knew the rat best, like his family, it actually meant something. Kyou could have been speaking in French for all the rat picked up of that and the look in his eyes was more of an unsettled shine than their normal passiveness. He could attempt those things that Kyou rattled off, sure, but it would never turn out that way. In fact, the rat didn't even know where to start.

Once the shock left his system, he turned his attention over to the ingredients that had been set on the counter for them to use. It all appeared to be there, even some things that weren't in the recipe. Slowly Yuki began to take out the measuring cups and spoons and slid them over to Kyou with the appropriate ingredients. Luckily the teacher didn't seem to be paying them much attention, focusing more on the other students. This would allow Kyou to do most of the work without getting in trouble.

Not having much else to do, Yuki filled the sink with water and soap so he could at least attempt to wash the dishes that Kyou used. Cleaning was the other subject that the rat failed in, typically making more of a mess than when he started. Still, he could at least give it an effort.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 333d 15h 34m 15s
The rat looked as if he was debating whether to trust him. Well what did he expect? This was the ONE way he could definitely expose the rat and make it known to everyone that Yuki was not the golden boy everyone thought he was. But after the help in the math class and test that he had been given, Kyou did have conscious enough to not do it. A deal was definitely a deal and he was not going to let the rat fall on his face at least yet.

The directions were handed to him and orangey-red eyes looked them over. It was just like what he did at home, but made simpler since they were students. They would be able to do this no problem. [b "First start with the measurements and putting them in the designated bowls..."] Kyou said quietly so only Yuki heard. He would of course help in that sense but had only been answering what had been asked.

[b "The combining dashi, soy sauce, sake, and sugar in a small saucepan and bring to a simmer over high heat. Adjust heat to maintain a strong simmer. Stir in onion and cook, stirring occasionally, until onion is half tender, about 5 minutes. Add chicken pieces and cook, stirring and turning chicken occasionally, until chicken is cooked through and broth has reduced by about half, 5 to 7 minutes for chicken thighs or 3 to 4 minutes for chicken breast. Stir in half of scallions and all of mitsuba , then season broth to taste with more soy sauce or sugar as desired. The sauce should have a balanced sweet-and-salty flavor. And everything like that I'll do...that way they won't know..."] Again his words were soft as he spoke them. He said he would help him and he meant it
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 333d 16h 31m 22s
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Yuki nodded faintly at his cousin's words, acknowledging that he heard them but not enough for the other students to see it. Even though he was paired with his cousin who was hands down the best cook in their house, he was still rather nervous. He wasn't sure if the cat was actually going to help him and return the favor or if he was simply getting the rat's hopes up and ultimately allowing him to fail. If Kyou ever prayed for a chance to destroy the rat's reputation, this was certainly it. Yuki knew he had no chance of passing this class on his own, hell he just learned how to make toast last night.

If he was going to fail, he refused to allow his classmates to see him in such a light. He would find some way to turn it around, transfer to a different class if he had to. Still, that was a bridge best not crossed until it had to be. Yuki moved over to the edge of the counter and picked up the recipe that the two were to make: oyakodon. This was a relatively easy dish that he had seen Kyou prepare many times and it always turned out fantastic. The rat sighed, however, as he looked over the ingredients and directions before passing it to Kyou. From a science standpoint, it made sense: mix these things together, add this much agitation and heat. Done. When the rat actually attempted it, however, it never seemed to turn out right. Something always went wrong.

[+blue "What do we do first?"] Yuki asked quietly. It was strange not being the "teacher" of a class and having someone else lead. It was even more unsettling to be the one that needed guided through it.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 333d 16h 47m 4s
The test had not been as hard as he had been expecting for it to be. And the more he looked at the problems, the more he realised that the rat had actually given him practice problems almost EXACTLY like what would be on the test. It had taken Kyou offguard at first how "hauntingly familiar" the questions had been, but then he remembered Yuki saying he wanted to help and that he had wanted to give him a fighting chance. As much as he hated the damned rat, Kyou was grateful for what he had done and the held that had been given. It had actually made this test seem a walk in the park compared to others that had been taken. He ACTUALLY knew what he was doing.

He had not finished as wuickly as Yuki or some of the others but he was certainly not the last or one of the few struggling. When he had done, Kyou had taken to watching the birds out the window. And as always, the cat found himself envious of their freedom. He so wished he could be aa free as they were.

The rest of the classes seemed to pass fairly quickly and though painful not as painful as normal. It now came down to the last class, home economics. And as much as he hated school, Kyou was looking forwards to this one class. It was something he KNEW how to do and knew he would not fail. They had just finished the paperwork last week and would be in the kitches that class. It was when he walked over to the station he would be at did Kyou see he was paired with his cousin. [b "Let me take care of it and just do what I say...we do it that way no one will know.."] The words were quiet as he said them. And since Yuki had basically given him the answers and saved his ass with the math test, Kyou figured since they were in a kitchen he could do the same for the rat. He just was curious if Yuki would get it
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 335d 14h 9m 55s
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Yuki breezed through his test as he usually did, turning his test over once it was completed and choosing to read until the others had finished. He was almost always the first one done which meant he had quite a few reading materials at his disposal. He hoped Kyou was doing well with his test, it would be a shame to have studied so long with him for nothing. He seemed rather familiar with the material this morning which led the rat to believe his cousin would be just fine on this test. A couple more good test scores along with turning every assignment in from here on would raise the cat's grade at least one letter, two if he did exceptionally well on each test.

Most of the other classes went by quickly but Yuki found himself dreaded their last class of the day: home economics. It was strange to have such a feeling as no other class made him feel this way. Still, he knew what a disaster he was in the kitchen at home and had no desire to make this public knowledge. It was only their second week of this class, having gotten all of the paper work done last week, so it was time to test their skills. He quietly rose from his seat at the bell, moving across the hall to the classroom kitchens, and looked around for his assigned one. Each student was paired with another, their names written down and posted on the counter at each station. Once he found his own name, amethyst eyes widened slightly as he saw the name above his: Sohma, Kyou.

At least the cooking gods were smiling down on him today, maybe he wouldn't completely fail this class.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 337d 20h 23m 34s
As much as he and the rat had fought in the past, Kyou could say Yuki had ACTUALLY taught him something where the school had been completely useless. And because of his cousin, he actually felt confident. As he cooked his breakfast, Kyou continued to go over the lessons again and again. The more he did, the better he felt. He ALMOST did make enough food for the rat, but he had also taken the other seriously when told not to. This time and though he did not say it, the cat would have had no issue in making Yuki something more as he had helped him so much. Would he ever say it? Hell NO but he would keep it in mind and definitely help the other learn to cook a little more.

[b "Good to know that it's coming first thing. Means it'll still be fresh.."] That was as close to a thanks as the cat was willing to give in the morning. Though he hoped the other knew it.

The orange haired teen was quick to finish his breakfast and wash his dishes. Once he had, Kyou got his shoes on and his backpack and the two walked to school. When at the school and upon entering the classroom, Kyou went to his normal seat in the back. He HATED anything school related but so far he hadn't lost confidence and began to take out his materials, not talking to anyone. Instead, the cat turned his gaze out the window and watched the birds. And as ALWAYS found himself wishing to be as free as they were. The only thing to call him from his mental break was their teacher and the shrill ringing of the bell. After a few moments the test was handed out and the male set to work on his sheet.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 351d 15h 13m 18s

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