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Yuki quietly looked over some of Kyou's work, studying his handwriting biting his lip in thought as he did so. The teen's writing could be atrocious at times and could be cause for some of his poor marks. Even the rat, who had seen quite a bit of terrible writing, could hardly make out some of his cousin's kanji. There also seemed to be some confusions as to grammar and how some sentences were linked together. If the cat was having this much trouble, he wasn't looking forward to seeing his English work. It was an even harder language than the one they currently spoke and he could only imagine the butchering that was happening to it on Kyou's end.

He glanced up as Kyou entered and sat beside him, inquiring as to what Yuki has planned as the rat continued to sort through some of the papers. Kyou was no doubt going to find this childish but it needed to be done. The rat pulled out a blank piece of paper and set it in front of Kyou before opening a narrow drawer under the desk and sorting through it. Writing utensils of all kinds were stored in there as well as a few math tools. The rat picked up a calligraphy brush pen and a normal one before closing it again and setting the regular pen in front of Kyou.

[+purple "You have a tendency to write like you're taking notes in a tornado,"] Yuki told him quietly. He pulled the paper closer to himself after pulling the cap off and slowly but carefully wrote out a few kanji:
[size25 鳥] - bird
[size25 烏] - crow

[size25 陳] - align
[size25 陣] - formation, encampment

[size25 賃] - to hire, rent
[size25 貸] - to lend, loan
[size25 貨] - goods, valuables

[+blue "Some of these I can tell are an issue with the way you write and not because you don't understand them,"] he continued quietly. [+blue "The last set you like to interchange quite a bit and also seem to have some problems with their usage. I want you to practice writing them, using the same method I did, to help fix your writing a bit. Don't go as fast and mind where some strokes end. Try doing a line of each while I get the other part of this ready."] With that, he pushed the paper back over to Kyou for him to work on.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 179d 19h 53m 6s
Kyou had been hoping for a few moments to himself. It wasn't that being around the rat like this was a bad thing but he was NOT used to it. Hell he was not used to being around anyone so much or so long. So to have the chance for the break and to gather his things, the cst was silently thanking the gods. It meant he had a little time to get his head back together.

All of this was strange to say the least. Normally he and Yuki did NOT see eye-to-eye on anything. Usually, the pair were at the others throat both figuratively and literally. But he did have to admit the help in his grades and school work was nice. It gave him the chance to learn and to maybe keep his training AND it gave Yuki a chance to irritate the God. So looking at it that way, it was a win for both teens.

Maybe five minutes later, Kyou was walking into the rat's room with his backpack and took the extra chair, sitting in it backwards and having his head on his arms. [b "So rat, where do you wanna start?"] He asked, orangey orbs on the other, scowl over his features as this was going to be a worse lesson than the math was. Schooling and academia were just NOT for him.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 193d 16h 5m 16s
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[+blueviolet "Let me look through the textbook quickly and review some of your past tests,"] he suggested softly as he slowly pushed his form from the counter. [+blueviolet "In the meantime, you can grab your materials and meet me in my room."] With that he slowly exited the kitchen, giving Kyou the chance to do whatever he wished, and made his way up the stairs and to his bedroom.

Teaching Kyou could certainly be a challenge at times and he was aware of how frustrated the cat could get and how he would lash out as a result. He had seen it in school plenty of times and it was one of the reasons why his scores were so low. Honestly, he kind of enjoyed teaching Kyou and improving his grades as it was the only way he could think of to get back at the God that tortured him. Kyou's success, no doubt, upset him greatly and Yuki knowing it was because of him helping the cat made it so much better.

Yuki pulled the extra chair over to the desk again and set it beside his own before sitting down and pulling out his grammar book and binder. Their native tongue was tricky enough as it was but Kyou really seemed to be struggling with it lately. He carefully reviewed his cousin's recent tests, discovering what exactly he was having difficulty with before deciding on a plan of action.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 207d 18h 31m 29s
Kyou by now had assumed his normal stance of arms crossed and was leaning against a counter opposite where the rat happened to be standing. Orangey-red orbs did seem to follow and to make sure nothing got broken since the cooking part was done and the stove was off. He as well as the other KNEW the disaster that Yuki was in both cooking and cleaning. Probably the reason he had stayed so close by. And the fact that he wanted him to at least succeed at this. Not that he would be telling that to the rat or anyone else.

[b "Eh not like I have anything better to be doing. Besides we made the deal of cooking for homework."] The cat said with a shrug. They were always going to be at some form of odds but this brief reprieve seemed nice. Easy even, which again was a nice change as his life had never been such.

His head tilted just the faintest and he nodded. [b "Yeah..sounds good. You know I hate the 'God' and his tongue lashings. So which lesson would we start on?"]
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 214d 16h 34m 51s
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[+blueviolet "I'm a bit surprised at that, honestly,"] Yuki admitted quietly as he carefully extinguished the flame under the burner of the stove before moving the hot pan and dirty utensil to the sink to be cleaned later. [+I was expecting to have set something on fire again, I'm sure I would have without your presence."] It was no secret of the family that the rat was a disaster when it came to cooking and cleaning. They were the only two things he regularly failed at. He was known for setting things on fire in the kitchen and breaking things beyond repair when cleaning. It was no wonder he had been banned from the two activities for the foreseeable future.

[+blueviolet "...but...thank you."] He turned around at the sink, allowing his backside to rest against it and the counter, while looking back at the cat. They still had their issues, the rat and the cat, but he was grateful for this chance of normalcy and independence he couldn't get from anyone else. He didn't expect himself and Kyou to get along in any other aspect of their lives but this was a nice break. [+blueviolet "In return, I'll help you with your grammar homework. With that and your hopefully improving math grade it'll give you a high enough of a bump to escape Akito's tongue lashing when report cards come out."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 221d 20h 59m 44s
Was it that he had patience? Or was it because he wanted to in a figurative sense give Akito the finger that he was doing this? Or could it even be that he felt sorry for the rat? All their lives, Yuki had been the prince. The golden boy of the family and he an outcast and scorned. Everyone pretty much gave up on him and from a ypung age Kyou had learned that he was the "cat", the "forgotten member" of the zodiac. And all his life even if he knew that it was not Yuki's doing, Kyou had hated him. He hated him because of the old legend that happened to be their family tale.

Of course these thoughts he kept to himself. Or mostly. He would lash out and let some of the anger show but he NEVER admitted he never truly blamed the rat. And in his mind, helping the rat like this he was trying to make up some of his hostility. Also, the cat felt bad that Yuki was unable to cook and so far behind their classmates in that sense. He knew what it was like to be rediculed and he guessed in doing this he was letting the rat still have his image.

[b "I figured you'd get it. Took a few tries but at least nothing went up."] Kyou muttered. In his own way, the cat had been saying good job.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 214d 16h 41m 30s
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Yuki watched Kyou carefully and listened as the cat explained the process of cooking scrambled eggs. Honestly, it didn't look that hard. It was something he should be able to do, break some eggs and cook them. This was something even Kisa and Hiro could do without breaking a sweat. So why did this intimidate Yuki so much?

The toast he made the previous night was the first successful attempt at cooking he had in his sixteen years of life. Many things had to be replaced in this kitchen from his other attempts at cooking, Shigure eventually banning him from using anything other than the sink. Honestly it was safer for all of them that way. Now here Kyou was, agreeing to teach him the impossible. He had to admit that the cat had much more patience than he initially thought.

Once Kyou had finished and moved so the rat could try it, he simply stared at the stove top a moment before moving towards it. He reached out, picking up an egg, and attempted to break it cleanly over the pan that was still pretty warm. He crushed it, sighing quietly, before rinsing it out and trying again. Five eggs ended up like this. It took another lesson from Kyou before he finally cracked an egg successfully with only a couple pieces of shell in it. Once they were carefully picked out and tossed, he began the process of cooking them. They turned out a little more burned than they should be, but they were still edible. Yuki had doubts about being able to do this without the cat's supervision but at least he had finally learned how to cook two items in the kitchen. A strange sense of pride washed over him at this, amethyst eyes slowly flickering back to Kyou.

[+purple "At least I didn't catch anything on fire this time,"] he murmured quietly.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 247d 1h 10m 56s
[b "You wanted something a little more challenging than toast and that would be this. Besides was thinking to have them scrambled that way if yokes break it's no big deal."] Kyou said as he took a side glance at his cousin, who seemed to he looking at the stove as if it were some kind of monster. Or that was just how he interpretted the look. To be fair he didn't know what went through the mind of the damn rat and didn't even want to.

It almost to a sad point amused him with Yuki seeming scared of the stove. Well he knew the history there so that was him being cruel. But on the other hand he felt kinda bad for him too. He knew what it was like not getting something and well this was a first for the rat. [b "Watch...it ain't that hard."] The cat said as he took up an egg and began to show the rat how to crack the eggs and even cook them.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 264d 1h 38m 51s
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Yuki bit his lip faintly in slight worry as Kyou went to the fridge to retrieve the eggs for their next lesson. He knew at some point it would come to this but he wasn't expecting it so soon. The stove? Did the cat really think he was ready for this? Yuki didn't and, in fact, had many doubts about his ability to not catch the kitchen on fire. The last time he had tried to use the stove he had done almost exactly that and had been banned from the appliance for the foreseeable future.

[+purple "Do you really think I'm ready for this?"] he asked quietly, following Kyou over to the counter and standing beside the stove range. Yuki eyed the white, oval shapes afterwards while folding his arms loosely over his chest. On top of that, how was he supposed to break an egg cleanly? He had failed at that task as well before, almost crushing it to pieces. Hopefully Kyou could teach him successfully and the lesson wouldn't end with a destroyed kitchen.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 269d 18h 48m 8s
So far the rat had learned the toast, which the cat had to give credit for. It was not difficult but it surely didn't look too easy to Yuki the night before. Actually it had been both comical and sad how uncertain his cousin had seemed of the appliance. But then he had to remember that they literally had had to put out a fire the last time they had trusted the other with such a task.

Quickly Kyou pushed those thoughts out of his head. He was TRYING to behave for once. And after seei g the struggle the rat had in class he almost felt sorry for him. He KNEW what it was like for something to be so challenging. Knew what feeling like a failure was like and also knew what being made fun of was like. Yuki was known as the prince and the golden boy. He had NEVER had to face it. Did the cat long to see the day? Of course but cooking was not something he could or would let the rat suffer with. Besides it was something freeing and something that could help later in life.

[b "Yeah, okay. How about we go with scambled eggs? You know toast and if you learn eggs then you can make yourself breakfast."] And with that said, Kyou went to get eggs out and began the lesson.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 278d 17h 39m 4s
[h3 +]
Yuki had begun his homework by the time Kyou had appeared in his doorway, the ice pack long abandoned beside the window. It was still wrapped in the towel for easy carrying and neatly awaiting its trip back downstairs. Violet eyes lifted from the history book he was currently reading, his pen setting down quietly on top of his notebook shortly after. Another lesson did sound nice, after his internal panic during home ec today he could use a bit more guidance. The rat nodded and Kyou's words, picking up the now-warm ice pack and carrying it downstairs to set back into the freezer.

The kitchen was quiet now that Shigure had retreated upstairs and was tying up the phone line with what Yuki assumed to be his older brother. Even though the rat despised Aaya, he was still a good friend of the dog's and had to see his annoying face from time to time. The phone was better, at least he wasn't forced to be in the same building with the long haired snake. He turned his gaze back over to Kyou, letting his small frame rest against the nearby fridge. [+purple "How about something a little harder...but still kind of easy?"] he suggested quietly. Yuki didn't want to get too ahead of himself, if he pushed too far he may burn the house down or ruin another set of pots.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 281d 19h 55m 46s
To be honwst with himself, Kyou wasn't sure what he was even doing. Wasn't sure why he had offered another lesson. For the time being he had gotten what he had needed. Both he and the rat had kept their ends of the deal. So what the hell had him drawn to the room? What the hell even had him asking if Yuki wanted another lesson? And then he remembered their class and how he could see the "prince" actually feeling the odd man out. He remembered how scared that his cousin had actually looked in the kitchen and how lost he had been. Yeah he could do this and let the rat learn ways to take care of himself.

Kyou was mostly locked in his own head as he walked down the stairs and was followed by the rat. It was quiet, almost too quiet. But then it was nice because it meant that for ONCE the dog was working and wouls not be bothering them. Besides, Kyou wasn't sure he even wanted Shigure knowing about the lessons or that MAYBE the cat and rat could get along. Oh what fun the blasted dog would have with that one.

[b "Well did you want it to be? Or did ya wanna try something a little more challenging?"] Yuki would be the one learning and so he figured might as well let the other choose. Besides Kyou could cook as it was, so NOTHING would be too difficult on his end.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 293d 17h 55m 43s
[h3 +]
Yuki had long left his bed by the time Kyou appeared in his open doorway, the rat having begun his homework. This early in the evening, most of his work was finished; he only had one more subject left. Luckily it wasn't a hard one for him and he could have it finished in fifteen or so minutes. Yuki's eyes lifted to his cousin, watching him for a moment before nodding and carefully rising. He was a bit surprised to be offered another lesson and couldn't picture why Kyou was still doing it. Did Kyou not get what he needed yet? Or was Yuki a good enough pupil that the cat felt he could learn a thing or two?

He followed Kyou downstairs to the empty kitchen, looking around it before stopping somewhere near the sink. The dog had left a bowl of covered soba noodles and nori strips for Yuki to eat once he felt like it, the rat having spent far too much time nursing his injury and falling behind on homework. Shigure could actually be kind when he wasn't acting like a child. The rat decided against eating just yet and focusing more on Kyou's lesson.

[+purple "Is it on the same skill level as last night's?"] he asked quietly.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 299d 19h 22m 56s
Kypu had started his way back even before Yuki had left the building. As always, or rather was ALMOST always the cat wanted to be alone. His jead was pretty much filled with the fact that he and Yuki seemed to have some sort of a truce going on. What the hell was with it? The two of the HATED the other and so why were they even helping the other? Though one part of him was thankful for it, the other part of him was suspicious and uneasy. And those thoughts continued to eat away at him as he laid on the roof and just stared up at the sky and the clouds overhead as they drifted by.

His eyes closed for what felt like a moment but when he opened them it was nearly sundown. It seemed that his racing thoughts had lulled him into sleep. And with that being the case and KNOWING that the dog had no intentions on cooking, Kyou finally climbed down from the roof and slipped into his bedroom, leaving his bag on the bed and changing into a black shirt and tanned pants. As soon as he was, Kyou stopped in the rat's doorway. [b "Feel like another lesson?"] He muttered. Why he was doing this, Kyou had NO idea but he was.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 306d 14h 29m 19s
[h3 +]
Yuki silently headed to his locker, switching out books he had for ones that he needed to take home. His side still ached terribly but it had dulled enough for him to move and to make it home. He figured ice would help, making a mental note to grab some once he made it back to the house. Since Shigure was now aware of the rat's state he wouldn't ask questions if he happened to see it nor would he bring it up if he could avoid it. It was a good thing seeing as how Yuki didn't really wish to discuss it with him. He was grateful to Shigure for getting him out of that house with Akito into somewhere much better but didn't exactly share deeper things with him. In reality, he didn't share those with anyone. He didn't have anyone to talk to.

Once he got what he needed, he began his walk home. Yuki had lost track of Kyou and wasn't sure if he was still in the building or if he had begun his journey home already. Either way, he'd see him again soon. As soon as he made it back, he easily avoided any conversation with the dog by heading into the kitchen and grabbing a large ice pack and towel. Yuki took it upstairs, quietly closing his door a bit and laying on his bed with the ice on his side. A soft wince touched his features at first contact, the motion hurting like hell, but hopefully soon he wouldn't feel much. He planned on staying like this for at least half an hour, homework could wait until he felt better.
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