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A sudden hit to the back of his head caused his eyes to snap open while his arm fell to the desk. He didn't have to look to see who it was, he knew already. No one dared to touch the "prince" of his school in such a manner and the other Sohmas knew better. Amethyst eyes flickered over towards the front of the class to see his least favorite family member sauntering towards the door, yelling something about dinner. Unfortunately for the cat, it was probably the only time he'd ever be able to hit Yuki.

Bright eyes narrowed a bit, Yuki gathering his things and picking up his bag afterwards. The dumb animal was just asking to get his throat kicked in. One would think he would have learned better by now, provoking his rival wasn't the best action in the world, and would result with the cat laying in the yard after a well-deserved concussion. Yuki really wished the animal would disappear.

Once Yuki was ready to go, he tucked his bag under his arm and headed towards the door and into the hallway. Before he knew it, he was right behind Kyou. He stayed that way until they reached a rather secluded area of the hallway, the front doors not too far ahead, and picked up his speed. Once he reached Kyou's side, he gave him a rather hard shove into the wall next to him, smirking to himself as the cat (hopefully) collided with the wall next to him in a rather uncomfortable manner. [+purple "Oh, pardon me. I didn't see you there. It must be because of how unnoticeable you are,"] Yuki responded silently. He then grabbed his shoes, slipping them on before heading out the door and back home.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 2y 5d 31m 13s
Again the night before it appeared that "family" issues had arisen and the damn rat had been caught in the middle of them. Not a shocker to the cat as the rat was one of the "golden" family members and he was just an outsider looking in. Never was he allowed to be near the main house or even let in. Not that he cared anyway. It meant that he was free to slip under their radars and to do whatever whenever he wanted. The ONLY perk to being the cursed and forgotten member of the Sohmas.

In the class, the boy's eyes wandered to the window as his cheek rested against his hand. The lecture this time was more boring and putting him to sleep. This was THE class that helped him with his naptime. He didn't even bother to try and keep up in the notes because he had long since checked out. His eyes instead following a little bird as it flew around the trees outside, swooping in and out among the leaves and the branches. And idly, Kyo Sohma let his mind wander to what being that bird would feel like. Probably much better than being cooped up in a school's classroom with a damn rat who he couldn't stand.

When the final bell of the day rang, orangy-red eyes pulled themselves from the the window. He could see the others quick to grab their things and rush from the room. Even their teacher with the droning monotone was out. It was just him and Yuki left. With a roll of his eyes, the cat stood, gripped his bag throwing it over his shoulder, and walked past Yuki's desk, purposely whacking him in the back of the head. [b "If you don't get up ya damn rat won't make it home for dinner."] He said without even stopping and making his way into the hall.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 2y 5d 6h 37m 19s
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Last night had been long, that was for certain. Between Akito's afternoon/evening harassment and completing homework for the next morning, it wasn't a surprise that the rat didn't sleep. Other members of the family would have left their homework unfinished, allowing their grades to suffer this one time. Not Yuki. He couldn't. Not only would his mind reject and probably explode at such a concept but, as class president, it just wasn't an option. Other students looked up to him for guidance which meant he couldn't afford not to have his work done. Ever. Such was the curse of being class president and a perfectionist.

Kyou was lucky in that sense. He could fly under the radar both academically and with family issues. He never had all of these eyes on him, some looking for direction and some looking for him to fail. Kyou could do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. Being the cursed cat had its moments.

During his last class, Yuki allowed his head to rest on his hand while the other took notes, trying hard to focus on the teacher's words. It was difficult, all he wanted to do was sleep. It didn't help that this particular teacher could get rather boring, even for the straight A student. The longer he stayed in that position, the more tired he felt. Yuki only made it halfway through the class before the amethyst eyes closed and didn't reopen again, not even when the final bell rang.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 2y 5d 6h 59m 47s

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