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Kyou was trying so hard not to dump the serving pot over the rat's head. The only thing keeping him refrained no wasn't knowing that Akito had his special fun with the other teen but the dog. If he dumped the stew on Yuki, the dog would make him clean it and anything else he deemed needing cleaning. It would be an excuse to have half the house cleaned. And he would NOT get into that again. It was a well known fact that Kyou hated cleaning but wasn't terrible at it. But quickly he shook that thought aside.

His temper flared all the more at Yuki's next words. It sounded like another form of torture or punishment. Why the hell did the rat think this was such a good idea? There was NO reason he should give a damn as far as he was concerned. [b "And what exactly does this entail? You know decorating is the DEATH of me."] The cat growled, vold gaze upon the other male. He would make it hell for them in the morning to try and get out of it.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 337d 22h 26m 0s
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Shigure gathered the dishes while Kyou began to pick up the serving pot, glancing at Yuki again as he did so. He didn't like the fact that the rat had skipped out on most of his dinner, knowing something else had to be up. Was it really just because he was tired? Did it have to do with whatever happened with Akito last night? He believed the latter was more likely, none of the Sohma's were the same after spending time with the head of the family. He was just so cruel to them. Still, he couldn't imagine how much worse it had to be for the small teenager as he was Akito's favorite. The sickly male reserved special tortures just for those whom he had grown a fondness to. He mused over all of this quietly while heading out into the kitchen to work on the dishes as he said he would.

Yuki watched the cat quietly, arms folded loosly over his chest. Little did Kyou know, he was right. As head of the student council, the rat could get away with more things than other students and even volunteer them for things they had no wish to participate in. Normally he would never do such a thing, but Kyou could use a little school spirit. After speaking with the council that morning, they had quite the task for the cat especially after Yuki so willingly gave his name. [+purple "You're in luck,"] Yuki spoke quietly, continuing to watch the cat. [+purple "Everything's already planned out so you don't have to worry about that. You just need to show up and do what we tell you. I told them how you have quite the skill in decorating] [+purple and you'd be more than delighted to help decorate for the spring festival."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 338d 13h 27m 27s
The cat had caught the soft sound from the rat and rolled his eyes. Any other night he would have picked more of a fight. But given that the other teen didn't seem up to it, Kyo left it alone. ONCE in awhile he could keep his mouth shut despite what the other Sohmas happened to think of him. Besides, he knew that the rat was going to point out that he NEVER seemed to keep his attention on their schooling or to try and salvage his academic career. But what point was there for him to try? He was the cursed member of the family and really didn't have a future. It was why he TRIED to live his life as much as he could and why every chance he got tried to finally beat the rat.

Kyo shook those thoughts from his head as he stood and began to get the pots since the dog was gathering the dishes. [b "You mean if you don't burn whatever you get."] The cat shot at the rat as he made his way past him towards the kitchen door. But when the student council was mentioned, the oraney haired teen froze and his orangey-red orbs went to Yuki. [b "And what the hell do they want with me?"] He practically shouted, anger roiling as he knew the "Prince" had put them up to it.

[b "This better not be another of your damn planning commitees, ya damn rat."] Kyo shot at Yuki as now he was turned towards the other teen. He was seriously debating dumping the stew over the boy's head with his irritation.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 339d 16h 14m 46s
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Yuki couldn't help but scoff quietly at Kyou's statement about his attention span. Everytime he looked over at the cat's desk, he was staring out the window or scrawling pictures in his notebook. Not once in the history of their relationship did the rat ever remember Kyou paying attention in order to salvage his academic career. It made Yuki wonder briefly just what kind of future the loud male had in store for himself.

Actually, he knew the answer to that...though he wished he didn't.

He nodded briefly at Kyou's question, leaning back a little until his frame rested heavily against the wall. Shigure nodded as well, beginning to stack the dishes together and gave a disapproving look once he reached Yuki's bowl. It looked as if it had hardly been touched, perhaps a few bites taken out of it. The rat had been known to eat less than the others but this was different. Chocolate eyes flickered over to his charge, looking him over briefly before speaking.

[+dimgrey "Are you sure you're alright, Yuki? You've hardly touched your dinner."]

Yuki slowly looked over at him, letting out a sigh afterwards. He couldn't help it, he just wasn't hungry. Spending time with Akito would do that to a person. After a few moments, he pushed himself to stand and looked over the two of them. [+purple "I'm fine,"] he answered quietly. [+purple "I'll eat something later, after I finish homework. That reminds me...the student council wants to talk to you tomorrow, Kyou."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 340d 17h 3m 39s
Kyo had been taking a "slurp" of his stew and had to quickly pull the bowl away from his lips so her wouldn't spit out what was in his mouth. The damn rat HAD to open that mouth of his. Yes, the last time had been because he had tripped. And even now he wished it had been done on purpose. Might have made the rat respect him more. But thinking about it, he could even think it had been funny. Though the lecture he had gotten from Hatori had been horrible. The dragon had been so angry when Kyo and Yuki had called him freaking out over the burns that the cat had give to the rat.

For a few moments, Kyo had been picturing that day. Not only had he been scolded by Hatori but he had gotten a scolding from the dog who had been trying his hardest not to laugh over it. IF the car could be honest, which he never would be, that day had actually been one of his more liked days. Though bad as it had been, it had not been nearly as shitty as so much of his life had been.

Kyo had tuned back in when Shigure explained the basics of the call. It was enough for him to get an idea at least. [b "I focus when I HAVE to. And he knows me better than any of the others do."] Kyo shot back in Kazuma's defense. Out of the family, Kazuma was the ONLY one he respected fully. And everyone knew it too. But after those brief bits of conversation, the cat actually fell silent and finished his food.

[b "Are the two of you almost done?"] He near demanded. Kyo was only asking because as much as he hated it, the cat would do some of the clean up.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 340d 17h 20m 51s
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Yuki sighed quietly, taking a few bites of dinner before glancing up at Kyou. Yes, he remembered that time very well, though he doubted the cat remembered all of the details that went along with it. [+purple "From what I recall,"] he stated quietly, looking back down at his dinner. [+purple "You were making stock for miso soup. You tripped over your own two feet and hit the pot off the stove, throwing boiling water all over me. You really are the object of grace, you know."]

Shigure snickered, briefly recalling that. He didn't know the full story, having been at the main house when it happened, but heard most of the details from Hatori. The dragon seemed less than pleased having to trek all the way to the dog's home to patch the rat up and more than likely gave the cat a lecture for it as well. He wished he could have seen it.

The older male finished his dinner, resting his elbow on the table and his chin in his hand as he looked over at the cat. Kyou always lit up when he spoke of his tutor, Kazuma the only Sohma brave enough to house the cat under his roof. Shigure had to admit that Kyou deserved to have a loving father-figure, he deserved some kindness after so much shit in his life. [+dimgrey "Well, it didn't exactly pique my interest and I had other things to do,"] he admitted, continuing to watch the loud teenager. [+dimgrey "If I remember right, he said it would be a quick session, maybe a few hours a week for two weeks. Something about not wanting to take you away from your schoolwork. He obviously doesn't know you well, having said something like that. Honestly, I'm surprised you're still passing your classes."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 340d 20h 27m 40s
Kyo's attention was no longer on the fog and the rat. Instead he had turned it to filling an empty bowl and almost scarfing the food. Between his cooking and Shigure's, the cat usually prefered the dog's. But IF he needed to cook he was more than capable as the stew and rice proved. It was the famn rat they would have to worry about. Last time they let Yuki in the kitchen to TRY and cook something the house had nearly burnt down. And it really wasn't like he minded doing the cooking. It was something he could do. Though, Kyo would be caught dead before he EVER adnitted any of that.

[b "Yeah. You don't wake your ass up and I WILL dump the pot over your head. Remember the last time, rat?"] The cat said with a wicked smile. He had to give the rat a hard time, though in the back of his mind Kyo ALMOST felt sorry for him. ALMOST. But that was as far as he went before he went back to his food, ignoring the two with who he sat.

His ears perked at the mention of Kazuma and his eyes immediately went to the dog. There was a spark in them that wasn't usually there. [b "When did he say it would be? Couldn't you at least pay attention to that, ya useless dog?"] The cat asjed, getting excited. If no more information was given, Kyo would be sneaking off and disappearing for a few days. He was dying to meet with Kazuma now.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 340d 21h 24m 42s
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A quiet sigh fell from his chest as he heard the table being pushed closer, looking over again to confirm it. He could also see the dog he just assaulted observing him with those gentle chocolate eyes, a bit concerned about his charge's exhaustion. Yuki hardly ever was this tired, even when he stayed up most of the night studying for an exam. Something bigger must have happened while in Akito's care the previous afternoon. Still, Shigure didn't want to push it as he knew it was a rather touchy subject.

Yuki pushed himself to sit up a little bit before resting his arms on the short table and his head on top of them. It didn't take long for the rat to fall into sleep, the steady rising and falling of his chest the main indicator to his guardian. He couldn't fully base it off of the teen's banter as was also known to keep quiet just to anger his cousin in the next room. Shigure moved quietly back over to Yuki's side of the table, clearing off the books and picking up his bag to set it next to the staircase. Surely whatever the cat decided to make would take a little while and he could allow Yuki to catch up on some much needed rest.

So that's what he did, deciding to read in the meantime.

Once he saw movement from the kitchen doorway from the corner of his eye, Shigure pulled off the thin frame glasses and set them aside with his book. Afterwards, he reached over and gently shook the rat awake. [+dimgrey "Come now, Yuki. Time to wake,"] he told him softly. Once the rat began to stir, Shigure picked up an empty bowl and filled it for the tired teenager. [+dimgrey "Best to rise and shine so you can eat before Kyou dumps the pot over your head. I'm not taking you to the hospital for second degree burns."]

Yuki sighed quietly, slowly sitting up and looking at the dinner in front of him. It didn't look too bad, like most things Kyou cooked. He was certainly better at it than the rat was. It smelled good, too. The cat was actually a pretty good cook, though he would never admit it out loud, and didn't mind eating whatever it was the cat had prepared.

[+dimgrey "Kazuma called while you were in school,"] Shigure said softly between bites of dinner. [+dimgrey "Something about planning your spring training or the like. I kind of zoned out during that conversation."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 341d 42m 20s
The cat was not known for quiet compliance. It just wouldn't be him, though USUALLY Kyo did as he was bid. Beneath the anger and his defiance, some part of him respected at least the dog. Though he would NEVER admit it. If he admitted to it, there would be even more harrassment coming his way. And the orange haired male had enough of that for many lifetimes.

When in the kitchen, the cat went through the food and froze when he saw the leaks sitting in the cupboard and staring at him. He detested the famn vegetable as he had been FORCED to eat it as a child and to LIKE it. Quickly he slammed the little wooden door shut and just grabbed the vegetables from the freezer along with chucken and rice. It was still early enough he could make a stew. It would also keep him in the kitchen away from the others too. Though when he heard Shigure's words on Yuki's cooking and breaking dishes, Kyo could not help laughing. It was true, the rat was NEVER good with cooking or dishes. It was one of the only things that Kyo could do that the "crown jewel" himself could not.

[b "I'm keepin' ya to it dog!"] Kyo shouted as he began on the stew. He may not have liked the rat and dog much, but at least they were A LITTLE better than the rest of the family. And when that thought came up, Kyo's mind wandered over the years and all the hell. But he was at least attentive enough of the dinner he was told to make.

When done, the cat brought the pot of stew, the rice, and the bowls out. Without looking at Shigure or Yuki he set it on the small table and took a seat himself.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 341d 1h 19m 50s
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Shigure watched Kyou storm off into the kitchen, doing as he was told. He typically did as the dog instructed but always had something to say about it. Not once in the history of Kyou's existence did he comply quietly. [+dimgrey "Well, it's either that or Yuki cooks,"] he said softly, knowing both boys could hear him. [+dimgrey "I'd like to eat something that I can recognize and isn't burnt to hell."]

Yuki cracked an eye open at this, glaring tiredly at the smart-mouthed zodiac member. The rat couldn't cook to save his life, he could even burn water. Still, he didn't want to hear about it at the moment. Silently he picked up one of the weighty textbooks and chucked it at Shigure, aiming for his head. It missed its target, indicating Yuki's exhaustion, and caught the adult in the gut instead. A loud thud followed by a pained groaned sounded through the room, Yuki closing his eyes again. [+purple "No wonder I can't stand either of you,"] he mumbled quietly. He then allowed his frame to sink to the floor where he sat, not even bothering to move to the kotatsu.

Shigure sighed at this, moving over and pushing the table closer to the rat to make him more comfortable. Sure, he could be an asshole, but he loved the two males under his roof. They were his family after all. [+dimgrey "I think I'll also do the dishes, Yuki has a tendency to break them."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 341d 17h 38m 5s
[b [i 'Yes, one must have a brain and use it to get into college.']] Kyo muttered under his breath with a roll of his eyes. It always irritated him that the family thought all he had was an empty head. He thought about more than they knew. And most the time it involved ways he would FINALLY beat the damn rat in a fight and a way to prove he was actually worth aomething. Not that he would tell that to them. Why the hell should he when they didn't really give a damn if he lived or died. NONE of them would last a day in his shoes or having the continued abuse that he did from EVERY single one of the others. Akito was bad, even Kyo could admit it. But just the god was nothing compared to having them all on your back. Being the cat and the outsider, the orange haired male qould know.

For once, Kyo kept his mouth shut as he kicked off his shoes as quickly as he could. He had been trying to slip past both the dog and rat as quickly as he could. Anymore time spent with them and he would most likely lose it. But at Shigure's words, Kyo stiffened and froze. [b "Yeah, so? You two NEVER like when I cook. "] He said with a growl to his words, turning a cold glare on the dog and rat.

Even he could see that Yuki was tired. But did he REALLY care? Nope. [b "Fine, but the damn rat does the dishes."] And with that, Kyo stormed off to the kitchen. Anything to get out of that particular room.
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[+blue "Yes, one must have a brain and use it to get into college,"] Yuki murmured quietly, passing the dog and taking his shoes off before stepping into the house. [+blue "It requires reading books without pictures in them."] He didn't imagine Kyou taking any classes if he graduated high school, choosing to waste whatever talents he had. Even the rat had to admit that he was rather skilled at martial arts and had a future in it if he chose to be Kazuma's successor but he wondered if the male even had the focus to do so. That would also mean Kyou would never stop trying to beat the rat, likely continuing this same song and dance until they were both dead and buried.

Amethyst eyes looked over at the small, heated table sitting in the family room, sighing quietly at the stack of books that were waiting for his attention. They were rather thick, suited to be more of a weapon than reading material. Normally this was something Yuki would be proud of and excited to crack one of them open, but he was just so tired. They would have to wait to be examined after a good night's sleep.

Shigure rose from his spot, taking one last exhale of smoke before stamping the cigarette out in a nearby ashtray, then followed both teens inside. He, too, noticed how exhausted the rat looked , and watched as the slim male dropped his bag next to the books on the table and let his frame rest heavily on the nearby wall. [+dimgrey "Is everything alright, Yuki?"] he asked softly, studying the male for a moment. [+dimgrey "What happened last night?"]

Yuki shook his head, murmuring a quiet statement expressing his unwillingness to talk about it, and Shigure sighed quietly. [+dimgrey "Then we'll talk later. Kyou, you're cooking dinner tonight since I did it last night. Yuki, take a nap or something."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 341d 20h 32m 32s
Kyo was loud and he didn't care. The orange haired boy with the orangy-red eyes had no reason to try to be so refined. The little rabbit, Momiji was constantly scolded for his loudness and needing to be more subdued. Scolded to be more like the damn rat. But the cat on the otherhand never had such scoldings. No one cares what he did and so he constantly tested that out because he could. Which meant being as loud as he could be or his constant running off.

All of those had been thoughts and ideas going around in his head, which the others constantly called empty as he ran after Yuki. He was still trying to find the right moment to make his move but never did it seem to come. And before he knew it, the pair were walking up the drive and to Shigure's house. As was usual, the lazy dog had a cigarette in his mouth and was on the porch, waiting for them. Should have known that he would be as they were ALWAYS greeted in this manner after school. It was in part to make sure they wouldn't tear each other or the dog's home apart right when they got home.

Orangy-red eyes went to the dark and he gave a glare of ice. [b "Very funny dog! I can be just as good as the rat! But who said I'm even going to college, anyway? I'm going to train more!"] Yes he was still angry with Yuki over the wall thing and angry with Shigure and his jokes. One day he would show them. All of them.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 342d 2h 18m 46s
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A quiet sigh left his chest as he heard the cat's voice from outside. It wasn't a secret among the Sohmas that Kyou was loud, hell he was probably the loudest in the family. He could outshine Momiji in that category any day. Still, it was satisfying to know that he had gotten under the male's skin and retribution was paid for his earlier action. He headed home quietly, bag tucked under his arm and eyes remaining forward as he allowed his mind to wander. Yuki was hardly ever this spacy, especially in school, and wanted to get it all out of his system before he arrived to Shigure's. The last thing he wanted was for the dog to ask questions that he really didn't want to answer.

He had a lot on his mind, especially with the events of yesterday evening, and desperately wished he could shut it off much like Kyou did whenever he entered the school building. He just couldn't shake Akito's words and actions. Yuki, the precious rat, was Akito's favorite. Everyone knew it. This meant he was subject to more time with Akito than anyone and each Sohma knew how much he loved psychological warfare. From a young age Akito slowly molded the rat into everything he wanted him to be and had him doubting everything about himself. Well, except his superiority over the cat. Still, Yuki just wished the head of the family would leave him alone.

That would never happen.

Once he reached the property, he looked up to see Shigure on the porch with a cigarette in his hand. Typical. The dog gave both boys a smile before taking a drag of the cigarette and letting out a stream of smoke. [+dimgrey "Good to see you two back,"] Shigure stated softly. [+dimgrey "Yuki, a few college books have arrived for you, they're sitting on the kotatsu. Kyou, I think a clown college is interested in you."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 342d 14h 50m 41s
Everyone knew better than to touch the "Prince" and the other Sohmas were scared to. He was the only one who couldn't give a "rat's ass" and tried to touch Yuki constantly. In fact, he was always trying to goat him into a fight so that he could FINALLY show the rat who was boss. Because ever since they had been younger, Kyo could remember having his ass handed to him by that disgusting rat. And now that he was older, the cat took any chance he could to pay him back. Even if that meant smacking him in the back of the head like he did before making his way out of the classroom and down the hall to the lockers where they left their shoes.

Kyo could hear the steps behind him. And he knew who it was too. The dear "crown jewel" of the Sohma family and his own personal hell. He was waiting for the damn rat to get closer but he had miscalculated as he was shoved into the wall. And it was more than uncomfortable, causing him to lose his breath for a moment. [b "One of these days ya damn rat you'll pay!"] Kyo shouted as Yuki got his shoes and was heading out the door.

Not wanting to be in a building he hated longer than he had to be, the cat pushed himself up and got his shoes and slipped them on. Once he had, he threw his bag over his shoulder again and ran from the building. He was going to try and catch the rat and to try and get a good "hit" on him as payback for the wall.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 342d 15h 9m 22s

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