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The rat rubbed at his side once more, in a feeble attempt to end the discomfort, and let his eyes flicker to the only other student in the room. He still looked a bit grumpy despite his out-of-character outburst. But why did he do it? Yuki figured the cat would be happy to see him so uncomfortable and take advantage of that fact. Maybe not in a physical manner such as a fight, but certainly in other ways. The fact that he didn't and actually steered the teen from his hard work was shocking. He really couldn't explain it.

[+purple "No one would believe me even if I did,"] Yuki told him quietly, walking with him out of the gym and to their next class. That statement was true, if he told any of the zodiac about it they'd send him to Hatori, wanting to make sure he wasn't feverish or the sort. [+purple "Besides, we wouldn't want the family to know the little kitty's heart has grown a bit, now would we?"]

He stepped into the classroom, going to his seat and unpacking his books before sitting down. It didn't take long for their first teacher to enter and begin class, the school day going rather quickly for Yuki. They were even let out an hour early in order to spend some time in the gym for the spring festival and mingle with the other classes. The rat didn't really want to go as large crowds weren't really his thing, but being class president meant he had to. He followed his classmates down to the large room and stayed off to the side, watching the others as they enjoyed the festival.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 328d 14h 29m 42s
Kyou was more than aware that the rat probably hated him for having done what he had, but he had caught the slip up. It wasn't unusual for the family members whom the god liked to end up with injury of sorts. But what was unusual was for the orange haired male to have even called out to the rat as he had. It wasn't like him to say anything or to even act like he cared. Even in having done it, Kyou was actually confused himself why he had even done it. What did it matter to him if the rat was hurt? It would have made him a much easier target, but he wanted to show the damn rat in a FAIR fight. Not just because he was hurting.

With his head reeling with his thoughts. Or more like reeling with reasons he had even showed any form of care for the other boy when it was a well known fact that neither could stomach the other kept him focused on his work. With everyone working together the decorating and organizing really hadn't taken too long. Not like he would readily or even happily be doing it again, but at least he could admit that it didn't look bad and had not been the holy hell he had thought that it would be.

It was with the bell did everyone stop and begin to look around. Some looked like they wanted the praise from the "prince" and when it was given smiles from all around were given. Kyou on the other hand didn't care and had moved to the side to get his own bag. Only did he notice that it was just him and Yuki left when the whole gymnasium happened to be silent. [b "Better not tell anyone, rat.."] The orangey-red eyed male muttered as he would not look at his cousin. He didn't want the family thinking that he, the cursed family member and the outcast had gone soft.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 328d 14h 51m 5s
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It wasn't a surprise that Kyou was yelling, it was one of the things he was exceptional at. Typically he could at least wait until the two of them had left school, but this morning seemed to be the exception. It only took everyone looking at them for Kyou to sulk away and work on the task that was given to him. Normally a task like that would take a few hours, but luckily they had enough people helping to lessen that time drastically. It was nice to see everyone working together and quietly getting their tasks done.

Kyou broke that silence again after Yuki nearly dropped the tray he was holding, opening his eyes and looking over at the cat. So he had seen the rat's slip up, a fact Yuki was mentally kicking himself for, and basically ordered the slender teen away from the work he was about to do. For once, the cat was right. If he did much more of this heavy work, he could seriously injure himself. That was thing he was trying to avoid, the whole reason he pulled the cat into this. It wouldn't make sense for him to jeopardize it now. He sighed, letting another classmate take over while busying himself with easy work. The team of students continued their tasks until the bell rang, Yuki pushing himself up and looking over the gym.

[+purple "It looks great,"] he mused softly before looking over at the crowd of students. [+purple "Thank you for all of your hard work. Class will be starting in fifteen minutes, I think we should get going."] Yuki moved to the side of the gym to pick up his bag as the other students filed out, leaving Kyou and Yuki alone together.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 329d 12h 7m 8s
Kyou was grumpy and would remain so until he was free of the manual labour that the damn rat had so willingly volunteered him for. He knew that this had been ALL Yuki's fault and he would find ways later to be getting him back. Just because he was able to help and do things didn't mean he liked to do it. Hell he would have rathered been anywhere but in the gym that morning and helping to decorate for something he couldn't care less about. But yet, here he stood with his usual impatience as he waited for his dear cousin to find him another bit of torture to be subjected too.

And no sooner had he asked, Yuki's attention was drawn to crates and another of the students who had gotten there a little late. Orange-red orbs followed amethyst ones. [b "You have got to be kidding me! Those will take forever to unload!"] Kyou all but shouted as a few pairs of eyes had come to the two of them. But before he could protest anymore, the rat was off to do his own thing. And as he was going to start with the crate he had been instructed to start on, even the cat noted the rat was in poor shape.

[b "Why not organize some flyers or something?! That would make you useful!"] It was a taunt, but also his ATTEMPT at saying "damn rat take it easy". SOMETIMES he could care. And he had gathered Akito was at least partly why the other teen was miserable. But after his called out words, the cat pretended he said nothing and got back to his work.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 329d 12h 17m 39s
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Yuki had stepped back once his work was finished, looking up at it for a moment with his arm wrapped gently around his side. That pull to it really hurt, something that disappointed him a bit. He was hoping it had gone away, that his mild punishment from the head of the family would feel better. It appeared that he was wrong and would have to take it easy for the day so it could heal more.

Unfortunately this wasn't a good day for it.

Movement caught his eye, noticing Kyou approach his side. He still looked grumpy, something Yuki expected, and sounded the part too. As long as he helped out, Kyou could be as grumpy as he wanted. [+purple "It seems like the rest of the trees are up already,"] Yuki stated after a quick look around. More people had joined them while the two Sohmas had been working, making setup go a lot faster. In fact, most of the gym was already finished. [+purple "Help Minaka-chan empty the crates of onigiri and anpan onto each stall. After that, I think we're done for now."]

Yuki moved over to the nearest crate, picking up a rather heavy tray from it and beginning to move it to the closest stall. Another sharp pain surged up his side, the rat almost dropping the tray he held, and quickly moved to set it down before that happened. Amethyst eyes closed as he rubbed at it again, letting out a quiet sigh. How he would survive today was a mystery.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 329d 17h 1m 22s
The walk from the house to the school was one of a tense silence among the two boys. Neither one of them knew what to say or really how to behave. Often times they were either at the other's throat or ignored the other completely and kept out of their business. Most times they TRIED to make it seem as if they were not related and as if they did not exist. So to be walking with the "Prince of the school" to the gym, and doing something he had been forced into made it all the worse for the cat. He was literally thinking of the sleep he could be catching up on or of the places he could be hiding.

It wasn't like the gym was a bad place. They just hadn't used it a lot since the weather had been relatively pleasant. Instead they spend their gym class outside with sports or running, both things Kyou didn't mind. It made him feel free or as free as he could while being trapped at school.

Upon reaching the gym, it was obvious a couple others had beat them there and had been starting to decorate. A smirk crossed the cat's lips at having seen the look on the rat's face. [b "So much for being first, huh?"] He asked, being led over to another, Asuka as Yuki had called them and instructed to help. [b "Couldn't you make someobe else do this?"] The cat grumbled but moodily began to help put together the cherry blossom tree that was already partially done. But he did keep his eyes off and on on the rat who seemed to pick something easy for himself. Typical, self-important rat.

It didn't take Kyou long with his task that he had been given. And when he had, the cat walked over to the amethyst-eyed boy with his arms folded over his chest in a defiant manner. [b "What now?"] He asked with a growl to his words. He still was just as unhappy as ever.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 329d 12h 34m 58s
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Yuki glanced up at the ceiling after Kyou spoke, listening for a few moments. He was right, Shigure was rising for the day. He didn't want to deal with the dog and his comments, either, so he followed suit and headed out the door after putting his shoes on. Yuki walked at Kyou's side in silence, really not wishing to talk. Even if he did converse, he wouldn't know what to talk about as the two of them didn't exactly have daily conversations. The two mainly stayed out of each other's business.

Once they arrived at the school, Yuki led Kyou through the first floor and to the large gymnasium. They didn't use it much this season, especially since it was warmer out, so gym class was mainly held outside. A few students had beat them there, already starting to set up props and decorate the walls. Even though there wasn't much up, the theme was clear: cherry blossoms. It was that time of year, after all. Yuki took Kyou over to one of the larger decorations, a partially completed cherry blossom tree, and glanced over at him. [+purple "You can help Asuka with this, it isn't too complicated but some of the pieces are heavy,"] he instructed him quietly, glancing at him again before leaving. Kyou really seemed unhappy to be here, just as he was with every school day.

Yuki decided on a project across the room, helping another student hang posters. It was fairly easy job, certainly something Yuki could do, and it went fairly quickly. Last was the banner. As the rat held an end lifted it up, he could feel a particularly painful strain in his side, almost making him drop it. Quickly it gained the attention of his classmate who looked at him a bit worriedly. [+red "Are you alright, Yuki-senpai?"] The rat gave the boy a small smile in order to reassure him and nodded. [+purple "I'm fine. Let's get this up quickly, though. There's much else to do."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 333d 13h 59m 54s
Kyou could feel those amethyst eyes on him, observing him as if he were some sort of science project. And he hated when it seemed he was being watched. His hand did slam down on the counter at the rat'snext words. [b "How do I know you didn't? You're always looking to make my life hell and wouldn't surprise me if that comes up too."] The cat growled darkly as his gaze fell upon the other teen boy.

He was becoming more irritable which wasn't a good sign and meant he might snap off at some poor unsuspecting classmate. [b "You're the one who wants to go so damn badly then lets go. I think I hear the damn dog waking and coming down to check and make sure he still has a wall."] Kyou muttered with a roll of his eyes as he put his own cup in the sink and got his shoes on, heading out into the cool morning. The air being just crisp enough to level his head a bit and to wake him up more. He did begin the walk, but was slow enough to let the rat catch up. It would be a LONG day for the both of them.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 333d 13h 10m 23s
[h3 +]
Yuki remained in his spot, keeping his frame leaning against the counter and loosely folded his arms over his chest. Kyou was right, he had looked terribly yesterday and felt that way, too. The cat knew the basic reason of why he was so tired and where he was the previous day but he didn't know everything that happened within the main house walls. Only Akito, Hatori, and himself knew the truth and Yuki was determined to keep it that way. Besides, it wasn't like Kyou would care in the first place.

[+purple "It's not like you were up doing homework like I was,"] Yuki commented quietly, keeping his eyes on the cat and observing his actions. It certainly seemed like a nap or two was in order. [+purple "And it wouldn't kill you to attend at least one school function this year. What else could you possibly have to do? Sit on the roof and sulk for a couple hours? You should be happy I didn't put you in charge of janitorial duties. Now hurry up, the meeting starts in an hour."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 335d 16h 12m 57s
The cat growled faintly at Yuki's words of having better mornings. [b "Would take one to know one says the rat who looked like hell yesterday."] The comment was out before he could stop it. Not that he wanted to as it was. When it came to Yuki, Kyo just seemed to lash out. Most the others were afraid of him when he behaved in such a manner and tried to avoid him altogether. But not the rat. No, the amethyst eyed teen ALWAYS came back at him. Not that he minded because it did make him feel somewhat normal. Another thing the cursed Sohma would NEVER admit to.

[b "You made me have to do this..Fine I have no choice but to now. But why the hell do I gotta stay? This doesn't matter to me. And I could use my time doing better things."] Kyo shot back as moved to make himself some tea. It was too early and his sleep had been too crappy to be up to the usual par of insults and lashing. MAYBE if he was more awake later he would be more normal.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 335d 21h 14m 21s
[h3 +]
Yuki leaned against the counter as he sipped at his tea, listening to Kyou rise and ready himself for the morning ahead. From the single sentence that had been shouted at him, the cat must have been asleep. He had no idea what time the cat went to bed that night, nor any other night, but wondered if it was later than most people. He also didn't know what Kyou did at night, but he was sure as hell it wasn't studying. He was usually pretty quiet during the late hours.

Amethyst eyes lifted up to Kyou as he finally made his way downstairs, looking a little worse for wear. He must've had a rough night. He tried to distract the focus from himself by spouting mean words and grabbing something to eat. He looked like he hadn't slept in weeks. [+purple "You look like you've had better mornings,"] Yuki answered, choosing to ignore the comment about his tea making. Kyou was absolutely right about that, it was a shock Yuki didn't burn the kitchen down. He finished off his tea, setting the cup down on the counter beside him. [+purple "As I told you clearly yesterday, you're going to help piece things together and hang them up. It has to be done this morning because the festival is after school. You're also expected to attend that."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 335d 22h 36m 51s
The night had not been one of his more peaceful. The car was known for his nightmares and sometimes, no most times they involved the family curse. And for some reason, that night it had been triggered. More than once, Kyo woke in a panic and cold sweat, trying not to shout curses into the night as to not wake the rat or the dog. For all the hell they gave him, the teen boy did actually care about them, though he would be damned to admit it openly. Besides he would also be damned if they saw him scared or weak like he was in the dead hours of the night.

About an hour or two before Yuki's alarm, the orange haired male was finally able to get back to sleep. A sleep that was dreamless and allowed him a little relief. It was the loud knock that woke him. [b "Damn rat!"] He grumbled into his pillow as he remembered what he was in for that morning. But he was good and up and dressed soon and had his own bag over his shoulder as he came down and went to the kitcjen, stealing one of the cold rice balls.

[b "Shocker you didn't manage to burn the water, rat."] Kyo shot at Yuki with a mouth full. Clearly he was still shaken by his dreams and looked like hell from the lack in sleep but was not going to show it. [b "Tell me again the hell you have planned and why so damn early?"] Yup he was grumpy and imparient as ever.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 336d 59m 47s
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Yuki sat down at his desk to work on his homework, having it done in record time. All he could think about was how comfy his bed looked and how desperately he wanted to be in it. The slender teenager was so exhausted he had foregone his nightly bath just so he could get to sleep sooner. The moment his head touched the pillow, the rat was asleep and he didn't wake again until his alarm sounded early the next morning.

A soft groan fell from his chest at the loud shrieking of his alarm clock, silencing it by shoving it off of his bedside table. Part of him wished it was Saturday so he could sleep in a bit longer, but he slowly sat up as he remembered his and Kyou's "conversation" from the previous afternoon. Yuki was getting vengeance he rightfully deserved by placing Kyou on this early morning setup. faintly smiling at the thought again. It wasn't the same as roundhouse kicking the cat through a window, but it was just as satisfying. Slowly Yuki rose from his bed, changing into his uniform and grabbing his bag before knocking on Kyou's door loudly enough to wake him from a coma, just in case he hadn't risen yet. Afterwards he made his way downstairs and fixed himself a cup of tea, drinking it quietly as he waited for Kyou.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 337d 15h 52m 7s
The boy was all but nearly death gripping the poor metal pot within his hands. The more that his temper tose, the tighter his grip became. There were times he was not aware of the stregnth he truly had until it was too late and he had broken something. And it had happened MULTIPLE times. In the back of his mind, the cat was wondering how long until he broke the pot he was holding. With the way things were going and the way his temper was flaring, it could not be long.

Kyo had to turn orangey-red orbs from the rat to the floor to try and regain some of his composure. [b "You did this on purpose you damn rat! I am not a slave and not for your own sick amusement!"] Kyo shouted, getting in his last words before Yuki left with his stuff and went up the stairs and to his room. All the while, Kyo was cursing the rat as he stormed into the kitchen to help the dog.

[i "Now, now Kyou he is only trying to do you a favour. Maybe this could do you and that temper of yours some good. Besides it means I can catch up on some sleep and don't have to worry about making sure you get off to school."] The dog said, just dodging the rag Kyo launched at his head. [i "By the way, you're turn. Enjoy."] And Kyo was left to finish cleaning the kitchen, cursing both the damn rat and dog.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1y 337d 16h 26m 31s
[h3 +]
The male's eyes shifted downwards, noticing the death grip his cousin had on the pot. Yuki wondered just how much longer it would be before the metal groaned and twisted in Kyou's grip. He was strong, even the rat could admit that, and could easily lose focus of that strength when he was angry enough. If Yuki didn't have the talents that he was gifted with, the cat could have easily beaten him a long time ago. Still, the cat was no match for the rat's speed and let his anger cloud his judgement. It didn't help kyou's case that he was predictable as well. Yuki could easily see what move his cousin would fall into and was able to avoid it easily. He needed to do more than just train, he needed to keep his mind in the game as well. That was the point Kyou failed at.

[+purple "There's a couple of pieces that need put together and set up,"] Yuki told him quietly, but calmly. Kyou may scare plenty of people but Yuki wasn't one of them. [+purple "There's also quite a few things that need to be hung up near the ceiling. You'll have to leave for school when I do, we need to be there early."]

He moved away from the table after that, indicating that he was finished talking about this subject, and gathered up his things near the doorway. Afterwards he headed upstairs to his room, leaving the door open and setting the extra books and his bag on the desk. Spending an early morning with Kyou wasn't ideal but it would be worth it just to see him forced to spend time doing something he hated. A faint smile touched Yuki's lips as Kyou's impending misery and sat down at the desk. Suddenly, he couldn't wait for the next morning.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 1y 337d 18h 56m 24s

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