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Kyou had JUST gotten to the hall that would lead into the kitchen when the dog was coming from it and the rat was coming up behind him. Everything in him was telling him to just push his way past Shigure, but he stayed still. And as always, the dog was cracking a joke based on how stupid he thought he was.

A quick glance was shot in Yuki's direction. This would in some way be a moment of truth for the both of them. Yuki's "A" in the home economics, more specifically the cooking part and his own grades improving so much. What would come from it? Well better to just get the damn whatever over with. He had to cook but all he was wanting now was his own space and to be alone.

[b "Yeah, yeah dog. Any new insults you got for me?"] The orange haired male muttered with his usual scowl as he shoved the envelope into the man's hands, his own becoming stuffed in his pockets.

Shigure looked at the report card and was shocked. He then took Yuki's and did see the "A" in the cooking, eyes narrowing at the two. "Want to tell me?" He asked, there no trace of his usual teasing in his tone or mannerisms. Because he would have to tell Akito of their progress in school and that could and would end badly for Yuki if he was right.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1d 6h 27m 8s
[h3 +]
Yuki would never admit it aloud but he actually enjoyed the time he had spent with the cat where they weren't fighting and at each other's throats. It was a nice change in the normalcy and he was going to miss it. Kyou had taught him quite a bit in their short amount of time together, teaching the rat the basics in order to prevent him from starving when neither the cat nor the dog were around to help. Yuki felt that it was quite an accomplishment as he could barely even boil water before and now he could make a (very) basic meal.

It was also nice to see how happy Kyou was that he passed his classes and was able to keep his lessons with Kazuma. Yuki could see the pride of it all in his eyes. He had truly succeeded at something that required the use of his brain; it wasn't that Kyou wasn't smart but he just never applied himself. Yuki knew that the intelligence was there, it was just nice to see it.

Bright amethyst eyes watched as Kyou darted ahead and into the house, seeing him drop his bag from the open doorway before disappearing around the corner. Yuki followed, slowly and quietly taking his shoes off, and looking up as he heard the dog approaching from the kitchen. [+gray "Dare I ask how report cards are? Yuki, I'm sure yours is fantastic as always and I don't even need to see it. Kyou...you should probably start looking into clown colleges."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 9d 12h 20m 13s
The cat did stiffen the faintest bit when the rabbit had come tunning past him. For a moment, Kyou almost suspected that Momiji would ask what he was still doing around school. It was NEVER that Kyou stayed after as he had this day. But when nothing came from the little blonde boy, the tension, or rather some left him. Seemed he got away from one of the others. He just hoped he could all the rest.

[b "Yeah..managed to get them up thanks to you..so he should be happy. Means I get to keep my lessons."] The cat said, quietly as he was handed back the paper and envelop that he had showed to the rat. The thing was he wasn't as stupid as everyone thought. He was just unmotivated until Kazuma had threatened to take away the only thing that really mattered to him. So of course he would get his ass motivated and the grades up.

The two walked in..not a comfortable silence but not an awkward one either. The cat wasn't even sure what he would call it. The weeks with Yuki had been weird when they weren't at the other's throat but it had been..nice too. Not that he would admit it to the damn rat. They were still enemies after all. [b "You helped me..so least I could do. We had a deal. Just don't tell anyone the lousy cat helped the oh so clever and perfect rat."] He muttered as they were getting closer to home.

It was in the yard did Kyou race off ahead of Yuki and all but throw his bag down on the porch. If he was needed, the dog and rat knew where to find him. The roof. Or kitchen because it was actually his turn to do the cooking for the night. He was also doing this to TRY and get back to normal and to keep the dog from snooping around and trying to get into their business. If he were honest..he would almost miss the treaty and their time as "friends".
  Sohma / SheDevil / 1d 6h 38m 27s
[h3 +]
After Yuki had finished packing his bag and setting his report card in it, he set it down and took the folded paper that Momiji held out that looked similar to his own. Amethyst eyes looked over the grades that the rabbit had acquired, each subject having a passing grade. He gave the blonde a small smile, ruffling his hair before handing the paper back to him. [+blueviolet "That's wonderful, Momiji,"] he answered softly which caused a soft giggle to sound from the boy. [+blueviolet "Hatori will be very happy to see that, he may even give you an extra sweet after dinner tonight."]

Momiji seemed thrilled at this idea, taking off out of the building to bring Hatori his report card as quickly as possible. He passed Kyou in the process, not noticing him heading in Yuki's general direction.

Yuki straightened himself up, picking up his bag and preparing to go. Kyou stopped him, however, with his held-out report card to show the rat that his tutoring efforts had paid off. His eyes widened a bit, seeing the rather high marks, and his gaze shifted from the paper to the male holding it. [+blueviolet "Kyou, that's fantastic,"] he responded softly. He took one last look over it before giving him a faint smile. [+blueviolet "Kazuma-san will be quite proud of you, I'm sure. I always knew you had it in you, you just needed to focus and work a little bit harder."]

He walked out of the school beside Kyou, keeping his bag tucked under his arm as they made their way back to Shigure's. Yuki was rather proud of Kyou, his grades reflecting just how hard he was working on keeping his lessons. Hopefully he could keep those kinds of grades for the rest of the year.

[+blueviolet "Your help in home economics gave me a passing grade,"] Yuki told him quietly, the pair almost home by this point. Getting along with Kyou had felt weird, thanking him felt even weirder. Still, it was the polite thing to do. [+blueviolet "Thank you for that. I couldn't have done it without you."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 82d 9h 17m 1s
Lessons between the cat and the rat had come to an end. Two and a half weeks had come and gone since the last one. It was like things had been going back to normal, but at the same not really. The pair would have their bebates or disagreements but they didn't seem as heated. Perhaps their short lived truce had taught them something? Or with grades coming up, the cat couldn't be bothered because he needed to focus so lessons with Kazuma wouldn't be suspended. They really were the only things he looked forward to with any REAL excitement.

And now, Kyou found himself sat up on the rooftop of the school. It was an early afternoon and he was just lounging in the sun. An easy escape since all day he had been hearing how report cards were out. And it had been true. Last class of the day was where he had gotten his, except he couldn't be bothered to look. Why ruin a semi good mood with something he was sure would end his short lived happiness? But the longer he avoided it, the more antsy he found himself. So soon, Kyou ripped open the envelop and looked at his card. The "A" in cooking he had expected but the "B's" in everything else he hadn't been.

For a moment he stared in shock but then shook his head. Looked like he had to thank that damned rat. He was almost certain Yuki would rub it in. But at least for now the cat knew Kazuma wouldn't suspend his lessons. And with those thoughts, the orange haired male made his way down to the lockeroom as he figured that was where the other was. Early afternoon and "no life"..

[b "Looks like I'm free for now."] Was all he muttered and held the card out to the rat when he found the rabbit and rat.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 88d 5h 29m 57s
[h3 +]
The rat shook his head faintly, beginning to put things back where they belonged. Pens and brushes returned to the small holder on the corner of the desk while papers were filed away. [+violet "I think that's all for tonight,"] Yuki responded softly, glancing at his cousin as he set the grammar book back in its pile with the rest of his school books. He couldn't think of a reason to keep the cat and it was clear he wished to go. Kyou had done rather well on his lesson tonight and deserved to rest for a while. [+violet "If you want anymore help, let me know,"] he offered, keeping his quiet voice. [+violet "Report cards will be handed out soon, most likely in the next few weeks. We'll see how these lessons boost your grades. And thank you for your help in the kitchen, maybe once I master these two things we'll try again."]

Yuki continued to straighten up as Kyou took his leave, letting out a quiet sigh. The cooking lessons were nothing short of a miracle, especially now that they were cooking in home economics, and allowed the rat a bit of freedom he didn't have before. It was nice that he could at least make himself breakfast now and wouldn't need to bother anyone else to do it for him. The other meals were still a challenge, one he didn't think he could take on, but could at least make himself toast in an emergency. It would be especially useful when he was hungry and the dog and cat were being a bit lazy, or he was fighting with Kyou again. A soft wince fell on his face as he stretched across the desk to set the last book away, the painful pull on his side causing him to stop and nearly drop the heavy literature on the floor. Carefully he set it down as not to make too much noise before pulling his arm back and lightly rubbing at the bruises across his ribs. He knew this wouldn't be the last time Akito lashed out at him for something he did that their leader felt was wrong and expected at least a stern lecture as Kyou's grades improved. Even if he didn't figure out that Yuki was tutoring him, he would be displeased that the cat was beginning to do well and would see it as his favorite slacking off. He shrugged the thought off and slowly crawled into bed where he fell into a deep sleep until morning.


Two and a half weeks had passed since Yuki asked for any kind of help in the kitchen; the early afternoon found the rat at his locker as he pulled out the books he would need for the weekend. He had quite a bit of homework to do but, due to his knack for schoolwork, knew it would only take him a few hours. Movement caught his eye as he set the last book in his back, looking over to see his blonde cousin standing beside his locker with his usual happy smile, holding up a folded piece of paper for Yuki to see.

[+goldenrod "Report cards are out, Yuki!"] he exclaimed, keeping his smile as the older teen gently took it and looked over the rabbit's progress. Momiji was rather intelligent even if he didn't act like it at times, and was doing very well in his classes. [+goldenrod "You have straight A's again, even in cooking! I'm sure Gure will be super surprised to see that!"]

Yuki raised an eyebrow at this, taking his when the smaller Sohma offered it to him, opening it up and looking over the columns. Sure enough, Momiji was telling the truth. An A was the last thing Yuki expected to see in that class, though Kyou was more or less carrying him through it. He couldn't help but wonder what the cat had gotten on his card and if Kazuma would be suspending his lessons until further notice.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 142d 7h 34m 22s
Yuki's words of the torturing him made the cat look up and give a glare. ANYTHING with writing was a chore for him. It wasn't that he could not do it or could not think it through, it was simply that he had no love for it. Hell he had no love for anything school related. So the fact that he had asked the rat for help and was trying was special all in it's own way. It meant he TRULY needed it and that he had something that meant something to him and that he wanted to keep. [b "Yeah, yeah. A language we know is a better choice. Hell but tolerable."] He muttered, getting back to work on the sheet that he had been given.

It took him longer but when he was done, the cat let his cousin have the page. Even he was aware it was not all perfect, but he had tried to make it legible at the very least. And he sat watching as amethyst eyes roamed over the page, cheek resting again his hand as he acted bored. Truly though, Kyou was praying to whatever gods out there he had not made and mistakes. He wanted his cousin for some unknown reason to see he was NOT a complete idiot.

When the other did not correct him, Kyou let out a breath he did not even known he had been holding. [b "Yeah, guess you could say that...and Yuki..thanks.."] It almost pained him to say it. But that only came from the years of bad blood between them.

Slowly, the cat stood and stretched. Staying still so long murdered him. [b "The cooking offer stands too... And guess I'm gonna go.. unless there is a reaso to stay?"] He asked, orangy-red gaze upon the other and his arms crossed.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 147d 1h 59m 31s
[h3 +]
Yuki watched as Kyou grumbled and took the next paper before glancing over the one his cousin had just finished. It looked much better, Kyou having to appeared to at least try and make his kanji presentable. There was still some disfigurement happening but it was still much easier to read than anything he had written in the past couple of weeks. Yuki was actually surprised to notice that the cat had rather impressive penmanship skills when he put effort into it.

[+blueviolet "If I really wanted to torture you, I'd jump into English work after this,"] Yuki responded, setting the finished paper aside and watching Kyou work. He seemed to be taking this assignment slower but he was making good progress. [+blueviolet "Especially since we're working on harder grammar and paragraph structure. I also think we're working with words that sound the same but are spelled differently. In comparison, I think you'd rather work with an alphabet and language you know rather well."]

The rat took the paper once it was finished, looking over the work and smiling faintly at it. Kyou had gotten each one correct, a sign he really could succeed in school if he tried harder. [+blueviolet "You did very well,"] he congratulated him softly, looking over at his cousin momentarily before setting the paper down with his other completed work. [+blueviolet "Also you have quite beautiful penmanship when you slow down and try harder. You should practice it more."] Yuki reached over to his filing cabinet, pulling out one of the drawers and taking out an unmarked folder. He placed Kyou's worksheets inside it before returning it to its home and shutting the drawer again.

[+blueviolet "That's all for tonight, if you want any more help bringing your grades up in these subjects or any others just let me know."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 162d 6h 17m 19s
Thos was just as exciting as dental work or cleaning the whole house to Kyou. More like painful and he wished to hell he could be doing ANYTHING else. But he had asked for this and now it was coming back to bite him in the ass. Writing the kanji was even worse than math was for him. At least math was ALWAYS the same and had a clear cut answer. Here it could be pink, purple, blue, or green for all the cat cared. However, he chose not to say the words or to pick the fight. At least FOR NOW.

Slowly he wrote out the kanji that had been written for him. He had to be slow or it would end as badly as his notes had been. And he KNEW the rat would make comments then. With that being in mind, the cat actually TRIED to write neatly and properly.

Only when the page was taken did orangy-red gaze fall on the other teen. The words, making him stiffen as he soon looked to the page. [b "You're enjoying this aren't you?"] Kyou asked lamely as he stared at the sentences and was trying to decide which kanji he would need to replace the words with.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 165d 4h 53m 14s
[h3 +]
Yuki glanced over at Kyou once he slid the paper over, noting the unhappy look in his cousin's eyes. It was clear that the cat hated this with every fiber of his being and was looking forward to this as much as dental work. Still, it needed to be done in order to proceed with the next part of his work and hopefully raise his grade. It was clear that Kyou wrote quickly due to his disfigured kanji, though Yuki wanted to inform him that if he payed attention from the beginning that he wouldn't have to write so quickly as he would have enough time to copy everything down. Choosing not to start a fight, he kept quiet about it and turned his attention to the next task.

[+blue "Until you have a line of each and I'm able to tell the difference between them,"] Yuki responded quietly. He reached across his desk to a small decorative cup with pens sitting inside of it, pulling out a black one. He then pulled out a clean sheet of paper and began to write a few sentences on it, leaving equal space between them for Kyou to write as well. He waited patiently until the cat had finished, trading him papers so he could look over the one Kyou had previously had. [+blue "Those sentences are to help you pick correct kanji,"] Yuki had stated quietly. [+blue "Each sentence has two underlined words that will be replaced with kanji that you've been practicing. If you need more help, let me know."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 195d 9h 49m 28s
As much as he hated to admit it, the rat was right. Half the time he didn't care how his writing looked as long as he got it himself. Probably why his grammar was a mess and his teachers ALWAYS marked him down. If even the rat seemed to struggle in reading his writing and Gods knew that Yuki had seen bad writing. So it was amusing on one hand but on the other he knew this would be hell.

So he did ask what the plan was. Not to be a smartass for once but he truly wanted to know. He wanted to know how long, boring, and painful this set of lessons would be. Because truly Kyou HATED kanjis almost as much as he hated English.

[b "Not my fault they tell us to take notes and when we have to they go fast. And I get it just do that because I can actually read my writing."] The teen grumbled. It was clear that he found this childish and REALLY did not want to be doing it. And soon the paper was in front of him and Yuki happened to be moving on to something else. [b "So how perfect does this have to be before moving on to the real hell?"] The cat muttered as he began to write the kanji grudgingly.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 197d 5h 28m 53s
[h3 +]
Yuki quietly looked over some of Kyou's work, studying his handwriting biting his lip in thought as he did so. The teen's writing could be atrocious at times and could be cause for some of his poor marks. Even the rat, who had seen quite a bit of terrible writing, could hardly make out some of his cousin's kanji. There also seemed to be some confusions as to grammar and how some sentences were linked together. If the cat was having this much trouble, he wasn't looking forward to seeing his English work. It was an even harder language than the one they currently spoke and he could only imagine the butchering that was happening to it on Kyou's end.

He glanced up as Kyou entered and sat beside him, inquiring as to what Yuki has planned as the rat continued to sort through some of the papers. Kyou was no doubt going to find this childish but it needed to be done. The rat pulled out a blank piece of paper and set it in front of Kyou before opening a narrow drawer under the desk and sorting through it. Writing utensils of all kinds were stored in there as well as a few math tools. The rat picked up a calligraphy brush pen and a normal one before closing it again and setting the regular pen in front of Kyou.

[+purple "You have a tendency to write like you're taking notes in a tornado,"] Yuki told him quietly. He pulled the paper closer to himself after pulling the cap off and slowly but carefully wrote out a few kanji:
[size25 鳥] - bird
[size25 烏] - crow

[size25 陳] - align
[size25 陣] - formation, encampment

[size25 賃] - to hire, rent
[size25 貸] - to lend, loan
[size25 貨] - goods, valuables

[+blue "Some of these I can tell are an issue with the way you write and not because you don't understand them,"] he continued quietly. [+blue "The last set you like to interchange quite a bit and also seem to have some problems with their usage. I want you to practice writing them, using the same method I did, to help fix your writing a bit. Don't go as fast and mind where some strokes end. Try doing a line of each while I get the other part of this ready."] With that, he pushed the paper back over to Kyou for him to work on.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 230d 9h 24m 9s
Kyou had been hoping for a few moments to himself. It wasn't that being around the rat like this was a bad thing but he was NOT used to it. Hell he was not used to being around anyone so much or so long. So to have the chance for the break and to gather his things, the cst was silently thanking the gods. It meant he had a little time to get his head back together.

All of this was strange to say the least. Normally he and Yuki did NOT see eye-to-eye on anything. Usually, the pair were at the others throat both figuratively and literally. But he did have to admit the help in his grades and school work was nice. It gave him the chance to learn and to maybe keep his training AND it gave Yuki a chance to irritate the God. So looking at it that way, it was a win for both teens.

Maybe five minutes later, Kyou was walking into the rat's room with his backpack and took the extra chair, sitting in it backwards and having his head on his arms. [b "So rat, where do you wanna start?"] He asked, orangey orbs on the other, scowl over his features as this was going to be a worse lesson than the math was. Schooling and academia were just NOT for him.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 244d 5h 36m 19s
[h3 +]
[+blueviolet "Let me look through the textbook quickly and review some of your past tests,"] he suggested softly as he slowly pushed his form from the counter. [+blueviolet "In the meantime, you can grab your materials and meet me in my room."] With that he slowly exited the kitchen, giving Kyou the chance to do whatever he wished, and made his way up the stairs and to his bedroom.

Teaching Kyou could certainly be a challenge at times and he was aware of how frustrated the cat could get and how he would lash out as a result. He had seen it in school plenty of times and it was one of the reasons why his scores were so low. Honestly, he kind of enjoyed teaching Kyou and improving his grades as it was the only way he could think of to get back at the God that tortured him. Kyou's success, no doubt, upset him greatly and Yuki knowing it was because of him helping the cat made it so much better.

Yuki pulled the extra chair over to the desk again and set it beside his own before sitting down and pulling out his grammar book and binder. Their native tongue was tricky enough as it was but Kyou really seemed to be struggling with it lately. He carefully reviewed his cousin's recent tests, discovering what exactly he was having difficulty with before deciding on a plan of action.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 258d 8h 2m 32s
Kyou by now had assumed his normal stance of arms crossed and was leaning against a counter opposite where the rat happened to be standing. Orangey-red orbs did seem to follow and to make sure nothing got broken since the cooking part was done and the stove was off. He as well as the other KNEW the disaster that Yuki was in both cooking and cleaning. Probably the reason he had stayed so close by. And the fact that he wanted him to at least succeed at this. Not that he would be telling that to the rat or anyone else.

[b "Eh not like I have anything better to be doing. Besides we made the deal of cooking for homework."] The cat said with a shrug. They were always going to be at some form of odds but this brief reprieve seemed nice. Easy even, which again was a nice change as his life had never been such.

His head tilted just the faintest and he nodded. [b "Yeah..sounds good. You know I hate the 'God' and his tongue lashings. So which lesson would we start on?"]
  Sohma / SheDevil / 265d 6h 5m 54s

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