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For a moment, Kyou wondered if this was as hard on the rat as it was for him. Both of them KNEW they hardly ever got along. Hardly ever shared kind words. Usually the pair were throwing punches or insults. And so to be nice...to say that the break had been something needed was jarder as hell.

Orange-red gaze continued to watch his cousin and he nodded. He could take a form of solace in the fact that Yuki ALWAYS had it so much worse..though and he would NEVER admit it, Kyou almost felt sorry for the rat. No one deserved that kind of treatment. He had his fair share of abuse being the cat and the cursed member of the family...So in a way he could almost relate to the violet eyed teen.

[b "You know chicken and rise is simple to make. There's enough there to make it..."] Came the quiet words of the cat as he had had the quickest of looks in the fridge when it had been open. Not that he was sure the rat had noticed that. It hasn't seemed so from the way he looked it over and then closed the door again.

[b "Stew can also be made....just...What one sounds better?"] Kyou muttered with a faint shrug when the rat also said he had enjoyed the break. So they had been on the same page.. Nice to know..
  Sohma / SheDevil / 2d 16h 30m 3s
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Yuki watched his cousin quietly as he spoke, the last part of his sentence coming out quieter than the rest. It was almost as if he struggled saying such words to his enemy. He could understand that as he didn't say things like that often, either. At least not to Kyou. They were typically too busy throwing angry punches and hateful words at each other to allow time for peace. The cat was right, though, the break was nice.

[+purple "You can take solace in the fact that, if this does reach Akito, my punishment will more than likely be more severe than yours,"] the rat stated quietly. He pushed his frame to stand up straight from where it had been leaning in the counter and moved over to the fridge. His stomach had begun to grumble a bit as it had been awhile since lunch and wanted sustenance. He pulled the door open, looking over all of the ingredients in front of him. Nothing had been prepared previously so that meant he would have to try to make something. It was difficult to think of a dish he could prepare with these things, causing Yuki to let out a quiet sigh. Perhaps it was toast again tonight.

He allowed the door to close and looked over at his cousin once more. [+purple "But you're right. The peace was nice."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 6d 22h 35m 5s
He was more than aware of how their family worked. All of them were under constant watch and rules that HAD to be followed. Some were more willing to throw a family member the bus than were others as long as it worked in their favour. It had been done many a time and he was sure it would continue to be done. Shigure hated his role as guardian to both Yuki and Kyou as it meant keeping an eye and ear on them and making reports back to Akito and the main house. So when Yuki pointed it out to him, the orange haired male could not say he was shocked.

Red-brown orbs stayed trained on the doorway that led into the hall and he was trying to listen for the soft steps of the dog. Again, normal for family to sneak around and to spy. Only was he pulled from that thought when the rat spoke and his gaze fell on the other teen. He could not decide if he was serious or not. But Yuki was not like the others and did not speak unless he meant it.

[b "Yeah..both our asses will be pretty much grass when this comes out. He's the hardest on you..but never hesitates to dish out punishments when he thinks they are earned. So I'll be in the same boat...Though...thanks... And gonna say this only the once.. I didn't regret it either. The break was...nice."] His last words happened to be quieter as he was struggling with them. Kyou was never one for the emotional kind of crap and did not know how to dispaly them. But this time he had at least tried.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 2d 16h 40m 45s
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[+purple "With something this good, he may very well let Shigure off with a free pass,"] Yuki warned quietly. Even though the older Sohma took them both in to save them from the confines of the main house, he was still required to report in on both of them. The better the news, the easier Akito was on him. He doubted that the dog particularly enjoyed this job but it was his responsibility in the Sohma family: watch and report.

Yuki's slender frame remained resting against the counter, his arms folding over his chest loosely. He doubted that Shigure would return so quickly but it was best to keep their voices low. Just because he wasn't within eyesight didn't mean he wasn't listening. The rat liked to think he knew his other family members pretty well and had learned many of their secrets. Shigure, like his brother, enjoyed eavesdropping even if they didn't use their newfound information immediately.

[+purple "There isn't much I can do besides prepare for it,"] he answered in his quiet tone. Amethyst eyes flickered over to Kyou as he spoke. [+purple "If I'm lucky and Akito's in a good mood, I'll walk away with a few bruises and quite a few harsh words. If not...I'm guessing a broken nose, maybe some ribs or fingers. It's nothing that I haven't experienced before. But I don't regret helping you, no matter what the outcome is."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 22d 2h 40m 47s
Both rat and cat would be in for it when this got back to Akito at the main house. Yuki usually suffered worse than he did. But something like this would actually have the god on his ass and punishing him too. A lecture was the best case scenario..worst case made even Kyou cringe and there was not much able to do that.

All of that was dancing in the cat's head as the dog watched both of the teens. He had been trying to figure them out but decided to leave it. Apparently they were too tiresome for the moment and he left the kitchen to do whatever it was he did. A relief to say the very least. And when the dog was out of sight and he was sure their range of hearing, Kyou thanked Yuki for the help. The smallest bit of his pride was still in his eyes.

No matter the yelling and the lashings gotten, pride was the one thing that couldn't be taken. It could be dimmed for sure, but never taken. It was a lesson Kazuma had taught him and something he was sure the rat had picked up on too. [b "Gonna figure that out when it comes. We know the dog won't 'rat' us out just yet though. He hates the lashings as much as we do if not more. But what you gonna do when it comes out?"] Yeah he wanted to play like he didn't care. But he did. This time WOULD be his fault if the rat got "thrashed" by Akito.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 22d 17h 58m 58s
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Yuki leaned quietly against the counter, slender arms folding over his chest as he continued to watch Shigure. It was easy to see that the older male knew something was going on, his seriousness gave it away. He was also aware that the news of their good grades would make their way back to the main house, possibly by Shigure, and he needed to prepare himself for that. If he was lucky, a stern lecture and some sort of yelling would occur but he would be sent home without a scratch.

He didn't want to think about if he was unlucky.

Amethyst eyes stayed on Shigure until he exited the kitchen, deciding his time was better spent in the next room. It wasn't until he disappeared from sight did Kyou speak again, quietly thanking Yuki for helping to cover their tracks. The rat could have done better had he been given time to prepare for it, but this would do for now. [+purple "You're welcome,"] he answered quietly, letting his gaze flicker back towards Kyou. Some of the pride of his job well done still shone in his eyes, something Yuki liked to see. No matter how much the head of their family yelled and cursed at them, that was still something he wouldn't be able to take away.

[+purple "What are you going to do when this gets back to Akito?"] he asked quietly.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 29d 4h 31m 56s
Oh this was going to be real good. The dog it seemed was onto their dirty little secret. And it would be a matter of time before it managed to get back to Akito. The cat was almost sure that the rat would throw him under the bus and let him take the fall. So when Yuki had given his look and then said what he had to Shigure, Kyou blinked. Was Yuki okay?

He could only let his surprise register for a second before he had to get it together. Defiant scowl was still on his face and his arms came up and crossed. [b "Maybe we have reason to do well. I know my lessons would be taken from me if I didn't get my ass in gear."] Kyou said, keeping up with what the rat had said. No reason to indicate that they WERE working together.

Only when they were out of the dog's view and line of hearing did Kyou turn to the rat. [b "Surprised you didn't tell him...But...thanks..."] He muttered, though there was a reluctance to be thanking the rat again for saving his ass.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 31d 46m 52s
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Yuki silently handed Shigure his report card anyway, moving past him afterwards and into the kitchen. He glanced at Kyou on the way, noting how the dog had suddenly gone silent as he looked over the cat's grades, but kept quiet as he pulled a glass down from an nearby cabinet and filled it with cold water from the fridge. It wasn't until the older male addressed him did he turn around to face him, studying him for a moment before finally speaking.

[+purple "There's nothing to tell,"] he responded quietly. The rat took a drink of the water before setting the glass beside him on the counter and continued to watch the dog in front of him. It was clear from his tone and the look in his eyes that he was aware that something was up. In all honesty, Yuki should be failing home economics or have a C at the very highest. The fact that his grade was so high meant he was getting help from someone...and Kyou's grades told a similar tale. [+purple "Perhaps we're more talented than you give us credit for."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 46d 3h 9m 11s
Kyou had JUST gotten to the hall that would lead into the kitchen when the dog was coming from it and the rat was coming up behind him. Everything in him was telling him to just push his way past Shigure, but he stayed still. And as always, the dog was cracking a joke based on how stupid he thought he was.

A quick glance was shot in Yuki's direction. This would in some way be a moment of truth for the both of them. Yuki's "A" in the home economics, more specifically the cooking part and his own grades improving so much. What would come from it? Well better to just get the damn whatever over with. He had to cook but all he was wanting now was his own space and to be alone.

[b "Yeah, yeah dog. Any new insults you got for me?"] The orange haired male muttered with his usual scowl as he shoved the envelope into the man's hands, his own becoming stuffed in his pockets.

Shigure looked at the report card and was shocked. He then took Yuki's and did see the "A" in the cooking, eyes narrowing at the two. "Want to tell me?" He asked, there no trace of his usual teasing in his tone or mannerisms. Because he would have to tell Akito of their progress in school and that could and would end badly for Yuki if he was right.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 57d 21h 58m 33s
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Yuki would never admit it aloud but he actually enjoyed the time he had spent with the cat where they weren't fighting and at each other's throats. It was a nice change in the normalcy and he was going to miss it. Kyou had taught him quite a bit in their short amount of time together, teaching the rat the basics in order to prevent him from starving when neither the cat nor the dog were around to help. Yuki felt that it was quite an accomplishment as he could barely even boil water before and now he could make a (very) basic meal.

It was also nice to see how happy Kyou was that he passed his classes and was able to keep his lessons with Kazuma. Yuki could see the pride of it all in his eyes. He had truly succeeded at something that required the use of his brain; it wasn't that Kyou wasn't smart but he just never applied himself. Yuki knew that the intelligence was there, it was just nice to see it.

Bright amethyst eyes watched as Kyou darted ahead and into the house, seeing him drop his bag from the open doorway before disappearing around the corner. Yuki followed, slowly and quietly taking his shoes off, and looking up as he heard the dog approaching from the kitchen. [+gray "Dare I ask how report cards are? Yuki, I'm sure yours is fantastic as always and I don't even need to see it. Kyou...you should probably start looking into clown colleges."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 66d 3h 51m 38s
The cat did stiffen the faintest bit when the rabbit had come tunning past him. For a moment, Kyou almost suspected that Momiji would ask what he was still doing around school. It was NEVER that Kyou stayed after as he had this day. But when nothing came from the little blonde boy, the tension, or rather some left him. Seemed he got away from one of the others. He just hoped he could all the rest.

[b "Yeah..managed to get them up thanks to you..so he should be happy. Means I get to keep my lessons."] The cat said, quietly as he was handed back the paper and envelop that he had showed to the rat. The thing was he wasn't as stupid as everyone thought. He was just unmotivated until Kazuma had threatened to take away the only thing that really mattered to him. So of course he would get his ass motivated and the grades up.

The two walked in..not a comfortable silence but not an awkward one either. The cat wasn't even sure what he would call it. The weeks with Yuki had been weird when they weren't at the other's throat but it had been..nice too. Not that he would admit it to the damn rat. They were still enemies after all. [b "You helped me..so least I could do. We had a deal. Just don't tell anyone the lousy cat helped the oh so clever and perfect rat."] He muttered as they were getting closer to home.

It was in the yard did Kyou race off ahead of Yuki and all but throw his bag down on the porch. If he was needed, the dog and rat knew where to find him. The roof. Or kitchen because it was actually his turn to do the cooking for the night. He was also doing this to TRY and get back to normal and to keep the dog from snooping around and trying to get into their business. If he were honest..he would almost miss the treaty and their time as "friends".
  Sohma / SheDevil / 57d 22h 9m 52s
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After Yuki had finished packing his bag and setting his report card in it, he set it down and took the folded paper that Momiji held out that looked similar to his own. Amethyst eyes looked over the grades that the rabbit had acquired, each subject having a passing grade. He gave the blonde a small smile, ruffling his hair before handing the paper back to him. [+blueviolet "That's wonderful, Momiji,"] he answered softly which caused a soft giggle to sound from the boy. [+blueviolet "Hatori will be very happy to see that, he may even give you an extra sweet after dinner tonight."]

Momiji seemed thrilled at this idea, taking off out of the building to bring Hatori his report card as quickly as possible. He passed Kyou in the process, not noticing him heading in Yuki's general direction.

Yuki straightened himself up, picking up his bag and preparing to go. Kyou stopped him, however, with his held-out report card to show the rat that his tutoring efforts had paid off. His eyes widened a bit, seeing the rather high marks, and his gaze shifted from the paper to the male holding it. [+blueviolet "Kyou, that's fantastic,"] he responded softly. He took one last look over it before giving him a faint smile. [+blueviolet "Kazuma-san will be quite proud of you, I'm sure. I always knew you had it in you, you just needed to focus and work a little bit harder."]

He walked out of the school beside Kyou, keeping his bag tucked under his arm as they made their way back to Shigure's. Yuki was rather proud of Kyou, his grades reflecting just how hard he was working on keeping his lessons. Hopefully he could keep those kinds of grades for the rest of the year.

[+blueviolet "Your help in home economics gave me a passing grade,"] Yuki told him quietly, the pair almost home by this point. Getting along with Kyou had felt weird, thanking him felt even weirder. Still, it was the polite thing to do. [+blueviolet "Thank you for that. I couldn't have done it without you."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 139d 48m 26s
Lessons between the cat and the rat had come to an end. Two and a half weeks had come and gone since the last one. It was like things had been going back to normal, but at the same not really. The pair would have their bebates or disagreements but they didn't seem as heated. Perhaps their short lived truce had taught them something? Or with grades coming up, the cat couldn't be bothered because he needed to focus so lessons with Kazuma wouldn't be suspended. They really were the only things he looked forward to with any REAL excitement.

And now, Kyou found himself sat up on the rooftop of the school. It was an early afternoon and he was just lounging in the sun. An easy escape since all day he had been hearing how report cards were out. And it had been true. Last class of the day was where he had gotten his, except he couldn't be bothered to look. Why ruin a semi good mood with something he was sure would end his short lived happiness? But the longer he avoided it, the more antsy he found himself. So soon, Kyou ripped open the envelop and looked at his card. The "A" in cooking he had expected but the "B's" in everything else he hadn't been.

For a moment he stared in shock but then shook his head. Looked like he had to thank that damned rat. He was almost certain Yuki would rub it in. But at least for now the cat knew Kazuma wouldn't suspend his lessons. And with those thoughts, the orange haired male made his way down to the lockeroom as he figured that was where the other was. Early afternoon and "no life"..

[b "Looks like I'm free for now."] Was all he muttered and held the card out to the rat when he found the rabbit and rat.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 144d 21h 1m 22s
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The rat shook his head faintly, beginning to put things back where they belonged. Pens and brushes returned to the small holder on the corner of the desk while papers were filed away. [+violet "I think that's all for tonight,"] Yuki responded softly, glancing at his cousin as he set the grammar book back in its pile with the rest of his school books. He couldn't think of a reason to keep the cat and it was clear he wished to go. Kyou had done rather well on his lesson tonight and deserved to rest for a while. [+violet "If you want anymore help, let me know,"] he offered, keeping his quiet voice. [+violet "Report cards will be handed out soon, most likely in the next few weeks. We'll see how these lessons boost your grades. And thank you for your help in the kitchen, maybe once I master these two things we'll try again."]

Yuki continued to straighten up as Kyou took his leave, letting out a quiet sigh. The cooking lessons were nothing short of a miracle, especially now that they were cooking in home economics, and allowed the rat a bit of freedom he didn't have before. It was nice that he could at least make himself breakfast now and wouldn't need to bother anyone else to do it for him. The other meals were still a challenge, one he didn't think he could take on, but could at least make himself toast in an emergency. It would be especially useful when he was hungry and the dog and cat were being a bit lazy, or he was fighting with Kyou again. A soft wince fell on his face as he stretched across the desk to set the last book away, the painful pull on his side causing him to stop and nearly drop the heavy literature on the floor. Carefully he set it down as not to make too much noise before pulling his arm back and lightly rubbing at the bruises across his ribs. He knew this wouldn't be the last time Akito lashed out at him for something he did that their leader felt was wrong and expected at least a stern lecture as Kyou's grades improved. Even if he didn't figure out that Yuki was tutoring him, he would be displeased that the cat was beginning to do well and would see it as his favorite slacking off. He shrugged the thought off and slowly crawled into bed where he fell into a deep sleep until morning.


Two and a half weeks had passed since Yuki asked for any kind of help in the kitchen; the early afternoon found the rat at his locker as he pulled out the books he would need for the weekend. He had quite a bit of homework to do but, due to his knack for schoolwork, knew it would only take him a few hours. Movement caught his eye as he set the last book in his back, looking over to see his blonde cousin standing beside his locker with his usual happy smile, holding up a folded piece of paper for Yuki to see.

[+goldenrod "Report cards are out, Yuki!"] he exclaimed, keeping his smile as the older teen gently took it and looked over the rabbit's progress. Momiji was rather intelligent even if he didn't act like it at times, and was doing very well in his classes. [+goldenrod "You have straight A's again, even in cooking! I'm sure Gure will be super surprised to see that!"]

Yuki raised an eyebrow at this, taking his when the smaller Sohma offered it to him, opening it up and looking over the columns. Sure enough, Momiji was telling the truth. An A was the last thing Yuki expected to see in that class, though Kyou was more or less carrying him through it. He couldn't help but wonder what the cat had gotten on his card and if Kazuma would be suspending his lessons until further notice.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 198d 23h 5m 47s
Yuki's words of the torturing him made the cat look up and give a glare. ANYTHING with writing was a chore for him. It wasn't that he could not do it or could not think it through, it was simply that he had no love for it. Hell he had no love for anything school related. So the fact that he had asked the rat for help and was trying was special all in it's own way. It meant he TRULY needed it and that he had something that meant something to him and that he wanted to keep. [b "Yeah, yeah. A language we know is a better choice. Hell but tolerable."] He muttered, getting back to work on the sheet that he had been given.

It took him longer but when he was done, the cat let his cousin have the page. Even he was aware it was not all perfect, but he had tried to make it legible at the very least. And he sat watching as amethyst eyes roamed over the page, cheek resting again his hand as he acted bored. Truly though, Kyou was praying to whatever gods out there he had not made and mistakes. He wanted his cousin for some unknown reason to see he was NOT a complete idiot.

When the other did not correct him, Kyou let out a breath he did not even known he had been holding. [b "Yeah, guess you could say that...and Yuki..thanks.."] It almost pained him to say it. But that only came from the years of bad blood between them.

Slowly, the cat stood and stretched. Staying still so long murdered him. [b "The cooking offer stands too... And guess I'm gonna go.. unless there is a reaso to stay?"] He asked, orangy-red gaze upon the other and his arms crossed.
  Sohma / SheDevil / 203d 17h 30m 56s

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