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[center [font "Georgia" This is our little story with Antoine and Theo. Still based off my original role play, The Night School. You are welcome to read as you wish.]]


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[font "David" Antoine let out a small sigh as everyone was gathering in the room. He watched as a couple of the girls looked in his direction, but his eye was on a male he hadn't seen come in. The way he was standing made the male wonder if he was as nervous as him. A small smirk passed over his lips as he was about to talk to guy. That's when his roommate stepped up and held his hand out to him. [b "You must be Antoine, I'm Marcus your roommate"] he said. Antoine groaned inwardly at the chipper male.]

[font "David" He was already hating this, and he wanted nothing more than to turn around and run. He shook his head lightly as he looked at the male. He reached out and shook his hand quickly. [#dfb034 "It's a pleasure meeting you Marcus"] was all he said. His eyes then scanned the room, and he didn't see the other male. He was already trying not to kill his roommate. [b "It's good to meet you as well. Are there any rules I need to know about sharing a room with you? Or do we need to make some?"]]

[font "David" Light blue eyes turned to the male and he narrowed them a bit. [#dfb034 "Shut the fuck up, will you? We don't need to be talking about this right now. I'll see you in the room"] he snapped. Marcus stood there with his mouth hanging open, as Antoine walked away. He ran a hand though his hair and shook his head. He was about to leave the room, when the head master walked in. Everyone hushed the moment he did, and Antoine moved over to a chair and sat down. He crossed his arms and looked around.]

[font "David" [i "Hello my children. It's so good to see so many new faces. I'm glad you are all here on time, and you will already be talking with your roommates. I'll be setting some guidelines that will be followed while you are here. If anyone breaks one, or all you will be expelled and no longer allowed in my school. It's a safe haven for most of you, and it's a place of learning how to control your powers. Now as most of you know, we still have a week before classes start, so I want you all to get to know one another"]]

[font "David" [i "That might sound like something boring, but it's not. You need to learn about your roommate, and what kind of creature they are, where they are from, their likes and dislikes, along with whatever else you want to know. It's not going to be that hard, but you can also get to know your classmates as well. So please take this next week to get comfortable, and get to know one another. Welcome to your new home, and thank you all for accepting to come here"] he said. Everyone broke out into cheers just then.]

[font "David" Antoine sighed lightly and shook his head. He stood and before Marcus could even snag him, he hurried out of the room and out the front doors. He walked out onto the school grounds, and he was surprised to see they had changed a little bit. There was a fence up, and the gates were closed. Ghost's were wandering around and some of them looked like they were lost. He cocked his head slightly to the side and headed towards the lake. He wanted to clear his head, and that's the only place he thought of.]

[font "David" As he was walking over the grounds, his mind wandered to the male he had seen. Something drew him in, but what was it? Was it because he was different? Or was it because he felt like a bond could be made? A bitter laugh passed though his lips as he moved to the lakes edge. He bent down, picked up a rock and skipped it across the lakes surface. He then sat down, bent his legs and rested his arms on his knees. [#dfb034 "I miss you.."] he whispered lightly into the wind. He then sat there, looking up at the night sky.]
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[b [u [center The Past]]]

[Handlee It had only been 100 years since Theo was released from his chains, and able to come out of the ring whenever he felt like. Theo was originally from Egypt, and traveled mostly around that area while he was free, and was in India when he found the spell that bound him to the ring and forced him to serve others. The ring when put on, forced him to appear in the form most loved and/or familiar to his “master”. He was blessed to be able to keep all of the information gained through these experiences. He’d gone through every style change in the last 1000 years, his favorite being hippy, he’d also loved all the languages he’d been able to learn and keep. When he finally got his freedom back 100 years ago was the first time in a very long time that he got to take his favorite appearance, his original human form which he decided to live as, as soon as he was given the choice.

Theo’s hunger for knowledge never stopped though, he was still the same man that loved to learn whether it was about magic or otherwise. In the small amount of time he had been free he was able to educate himself, had started a very successful business, he’d done some light dating for the first time in his life and he traveled, A LOT. Theo lived in a studio apartment on the top of his downtown building where he had rooftop access and was able to keep a garden. He didn’t have any known family, but he’d made a few friends he really trusted, they helped run things for his company. Recently he’d bought a few night clubs, after really taking to the club scene. It felt nice to walk into his club and hang out on the top floor with a good bottle of champagne and it didn’t take long for somebody to catch Theo’s eye. But the closer they got to each other the more he realized he could never be in a real relationship with a mundane. Humans could never really fully understand him. He wasn’t human anymore and he could never tell one the truth about what he was or what he could do. He vowed when he locked himself in the ring that he would never use magic of his own free will again. But he would forever have to hide the fact that he was a being of magic, that he was bond to an old ring that he had to stay in regularly to continue his existence.

One night while his lover was walking to their car from work they were mugged and killed. Theodore hadn’t learned about it until the next day after they seemingly ditched him on a date. He was called to identify the body. It was a heartbreaking moment for him, and he knew if he was there he could have stopped it, but knowing he had the power to, was different from knowing if he would actually use it, and he was very uncertain of that. MAYBE, just maybe he would have broken his vow to heal his lover, but now it had been too long and even a master of the mystic arts could not bring them back to life without upsetting the balance of things.

He sat alone in his apartment blaming himself for what had happened and how he could have made a difference for months on end. Then the letter from The Night School came. The timing had not been better, the school would require him to use magic in classes and even possibly to get accepted. He knew that if he’d gotten the letter before, he’d have easily declined. But now, having lost the one being that meant anything to him in a long time. He felt more open to the experience and after all maybe the school could teach him something, not to mention it was the first place he’d ever heard of that he could go and truly be himself. If he met someone, there would be no required lies. He didn’t have high hopes and had no expectations but he decided it was the only place left that could truly surprise an immortal.]
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[b [u [center The Present/Arriving at The Night School]]]

[Handlee It had been weeks since he’d gotten his letter to join The Night School and he’d been ready since the day he received the letter. That same day he’d went and fetched quality supplies, and everything else he could think he might need and put them inside of the ring a fleet he hardly considered magic. It was practically his second home and no matter how many homes he bought or pretended to live in this would be his real home from now on. Looking the outside he could see how it might seem small, but on the inside it was infinite and he could make it look like whatever he wished. The catch was anything created in the ring could not leave, only real physical things could return to the physical world. It was that rule that caused him to store a great many things in the ring, anything that he valued and now school supplies. The thought made him laugh, and his body jerked forward as his taxi pulled up to The Night School.

It took him but a second to pay the man and give him a generous tip then get out. He didn’t need to grab anything because his entire luggage was literally “on hand”. As he began to walk down the path leading to the school interest he couldn’t help but admire its beauty, this must have taken for ever to build, he thought. It was one of the biggest buildings he’d ever seen for its age, and it held such great detail, his favorite being the gargoyles on the roof top.

When he stepped inside the a grand foyer he instantly felt claustrophobic, he waited a bit for the commotion to die down a bit before stepping up with some of the last beings to look at the list. From it seemed to hold a useless introduction from the Head Master Stone. But it also held the name of his new roommate, Leo Sava, along with the room number. Theodore sighed to himself, what had he really gotten himself into? A school for pubescent supernatural and staff that was going to baby feed them information.

[Macondo+Swash+Caps [#15edf9 “Wonderful”]] he laughed to himself as thoughts flooded through his head about how it was unlikely to really find someone mentally old enough for him here, or something suitable to learn. But he was here, he might as well see it through now.]]
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[center [b [font "David" [u ~*~ The Past ~*~]]]]

[font "David" [b "Antoine please be careful love, I don't want you getting hurt before you and your father head out"] his mother called. The boy looked over his shoulder and broke out into a huge grin. [#dfb034 "Don't worry momma, I'll be okay"] he called back. He broke out into a run, and headed down the middle of the street. The joys of living in a place, that didn't have many cars going up and down the street. He always ran down the middle, not caring about anything else. As he slowed down to a walk, he swung his arms back and forth.]

[font "David" It was summer break, and his birthday was rolling around as well. He wanted to invite Toby, the only boy in his whole school that talked to him. They had become fast friends, and he felt like he could trust the boy. He sighed lightly as he looked down, and kicked a rock by his feet. He watched as it bounced down the street, and hit the curb. It rolled for a second, before coming to a full stop. That's when he heard the sounds of a boy sobbing. He broke out into a run, and rounded the corner.]

[font "David" He spotted Toby, and a bully from their school. He narrowed his eyes, and clenched his fists at his sides as he stalked up to the two boys. [#dfb034 "What's going on here?"] he hissed. The older boy turned and looked down at him. [i "It's not your damn business asshole"] he said. Antoine's blood started to boil, and he looked at Toby. [b "He's trying to take my money.. I was going to buy you a birthday present"] Toby said, his voice cracking. [i "Oh shut up. The freak doesn't need a damn present"]]

[font "David" [#dfb034 "Give him back his money. It's not your's for the taking"] the male hissed. The older boy turned around and shook his head. [i "What if I don't? What are you gonna do about it freak?"] the older boy hissed. Antoine un-clenched his fists and walked up to the boy. He didn't know what was happening at the time, but he placed his hands over the boy's face, and his eyes turned black. He let out a scream and his hands heated up. That's when Toby's voice reached him. [b "Antoine! Stop it. You are hurting him!"]]

[font "David" That's when the smell hit as well. The smell of burning flesh. He shook his head, and his eyes changed back to normal. He dropped his hands, and watched in horror as the older boy screamed and covered his face. [i "You are going to pay for this freak!"] he screamed and ran down the street. Toby looked at the male with horror in his eyes. [b "I don't want you around me"] he whispered, and ran into the house. Antoine stood there and shook his head. [#dfb034 "Wait.."] he whispered before looking down at his hands.]

[font "David" [#dfb034 "What's wrong with me?"] he nearly cried. He turned and ran back the way he had come. When his house was in view, he ran faster. He threw the door open and his mother looked up from her chair. She was about to ask how his walk was, when she saw the look on his face. [b "Antoine? What's wrong baby?"] she asked as she slowly stood. [#dfb034 "Momma, I didn't something horrible"] he said as he broke down into sobs. The woman walked over, and pulled him into her arms. [b "Talk to me"] she whispered.]

[font "David" [#dfb034 "I hurt someone.. I don't know how.. He was picking on Toby, and I burned him with my bare hands.."] he sobbed. The woman's heart sank and he pulled him against her. It was time she told him what he was. She didn't want too, but she didn't have much of a choice. She led him over to a chair, sat him down and told him everything he needed to know.]

[center [b [font "David" [u ~*~ Present Day/Heading to the Night School ~*~]]]]

[font "David" That had been the hardest time for the male. It's been ten years since he found out what he was. Even then, he was still scared to be around other's. He didn't want to hurt anyone again, and he wished he hadn't wiped his families memories. He sighed lightly and looked out the car window. [#dfb034 "You are nothing but a freak"] he muttered lightly. He was finally heading to a place, where he hoped he would be able to be open about what he was. Maybe then people wouldn't look at him with horror on their faces, or in their eyes.]

[font "David" The night school was going to be his home now. He pulled the picture of his mother out of his coat pocket. He looked down at it, and he ran a finger lightly over her face. [#dfb034 "You were my rock, my world, my everything.. I miss you.. I love you so much, I wish you could see me now"] he whispered. He felt the taxi driver watching him and he narrowed his eyes. He put the picture away and looked out the window once more. Maybe doing this was for the best.]

[font "David" When the night school came into view, the male got butterflies in his stomach. He wanted to hide away in a cave, and never come out. When the taxi came to a stop, he climbed out and paid the man. [#dfb034 "Thank you"] he said. The man nodded his head, and Antoine grabbed his bags, and watched the taxi pull away. He then looked up at the castle, took a breath and headed inside. He might as well get this over with. When he walked in, he made sure to keep his bags with him for now.]

[font "David" He walked into the main room, and he saw more people there. Most of them were reading a note, and he walked over and joined them for a moment his eyes scanning over the paper a couple of times, letting the words sink in.]

[center [font "David" [i Welcome To The Night School. This is going to be your home for as long as it takes, for you to get your powers, under control. The room's are as is, I have chosen who would be staying where, because I don't want people who know each other in the same room.]]]

[center [font "David" [i If you have any question's ask one of the teachers, and they will help you. Welcome home my children, I hope you enjoy your stay. Remember classes start on Halloween, you have a week so get to know everybody.]]]

[center [font "David" [i Head Master Stone.]]]

[font "David" So his roommate would be a male named Marcus. That was pretty interesting. He moved away from the wall and look around at everyone. He watched as a brown haired female spoke, and held her hand out. She seemed like a bubbly person, and he wouldn't mind getting to know her. He sighed lightly as he moved over to a chair and sat down. He looked around at everyone, and his heart started beating quickly. He hoped someone would be willing to make friends with him, or at least until they find out he's a demon, and the child of Satan himself. He sighed and put his bag down by his feet looking around.]

[font "David" This was going to be an interesting school year, and he had a feeling everyone was going to hate him. He had to keep a good thought in his head though, he didn't want them thinking he was a prick just yet. He had to play his cards right, and maybe he could have a friend around here.]
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