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He nodded and smiled. "I hope you get so sign some autographs today, Nona..." he said, smiling even more than he was. He watched as the convention was slowly going past, and started to grow rather bored
  Shad / DoomGuy123 / 337d 12h 11m 46s
Nona listened to her friend, agreeing with everything he stated. Once he mentioned the Italian food, a bigger smile spread across her face. "Really? I'd love to go to an Italian restaurant, Shad! Thank you!" The fox exclaimed, as her tail swayed happily.
  Nona Graye / AskTheStaff / 337d 12h 23m 8s
"Hey, at least there's some people who appreciate the series." He said, and then nodded in understanding to her liking Italian food. "If you want, we can go get some Italian, because I want to make sure you get food you like..." he told her, smiling
  Shad / DoomGuy123 / 337d 12h 24m 37s
The fox continued to smile as she glanced around, seeing a handful of people in different costumes. " couldn't be that popular, I don't even have many subscribers on Youtube, and that's where I upload each episode of Vile Intentions..." Nona said, with a slight sigh. "But...I'm glad the fans I do have are coming for the event." She stated happily.
  Nona Graye / AskTheStaff / 337d 12h 31m 12s
He smiled a bit, and he looked around. "There's another guy dressed as a third character!" He said, pointing out a guy in almost military uniform. "I think your series is getting more popular than we originally thought!" He said, smiling a bit.
  Shad / DoomGuy123 / 337d 12h 33m 32s
"The Wok? I've honestly been an Italian kind of gal...but I guess Chinese can't hurt. I guess." Nona chuckled gently, although she definitely knew that there were certain Chinese foods she did not like. Glancing towards the other person dressed as the same character as Shad, the fox smiled again. "Well, well well..." She stated with a smile, before looking back towards her friend.
  Nona Graye / AskTheStaff / 337d 12h 36m 52s
He smiled, and suggested a Chinese place, since he loved dumplings. "The place in talking about is called The Wok. They have the best Chinese food in. The city." He said, smiling, and he looked around, and saw someone dressed as the character he was dressed as. "Hey, check that out..." he said, pointing out the guy.
  Shad / DoomGuy123 / 337d 14h 17m 51s
Upon hearing Shad's question, the fox's ears twitched and she blushed gently. She was very unsure of if his question was in a friendly way, or in the 'I wan't to date you' kind of way. "Uhm...sure! Where would you like to go? And...I got my inspiration for Vile Intentions from my own life experiences. I can explain later, perhaps at the restaurant we go to." Nona said with a chuckle.
  Nona Graye / AskTheStaff / 337d 14h 24m 23s
"Thanks, I honestly like the character I look like..." he said, and he ruffled up his hair a bit to make it spiky. "So, after this, want to go get a bite to eat somewhere?" He asked, smiling at her. He knew a few places that had the best food. "I am curious, what did give you the idea for Vile Intentions?" He asked curiously
  Shad / DoomGuy123 / 338d 9h 53m 12s
"I hope so too." Nona said towards the male's statement as she smiled a bit, tilting her head in a cute manner and looking at him imitate the character he dressed up as. "You look amazing!" The fox exclaimed.
  Nona Graye / AskTheStaff / 338d 10h 3m 50s
He smiled a bit, and put a toothpick in his mouth, like how the character he was cosplaying as did. "I do hope that a lot of people show up to meet you." He said, then asked a question. "So, how do I look?" He asked, smiling and scowled exactly how the character did in the show.
  Shad / DoomGuy123 / 338d 10h 7m 36s
The fox saw her friend approaching her booth, and she waved happily. "I'm so glad you could make it, and thanks for the compliment!" She exclaimed with a bit of a laugh afterwards, as she listened to Shad's question. "Well...actually, yeah. That's exactly what I do! I just...don't know if many people will show up to come to my booth. My web series still isn't all that popular yet...but I'm really hoping a good amount of people come to see me." Nona explained.
  Nona Graye / AskTheStaff / 338d 10h 10m 28s
When Shad got there, he looked edgy in the white camp jeans and the very distinctive jacket that he had made. "You look amazing like that,you look absolutely Vile." He said, chuckling a bit at the joke. "So, what do you do here? Give autographs and merchandise?" He asked, looking around.
  Shad / DoomGuy123 / 338d 10h 12m 35s
Nona had made sure she was ready before she had went to sleep the previous night, and today was the day! She slipped into her rather intricate costume, full of purple markings that made her look vile...just as the main character. "Perfect." The fox mumbled, before getting ready and heading off to the convention center quite early. She had gotten there, and a good handful of different people were already walking around. "I said Shad should start coming here by now, before the place gets crowded. He should be here in less than five minutes if he is on his way currently." She explained to herself, setting up her booth as she did so.
  Nona Graye / AskTheStaff / 338d 10h 26m 48s
He finally had all the materials he needed, and quickly hurried home, and began work on his costume. "This has to be perfect, or it won't look right..." he told himself, and started measuring and cutting the fabrics. And the next day, he had tried on his outfit which fit like a glove. "Now time to go to the center and find my friend." He said.
  Shad / DoomGuy123 / 338d 23h 54m 23s

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